G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 5
  Dominica. 1918 Registered picture postcard to a Belgian soldier interned in The Hague, Netherlands, franked on the picture side with 2 1/2d + War Tax 1/2d, the address side with a Dominica registration label, violet octagonal "COLON A ST NAZAIRE / L.A No. 1", London registration datestamp and an oval French censor cachet. An unusual registered postcard. £140-160
Click to view full image... Egypt. 1914 (Oct 11) Cover sent within Egypt franked 5m, bearing a white seal with "PASSED BY CENSOR" in fancy black capitals, Firebrace type CCL1, the only recorded example, illustrated on page 305 of his book. Photo on Page 35. £300-350
  Egypt. 1915 Covers and a card all with Egypt censor cachets, two covers also with censor seals, including small cover to Switzerland with wavy four line cachet in red and four Swiss 20c postage dues on reverse; card from Greece with wavy four line cachet in black and triangular army censor; cover from USA to M.S "Tong King" at Copenhagen redirected to Port Said and Shanghai bearing U.S 2c pair (a further stamp removed), etc. (4). £80-100
  Gold Coast. 1918 (Nov 29) Picture postcard franked 1d from Accra to France with circular violet "PASSED BY CENSOR / (crown) ACCRA", the earliest recorded date of use of this scarce censor (the few other recorded examples all used in 1919). £140-160
Click to view full image... Hong Kong/China. 1916 Cover from Berlin to Foochow franked 20pf with a white British censor seal, a grey-green "GR / OPENED BY CENSOR" seal of Hong Kong over this, tied by Foochow British P.O arrival c.d.s, with violet boxed "P.B.C", very unusual. Photo on Page 38. £180-220
  Hong Kong. 1916 (Sep 9) Cover from Breda to Hong Kong redirected to Batavia franked by Netherlands 2 1/2c and 5c pair bearing a Dutch censor seal tied by large violet boxed "N" and a 1917 Berlin military censor label, backstamped at Hong Kong (Apr 17), Batavia and Weltevreden. Handstamped boxed "A3" and violet boxed "P.B.C" of Hong Kong. An unusual cover, apparently captured by the Germans and held until after the war, finally delivered almost three years after it was posted. £180-200
  India. 1914-18 Covers and cards including cover from Siam to Denmark bearing 5s on 6s strip of three with violet circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / MADRAS"; covers to Switzerland or Philippines with circular dated "POSTAL CENSOR / JUN 1915 / CALCUTTA" and red circular Calcutta censor; card from Switzerland with circular army type "PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 11"; cover to Switzerland with "OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW / CENSOR, CALCUTTA" seal tied by the circular dated Calcutta cachet and red "PASSED BY CENSOR"; covers to Japan and Java, etc. (9). £180-220
  Iraq-Mosul. 1919 Registered cover from Mosul to Sweden bearing I.E.F. D 1/2a (2), 1a and 2 1/2a, red circular "PASSED / D / CENSOR", reverse with blue crayon "Censor B7". Creasing affecting three stamps and edge tear corner right, but still a scarce issue used on cover. £200-250
  Iraq. 1917-19 Covers to Switzerland with British Occupation stamps, one registered franked 5a, one franked 2 1/2a with green "Opened Under Martial Law" seal and red "PASSED / D / CENSOR", the others with Bombay censor cachets and seals (one covering the stamp, small part cut away from upper edge of cover). (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Jamaica. 1917 Rotterdamsche Lloyd letter card, the reverse depicting S.S "Kawi" written from Kingston to Holland by a passenger on the ship, franked 1d and handstamped "T / JAMAICA / CENTIMES / 20" with a 10c postage due applied at Rotterdam. The reverse with "Censored / H.M NAVAL CONTROL BASE / KINGSTON, - JAMAICA / Lt., R.N.V.R" seal, initialled, with a Dutch Postman handstamp. The only recorded example of this extraordinary Jamaica censor seal. Photo on Page 38. £350-400
  Malta/Fiji. 1914 (June 27) Cover from Levuka to Malta bearing Fiji KEVII 4d, the reverse with a Malta arrival c.d.s (Aug 20) and violet straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR", initialled. Very early censorship and probably unique from Fiji. £240-280
  Malta. 1914-19 Covers and cards with circular army type censors (4) including registered cover from Russia bearing 1914 War Charity set of four and registered cover franked 4 1/2d to France both with censor seals tied by wax impressed "VR" and 1914 card from Federated Malay States; or triangular army type censors (4) including 1/2d wrapper to Switzerland with white "Opened under martial law" seal, etc. (8). £120-140
