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Auction Lots - Page 7
  Civilians on Parole. 1939-44 Covers and cards from civilians on parole at Kyunbita Mission at Tukuyu, Motopi, Nderema near Amani, Soni, Tubuyu Sisal Estate at Morogoro, Kulasi near Korogwe, Tanga or Lushoto, also two other covers from Lushoto (probably from internees on parole) to Dr or Mrse Seitz on parole at Morogoro (one forwarded to Kidugallo), six sent to Internees in South Africa. (10). £150-180
Internment Camps 1 and 2. 1941 Stampless cover from Camp 1 to the Custodian of Enemy Property at Nairobi backstamped "UGANDA POLICE / HEAD QUARTER OFFICE" c.d.s (Sep 16) in violet; and an undated stampless cover from Camp 2 to USA with red boxed "INTERNMENT CAMP / NO 2 / UGANDA" and violet "PASSED BY CENSOR / KAMPALA / 266". Both camps very short lived and the locations unknown, covers rare. (2). Photo on Page 50. £200-250
  Bruhl Correspondence - on Parole. 1939-42 Covers and cards from Professor Bruhl (2) on parole at Lushoto to his wife at Amboni Estate or from Amboni to another civilian on parole at Lushoto, 1939 cover to him at Tanga endorsed "Zuruck, return to P.O Tanga", and other cards or covers to Prof. or Mrs Bruhl on parole at Amboni Sisal Estate, Tanga (9), three of these apparently from other civilians on parole at Lushoto (2) or Morogoro, one cover from Yugoslavia, one cover registered on the Kilimanjaro T.P.O with manuscript "KTPO" registration label. Also a 1938 cover to Bruhl. An interesting correspondence. (13). £240-280


Click to view full image... Internment Camp 5, Bombo. 1942 Stampless "Commandant / Internment Camp" printed envelope to Nairobi with red boxed "INTERNMENT / CAMP / No. 5. / UGANDA", octagonal "PASSED / N/24" and a Kampala c.d.s, the reverse with an "Opened by Examiner" label. Very few covers are recorded from Camp 5 which closed in September 1942. Photo on Page 50. £120-150
Click to view full image... Malta Internees - Camps 5, 6 and 7. 1942-43 Stampless O.A.S covers endorsed from Lt. A.F Mercieca of the Royal Malta Regiment, both with triangular "No. 46 / PASSED BY CENSOR" and Kenya censors seal, the first with additional "PASSED / N/21" and a Valletta c.d.s sent to "Lady Mercieca, c/o P.O. Box No. 265, Kampala"; the second with additional triangular No. 60 censor, red undated London cancel and red bars obliterating "Air Mail", sent to "Sir Arturo Mercieca, c/o The Chief Deputy Censor, Internment Camp No. 5, Kampala". Also an undated stampless "Commandant / Internment Camp" envelope to Malta with "PASSED / DD / 25" and similar "N/24" censors and an "Opened By Examiner" label tied by "4" in a circle, endorsed from Carmelo Lateo Jnr. Sir Arturo and Lady Mercieca and Lateo were amongst 47 Italians deported from Malta to Uganda in February 1942 (a copy of the deportion warrant naming all the deportees included with these covers). These internees were held at Camp 5 at Bombo April - September 1942, moved to Camp 7 at Soroti until April 1943 and then to Camp 6 at Entebbe. The two Mercieca covers are addressed to Camp 5 but were actually delivered to Camp 7; the Lateo cover probably from Camp 6. Three rare covers to or from Maltese civilians interned in Uganda, just 47 civilians deported all of whom were released by January 1945. (3). Photo on Page 53. £300-350
Click to view full image... Internment Camp 6, Entebbe. 1944-46 Covers endorsed from Camp 6, the first a printed "Commandant, Internment Camp" envelope with boxed cachet partly covered by 30c and 1sh. stamps unusually cancelled at Nairobi, boxed "P/W EAST / AFRICA 033", sent air mail to New York but underpaid by 70c and handstamped "Postage Due 24 Cents / Foreign Sect. G.P.O N.Y"; the 1946 sent air mail to Switzerland franked 15c, 30c and 1sh. cancelled at Entebbe, backstamped by dated oval "INTERNMENT CAMP / No. 6, UGANDA". Two scarce covers. (2). Photo on Page 53. £140-180
