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Auction Lots - Page 9
Click to view full image... 1906 (Sep 24) Stampless cover with "GOVERNMENT RESIDENCE, TULAGI" printed on the flap, addressed by Woodford to "Messrs Stanley Gibbons & Co. Ltd., Strand nr Charing Cross, London W", handstamped boxed "BRITISH / SOLOMON / ISLANDS / PAID" with "TULAGI / 24 / SP 06 / BRITISH SOLOMON IDS" c.d.s alongside, backstamped at Sydney (Oct 8) with the pencil note "Recd in London Nov. 19 1906, C.J.P" (Charles J. Phillips). This Paid handstamp was used by C.M. Woodford on outgoing mail from April 1906 until stamps were issued in February 1907. Fewer than 20 covers and fronts recorded, of which about half had this handstamp accepted as valid for postage in New South Wales with no stamps being added there. Interestingly four of the recorded covers (three others with NSW stamps added) were sent by Woodford to the London stamp dealers Stanley Gibbons & Co., this cover being retained and initialled by their Managing Director Charles J. Phillips. A couple of minor edge tears at upper edge, small part flap missing and two small glue patches on reverse, otherwise fine and rare. Franks 34. Photo on Page 67. £2,000-2,400

1907 Large Canoe Issue

Click to view full image... 1907 (Feb 14) Cover with "GOVERNMENT RESIDENCE / TULAGI / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS" printed on the flap, addressed to "A.H. Ogilvie Esq., Suva, Fiji", bearing Large Canoe 1/2d pair and 1d tied by two "TULAGI / BRITISH SOLOMON IDS" datestamps dated FE 14 1907, the FIRST DAY OF ISSUE of these first Solomon stamps, backstamped at Sydney (Mar 1) and Suva (Mar 14). New South Wales refused to accept these stamps until September 1907 with NSW stamps being added at Sydney prior to that date; however just two first day uses of these stamps are recorded (with one further cover posted two days later) all of which have no NSW stamp, so the Sydney Post Office would appear not to have decided NSW stamps should be added until they received the following mail bearing Large Canoe stamps in mid March. A very rare First Day Cover paid at the correct 2d rate, one of just two recorded first day uses. With R.P.S Certificate (2009). Franks 59. Photo on Page 70. £1,600-2,000
Click to view full image... 1907 (Mar 15) Long cover addressed to "Mrs C.A Bernays, Bulwurradah, River Terrace, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane" bearing Large Canoe 1/2d, 1d, 2d and 2 1/2d each tied by a Tulagi c.d.s with a further strike on the front, a NSW 4d added and cancelled at Sydney (Mar 28), backstamped at Brisbane (Mar 31). A scarce 6d franking paying the 1-1 1/2oz rate with a NSW 4d stamp. Fewer than 20 NSW/Solomon Islands combination covers are recorded most of which bear a 2d NSW stamp (with several philatelic registered covers to Germany franked 5 1/2d), just one other combination cover recorded with a NSW 4d. This was the first mail received at Sydney to have NSW stamps added, and is one of three combination covers recorded with a March 15th Sydney datestamp. Small piece missing at upper left corner and a few very minor edge creases, otherwise fine and scarce, with R.P.S Certificate (2010). Franks 62. Photo on Page 67. £1,800-2,200
Click to view full image... 1907 (July 22) Cover with "GOVERNMENT RESIDENCE / TULAGI / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS" printed on the flap, addressed by C.M. Woodford to "F.J. Wootton-Isaacson Esq., Herriard Park, Basingstoke, England", bearing Large Canoe 2d tied by a Tulagi c.d.s with a second strike alongside, a NSW 1d pair applied and cancelled in Sydney (probably Aug 7, one other July 22 cover known cancelled in Sydney on this date), backstamped at Basingstoke. Fewer than 20 NSW/Solomon Islands combination covers are recorded with nearly half of these being over-franked philatelic covers to Germany. A superb commercial combination cover correctly franked 2d, with R.P.S Certificate (2010). Franks 89. Photo Inside Front Cover. £2,000-2,500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Large Canoe 1/2d, 1d and 2 1/2d each cancelled by manuscript "A.H.A / 19-11-07" and oval "LOOSE / SHIP / LETTER", all clearly from the same cover; and 1d pair cancelled manuscript "A.H.A / 8-4-08" and two "PORT MORESBY / PAPUA" datestamps (April 20). Several Large Canoe issue stamps are known cancelled with manuscript initials and dates, and are believed to originate on mail from plantations, but none have yet been found on covers. A.H.A are the initials of A. Hedley Abbott, a missionary on Malaita; he later moved to Guadalcanal and became Acting Secretary to the Resident Commissioner in 1913. Very scarce. Franks 115, 151. (5). Photo on Page 96. