G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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Auction Lots - Page 20
  An accumulation of mint and used Cape, Transvaal and OFS stamps, much duplication, many sorted by stamp in packets apparently unchecked for cancels, a Transvaal KEVII 1/2d pair with "CSAR" perfins noted, an interesting old time accumulation with much potential. (100s). £200-250

Cape of Good Hope

Click to view full image... c.1792 Entire (dated on reverse in pencil) addressed to "J.M Bletterman, Cabo de Goede Hoop" with a fine "VOC / 6st." handstamp probably applied in Holland, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 160. £250-300
Click to view full image... c.1810 Entire headed "On H.M Service" and endorsed "free", inscribed from the Post Office, Simons Town to "C. Bird, Secretarys Office" with a good strike of the oval "GR" arms handstamp, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 160. £250-300
  c.1817-37 Entires with circular Post Office "crown" handstamps from Cape Town (2, also one letter with crowned datestamp of 1828), Grahams Town (poorly struck as usual), Clanwilliam, Simons Town (2), Beaufort, Cradock, Port Elizabeth, Tulbach (2), Uitenhagen or Zwellendam, five official letters sent free of charge, the others with prepaid or unpaid rates, a fine lot. (12). £400-500
  c.1822 Entire addressed "To His Excellency Lord Charles Henry Somerset, Governor Cape Good Hope &c &c &c" with a fine "POST OFFICE / (crown) / BATHURST" handstamp. Also Somerset's autograph on piece. An attractive letter to Somerset, who was Governor of the Cape from 1814 until 1827. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1827 Entire to Stellenbosch endorsed "Fourth of Feby 1827 Paid 2d" with a good strike of "POST OFFICE / (crown) / PAARL", by far the rarest of all these crown handstamps, apparently mislaid in about 1827 and sparsely used even before this. Photo on Page 160. £500-600
  C.1827-42 Entires (5) and an entire letter to Cape Town all with boxed "POST PAID", two with "crown" handstamps of Caledon or Uitenhagen, two with crowned oval General Post Office datestamps. (6). £150-180
  c.1830-40 Entires (2) and a cover to Cape Town, Paarl or Simons Town with boxed "TO PAY" (2) or "TO-PAY", one with crowned oval General Post Office datestamp. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1835 Entire to the Civil Commissioner at Grahamstown headed "On His Majestys Service" with "John Bell / Secy to Govt" cachet applied to show the letter could be sent free, and a fine strike of the very scarce third type crowned oval "FREE" datestamp, exhibition quality. Photo on Page 160. £250-300
Click to view full image... c.1850 Entire to "R. Crozier, Postmaster-General, Cape Town" marked "PPd 4d" with a superb octagonal framed "12" handstamp of Paarl, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 160. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1851 (Oct 11) Entire letter to Cape Town marked "PP4d" with octagonal framed "17" handstamp of Piquetberg, fine and extremely scarce. Photo on Page 160. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1851 Entire headed "On Her M. Service", from the Resident Magistrates Office at Clan William to The Master of the Supreme Court at Cape Town, endorsed "To Pay 6" with a superb octagonal framed "19" handstamp of Clanwilliam, reverse with mount marks at the four corners, otherwise fine and scarce so fine. Photo on Page 160. £200-250
Click to view full image... c.1850 Entire to The Master of the Supreme Court, Cape Town, marked "4PP" with octagonal framed "55" handstamp of Graaf Reinet, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 163. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1850 (Sep 25) Entire letter from Richmond to Graaf Reinet marked "4PPd" with octagonal framed "56" handstamp of Richmond, light staining but a very scarce handstamp. Photo on Page 163. £180-220