  Internment Camp 6, Entebbe. 1942-44 Stampless printed Camp No. 6 lettersheets (6, one without address panel) and a printed "Commandant / Evacuees Camp" cover, one sent to another internee at Camp 1B at Nyeri, Kenya, the others to Italy (4) or USA. The cover handstamped "R.J.R POTTS", cachets on the lettersheets including dated oval "INTERNMENT CAMP / No. 6. Uganda" (3) or "J. CARMICHAEL" (2, one with "CAMP COMMANDANT" below). A scarce group. (7). £400-500
Eritrea. 1943-45 Cover and lettersheets comprising 1943 cover from Ghinda Camp to another internee in India, Asmara datestamps and censor cachets, both sides with scarce boxed "PAID AIR MAIL / STAMPS REMOVED / BY P/W CENSOR"; 1943 O.E.T.A Eritrea family lettersheet sent to Italy with circular "FAMILY MESSAGE / PAID / 50 cents / O.E.T.A / ERITREA" and a censor cachet, and 1945 Red Cross message form from Asmara to Italy with Cairo, Geneva and Italy Red Cross cachets. (3). £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Malta Internees - Camps 6 and 7. 1943-44 Covers and lettersheets sent between Vincenzo Bonello and his wife in Malta comprising two printed "Internment Camp No. 7" covers from Bonello at Soroti both franked 30c + 1sh. cancelled at Kampala with "PASSED / DD/25" censor (one also with similar "N/24" censor), and a stampless Camp 7 lettersheet with the DD/25 censor; two stampless lettersheets from Bonello in Camp 6 at Entebbe both with red "POSTAGE PAID / S1.30" c.d.s, oval dated "INTERNMENT CAMP" / No. 6, Uganda", "AIR MAIL" and "PASSED / N/24", with "4" postmen's delivery marks; and a cover from Malta to Bonello at Camp 6 with two censor labels tied by DD/25 or N/24 censors and the cachet "PAR AVION / JUSQU'A (Kisumu)", stamps removed by the censor. The lot is accompanied by notes on the Malta Internees and a copy of the February 1942 deportation order which shows Bonello amongst the 47 named deportees. A rare correspondence from one of just 47 Maltese civilians interned in Uganda. (6). Photo on Page 53. £700-800

Other Countries

  Somalia. 1941-44 Covers, lettersheets and letters with 1941 cover from Mogadiscio to USA handstamped "POSTAGE PAID AT A.P.O / IN O.E.T.A", a 30c stamp partly applied over this and tied by "P/W EAST / AFRICA 003", E.A A.P.O 51 and 74 datestamps; 1943 cover from USA to Mogadiscio endorsed "Repatriated to Italy", handstamped "RIMPATRIATA" and "RETURN TO SENDER", Nairobi R.L.O c.d.s; 1942 Vatican lettersheet from Mogadiscio to Italy censored in Egypt and finally posted in The Vatican nearly a year later; 1944 Red Cross message form from Mogadiscio to Italy, various Red Cross and censor cachets; also 1943 Vatican letter containing a message received by radio from Mogadiscio. (5). £180-220
  Southern Rhodesia. 1942-46 Covers and lettersheets comprising an unusual 1942 cover from Italy to Gimma, Ethiopia with "via Chiasso - Sofia - Gerusalemme" cachet, redirected to "Evacuee Camp 5, Fort Victoria, S. Rhodesia" with label tied by Harar Red Cross cachet, backstamped at Berbera and Addis Ababa, stamps removed by the censor; 1941-42 stampless covers with oval dated "No. 2 (TANGANYIKA) INTERNMENT CAMP / SALISBURY, S. RHODESIA" and triangular No. 14 censor, sent from Lushoto (2); 1943 stampless lettersheet from Gatooma to Eritrea with "No. 3 Internment Camp / (Southern Rhodesia)" cachet; 1946 registered cover franked 1/7 from No. 3 Camp at Gatooma to the Italian Evacuee Camp at Tabora; stampless lettersheets from P.O.Ws in Camp 351 at Nairobi to internees in S. Rhodesia, at Camp 4 (Umvuma) or 5 (Fort Victoria). (7). £240-280

