G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
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Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  1943 (Nov 3) Qantas Empire Airways Ltd cover carried on the first flight from Perth to Karachi franked 2 1/2d, with India 2a applied and cancelled upon arrival (Nov 6), diamond framed "5 / PASSED / BY / CENSOR / 10", signed by the pilot Capt. J.L Grey who flew the "Vega Star" to Lake Koggala in Ceylon, the mail then transferred to the "Altair Star" piloted by Capt. W. H. Crowther. £80-100
  1940-44 Commercial covers from India to G.B (4), U.S.A (7) or Canada, comprising 1940 (June-Nov.) covers sent via Hong Kong and USA (5, four with Hong Kong censors), 1940 (Dec 21) cover sent via Chungking and USA, 1941 (May 23) registered cover inscribed via Hong Kong but with "TO BE FORWARDED BY / AIR FROM SINGAPORE" cachet, 1941 (May-Sep.) covers sent via Auckland and USA (3, two with addresses cut out), 1942 (Jan 19) cover sent via Egypt and Durban, and 1944 (July 28) cover sent via Egypt, Lagos and Belem. (12). £150-180

Pigeon Posts

  1931-40 Covers all containing Pigeongram messages comprising 1931 (Dec 31) "Pigeongram, Hazaribagh to Calcutta, A Message from His Excellency The Viceroy" envelopes containing messages carried by the pigeons "Forlorn Hope", "Little Titch" or "Round Table" all with stamps tied by the Park Street Calcutta c.d.s in red; 1933 (Jan 13) cover posted in Calcutta bearing the vignette "A Message From H.E The Viceroy by Homing Pigeon Remona" tied by violet cachet and containing a message flown from Chandernagore to Calcutta; 1940 (Oct 18) Red Cross cover posted at Calcutta with enclosed message carried by the pigeon "Hurricane" from Chandernagore to Calcutta; 1941 Kalyan Pigeon Missive envelope with special red cancel; also 1940 (Oct 14) printed slip flown from Burdwan to Calcutta in aid of the Red Cross, a fine group. (7). £250-300

