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Friday 30th September To be sold at 10.30 a.m

Air Mails - Logsheets, Pilots Handbooks, Time Tables & Literature 1-5
 Imperial Airways Crash Covers 6-21
Military, P.O.W & Censored Mail 22-88
 Smaller Wars of the 20th Century - The Edmund Hall Collection 89-179
 World War One 180-277
 World War Two, featuring East Africa Internee & P.O.W Mail 278-316
Worldwide & British Empire Stamps & Covers 317-344
Antarctica, Ascension, Australia & States, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain 345-366
Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo, Bermuda, Brazil, British Guiana 367-388
British Solomon Islands 389-470
Burma, Canada, Cayman Islands, Ceylon, China, Cook Islands, Crete 471-489
Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, France & Colonies, Gambia 490-508
Germany, featuring 1922-23 Inflation Mail 509-535
Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Gold Coast, Hong Kong 536-539
India & States - Stamps, Postal History & Air Mails 540-722
Iraq, Ireland, Italy & Colonies, Jamaica, KUT, Kuwait 723-759
Leeward Islands, Levant, Malaya, Maldive Islands  760-773
Malta, Nauru, Netherlands Indies, New Zealand 774-780
Nigeria - Lagos, Niger Coast, Northern & Southern Nigeria, Nigeria, Cameroons 781-832
Nyasaland, Pakistan, Palestine & Israel, Philippines, Pitcairn Island, Poland 833-843
Portuguese Nyassa - The John Dahl Collection, Part Two 844-925
Rhodesia, Russia, St. Helena, St. Vincent, Samoa, Sarawak, Seychelles, Sierra Leone 926-952
South Africa - Cape, Natal, O.F.S, Transvaal, Union of South Africa 953-1021
South West Africa 1022-1075
Sudan, Tibet, Tonga 1076-1103
Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, U.S.A, Virgin Islands, Zanzibar 1104-1132
Great Britain
 Stamps 1133-1243
 Picture Postcards, Literature & Ephemera 1244-1251
 Transatlantic Mail 1252-1296
 Scotland Steamer Mail, with Greenock & Ardrishaig Packets - The Graham Booth Collection 1297-1375
 Postal History - Mixed Lots 1376-1387
 Early Letters, Air Mails with First UK Aerial Post, Zeppelins 1388-1406
 Cancellations, Exhibitions & Special Events with 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee 1407-1417
 Frees, Maritime Mail, Pictorial Envelopes, Postage Dues, Postal Stationery  1418-1448
 Railway Parcel & Letter Stamps  1449-1469
 Registered Mail, T.P.Os with Continental Night Mail, Uniform 4d Post 1470-1490
 Cornwall, Kent, Liverpool, London, Norfolk, Scotland, Staffordshire 1491-1510
 Surrey - Carshalton, Warwickshire, Yorkshire 1511-1521

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Log Sheets, Pilot Handbooks, Time Tables & Literature

  Literature - France and Belgium. 1909-40 Magazines and newspapers concerning aviation, all published in France or Belgium, non-philatelic but with a lot of useful information on pioneer commercial air services, many of which carried post, and useful pictures of planes and pilots, all in French. The lot included 66 scarce 1909-14 journals including "La Revue Aerienne" of 1909-13 (56) and "La Vie au Grand Air" of 1910-12 (9), also "L'Air" (32), "Les Ailes" of 1921-30 (32), 1936-37 "Sabena Revue", etc, with a couple of post war magazines and some additional cuttings. (173+). £130-160
  1928 "Royal Air Force, Pilots Handbook of the Cairo - Cape Town Air Route", published by H.M Stationery Office, ring bound within a red board cover, containing a description of the 21 stages of the route from Cairo to Cape Town and Cape Town to Pretoria via Durban, tables of distances, compass bearings between landing grounds, lists of Governors of territories traversed and local authorities at landing grounds, ground to air signal codes and how to send them with action to be taken after forced landings, plans of 46 aerodromes from Heliopolis to Salisbury, and 20 maps showing the route from Sudan to South Africa. Up to six earlier maps possibly missing, otherwise fine and compete, a useful and rare record of this important air route. Only 500 copies printed very few of which can still survive, this copy ex Ministry of Defence library. £200-250