Forces Mail

  1937-45 Covers and cards, mainly WW2, including 1940 boxed "ROYAL AIR FORCE / POSTAL FRANK / EAST AFRICA" with an R.A.F censor and Nairobi c.d.s, used or unused Field Service cards (4, one in Swahili), tobacco fund cards (2), boxed "O.H.M.S / No... / MILITARY / FRANKED" (3, Nos. 62, 104, 106, last with Nigerian censor), 1942 cover from Addis Ababa franked Ethiopia 20c with E.A Forces censor No. 675, etc., also a 1943 letter from General Sir William Platt (G.O.C East Africa) and a 1991 commemorative cover signed by Eric Lewis V.C. (22). £150-180
  1941-46 Covers with E.A A.P.O datestamps numbered between 67 and 88 (24, one registered) or South African A.P.O datestamps numbered between 11 and 51 (6), origins include Ethiopia (2), Somalia (4, two with E.A.F stamps), Mauritius, Burma (3) and Madagascar as well as Kenya, India and Ceylon. (30). £220-260
  Kenya - Naval Mail. 1942-45 Covers and cards from Kilindini or Mombasa with red "POSTAGE PAID" c.d.s, double ring dumb datestamps (8) or an unusual 26mm single ring dumb datestamp tying KUT 20c, various Naval censors including triangular types. Also two official covers with Postal Frank cachets to the Kilindini Naval Base. (12). £100-120
  1945-76 Forces mail with various unit cachets, forces concession rates, R.A.F training teams, 1966 cover with "Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces" cachet, 1971 cover from Zambia with "Concession rate, U.K R.A.F element" cachet, 1946-48 covers from Mogadishu (2, one with E.A.F stamps), the others mainly from Kenya. (21). £100-120
  Kenya - Mau Mau Emergency. 1952-60 Forces mail mainly from Nairobi and Nanyuki area, various unit cachets, forces concession rates bearing KUT stamps (16) or G.B stamps (8), some F.P.O datestamps. (25). £150-200


  Literature - 1906 U.P.U Congress. "Documents du Congres Postal Universal de Rome 1906" containing all the proceedings and proposals enacted at the congress in two hardbound volumes, gold edges to pages, gold embossed and tooled covers and spine, all printed in French. Four postal stationery essays have been removed, otherwise complete and largely fine. Vol. 1, 503 pages, Vol.2, 978 pages. £150-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1843-1936 Foreign countries mint and used collection in two 1936 S.G. New Ideal Postage Stamp Albums, with a few later stamps to c.1945 added. A very superior collection formed in the 1930s and 1940s, totally unpicked with many higher values and better stamps, many countries largely complete and many obscure and rarely seen stamps included, a few mint stamps unmounted. The collection includes Austria with 1867 50k used, 1883-90 set mint, 1910 set mint (2k, 10k unmounted), all 1931 (Sept) - 1933 sets mint (WIPA 50g unmounted), 1935 Air 10s used, 1936 Dollfuss 10s unmounted mint, etc.; Belgium and Belgian Congo; Brazil with 1843 60r used; China with Large Dragon 1c, 3c used, (also 5c with faults), 1897 Red Revenue surcharges 1c on 3c, 2c on 3c (S.G. 93) used, 2c on 3c and 4c on 3c (S.G. 89/90) mint, 1897 30c - $1 used, 1898 $1, $2 used, $5 mint (faults), 1912 Sun Yat-sen 1c - $1 used, 1921 Air set used, 1923 Peking printing $10, $20 used, 1929 Sun Yat-sen $1 mint, 1932 N.W Scientific Expedition set mint, 1933 Tan Yen-kai $1 mint, Yunnan 1929 set mint, etc.; Denmark; Finland with 1856 10k used (faults); France with 1869 5f used (creased), 1900 2f used, 5f mint (2), 1917 War Orphans 1c - 50c and 5f used, 1922 War