G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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Auction Lots - Page 29
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 12) Brown London to Windsor postcard with printed message of thanks from the Organising Committee, 1/2d Downey Head pair tied by the London code 4 c.d.s, addressed to Paraguay with arrival backstamps of Asuncion and Villa Rica. Minor corner creases, otherwise fine and almost certainly unique to Paraguay. Photo on Page 225. £400-500
  1911 Cards all with messages identifying the London Store at which the card was purchased and posted, comprising KEVII stamps cancelled on September 9th on green card from Arding & Hobbs or a red-brown card from Bentefink's, and green cards with KGV stamps cancelled on September 12th from the Army & Navy Stores or D.H Evans. An unusual group, relatively few cards found with store names, all fine. (4). £350-400
  1911 Cards all with messages identifying the place at which the card was purchased and posted, comprising green card with Sept. 9th c.d.s from Gamages, a red-brown card with Sept. 15th c.d.s from Harrods, dark brown card with Sept. 13th c.d.s from Selfridges, also a dark brown card from Hendon Aerodrome with Sept. 9th code "6" c.d.s, all bearing KGV 1/2d stamps. The Harrods card with address partly crossed out and the uncommon Hendon card a little stained, otherwise fine and an unusual group, relatively few cards found with the place of posting named. (4). £400-450
  1911 (Sep 9) Red-brown card sold at Roper's with their store name printed in black on the reverse as an addition to the list of stores where cards could be purchased and posted, posted at Hendon Aerodrome with KGV 1/2d cancelled by the code "5" c.d.s, very fine and uncommon. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1851 (Mar 27) Entire letter from Watchet to Wellington bearing a 1d red (plate 111) tied by a black Maltese Cross, backstamped "Watchet / Penny Post" and datestamps of Taunton and Wellington. Watchet was never issued with a numeral canceller, and continued to use its Maltese Cross until 1859. A fine example of this late use of a Maltese Cross. Photo on Page 225. £300-400
  London District Numerals. Imperf 1d Reds (7) and perforated 1d reds (5) cancelled by London District numerals comprising numbers 4, 18 (5), 20, 37, 38 and 41 (in blue), also Chief Office numbers 56 and 59, the numbers under 50 only used on mail posted within the district or sent by Cross Post and therefore scarce as cancels, some faults. (Also see lot 1516). (12). £100-120
  Sideways duplexs. 1855-69 Covers all with differing sideways duplex cancels (24) including Chichester, Harrogate, Hurst Green, Newmarket, Wellington, etc., also cancels on pieces (84) with some on surface printed stamps and a few Scottish experimental duplexs. (108). £240-280
Click to view full image... Spoons. 1857 (Nov 28) Small cover to Scotland with 1d red tied by fine "CHELTENHAM / 177" spoon, code "F" with year above month. The rarest of all the spoon cancels, only used from November 1857 until January 1858, few recorded. Photo on Page 220. £600-800

Exhibitions & Special Events

Click to view full image... Boy Scouts. 1936 (Aug 4) 1d Stationery postcard bearing 1934 1/2d to Denmark, cancelled by Plymouth machine with a fine strike of the very scarce "MOUNT EDGCUMBE CAMP / PLYMOUTH, DEVON" c.d.s (with time) applied alongside the stamps, the message written in Danish. Minor crease at left edge, otherwise very fine and a good use of this scarce c.d.s, used at the West Country Scout Jamboree on a card from a Danish Boy Scout. Photo on Page 225. £300-350
  1925 British Empire Exhibition. Red leather bound album (16x12 inches), the cover inscribed in gold lettering "Presentation Copy. British Empire Exhibition 1924-25, Souvenir of Display in the Kenya Court", containing 17 fine quality photos of the East Africa Pavilion, visit of the King and Queen, and displays within the Pavilion including game trophies, native arts and crafts, furniture and pencils made of Kenya wood, cereals, flax, sugar, ivory, sisal, maize, coffee, timber, dairy products, the bacon and ham section (with a display of postage stamps of Kenya), and royal signatures from the visitors book. An attractive album, produced to a very high standard and clearly done in a very small quantity for presentation to officials and dignitaries only. £140-180

