G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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Auction Lots - Page 15
Click to view full image... 1877 Cover to France bearing 1a + 4a tied by "CHANDERNAGORE / 3 / C-20" type 17a duplex, a few minor edge tears and a 1a stamp a little discoloured but a rare cancel not listed by Jal Cooper, Robson Lowe or Col. Martin. Photo on Page 120. £200-240
  QV-1957 Covers and cards (24), stamps and pieces (72), and a telegram form with various Pondicherry cancels including 1885 card from Pondicherry to Karikal with "S.M 21 IN" T.P.O cancel, 1934 "BUY POST OFFICE / CASH CERTIFICATES" slogans, 1931-33 registered air mail covers (3), WW2 covers from the Governor with official cachet or boxed "FRENCH CONCESSION / POSTAGE FREE / POSTMASTER / PONDICHERRY" (crossed out and stamped), 1957 (Aug 3) last day of French P.O cover, the stamps including first type "C/111" cancel on imperf 1/2a and 4a (cut to shape, faults) and 1856 1a strip of four on piece. (97). £250-300
  1898-1938 Covers and cards from Karikal comprising 1898 card with superb squared circle cancel and Pondicherry arrival c.d.s, double ring c.d.s (2 types) on 1926 telegram, two 1926 1a envelopes and two 1931-33 3a registration envelopes; two 1938 covers (one registered) with differing Chandernagore datestamps; and 1919 postcard with India 3p tied by Mahe c.d.s and French India 1c tied by "Inde / Mahe" c.d.s., also two QV stamps with Karikal cancels. (11). £150-180
  1914-39 Covers from Pondicherry or Karical sub-offices, cancels comprising Pondicherry Bazaar (2), Muthialpet, Tirunallar (5) Tirumalrayapatnam or Kottucheri, some light staining or edge faults but a scarce group. (10). £320-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... French India Stamps. 1892-1954 Collection mint and used on pages, in an album with all 1892-1939 issues mint including scarce 1903 surcharge set of four (5c torn, 10c no gum, also 15c and 40c surcharges used); WW2 France Libre overprints with 1941 type 15 overprint on 15ca and 1fa.3 surcharges, type 16 overprint in blue on a 2fa.9 surcharge (S.G. 130a, £1,400) all mint, diagonal type 15 overprint issue with 18ca mint and used (S.G. 141, £700 each), overprints on Paris Exhibition issue with type 16 overprint in blue on 18ca (S.G. 153 £250) or type 15 overprint in red on 18c block of four (S.G. 155, £720) all mint; 1941 type 16a circular "FRANCE TOUJOURS" Cross of Lorraine overprint with 1r, 3r, 5r mint (S.G. 162g, s, t, £950 each), 16ca, 20ca, Paris Exhibition 16ca, 1fa.12 used and piece with 2ca + Paris Exhibition 8ca cut from a commercial looking cover (S.G. 162d,h,j,u,w,x, £1600); 1942 type 17 overprint on18ca on 30c used on piece (S.G. 163, £225); 1942-43 set with type 17 or 18 overprints with 2fa.12 blue overprint mint and 1fa.6 blue overprint used, 1942 surcharges with type 17 overprint 1ca-15ca and 2fa.9, 3fa.3 mint (also 1ca, 15ca and two examples of 1fa.3 used); 1943 surcharge set of seven without the France Libre overprint mint; 1942 London issue imperf proofs; 1948 issue 8c and 2f Epreuve de Luxe; also all postage dues, Fournier forgeries of the 1892-1907 sets and 1903 surcharges, unissued WW2 Vichy stamps (10), etc. A fine lot, the France Libre overprints not guaranteed though most appear genuine. S.G. £12,000+. (100s). Photo on Page 182. £1,500-1,800
  French India Stamps on Cover. 1881-1954 Stamped covers and cards including 1881 cover bearing French Colonies general issue 25c, 1892-1907 Peace & Commerce (3 + front), used and unused postal stationery (18), 1915 (Aug 6) cover with Red Cross 5c surcharge block of four (S.G. 45, date of issue wrongly given as Nov 15th by S.G.), 1914 issue, 1923-28 new currency surcharges, 1930 Pondicherry to Paris flight by Girier and Weiss, 1937 Paris Exhibition, WW2 France Libre overprints (15 covers, one with C.O.P) with 1942 type 17 overprint on surcharge set of seven (2), and post war issues, also picture postcards (40, some used), many philatelic but some commercial, a useful lot. (105). £500-600