Orphans surcharge set mint, 1926 War Orphans 5f used, 1927 Air overprint 2f and 5f used, 1928 Sinking Fund 1f.50 + 8f.50 mint, 1929 Havre Expo 2f used, 1930-31 Sinking Fund sets mint, 1936 (July) Air 50f used, 1936 Air set to 50f mint, etc.; Germany with 1931 Polar Flight set mint and 1933 Chicago Flight set used; Greece with 1900 Olympics surcharge set mint or used, 1927 definitive set mint, 1933 first and second Air sets mint, 1934 8d mint, etc.; Hungary with 1931 Zeppelin pair mint, 1932 Madonna & Child 5p, 10p mint, 1933 Air set mint; Iceland with both 1930 Millenary sets mint; Italy with 1910 Southern States Plebiscite used, 1930 Virgil set mint, 1933 Balbo strips mint (2), 1934 World Cup set mint, 1936 set mint or used, etc.; Japan with 1916 Hirohito set mint; Latvia with 1923 1L - 10L mint; Liechtenstein with 1928 Prince John set mint; Monaco with 1933 10f, 20f mint; Norway with 1856-67 sets used; Portugal with superb 1866 10r and other 1853-67 imperf issues used; Roumania; Saar with 1928 Christmas Charity set mint; San Marino; Siam with 1885 1t on 1s mint (S.G. 7), 1899 1a - 64a set mint; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; USA with 1861-62 1c - 90c used (also 5c ochre used, ink mark), 1869 1c - 30c used, 1870 1c - 90c used, 1893 Columbian Expo mint or used to $1, 1930 Zeppelin set mint, etc.; Yugoslavia with 1923 redrawn 1d - 30d mint, etc. A fine and extensive collection, huge catalogue value, worthy of careful viewing. (1,000s). Photo on Page 55. £8,000-10,000
  Collection in three albums with useful 1960s and 1970s Commonwealth mint sets and miniature sheets, foreign including Iran 1909 1c - 10k mint, etc., also three albums of G.B 1970-88 F.D.Cs. (6 Albums). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Pre 1950 Worldwide collection in twelve albums and on pages with useful China including 1878 3ca brown-red on thin paper and 1897 4c on 3c red revenue both used, Sweden with 1858 9ore purple used, France with 1869 5f used (faults), Norway, Germany and States, Australian States, etc., a good number of earlier imperf issues throughout, also an album of USA and G.B First Day Covers. (1,000s). Photo on Page 55. £1,000-1,200
  Accumulation in a box with a thematic collection of "Preservation of Nubian Monuments" stamps, miniature sheets and F.D.Cs, in four volumes, a mainly pre-1950 used world collection in an album (many 100s), also imperforate proof sheets of bogus local stamps of St. Kilda, Nagaland or State of Oman (3, faults), Channel Islands and Isle of Man F.D.Cs, 1852-66 Thurn & Taxis stamps, and an attractive 1913 Chinese Government bond. £160-200
  Royalty Omnibus issues in special albums comprising 1981 Charles & Diana Wedding (4 albums), 1977 Silver Jubilee (2 albums), 1978 25th Anniversary of the Coronation (3 albums) and 1980 Queen Mother 80th Birthday, also a few F.D.Cs and covers including 1940 China cover with San Pedro Paquebot duplex, and a stockbook of stamps including earlier USA, Vatican with 1945 20c postage due second printing unmounted mint (S.G. D108B, £225), German States, etc. £90-120
  1927-62 Covers all to the same addressee, the majority (95 covers) sent from Iraq to G.B in 1927-39, mostly by air mail, five underpaid and charged in England (one with a single 1/2d postage due stamp). Also 1941 cover with Straits Settlements 50c tied by F.P.O S.P501 c.d.s with an R.A.F censor and enclosed letter from R.A.F H.Q in Singapore, 1940 cover from Lagos with boxed "PASSED / BY UNIT / CENSOR / 9" and "PASSED / 11 / CENSOR / SELECTIVE CENSOR" (only recorded Sep. - Nov. 1940), etc., a few faults. (140). £200-300