1890 Jubilee of Penny Postage

Click to view full image... 1890 (May 16) Piece bearing a 1d black, OI plate 7 with four margins, tied by the "PENNY / POSTAGE JUBILEE / 1840-1890 / 16 MAY 90 / GUILDHALL" 'octagonal star' rubber cancel without number in black. Bought from R.C. Alcock's list of 12 November 1943 for £5, then a large sum of money. Very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 194. £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1890 (May 19) Thirteen covers addressed to "Mr Deputy Halse, 61 Cheapside" each with a differing stamp from 1d - 2d and 3d - 10/- (all 1d - 10/- stamps then on sale) each with the 'octagonal star' "PENNY / POSTAGE JUBILEE / 1840 9 1890 / 16 MAY 90 / GUILDHALL" cancel, also 1/2d on cover (a little foxed) with similar number 6 cancel and covers franked 1d or 2 1/2d with number 2 cancel, and two covers to other addresses with number 5 cancel on 1d lilac or number 8 cancel on 1d stationery envelope. A rare group, the 1d - 10/- Halse covers in superb quality and the higher value stamps very rare with this cancel, originally bought as lot 168 in the Regent Stamp Co. auction of 26th March 1941. (18). Photo on Pages 193 & 228. £1,800-2,400
Click to view full image... 1890 (July 2) Piece bearing a 1d black, PC plate 9 with four good margins tied by circular "PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE / 1840-1890 / 2. JY. 90 / SOUTH KENSINGTON" c.d.s. Bought from R.C Alcock's list of 12 November 1943 for £5, then a large sum of money. Very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 194. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1890 (July 2) Covers addressed to J. Kirshaw Skipworth in Leeds all with the circular "PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE / 1840-1890 / 2. JY. 90 / SOUTH KENSINGTON" cancel comprising two 1d stationery envelopes and fourteen differing stamped covers with 1870 1/2d plate 6 + 1883 1/2d blue, 1880 1/2d green + 1883 1/2d blue, 1877 1d postal fiscal, 1880 1d venetian red, 1883 1 1/2d lilac or 1887 issue 1 1/2d - 2 1/2d and 4d - 1/-, also an unaddressed cover with 1/2d orange. A fine lot with some unusual frankings and higher value stamps rarely seen with this cancel. (17). Photo on Page 228. £700-900
  1890 Penny Postage Jubilee Post Office and Caricature stationery comprising 1d Guildhall postcard posted from Kilburn (May 19) to "R.C Halse, c/o Keeper of Guildhall, E.C" with message about cards sent to 61 Cheapside and a telegram (these cards only sold at the Guildhall, therefore scarce used elsewhere), South Kensington Museum 1d envelope and the insert card franked 1/2d both posted to Deputy Halse or Stanley Halse with the 2 July Penny Postage Jubilee c.d.s, and two examples of the caricature insert card posted from London E.C (one to Halse) both franked 1/2d. Also 1940 Centenary miniature sheets (3) and a cover. (9). £150-200


  Collection of Frees written up in three albums with the autographs identified, mainly fronts only but including an 1839 cover signed by Wellington and addressed by him to Col. Robert Jardine at Melbourne Lodge, Claremont, and 1835 cover signed by Earl Cardigan, who later ordered the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. (260). £240-280

Maritime Mail
(Also See Lots 25-28, 354-358, 367, 377, 381, 387, 388, 473, 474, 488, 537, 538, 673-675, 726, 727, 740, 1251, 1261-1273, 1382)

  1898-1965 Covers and cards mainly with Paquebot handstamps or cancels including a useful range of Plymouth items, 1905 card with G.B KEVII 1/2d pair cancelled at Vlissingen, items with stamps of Bahamas (2) or Barbados (2), etc. (79). £150-180
  Wreck of "The Great Liverpool". 1846 Letter from A.S Taylor, lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence and Chemistry at Guys Hospital, to Col. Maberley. Taylor has read in "The Times" of the difficulties experienced by the G.P.O in separating letters recovered from "The Great Liverpool" and deciphering addresses, and offers advice on how to deal with the letters. An interesting letter regarding this wreck; a cachet "Saved from the Wreck of The Great Liverpool" is recorded in the G.P.O Proof Books but no examples are known on mail. £100-120