  1855-62 Entires bearing 4d Cape triangulars (two margins), the first from Port Elizabeth to Blanco and redirected back to Port Elizabeth endorsed "postpaid" and "To Pay Extra 4d"; the second from Clan-William to Stellenbosch backstamped with oval datestamps of Clan William, Cape Town (both in red) and Stellenbosch. (2). £100-120
  1867-80 Covers with oval datestamps (Goldblatt DTO1/4) unusually used to cancel stamps, comprising 1867 "VICTORIA" tying 4d, 1868-70 "BEDFORD" tying 4d (2, both also with poor triangular obliterators), and 1880 cover with 3d on 4d and 1d tied "TULBACH" datestamp, the last with faults, the other three fine. (4). £180-220
  1866-81 Covers (13) and fronts (2) all with oval datestamps (Goldblatt DTO1/4) including Sir Lourys Pass, Malacas, Fraserburg, Pearston, Plumstead, etc., some faults. (15). £220-260
  1866-84 Covers with the stamps cancelled by triangular "CGH" obliterators, one 1867 entire with 1d pair + 4d each also cancelled by manuscript date, datestamps include Philipston and Whittlesea single ring c.d.s and Elim double arc datestamp. Also 1874 cover from Port Elizabeth to King Williams Town with 4d tied upon arrived by double arc datestamp. (9). £150-180
  1867-1910 Covers and cards (31) and fronts (3) with single ring c.d.s, double ring c.d.s or squared circle cancels, many better and scarcer cancels include single ring Jan Fouries Kraal (unrecorded by Putzel), Piquetberg Road, Debenek, Vosburg, Kulls River, Lower Paarl, Humansdorp, Barrydale, etc., also an 1885 cover from Port Elizabeth to Germany (arrival c.d.s and senders name on flap) with 2d, 2 1/2d and 4d cancelled in manuscript. (34). £200-240
  1876-1903 Covers and cards all cancelled by barred oval numerals with datestamps on the front, including 1884 card with the BONC and c.d.s both unusually struck in bright blue, also items from Drachoender, West Bank (East London), Durbansville, Murraysburg, Uitkyk (BONC unrecorded by Putzel), Blands Drift, Slangfontein, etc. A few faults and some numeral cancels unclear, but many others fine and scarce. (16). £200-250
  1881 Cover from Swellendam to Cape Town bearing 1880 "3" on 3d tied by octagonal numeral "30", a late and unusual use as a cancellation. £140-180
  1900-09 Cover and postcards (2) all with large single ring skeleton cancels comprising "STELLENBOSCH" (JY 10 00), "MOSSEL BAY" (JA 23 09) or "GRAAFF REINET" (DE 21 04), the last rare, all fine. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1903 Picture postcard of East London addressed to Austria with Cape KEVII 1/2d tied by "KUK KRIEGSMARINE / S.M.S / ZENTA" c.d.s. An unusual acceptance of a Cape stamp posted on an Austrian warship, whilst at the Cape enroute from the Boxer Rebellion in China to Trieste. Photo on Page 163. £300-400
  1912 Cape QV 1/2d reply card to Cape Town cancelled by violet "BEDFORD / AUG. 20 1912 / C.G.R" rubber datestamp with the usual Bedford c.d.s alongside, philatelic (no message) but very attractive and scarce. £80-100
Click to view full image... Late Mail. 1893 (Feb 26) Cover from Clanwilliam to Cape Town bearing 1d tied by "10" numeral and just tied by the Clanwilliam c.d.s with large "LATE" handstamp alongside (Goldblatt SP14). A very scarce locally made handstamp only used at Clanwilliam, very minor soiling, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 163. £150-200
  Late Mail. 1892-1900 Covers and cards with boxed "POSTED LATE" (Goldblatt SP12) of Oudtshoorn, Queens Town or Clanwilliam, "TOO LATE" of Richmond or sloping "TOO-LATE" (SP7) of Port Elizabeth, the last card with corner fault, otherwise mainly fine and a scarce group. (5). £200-250
Click to view full image... Official Mail. 1871 Stampless cover with "Inland M.O Advice. On H.M Service" heading printed in yellow and part printed address of "The Postmaster", altered to read "From The Postmaster" with the M.O Advice heading crossed out, addressed to "F.K LeWater Esq., Graaff Reinet", dispatch and arrival datestamps. Very unusual and attractive. Photo on Page 163. £120-150