  1934 R.A.F South African Cruise, log sheets of the flight from Heliopolis to Pretoria and the return flight piloted by Sqn. Leader Saunders, the 30 pages detailing the flight via Assiut, Wadi Halfa, Atbara, Khartoum, Kosti, Malakal, Juba, Kisumu, Nairobi, Moshi, Dodoma, Iringa, Mbeya, Mpika, Broken Hill, Salisbury, Bulawayo, Pietersburg to Pretoria and the return flight, with full details of times and places seen, also three pages giving local times and the times for sunrise and sunset on the route, and a note handed to Saunders during the flight, "Here is the railway, we had better follow it to Balatras L.G". A unique original document of this important flight, with a full transcription. £240-300
  1934 "Royal Air Force, Pilots Handbook and Aeronautical Guide to East and South Africa", 85 pages of text + diagrams, blue card cover, singed "C.S Moore" with "Fairey VI F No 5" written in pencil. Contents include descriptions of all stages on the route and plans of the landing grounds, with a mileage chart. A very detailed and scarce record of this important air route. £200-250
  1931-37 Aerial Time-Tables, listing all commercial air routes in the world with details of schedules, fares and luggage costs, regulations for passengers and goods, details of airline offices, adverts for airlines, hotels, etc., and maps of routes. Six guides comprising "Official Time-Table of the International Air Traffic Association" No. 124 (1 Sep. 1931), 130 (1 March 1932) and 184 (Sep. 1936), "Martineau's Airway Time Table" No. 7 (Dec. 1934) and No. 9 (Feb. 1935), and "Bradshaw's International Air Guide" No. 31 (May 1937), all fine, useful and uncommon items as few were kept. (6). £250-350

Imperial Airways Crash Covers

  "City of Arundel". 1932 (Mar 1/3) Covers from Durban to England franked 1/- or from Nairobi to Tahiti franked 75c, both carried on the "City of Arundel" which made a forced landing south of Wadi Halfa after a sandstorm fouled its propeller on March 9th. The mails were picked up by the rescue aircraft "Apollo", arriving in Cairo two days late. The Kenya cover backstamped at Cairo (Mar 11) and Port Said, light vertical fold, otherwise fine, with an article on this crash which illustrates this cover. A rare pair, just one other KUT postcard recorded by Sandford from this crash, the Tahiti destination undoubtedly unique. (2). £240-280
Click to view full image... "Horatius". 1932 (May 9) Cover from London to Paris franked 1 1/2d, torn and a little water damaged, Official Sealed labels applied and tied by Paris datestamps and endorsed "Envelope parvenue eclatee sur ses bords Paris VI". Handstamped "T/20" in London, with two 60c postage due stamps applied. The "Horatius" was en route to Paris when it was struck by lightning which blew out the cockpit windows, tore a hole in the top of the aircraft and the baggage compartment, and damaged the wireless and two propellers. The plane returned to Croydon and the mail and passengers transferred to another aircraft. Vertical fold, and lower edge tear otherwise fine, the only recorded cover from this incident, not listed by Nierinck. Photo on Page 8. £160-200
  "Scipio". 1936 Covers from Australia, Malaya (2), India (8), Hong Kong or Egypt (2) to G.B, all recovered from "Scipio" which crashed upon landing at Mirabella Bay, Crete, and sank on August 22nd. The fine lot all with various "Damaged By Sea Water" cachets (11 types) including straight line "Damaged By SEA WATER" or red "Damaged By Sea Water" (2), one cover with two differing cachets, also a further cachet on piece and various notes. A fine lot. (15). £480-550
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from Australia to Belgium franked 1/10 handstamped "AVION ACCIDENTE", or from Palestine to Holland franked 37m with red "Accident d'Avion", the reverse with French Officially Sealed labels tied by Paris datestamps. Two scarce cachets, only used on mail to European countries processed in France. (2). £100-120
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from India to Italy, the stamp washed off, bearing the explanatory label "Lettre endommagee de l'eau de la / mer a la suit du desastre aerien", backstamped at Brindisi (Sep 1) and Turin. A scarce label, used on mail processed in France and addressed to European countries. £120-150
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from Jerusalem to Berlin, the stamps washed off, the reverse with the Munich Post Office label explaining that it was recovered from a plane crash in Crete, scarce. £80-100
  "Courtier". 1937 Covers from Palestine to G.B franked 13m or to USA with three 2m stamps (other stamps washed off), or from Burma to G.B with the stamps washed off, handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER" (2), or "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT". All from the "Courtier" which crashed upon landing at Phaleron Bay and sank on October 1st, three people being killed. (3). £100-120
