G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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Auction Lots - Page 25
Click to view full image... 1882 10/- Greenish grey, FH on Anchor watermarked paper, unused no gum, a very well produced forgery, very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 194. £100-150
Click to view full image... 1882 £5 Orange, DF fine mint, large part gum. S.G. 137, £14,500. Photo on Page 194. £3,000-3,500
Click to view full image... 1884 £1 Brown-lilac, NC watermark Imperial Crowns, mint with large part gum, well centred, light horizontal crease, still an attractive example of this scarce stamp. S.G. 185, £32,000. Photo on Page 196. £1,600-2,000
  1888-1976 Used stamps in two stockbooks (with some Commonwealth), also some mint decimal stamps and booklets (high face value, stc £466) and covers including 1932 Opening of Ulster Parliament cover with Stormont c.d.s, 1860 6d on cover to France and 1944-91 commercial covers to Sweden. (100s). £120-140
  1891 £1 Green used with Southampton c.d.s, tiny stain to two perf tips, otherwise fine with a good c.d.s cancel. S.G. 212, £800. £70-100
  1902-13 KEVII and 1936-52 KEVIII and KGVI issues, collection in an album, the KEVII issues with a good range of shades for all values and printings, mainly used with 2/6 (7), 5/- and 10/-; KGVI issues with all definitives mint including sideways and inverted watermarks and all high values used. (100s). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1902 KEVII £1 Dull blue-green mint, regummed, fine appearance. S.G. 266, £2,000. Photo on Page 196. £250-300
  1911 KEVII Harrison 1/2d with upper margin unusually with a clear offset on the left third of the reverse, unmounted mint; and 1912-24 KGV 1d bright scarlet watermark Royal Cypher, variety inverted "Q" for "O", fine used. S.G. 268var. + S.G. 357ad, £240. (2). £70-80
  1911 Downey Head 3d small format half tone essay by Slater and Palmer in black on white proof paper with "SP/4" above, 52x58mm, very fine. S.G. £350. £90-110
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1913 KGV 1/2d and 1d watermark Multiple Royal Cypher unmounted mint, unusually good perforations. S.G. 397/8, £600. (2). Photo on Page 196. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1913 KGV £1 Dull blue-green fine unmounted mint, one slightly short lower perf, otherwise superb. S.G. 404, £4,800. Photo on Page 196. £800-1,000
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1911-36 KGV Mint and used collection in an album including 1911 perforation trial block of four on thick grey granite paper, 1911 1d scarlet booklet pane of six, no cross on crown varieties, 1911-12 and 1912-24 issues with inverted watermarks and a good range of shades, "Specimen" and "Cancelled" overprints, 1912 Royal Cypher 1d booklet pane of six with inverted and reversed watermark, 1913 Multiple Royal Cypher 1d used, 1924-26 and 1934-36 issues with many shades and watermark varieties, 1929 PUC £1 used on piece and 1d variety "1829" used, Seahorses with Waterlow 2/6 (both shades) - £1, De La Rue 2/6 - 10/-, and Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6 (4 shades) - 10/- all used. A fine lot. (100s). Photo on Page 196. £1,200-1,400
  1912-24 KGV Royal Cypher 1/2d - 1/- Controls, collection of mint singles, strips and blocks in an album, including 2d block with missing control error, 2 1/2d G15 block watermark reversed, 10d Q21, etc., all very fine with many better controls and perforation types. (259). £1,000-1,200
  KGV Controls, mainly mint collection in an album with singles, pairs, strips or blocks for the 1911-12 Downey Heads (12), 1924-26 Block Cypher 1/2d - 1/- (55), and 1929 UPU set (4 mint blocks + 5 used controls), also 1934 2d cylinder block, various control and perforation types, all fine. (77). £350-400
  KGV and KGVI Mint selection including 1912-24 Royal Cypher set of 15 all with plate numbers; 1924-26 Block Cypher 1/2d, 1d and 1 1/2d booklet panes of six with inverted watermark, 4d and 9d strips of three, plate number corner strips of the 1/2d, 1 1/2d and 10d (G27, stamps unmounted); 1934-36 10d block of four with control "Y/36" and cylinder number "2"; KGVI booklet panes of the 1/2d orange (2, one inverted watermark) or 1 1/2d green. S.G. £1,040. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1929 P.U.C Set of five on a piece cut from the Specimen ledger of the Goa Post Office, each stamp handstamped "Especimen" in black, applied in Lisbon to Specimen stamps received from the U.P.U for distribution to the Portuguese Colonies, the £1 value also with the red Bradbury, Wilkinson "SPECIMEN" overprint. Minor stains but a rare Specimen set. Photo on Page 196. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1929 P.U.C £1 Mint, light gum crease, otherwise fine. S.G. 438, £750. Photo on Page 194. £150-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1937-47 3d - 1/- Overprinted "SPECIMEN" (13x2mm), no gum and some with a little paper adhering as though removed from an archive page, the 4d - 6d and 10d stamps with some soiling, the 7d - 1/- all with corner creases or wrinkles. This Specimen handstamp is unrecorded by Samuel or S.G. and the status of these stamps is therefore unknown, though they have the appearance of genuine specimen stamps removed from an archive, offered "as-is". (10). Photo on Page 196. £300-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1951 Festival of Britain 2/6 - £1 overprinted "SPECIMEN" (13x2mm), no gum and a little paper adhering toe the reverse, 2/6 and 10/- with small corner creases, the Specimen overprint unrecorded and their status unknown, though they have the appearance of genuine specimen stamps removed from an archive. An interesting set, offered "as-is". (4). Photo on Page 196. £240-300
  1952 Wilding 2 1/2d carmine unmounted mint block of twenty (2 x 10), margin at top showing part central arrow, all printing completely omitted from the central block of six (rows 4-6) and from the lower two thirds of the two stamps in row 3 with some loss of colour to the six stamps in rows 1, 2 and 7, a spectacular error. £1,000-1,200
