G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
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Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 3
  Japanese Forces. 1904-05 Stampless picture postcards (3) and a cover with F.P.O 1 (located at Wajunton, north of Mukden), 7 or 9 datestamps, all used by the Japanese 2nd army, or a postcard of the Battleship "Mikasa" with Naval Ship P.O 4 c.d.s used on the ship, all fine. (4). £140-160

Japanese Occupation of Korea

  1905-10 Stampless postcards (3) and a cover from Japanese soldiers with datestamps of Tegu (2), Hoeryeong or Suwon, all fine. (4). £120-150

Bambata Rebellion, 1906

Click to view full image... 1906 (June 17) Stampless cover headed "On active service" and signed by "E.A.C Harding, Sgt N.C" (Natal Carbineers) with fine "NKANDHLA / ZULULAND" c.d.s and Mooi River arrival backstamp, light vertical crease and a little light staining, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 20. £150-200

Italo-Turkish War, 1911-13

Click to view full image... Italian Occupation of Kos. 1912 (Sep 3) Stampless cover to Italy with violet "POSTE ITALIANE / KOS (Egeo)" c.d.s and cachet of the 2nd Battery 38th Regt., very fine and scarce. Photo on Page 20. £100-120
  Italian Occupation of Libya. 1912-13 Covers and cards with registered cover franked 40c tied by "POSTA MILITAIRE / IV DIVISIONE" hooded datestamp with registration label bearing IV DIVISION boxed handstamp; similar IV Division datestamp on stampless cover to France charged 20c postage due and III Division datestamp on cover to G.B franked 10c; stampless postcard with Posta Militaire Bengasi c.d.s and 79th Regt cachet or cover with Homs c.d.s and superb "COMANDO D'ARTIGLIERIA / HOMS" cachet in red. Also a c.1925 stampless official cover with heading and cachets of the Carabinieri in Derna, sent during war against the Senoussi. (6). £120-150

First Balkan War, 1912-13

  Serbian Forces. 1912-13 Stampless patriotic envelope depicting soldiers and the Serbian King, posted at Belgrade; stampless forces cards with datestamps of the first or second army in Macedonia; Serbia 10p postcard from Macedonia with Bitolj Military Post Office c.d.s; and card franked 5p tied by Military Post H.Q c.d.s used at Uskub. (5). £140-160
Click to view full image... Greek Forces. 1913 Stampless cover to Cairo with large cachet of the "General Headquarters of the Thessalian Army" containing the Greek arms, arrival backstamp, accepted as an official cover and not charged, a little creasing and edge faults at base but very unusual; and pictorial patriotic cover showing King Constantine and Venizelos with two Turkey 5pa stamps tied by Greek c.d.s of Mudros-Lemnos. (2). Photo on Page 23. £120-150
  Bulgarian Forces. 1912-13 Postcards (4) and a registered cover including stampless cards with cachet of the 1st Division Army Post Office at Cavalle and Glojene c.d.s, or Lozengrad c.d.s (occupied by the Bulgarians for a few months); card bearing 10s tied by 2nd A.P.O c.d.s with Military District Inspectorate cachet; registered cover from Stara-Zagore with large military cachet and enclosed letter from the French Military Attache; and 5s postcard C.T.O at Gumuldjina bearing a Bulgarian Navy cachet. (5). £150-180

Second Balkan War, 1913

  Thrace. 1913 1pi Ultramarine or 2pi violet postal stationery envelopes used to Adrianople after the Turkish reconquest, cancelled by differing red or black negative seal datestamps, scarce. H&G 1a, 4 (with "Panama" inside). (2). £150-200
  Roumanian Forces. 1913 Forces postcards sent during the campaign against the Bulgarian territory of Dobrudzha, cancelled by violet F.P.O 152E or 232E datestamps or red 2nd Division cachet. (3). £100-120