  "Courtier". 1937 (Sep 28/29) Covers from Palestine franked 15m or from Egypt, the stamp washed off, both to Germany with German Officially Sealed labels on the reverse tied by Munich datestamps (Oct 13) and the violet cachet "Aus verunglucktem Flugzeug / durchn asst geborgen", both fine. (2). £130-160
Click to view full image... "Courtier". 1937 (Sep 30) Cover from Alexandria to Athens, the stamp washed off, with scarce boxed explanatory cachet and an endorsement both in Greek, backstamped at Athens (Oct 5). Photo on Page 8. £160-200
  "Cygnus". 1937 Covers from Palestine (3), Egypt, Australia or Ceylon all to G.B, one with an Officially Sealed label but no cachet, the others handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER" (3, two types), unframed "DAMAGED BY / WATER" or boxed "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT", also a cover from Egypt to France with violet "SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS / Correspondence retardee / par accident d'avion / Priere de ne pas taxer", and a piece to the USA with the same French cachet. A fine lot, all from the "Cygnus" which crashed and sank on December 5th when taking off from Brindisi bound for Marseille, two crew being killed. The Ceylon cover registered and franked 71c, four covers with some or all of the stamps washed off, also various notes. (8). £220-260
  "Cygnus". 1937 Covers from Malaya or India both to Holland, the stamps soaked off, the first without any cachet, Brindisi (Dec 18) and Eindhoven (Dec 21) datestamps; the second with the scarce cachet "Doorweekt viliegongeval / Brindisi" and an endorsement to show postage had been paid, four India 1a stamps from another cover applied to the reverse. (2). £120-150
  "Aurora". 1938 (Jan 6) Cover from London to Sydney franked 1/3, with arrival backstamp (Jan 22). Carried on the "Coolangatta" which was forced to shelter at Corfu losing a day on the journey to Karachi, therefore transferred at Karachi to the "Aurora" owned by Indian Trans Continental Airways, which was unable to land at Delhi due to low cloud and mist, and instead made a heavy landing at Rhotak damaging its undercarriage. The mails were then taken by car to Delhi and carried on the "Arethusa" to Singapore. A few light stain spots, otherwise fine; Sandford did not record any covers from this incident. £100-120
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 21/22) Covers from G.B to Australia or New Zealand (2) all with the stamps washed off, all carried on the "Calpurnia" which crashed upon landing on Lake Ramadi in Iraq killing four people. The cover to Australia with red boxed "DAMAGED BY WATER / THROUGH ACCIDENT / TO FLYING BOAT", the others with violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA" or "RECEIVED IN / DAMAGED CONDITION / ex CALPURNIA". (3). £140-180
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 22) Covers from London to Australia, one franked 3d with an enclosed explanatory slip (type kk); the other a large cover with the stamp washed off, torn and water damaged, the reverse with explanatory label of the Perth Post Office (type qq). (2). £100-120
  1939 (Aug 10) Covers from G.B to Switzerland all recovered from the British Airways Lockheed G-AFGN, leased by Imperial Airways, which caught fire and made an emergency landing on August 11th near Luxeuil in France, whilst enroute from London to Basel and Zurich. Two covers fire damaged and enclosed within Swiss ambulance envelopes bearing a printed explanation of the crash, one with an enclosed bilingual explanatory slip with a Basel c.d.s (Aug 15), the third cover with the red cachet "Endommagee lors de l'accident / Survenu a l'avion postal a Luxeuil". (3). £130-160
  1939 (Aug 14) Covers from G.B to Scandinavia all from the British Airways G-AESY flight from Heston which was approaching Copenhagen on August 15th when a fire broke out forcing the pilot to land in the water near Storstroem Bridge, the passengers all drowning. One cover to Sweden with an enclosed explanatory slip from the Malmo Post Office (type b), another to Norway with an Oslo Post Office explanatory slip (type d) enclosed, the third to Denmark with the stamps washed off handstamped boxed "Indgaaet med / Mangel / af Frimaerker" and endorsed in Danish. A scarce trio. (3). £160-200