Ship Letters

  1796-1853 Entire letters, entires and covers mostly with Ship Letter handstamps including Portsmouth, Hastings, Liverpool, Hull, Dover, Gravesend, Falmouth and London, also a few transatlantic covers including 1811 entire letter "pr Brig Palinore via Cork" with "COVE / 13" and endorsed "Received Savannah 31st August 1811 and forwarded by yr friend & Hon. Servt Theo A. Schoedde", etc. (25). £200-240
  Dartmouth & Devonport. 1800-45 Entire letters and entires with oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / PLYMOUTH DOCK" in red or black (2), boxed, boxed "DARTMOUTH / INDIA LETTER" in red or black (3) or boxed "INDIA LETTER / DARTMOUTH" in black (2), one a long letter written by M. Maclean from the Cape Observatory, quality of the handstamps rather mixed. (9). £150-200
  Liverpool. 1802-54 Entire letters, entires and covers with various Ship letter handstamps including 1849 entire letter from Belfast with a 1d red cancelled upon arrival at Liverpool and a Ship Letter datestamp on reverse, New York forwarding agents cachets or endorsements, etc. (19). £180-220
  Liverpool. 1805-69 Entire letters and entires all with Liverpool Ship Letter handstamps including 1819 entire letter from Pensacola, Florida, sent "via Havana, care of Colin Mitchel" addressed to an "Itinerant Minister by the water side, City of Lincoln", etc. (16). £150-180
  Liverpool. 1815 Part entire from Quebec with oval "SHIP LETTER / QUEBEC" and scarce "SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL" (Rob. S6) datestamp, both light but easily readable strikes, the Liverpool datestamp used a remarkable 22 years earlier than recorded by Robertson or Tabeart. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1840 (May 15) 1d Mulready envelope stereo A136 used from Exeter to Chippenham cancelled by a red Maltese Cross, a fine red Exeter datestamp on the front. An attractive early use. Photo on Page 228. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1840 (Aug 5) 1d Mulready lettersheet stereo A19 containing William Gilling advertiser with 14 various adverts printed in blue (MA 12d), posted from London to Chippenham, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross and handstamped "TP / Grays-Inn". The adverts include a dentist, art dealer, assistance for noblemen and families visiting the Isle of Wight, sea sickness remedies, wigs and ornamental hair, etc. An unusually fine multiple advertising lettersheet. Photo on Page 228. £240-280
Click to view full image... 1843 2d Mulready envelope stereo a200 from London to Loughborough, Britannia left uncancelled with number "1" in Maltese Cross applied contrary to regulations in upper right corner. A few very minor creases, otherwise fine and a very scarce number in Cross cancel on a 2d Mulready. S.G. £8,000. Photo on Page 228. £2,000-2,500

Pictorial Envelopes & Lettersheets
(Also See Lots 729, 774, 1283)

  1838 Entire letter on notepaper headed with a superbly embossed scene of two horsemen and hounds chasing a fox, with the makers name "DOBBS". Written by Henry Danby Seymour whilst at Eton and posted from Windsor to his brother at the Antelope Inn in Salisbury, much of the letter comprising copies of epitaphs from monuments in Bath Abbey Church, and various riddles. The first example of this unusual notepaper we have seen, the maker "Dobbs" famous for producing fine valentines. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1840 (Dec 7) Entire letter written by George Cowell from the Albion Brewery at Mile End, addressed to his brother Josiah at Chelmsford, bearing a 1d black, MI plate 6 with four margins tied by a red Maltese Cross. The letter includes various poems and riddles and is illustrated with six well executed pen and ink drawings of London Bridge, Bishopgate Church, Dover Castle, Littlebury Village, the main street at Walden and a post chaise and postman outside a Post Office. Tiny piece removed from left edge of lower flap, otherwise fine. One of the best drawn and most attractive letters from this correspondence and one of the few letters that has a fine 1d black. See online catalogue for illustration. £2,400-2,800
  1873 Registered cover franked 6d from London to Paris, the reverse with two seals for Geo. Chanot, 103 Wardour St., London, each depicting a violin, tied by "BERWICK ST. / W" and a Paris c.d.s, the enclosed letter on printed notepaper of George Chanot, violin, violoncello, double bass and bow makers to the elite of amateurs, also dealer in Cremona violins. The cover with some edge tears and crumpling at left, an attractive music related item. £70-80