  Mauritius. 1916 Covers to Karikal, French India franked 1c and 2c (7) with white seal tied by violet "(crown) / OPENED BY CENSOR", or registered to Sweden franked 12c + 15c with French censor seal and cachet; and a postcard to Cape Verde via Cape Town franked 2c + 4c with circular "PASSED BY / 99 / CENSOR". (3). £250-280
  Nauru. 1918 Registered cover to Denmark franked 4d, 5d and 6d tied by Pleasant Island datestamps, censored in Australia with scarce black "OPENED BY CENSOR" seal and red circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / 1 AU 18 / C.S". £240-260
  New Zealand. 1915 Covers and cards all with "PASSED BY THE / MILITARY CENSOR / N.Z" including stampless cover from Lyttelton to USA with "T / 30 / CENTIMES" and a "3d" charge mark, cover franked 2 1/2d to Philippine Islands, registered 1 1/2d stationery envelope uprated 3d to Denmark with blank type registration label bearing Courtenay Pl. c.d.s, cover to a Belgian internee in Zeist, Holland, etc. Also a Y.M.C.A cover endorsed "On Active Service" and posted within New Zealand franked 1d. (10). £120-150
Click to view full image... Palestine - Civilian Use of A.P.O. 1918 (Feb 13) Stampless cover with A.P.O SZ44 skeleton c.d.s of Jerusalem partly overstruck by an Egyptian wavy four line censor, addressed to Alexandria with a 2m and 4m pair postage due stamps cancelled upon arrival, backstamped at Cairo and Alexandria. Firebrace records just four other covers posted unpaid by civilians at A.P.O SZ44 and charged postage due in Egypt. Fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 38. £300-400
  Palestine. 1918-19 Covers and a card with covers franked 1pi from A.P.O SZ44 to Chile (handstamped "G") or A.P.O SZ45 to Switzerland, postcard franked 5m to Malta with A.P.O cancel and Malta postman's handstamp "6", and "The Y.M.C.A with the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces" cover from Jerusalem to Western Australia franked 1pi, the last with a few edge faults, some unusual destinations. (4). £160-200
Click to view full image... Papua. 1915 Cover to Japan franked 1/2d and 2d tied by Daru W.D datestamps with scarce, violet "PASSED BY CENSOR" (recorded 1915-16 on covers from Daru and Samarai), arrival backstamp. Photo on Page 38. £300-350
  Rhodesia/Sierra Leone. 1917 Cover franked 2 1/2d to The International Peace Bureau in Berne with South Africa censor seal and cachet, and 1918 Sierra Leone 1/2d postcard uprated 1/2d, 1d and 3d from Freetown to Salisbury with circular "PASSED CENSOR / C. 6 / 99". (2). £120-140
  St. Helena. 1918 Cover franked 2d, addressed to "Lieut. Commdr. S.H Fish, Hood Battn, B.E.F, France" with boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR" (initialled). A little edge wear but an unusual destination from St. Helena. £200-220
Click to view full image... Samoa. 1917 (June 16) Cover to England endorsed "25348 On active service" with Samoa 1d tied by Apia c.d.s and superb boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR / 1 / GRI / SAMOA" in violet. Very few examples recorded of this number "1" censor; this is the cover described in the R.P.S.N.Z book on Samoa postal history. Photo on Page 38. £600-700
  Samoa. 1914-16 Covers comprising cover from Apia to USA franked 1/2d + 1d pair with straight line "Passed by Censor", printed matter cover from USA to Apia franked 1c with violet boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR / 3 / GRI / SAMOA", and cover from New Zealand to Pago Pago franked 1d + 1/2d War Stamp with similar number "2" censor in violet. (3). £150-180
  Sarawak. 1917 Covers sent from Kuching to Holland franked 10c with a British censor seal; or from USA to Lungei Tengah, Sarawak franked 10c, redirected back to USA with three Kuching arrival and despatch datestamps and a British censor seal. A scarce pair. (2). £300-350
  Seychelles. 1917 Picture postcard from Victoria to USA franked 3c + 6c with violet circular "PASSOU PELA / BEIRA / CENSURA", very unusual transit censorship in Mozambique. £160-180
  South Africa. 1915 Cover franked 2 1/2d from Pretoria to Holland with bilingual censor seal, violet "PASSED CENSOR" and oval "CENSOR / 17 JUN 1915 / CAPETOWN", containing a small portion of the original letter showing little more than the senders signature and the printed slip "Portion of this letter / destroyed by Censor". Closed tear at right side, otherwise fine and unusual. £100-120
  South Africa. 1915 Covers and cards from or to South Africa with various censor cachets, including cards to Cuba and Samos, covers to Batavia, Madeira or to Russia returned unknown with various cachets and datestamps, cover from Mozambique franked 2 1/2c on 25r with violet "PASSOU PELA / BEIRA / CENSURA" and a South African censor, card from Japan, etc. (10). £200-240