(Also See Lots 362, 377, 477, 493, 498, 509-511, 579, 673-683, 781, 838, 843, 933, 975, 983, 1024-1035, 1277, 1445, 1446)

  War of Austrian Succession. 1745 (May 4) Entire letter from Lincolns Inn to Ludlow with "4/MA" Bishop Mark, an interesting postscript to the letter includes "This morning arrived an account of a most bloody battle fought in Flanders before Tournay on Tuesday last in which we are horribly beaten. We attacked the French in their entrenchments with great success till they turned 80 pieces of cannon upon us which we were unacquainted with which swept away our men at a great rate ..... we fought for 6 hours then retreated, finding we could not succeed, however we were not pursued. It seems it was a gallant action .... Lord Berry is killed, Lord Antrim & Lord Cathcart wounded .... there is not above 40 of the first Batallion of the first Regiment of Guards left. General Ponsonby is killed and General Campbell's leg and thigh shot off. The Scottish Greys all cut to pieces ....." A few split folds but an interesting report of the battle of Fontenoy. £150-180
  1768 Entire letter from William Wright, surgeons mate on H.M.S "Levant", sent from Portsmouth to his brother in Scotland with a "PORTS / MOUTH" handstamp and "16/AV" Bishop Mark. The well written four page letter describes his previous six years service at the Naval Hospital at English Harbour in Antigua, at Martinique and Guadeloupe, the capture of French and Spanish privateers and a Brigantine from Guinea with a cargo of negroes, a Dutch privateer taken into St Kitts, etc. An interesting letter. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1820 Entire letter, containing a statement of Patrick Murray's service in the East Indies in the 19th Lancers, sent from Brighton Barracks to "Patrick Murray, Private Soldier 9th R.V.B, Birr Kings County Ireland" prepaid at the 1d concession rate. The use of the regimental initials rather than the full title was contrary to regulations for the 1d rate, "R.V.B" therefore underlined in London where the letter was backstamped with scarce boxed "NOT ACCORDING / TO THE ACT" with circular "MORE / TO / PAY" on the front, charged 1/3, increased to 1/11 and finally 2/5 upon redirection to Naas. A good example of a disallowed soldiers letter. Photo on Page 8. £500-600
  1863 Cover sent at the 1d sailors concession rate from H.M.S Philomel off the West Coast of Africa to Scotland, headed "A. Newbury Seaman on board H.M.S Philomel" and countersigned by the Commanding Officer, bearing a 1d red (corner fault) tied "466" of Liverpool, with a red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET / 9 JU 63" c.d.s. Also 1860 cover to London with a 1d red tied by Inland Office numeral, charged 5d, backstamped by boxed "LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp" (Nov 10), probably from West Africa (the "Ethiope" arriving at Liverpool from West Africa on this date). (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1866 Cover bearing a 1d red, sent at the soldiers concession rate from Liverpool to "Private Thomas Farzakerley, No 1412 No 8 company, H.M 51st L.I, Peshawar, Punjaub, East Indies or Elsewhere" redirected to Jallunder. Backstamped at London, Bombay, Lahore, Peshawar and Jallunder. Small part flap missing, otherwise unusually fine and attractive, much scarcer than 1d rate covers from soldiers. Photo on Page 8. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1868 Cover with "H.M.S Jasseur" printed on the flap, addressed to Scotland, bearing six 1d reds and a 6d violet paying the 1/- naval officers rate, all cancelled "466" at Liverpool with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET / 1 MR 68" c.d.s. Minor edge wear, otherwise fine and an attractive naval officer's cover from the West Coast of Africa, sent back on the S.S "Mandingo". Photo on Page 8. £150-180
  1886 Cover with an enclosed letter from a naval officer on H.M.S "Sylvia" at Teneriffe, franked G.B 2 1/2d lilac cancelled "466" upon arrival at Liverpool, with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" c.d.s, very fine. £100-120