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1907 (Dec 1) Picture postcard with return address of "Roman Catholic Mission, Yute Island, English New Guinea" addressed to Switzerland, bearing Large Canoe 1/2d and 1d tied by three strikes of oval framed "LOOSE / SHIP / LETTER" of Cooktown (Hosking 1381) with a Cooktown c.d.s (Dec 4) alongside and arrival c.d.s of Gruyeres (Jan. 10 1908). Light corner crease and the 1d stamp a little stained before use, otherwise superb and unique; Franks records five cards or covers with Large Canoe issues cancelled by Loose Ship Letter or Paquebot marks, this being the only one with this rare Cooktown handstamp. Franks 118. Photo on Front Cover. £2,200-2,500
Click to view full image... 1908 (Apr 3) Registered official cover to Paris signed by F.J Barnett, Chief Postmaster and Assistant to the Resident Commissioner, bearing Large Canoe 1/2d - 1/- set of seven each tied by a Tulagi c.d.s with a further strike on the front, handstamped straight line "REGISTERED" (unlisted by Proud but recorded between July 1907 and June 1908) and oval framed "R", backstamped in Sydney (April 16) and Paris (May 24). This Registered handstamp only appears to have been used on covers bearing the complete set of seven stamps (or at least several values); it is however clearly a genuine Post Office handstamp, being known on covers to several different addresses. A fine cover, philatelic but still very scarce. Franks 147. Photo on Page 70. £400-600
Click to view full image... 1908 (April 7) Picture postcard of "Natives, Graciosa Bay, Santa Cruz" sent to England, written from "S.S Makambo Solomon Islands" with Large Canoe 1d tied oval "LOOSE / SHIP / LETTER" of Brisbane (Hosking 1358) with datestamps of Brisbane (Apr 14) and Woodbridge (May 25), small 7mm tear and a little light creasing at upper edge, otherwise fine and rare. Also a second card written from S.S Makambo at Brisbane and posted from there on July 13th. Just five Large Canoe covers or cards with Loose Ship Letter or Paquebot handstamps recorded by Franks, two of which have this Brisbane handstamp. Franks 148. Photo on Page 70. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1908 (May 12) Piece cut from a registered O.H.B.M.S cover bearing Large Canoe 1d, 2d and 6d each tied by a Tulagi c.d.s, very unusual. (S.G. £127 as stamps). Franks 155. Photo on Page 96. £80-100

1908 Small Canoe Issue

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Ship Cancels. 1d Pair with very large part "S.S UPOLU" cancel in blue, 1d with part violet "S.S KULAMBANGRA" cancel and a Sydney c.d.s (AP 24 12), 1d pair cancelled at Sydney (SP 25 09) and a piece bearing Small Canoe 1/2d + 4d pair + 1913 11d with unclear c.d.s and straight line cancels. Also 1913 1d pair cancelled at Brisbane, 1914-23 1/2d with Gilbert & Ellice Is. c.d.s and 1d with Sydney c.d.s, most probably from Paquebot mail. (7). Photo on Page 55. £150-180
  1910 Covers to England franked at the 2d rate, one to Mrs Meade in Norfolk bearing 1/2d block of four (a few stained perfs) with a good central Tulagi c.d.s (Nov 16), backstamped at Sydney (Nov 24); the other to Mrs Wilson in Woking Village bearing a 2d stamp tied by an unclear Tulagi c.d.s, known to be from Ellen Wilson, sister of the missionary Robert Wilson who moved to Bungama in 1909 and was joined there by his sister Ellen in 1910. Franks 297 and 305. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1911 (May 28) and 1913 Covers written by C.M Woodford to "A.J Watkin Esq., Ropsley, New Malden", the first a mourning cover franked by a marginal 5d tied by Tulagi c.d.s, backstamped at Sydney (June 6) and New Malden (July 8); the second the final cover sent to Watkin with 1d tied by indistinct Tulagi c.d.s, London (Ap. 21) and New Malden datestamps, incorrectly addressed to "New Malden, London S.W" and redirected to Newcastle on Tyne, both covers with royal arms embossed on the flap. Woodford wrote to Watkins, a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society, over several years, many of the letters concerning the stamps of the Solomon Islands. A copy of a 1912 letter is included in which he writes of the trouble caused by the sale of Large Canoe proofs apparently produced by the printer in Sydney without Woodford's knowledge; Watkin investigated and found they were being sold by W.H Peckitt, who had to return the unsold proofs to a representative of the Government. The 1d cover with a small piece torn from upper edge; the 5d cover with a little minor creasing but otherwise fine and a scarce single franking. Franks 313 and 385. (2). Photo on Page 70. £240-280
  1911 (Sep 27) Cover to England with 1d and 2d tied by Tulagi c.d.s, backstamped at Sydney (Oct 11); and 1913 (Sep 26) to New South Wales bearing 1/2d and 1d pairs (both the thin paper printing) tied by two Shortlands datestamps with a Coffs Harbour arrival c.d.s (Oct 9) below, backstamped at Tulagi (Sep. 30, blue-black ink) and Sydney (Oct 7), two fine covers. Franks 324 and 405. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1913 (Aug 14) Registered cover to Germany bearing Small Canoe 5d and 6d and KGV 3d definitive each cancelled by Shortlands c.d.s (date inverted), a Tulagi registration label applied in transit, backstamped at Sydney and upon arrival in Germany. Vertical fold clear of all the stamps, otherwise a fine commercial cover with the combination of the 1908-11 Small Canoe and 1913 definitive issues. Franks 402. Photo on Page 70. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1914 (June 5) Address panel from a registered parcel, addressed by C.M Woodford to himself in London "c/o Union Bank of Australia" with a separate label applied at lower left handstamped "TULAGI. JUNE 5 - 1914" and inscribed "to await arrival. Fm C.M.W, Br. Solomon Ils", bearing a marginal pair (central marginal cross) of the 5/- Small Canoe each tied by a Tulagi c.d.s (Proud D5), a third strike alongside, with a Tulagi registration label applied. This parcel was sent by Woodford just before he left the Solomons and retired to England; evidently he decided to send some of his possessions home by post to save him carrying everything. A unique commercial use of the top value in this set. S.G. £220 as stamps (x25 on cover = £5,500). Franks 425, illustrated on the end page of his book. Photo on Page 70. £1,500-1,800

1913-35 KGV Issue Covers

  1914 (July 1) Cover from C.M Woodford addressed to F. Wootton-Isaacson in London and redirected to Arundel, bearing 1913 "Postage Postage" issue 1/2d plate block of four (small fault to one stamp) cancelled by a Tulagi c.d.s (Proud D5) and London S.W arrival c.d.s (Aug 14), a further Tulagi c.d.s alongside. An unusual use of a plate block paying the correct rate and one of the last covers sent by Woodford before he left the Solomons and retired to England. £100-120
  1914 (July 21) Cover to England bearing 1914 1d tied by Tulagi c.d.s (Proud D3), marked "2/20" with a 2d charge mark applied in the London Inland Section and a 2d due stamp tied by Sutton Coldfield c.d.s (Sep 12), backstamped at Sydney (July 20) with "Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd, Makambo" printed on the flap. Minor staining and very slightly shortened upon opening at left edge but an unusual underpaid cover. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1914 Cover with "Burns, Philp & Co. Ltd, Makambo" printed on the flap, addressed to Kobe, Japan, bearing 1914 issue 1d single and pair, the pair cancelled violet "S.S "MINDINI"" and the single stamp with oval "LOOSE / SHIP / LETTER" of Brisbane (Hosking 1358), a second strike on the front, backstamped at Kobe (Sep 7). The stamps with a few stained perfs, otherwise fine and a very rare ship cancel, probably unique in combination with the Loose Ship Letter cancel. Also an unused real photo postcard showing S.S "Mindini" leaving Simbo, Brit. Solomons. The S.S "Mindini" was a vessel of the Burns Philp Line and served Solomon Islands and New Guinea ports from 1911 until 1923 when she was wrecked on a reef. Photo on Page 74. £1,500-1,800