Click to view full image... Straits Settlements. 1914 (Oct 24) Cover from Batavia to Shanghai bearing Netherlands Indies 3c and 10c each tied by Semarang Colonial Exhibition slogan datestamp, bearing a "STRAITS SETTLEMENTS / GR / FOUND OPEN AND OFFICIALLY SEALED" label (imprint of "3,000 - 5/14") tied on both sides by violet straight line "Passed by Censor", backstamped at Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai British P.O. A rare use of the Officially Sealed label (of which just 3,000 were printed) as a provisional censor seal early in the war at Singapore. Photo on Page 38. £280-320
  Straits Settlements. 1915-18 Covers from India, Indo-China or Penang to Singapore all with differing Straits Settlements censor seals, the last also with violet "LETTER CENSORS' OFFICE / G.P.O" and circular "LETTER CENSOR / PASSED / No. 3 / PENANG"; covers from Klang, FMS to India or Singapore to USA both with Madras censor cachets applied in transit; and cover from Denmark to Penang with British censor label and "PENANG / HILL" arrival c.d.s. The three covers with censor labels and the FMS cover all with edge faults or staining, but an uncommon group. (6). £140-160
  Sudan. 1917 Registered cover from Khartoum to France bearing a 1pi stamp, a further stamp removed probably by the censor (the censor label partly over the space where this stamp had been), bearing the rare black on pink seal "SUDAN / OPENED 1 BY CENSOR" tied by four strikes of triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / 8 / SUDAN", with letter from John Firebrace stating this is the only recorded example of this number 1 censor seal. Opened out at right, small repair to lower left corner, otherwise fine and very scarce. £180-200
Click to view full image... Sudan. 1918 Cover from Egypt to Addis Ababa censored in transit with similar Sudan No. 6 sensor seal tied by four strikes of the number 8 censor cachet, the cover inscribed "via Djibouti" but with large boxed "MISSENT" handstamp presumably applied at Khartoum. Photo on Page 38. £200-240
  Sudan/Belgian Congo. 1918 Belgian Congo 5c postal stationery picture postcard from Bula to London with triangular "PASSED / BY CENSOR / 1 / SUDAN"; and 1919 card from Cairo to Aba, Belgian Congo, with similar Sudan censor cachet No. 96, unusual. (2). £180-200
  Tonga. 1917 Registered cover to Switzerland franked 2d + 5d with oval Nukualofa registration handstamp and boxed "R / SUVA, FIJI" unusually applied in transit, French censor seal and cachet, backstamped at Suva and Liverpool; and 1918 cover to New Zealand "via Suva per Choiseul" franked 2d with an N.Z Military Censor cachet. (2). £200-250
  Trinidad. 1915-16 Covers franked 1d to G.B with green double framed "PASSED BY CENSOR", or franked 2 1/2d to Holland with similar single framed censor cachet in green and a French censor seal and cachet. Two very scarce censors. (2). £300-350
Click to view full image... Tristan da Cunha. 1918 Cover to England with fine type 1 "TRISTAN / DA / CUNHA" cachet partly covered by British "Opened By Censor 3677" seal, carried by ship to Rio de Janeiro where a Brazil 200r stamp was applied and cancelled (Apr. 29). Small surface fault at lower left corner, otherwise fine and a remarkable WW1 period censored cover (just one other type 1 censored cover recorded from Tristan in WW1), unique with a Brazil stamp added in transit. Photo Inside Front Cover. £3,000-3,500
  Virgin Islands. 1915 Registered cover to the Empire Patriotic Prize Fund in Switzerland bearing KGV 1/2d and 1d (4), the five stamps each tied by Road-Town c.d.s, boxed registration handstamps of Road Town and St. Thomas. Bearing a French censor seal and cachet, backstamped at St. Thomas, New York and Ouvere. A fine cover from Tortola. £180-200

Forces Mail

  British East Africa. 1914-17 Covers and a card, comprising stampless O.A.S covers with Indian F.P.O 301 or 343 c.d.s or an Entebbe datestamp, covers with KUT 6c or I.E.F 1a cancelled at Indian F.P.O 23, and a Belgian Congo 5c postal stationery picture postcard bearing KUT 6c posted from Kisumu to "Captain S.H James Commdg Vol. Maxim Gun Coy, Nairobi" with datestamps of Indian F.P.O 24 (2) and 305. (6). £140-160
  Egypt. 1915 Covers both with red circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE" on both sides and bearing I.E.F 1a stamps, one from Lt J.H Napier sent to Western Australia with No. 75 censors and two stamps tied by "1ST AUST. DIVISION / TRAIN / FIELD P.O" c.d.s; the other from Lt. N Wood-Smith to New Zealand with No. 96 censors and a Qantara c.d.s alongside an uncancelled stamp. Two attractive covers from Australian or N.Z soldiers. (2). £160-180