  G.B - WW1 & WW2 Censorship. 1916-42 Covers and cards, mainly returned by the censor, all with explanatory cachets or slips, including 1916 picture postcards to Hawaii or USA (from Chyington Camp, Seaford) both handstamped "Picture Post-cards addressed to / Neutral countries are returned / by the censor"; 1916 registered cover to Holland with War Office censor seal and attached slip in English and French "Letters are more likely to pass the censor expeditiously if they are short and clearly written", and three 1940-42 covers returned by the censor with enclosed slips comprising P.C 81 (form C needed), P.C 82 (individuals cannot send printed matter to certain countries, with Evening Standard still enclosed) or P.C 110 (reused envelope). (6). £140-160


Click to view full image... c.1800 Letter from Chatham written and signed by John Tyler of the 12th Regt., to his parents, in which he says "I have sent you my likeness for perhaps I shall soon be going abroad". The reverse bears the watercolour and oil painting of Tyler in uniform carrying a gun with the two regimental flags, a ship, castle and cannons, his name and a rhyme below. The attached address panel unfortunately removed, nevertheless a superb painting very competently done with some fine details on the uniform, etc. Photo on Page 245. £300-350
  1804 (May 22) Entire letter written by Robert Nicol, 1st Royal Artillery on H.M.S "Prospero Bomb" to Dundee, prepaid at the 1d concession rate, the reverse endorsed and countersigned by the Commanding Officer. The "Prospero" was a bomb ship purchased in 1803 and designed to bombard positions on land with mortars; Nicol won the Military General Service Medal with bars for Barrosa, Vittoria and Pyrenees. A fine 1d soldiers rate letter from a ship. £80-100
  1807-09 Entire letters written by William Hunt, Royal Artillery, all sent at the 1d concession rate to his fiancee Mary Moxon in Nottingham. The first two letters sent from Woolwich whilst serving in the 6th Battn. R.A both with red "Woolwich CO / 1 Py P. Paid" handstamp in red (very faint on the 1807 entire letter). The 1807 entire letter written on Hunt's behalf, the letter including "I am now going to school in the evenings and am improving myself as fast as I can so hope I shall be capable of writing to you with my own hand soon", the two 1809 letters written by Hunt. The first letter is headed "From Gunner William Hunt, 6 Batt RI Artillery" and is countersigned; the second letter unusually addressed "Wm Hunt Gunner, Royal Artillery, left with Elizabeth Moxon, Fishergate, Nottingham" and allowed at the 1d rate as it was addressed to a soldier (though actually addressed to the sender but actually intended for Elizabeth Moxon). The final letter written after Hunt had transferred to the 3rd Battn. R.A, headed "On Board the Lucy Transport lying in the Downs July 23 1809, the address panel headed by Hunt and countersigned, with a Deal mileage mark. The interesting contents include "We are now waiting orders to sail ..... we expect to go to Holland. We expect to go tomorrow. There is a very large fleet both of transports and men of war and gun boats. Such a sight I never saw before and they are all crowded with troops. We are in a very bad state on board of our ship for room for we scarce can turn ourselves round, we are so much crowded". An interesting trio of letters sent at the 1d concession rate. (3). £260-320
  1808 (May 4) Entire letter written by Jonathon and Suzannah Smith "On Board the Abraham Newland Transport" at Portsmouth, written to Smith's mother in Alderminster telling her they are about to sail for the Cape of Good Hope. Prepaid at the 1d soldiers concession rate with a superb London Paid datestamp, the reverse neatly endorsed "Jonathon Smith Soldier 24 Regiment On Board Abm Newland Transport 4 May 1800" with a Portsmouth c.d.s. A fine 1d soldiers rate letter from a Transport ship. £100-120
  Battle of Salamanca. 1812 (July 29) Entire letter written from Lisbon by Fredrick Colville to his brother Sir Charles Colville at West Cowes, Isle of Wight, with red "FALMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" (Rob. S5). The letter includes "I have only a moment to inform you of a glorious victory gained over the enemy at Salamanca on the 22nd - Marmont having crossed the Douro on the 16th. Ld W. fell back to the former & M. came up to him on the evening of the 21st manoeuvring and a heavy cannonade occupied the whole of the day of the 22nd till 5 in the evening when the action began. Our right & centre was thrown forward & left refused - the attack began by our right on their left which we turned & threw into confusion on the centre which shared the same fate - right alone saved them - on the 23rd we followed them up & a heavy brigade of cavalry charged a column of infantry of 2000 men, cut up some & took the Col. prisoner - up to that time we had taken 8000 men prisoner, 20 pieces of cannon, 10 eagles, 2 generals - & their total loss was 14000 men - we have 4000 killed & wounded, Gen. Le Marchand killed, M. Beresford wounded ....". A good letter. £200-250