  1914-19 Registered covers from Tulagi all with Proud type D4 c.d.s (with horizontal lines above and below the date) and bearing blue registration labels, two to England franked 1913 "Postage Postage" 1d and 3d or 1914 "Postage Revenue" 1/2d pair and 1d strip of three, two other O.H.M.S covers to India franked 1914 4d + 5d (cover a little shortened at left) or 1d, 4d, 5d and 6d (a fifth stamp having fallen off), a useful group. (4). £160-180
  1921 (Aug 10) Real photo picture postcard of a topless native lady with a child entitled "On Simbo Island, British Solomon Islands", written by the English trader C.W Collinson from Simbo Island, with 1914 1d tied by a Tulagi c.d.s (Aug 26), a further strike alongside and arrival c.d.s of Ben-Rhydding (Oct 18). A scarce card from this small island, that did not enter the post at Tulagi until 16 days after it was written. Simbo Island finally got its own postal agency in 1968. £120-150
  1923 (Dec 11) Right portion only of a Parcel Post Customs declaration form for a 12oz parcel to Mansfield, England, bearing 1913 "Postage Postage" issue 11d tied by a Tulagi c.d.s, paying the correct parcel rate. A scarce correct parcel post use of this stamp, the parcel form regrettably incomplete but possibly still unique. £100-120
  1925-28 Covers both written by the German Franz Malcher, the first cover endorsed from Makambo but posted at Tulagi registered to Germany, bearing 1d + 2 1/2d pair and a Tulagi registration label all tied by Tulagi datestamps (29 SP 25), backstamped at Sydney (Oct 28) and Berlin (Dec 14); the 1928 (Aug 22) cover written and posted from Vanikoro to Vienna with 1/2d + 2 1/2d tied by a fine datestamp. The Malcher family moved from Germany to the Solomons in 1925 and leased the five acre island of Garuhu; they moved to Vanikoro in 1927 and to Shortlands in 1928, but left for Vienna in 1932 (see lot 427). (2). £150-180
  1929 (Apr 6) Registered cover to Harold Gisburn in Tunbridge Wells bearing 1/2d and 4d definitives each tied by a Tulagi c.d.s and bearing a Tulagi registration label, backstamped at Sydney (Apr 18), Dover (May 26) and Tunbridge Wells. Gisburn published his book on Solomon Islands stamps and postal history in 1956, 27 years after receiving this cover. £80-100
  1929-32 Registered covers to England with 1929 "Deakin" covers franked 1/2d + 4d each tied by a Gizo c.d.s (Proud D3) and bearing a Gizo registration label, or with 1 1/2d + 4d each tied by Shortland Isld c.d.s (Proud D3) and bearing a Shortland Island registration label (only recorded 1928-29), and 1932 cover with 4 1/2d red-brown tied by superb Gizo c.d.s (Proud D4) and bearing the rare provisional type registration label in black, all backstamped at Sydney and upon arrival in England. (3). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1930 Registered cover inscribed from F. Malcher at Faisi, addressed to Brisbane franked 2d (marginal with plate number "1") and 2 1/2d and bearing the rare black provisional type registration label of Shortland, the stamps unusually cancelled upon arrival with a "REGISTERED / BRISBANE" c.d.s (Dec 13), a further strike on the reverse. (See lot 423 for other Malcher covers). Photo on Page 74. £120-150
  1935-37 Commercial covers sent from Tulagi to the Secretary of the Melanesian Mission in Sydney franked Silver Jubilee 1 1/2d, to G.B with 1/2d + 1d violet definitives tied by Tulagi c.d.s, or with a single 4 1/2d red-brown definitive tied by a fine Gizo c.d.s (Proud D4), the last paid at the registered rate but sent by ordinary mail. (3). £120-140

1939-45 World War Two Covers