Click to view full image... Falkland Islands. 1915 (Sep 25) Stampless Field Service postcard with F.P.O 4X c.d.s addressed to Goose Green, Darwin Harbour, Falkland Islands with "FALKLAND / ISLANDS" arrival backstamp (Oct 30?), signed by A. McDonnell, one of the few volunteers from the Falkland Islands serving in the British forces. Very scarce, only 3 or 4 O.A.S cards and covers known from forces on the Western Front sent to the Falkland Islands. Photo on Page 42. £350-400
Click to view full image... Gibraltar - H.M Balloon Station. 1918 "Y.M.C.A with H.M Forces On Active Service" postcard, from "B.P, A.C.1, H.M Balloon Station, Gibraltar" to England franked by a G.B 1d, accepted as valid and tied by a Gibraltar c.d.s. Believed to be the only identifiable item of mail from the Balloon Station run by the R.A.F in Gibraltar. Photo on Page 42. £150-180
  Grenada. 1915 Stampless picture postcard of Cuba sent by a sailor with "H" Force, London "Received From H.M Ship / No Charge to be Raised" machine. The message includes "We have just got in Grenada". Scarce. £120-140
  Hong Kong. 1917 Stampless O.A.S cover and postcard to England both with red "OFFICIAL PAID / HONG KONG" c.d.s, the cover signed by Lt. D. Dahl, R.E, both fine. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... New Guinea. 1914 Cover to Sydney endorsed "Garrison Duty Rabaul" and "D. Coy No. 947" bearing G.R.I 1d on 5pf tied by violet "RABAUL / Oct 22 14" and a Sydney machine (Nov 20), closed tear at left edge, otherwise fine and a rare commercial cover from Australian troops in New Guinea. Photo on Page 42. £700-800
Click to view full image... Nyasaland. 1919 Stampless O.A.S postcard written from Zomba to Australia with "F.P.O / 1" c.d.s, oval "MECHANICAL TRANSPORT / 6 JAN 1919 / A. SECTION" and violet straight line "CENSORED BY-". Drysdall & Pennycuick only recorded two examples of this rare censor cachet (both used in April 1918) whilst the latest example of F.P.O 1 they recorded was 26 Dec. 1918 when the F.P.O was at Limbe; this card suggests the F.P.O might have made one final move to Zomba. Probably the only recorded Nyasaland F.F. item to Australia, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 42. £550-600
Click to view full image... St. Helena - South African Flying Corps. 1915 (Nov 13) Stampless O.A.S picture postcard of R.M.S "Saxon" written whilst at St. Helena by "Air Mechanic A.P.B", addressed to South Africa with a Cape Town Paquebot c.d.s (Nov 19) and blue oval "SOUTH AFRICAN SQUADRON / 12 NOV 1915 / ROYAL FLYING CORPS", very scarce. Photo on Page 42. £300-350
  Samoa. 1917 (Aug 30) Long stampless O.H.M.S cover to New Zealand with an Apia c.d.s, endorsed by the sender "Censored, JRS OC Radio", from the German Radio Station which was taken over by the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, fine and scarce. £250-300
  Sierra Leone. 1916 (Dec 1) Stampless On Active Service postcard to England, endorsed from "C.S Camorold Lt., SANLC" (South African Native Labour Corps) with a Freetown c.d.s, redirected upon arrival at Carshalton with a "Wallington" handstamp in violet. The message reads "We are on our way to Europe". Very unusual. £70-80
  Straits Settlements. 1915 Stampless O.A.S cover to England endorsed "From Pte L. Bailey, 4 K.S.L.I, Singapore" with a Tanglin c.d.s (Apr 16), a "T" handstamp obliterated and red London Paid c.d.s applied, backstamped at Singapore and upon arrival. £100-120
Click to view full image... Togo. 1915 (Aug 25) Stampless cover to France endorsed "Correspondence Militaire Troupes Francaises d'Occupation du Togo" unusually sent through the British postal service with "ATAKPAME / TOGO" c.d.s and violet "Passed by Censor / at Lome (Togo)", backstamped "LOME / TOGOGEBEIT" c.d.s and in France, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 42. £650-700
Click to view full image... Togo. 1918 (June 4) Stampless cover to France headed "On Active Service" with "LOME / TOGO" c.d.s, the reverse with scarce "Opened by Censor / at Lome" seal and a French arrival c.d.s. Photo on Page 42. £300-350
  USA/G.B. 1916 O.A.S Cover from France to USA with G.B 1/2d pair tied by A.P.O S.10 c.d.s, hexagonal army censor and circular framed "S" (special censorship for mail to neutral countries), redirected from Boston to Farmington by special delivery, franked by U.S 2c postage stamp and a 10c special delivery stamp both tied by Boston cancels. Very unusual. £120-140

P.O.W Mail

G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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