Postage Due Mail

  1848-1974 Covers and cards including 1920 Leeds Returned Letter Branch cover showing 1d charged for return to sender + 1d deficient postage, compulsory registered covers (2, one 1974 cover sent recorded delivery but transferred to registered post), etc. (18). £80-100
  1856 Stampless cover from London to an Officer in the 69th Regt. in Barbados, redirected back to England and then redirected several times between Weymouth, Clifton, Bristol, and London, finally delivered to the Junior United Services Club in London. Handstamped with two strikes of "FIRST POSTAGE / NOT PAID", red boxed "POSTAGE NOT PAID / TO LONDON", a Barbados backstamp and eight British datestamps, various altered rates. An unusual and very busy cover. £150-180
  Liverpool. 1857-61 Entire letters from Liverpool both franked 2d + 6d, the first to Trieste via France underpaid by 1d and handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / PRE-PAID"; the second to USA "p. Africa via Cork" underpaid by 4d and handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED" with black "19 / CENTS" and "N. YORK BR. PKT / 24" c.d.s. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Liverpool. 1866-67 Printed cotton circulars from Liverpool to Germany franked 1d, one handstamped with the uncommon circular "INSUFFICIENTLY PREPAID / 2D / TO PAY", the other handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED" and a separate "2". Also an 1864 cover from Liverpool to Lancaster franked 1d handstamped "ABOVE ( 1/2) OZ" and "2". (3). Photo on Page 228. £150-180
  1868 Cover from Dover to France only franked 1d, handstamped red "INSUFFICIENTLY / PREPAID" (applied in Dover) and charged 7c; and 1875 cover from Ballindalloch to Canada also only franked 1d, handstamped with a smaller size "INSUFFICIENTLY / PREPAID" in black, "5d" crossed out and charged "10". (2). £80-100
  1923-24 Covers and cards bearing 1 1/2d brown postage dues including postcard from Aden franked 1a, cover from Rhodesia with 1 1/2d cancelled at Shangani, and cover from Trinidad with 1 1/2d tied by Tabaquite c.d.s, unusual selected uses. (4). £100-120