  Battle of Salamanca. 1812 (Aug 6) Entire letter written by Lt. John Belshes from Salamanca to Edinburgh with undated green "LISBON / F" applied at Falmouth. The letter includes "You will see by the Gazette the particulars of the most brilliant victory ever obtained by the British arms. The cool undaunted bravery displayed by the officers and men was such as to strike terror on all sides. Genl. Leith showed such an example of cool determined courage that gained him universal admiration, he led his Division to the attack about half a mile to the top of the ridge where the enemy had their positions without ever firing a shot, the enemy the whole time keeping up a most tremendous fire of cannon and musketry on us the whole time of our advance, the only effect it had on the men was when they gave us a better fire than usual our men gave them a cheer in return. As soon as we gained the summit of the ridge we charged and drove the enemy lines back on their columns and such a scene of confusion was the consequence as I believe never was heard of. The men were absolutely tired making use of bayonets - in three hours the whole French army was routed and put to flight - Genl Leith and his nephew and another ADC are wounded. I was the only one who escaped unhurt". A good letter. £200-250
  1814 (April 11) Entire letter from Major Oglander, Commanding the 2nd Batt., 47th Regt, written from Camp near Anglette, to Lt. Gen. Sir A. Hope in England with green circular "FALMOUTH PACKT LRE", charged 2/2. Oglander recommends Ensign Pratt be granted the Lieutenancy vacated by the promotion of Lt. Powers, and Lt. Cochrane, who has returned home to Ireland due to ill health, be made a recruiting officer for the regiment. £100-120
  1814 (Apr 26) Entire letter written by Edward Tyndall from H.M.S Ajax, Garrone River", recounting his visit to the French towns of Spoliac, Bordeaux and Roijon, sent to his brother in Bristol with red "FALMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" (Rob. S5). Tyndall won the N.G.S Medal with clasps for Navarino (Mate on H.M.S "Talbot") and St. Sebastian (1st Class Volunteer on H.M.S "Ajax"). £100-120
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail/Irish Legion. 1804 (Feb 27) Entire letter written by a Dr Watson from "Chateau Thierry", to "Lancelot Charles Lee, Prisonier de Guerre Anglais, poste restante a Verdun" with red "2 / CHATEAU - THIERRY" handstamp, charged 3 decimes. Watson is a Scotsman detained at Chateau Thierry; he writes to Lee, a fellow P.O.W at Verdun, with a copy of a letter he has received from the Commandant of the 1st Military Division, Dept. de L'Aisne, ordering him to proceed to Morlaix and enrol in the newly formed Irish Battalion. Watson writes that this is impossible as he is lame, unwell and paralysed on the left side and is incapable of marching a single league, he has no intention of resuming his military career at forty years of age in an Irish brigade, and has written to Miss Williams to use her influence to procure a counter order from the War Office. Watson then tells Lee he hasn't a sous in the world, and asks him to send five pounds. An interesting letter sent between P.O.Ws in France. Photo on Page 8. £250-300
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail-Dartmoor. 1813 (Nov 10) Entire letter written from Dartmoor by J. Renevey, addressed to his father in France with an unusual fine strike of the scarce "Exd JM" censor cachet and "DEP 20 / BEAUNE", charged "11". A well written letter received on 24th December; Renevey writes of cartels, sending letters by Mr Perregaux who has been allowed to pass under licence, etc. Fine and scarce, unusually carried to Beaune before being put into the French postal system. Photo on Page 8. £600-700