Ireland, 1916-23

  1873 Printed envelope from "The American Gael" posted from New York to Quincy franked 3c, containing a printed letter "To the Officers and Members of the Fenian Brotherhood", asking all members to contribute 25c or 50c weekly to the paper so that it can continue and publish articles promoting the Fenian cause, the envelope a little roughly opened at right, otherwise fine and an interesting background item to the Irish troubles and attempted Fenian invasion in Canada. Also 1919 subscription card for the "Friends of Irish Freedom" in New York. (2). £80-100
  1913-56 Postcards, seals, etc., comprising 1913 postcard from Bangor, Co. Down franked 1/2d and bearing a Carson Anti-Home Rule label; picture postcards of the 1916 Easter Rising (11); 1916 cover cancelled by Dublin parcel handstamp, used after the regular datestamps were destroyed in the Easter Rising; 1938 card from Co. Tyrone bearing a label "Northern Ireland is Part of the United Kingdom"; 1956 sheet of 24 Irish Unity seals, etc. (20). £160-200
  1918 Picture postcard sent from Ennis to Wales bearing the violet oval cachet "COUNTY CLARE SPECIAL MILITARY AREA / 19 JUN. 1918", and a 1921 (Mar.11) stampless O.H.M.S cover sent within Dublin with "FIELD POST OFFICE / W.16" c.d.s and oval "42ND BATTERY, R.F.A / 2ND BRIGADE, R.F.A". (2). £140-160
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1920 (Sep 22) Postcard from Dungloe, Co. Donegal to Dublin with violet "OPENED BY / CENSOR / I.R.A"; 1921 (June 8) cover from Fethard, Co. Tipperary to Wexford with violet "CENSORED I.R.A"; and a 1921 (July 1) front from Kingstown to London handstamped "CENSORED / BY / I.R.A", all franked 2d, mainly fine and scarce, the first unusual on a postcard. (3). Photo on Page 23. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1922 (Dec 13) Cover with an enclosed letter from a boy at Rossall School near Fleetwood, posted to his mother and sister at Ferns, Co. Wexford, endorsed "Censored by I.R.A" and handstamped violet "RECOVERED FROM / RAIDED MAIL" with a rubber c.d.s of Clohamon (Dec 14). The cover was torn open at left and lower sides resulting in small part of flap and lower left corner bearing torn away, therefore forwarded enclosed within an Irish bilingual "Returned Postal Packet" envelope, which bears a red Bail Ath Cliath c.d.s (Dec 27). A very unusual and interesting I.R.A censored cover. Photo on Page 23. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1922 (Dec 18) Cover posted within Dublin bearing Irish Free State 2d, simply addressed to "MacArthurs, House Agents", opened by the Irish Free State army bearing the label "Censored by National Army", fine and rare, only three or four examples of this censor label recorded. Photo on Page 23. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1922 (Nov 4) Cover from Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath, to Liverpool bearing Irish overprint 1/2d and 1 1/2d, traces of scorching at right edge, explained by the violet cachet "SALVED FROM / FIRE GPO DUBLIN". The Rotunda Sorting Office was burnt down by Republicans on November 5th. An unusually fine example of this scarce cachet. Photo on Page 23. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1923 (Jan 25) Cover from Rathgar franked Irish Free State 2d, addressed to "Frank Gallagher, No. 1054, B. Hut, c/o The Commanding Officer, Gormanstown Internment Camp, Gormanstown", the reverse with manuscript "C3". 12,000 Republican prisoners were interned by the Free State, many not being freed until December 1923; Frank Gallagher was a prominent propagandist for the I.R.A., scarce. Photo on Page 23. £120-150

Russia, 1917-22

  Red Army. 1917-20 Stampless covers and cards comprising 1917 (Oct 28) cover with F.P.O 129 c.d.s, sent just a few days after the Bolsheviks took control of the military, 1918 card from Moscow to Vitebsk with cachet of the Red Army 2nd Inf. Regt, and 1920 card with F.P.O 31 c.d.s of the 1st Turkestan Infantry Corps. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Civil War Stamp Issues. 1919 Covers comprising Nov. 10th cover bearing Western Army 50k on 10k, 70k on 15k and 90k on 20k sent from Jelgawa to Mitau with Jelgawa registration handstamp and cachets of Western Army Headquarters; August 6th cover bearing Northwest Army perf 2k, 5k, 50k and imperf 3k; and November 23rd cover bearing North Army set of five in pairs. Also 1921 (Mar 19) cover bearing Wrangels Army 20,000r on 20k sent from the refugee camp at Khalki to one at Hidar-Pasha via Constantinople. Four scarce issues on cover. (4). Photo on Page 23. £300-350
  Czech Legion. 1919 Stampless postcards from Irkitsk to Vladivostock or Czechoslovakia with violet circular "POLNI POSTA / CESKO- / SLOVENSK / VOJSKI / NA RUSI / POSTE / MILITAIRE", one also with a unit cachet; and a stampless card with circular cachet of the 2nd Cavalry Regt. containing the Czech Lion, one card depicting Legionaires, the other two coloured patriotic cards, all fine and scarce. (3). £250-300
Click to view full image... Allied Intervention. 1918-19 Stampless covers and cards comprising card and cover from British forces with F.P.O P.B 44 c.d.s of Bakhariza or London "Received from H.M Ship" machine both with oval "X14" or "X25" censors; card with "MISSION FRANCAISE EN SIBERIE" cachet; cover with "U.S POSTAL AGENCY / SIBERIA" duplex and boxed "A.E.F SIBERIA / CENSORED"; Canadian Y.M.C.A cover with "FIELD POST OFFICE / CANADIAN / 1 / SIBERIAN EXP. FORCE" c.d.s (minor staining); and a card with Japanese F.P.O 10 c.d.s and censor cachet, from 2nd Platoon 16th Inf. Regt Siberian Expedition. An interesting group. (6). Photo on Page 26. £300-400

