G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 10
  Air Mails. 1950-77 Covers including 1949 first flight from Rabaul to Buin signed by the pilot, 1950 first flight from Barakoma Airfield to Honiara, 1951 flights from Barakoma to Honiara by Qantas or Honiara to Rabaul and Rabaul to Buin, 1955 cover from Vanikoro to Sydney picked up by seaplane en route with 1/4 in Solomon stamps tied by "PAQUEBOT / SYDNEY" datestamps, etc. (11). £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Barakoma Airfield. 1953-58 Air letters and covers all with provisional cancels of Barakoma comprising 1953 manuscript cancels of Sister W.B Poole (2, both Sep 22) or Rev. T. Shepherd (Nov. 16 & Dec. 8), 1954-55 manuscript cancels of Miss D.J Clark (June 29, 1954 & 15 Feb. 1955, latter with handstruck date), Miss C.M Fraser (6 July 1954 & 11 Jan 1955, latter with handstruck date) or Mrs Gloria Shepherd (16 June 1955, handstruck date), 1955-56 covers simply with a handstruck date (2), "BARAKOMA AIRFIELD" (Proud D2) + handstruck date (9 covers, one from New Zealand with cachets applied upon redirection to Bougainville), larger "BARAKOMA AIRFIELD" (Proud D1 but unframed) + date (2, both with ship cachets), violet boxed "BARAKOMA / AIRFIELD" (Proud D4) + date, also a 1958 (Mar 24) air letter posted at Munda airfield on the first day of opening and cancelled by a Gizo c.d.s. A superb lot, some philatelic covers as usual but six covers undoubtedly commercial (including three with rare manuscript cancels), and three other probably commercial, two registered with labels applied at Sydney. (24). Photo on Page 77. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Yandina. 1952-53 Covers (10) and pieces (4) showing provisional cancels, the covers cancelled by large violet straight line datestamp (5, three also with Honiara c.d.s), similar but smaller datestamp (3, all with a Honiara c.d.s) or manuscript initials and date (2/3/53 & 23/2/53, both with Honiara c.d.s), and a 1954 (Jan 11) cover with the new Yandina c.d.s, the pieces showing pen lines cancel, manuscript date (2) or handstruck date. A scarce lot, four covers commercial, one registered. (15). Photo on Page 77. £380-450
  1953-66 Covers including 1959 2nd printed matter rate to Australia, cancels of Yandina, Munda, Kira Kira, Gizo and Auki, various rates and destinations, six registered, local letters (7), air mail to New Guinea (4), etc. (22). £140-160
  1966-68 Covers bearing decimal currency surcharge stamps including air letters (5, two with cachets of "B.S.I.P Medical Department, Honiara" or "B.S.I.P - W.H.O / Malaria Pre Eradication Project"), O.H.M.S covers, etc., two registered, various rates to $4.90 and values to the $2. (25). £100-120
  1967-75 Covers and cards including local printed matter rates (3), Postal Agency handstamps (13), datestamps of Kira Kira, Kukum, Graciosa Bay, Auki, Yandina, Munda, etc., registered mail (12), formula air letters (3) and 8c stationery air letters (2), etc. (42). £150-200
  1976-2001 Covers and cards with Solomon Islands stamps including B.S.I issues with "British" overprints (7, rarely seen on cover), Postal Agency handstamps (35), Savings Bank agency cachets (12), Postage Paid handstamps (3), registered mail, etc. (87). £220-260