Rocket Posts

  1934 (Sep 30) Ship to shore first rocket despatch cover (140 carried) with grey vignette and first land rocket experiment cover (220 carried) with blue "To Lighthouse Sangor Island" vignette, both signed and posted at Sangor Island; and October 3rd shore to ship rocket cover (135 carried) with red vignette, signed and posted at Murigana, unusually with a Calcutta due handstamp. Ellington-Zwisler 1-3. (3). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1934 (Oct 4) Diamond Harbour ship to shore rocket despatch with explanatory vignette, signed by Stephen Smith and posted franked 3p and 1/2a, fine and scarce, just 75 covers carried. EZ 4. Photo on Page 115. £100-120
  1934 (Dec 16/17) Sangor Island rocket despatches comprising first night firing to lighthouse (250 carried), ship to shore first night firing (220 carried), and shore to ship covers with Dec. 17 Semaphore Station cachet (2, one containing a miniature newspaper page, 260 covers carried of which 110 contained the newspaper), all signed and posted in Calcutta, fine. EZ 5-7c. (5). £200-240
  1936 (Feb 27) Calcutta Press rocket firing test at Dhakuria, cover with explanatory vignette, signed by Smith and posted at Calcutta, very fine, 130 covers carried. Also 1937 (Feb 1/3) Boy Scout Jamboree equipment list in blue (200 carried) and messages of loyalty to the King and Queen and Baden-Powell, all three with cachets and signed by Smith. EZ 8, 22D1/a, 25. (4). £120-150
  1935 (March 23) Diamond Harbour ship to shore rocket mail covers (2), bearing Royal Silver Jubilee vignette and cachet, both signed by Smith and posted at Diamond Harbour, one additionally signed D.C King, also a sheet of two unused stamps signed by Smith. 200 Covers carried. EZ 9. (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1935 (April 7-13) Sikkim Durbar rocket experiments, covers bearing adhesive vignettes carried on the 1st and 4th-8th flights and "Rocketgram cards" with imprinted vignette carried on the 2nd and 3rd flights, various cachets and signatures, the very scarce 6th flight cover with "Rocket Parcel Experiment" cachet and overprint altered in manuscript on the vignette (just 50 covers carried), the 1st and 4th flight covers posted at Gangtok franked 9p, the final cover with 3p strip of three cancelled at Singtam. Also two unused vignettes. A fine and scarce group, six flights with 200 or fewer covers carried. EZ 1-8 of Sikkim. (10). Photo on Page 115. £550-650
  1935 (June 6-29) Rocket flights comprising June 6th flights across the River Roopnarain at Kolaghat bearing Red Cross (110 carried) or Quetta Relief Fund vignettes (150 carried) and Silver Jubilee 9p stamps all tied by "KOLAGHAT / B.N. RY" cachet; and June 29th Livestock despatch by the rocket "David Ezra" over the River Damoodar with vignettes and cachets, posted at Burnpur franked Silver Jubilee 9p (2 examples, 189 carried), and parcel despatch with vignette and Silver Jubilee 9p both tied by Burnpur c.d.s and oval "R. No. 66 / PARCEL". The two Lady Ezra forms with some staining and Red Cross flight with a few edge faults, the other two fine. EZ 10-13. (5). £160-200
  1935 (Sep 27 - Oct 4) Sikkim rocket experiments, cards carried on all seven flights with vignettes and cachets, four also bearing 9p stamps cancelled at Gangtok. The 3rd and 7th items badly torn, the first a little wrinkled, otherwise fine. Also seven small photographs of the rocket experiments. A good lot, between 137 and 200 items carried on each flight. EZ 10-16 of Sikkim. (7 covers + 7 photos). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1936 Flood despatches comprising June 9th "Star of India" rocket from Matpikar to Dhapa (80 carried), and September 21st "John Winterton" flight from Chingripota to Malikpur (106 covers carried, also an apple and a snake called "Miss Creepy"!), both with vignettes and cachets and signed by Smith, franked by 9p stamps cancelled at Calcutta or Sonarbur respectively. EZ 16/17. (2). Photo on Page 115. £120-150
  1937 (May 12) Coronation rocket flights at Alipore, two covers flown on the first rocket with the two differing colour vignettes (200 covers flown, 100 with each vignette) and two covers with differing colour vignettes from the second rocket (350 covers flown, 175 with each vignette), also a cover flown by Japanese aeroplane "Divine Wind" on a goodwill flight from Calcutta to Rangoon with Coronation Rocket Despatch vignette altered in manuscript to "Divine Wind" and tied by "H.I.J.Ms CONSULATE GENERAL / CALCUTTA" cachet, a Burma 2a cancelled at Rangoon, just 54 covers flown. (5). £140-180
Click to view full image... 1937 (Sep 22) Behala rocket experiments, covers with "Eric-Syn" vignette and cachet or with the unoverprinted vignette tied by "Worlds First Rocket Train" cachet both with KGVI 9p stamps cancelled at Calcutta, 300 items carried on each flight; and a small cover with cachet "BY ROCKET / AEROPLANE / THE "TIDDLER" / BEHALA 22/9/37", posted in Calcutta franked 9p, just 36 covers carried, very scarce. EZ 30-32. (3). Photo on Page 115. £150-180
  1938 (Apr 25) Gavia rocket experiments, card bearing the vignette "Carried by Rocket No. 162, Miss Fortune" and a cover with the vignette "Carried by Rocket No. 163 T. Kimball", both with cachets and 9p stamps cancelled in Calcutta, the second with some light tone spots, otherwise fine and scarce, 56 cards and 25 covers carried on each flight. EZ 34/35. (2). £100-120
  1937-38 Alipore experiments, stampless cards with cachets of the rockets "Boomerang" (11 Oct 37, 170 carried), or "Dick Turpin" (26 June 38, 3 cards, some with extra signatures, 166 carried), or with the vignettes of "Joanna Pratt-Johnson" (24 July 38, 202 carried) or "Rowland Hill" (24 July 38, 194 carried), all but the first item with Park Street Calcutta datestamps. Also cards posted at Calcutta with 9p stamps bearing vignettes of the rockets "Martha Paganini" (25 Dec 38, 150 carried), "Gertrude Collins" or "Marianne Kronstein" (both 26 June 38, 102 carried on each rocket). A fine lot. EZ 33, 36-40, 42. (9). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1939-44 Wartime rocket experiments comprising 1939 (Sep 19) cards with vignettes of "The Liar" (91 carried) or "Grog-Nee-Gin" (81 carried), 1940 (June 25) printed patriotic card carried by "The Fighting Cock" (53 carried) and 1944 (Dec 4) card with "Dimapur" and Naga Village cachets (68 carried), all stampless, the first three with Calcutta datestamps. Also 1947 (Aug 15) card franked 1/2a posted in Calcutta with "Kohima" rocket cachet (not flown, one of 48 posted at Park Street). EZ 43-45, 62D/63. (5). Photo on Page 115. £200-250
  1934-39 India and Sikkim rocket vignettes, a collection on pages, all unused, virtually all different with many signed by Stephen Smith, some sheets and multiples, includes 1937 Scouts Jamboree in the four colours (orange vignette with Bengal Girl Guides Rally overprint), etc., all fine, as few as 70 examples of some vignettes remaining unused. (69). £250-300