  1952-2000 QEII Definitives, collection written up in four S.G. albums with Wildings, predecimal and decimal Machins identified by printers, gum, paper and phosphor types, includes coil stamps and strips, booklet stamps and panes, some complete booklets and cylinder blocks, Wilding regionals, Wilding high value printings by Waterlow and De la Rue used, otherwise all unmounted mint. (100s). £200-300
  1953-98 Mainly unmounted mint collection including 1962-67 phosphor issues, some regular and prestige booklets, 1974-89 F.D.Cs and a few earlier mint, also a general world collection. (7 albums). £200-250
  1967-68 Issues in complete unmounted mint sheets comprising 1967 British Discovery & Invention sets x 840 (seven sheets of each value), 1967 Christmas sets x 120, 1967 G.B 3d and the 3d five regionals x 240 each, 1968 Bridges set x 120, 1968 Anniversaries set x 120, 1968 British Paintings sets x 720 (six sheets of each value) and 1968 Bradbury Wilkinson chalk-surfaced 2/6 x 240 (six sheets, plates 9 or 9A). £170-200
  1971-2010 Mint collection in four S.G. Great Britain albums, complete with all commemoratives, definitives, regionals, miniature sheets, se-tenant blocks, self adhesive issues, some booklets and booklet panes, all superb unmounted mint. (4 albums). £300-500
  1972-97(Jan) Gutter pairs apparently complete, all superb unmounted mint in a stockbook, the 1973-79 issues all traffic light pairs, the traffic light pairs including 1977-87 large Machin high values set of eight, 1973 Royal Wedding pair, 1974 10p Horse Chestnut tree, fire set, UPU Centenary, Medieval Warriors, Churchill, Christmas, etc. (100s). £150-200
  1967-94 Year Packs, Gift Packs and Collectors Packs, all superb, comprising gift packs for 1967 and 1968, collectors packs complete for 1969-93, and year packs for 1994-98, also 1994 Channel Tunnel Collection gift pack, all in a Royal Mail album. (34). £200-240
  Presentation Packs. 1964-70 Predecimal presentation packs complete including the key Forth Road Bridge pack in superb condition, also 1964 International Geographical Congress, Botanical Congress, 1965 Churchill, 700th Anniversary of Parliament, Battle of Britain, 1966 Burns Commemoration, Westminster Abbey, etc., both ordinary and phosphor packs for those issues where both exist, 1969 Investiture English and Welsh packs, definitives and regionals, nearly all superb. S.G. £1,500. (44). £300-400
  Presentation Packs. 1968-79 Packs (approx 145), two packs for most issues, also some F.D.Cs from 1962. £70-100
  Presentation packs. 1971-2011 Packs apparently complete including miniature sheet packs, "Greetings" and "Occasions" issues of se-tenant first class stamps, definitives (with values to £10), regionals and postage dues, all superb, in eight Royal Mail Albums. (523). £400-500
  Booklets. 1904 2/- Booklet containing three panes of six KEVII 1d stamps all with inverted watermarks, the fourth pane unfortunately removed, the front cover with a light vertical fold, otherwise fine. S.G. BA1. £60-70
  Booklets. 1950-68 KGVI and QEII Predecimal 1/- - 10/- booklets all complete including Dec. 1950 5/- booklet, etc., all fine. S.G. £915. (20). £150-180
  Booklets. 1972-2011 Prestige and sponsored booklets, contained in a Royal Mail album virtually complete (only missing S.G. DX24) and superb, also additional 1971 £1 Cook Book and an Isle of Man booklet, face value £360. (57). £250-300
  Booklets. 1976-95 10p - £2 folded booklets with card covers, 1978-86 £1.60 - £2.55 Christmas booklets, 1996-2000 booklets with laminated covers and similar 1987-2000 barcode booklets including Christmas issues, considerable face value with many booklets containing ten or twenty first or second class stamps each. Some better booklets including 1983 £1.46 Seahorse high values with selvedge at left with corrected rate (S.G. F01a), etc., all in a Royal Mail album. (293). £400-500
  Booklets. 1978 70p Booklets, country crafts series depicting horse shoeing (3), thatching or dry-stone walling, all with selvedge at the left of the pane. S.G. FD2/4A, £680. (5). £100-120
  F.D.Cs. 1937-2000 (Feb) F.D.Cs, commemorative issues probably complete with many of the 1975-89 covers bearing gutter pairs, the 1948 Royal Wedding £1 on a plain cover, otherwise nearly all illustrated covers including 1946 Peace, 1949 U.P.U, 1953 Coronation, 1957 Parliamentary Conference, 1958 Commonwealth Games, 1960 Letter Office Tercentenary and Europa issues, 1961 P.O Savings Bank, both ordinary and phosphor issues for all 1962-67 issues; definitives with 1952-54 Wilding issues on plain covers (all 17 values on 16 covers), the 1967-2000 definitives on illustrated covers with 1969 Cooks Book panes (4), 1972 Wedgewood panes (4, including 1/2d side phosphor pane), and later booklet panes, also 2007-11 definitive F.D.Cs, various coin F.D.Cs and commemorative covers (with £84.50 face value of coins), a few silk railway covers and 1981 Royal Wedding commemorative covers, all fine. An extensive lot in nine albums. (100s). £300-400
  PHQ Cards. 1973-2011 PHQ cards complete unused including 1973 Parliamentary Conference, 1974 10p Horse Chestnut tree and 3 1/2p Fire Engine, 1973 Royal Wedding; and all 1980-2004 cards used all with the relevant stamp tied to the picture side by the Edinburgh Philatelic Bureau F.D.C cancel. Also 1968 Paintings issue maximum cards with F.D.C cancels (3), National Postal Museum postcards and a few Isle of Man PHQ cards. All superb, in eleven Royal Mail Albums. (100s). £300-400
  Channel Islands and G.B, mainly KGVI issues in unmounted mint sheets and blocks with Jersey 1943-44 1/2d (32), 1d sheets of sixty with central gutter (2 sheets, 1944 printing on newsprint), 1 1/2d (16), 2d (12), 2 1/2d part sheet of 56 (1944 printing on newsprint) and 3d sheets of sixty with central gutter (7 sheets). Also G.B 1937 1 1/2d (96), 1940 Penny Postage Centenary set of six in cylinder blocks of 40 and 1969 Ships 5d and 9d in complete sheets with additional blocks. S.G. £2,700. £150-200