Official Mail

Click to view full image... 1917-39 Stampless O.H.M.S covers, three with boxed "BRITISH / SOLOMON / ISLANDS / PAID / TULAGI" (31x27mm) in violet or black, three others with similar 38x20mm "POSTAGE / PAID" cachet in black or red, three with dated oval "PROTECTORATE POSTMASTER / TULAGI" cachets. Six covers with Tulagi datestamps, Proud types R1 (2) or D6/7 (4), five registered with labels applied. A good group, sent to G.B (5), Canada or Germany. (7). Photo on Page 77. £250-300
  1946-90 Stampless covers with boxed "BRITISH / SOLOMON / ISLANDS / POSTAGE / PAID / HONIARA" (4) or similar handstamps of "AUKI" (4) or "MUNDA" (2), various official cachets with "PROTECTORATE POSTMASTER / HONIARA" (2), "COMPTROLLER OF POSTS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS / HONIARA", etc., Postage Paid datestamps (3) and boxed Postage Paid handstamps from various towns (14), O.H.M.S meter marks (2), 1946 Honiara rubber c.d.s, etc. (47). £150-180

Maritime Mail
(Also see 407, 408, 410, 412, 420)

  1930 Cover to the Solomon Islands with Australia 1/2d pair tied by Tulagi c.d.s, endorsed "Not Known, Tulagi" and redirected to England; and 1938 cover to Sydney with New Guinea 2d cancelled violet "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 1799) with a Tulagi c.d.s alongside. Two unusual covers, the first possibly posted at sea, the second with a little staining around the stamp but otherwise fine. (2). £120-140
  1949-70 Covers and cards with various ship cachets, some with Australian or Pacific Islands Paquebot cancels; also c.1960 cover from Vanikoro with Solomon stamps cancelled by oval dumb obliterators in Australia, possibly posted at sea, c.1955-75 covers and cards with Honiara Paquebot handstamps (3), and a 1963 mail receipt one mailbag for received from Gizo to be carried on the MV "Mandalay" to Munda. (30). £180-220

Air Letters & Postal Stationery

  1946-82 Formula air letters including 1946 Fiji air letter used from Honiara with rubber type c.d.s, 1948 first type Solomons 'letter card' unused and used (5, used 1948-51), 1951 second type air letter unused and used (7, used 1951-56) and various later types, the first type scarce. (26). £150-180
  1968-2001 Postal stationery air letters and envelopes including first 1968 8c air letter unused (3), one with missing blue error,or used (2); 8c air letter with an added 1c stamp unused and used, or with an added 4c stamp used to USA (amazing contents apologising for not having written for a long time due to his wife committing adultery and having a baby); 1983 Pacific Games air letter unused (2) and F.D.C; 1984 25c air letter unused and F.D.C; 1984 Olympics 25c air letters unused (2), one with error missing yellow; 1992 50c Air Mail envelopes unused and used (2, one with 50th Anniversary of Guadalcanal imprint) and 70c air letters unused (2, one with blue missing error, another with 50th Anniversary of Guadalcanal imprint) or used, and various later air letters and envelopes. A good group with three scarce missing colour varieties. (39). £300-400

Postage Due Mail

  1946-68 Covers with circular "TAX" handstamps comprising 1946 Victory pair on registered F.D.C charged 1d, 1953 cover franked 1/6 to Fiji with 2d charge mark of Honiara, 1957 cover franked 1/- from Gizo to Australia with 4d charge mark of Munda (tape stains), 1962 cover franked 1d to G.B with ship cachets and 2d charge mark of Honiara, and 1968 cover from Honiara franked 7c with Honiara "D" Tax mark showing a 10c charge with 3c and 7c surcharge stamps applied as dues and tied by a Honiara c.d.s. (5). £130-160
Click to view full image... 1955 Cover from Australia to Yandina only franked 1/2d, handstamped "CTMS/T" and marked "T6" with 1d, 2d and 3d postage due stamps tied by a Yandina c.d.s. A fine commercial use of these postage due stamps. Photo on Page 77. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1956 Registered cover from Gizo to Palapye, Bechuanaland Protectorate, franked 2/6 and 5/-, redirected to Francistown, endorsed "Tax 6d, post-dues overleaf", the reverse bearing a strip of six Bechuanaland 1d postage due stamps tied by Francistown datestamps, also backstamped at Sydney, Krugersdorp and Palapye. Very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 77. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1958 P.O card informing the addressee he has a letter charged 2d to collect at the public counter with a 2d postage due stamp tied by Munda c.d.s; 1959 cover from G.B franked 1/3, marked "Tax 6d" with a 6d postage due tied by Honiara c.d.s; and a 1960 cover from London paid 1/3 handstamped "T" and marked "Tax 6d" strangely with a 2d postage due stamp tied by a Honiara c.d.s. Three fine and scarce uses of these postage due stamps. (3). Photo on Page 82. £200-250
  1966-75 Underpaid covers from G.B (8), Australia, Papua New Guinea or sent within the Solomon Islands (2), most with "T" handstamps, all with postage stamps applied to collect the postage due charges and tied by Honiara datestamps, includes 1966 1c and 2c surcharge pairs on separate covers, etc., all fine and commercial. Also a 1971 card informing the addressee he has a letter charged 6c awaiting collection. A scarce group. (13). £240-280