  Official Mail. 1854-96 Stampless covers comprising 1854 entire to the Colonial Office, Cape Town, headed "On Service" with superb oval "BURGHERS-DORP" datestamp in red; 1862 cover with Colonial Secretarys Office crest sent from Cape Town to Baufort and redirected back to Cape Town, endorsed "Service" and "redirected", backstamped oval Cape Town and Beaufort datestamps; and 1896 O.H.M.S cover with Mossel Bay c.d.s sent to "Post Office Agent, Ruyterbosch", crossed through and redirected to "Tunes Van der Wats, Telegrams, This reply to be sent to him". Also 1888 cover franked 1d pair from George to the Inspector of Stores at King Williams Town, charged 4d postage due, with oval cachet "AUDIT OFFICE / ORIGINAL / 6 DE 88 / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE". Four interesting and unusual items. (4). £200-250
  Officially Sealed Mail. 1898 (July 10) Cover franked 1d from Cockhouse to Bedford, the reverse with a large "FOUND OPEN & OFFICIALLY CLOSED / IN THE POST OFFICE" label bearing a "COOKHOUSE / C.G.H" c.d.s, and tied by a Bedford arrival c.d.s. The label imprint shows just 2,000 labels were printed, in 1894. The front a little soiled, the reverse with the label fine. £100-120
  Misdirected/Redirected Mail. 1883-1910 Covers and cards including 1906 card from Worcester to Paarl with the very scarce violet boxed cachet "Misdirected to PAARL / This letter should have been / addressed to LOWER PAARL", and redirected mail with "Officially Redirected" cachets of East London and Stellenbosch, "REPOSTED" cachet with a " 1/2d" charge mark, 1891 cover from Burghersdorp to Molteno franked 2d with a 1d stamp applied for redirection back to Burghersdorp, 1883 cover bearing 1882 1/2d on 3d strip of four, 1896 1/2d postcard from Worcester with a 1/2d stamp added upon redirection at Wynberg, 1901 1d envelope uprated 1d from Muizenberg to London with a G.B 3d applied upon redirection to Germany, etc. An interesting lot (14). £220-260
Click to view full image... Forces Mail - Postage Due. 1894 Cover from G.B franked at the 1d concession rate, to a Seaman on H.M.S "Penelope" at Simons Town with an arrival datestamp on the front, redirected to Cape Town with a "1d" charge mark applied. A scarce outgoing concession rate cover, charged in error as soldiers and sailors concession rate letters were supposed to be exempt from redirection charges. Photo on Page 163. £240-280
Click to view full image... Detained for Postage - Returned Letter Office. 1911 (Mar 1) Registered cover to Austria franked by Cape 1/2d, 1d and South Africa 2 1/2d pair all tied by Stal Street Cape Town c.d.s, found to be underpaid so sent to the Returned Letter Office and detained whilst the 4d deficiency was collected from the sender. Opened and resealed with a label "Officially Sealed in the Returned Letter Office, G.P.O, Cape Town" tied by Registered Letter Office datestamp, a Cape 4d then applied and tied by violet oval "RETURNED LETTER OFFICE / 16 MAR 11 / G.P.O / CAPE TOWN". An exceptional cover. Photo on Page 163. £200-250
Click to view full image... Postage Due Mail. c.1900-08 Covers (2), a card and a front all with locally made charge marks comprising "T1D<$>" of Worcester (SP26) on unpaid 1906 card, "T" and "2D" of Port Elizabeth on stampless O.H.M.S front, "T2" of Uitenhage on 1906 cover franked 1d, and "2d" of Upington on unpaid 1904 cover. Some faults but a rare group, the Port Elizabeth handstamps illustrated by Goldblatt and believed to be unique, the Uitenhage mark unlisted by Goldblatt and probably also unique. (4). Photo on Page 163. £250-300