G.B Used Abroad
(Also See Lots 40-42, 775, 796-798, 1190)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Small selection comprising "C41" of Guayaquil on 1872 4d vermilion plate 13, 1875 6d grey plate 15 and 1876 1/- plate 13; "GREY-TOWN" c.d.s or "C57" on 1876 1/- plate 13; "C35" of Panama on 1865 1/- Emblems watermark plate 4 (minor perf stains); "E88" of Colon on 1870 4d vermilion plate 12 (light corner crease); and "C38" of Callao on 1870 6d violet plate 9 (small thin), 1872 6d chestnut plate 11 (2, one damaged) or 1873 6d grey plate 12, all good strikes. S.G. £670 (excluding damaged 6d chestnut). (10). Photo on Page 196. £180-220

Postal Fiscal, Revenue & Local Stamps

  Postal Fiscals. Mint (21) and postally used (15) Inland Revenue, Receipt or Draft stamps including embossed 3d pink (S.G. F29) and 1/- vermilion (S.G. F52) both used, 6d reddish lilac mint (S.G. F17) or used (S.G. F11, watermark inverted), etc., a few faults but including some useful stamps. (37). £150-180
Click to view full image... Revenues. 1823 Medicine Duty Stamps, proof impression of a pane of six stamps with a duty of 1 1/2d, the stamps numbered 1-6, printed by Whiting in red and black using the Congreve method of printing, on thin paper, 182x160mm. An attractive and scarce proof pane of the first stamps to be printed from Whiting's plates. Barefoot 41. Photo on Page 193. £400-500
  Local Stamps. c.1860 Card piece with an address label cut from a parcel, sent within London from Southwark Bridge Road to Victoria, and bearing a large "CARRIAGE PREPAID, LONDON PARCELS DELIVERY CO. LD" stamp showing a horse drawn parcel wagon, cancelled by blue crayon. The stamp with a few small edge or corner faults, the piece and stamp rather soiled, nevertheless and exceptionally scarce use of this Parcel Delivery Co stamp on an addressed parcel piece. £100-120