Mount Everest Expeditions
(Also see lots 641-647)

  1924-94 Covers and cards with signed expedition mail including 1960 Swiss Expedition to Dhaulagiri, 1961 Nupse Himalayan Expedition, 1968 Manchester Karakorum Expedition (signatures include Brian Ripley, killed 7 days later), 1969 Scottish Himalayan Expedition, 1970 Annapurna South Face Expedition (signatures include Chris Bonnington), 1977 New Zealand Everest Expedition, 1978 French Expedition, 1991 Swiss Sagarmatha Expedition, also 1954 Daly Mail Himalayan Expedition cachet, etc. (29). £200-240
  1922 Mount Everest Expedition picture postcards, set of six photographic cards including the expedition members, Major Norton and Mallory at nearly 27,000 feet on Mount Everest, etc., and another set of 18 cards with printed explanations and "Copyright of the Mount Everest Expedition Committee" printed on the reverse, various views. (24). £160-200

Military Mail
(Also See Lots 178, 207, 260, 493)

  1830 (Sep 19) Entire letter from Fort St. George, Madras, to Scotland, the address panel headed "From Wm Scott, Corporal, His Majesties 26th Regiment" and countersigned with scarce "INDIA SOLDIERS &c / 3 / PLYMOUTH" ("LYM" partly off the letter, otherwise fine), backstamped red "MADRAS / FREE / SOLDIERS LETTER" datestamp (Hammond Giles SD10). The long letter describes the people and places seen in India, and a festival which turned into an armed riot with the troops having to fire on the crowd. A little light staining but two scarce soldiers handstamps. £300-350
  1837 and 1849 Soldiers letters to England, the first headed "from Sergt Jn Elliott (16) 9 Foot" and countersigned, actually written by his wife from Chinsurah, with poor circular "INDIA SOLDIERS / 3 / LONDON" handstamp; the other headed "From G.N 1835 Private F.W Johns No. 2 Comp. 2nd Regt. 13 Eur. Lt. Inf." and countersigned with red oval "POONA / FREE" datestamp and "INDIA", charged 2d in England. (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1838 Entire to Scotland, headed "From William Harrison Sergeant 1st Co 5th Bn Artillery" and countersigned by the Commanding Officer, carried as a ship letter on the "Frances". Backstamped at Calcutta and with "LIVERPOOL / INDIA SHIP LR" (Rob. In1) and Dumfries arrival datestamp, the front with an unusually fine strike of the scarce "INDIA SOLDIER & c / 3 / LIVERPOOL" (2d sea postage + 1d soldiers rate), redirected without charge from Lochmaden to Dumfries. A few minor faults, but possibly the finest known example of this scarce Liverpool Soldiers "3" handstamp. Photo on Page 115. £500-600
  India Mutiny. 1857 (Aug 26) Cover bearing two 1854 1a die 1 stamps each tied by "43" numeral of Mhow, addressed to "Major Orr, Com. Berar Field Force, Camp Edulabad, via Boorhanpoor", Mhow datestamp on the front, backstamped boxed "BOORHANPORE / Paid" in red with manuscript date. Part torn from the upper left corner with loss of part of the Mhow datestamp and part flap upon opening. £80-100
  Indian Mutiny. 1858 (Jan 1) Entire letter written from Camp Alum Bagh (Lucknow), containing a copy of a letter from Lt. Col Grey of the 5th Fusiliers thanking Danvers for his services acting as an interpreter with the regiment during the previous six months whilst engaged on active operations against the enemy. Posted to Mrs Danvers in London bearing an imperf 2a tied by a diamond of bars and framed "INDIA UNPAID", backstamped at Cawnpore (?), Calcutta and London, charged 6d. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine, with B.P.A Certificate (2014). £250-300