(Also See Lot 194)

  1870 Entire letter from Liverpool to "August Baron de Akermann, Austrian Ship Marietta M, care Messrs Gladston Wyllie & Co., Rangoon", via Marseille, franked 1d + 1/-, backstamped fine oval "SEA POST OFFICE / F", Calcutta and partial Rangoon c.d.s. The writer advises Akermann to take whatever freight he can to pay expenses and return to Europe as all the Indian trade is now being taken by the steamers going by the Suez Canal. A little worn at the edges and light vertical fold, an attractive and interesting letter. £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1937 Burma overprints on India KGV issues, the 3p - 10r postage issue (16 values) and 3p - 5r Official issue (13 values) all superb mint, lightly mounted. S.G. 1/16, O1/13, £675. (29). Photo on Page 96. £150-180

(Also See Lots 58, 94, 254, 1259, 1260, 1271, 1274-1278)

Click to view full image... 1801 Entire to Greenock "per Darlington" with superb oval "Ship Letter / (crown) / QUEBEC" and similar oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / LIVERPOOL" (Rob. S4), fine and attractive. Photo on Page 82. £150-180
  New Brunswick. 1855 Stampless entire letters from Mirandi (Chatham c.d.s) or St. Johns to Scotland, both carried by Cunard steamers to Liverpool with green "6" charge marks and matching "PKT LETTER / LIVERPOOL" datestamps (Rob. P9), blue "1" or black "NEW-BK / 1d / CLAIM" handstamps applied in New Brunswick but crossed out in England. (2). £160-200
  Prince Edward Island. 1856 Cover with a sailing ship and "Liverpool" embossed on the flap, addressed to Prince Edward Island with an embossed 6d (cut square, two margins) tied by Liverpool 466 spoon with red "1d" accountancy mark and an arrival backstamp, an unusual destination. £100-120
  British Columbia. 1859 (Mar 31) Cover from London to "Post Office Victoria, British Columbia, To be left until called for" franked 1d (corner fault), 2d and 1/-, Liverpool transit datestamp and "PAID" applied in USA, backstamped "COMML RD / BROMBIES ROW" undated circle. An unusual destination, carried by the Cunard "Europa" to New York, endorsed "Received June 7th". £130-160
  Canadian Militia. 1862-1909 Covers and cards comprising 1862 cover franked 6d from G.B to "Lt Colonel Higginson, Grenadier Guards, Montreal, via Portland"; 1878 cover with "ON MILITIA SERVICE" and Royal arms printed at upper left, sent from London, Ontario, to "Lt. Colonel O'Malley, Comg 25th Battn. Wardsville"; c.1885 unused 1c postal stationery card with red Royal Arms and "Service" overprint and "On M.S only" in the lower corner, produced by Capt. Henry Hechler; and a postcard of the 6th Militia at Vancouver. (4). £100-120

(Also See Lot 196)

Click to view full image... 1908 2 1/2d Handstruck surcharge on 4d mint, a little heavily hinged, otherwise fine with large part original gum. With R.P.S Certificate (2016). S.G. 35, £1,800. Photo on Page 93. £450-550