Postal Stationery

  QV-KGV Proofs including Die Proofs of P.T.P.O envelope stamps comprising QV dated 2d pale blue (2), 3d carmine, 6d purple (2), 1/- green, 1 1/2d lilac rose, 1 1/2d brown (type 6b, dated 1890), 2 1/2d lake, undated 1d pink and KGV 1913 1/2d green all overprinted or handstamped "SPECIMEN"; QV registration envelope stamps comprising undated 2d grey (2), undated 2d blue (2) on a single piece with printed specimen overprints (type SU2) and 1883 2d blue with nine florets similarly overprinted; plain F size registration envelope with flap type 1 and indented central seam (as used for 1878 envelope type RP6f); and KEVII 1d lettercard with ungummed flaps, dated and initialled inside with "Registered 12 Dec. 1901" endorsed on the front. (18). £300-400
  QV-QEII Used and unused stationery, larger size items in sheet albums including 1841 1d pink lettersheets on SP2 paper Specimen (2) or unused, QV 1/2d pink colour trial proof on paper, Vaccination Certificates with LO36 (2) or LO37 (3) and LO48 unused, 1897 Agricultural Return form (LO18) used in both directions, various STO wrappers, envelopes, parcel labels and paper with some compound frankings, two envelopes with 1928 Pitney Bowes machine cancels of Leicester, Cadburys postcards, W.H Smith wrappers, etc. (116). £200-250
  Lettersheets & Envelopes. 1844-1982 QV Lettersheets (11, two on blue paper) and KEVII (32), KGV (52), KGVI (27) or QEII (188) envelope unused, used or handstamped Specimen, including KEVII 1d size J (EP45) used (2); KGV with 1/2d on buff paper, size M with both flap types (EP58/59) unused (2) and used (2), 2d size E (EP62) unused and used, 1d size E (EP64) unused, 2d revalued to 1 1/2d (EP65) with triangular "946" handstamp unused, 1924 B.E.E 1 1/2d first day use; KGVI 1d size G (EP75) unused or used (2), also albino or underinked impressions, wrapper bands, Lundy Island uses, etc. (310). £250-300
  Newspaper Wrappers. QV-KGV unused or used wrappers, comprising QV issues (50) with first dated wrapper used and unused, 1/2d green wrapper with "Social Science Congress, Brighton 1875" imprint, and Specimen overprints (3), KEVII wrappers (19) with used 1d wrapper type WP23, and KGV wrappers (33), mainly fine. (102). £80-100
  Postcards. KGVI and QEII Post Office issue postcards mint and used sorted by Huggins number in a shoebox, some in complete bundles with wrapper bands, also KGV P.T.P.O card size c, no arms, with embossed 1d stamp, unused. (100s). £80-100
  Registration Envelopes. QV-QEII Mint and used envelopes, a large accumulation in three shoeboxes sorted by Huggins catalogue number with some complete bundles in wrapper bands, a few larger size envelopes included, noted RF43 used (4), etc. (100s). £400-500
  Registration Envelopes. KGV and QEII used and unused envelopes, the KGVI issues (21) with the rare type RP65F used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker) and RP54H used in 1945 from Tangier with mixed G.B/Tangier franking, the very extensive collection of QEII issues with scarce RP74F unused and used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker), 6d puce size K2 with "School Specimen" overprint, RP96H used (unpriced), etc. (100s). £150-180
  Forces Registration Envelopes. KGV 2d Envelopes (42), KGVI issues with 3d envelopes (15), 4d envelopes (4, with RPF6 unused) and 6d envelopes (2), and QEII issues (46), with RPF11 used and unused, RPF12 used, RPF13 unused, RPF19 used, RPF21 used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker), etc. A good lot. (109). £250-300
  Forces Registration Envelopes. KGV-QEII Mint and used envelopes with KGV 2d envelopes (13), KGVI 3d (32), 4d (26) or 6d (27) envelopes, QEII 1/- (14), 1/6 (10), 1/9 (5), 3/- (8) or 75p (5) envelopes, a good lot. (140). £260-300
  Telegraph Forms. QV-KGVI forms unused including Foreign & Colonial telegram QV 10d blue and 10d brown forms (TP55, 57), QV 1/- forms (5) and 6d forms (10, two partial books with covers), KEVII 6d forms (22) and 10d Foreign and Colonial forms (2), KGV 6d form and 9d forms (5, one partial book with covers), scarce KGVI 1/- form (TP21) and 1/6 forms (2, TP31a), mainly very fine. (50). £300-400
  Air Letters. 1943-66 KGVI and QEII stamped and formula air letters including forces issues, a large quantity all superb unused including AP1c, others with much duplication. (100s). £100-150

Railway Stamps and Covers
(Also See Lot 1518)

Click to view full image... Ireland - Midland & Great Western Railway. 1877 1/-, 1/3, 1/9 and 2/6 Market Basket stamps set of four superb mint, all with selvedge, the 1/3 - 2/6 values with the stamp number printed on the selvedge. A rare set of stamps that were issued in booklets. (4). Photo on Page 232. £600-650

Parcel Stamps

Click to view full image... Caledonian Railway. c.1914 Mint Paid Parcel stamps in blue, set of 24 values from 1/2d - £5 with plain control panels, the 18 values to the 10/- with a space for the station name to be inserted; and 14 stamps from 1d - 5/- in a similar design to the previous high values but with vertical hatching in the control panels, all numbered. A few small faults, but many fine, very scarce. (38). Photo on Page 232. £400-500
Click to view full image... Highland Railway. c.1914 1d - £5 Red Paid Parcel stamps issued at Inverness, the set of 25 values mint each with manuscript "Specimen" in purple ink, all numbered (several with albino impressions of a second number), all superb, probably a unique set. (25). Photo on Page 232. £300-350
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... London & North Western Railway. c.1864 Prepaid Newspaper Parcel stamps, imperforate proofs comprising 2d in green on white paper handstamped "SPECIMEN"; 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d and 1/- in green on white paper; 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d, 9d, 1/-, 2/6 and 5/- set of eight in black on yellow paper, fine and rare. Ewen 2/6, 15/22. (14). Photo on Page 232. £600-650
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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