  Third Burma War. 1888 Pattiala State 1/2a stationery envelope addressed to "Baboo Budree Dass, 27th Regt Punjab Infantry, Southern Shan Column, c/o A.A and Qr. Mr. Genl, Mandalay", reverse with yellow label "Please return cover to postman for transmission to Inspector Genl., R.M.S Calcutta" tied by "J3 - IN / SET No. 3" c.d.s, and other datestamps of "J3 OUT / SET No. 4", Calcutta and Mandalay. Also 1888 1/4a official postcard from Vellore to "The Commandant, 10th Regt N.I, Myingyam" with Rangoon and Myingyam arrival datestamps. (2). £100-120
  World War One. 1915-17 Covers and cards including covers to India with Southampton c.d.s, red "Indian Hospital Ship / "GLENGORM CASTLE" and intaglio "INDIAN HOSPITAL SHIP" cachet (also a card C.T.O with the same cachets) or with A.P.O 3 machine and circular "INDIA HOSPITAL / SHIP / GLENGORM / CASTLE / date .....", covers to P.O.Ws at Ahmednagar, etc., also two covers from Russia with boxed "PASSED / CENSOR / CALCUTTA / 1" or a circular Madras censor. (13). £150-180
  North West Frontier. 1917-23 Stampless soldiers covers and cards with 1917 Mahsud Campaign mail (3) from F.P.O 98, 103 + 367 or Base Office K; 1919 Third Afghan War covers (3) with boxed "N.W FRONTIER / POSTAGE FREE" and "TANK" c.d.s, boxed "FIELD SERVICE / POSTAGE FREE" (2) or F.P.O 145 and violet "PASSED / 50 / CENSOR"; 1920-22 Waziristan Field Force (8), six with boxed "FIELD SERVICE / POSTAGE FREE" and datestamps of F.P.O 114, 150, 155 (3), 158, 163; also 1938 cover with 2a6p cancelled "CAMP POST OFFICE No 2 / L", picture postcards (64), photos (7), etc. (86+). £260-320
  World War Two. 1940-46 Covers and cards written up in three albums, mounted in F.P.O order comprising F.P.Os 2 - 215, Reserve F.P.Os, Base Depots at Bombay and Karachi, Advance Base P.Os 6 - 31, mainly from India including covers from Imphal, Kohima and Coxs Bazaar, some registered, a few covers from Burma, Libya and Egypt including El Alamein area, also 1941 cover from Portuguese India to the Parole Camp at Satara and 1943 air mail cover from an Italian internee at Premnagar, Dehra Dun, to Teheran. A fine lot with some very scarce cancels. (369). £500-600
  World War Two - Burma/India. 1944-46 Covers and forces air letters from Captain Peter Hartland-Swann, Royal Artillery, who was posted to Burma in September 1944, well written up on pages with an account from the writer of his service in Burma and locations where the letters were posted. The correspondence comprises a cover posted en route at Suez and two air letters written on H.M.T "Orion" cancelled by Maritime Mail or Postage Paid machines, air letters from India (7, one stampless with "Insufficiently Paid for Transmission By Air Mail" cachet), from Burma (20, thirteen stampless), and again from India (2 covers + 14 air letters, one with "VICTORY GREETINGS" and "FOREIGN POSTAGE FREE" printed on the address panel and pictorial Victory Greetings showing various Indian soldiers printed inside). The twenty air letters from Burma with datestamps of British F.P.O 190 or Indian F.P.Os 76 (4), 120, 123, 134, 145 (6), 192, 197, 602 (2), 606 or 608. An interesting correspondence. (46). £250-300
  World War Two - Indian F.P.Os in Italy. 1944-45 Covers and cards written up in an album, mounted in F.P.O order from number 2 to 213, also Reserved F.P.Os 2 - 39 and scarce R.623 (with number inserted in tiny type, only example recorded by Proud), locations include Monte Cassino area, etc., also a few covers from Libya or Greece, some registered. (114). £200-250