  Box of mainly pre-1952 covers and stamps in boxes and tins (mostly comprising KGV-KGVI G.B, a few British and foreign revenues and cinderellas also noted), also a few more recent picture postcards and exchange books. Noted are approx. 130 1841-1954 covers and cards including 1892 cover from Colombia to Belgium franked 10c, 1852 entire letter from Victoria with red "PAID / GEELONG" datestamp, 1934 Malta cover from Cospicua to Valetta with a "Workmens Compensation" 1d stamp surrounded by four "O" handstamps and a 1d postage due applied, covers sent by diplomatic bag from H.B.M Ministry of Works in Shanghai or the British Legation in Jedda, two neat small (84x53mm) G.B 1846 covers with imperf 1d reds and "STRATTON" undated circle backstamps, WW2 censors, etc. (100s). £100-150
  1905 Picture postcard bearing 16 stamps from 14 countries all cancelled to order at different Post Offices, apparently collected by an Argentinian sailor as a souvenir of his voyage, stamps include Gibraltar 1/2d tied by "GIBRALTAR / M.O & S.B" c.d.s, Madagascar 10c cancelled Helville, Nossi-Be, also stamps of Malta, India, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Verde, Egypt, Argentina, Tunisia, etc, addressed to Buenos Ayres, unusual. £80-100


Click to view full image...Click to view full image... De La Rue 2 1/2d Minerva Head dummy stamps inscribed "AFRICA", mint imperf and perforated examples in differing shades of purple, the perforated example with a few clipped upper perf tips, otherwise both very fine. (2). Photo on Page 55. £150-180
  Various mint stamps in two stockbooks comprising Canada 1935 1c - $1 set of eleven unmounted and various 1937-74 imprint blocks of four (235); 1937 Coronation Omnibus issue complete unmounted (202 stamps); and British Levant 1921 1 1/2pi - 180pi surcharge set of ten. (1165). £150-180
  QV-KGVI Mint and used stamps in a stockbook, mainly single stamps or sets cataloguing between £15 and £120 each with some better stamps, most identified by S.G. number, mainly fine, s.t.c £4,740. (220). £500-600
  KGV-QEII Mint and used collection of Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand in an S.G. album including a few earlier Nova Scotia issues, South Africa 1954 5/- fine used block of four (S.G. 122a, £200) and a few covers. £60-70
Click to view full image... 1894-1948 Mainly mint KGVI collection in two albums with a few earlier stamps, mainly mounted but with some unmounted sets included, also a few used stamps and covers. Useful sets noted include Australia 1937 1/2d - £1, Ascension with 1938-53 1/2d - 10/- (both 3d colours), Bahamas, Bermuda 1938-53 2/- - £1, British Honduras, Burma with 1938-40 1p - 10r set mint and used and 1947 3p - 10r Official set unmounted, Canada, Cyprus 1938-51 1/4pi - £1, Falkland Islands 1938-50 1/2d - £1 used, Gibraltar 1938-51 1/2d - £1, Hong Kong with KGVI $2 violet and scarlet, $5 green and violet, £10 lilac and blue, also Centenary sets mint (2, one unmounted) and used on 25c registration envelopes, KUT 1938-54 1c - £1, Leeward Islands 1938-51 1/4d - £1, Newfoundland with 1911 Coronation and 1919 Victory sets, Northern Rhodesia 1938-52 1/2d - £1, Nyasaland with 1938-44 1/2d - £1, St. Helena 1934 1/2d - 10/- Centenary set (the 3d - 10/- unmounted), Seychelles 1938-49 2c - 5r (all colours), Sudan, G.B 1939-48 2/6 - £1 (all colours) and unmounted 1948 Royal Wedding £1 block of four, etc. Also a mainly used foreign collection in a third album. A very useful Empire collection. S.G. £10,500+. (100s). Photo on Page 55. £500-600