  1939-41 Covers including 1939 (Aug 29) cover depicting Rev. B. Gina sent to New Guinea (also a 1953 air letter with message concerning Gina), and five covers sent after the start of the war to Australia (2), G.B (2) or USA, all uncensored, two with registration labels of Shortland Is. or Gizo. (6). £100-120
  1940 (Jan/Feb) Covers from Shortland both underpaid by 1/2d and marked "T1d", one franked 1 1/2d to "Kihili, Bougainville, via Kiata", the other registered to Australia franked 4 1/2d with black provisional type registration label. Postage rates rose by 1/2d at the beginning of January 1940, but this was apparently not known by some traders on Shortland Island. (2). £100-120
  1940-41 Covers endorsed from missionaries on the tiny island of Bunana, both posted at Tulagi franked 2d to G.B. (2). £80-100
  1940 Covers to Australia (3) franked 2d from Gizo or endorsed from Maru Bay, San Cristoval and posted from Tulagi, or franked 1 1/2d (underpaid by 1/2d) from Vanikoro, and a registered cover franked 6d from Tulagi to G.B, all censored in Australia with red "OPENED BY CENSOR" labels (2 dots or 9 dots below) tied by two line censor cachet, large type with number S.30 or S.39 or smaller type numbered S.74 or S.84. (4). £140-160
  1940 (Oct 8) Cover with "From: Isom, M.M Press, Hautabu, B.S.I" printed on the flap, endorsed "Card Only" and sent at the printed matter rate to England with KGV 1d tied by Tulagi c.d.s, scarce violet "PASSED" applied at Brisbane. An unusual cover. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1941 Cover with "Burns Philp Line" logo printed on the flap, addressed to Mahambo, with 1937 Coronation 1 1/2d cancelled by violet straight line "SOLOMON ISLANDS" and a 5d postage due stamp tied by Tulagi c.d.s. An unusual cover possibly posted on one of the Burns Philp boats. Photo on Page 74. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1941-43 Covers from Tulagi franked 2d to England (2) or 2 1/2d to USA, all censored locally with scarce violet boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR", one tying the first type "OPENED BY CENSOR" Solomons censor label printed in blue, another cover with a British censor label. (3). Photo on Page 74. £200-240
  1942 Censored cover from Sydney to Gizo endorsed "Air Mail if possible" but returned with boxed cachet "AIR SERVICE / NOT AVAILABLE" in violet; and 1943 air mail cover from New Zealand to Gizo with violet "NOT TRANSMISSABLE / SERVICE SUSPENDED", the reverse with the pencil note "Found on Vella Lavella during war" which may or may not be correct. (2). £100-120
  1941 Air Mail covers, sent from Tulagi or Gizo to Australia via Rabaul franked 5d, or registered from Gizo to England inscribed "Trans Pacific Trans Atlantic" and franked 5/-, backstamped at Rabaul and Townsville, the last censored in Australia. (3). £100-120
  1942 (July/Aug) Censored Japanese Navy postcard written from Guadalcanal to Japan by "Fukuharo Sato, c/o Second Division, U105 U139, c/p Yokosuka Post Office", with a translation of the message. The postal code U139 was used by the 11th and 13th Naval Construction Units of the Imperial Japanese Navy; upon arrival at Guadalcanal these units also used U105, the main Navy number for Rabaul. £100-150
Click to view full image... 1942 Covers to England both endorsed from M.J Forster, District Officer at Kira Kira and franked 2d (partly folded over prior to cancelling on the second cover), both with an Australian censor label tied by diamond framed "2 / PASSED/ BY / CENSOR / 1239". The first cover with the stamp tied by very scarce manuscript "Post Office, Tulagi, 6/4/42" used after the Post Office equipment had been evacuated pending the Japanese invasion, censored locally with scarce boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR"; the second cover cancelled by the Tulagi c.d.s (May 4) used at Auki. The Tulagi Post Office equipment was evacuated in February and used at Auki until December when it was again moved to Lunga. The office at Tulagi cancelled mail in manuscript from February 23rd until it closed on April 13th; the Japanese occupied the town on May 3rd. A scarce pair of commercial covers. (2). Photo on Page 74. £240-280