Postal Stationery

  1857-1983 Mint and used stationery in four albums and loose with envelopes and lettersheets, official envelopes and postcards, registration envelopes, reply cards, C.E.F and I.E.F overprints, also some Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh stationery, includes errors with miscut cards, albino or partially albino stamps, double stamp impressions, torn cards repaired before printing, double overprints, etc. Also QV 2a6p wrapper band and 1899 envelope to China, 1903 card to German East Africa, cancellations including Experimental P.O, F.P.Os and T.P.Os, and privately printed "Bazaar" postcards. A useful collection. (Approx 500). £500-600

Indian Convention States

  Chamba. 1887-1947 Postage and official stamps mint, the postage issues with all QV and KEVII sets including all listed shades and 1904 3p grey overprint inverted, 1912 set, 1923-27 set, 1927-37 set (1 1/2a used), KGVI 1938 3p - 5r and 1942-47 1r - 10r; official issues with all 1897-1925 sets, 1927-39 1a3p - 1r and 1935-39 set, all fine, mounted on ten pages. S.G. £2,250 (approx). (150). £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Gwalior. 1885-1911 QV Issues mint including 1885-97 1/2a - 2a type 1 overprint with 13mm between lines, 1/2a - 1r set of eight with 15mm between lines (Hindi inscription 13mm) and 4a - 1r with Hindi inscription 15mm (S.G. 8/11b, 8a and 1r a little toned), 1885-97 set including all shades with 13mm Hindi inscription and the 13 values and shades to the1r with 15mm inscription, 1899-1911 3p - 3r, and 1895-1904 official sets, also some used and various KEVII values to the 2r. A fine lot mounted on twelve pages. S.G. £4,500. (135). Photo on Page 93. £900-1,200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Gwalior. 1928-48 KGV and KGVI Postage and official issues comprising 1928-36 3p - 25r set of 16 and 1935-36 1/2a - 2a mint, 1948 KGVI 25r mint and used, Officials with 1913-23 1r, 1927-35 1r - 10r and KGVI 1938 1/2a, 1a, all mint. S.G. 86/104, 117, O69/72, O78/9, £1,250. (30). Photo on Page 96. £260-320
  Gwalior. KGVI Issues, mounted mint, comprising 1938-48 1r - 25r, 1942-45 6a turquoise-green, 1949 3p - 6a and 1942-47 5r and 10r Officials, also Patiala 1946 1r, very fine appearance. S.G. 112/117, 126, 129/135, O93/4, £650. (17). £130-150
  Gwalior. 1888-1938 Covers and cards (15) showing handstamps incorporating a cobra including c.d.s with the snake emblem outside the circle (2), postage due marks (5), boxed "D.L.O / GWALIOR STATE / FREE" datestamps (3), registration marks, etc. Also postal stationery of Gwalior (24) and other Convention States. (63). £100-120
  Nabha. 1885-1943 Issues mint including 1885 (July) 1/2a - 1r set of six, 1885-1900 1/2a and 4a with red overprint and the 1/2a - 5r set with black overprint (small tone mark on 5r), KEVII set, 1913 set and 1927-36 3p - 2r, also a few KGVI issues and some used stamps, and official issues including 1903-06 KEVII set, KGVI 1938 9p and 1a, 1942 1r and 2r. A fine lot mounted on nine pages. S.G. £2,400. (119). Photo on Page 93. £480-550
Click to view full image... Patiala. 1884-1944 Issues mint including 1884 1/2a - 4a, 1885 set of six, various 1891-1937 issues to the 5r, KGVI issues with 1937-38 3p - 25r set of twelve and scarce 1941-46 9p green (S.G. 100, £500), also various official issues. A fine lot mounted on eleven pages. S.G. £2,125. (143). Photo on Page 93. £400-500

