G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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Auction Lots - Page 17
  1902 Registered covers to G.B bearing QV 1d strip of three or two pairs both cancelled by the "NORTHERN NIGERIA" c.d.s with blue manuscript registration numbers, one cover backstamped four days later with a further strike of the "Northern Nigeria" c.d.s (used at another town?), one cover with unobtrusive opening tears at right and base, otherwise fine. (2). £100-120
  1904-13 Covers and cards including 1909 registered cover from Burutu to G.B bearing Niger Coast 1d + Northern Nigeria 2d pair, 1912-13 registered covers with "ZUNGERU N N" skeleton c.d.s (2, Proud D3), 1912 card from G.B with arrival c.d.s of Ilorin (Proud D2), 1912 registered cover from Kano to Dahomey franked 1/2d, 1d and 3d, 1905 O.H.M.S registered cover from Lokoja to USA franked 2d + 5d with straight line "REGISTERED" handstamp (Proud R1), 1908-09 covers franked 1/2d + 2d with Ibi datestamps (2, Proud D3), 1904 cover to USA bearing QV 2d + KEVII 1/2d, 1d, etc. (13). £180-220
Click to view full image... Abinsi. 1910 Cover to England endorsed "No stamps available in Abinsi, H.M Brice Smith, AC Munshi Div., Mari Province", a KEVII 2d stamp applied in transit, partly over the endorsement, tied by a Lokoja c.d.s (the stamp lifted and hinged in place). A rare cover from Abinsi, which did not have a postal agency until about 1912 (with just two examples of the first c.d.s recorded on single stamps). Photo on Page 129. £200-250
  Baro. 1911-12 Real photo postcards of natives both to England franked by two KEVII 1/2d stamps (one with 1905 + 1910 1/2d) tied by superb strikes of the first two Baro datestamps (Proud D2 & D3), also a 1913 registered front to USA with five stamps tied by type D3 c.d.s and bearing a Baro registration label. (3). £100-120
  Katsina. 1910 (May 26) Cover to Kano with KEVII 1d tied by fine "KATSINA" skeleton c.d.s (Proud D2, earliest recorded date of use) in blue-black, very scarce. £80-100
  Yelwa. 1913 (Oct 14) Cover to G.B with KGV 1d tied by Yelwa skeleton datestamp with the date inverted (Proud D2, state not shown), backstamps include Kontagora c.d.s (Proud D2), scarce. £80-100
  1908 Cover to Canada and picture postcard to G.B (3, one a real photo of the Emir of Kano and tribesmen on horseback) with cancellations of Pateji (Proud D2), Minna (2, both D2) or Naraguta (D2), all fine and scarce. (4). £150-180

Southern Nigeria

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1901-12 Used selection on pages with QV 4d, 2/6, 10/-, 1903 KEVII Crown CA 1/2d - 2/6 and 10/-, 1904 Multiple Crown 1/2d - 1/-, 5/- and 10/-, 1907-11 1/2d - £1 (the 5/- and £1 both on piece) and 1912 KGV 1/2d - £1 set of twelve, mainly fine. S.G. £1,980. (53). Photo on Page 134. £400-500
  Cancellations on stamps and pieces written up on 22 pages, many scarce cancels including Abakaliki, Agberi, Agbor, Abak, Ahoada, Arochuku, Atani, Buguma, Ikom, Ikorodu, Ikof Ekpene, Ilesha, Itu, Koko, Kwale, Munankor, Oka, Okigwi, Oron, Shagamu, Siloko, Uyo, etc. (c. 278). £280-350
  1901-12 Covers and cards including 1903 registered cover from Old Calabar to Switzerland bearing Niger Coast 1/2d, 1d + Southern Nigeria QV 1/2d, 1d and KEVII 2d; picture postcards (16); stationery cards; incoming mail including cover from Barbados bearing 1905 1/4d block of four with arrival datestamps of Calabar and Forcados; card with Germany 10pf tied by Deutsche Seepost Linie Hamburg Westafrika datestamp with a Lagos c.d.s alongside; 1904 cover from Old Calabar to Switzerland bearing five KEVII 1/2d stamps; 1904 card from Old Calabar to G.B only franked 1/2d and handstamped "T", with "T/5" and "1d" charge marks applied at Plymouth; card from Lagos with Gold Coast and Southern Nigeria 1d stamps, etc. (28). £200-250
  1904 (Dec 17) Picture postcard to England with KEVII 1/2d pair each cancelled by "ODE ONDO / W.C.A" c.d.s (Proud D1), the earliest recorded datestamp from this office; and two 1911 postcards of Lagos each with a KEVII 1/2d on the picture side tied by "IGBEIN HILL ABEOKUTA / SOUTHERN NIGERIA" c.d.s (Proud D2), locally addressed. Three scarce cancels. (3). £100-120


Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1914-29 1/2d - £1 KGV Multiple Crown CA set mint and used with many additional shades and papers, mint stamps including 3d (5, with S.G. 5b), 4d (5, with S.G. 6b), 1/- (4), 5/- (5, with S.G. 10b,c,e), 10/- (4, with S.G. 11c), £1 (2, S.G. 12a, 12ba), used stamps with 1/- S.G. 8d,e, 5/- S.G. 10a,b,e, 10/- S.G. 11, 11a,d and £1 (S.G. 12), mainly fine. S.G. 1/12 £2,500 (approx). (67). Photo on Page 134. £500-600
  1921-32 1/2d - 10/- KGV Multiple Script CA, the complete set with all die I and die II stamps superb mint. Also 2d chestnut mint corner block of twelve, and 1/2d - 1/- (all dies) and 2/6 die II used. S.G. 15/29, £610. (57). £140-160
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1925 1/2d and 1d Vertical gutter pairs mint, upper stamps die I and lower stamps die II, 1/2d pair with a couple of tiny tone spots on reverse, 1d pair with trace of light gum crease to central gutter, both very fine appearance, S.G. 15c, 16c, £900. (2). Photo on Page 132. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1935 Silver Jubilee set and 1936 1/2d - £1 sets with both perforations on the 1 1/2d and 3d, all mint and used, the used 10/- and £1 both superb with light datestamps. S.G. 30/45, £963. (36). Photo on Page 134. £240-280
  1937-98 Mint and used collection in two S.G. Senator albums including 1938-51 1/2d - 5/- KGVI set with all perfs mint and used and some additional blocks (including 2/6 black and deep blue, perf 13 1/2 block, S.G. 58ab, unmounted), 1953-58 set mint and 2d re-entries mint (within a booklet pane) or used (2, unpriced by S.G.), Cameroons 1960-61 set mint with 2d bluish grey shade, 1965-66 set mint, Biafra 1968 set mint, all commemoratives to 1980 mint with many also used and most later issues also mint, some miniature sheets, booklets and postage dues. S.G. £1,700+. (100s). £400-500
  Cancellations. KGV-QEII Pieces and stamps, all with selected cancels mounted in seven albums in office order from Aba to Zuru, including Mobile Post Offices, Paquebots, Cameroons, skeletons with 1916 "LANDING STAGE / NIGERIA" and 1930 "ON BOARD / LAGOS NIGERIA" pieces noted, Telegraph datestamps, small Postal Agencies with many scarce offices and cancels. An interesting and extensive collection. (Many 100s). £600-800
  1915-38 KGV Covers (75) and fronts (8) in an album, covers including WWI O.A.S cover with a 1d stamp obliterated in ink and endorsed "censored on board"; skeleton datestamps of "ABA" (1920), "C B JOS / NIGERIA" (1919), "JOS / NIGERIA" (1920), "MAKURDI POST OFFICE / NIGERIA" (1923), or "MAINCHI / NIGERIA" (1938); double ring datestamps of Ode Ondo, Itu, Ochogbo, Bauchi, Rahama, Apapa, Owerri, Oquta, Nbawsi, Agbor, Mallam Madur, Ringim, Lau; single ring datestamps of Brass, Kwale; "T" handstamps of Lagos and Makurdi; 1d postal stationery envelopes (3); registration envelopes (7) and other registered covers (10); first flights to or from Nigeria (8); 1933 stampless cover from Belgium to Kaduna returned unknown with a London 5d charge mark obliterated; covers with stamps of Northern Nigeria (2) or Southern Nigeria, etc. (84). £450-550
  1953-70 Covers with differing cancellations from many offices and postal agencies, three albums containing 1953-60 covers in office order, and a further two albums of 1960-70 post independence covers. Mostly commercial registered covers with many provisional registration marks or labels, skeleton datestamps (151), Mobile Post Offices (7, one registered), Express covers, 1962 "POSTED ON TRAIN", airmails, also a few F.D.Cs and later covers. (524). £260-320