Meter Marks

Click to view full image... 1922-82 Covers and cards with some proof impressions on covers or pieces, the fine collection written up in an album including 1922 (April 17) cover with scarce Mors Model D 1r + 1r machine number 2 used by King, Hamilton & Co of Calcutta; 1924-36 covers with Universal meters showing value die in red and town mark in black comprising narrow town die (6 covers, all 1924), proof impressions on piece without engraved town die, the date in a black rectangle only (6), narrow double frame town die (3, all 1924), wide town die (6), also a 1924 (Jan.) P.O Notice regarding these meters with a covering letter; Neopost meters with proof impressions (4, on two covers), covers (16) and two 1937 proof impressions on cover of a Hyderabad trial machine; various later machines with proof impressions (3), and a few pieces. Also 1932-75 Burma meters on covers (19), 1952 Universal machine proof impression on piece and 1962 Satas machines on gummed labels (2), and a couple of foreign meters (112+). Photo on Page 115. £400-500

India Used Abroad
(Also See Lots 181, 182, 493, 1116)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... QV-KGV Stamps and pieces mainly used in Burma (77) including 1854 imperf 1/2a and 4a (cut to shape) with "B/5" of Akyab and 1a with "B/156" of Rangoon; QV O.H.M.S 4a, KEVII 3a and 1/2a pair on piece all with 1904 "LAHSSA" datestamps; KEVII 2a6p strip of seven on piece cancelled at Baghdad; QV 1/2a block of four cancelled at Linga; QV 3r cancelled at Nepal; pieces with Dar-Es-Salaam Paquebot datestamps (3), etc. (101). Photo on Page 93. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1896 2a6p Postal Stationery envelope from Rangoon to Singapore, cancelled by "PENANG" c.d.s (Dec 1) with straight line "PAQUEBOT" alongside (Hosking 3291), backstamped at Penang and Singapore. A fine example of this early and rare Paquebot handstamp, only recorded used in 1896. Photo on Page 115. £220-260
  Singapore/Kuwait/Nepal. 1862 Piece addressed to Batavia bearing 1858 2a yellow-buff tied by fine "B/172" numeral with a Singapore senders cachet alongside; three later pieces with Kuwait cancels including telegraphic datestamp tying KGV 1r and 2r (corner fault) to 1922 piece; 1923 insured registered cover from Nepal bearing six KGV 2a stamps (another stamp removed) but returned endorsed "suspected to contain article other than documents returned to office of posing under clause 214, 218 of guide"; also two stampless letters in native script from Nepal or Tibet, one with a black wax seal. (7). £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Abyssinia. 1865 8p and 2a Yellow, and 1866-67 6a8p all with "F.F" cancels, used by the 1867-68 Field Force in Abyssinia, the 6a8p with a few short perfs at left, otherwise fine. S.G. AZ2, 4, 7, £375. (3). Photo on Page 93. £90-120
Click to view full image... Abyssinia. 1865-67 1a (2), 2a, 4a and 6a8p all with fine "F.F" cancels, used by the Abyssian Field Force in 1868, the 6a8p a little stained, others with a few perf faults, one 1a very fine. S.G. £650. (5). Photo on Page 93. £100-120
  Afghanistan. 1914-43 Covers to India comprising 1914 cover bearing Afghanistan 1909-19 1ab blue with a "CHAMAN" c.d.s, "QUETTA / UNPAID" datestamp and boxed "POSTAGE DUE / ONE ANNA"; 1922 cover with Afghanistan 1921 10pa rose and India 1a; and three 1941-43 registered censored covers. (5). £80-100