  c.1900-30 Picture postcards, many postally used, with many views of Liverpool, Lancashire and Cheshire, Yorkshire, Wales, soldiers, a few WW1 cards, etc., a few real photo cards noted including a fine view of a tram outside the Rock hotel at Trawden, The Pals Barracks at Prescot, the Walford family with their horse-drawn cart on the summit of Kilhope, Sandy Bay at Porthcawl, the pier at Southport, Gracie Fields at Blackpool, etc., also two c.1890 coloured prints of The Pantiles at Tunbridge Wells. (475). £80-100
  KGV Picture postcards (with a few earlier and later cards) in a box and album, mainly topographical views, also a few Tucks oilette cards of soldiers and comic cards, nearly all postally used. (Approx 1,500). £180-240
  English Civil War/Charles I. 1643-49 Printed pamphlets printed during the Civil War, most apparently in support of the King including "A Perfect Diurnall of the Passages in Parliament" of 8-15 May 1647 with a fine woodcut illustration of the King sitting in Parliament, "Mercrurius Pragmaticus (For King Charles II)" for 22-29 Jan. 1649 printed in the very week King Charles I was tried and executed, and ten other pamphlets of 1644-48, also "A Brief Relation of Some Affairs and Transactions, Civil and Military, both foreign and domestic" for 23-30 April 1650. (13). £750-1,000
  Charles II. 1660-1714 Pamphlets and newspapers, mostly dating from 1660-65 after the restoration of Charles II including "The Oxford Gazette" (3, numbers 6, 13, 21), "London Gazette" (2, numbers 25, 48), "Mercurius Publicus" for Mar. 29 - Apr. 5 1660, "The Newes" of May 5 1664 and "The Intelligencer" of May 8 1665, also "Gazette de Londres" (1694) and "The Evening Post" (1714). (10). £200-250
  Royalty. 1761 (Sep 22) Engraved ticket to the Coronation of King George III in Westminster Abbey, numbered "268" and inscribed "Northside, First Gallery, Arch 2, Row 2, Seat 21", signed by George Wyatt and Jonathon Jordan. An elaborate and attractive ticket engraved by George Bickham, depicting the crowned King and Queen under a vaulted dome in Westminster Abbey, surrounded by angels and allegorical figures (one with a parchment labelled "Magna Carta") with ermine-robed dignitaries and spectators in the gallery, a gilt armorial seal embossed at the upper left corner, the ticket 255x250mm, vertical and horizontal folds, in a picture frame (325x270mm). Note: Another example of this rare Coronation ticket was sold by Christies New York (3 Dec. 2007, lot 129) for $6,875. £500-600
  Literature - Postal History. "The Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland" by Alcock & Holland, published in 1940, together with part II, supplements 1-8, 1963 Philatelic Adviser Annual containing supplements 9-15, and their 1960 "Short History and Guide to British Postmarks". Also "The British County Catalogue of Postal History" Vols 1-5, "England's Postal History" and "The Postal History of Great Britain and Ireland" all by R.M Willcocks, "British Post Office Numbers" by G. Brumell, and the 2011 8th Edition of "Collect British Postmarks". (20). £80-100
  Literature - Postal History. Various books, mainly on postal history including the "British County Catalogues of Postal History" by R.M Willcocks (Volumes 1-5 and second edition of volumes 1 & 2), "Letter Receivers of London" by Hugh Feldman in 2 volumes, "For the Port & Carriage of Letters" by D. Robinson, "The De La Rue History of British & Foreign Postage Stamps" by J. Easton, etc. (22+). £70-100
  Literature - Maritime Mail. "Ship Letters" by Alan Robertson, the original 1955 publication complete in three volumes, each in a slip case, with the separate Guide to Valuation. A classic work on postal history, containing many illustrations and a wealth of useful information, and a book that should be included in any serious postal historians library. £200-250

A fine collection featuring rare named ship cachets, freight money letters, Ship and Packet letter handstamps of Liverpool, consignees letters and pioneer steamship mail. Also see lots 387/8, 473/6, 539, 726/8, 1109.

Forwarding Agents

  1825 Printed entire letter from Gothenburg to Providence, R.I, sent by forwarding agent via Liverpool on the "Columbia" and posted as a ship letter at New York with superb oval "RECD & FORWARDED / LIVERPOOL / Per (Columbia, Feby 16) / WILLIS LATHAM & GAIR", red New York c.d.s and "SHIP", rated 20 1/2c; and 1844 entire letter to New York "per Liverpool" with superb oval "FORWARDED BY / HARNDEN & Co / No. 20 WATER ST / LIVERPOOL" (depicting a steamship), rated 6 cents. Two exhibition quality F.A.Cs. (2). £160-200

Named Ship Handstamps

G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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