  1854 (June 13) Entire letter from Alladin in Turkey, the address panel headed "From Isaac Newton, Bombardier E. Field Battery 3rd Batn Rl. Artillery" and sent to his brother, also a Bombardier in the 3rd Batt. Detachment at Woolwich. Countersigned by the Commanding Officer and franked at the 1d soldiers rate by a 1d red cancelled upon arrival in London, backstamped "POST OFFICE / BRITISH ARMY" (June 25) and in London. Edge stains, a little splitting to a central vertical fold and stamp faults, nevertheless an early Crimea letter and very scarce sent at the 1d rate, virtually all Crimea mail going by French Packet at the 3d per 1/4oz rate. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1855 (Apr 5) Small cover to England bearing 1d red die 1 perf 14 strip of three cancelled by two fine strikes of the Crown between Stars obliterators, backstamped "POST OFFICE / A / BRITISH ARMY". The Perf 14 stamp very scarce with this cancellation. S.G. Z4, unpriced by S.G. Photo on Page 8. £700-800
Click to view full image... 1855 Registered cover to England bearing two embossed 6d stamps (cut to shape, largely clear of the design) each cancelled by the Star between Cyphers obliterator (one stamp well tied to the cover) with London Paid arrival c.d.s, reverse with part Crimea c.d.s. A few edge faults, the right flap and part upper flap missing, nevertheless a rare registered cover from the Crimea with the OXO cancels on embossed issues, very few recorded. Photo on Page 15. £1,500-1,800


  1867-93 Letters and documents concerning Sgt. Nathaniel Coward who served in the 13th Somerset Light Infantry in South Africa, during which he was steward at Government House in Durban and Pretoria. Included are copies of testimonials of his service, 1881 printed letter informing him he is entitled to £38.17.9 and free passage to England for loss of office upon the British giving up the Transvaal, copies of claims made for various expenses, medals, etc., 1881 printed Colonial Office, Pretoria letter announcing self-government in the Transvaal, 1880 Royal Hospital Chelsea out-pension award certificate for 2/- a day, 1879 discharge certificate after 21 years service in the Light Infantry, 1883 letter forwarding a medal for Egypt, letters of thanks from Wolseley and Evelyn Wood, etc. (24). £280-350
  1877 Letters written and signed by Sir H. Bartle Frere, Governor of the Cape and High Commissioner for South Africa, all from King Williams Town to Commandant C.G Griffith, commander of the Frontier Armed and Mounted Police, dated Oct. 6th - Frere congratulates Griffith and hopes for a speedy conclusion as far as "fighting against heavy masses in the field is concerned" and comments "we have heard nothing yet of any prisoners, I am sure you will not sanction the practice of former wars in which no quarter was given"; Oct 10th - Frere congratulates Griffith on his brilliant success at Kreli's Kraal; Dec. 16th - Frere expresses shock at the treatment by "The Argus" newspaper of Griffith following the action at Hollands Shop, where the Galeka army surprised and out-manoeuvred the inadequate colonial forces. Three interesting letters concerning the Frontier War against the Galeka and Gaikas tribes, no covers. (3). £400-500
  Zulu/Frontier Wars. 1878-79 Letters from Willie Coghill, the first five letters written whilst serving as a Gunner with Prince Alfred's Own Colonial Volunteers in the campaign against the Korunna along the Orange River, five further letters written as a Corporal in Lonsdales Horse during the Zulu War. The letters are written from Beaufort West, 3rd Oct. 1878; Carnarvon, 11th Oct. 1878, "a deputation of Burghers + Citizens came out from the town & met us, also gave us a luncheon"; Cabus Camp, Orange River, 26th Oct. 1878, "The Korannas are on the mountain ... we had a false alarm last night, all the men were turned out, one of the flying piquets thought he had seen some horsemen coming down the hill, but they turned out to be some oxen. A patrol of fifty men went out yesterday morning with one rocket apparatus .... I received two letters from you, you need not stamp them just put "On Special Service" at the top"; Kenhardt 21st Nov. 1878, new of the engagement at Orange River and continued cattle thefts; Rietfontein 7th Jan. 1979, "more cattle captured, the rebels seem to have given up thoughts of fighting, reports of an engagement in The Times are untrue"; Fort Tenedos, Lower Tugela, 15th Apr. 1879, "have been on escort duty to Fort Crealock on the Matocola River, Col. Lonsdale expected soon with the remainder of his men, the engineers have built a pontoon across the Tugela, in the last ten days 600 provision wagons have been sent inland"; Fort Tenedos, Lower Tugela, 8th May 1879, "have captured 200 head of oxen, forty of us with nearly 1000 soldiers start as escort to a convey of wagons for a laager inland, presently here the 3rd Buffs, 