Click to view full image... 1857 Cover to Bombay with red circular "ADEN / B.P.P / Paid" (Proud PS2), the reverse bearing 1854 4a (S.G. 23, 4th printing with head die III, frame die II), cut square, touched at base, tied by numeral "124" with "ADEN" double arc datestamp (Oct 13) and Bombay arrival datestamp. A little stained, mainly to the front, and a few minor edge faults, a rare example of the imperf 4a used in Aden. With B.P.A Certificate (2013). Photo on Page 120. £2,500-3,000
Click to view full image... 1860 Stampless cover to Bombay with "ADEN" c.d.s on reverse (Proud D2), the front with circular framed "ADEN / B.P.P. / Bearing" (Proud PS7) with manuscript 4a alongside, a Bombay arrival c.d.s and circular "SR BG / As. 4". One of the finest known examples of this scarce Bearing handstamp, ex Charles Hornal Collection (Robson Lowe 17 Oct. 1957, lot 706). Photo on Page 120. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1859 Cover to Bombay franked 4a (perfs trimmed off at base) cancelled "124" with red circular framed "ADEN / B.P.P / Paid" (Proud PS2) on the front, backstamped red "ADEN STR POINT / PAID" datestamp (Proud PD 2, used 1858-60) and at Bombay. An unusually fine example of the Aden Paid handstamp, ex Charles Hornal Collection (Robson Lowe 17 Oct. 1957, lot 706). Photo on Page 120. £300-400
Click to view full image... QV Stamps with Aden cancels including 4a pair cancelled by scarce diamond shaped "125" numeral in blue (Proud K5, only recorded 1871) and in black on 1a, and similar "124" (K6) on Service 1a. (6). Photo on Page 93. £140-160
  1871 Entire from Bombay to Mauritius franked 8a pair, backstamped "ADEN STEAMER POINT" c.d.s (Proud D6, only recorded 1870-71) and at Calcutta and Mauritius. A scarce type Aden datestamp. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1892-99 Covers and cards comprising 1892 1/4a reply card (outward half) cancelled "ADEN CANTONMENT" squared circle; 1898 cover unusually addressed to H.M.S "Crescent", North American Squadron at Bermuda with G.B 2 1/2d tied Aden squared circle and boxed "PAQUEBOT"; and One Anna on 2a6p envelope tied Aden c.d.s. (3). Photo on Page 120. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1897 (July 26) Registered 2a6p postal stationery envelope to Belgium bearing 1876 6a, 1882-90 1/2a, 1a - 4a, 8a and 12a (8 values), 1892-97 2a6p and 1r, the embossed stamp cancelled by "ADEN / REG" c.d.s (Proud R6) and the other eleven stamps each cancelled by "B" within horizontal bars (K12), with circular framed "R" (R4), backstamped at Brussels and Liege. Philatelic but unusual and an attractive franking, probably bearing all stamps to the 1r then available at the Aden Post Office. Photo on Page 120. £150-180
Click to view full image... QV-KGV India covers and cards (5) stamps or pieces (62) including a very unusual 1a6p postcard to India with "ADEN" c.d.s (D19) applied away from the stamp which has therefore been cancelled by small "SEA POST OFFICE / D" c.d.s (Dovey type 5) with "SEA / POST OFFICE / B" (type 4) c.d.s below; the single stamps with seven examples of the first "124" numeral. Also 1897 cover and 1911 postcard bearing G.B stamps with Aden Paquebot handstamps, a British East Africa 1a and six G.B QV stamps (three on two pieces) cancelled by Aden squared circles, and four unused postcards. (11 covers/cards + 67 stamps/pieces). Photo on Page 120. £240-280
  1935 (Apr./May) Covers (2) and pieces (4, bearing 1935 Silver Jubilee stamps) all cancelled with the boxed handstruck slogan "SUPPORT THE / JUBILEE FUND / ADEN", one cover with opening tear at upper left corner, otherwise fine, this handstamp only used in these two months. (6). £120-150
  1937-65 Covers and cards including a study of meter marks with boxed Universal type (7), various Neopost types (9) and Universal machine with datestamp (3), also stamped covers with slogans, etc., and some stamps and pieces. (29+). £80-100

French India

  1840-1861 Stampless entire letters from Pondicherry to France, eight with red boxed "PONDICHERRY / Paid" (three with manuscript date, the others with date inserted in a central panel), four with "BUREAU DE PONDICHERRY" datestamps. (13). £300-400
  1865-76 Stamped entire letters with Pondicherry 111 duplex type 9 tying 1/2a on local letters (2), 4a on entire letter to London or 8a on entire letter to Mauritius (with blue "6d / TO PAY", stamp crossed by file fold), or Pondicherry M-19 type 17 duplex tying 1a + 4a on entire letter to Mauritius. (5). £260-320
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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