  1938-57 Covers (79) and fronts (3) nearly all with KGVI stamps, all with large single ring skeleton datestamps arranged alphabetically in an album, virtually all different and many very scarce, some registered. (82). £200-250
  1938-53 KGVI Covers in two albums with various cancels, censors (13), air letters from F.P.O 46 (2), Indian registration envelopes from Indian F.P.Os (2) or British F.P.Os 770 or 773 (both with locally made registration handstamps), air mails, Paquebots, registered mail, incoming mail with air letter bearing B.A Somalia 20c overprint strip of three endorsed "Late Fee", etc. (140). £200-240
  Gudi. 1930-32 Covers sent to G.B bearing 1d pair or registered locally bearing 1 1/2d block of three both tied by "GUDI / NIGERIA" skeleton c.d.s (Proud D2), the registered cover also with a superb violet barred "GUDI" parcel handstamp (Proud PP2) applied to the blank type registration label, very fine. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Katagum. 1915 (Dec 14) Cover to Scotland with Northern Nigeria 1d tied by "KATAGUM" double ring skeleton c.d.s (Proud D2 but with a "M" at the end, latest recorded date), a further strike alongside, backstamped at Kano and Zana (Proud D2 of Zaria). A rare cancel. Photo on Page 129. £150-200
  Makurdi. 1923-24 Registered covers to England with five 1d stamps cancelled "MAKURDI POST OFFICE / NIGERIA" or "MAKURDI / NIGERIA" skeleton datestamps (Proud D1 & D2), the first with a Benue Bridge registration label altered to Makurdi in manuscript, the second with a Makurdi registration label. An unusual pair. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Numan. 1923 (Nov 15) Postcard to Denmark franked 1/2d + 1d each tied by "NUMAN / NIGERIA" skeleton datestamp, unrecorded by Proud and earlier than the first recorded datestamp from this office, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 129. £100-120
Click to view full image... Ogoja/Jemma. 1917 2d Registration envelopes to London, the first a size H envelope with 2d tied by "OGOJA / SOUTHERN NIGERIA" skeleton c.d.s (Proud D3, earlier date) with further strikes alongside and on reverse, backstamped at Abakaliki; and 1923 size H2 envelope with two 2d stamps tied by Jemma c.d.s (Proud D3, earlier date) bearing blank registration label with manuscript name, backstamped "REGISTERED JOS NIGERIA" skeleton c.d.s (Proud R3, earlier date), both fine. (2). Photo on Page 140. £120-150
  1932-34 3d Size G registration envelopes to England all uprated 2d, with datestamps of Kafanchan, Edunabon, Minna, Barakin Ladi or Lafia, all bearing registration labels with the town name written in manuscript, Edunabon using a printed Bonny registration label with Bonny crossed out by hand, all fine. (5). £100-120
  Missent Mail. 1923 Cover from the Gold Coast to London franked 1 1/2d with "MISSENT TO LAGOS" (Proud I4, 15 years earlier than recorded) applied to both sides of the cover, also backstamped at Lagos (Jan 11); and 1939 air mail cover franked 6d from Scotland to Sokoto, the front bearing a Kaduna c.d.s (June 13) and boxed "MISSENT TO KADUNA" (unrecorded by Proud), two fine and scarce covers. (2). £150-200