  Postage Due Mail. 1900-13 Covers and cards including 1907 cover from East London to G.B franked 1/2d with boxed "CLOSED AGAINST / INSPECTION" and charged 1d in G.B, 1910 postcard from Bermuda franked 1d with violet boxed "STOPPAGE FEE" and a " 1/2d" charge mark applied upon redirection at Willowmore, 1913 postcard from Cape Town to Calvinia with hexagonal framed "UNSTAMPED" (SP18), 1898-1901 covers from G.B to Port Elizabeth with "2d" or "5D" charge marks, 1905 lettercard from Germany to East London with "3d" charge mark, underpaid postcards from G.B with 1d charge marks including unusual violet oval framed "T/1d" of King Williams Town, etc. (10). £160-180


  1866 Stampless entire to "The Postmaster, Cape Town" with Pietermaritzburg c.d.s, delivered free of charge. A scarce early official cover. £220-260

Orange Free State

Click to view full image... 1850 Entire to Swellendam inscribed by the sender "Verzonden den 17 Jany 1850 van Bloemfontein" and endorsed "p paid" with red "6" charge, indicating prepayment of the 6d postage to the Cape. A fine prestamp letter clearly showing the origin and date. Photo on Page 166. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1851 (Mar 3) Entire letter written by Maria Murray from Graaf Reinet, addressed to "The Revd A. Murray, Bloem Fontein" and endorsed "Paid", with manuscript "4PP" and octagonal framed "55" handstamp of Graaf Reinet. The interesting letter includes "The news from the Frontier was of the most exciting kind. On Wednesday Mr Hans Meintjes arrived from the Commando bringing the intelligence that our Burghers had had a most desperate engagement with the Rebels at Blink Water, one colored man from this place killed and two severely wounded, one was his brother in law Gut Nickerk who was shot through his face, the ball entering one cheek and coming out at the other. It seems they were surrounded by the Hottentot and when Mr N. was shot he was lying down that the enemys shots might pass over him when lifting up his head to reload he received the shot which there seems much reason to expect will prove fatal. He has not spoken since nor could he take any nourishment - a wagon has left this place to fetch him if he should be alive and able to be removed ..... the other man who was wounded is one Reitz, but not dangerously. He travelled slowly and arrived yesterday. From the different accounts we have received it is marvellous so few were wounded when the balls were flying thick around them wounding their horses and passing close to their sides and yet their lives spared. One man from Sneuberg - Meinwehuysen was killed". A fine letter from the Cape to the O.F.S with the scarce "55" handstamp. Photo on Page 166. £500-700
Click to view full image... 1851 (Aug 5) Entire letter written from "Bethanien", the Berlin Missionary Society's station at Bethany, addressed to Revd Muhlmann of the Berlin Missionary Society in Berlin "Care of B. Hebeler, His Prussian Majestys Consul General, London". Prepaid 8d and charged 2/- in London with oval "GENERAL POST OFFICE / (crown) / CAPETOWN" and a London arrival backstamp (Oct 21). A fine and scarce early Missionary letter from the O.F.S, the contents written in German mentioning Colesberg, Hebron, Plasberg and Boomplaatz. Photo on Page 166. £900-1,100
Click to view full image... c.1852 Entire addressed in the handwriting of Andrew Murray (Minister at Bloemfontein 1848-60) to "Miss Murray, Parsonage, Graaff Reinet" and inscribed "Paid", unusually showing three rates, "PP8d" and "4" in red and "6" in black, the Orange River Sovereignty and Cape postage both presumably prepaid. Photo on Page 166. £300-350
  c.1852 Entire addressed in the handwriting of Andrew Murray (Minister at Bloemfontein 1848-60) to "Revd John Murray, Burgersdorp" with red "PP8d" and "4", indicating prepayment of both the Orange River Sovereignty and Cape postage. £250-300