88th Regt, 99th Regt, Naval Brigade, Artillery, in all nearly 3000 men"; Fort Crealock, 16th June 1879, "on our way to the front and are going to build a fort at Point Durnford ... accompanied by the 91st Regt (Highlanders) & Company Engineers also some artillery & a train of Army Service & Army Hospital Corps, postal arrangements are very bad .... oxen & horses dying in great numbers"; 1st July 1879, fifty miles from the Tugela, "we are two miles from Port Durnford on the sea coast, three steamers lying off here at present discharging supplies for the troops, the Zulus are continuing to give themselves up, about twenty have come in already today. Sir Garnet Wolseley is expected today .... There are 7000 troops tying here. There are 1100 oxen killed monthly on this column"; Ulundi Column, Zululand, 9th Aug 1879, "encamped about 14 miles from Ulundi, Cetewayo's kraal the place where the last big fight was .... rained & blew very hard, all the tents were blown down including Sir Garnet Wolseleys, transport has suffered a great deal for no less than 400 oxen have died from the effects of rain and cold .... Dublumanzi, the Zulu King's brother is still with this column but not as a prisoner, he goes and comes as he pleases, it is thought by a good many that he might play the British a trick after all and it is a great mistake to let him go about as he does". Also two covers (stamps torn off). An interesting Zulu War correspondence. (10). £700-800
  Zulu War. 1879 Letters written by Lt. Cranford, 91st Foot (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) from Zululand to his sister in Scotland, comprising:- April 14th, Gingilovo, a long interesting letter with news of escorts, the alarm party standing to with fixed bayonets, missing kit and bivouacking in the open, making bayonets at the native fort, etc., and includes "they did catch two native women and 2 children yesterday and very nearly killed one of them. They were in camp all last night and told us the King's brother wished to come to us here and make friends, they have been sent back to say he may, but whether their story is true or not I can't say. Dobolomazizi is his name and I believe a crack shot with a Martini. He was seen the other day lying on top of a pretty high hill taking long shots at the cavalry scouts"; April 26th, Fort Chelmsford on Inyizane River, Ginginhlovo was pretty well dismantled before they left it due to the bad water, Fort Chelmsford's parapet is not finished and they are building an inner fort, "we only wish the Zulus would attack us again, they say Ketshwayo has given orders no more laagers are to be attacked", Fort Crealock being built on the Amatikulu River, General Crealock is expected soon with the 99th and 88th and the 3rd, also some artillery. The Zulus captured 35 cattle yesterday, a convoy consisting of the 60th, a native battalion and two companies of the 91st under Major Gurney left for Amatikulu to build a fort, the 'Tenedos' navy men are leaving for England, the 60th have nine Officers ill; June 19th, near Fort Chelmsford, "The General (Crealock) comes up this afternoon and we expect to move on Saturday". Three interesting letters, one with a partial cover (stamp removed). (3). £350-400
  1879-81 Covers with enclosed letters all written by Lt. Cranford, the first written on S.S "City of Venice" off Cape Town on Oct. 5th describing the return march from the Tugela to Durban via Verulam and the journey by ship to Cape Town, others describing life in the Cape, dining with Sir Bartle Frere at Government House, etc., the covers all franked 6d. (11 covers + 12 letters). £250-300


Stamp Issues

Click to view full image... Lydenburg. 1900 (Sep 21) Transvaal F size registration envelope, the flap with the embossed stamp unfortunately removed (but with an impression of the V.R.I 2d Lydenburg overprint from the embossed stamp still visible), the front bearing Lydenburg V.R.I 3d on 1d surcharge cancelled to order by violet "ARMY POST OFFICE / 8B / SOUTH AFRICA" rubber c.d.s. Photo on Page 15. £150-180
Click to view full image... Rustenburg. 1/2d - 3d Mint, 1/2d with small edge thin, 2d with some gum loss due to a hinge removal and small edge thin, 2 1/2d thinned, 1d and 3d fine, all good appearance. S.G. 1-5, £1,400. (5). Photo on Page 55. £240-280
Click to view full image... Rustenburg. 6d Mint, fine and scarce. S.G. 6, £1,500. Photo on Page 55. £500-600

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