  1942-44 O.H.M.S Covers comprising 1942 (Sep 8) cover from Sydney to England franked Australia 2d with circular "BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS PROTECTORATE GOVERNMENT / SYDNEY", 1944 (Oct 7) stampless cover with a Lunga c.d.s addressed to F.E Johnson at the B.S.I.P Govt. Office in Sydney, and 1944 (Jan 24) stampless cover with a Vanikoro c.d.s addressed to "Pharmacist J.M Clary, U.S.N Mobile Hospital 8, c/o Fleet P.O, San Francisco", three fine and unusual covers. (3). £120-150
  1942-43 Covers from Lunga comprising 1942 (Dec 7) cover written by the District Officer Martin Clemens and locally addressed to "C.W Stratton, G2, c/o Capt. D.C.C Trench, Lunga" with 1/2d and 1d stamps tied by Tulagi c.d.s; 1943 (Aug 16) cover franked 9d cancelled oval "LUNGA / BRITISH / SOLOMON IDS" (Proud D1) censored locally with straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR 2" and in Australia; and 1943 (Dec 11) cover endorsed from "Buma, Malaita" addressed to Australia with 1/2d and 1 1/2d stamps tied by Lunga c.d.s, censored. The Tulagi c.d.s was used at Lunga in December 1942, very few examples recorded. The Lunga P.O reopened in August 1943 using the oval rubber datestamp until the metal c.d.s was supplied in November. The scarce 1942 Tulagi c.d.s cover with tear at upper left and a few other small faults. (3). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1943-44 Registered covers to New Zealand with boxed registration handstamps altered in manuscript by the Postmaster L.M Davis, comprising 1943 (Oct 12) cover with 1/- tied by oval "LUNGA / BRITISH / SOLOMON IDS" rubber datestamp (Proud D1), boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR" applied locally and boxed "TULAGI / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS / R. No." altered to "LUNGA" in manuscript; and 1944 (Aug 24) cover with 1d pair and 3d tied by "MUNDA" c.d.s with boxed "LUNGA / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS / R. No." altered to "HONIARA" in manuscript, censored in Australia. A scarce pair, the second with the registration mark applied in transit. (2). Photo on Page 74. £240-300
  1942-44 U.S Forces mail including 1942 (Nov 8) cover written by Roger Donnelly on the U.S.S "Juneau" with 1c and 5c tied by "U.S NAVY" duplex just five days before the "Juneau" was sunk at the Battle of Guadalcanal with the loss of over 700 men (Donnally was not one of the ten survivors); also 1943 covers with Solomons 1 1/2d tied by "U.S NAVY / MERRY XMAS / HAPPY NU YR" duplex and cover from A.P.O 25 at Guadalcanal franked U.S 6d, 1944 cover franked 12c from U.S Navy P.O 152 at Tulagi, illustrated airgraphs (with envelopes) from U.S A.P.O 43 or 709 at Guadalcanal, and Solomon Is. KGVI 1/2d-10/- (eleven values, no 1 1/2d or 4 1/2d) all with cancels of U.S A.P.O 709 at Lunga Beach. (6 covers + 11 stamps). £180-220
  c.1943 Stampless O.A.S covers from New Zealand forces attached to Fijian units, two covers from Gunner Adams with violet "N.Z.E.F / FIELD / POST OFFICE" handstamps and triangular "F7" or "No. 10" censors; the other from Sergt. W.A Collins of the 1st Commando Fijian Guerrillas with triangular "F10" censor. Collins was killed trying to destroy a Japanese machine gun post on 28th July 1943 (with copy of page from the official history describing the incident). These triangular censors with "F" prefix used on Fijian unit mail. (3) £120-150
Click to view full image... 1944-45 Covers from Lunga franked 2d to Samoa or the B.S.I.P Govt. Office in Sydney, or franked 2 1/2d to USA all locally censored with straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR 2", two of these 57x4mm, the third a larger cachet measuring 69x5mm, the cover to USA also with an American censor seal. (3). Photo on Page 74. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1943-44 Stampless O.A.S covers from New Zealand forces with violet "N.Z.A.P.O / 150" datestamps centrally numbered 4, 6, 7 (4) or 8, or "N.Z.E.F / No 7 / N.Z.A.P.O 150" (3), also an example of this same datestamp applied upon arrival on an O.A.S cover from Egypt to another soldier at N.Z.A.P.O 150 in the Solomons, the outgoing items all with triangular "SERVICE CENSOR" numbered 11, 13, 15, 45 (3), 72, 75 or 83, one also with "PASSED BY / BASE / CENSOR". Five items sent locally to Rev. Voyce, Chaplain to the Forces, or by him to his wife including two captured Japanese army cards and a U.S 1c card franked by Solomons 2d, another stampless cover unusually addressed to "Miss L. Martin, c/o Major Clemens, D.O Munda, New Georgia, B.S.I.P, c/o Australian Coastwatcher Vella" with "R.N.Z.A.F / C / N.Z.A.P.O" c.d.s of Guadalcanal. A good lot. (11). Photo on Page 74. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1945 Cover to Australia endorsed from "310 Boye WRANS, Vanikoro, Br. Solomon Is., 25.7.45" and "On Active Service" with a Solomon Is. 1d cancelled three months later by "NOUVELLES HEBRIDES / PORT VILA" c.d.s (Oct 29), bearing a "P.C.90 / OPENED BY EXAMINER / D.D.A. / 109" seal, very unusual. Also a cover to Miss Rogers in Auckland with Australia 3d tied by "AUST. UNIT POSTAL STN / 366" c.d.s of Fauro, Shortland Islands, supposedly carried from Vella Lavella by the B.S.I.P Govt. representative Lt Bolton on the MV "Nellie". The Australian postal unit operated on Fauro from 21st October 1945 until January 1946, the c.d.s scarce. (2). Photo on Page 77. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1945 Covers from Munda to New Zealand both censored locally with the second type "OPENED BY CENSOR" label in blue and small double oval "PASSED BY / CENSOR" both initialled "S.B" by Lieut. S. Bolton of the B.S.I.P Government. One cover written by C. Luxton, a missionary then at Bilua, with 1 1/2d pair tied by the Munda c.d.s and a "R.N.Z.A.F / C / N.Z.A.P.O" transit c.d.s of Guadalcanal; the other cover registered franked at the correct 5d rate by 1937 Coronation 1d and 1 1/2d pairs, with boxed "MUNDA / BRIT. SOLOMON ISLANDS / R. No." (earliest recorded use). A very scarce pair, this censor cachet only used at Munda. (2). Photo on Page 77. £250-300

Post-War Stamped Covers

  1946-48 Covers all with KGVI stamps tied by rubber datestamps comprising Honiara (7), Auki (2) or Tulagi (3, two differing sizes, one used as an arrival backstamp on a cover from G.B), five registered, four sent by air mail. (12). £250-300
  1945-53 Covers and cards with KGVI stamps including cover from Munda to "Buka, Mandated Territory of New Guinea, via Australia" franked 2d, registered cover from Munda to Australia franked 5d with interesting letter which includes references to the sub-standard cancels at Munda and all travel by canoe, Auki c.d.s etc., ten registered. (19). £250-300
  1949-95 Covers and cards, all selected items including 1949 air letter from Denmark to Guadalcanal with boxed "BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS PROTECTORATE / RETURN TO SENDER" endorsed "Left the Colony long ago"; 1977 AR card franked 20c; 1959 cover to G.B with enclosed letter on "H.M Yacht Britannia" notepaper written at Gizo during the Royal Visit; 1961 "MISSENT - HONIARA / BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS" and later "MISSENT TO HONIARA / SOLOMON ISLANDS" (2); 1962 meter mark proof on card and 1967 meter on air letter; 1962 "WORLD UNITED / AGAINST MALARIA" handstruck slogans of Honiara (2), Auki, Yandina or Gizo; 1965 circular framed "A.O" used on second class air mail; 1977 Postal Agency or Savings Bank cachets incorrectly used as cancels (2); 1986 Census cachets (2) and 1995 South Pacific Year cachets (2); 1995 Ranadi Post Office violet rubber c.d.s with manuscript date, also National Show cancels, cachets for new post offices, 1974 Royal Visit, etc. (30). £350-400
  Air Mails. 1946-51 Covers bearing KGVI stamps, all franked for air mail, destinations comprise G.B (5), Australia (2), New Zealand (2), New Guinea (2), USA and Egypt, eight registered, various rates and frankings include single 5/- to USA, single 10/- to G.B, single 2/6 to New Guinea, 2d + 2/- to New Guinea, 2/6 + 10/- to Australia, etc., one with Honiara rubber c.d.s, one cover from Gizo with a registration handstamp of Munda. An interesting lot. (13). £250-300
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
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