1918-22 Border Wars

Click to view full image... Covers and cards including 1919 card with "Freikorps Dohna" cachet and K.D Feldpost c.d.s; 1919 (Nov 29) cover from the Czech-Polish War with Czech F.P.O 44 c.d.s; 1919 Hungarian civil war soldiers cards (2); 1919-20 cards with Czech or Roumanian F.P.O datestamps sent during the Czech-Hungarian war; 1919 cards with Estonian forces cachets (2), from the Estonian War of Independence; 1920 (Feb 9) cover from Teschen to Germany returned with "Zuruck / Einfuhr von Briefmarken / Verboten" cachet, the Southern Poland stamps not recognised by the German authorities who regarded the Teschen region as German territory prior to the July plebiscite; 1920 (Jan 9) registered cover from Debreczen bearing second Debreczen issue 30f and 80f with censor cachet and Mateszalka arrival backstamp, scarce genuinely used on cover; and 1918 Finland censored card. An interesting lot. (11). Photo on Page 26. £250-300

Russo-Polish War, 1919-20

  1920 Stampless cover and card with F.P.O 18 or 50 datestamps and cachets of 71 Ammunition column or 9th Company 13th Polish Legion (with the Polish Eagle), and 1921 Stampless cover with Tresor et Postes 311 c.d.s and violet "MISSION MILITAIRE FRANCAISE en POLOGNE" cachet. (3). £100-120

Greco-Turkish War, 1920-22

  1920-22 Covers and cards comprising stampless card and cover with Greek F.P.O 502 or 902 datestamps, the last also with a fine Smyrna Command cachet in violet; printed cover "American Y.M.C.A with the Greek Army" sent from Athens to Malta; 1920 card with Greek 10L cancelled in Smyrna; 1920 card (corner fault) with Turkish stamp tied Greek F.P.O 905; 1921 covers with Turkish F.P.O 11 c.d.s. tying Anatolia stamps or F.P.O 4 on stampless cover; 1922 cover from Smyrna with French stamps tied "Tresor et Postes 528" c.d.s. Also a 1919 cover from Smyrna with Italian stamps tied Posta Militaire 171 datestamps. (9). £200-240

Chaco War, 1932-35

  Paraguay Forces. 1935 (Jan 1) Philatelic cover with 1p50 Gunboat "Humaita" stamp tied "P.M No. 12 MAYOR L. DE FILIPPIS / CHACO" c.d.s, and stampless soldiers covers with datestamps of Asuncion or Bahia Negra both with unit cachets. Also three covers to Germany each bearing one or two patriotic labels on the reverse promoting Paraguayan claims to Chaco. (6). £150-200
  Bolivia. 1934-35 Covers from Bolivia to Argentina, or from Uruguay or Chile to Bolivia, all with Bolivia censor marks or labels, one cover carried on the first flight from Santiago to La Paz by Panagra. (3). £100-120

Ethiopia, 1935-36

Click to view full image... 1936 (Oct 16) Cover from Addis Abeba to London franked 4q, backstamped with bilingual cachet "BRITISH AMBULANCE SERVICE IN ETHIOPIA" and two strikes of "BA / SE" and a Cross, very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 26. £120-150
  1935-36 Covers and cards comprising Italian forces mail (3); 1936 Netherlands Ambulance Greetings card with printed signatures of the nine staff posted to Holland franked 3q and handstamped red "Nederl. Roode Kruis / Hoofdbestuur"; and 1935 cover from Addis Abeba to Ampenan, Dutch East Indies, franked 4q with pink censor seal tied by "EMPIRE D'ETHIOPIE / CENSURE MILITAIRE" cachets. (5). £100-120