Indian Native States

  1940-50 Issues mint including Rajasthan with 1948-49 violet handstamped overprints on Bundi 1/4a - 8a (S.G. 1B/6B), 1950 overprint set of eleven on Jaipur and handstamped overprints on Kishengarh (7) with 1943-47 issue 5r (S.G. 65); also Indore with 1940 surcharge set of three and 1943 2r, 5r, Cochin Anchal, Travancore Cochin, etc., and Nepal 1949 set of nine. S.G. £863. (90). £150-180
  Jaipur. 1904-50 Stamps, postmarks, postal history and postal stationery, collection in an album with 1904 1a sheet of twelve, 1911 Jaipur Press issues with blocks and varieties, stamped covers and cards with India combination frankings, uprated stationery, cancellations with Railway T.P.Os (6), Motor T.P.Os (2), Rising Sun datestamps, Hindi only datestamps, postage due marks, 1950 (Apr 28) card uprated with India 3p in final month of validity of Jaipur stamps after state posts had ceased and India rates applied, c.1908 stampless cover with violet "BAD RAVANAGI DAK" handstamp (fast travelling post), etc. Also Hyderabad essays for an unissued 1947 Independence issue (4). An interesting collection (104 stamps + 51 covers). £300-350
  Jammu & Kashmir. 1887 Registered cover from Kashmir to Rawalpindi bearing India 4a and Jammu & Kashmir 4a green both cancelled by "L" obliterator, transit datestamps include "L.I OUT / SET NO 4" and "L.I IN / SET NO 2" T.P.Os; and c.1890 1/2a stationery envelope from Sialkot to Bombay with Jammu & Kashmir 1/2a red on reverse tied by a native cancel. (2). £120-150
  Travancore - Numeral Cancellations. c.1889-1913 Covers with numeral cancellations in the Malayalam language, the fine collection written up on pages in two albums, all in number order with the offices identified where known comprising Ti numbers 1-103, and Vi numbers 11, 24 (2) or without number (4, one the unique type used at Arumana with the number blocked out), many numbers very scarce, also several pages of cancels on stamps, 48 covers with stamps, the others on postal stationery envelopes or cards (a few with stamps removed). A few faults though many covers are fine, a scarce lot which has taken many years to collect. (150 covers + 312 stamps). £700-900
  Travancore. 1894-1951 Covers and cards (54) and stamps (66), various postmarks and handstamps, the covers including boxed "CHITHRA NAGAR" used at the 1931 Trivandrum exhibition (2) or "SRI CHITRA NAGAR" used at the 1936 All-India Exhibition, slogans, Experimental P.O, Dead Letter Office, registration marks, C.O.D, Express Delivery, High Court and Maharajahs Palace c.d.s, postage due marks, "Too Late", "Not Found" and "Refused" handstamps, etc. An interesting collection. (54 covers + 66 stamps). £250-300
  Travancore & Cochin Railways. 1907-51 Postal stationery or stamped covers (23) of Travancore or Cochin with various T.P.O cancels including "T.R.A.S" types (Travancore Railway Anchal Service) or "C.S" types (Cochin State), also three stamps. (26). £120-150

(Also See Lots 208, 209, 276, 731)