(Also See Lots 95, 197)

  1941-42 Covers from Colombo bearing War Purposes Contribution seals tied by datestamps, one to London with 15c meter mark and 10c seal overprinted by red "V", violet "6 / PASSED / CENSOR"; the other to Australia franked 15c with regular issue 5c and 10c seals, both fine and unusual. £120-140

(Also See Lots 97, 98, 146, 152, 198, 199, 1078)

  1847 Entire letter from Baltimore addressed to "William Buckler, Canton, China, care of Brown Shipley & Co., Liverpool" and endorsed "Overland Mail" with blue Baltimore c.d.s, "PAID" and oval framed "10", backstamped by "America / Liverpool" c.d.s and handstamped "1/-". A fine attractive cover, presumably forwarded privately from Liverpool to China by Brown Shipley & Co. £150-180
  1878-1929 Mint and used selection including 1878 Large Dragon 1ca green unused (thin), Small Dragon 1ca - 5ca used, 1897 5c on 5ca olive-yellow mint (S.G. 36), 1897 2c on 3c red revenue used (S.G. 89, faults), 1906 $1 mint (S.G. 131, thin spots), 1903 (Oct 22) bisected 2c on piece tied by boxed "Postage / 1 Cent / Paid" and a Foochow c.d.s, 1914 Express letter stamp with side portions each with a letter handstamp used as a receipt, etc., mixed quality, several with thins or other faults. (61). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1921-36 Mint and used selection including 1928 Chang Tso-lin set mint, 1929 Chiang Kai-shek set mint and used, 1929 redrawn air set mint (corner marginal) and used, 1931-37 1c - $5 first issue definitive set of seven unmounted mint, 1933 Tan Yen-kai set unmounted mint and used, 1936 New Life set mint, etc., all fine. S.G. £1,595. (53). Photo on Page 96. £300-350
  1938-50 Mint and used selection with early communist issues from Central & South China, East China with 1949 (Nov/Dec.) sets mint (EC 392/400), North China with 1949 (Nov 26) set mint, North East China with 1949 (July 1) 28th Anniversary of Communist Party $50 used (NE61), 1947 (Oct 5) Mau Tse-tung $9, $500 mint (NE 196, 198), North West China 1949 (Sept) $1 mint (NW82), South West China Guizhou Province 1950 Parcel Post stamps (6, unlisted by S.G.), also Chinese Empire issues with 1938-41 definitives, 1941 Express stamp used (E616), 1942 definitives with Chunking 16c block of four unused (629A) and Nanping $2 imperf pair unused (646a), 1943 50c provincial surcharges (4, including Chekiang type unused, S.G. 689B), inflation surcharges, 1949 (Aug 20) 15c block of six and 40c block of four unused (1358/9), etc. A useful lot, mainly fine. S.G. £2,500+. (129). £400-500
  1960-73 Mint and used issues comprising 1960 Goldfish set used, 1962 Manchurian Crane set mint, 1963 Hwangshan Landscapes set used, 1964 Peonies set used, 1967 Mao Tse-tung Thoughts 8f used (S.G. 2349, creased), 1968 Revolutionary Literature and Art first issue set used, 1973 Archaeological Treasures set, Revolutionary Ballet set and Popular Gymnastics set all unmounted mint, the used sets all C.T.O, all fine. S.G. £500+. (65). £120-140
  1927-37 Covers to or from China including two 1935 covers from London to Shanghai returned with Chinese or English language explanatory handstamps including "Parti / Left" and "Inconnu / Unknown" and redirection slips, printed pictorial cover from Foochow depicting a Pagoda and Chinese gate, also a piece of 160x37mm paper depicting Chinese characters, illustrations and handstamps, possibly a banknote. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Indo-China P.O in China. 1904-05 1c, 2c and 5c - 10f used, various overprint types. S.G. 29/41, £850. (14). Photo on Page 93. £150-180
  Russian P.O/Forwarding Agent. 1903 Cover (opened out) to England via Siberia franked Russian P.O in China 10k cancelled by Shanghai Russian P.O c.d.s (May 22) with a second strike alongside, backstamped with scarce violet oval "FORWARDED BY / FRAZAR & CO / SHANGHAI" and datestamps of Moscow and Manchester. A scarce Shanghai Forwarding Agents cachet, ex Rowe. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1852 (Aug 2) Entire letter from "Mangaia, South Pacific", written by the missionary George Gill to his brother in England, privately carried across the Pacific to the West Coast of USA and carried across the USA in closed bag, handstamped upon arrival at Liverpool with "ART-5 / B.R PKT" (M6) and "PKT LETTER / LIVERPOOL" datestamp (P9), carried from New York to Liverpool by the Cunard "Europa". Gill reports the arrival of the Barque "John Williams" in March with a letter from home, the Revd W.W Gill Butt has arrived, the writer expects to leave soon for Rarotonga where a meeting will decide his future movements, the churches and congregations have increased with "some of the most depraved and obdurate, the vilest of the vile" now attending church, many young men left the islands in 1849 for the allurements of employment and gain in California, new schools and chapels are being built, France has had another revolution and the situation of the missionaries in Tahiti is not comfortable. An interesting early letter from the Cook Islands, probably unique sent to G.B across the USA under article 5 of the 1849 U.S/G.B postal convention. Photo on Page 82. £1,200-1,400