  c.1852 Entires all addressed in the handwriting of Andrew Murray (Minister at Bloemfontein 1848-60) to "Revd John Murray, Burgersdorp", two inscribed "Pd" by the sender with "PP4d" or "8pp" added in another hand, the third letter without any indication of prepayment or of any postal rate. All three almost certainly from the Orange River Sovereignty, two with the Orange River and Cape postage both apparently prepaid, the other probably hand carried. (3). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1864 (Mar 8) Cover to James Farie in Scotland with the recipients endorsement "From Gilbert Farie, Bloemfontein Mar. 1864", a red "6" indicating prepayment of the O.F.S postage and a Cape 1/- deep dark green (S.G. 8b, two margins) paying the Cape postage to G.B tied by triangular "CGH" obliterator. Red "PAID / DEVONPORT / CAPE-PACKET / 23 AP 64" c.d.s on the front, backstamped at Cape Town and Glasgow. Tiny faults at upper left corner, otherwise mainly fine and very scarce; only about a dozen covers recorded from the O.F.S with Cape triangulars added, mostly from this one correspondence. Photo on Page 166. £1,000-1,200
  1873-80 Combination pieces bearing O.F.S and Cape stamps with O.F.S 6d rose + Cape 4d (2 pieces), O.F.S 6d rose + Cape 4d pair (faults), O.F.S 6d rose + Cape 4d strip of four or O.F.S 4d blue + two Cape 4d stamps, mainly fine. (5 pieces). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1883 2d Die Proof in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, dated "16 OCT 83" and stamped "AFTER STRIKING". A fine De La Rue proof. Photo on Page 132. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1883 2d Mauve with trial perforation 12 in a superb unmounted mint block of four. From the single De La Rue trial perforation sheet discovered in 1972, which consisted of one imperforate pane of sixty, one pane with vertical perforations, one pane with horizontal perforations and one pane perforated in both directions; this last pane had just 43 stamps remaining which were split into nine blocks of four and seven singles. An interesting and scarce trial block, with a photocopy of the original sheet. Photo on Page 132. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1884 Wrapper to Cape Town franked 1/2d chestnut pair tied by violet Bloemfontein c.d.s with superb oval "STAATS PRESIDENT / ORANJE-VRY STAAT" cachet containing the OFS arms, lower flap removed, otherwise a fine and attractive item from the office of President Brand. Photo on Page 166. £250-300
  1890 Part registered wrapper endorsed "contents old stamps" and sent to the Colchester stamp dealers Winch Brothers, bearing O.F.S 6d rose single + strip of three each cancelled by manuscript "9/10/90", "Registered No 615" written in the same hand. Endorsed "Letter Post" with red "G.P.O CAPETOWN / PAID" c.d.s (unrecorded by Putzel). Also a photocopy of the previous registered item, No. 614, which was also sent to Winch Bros., and was similarly cancelled in manuscript as well as with Zastron datestamps. Very unusual. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1904 V.R.I 1/2d Postal stationery postcard to Paarl cancelled large "S.O / EINTRACHT, O.R.C" temporary rubber datestamp in red, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 166. £240-280
  Revenues. 1877 Document granting land in the Boshof district signed by the State President J.H Brand, with the seal of the OFS embossed on paper and applied to the document, also bearing 10/-, £2 and £5 revenue stamps each tied by oval Landdrost Boshof cachets. Faults and tears to the central fold at both the upper and lower parts of the document, the base repaired with a transparent covering, nevertheless an interesting document and a good example of Brands autograph. Also an example of the embossed OFS arms on piece. (2). £70-100


Click to view full image... 1879 Cover from Pretoria to Kent franked Transvaal 6d cancelled by circular numeral "1" and Cape 6d tied by "1" vertical obliterator, "PRETORIA / Z.A.R / ZUID AFRIKA" (May 2) and "CAPE TOWN" (May 9) datestamps on the front, backstamped in London. A good combination cover, with B.P.A Certificate (1974). Photo on Page 166. £800-1,000
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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