Click to view full image... 1917 Baghdad British Occupation 2a on 1pi surcharge, margin at right, fine used on piece. S.G. 6, £450. Photo on Page 96. £130-160
  1919-29 Covers (29) and a front comprising 1919 stampless O.A.S cover with "MA'QIL" c.d.s, 1920 registered covers with British Occupation stamps tied by Kut or F.P.O 85 c.d.s, 1924 registered cover flown by the RAF Baghdad-Cairo service, 1927-29 covers carried on the Imperial Airways Basra-Baghdad-Cairo service (13) or the Basra-London service (2, one carried on 8th August 1929 first flight), also two 1924 covers from Damascus to Cairo bearing Syria "Avion" overprint 2pi - 10pi sets of four, and a few related items. (24). £250-300
  Imperial Airways Basrah-Cairo Service. 1927-28 Flown covers including 1927 covers from India (Jan 5) to USA or Canada carried on the second service from Basrah, G.B (Jan 5) to Basrah carried on the first flight from Cairo, registered cover (Apr 4) from Egypt to Basrah carried on the first weekly flight from Cairo, and other mainly commercial covers from Iraq to G.B (4) or Egypt, India to G.B (5) or Egypt, or G.B to Iraq, and various notes. (16). £240-300

(Also See Lots 38, 74, 111-118, 164, 1449)

Click to view full image... Ship Letters - Newport, Mayo. 1817 Entire letter from New York to London "per ship Glenthorn", handstamped "NEWPORT MAYO / 122" with manuscript "Ship Letter" below and faint red Dublin Ship Letter handstamp. Believed to be the only recorded ship letter from this tiny port which never had a Ship Letter handstamp, illustrated in "Robertson Revisited" by C. Tabeart. Photo on Page 120. £2,500-3,000
Click to view full image... Ship Letters - Crookhaven/Skibbereen. 1844 Entire letter from Newfoundland to London landed at the village of Crookhaven where it was handstamped "No. 1", then taken to the head office at Skibbereen where it was handstamped "SKIBBEREEN / PENNY POST", "SKIBBEREEN / Ship Letter" (Rob. S2) and "8", unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 125. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1845 (Jan 1) Entire letter from Dromore to New York State endorsed "Private Ship", bearing imperf 2d blue strip of four KG-KJ (KJ just touched lower right, otherwise superb with full margins) each cancelled numeral "181", backstamped at Dromore, Dublin and Liverpool with "SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL" datestamp, red "NEW YORK / SHIP" arrival c.d.s on the front, rated "12". A fine 2d blue cover, carried to New York on the "Hottinger". Photo on Page 125. £500-600
Click to view full image... Pictorial Envelope. 1870 (Oct 19) "The Patent Eureka Pictorial Opaque Envelope No. 524" illustrated inside with ten engraved views, one depicting flowers and a dove, the others Irish scenes including Powerscourt Fall, Kingstown, Clendalough, Killiney Bay, Bray, Devils Glen waterfall, meeting of the waters and the salmon leap at Leixlip, posted from Dublin to Moate franked 1d. A few minor tones at the folds, otherwise fine, the only recorded example of this very attractive envelope. Photo on Page 125. £300-400
  1921 (June 15) Cover franked 2d from London to Scariff handstamped "UNDELIVERABLE / OFFICE CLOSED BY / MILITARY AUTHORITIES", a little light in places but easily readable. A very scarce cachet used during the civil war, not recorded by Dulin. £180-220
Click to view full image... Postal Strike/Iraq Air Mail. 1922 (Sep 21) Cover from Dublin posted during the Irish postal strike (of Sep. 10-29, though some postal staff and post offices continued working) addressed to a soldier in Baghdad, endorsed "air service Cairo - Baghdad", the 9d fee for the R.A.F air service paid by 1d and four 2d overprint stamps, handstamped with the very scarce circular "AIR / MAIL" in violet. A remarkable cover to Iraq, a contemporary note on the reverse reads "Monday 18/9/22, Father says writing on off chance of getting through as all postal work stopped since yesterday week & no sign of settlement", Baghdad arrival c.d.s (Oct 23). Photo on Page 125. £250-300
  1922-23 Irish stamps, mainly 1/2d and 2d overprint issues, all on pieces mounted in two old books, apparently collected in the 1930s and untouched since then, various cancels including skeletons, etc. (c.950). £260-300