Click to view full image... British P.O. 1898 (Nov 25) Imperf handstruck 20pa violet, 1898 (Dec 3) 10pa blue pair and 20pa green (small stain), 1899 10pa brown pair and 20pa rose all mint. S.G. B1/5, £534. (7). Photo on Page 96. £100-120

(Also See Lot 200)

Click to view full image... 1928 50th Anniversary of British Rule 3/4pi - £1 set (less the 1pi) fine used, the £1 superb with a light oval registration datestamp. S.G. 123, 125/32, £400. (9). Photo on Page 96. £120-140

(Also See Lots 184, 202, 203, 237, 931)

  1746-60 Entire letters from Cairo to Venice, written in Italian, the address panels endorsed "Con Nave de Capn Filetto Che D.C" or "Con Cap. Lubenowitch C.D.Q", both fine. (2). £280-320
  Disinfected Mail. 1884 (July 1) 20pa Postcard from Suez to England disinfected due to the cholera outbreak in Southern Europe with five disinfection slits, an unusual disinfected postcard. £100-120

(Also See Lots 128, 129, 688, 689)

Click to view full image... Abyssinian Field Force / Aden. 1868 (Jan 3) Long stampless "On Her Majestys Service" cover addressed "To The Right Honble Sir Stafford Northcote Bart, Secretary of State for India, Whitehall, London S.W" inscribed "via Marseille" and signed by William Merewether as "Brigadier General, Political Resident Aden, On special duty". Handstamped with readable strike of the scarce "FIELD FORCE POST OFFICE / ABYSSINIA" c.d.s, a red London arrival c.d.s and oval "RECEIVED / 20 JAN 68 / VIA MARSEILLE". Merewether was responsible for negotiating with King Theodore for the release of the British hostages in 1867, and upon the outbreak of war in September he took command of the pioneer force, landing at Mulkutto in October. He explored along the base of the Ethiopian Highlands until he encountered the Ragolay River and identified the Tekonda Pass as the best entrance from the Afar Depression to the highlands, and then led another party inland to the Senafe Pass. After this expedition he was promoted to Brigadier General, was made a K.C.S.I and received the thanks of Parliament in 1868. Vertical fold, otherwise fine and a scarce cover from an important figure in the Abyssinia Campaign, with a very early use of the Field Force c.d.s. Photo on Page 82. £600-800

(Also See Lots 167-169, 238, 1108)