  Royal Occasions. 1973-81 Unmounted mint commonwealth stamps and souvenir sheets for 1973 Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee, 1978 Jubilee of the Coronation or 1981 Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, also 1977 Royal Tour of the Caribbean, in eight albums. £50-80
  1937 Coronation Issue on commercial and philatelic covers including F.D.Cs from 51 colonies (134, 41 illustrated covers), Paquebots, censors, flight covers, Gilbert & Ellice Islands undated cancels from various offices (8), etc. (236). £380-450
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Persian Gulf. 1939-45 KGVI Issues of India overprinted for Bahrain, Kuwait or Muscat all in mint blocks of four, mounted on the upper two stamps only (the Muscat blocks mounted on a single upper stamp), the lower pairs unmounted. A fine lot comprising Bahrain 1940-41 1r - 25r (15r inverted watermark), 1942-45 3p - 4a, 8a and 12a; Kuwait 1939 1r - 15r (15r inverted watermark), 1945 3p - 14a set of 13; Muscat 1944 3p - 2r set of 15 and 3p - 1r Official set of ten, all very fine. S.G. £3,516. (61 Blocks). Photo on Page 95. £700-900
  Southern Africa. QV-QEII Mint and used stamps of Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Cape, South Africa, Griqualand or Bechuanaland in a Hagner album, including Rhodesia Double Heads and Admirals, 1853 Cape 4d with three margins, etc. Also South Africa 1961-90 decimal definitives mint with all listed shades and coil stamps. S.G. £2,500+. £240-280
  British Africa. QV-KGVI Stamps, mainly used with much duplication from Rhodesia, KUT, Nigeria, Nyasaland, Sierra Leone, etc., some tied up as kiloware bundles, Nyasaland 2/6 with Field Post Office 9 c.d.s and fiscally used 10/- and £1 values noted, many stamps clearly unchecked for cancels or varieties. (100s). £200-300
  British Africa - Cancellations. QV-KGVI Stamps all selected for their cancels, mainly Sierra Leone (215) with many village or T.P.O datestamps, Nigeria KGV 1d stamps on pieces (34) with skeletons, T.P.Os and Cameroon's datestamps, also Southern Africa, Zanzibar, KUT and Sudan with T.P.Os, Paquebots, etc. (323). £120-150
  Cancellations. Selected QV-KGV stamps all cancelled in other countries including Seychelles QV stamps cancelled in G.B (3), India (3) and Ceylon, maritime cancels, etc. (46). £320-360
  Cancellations. Stamps and pieces, all selected cancels in a stockbook including Mauritius used in Seychelles (12), Seychelles village cancels (15), Mauritius numeral cancels (36), Gold Coast, Malta, Iraq, Southern Africa, maritime cancels, etc. An interesting lot. (300+). £600-700
  Southern Africa. QV-QEII Mint and used postal stationery from Basutoland (49, including Proof without the embossed stamp of the first QEII G size registration envelope, perfined "SPECIMEN"); Bechuanaland (50); British South Africa Co 1d newspaper wrapper unusually used in Southern Rhodesia after it became a self-governing authority in 1923; Southern Rhodesia WW2 3d Forces Air Mail lettercards (6); Zambia formula registration envelopes (46); and Swaziland (16). Also various other Zambia covers with postage due mail, telegram envelopes, etc., and a few booklets and stamps. (Approx 300). £400-500
  British Africa Postal Stationery. KEVII-QEII Used and unused postcards, registration envelopes and air letters including Southern Rhodesia KGVI 4d size H2 registration envelopes used (2) or unused, Northern Rhodesia KGV 4d size H2 registration envelope with Specimen overprint, Seychelles KGVI 20c size H registration envelope used, 1924 South Africa 4d registration envelope used from Mafeking, etc. (37). £200-240

The following four lots are large size QV-KGVI postal stationery, mainly size H, H2, I, J or K registration envelopes, all superb unused.