(Also See Lots 104, 105, 141, 361, 498, 843)

  1797 Partly printed Bill of Lading for goods from London received at the Port of Ostende, illustrated with an engraving of a ship, goods and two figures. Sent from Brussels to Sir William Hamilton, the British Ambassador in Naples (and husband of Emma, the famous mistress of Nelson), handstamped with scarce purple "Germania". £80-100
  Lake Steamer Cancels. 1863-1939 Covers and cards with cancels of the Italian steamers on Lake Como (57), Lake Garda (13), Lake Maggiore (55), also related postcards (11) and cancels from the ship post between Naples and Palermo (10). A fine collection in an F.G album, including Natante Como - Colico double ring c.d.s of 1864-78 (5), single ring c.d.s of 1881-1902 (7), squared circle of 1906-13 (6); two line "SERVIZIO POSTALE / SUL LAGO DI COMO" and similar handstamps for "GARDA" or "MAGGIORE" (2); "VERBANO" double ring c.d.s of 1863-77 (4), Arona-Magadino single ring c.d.s of 1879-94 (10), boxed "LESA / MESSAGGERE / COLLETTORE" datestamp, script type port name handstamps, etc. (146). £1,200-1,500
  Eritrea/Tripolitania - Ala Littoria Flights. 1935 Covers from Benghazi to Atbara, Massawa to Kassala or Sirt to Djibouti, all first flights over these exact routes, just 15 covers flown on the first flight and ten on each of the other flights between these destinations. Fine and scarce. (3). £200-240
Click to view full image... Italian P.O in the Levant. 1874 2L Scarlet with "ESTERO" overprint, used. S.G. 9, £900. Photo on Page 93. £100-120
  Trieste Zone A. 1949 (June 8) Registered F.D.C franked 100L (with Air 50L and Trieste Free Elections 20L pair), addressed to Seychelles but missent to New York handstamped "MISSENT". Backstamped at New York, Nairobi, Mombasa and Victoria, Seychelles. Unusual. £70-80
  San Marino. 1932 50th Anniversary of the Death of Garibaldi 10c - 5L set of eight mounted mint. S.G. 183/190, £600. (8). £80-100

(Also See Lots 210, 261-263, 362)