Spanish Civil War, 1936-39

  Nationalist Forces. Covers and cards with cachets or cancels of Nationalist forces including Army of Africa (4), Nationalist Air Force (2) and Navy with scarce "BUGUE MINADOR JUPITER" cachet, also a censored cover and a couple of photos. (14+). £200-240
  Republican Forces/France. Covers and cards with cachets or cancels of Republican forces including "Ejercito Popular Regular", "Ejercito Popular 32 Division 141 Brigade", or "Mixed Brigade" cachets; cover and card bearing patriotic labels; and 1939 registered cover from Lisbon to Camp de Gurs in France or from Camp de Gurs to Paris franked 90c "F" stamp tied by camp c.d.s, both censored. (9). £120-150
Click to view full image... U.S Volunteer in Republican Air Force. 1937 (Mar 24) Cover showing return address of "Charles Koch, Ministerio del Aire", to New York bearing 50c tied by Valencia machine, censor seal tied by oval Valencia censor cachet. Koch was one of three US airmen who volunteered to serve in the Republican Air Force and formed the Patrolla Americana, which eventually grew into a unit of 20 pilots. Very scarce. Photo on Page 26. £180-240
Click to view full image... International Brigade. 1937 Stampless covers sent within Spain, one a printed cover "12A BRIGADA INTERNATIONAL / ESTADO MAYOR" with Madrid c.d.s and circular "12a BRIGADA INTERNATIONAL / COMMANDANCIA / 4 BATALLON AMRIENTE" cachet on the front with five further strikes on reverse; the other endorsed from a soldier in the 1st (Franco-Belgian) Battn of the XI "Hans Beimler" Brigade with circular "XI BRIGADA INTERNATIONAL / EJERCITO DE LA REPUBLICA ESPANOLA / V BATALLON / TEMPLE Y REBELDIA" cachets on both sides. Two fine and rare covers. (2). Photo on Page 26. £200-300
  International Brigades. 1937-38 Covers from Czech volunteers with stamps cancelled in Valencia, one with return address of Albacete, the other with boxed "S.C.C / 26 JUL 1937 / III" backstamp, both also backstamped in Paris; or from a French volunteer with stamps cancelled "CORREO DE CAMPANA / E. DEC. No. 4" and return address of Albacete, this cover with lower edge tear, otherwise fine. (3). £140-160
  German Non-Intervention Patrol. 1936-38 Covers and cards with Deutsche Kriegsmarine Schiffspost datestamps from the "Nurnberg" (2, one a stampless official cover with ships cachet, also a card of the ship), "Admiral Scheer" (2, one a stampless official cover with ships cachet) or the "Greif". (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... German Non-Intervention Patrol - U Boats. 1937-38 Covers from Cadiz to Germany franked 50c, endorsed from crew members of the submarines U35 or U36, the last a little stained, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 26. £100-150
  Non-Intervention Patrols. 1936-39 Covers and cards with cancels of the US Ships "Karie" (La Pallice, France), "Manley" (Gibraltar), "Trenton" (Marseille) or "Raleigh" (Villefranche); cover with London "Received From H.M Ship" cancel and enclosed letter from H.M.S "Hood"; and stampless cover endorsed "Dispositig Special en mer Mediterranee" with a Toulon cancel and violet "LE C.T "LE CHEVALIER PAUL" with enclosed letter from Barcelona (cover a little stained). Also 1937 printed cover "COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE DE NON-INTERVENTION EN ESPAGNE" and similar cachet on reverse, posted within France from Foix to Tarbes franked 65c. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... German Condor Legion. 1937 (Aug 15) Letter written by A. Leine of the 1st Flak Unit at Lurgos with large bilingual censor cachet in green, the cover with "23 AUG 1937" date on reverse and the senders name, a 12pf stamp tied by Berlin NW7 machine. A fine Condor Legion cover sent by courier to Seville and diplomatic bag to Berlin where it was posted, very scarce with the enclosed censored letter. Photo on Page 26. £200-250
  German Condor Legion. 1939 Cover bearing 12pf tied by Berlin NW7 machine, the reverse with the senders name Hermann Hollweg, the date "8 APR 1939" and the cachet "Max Winkler / Berlin WB / Postschlressfach 81". A scarce use of the Max Winkler undercover address cachet on mail from the Condor Legion in Spain. £150-180
  German Condor Legion. 1937 Covers from the Condor Legion with the senders name "Kurs Roye" on reverse, one with "8 / F.88" (8 Flak Battery) and the date "28 Juni 1937", and a stampless cover (with enclosed letter) and card simply addressed to "Karl Heimerl S/88" (Staff HQ) both with red date, forwarded under cover to Spain. Also 1939 postcard and two cards with special cancels all commemorating the homecoming of the Condor Legion. Very scarce, the two covers from Spain both with 1991 Gustav Mogler certificates. (7). £400-500
  Italian Forces. 1937-39 Stampless cards from Italian forces with Italian F.P.O datestamps, some with unit cachets including "Flamme Nero" (2). Also a cover from Zaragoza to London with cachet of the "Division Legionaria Flechas Verdes" which was commanded by Italian Officers, and a censored card from Italy to Spain. (10). £100-120
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail/Concentration Camps. 1939 Printed card for "Campo de Concentracion de Camposancos - La Guardia" with boxed "CENSURA MILITAR / Campo de Concentracion / Camposancos (La Guardia)"; and a printed "Campo de Concentracion de Prisoneros de Guerra" card depicting Franco with violet "CENSURA / CAMPO PRISONEROS GUERRA / MIRANDA DE DUERO", both franked 20c, the first a little stained, scarce. (2). Photo on Page 26. £150-200