  Registration Envelopes comprising Ceylon 1883 12c size I (H&G 1c), Palestine 1937 13m size K (H&G 6b), and size H2 envelopes comprising Fiji 1913 2d + 1d (H&G 2a), Tonga 1892 6d and 1893 4d (H&G 3a, 8), Australia 1928 4 1/2d (H&G 27) and New South Wales 1891 3d on 4d (H&G 6b), also Canada 1931 2c + 1c envelpe (H&G 63a). (8). £100-120
  Europe. Registration Envelopes comprising British Levant 1902 40pa size K (H&G 14d), Gibraltar 1889 20c overprint size I and 1887 2d sizes H, I, K (H&G 1b, 8b/d), Cyprus size H 1902 2pi, 1950 4pi (H&G 8b, 14b), Malta size H 1952 6d (H&G 9a). (8). £100-120
  Africa. Registration Envelopes comprising differing size H2 envelopes from Basutoland, South West Africa (4), Transvaal, Nigeria and Southern Nigeria (both with wrapper bands), Southern Rhodesia (2), KUT (2, one with wrapper band), Seychelles (H&G 4b), size J envelopes from British East Africa, Zanzibar and Gold Coast, size K envelopes from Bechuanaland and Seychelles (H&G 3c), also KGV size H2 1/2d envelope of Southern Rhodesia and overprinted air letters from Bechuanaland (2) and Basutoland. (22). £200-240
  West Indies/British Guiana. Registration Envelopes comprising Grenada 1886 2d sizes H, H2, I (H&G 1b/d), British Guiana 1882 4d sizes I, K (H&G 2c/d), Barbados 1882 4d size I, 1888 2d sizes I, K, 1913 2d sizes I, K, 1924 3d size H2 (H&G 2 unlisted I size + H&G 5c/d, 11c/d, 13a), Leeward Islands 1926 3d size H2, 1938 KGV 3d sizes H2, K (H&G 5b, 6a + unlisted K size), St. Vincent 1923 3d size H2 (H&G 5a). (15). £160-200


  1908-09 Shackleton Expedition. 1908 (Feb 3) Covers in two differing sizes with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1907" printed on the flaps, both sent to New Zealand franked by the King Edward VII Land 1d tied by the Antarctic Expd. c.d.s, used at the expedition's base at Cape Royds on McMurdo Sound. Also a N.Z 1/2d postcard backstamped with the Feb. 3 Antarctic Expd. c.d.s, the card then posted at Lyttelton on March 9th franked by a N.Z 1d stamp. The Feb. 3rd c.d.s was used on the second mail from the expedition sent back on the "Nimrod" which departed on February 22nd for Lyttelton, about 550 letters carried on this mail. One cover with two small edge tears, the N.Z postcard rather stained but unusual. (3). £300-350
  1908-09 Shackleton Expedition. 1908 (Feb 27) Long cover to the expedition's agent J. Kinsey in Christchurch bearing New Zealand 1d Universal booklet pane block of four with central Antarctic Expd. c.d.s. This c.d.s used on the "Nimrod" on its return voyage to New Zealand, only known on unaddressed covers or covers to Kinsey, which were presumably handed directly to him. An unusual franking. £160-180
  1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1911 (Feb 9) Large cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" printed crest on the reverse, addressed to Wellington by the Assistant Postmaster Lt. Francis Drake with Victoria Land 1d tied by the Antarctic Expd. c.d.s, backstamped at Lyttelton (Mar 31). Tear at upper edge, otherwise fine, one of 58 letters sent on this date to addresses requested by the Secretary of the Post and Telegraph Dept. at Wellington. £160-180
  1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1913 (Jan 18) Cover to London with Victoria Land 1d tied by the Antarctic Expd. c.d.s, used on the "Terra Nova" on the day it arrived at Cape Evans and learnt of the death of Scott and his companions. Two vertical folds, otherwise mainly fine. £110-130
Click to view full image... 1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1913 (Jan 18) Long cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" printed on the flap, sent to Wellington bearing Victoria Land 1/2d and 1d tied by the "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. / N.Z" c.d.s, backstamped at Lyttelton (Feb 12). A scarce genuine use of the 1/2d value on its first day of use; only 2,000 1/2d stamps were issued most of which were cancelled to order. A few surface faults to the cover, otherwise fine and scarce. (S.G. £970 as stamps). Photo on Page 53. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1913 (Jan 18) Long cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION, TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" crest printed on the flap, bearing Victoria Land 1d cancelled to order with the Antarctic Expd. c.d.s. The cover has then been posted at Blenheim on May 14th, registered to London, franked by N.Z KEVII 3d, with a Blenheim registration label applied, backstamped at Wellington. An unusual cover, sent to the Antarctic Stamp Dept., the office from which remainders of the Victoria Land stamps were sold under the supervision of Cmdr. Evans and Lt. Drake. Photo on Page 53. £200-240

(Also See Lot 185)

Click to view full image... 1922 2d, variety line through "P" of "POSTAGE", fine mint. S.G. 4a, £500. Photo on Page 96. £160-180
  1924 1d Grey-black and deep blue-green, corner marginal pair and block of four with plate number "1", both including cleft rock variety on one stamp; and 1934 1d pair, right stamp with teardrop flaw, all fine mint. S.G. 11/c, 22/a, £435. (3). £100-120
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
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Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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