  1915 Commercial cover from Duala to G.B bearing C.E.F 1d on 10pf, and 1919 registered cover from Buea to Switzerland bearing Nigeria 1d and C.E.F 1/2d on 5pf, 1d on 10pf and 2d on 20pf, with a registration label handstamped "Buea British Kamerun", backstamps include Victoria skeleton c.d.s. (2). £120-150
  1923-53 Covers with 1923-24 covers cancelled at Tinto (Proud D3, backstamped at Buea, Kumba, Victoria) or Bamenda (2, Proud D3, backstamped at Namfe, Tinto); 1938-53 British Mandate cancels including skeletons of Kumba (D6), Nyasoso (D2), Nkambe (D1), Victoria (D12), single ring c.d.s of Bai (D3, on 1951 cover bearing Royal Wedding 5/-), double ring datestamps of Tiko (D3), Bamenda (D4), also incoming mail and two 1908 German period postcards. (26). £300-350

(Also See Lot 243)

  Cancellations. QV-KGVI Stamps with some multiples and pieces, many useful cancels include "DOWA / BCA" squared circle on KEVII 1d block, numeral cancels, datestamps of "FORT JOHNSTON / AT TEL", Chinteche, Neno, Mkhoma, Nchsu, Mikolongwe, Namwera, Namadzi, Dowa, Sandama, Luchenza, Ngara, Field Post Office, T.P.Os, "BRITISH CENTRAL AFRICA / RUO" double circle, etc. (400+ stamps). £250-300
  1927 Registered cover from Zomba to London bearing KGV 2/- keyplate (faults), two Found Open and Officially Sealed labels tied by London datestamps. Probably the only KGV large format keyplate cover from any colony with Officially Sealed labels attached. £120-160
  1938-44 1/2d - £1 KGVI set (less 1d brown), superb mint, lightly mounted. S.G. 130/43, 141a, £200. (17). £70-80


  Bahawalpur. 1947 (Dec 1) - 1949 Postage and Official issues mounted mint, a virtually complete lot with both perfs for the two UPU sets, only missing the 1945 1 1/2a on 2r official (S.G. O13), also additional 1945 (Mar 1) 1/2a - 1r Official set of six and 1946 Victory 1 1/2a block of four, all very fine. S.G. 18/46, O1/12, O14/31b, £670. (74). £150-180

(Also See Lots 11-13, 216, 217, 265)

  1939-49 Covers and cards with postage due stamps of Palestine (2) or Israel, or with 1948 interim period issues (3), also mint stamps with interim overprints (38), mainly fine. (6 covers + 38 stamps). £200-240
  1940 (Sep 25) Cover franked 15m from Mount Carmel to Hungary with green P.C 22 censor seal and bearing the P.C 23 label "RETURNED TO SENDER / BY THE CENSOR / FOR REASON EXPLAINED IN / MEMORANDUM ENCLOSED / IN THIS COVER", unusually still with the enclosed memorandum form PCT/46, "Tel-Aviv / Jaffa Postal Censorship. All communication with enemy territory, either direct or through the intermediatory of neutral countries, is prohibited. No reply to this letter may be sent". £140-160
  Israel. 1949-85 Mint and 1948-85 F.D.C collections in four albums including 1949 Second Coin 5p - 30p tete-beche gutter pair strips, 1949 flag and Petah Tiqua issues with tabs and First Anniversary of Israeli stamps miniature sheet, F.D.Cs including first coins to 50m, second coins set and 1950 UPU pair all with tabs, and 1948 postage dues. Also a small study of first coins issue to 50m used with various perforations and postmarks. £80-100
  Israel. 1953-2001 Issues largely complete unmounted mint in two albums, also 1979-82 year packs. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1871 Entire letter from Liverpool to Manila franked at the 1/3 rate with 1869 3d mauve plate 9 (2) + 1867 3d rose plate 6, a "2" charge mark applied upon arrival, backstamped at London, Hong Kong and Manila. An attractive entire letter carried by P. & O. to Hong Kong and then by S.S "Constancia" to Manila, ex Gilbert Wheat Collection. Photo on Page 140. £350-400


Click to view full image... 1940-2000 Mint collection in two albums complete with many plate blocks and varieties, most unmounted, including 1940-51 set with additional shades and plate varieties, 1946 Victory 3d flagstaff flaw, 1957-63 set with additional shades, 1964-65 8d with pale blue on beak omitted (S.G. 42a), many other constant varieties throughout, inverted watermarks, 1986 Adelaide Stamp Exhibition booklet and Frama, etc. A fine collection well written up. (100s). Photo on Page 132. £500-600