  1713 (Aug 15) Entire letter from Kingston reporting on the sale of a ship and commodity prices, addressed to "Mr John Brown Mercht in Liverpoolle, pr Capt Caplain Q.D.C", charged "8d", increased to "in all 9" (1d ship letter fee + 8d inland postage) backstamped with a "28/OC" Bishop Mark. Vertical file fold at left and folds with some wear, still an attractive and early letter from Jamaica, sent just two years after the Dummer Packet service had ceased. £200-240
  1784-88 Entire letters, the first to Philip Perrin in London acknowledging receipt of some prints, endorsed "P. Camilla", unusually handstamped both "LIVER / POOL" and "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LRE" (Rob S2); the second from Martha Brae to Liverpool "p. Agnes" with superb "LIVERPOOL / SHIP (S1), two fine letters. (2). £150-180
  1883-1911 QV and KEVII Mint collection on pages including 1889-91 Specimen set of three, 1905 5/- corner block of four and set of nine, 1905-11 QV set with some multiples, most very fine and well written up, ex T. Foster Collection. S.G. £1,600 (approx). (111). £250-300
  1912-35 Mainly mint KGV collection well written up in two albums including 1912-20 Specimen set and the issued set with most listed shades and papers and some multiples; War Tax stamps with various varieties including 1916 (Apr.) 1/2d overprint inverted and 1917 1 1/2d overprint double; 1921 Multiple Script CA 1/2d and 6d with 1/2d Bow flaw within a block of twelve; 1919-21 Multiple Crown CA pictorial definitive issue with 1 1/2d watermark inverted and reversed, 2 1/2d watermark reversed, 2/- watermark inverted block of four; 1921-29 Multiple Script CA pictorial definitive issue Specimen set, mint sets (2) and additional stamps and shades with 3d watermark reversed (two blocks of four, unpriced by S.G.), 4d watermark reversed, all listed 5/- shades; 1929-32 1d blocks of four of both dies, 1932 Specimen set of three. A fine collection, ex T. Foster. S.G. £3,950 (approx). (423). £600-700
Click to view full image... 1916 (Oct 23) Cover sent within Kingston bearing 1916 (Apr) War Tax 1/2d strip of three variety overprint inverted, a faint offset impression of a further overprint at the base of each stamp, a little staining and light vertical folds to the cover with light staining to a few perfs but an unusual and scarce variety on cover. Previously given R.P.S Certificate 19542 (no longer present), ex T. Foster Collection. S.G. 68c, £450 as stamps. Photo on Page 125. £180-220
  1937-52 Mainly mint KGVI collection well written up in an album including 1937 Coronation Specimen set; 1938-52 Specimen set and mint sets (3) with additional shades, blocks and most perfs; Booklets including 1942 2/- New Constitution booklet (SB12); 1945 New Constitution Specimen set and 1946 perfs; 1946 Victory pair perfined Specimen; 1947 Paris UPU Congress presentation folder given to delegates; 1948 Silver Wedding £1 mint and used. A fine collection ex T. Foster. S.G. £2,750 (approx). (330). £300-350
  Postal Stationery. QV-QEII Used and unused postcards, reply cards, newspaper wrappers, air letters and registration envelopes including KGVI 1d card in larger 127x100mm size, etc. (51). £100-120

(Also See Lots 190, 236, 282-316, 1412)

  1890-97 Mint and used selection with 1890 2r - 5r mint, 1894 7 1/2a on 1r used, 1895 (July) 1a and 3a used, 1895-96 3r - 5r mint (5r thinned) and 4r used, 1897 (Jan) 7 1/2a mint and 2 1/2 on 1a used (S.G. 86), a few small faults. S.G. £685. (13). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1895 (Feb) Manuscript " 1/2a" surcharge and "T.E.C.R" on 3a black/dull red, one short perf at top, otherwise fine mint. S.G. 31, £600. Photo on Page 134. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1898 1a Postal stationery card to Germany, written at Moschi in German East Africa but posted in Kenya cancelled by scarce violet "TAVETA" rubber datestamp with "JUNE 26" applied separately, transit datestamps of Aden and La Reunion a Marseille LV No. 1. Photo on Page 129. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1903-35 KEVII and KGV Mainly mint selection including KEVII 1903 Crown CA 2 1/2a, 4a - 8a pairs and Crown CC 2r and 10r, KGV 1912-21 Multiple Crown CA 3r, 4r and 1921-22 Multiple Script CA 2r - 5r, etc. S.G. £1,200 (approx). (75). Photo on Page 96. £200-250
  1921-27 Multiple Script CA 1c - 5r set of ten used with additional 1c (5), 3c and 50c shades, the 2r with one short perf at left, otherwise all fine with postal cancels. Also 1912-21 Multiple Crown CA 75c overprint "SPECIMEN", apparently the black on emerald printing with an emerald back which is unlisted by S.G. and Samuel with a Specimen overprint, two perfs with small stains. S.G. 52d spec., 65-74, £1,250+. (18). £160-200
  1922 KGV £5 Forgery, with 1977 Brandon Certificate stating "Genuine, part original gum", 2016 Ceremuga and B.P.A Certificates both stating "Fake, central vignette with Specimen overprint excised and replaced, regummed". An interesting and very well made fake. £60-80
  1922-27 1c - £1 Set of twenty mint, 1s - 3s and 5s - £1 marginal (10s and £1 plate number "1", £1 with some split perfs), the 5s and 7s50 unmounted. S.G. 76/95, £500. (20). £140-160
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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