Click to view full image... 1904-12 KEVII 1/2d - 5/- Set mint with both 3/- shades, also additional 1/2d and 1d, all fine. S.G. 43/50, £725. (12). Photo on Page 96. £150-180
  1935-53 Mint mainly KGVI issues including 1935 Silver Jubilee set, 1946 Victory 3d re-entry within a block, 1948 Silver Wedding pair and 1952 set (2/6 - £1 unmounted); and Dependencies issues with 1944 overprint sets (all with both 6d shades), 1946-49 coarse map 6d missing "I" variety within an unmounted corner block (S.G. G6b, £250+) and set in marginal blocks each including gap in 80th parallel variety, thin map sets (3, one less 2 1/2d), all fine. S.G. £1,200 (approx). (145). £200-250

(Also See Lots 1, 7, 38, 97, 124, 174, 177, 277, 701-708, 851)

  1779-1802 Correspondence of entire letters from Antwerp or Holland, all to Aelst in Flanders, handstamped with red circular framed "A" (19) or "H" (6), all fine. (25). £160-200
  1785 Entire letter to Guernsey, addressed care of Jacques La Duse in St. Malo, with tiny "SETTE" handstamp, the reverse endorsed "Postage 19" (18 sols postal charge to St. Malo + 1 sol handling charge for the forwarding agent, privately carried to Guernsey); and 1788 entire letter to Ireland with tiny "PORT PAYE / A TOULOUSE" handstamp, the second entire letter with opening tear at top of address panel, otherwise fine, two unusual handstamps. (2). £180-220
  Occupation of Italy/Napoleonic Calendar. 1801-14 Entire letters and entires from Italy (12), various handstamps including circular "BUREAU FRANCAIS / ROME" (2), "30ME / DIVISION" (2), framed shield shaped "AF/G" (Armee Francaise Bureau G) and similar unframed "AF/G" (2), "116 / ROME" (4), "104 / TURIN", "108 / ASTI", official cachets with "PS / Commissionario / di Guerra" on printed headed notepaper of P. Severdi, etc. Also letters with datestamps showing months from the revolutionary calendar (9) including black "Jour Complre / 1" or red "Jour Complre / 2" used on two of the five "Complimentary" days in September necessary to complete a year comprising 12 months each of 30 days, and an entire to the Minister of War in Paris headed "Service Militaire - Infanterie" with "39 / DAX" handstamp. (22). £400-500
Click to view full image... Cross Channel Mail. 1826 Entire from Paris to Lourdes, the address misread as London and therefore missent to England before being returned to France with red "ANGLETERRE" and "P. PAYE PARIS", the reverse with London Foreign Branch datestamps and the endorsement "Missent to England", a 1/2 charge crossed out. Very unusual. Photo on Page 82. £150-200
Click to view full image... Paris Commune. 1871 Stampless Official cover from the Paris Commune with circular "COMMISSARIAT DE LA COMMUNE DE PARIS / XXe ARRT / REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE" cachet in green addressed to the Director of the Prison at Grande Ragnette. A fine and scarce cover from the commune to this infamous prison, the scene of may executions. Photo on Page 82. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1936 50f Air Post stamp with upper margin, mounted on the margin only, the stamp superb unmounted mint. S.G. 541, £1,000. Photo on Page 132. £200-250
  Air Mails. 1929 (Feb) Registered covers from Nancy or Paris franked 11f.50 to Indo-China, cancelled "POSTE AERIENNE / FRANCE - INDO CHINE" c.d.s with violet "RAID INTERROMPU / PAR ACCIDENT / Retour a l'envoyeur", carried on the first intended flight from France to Indo-China which crashed shortly after taking off near Bondy. Also 1939 Express registered cover to Ireland franked 9f.25, 1951 cover to USA charged 17c due, 1936 cover from Monaco to India franked 6f.50 with Par Avion label handstamped boxed "CANCELLED / BOMBAY / 1 DEC. 36" and circular "OVERLAND POSTAGE / DUE" charged 2a and 1929 (Sep 25) Amsterdam to Batavia first flight registered cover franked 1g40. (6). £110-130
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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