Sino-Japanese War, 1937-45

  c.1937-40 Stampless cards (5) and covers (2, with enclosed letters) all from Japanese forces, all censored. (7). £100-120

Saar, 1935 / Sudetenland & Austria, 1938-39

  1935-39 Covers and cards including 1935 cover with Sweden 20ore tied by "SVENSKA BATALJONE / SAAR" c.d.s; 1938 Czech forces mail (4, one censored); 1938-39 cards from Carpatho-Ukraine after the Hungarian occupation (2, one with Hungarian F.P.O c.d.s); 1938 covers and cards from Sudetenland (3, one with violet "Gott Schutze Adolf Hitler" cancel of Lobositz; cards from German occupied Austria (4), etc. (14). £200-240

Greece & Istria, 1943-49

  Covers and cards comprising stampless covers with Greek National Army cachets (2) and a 1947 patriotic card with revalued 10d and 20d stamps tied by F.P.O 916 c.d.s with unit cachet; 1946 stampless cover, with British F.P.O. 782 (2, one with oval "HEAD OF BRITISH NAVAL MISSION / GREECE" cachet) or F.P.O 783; 1946 3L Yugoslav Peoples Army postcard and 1947 card bearing Yugoslav Army 5L pair both from Spatija (Istria, occupied by Yugoslavia until October 1947). (8). £120-150

China Civil War, 1946-49

  1946 Cover with $50 tied F.P.O 391 c.d.s and military cover from Army H.Q at Hankow franked $100, and 1948 cover from a soldier with Gold Yuan 10c on $20 tied by Laiyang c.d.s. Also 1984 military cover from Taiwan and 1981 cover from the Island of Quemoy with Army P.O c.d.s. (5). £150-180

Korean War, 1950-54

  Covers from various U.N Forces comprising British (2, one from H.M.S "Birmingham"), Australia (2, one from a Naval ship), South Africa (Free Forces Mail Airletter used to Australia with G.B 2 1/2d tied by British F.P.O 798), India (2, one registered, one from the Indian Custodian Force), Canada, New Zealand, USA (8, some Navy or Air Force), Netherlands (2, one with U.S A.P.O, the other with cachet of the ship "Johan Maurits van Nassau"), France, Belgium, Luxembourg (U.S A.P.O), Philippines, Turkey (U.S A.P.O) or Greece (U.S A.P.O), also 1951 Danish Red Cross Ship "Jutlandia" F.D.C. An interesting lot, some philatelic but many commercial, some contingent mail very scarce. (26). £250-300
  Republic of Korea soldiers covers with A.P.O cancels and censor cachets, stampless (3) or franked 1000w, also a stampless cover from a Korean soldier sent through a U.S A.P.O, 1952 2000w blue First Day cover with A.P.O 602 cancel and a censor cachet, and an air dropped propaganda leaflet. (7). £120-150
Click to view full image... North Korea. 1950 (July 7) Cover bearing 1950 rouletted 1w sage-green, vertical fold at left, otherwise fine and a scarce early North Korea cover from the war zone. Photo on Page 29. £150-200
Click to view full image... North Korea. 1950 50w Grey postal stationery postcard from a soldier, red boxed censor cachet, light vertical crease, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 29. £150-200
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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