Click to view full image... Polish Corps in Italy. 1944-46 Covers and a front from the Polish forces, nine bearing various Polish Free Forces stamps including three covers from Osiedle bearing imperforate 25L + 100L air mail stamp (Sassone 3a, Ä600 each on cover), first 1946 set of four (Sassone 1/4, Ä100 on cover), Foglietti miniature sheet used on wrapper (Sassone 1, Ä160), and Polish Government in London 10th Anniversary of Monte Cassino 45gr on cover (Sassone 7, Ä650 as a used stamp), also a stampless O.A.S cover and air letter franked G.B 3d with Poczta Polowa datestamps, and a 1946 cover from the French Zone in Germany to Polish forces in Rome. (15). Photo on Page 140. £200-250

The John Dahl FRPSL Collection - Part Two
This exceptional collection, formed over the past 50 years, has been exhibited nationally and internationally, winning many awards including Gold at Stampex 2010 and a Large Gold and special prize at the Lubrapex 2009 international exhibition in Portugal. It is undoubtedly the finest and most comprehensive collection of this subject ever formed. The Waterlow & Son archive, acquired from Robson Lowe in the 1970's, contains over 150 file copy sheets which have enabled plating studies for the three Pictorial issues of 1901, 1911 and 1921. Original research shows that many printings (and re-prints) were made for each issue, the majority of which (referred to as Spurious) were outlet directly onto the philatelic market in London to meet the growing collector and packet market for these novel and attractive definitive stamps. Covers, in conjunction with the plating studies, have proved the few printings sent out to the Company for genuine postal use. This explains why the stamps are so common, and covers so few from a handful of Nyassa Company personnel, traders and visitors, in a barren land populated only by indigenous tribes and wild animals.
Part Two offers the remainder of the collection including further covers, the Waterlow & Sons archive and the plating studies (See lots 853, 854, 856, 859-869, 886, 887, 910-913, 922, 923).

  1893 Proofs of Nyassa Company certificates for 100 or 1000 shares, the forms and attached dividend coupons all with punch holes, the 1000 shares form in orange numbered ""0000", the 100 shares form in blue unnumbered and endorsed "approved"; 1900 certificate in green for five shares with all coupons attached and an embossed 1/- revenue stamp; and 1919 certificate in purple for 100 shares, four attractive documents. Also a highly detailed map of the Nyassa Co. territories produced for the Company prospectus upon its formation (fragile, some splitting). (5). £200-250
  1922 Telegraph forms headed "Servico Telegrafico das Colonias Portuguesas" or "Telegrafos Da Companhia Do Nyassa" both to Porto Amelia with arrival datestamps, scarce. (2). £80-100

Mozambique Stamps used in Portuguese Nyassa prior to 1894)

Click to view full image... 1891 20r Mozambique (H&G2) Postal stationery postcard to Switzerland with blue Ibo c.d.s, red Zanzibar French P.O and octagonal "La Reunion A Marseille / L.V No. 3" transit datestamps and a Winterthur arrival c.d.s, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 140. £130-150

1898 NYASSA Overprints on Stamps of Mozambique

  1898 First issue 150r sheet of 28, right margin a little trimmed, otherwise superb unmounted mint. S.G. 11, £392. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1899 (Mar 19) Commercial double rate registered cover to Zanzibar bearing second issue 25r, 50r and 75r tied by Ibo c.d.s. with boxed "CORREIO de (Ibo) / R. No. (277)", endorsed "Par Vapeur Seto" with arrival backstamp of the French Post Office in Zanzibar. Very few covers are recorded with this overprint issue, most of these covers being philatelic. A rare registered commercial cover. Photo Inside Back Cover. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1898 (June 11) Registered cover to Germany bearing first issue 2 1/2r - 300r set of thirteen, the 50r with inverted overprint, the six low values to the 25r on the reverse of the cover, each stamp tied by an Ibo c.d.s with superb boxed "COMPANHIA DO NYASSA / CORREIO de (Ibo) / R No. (262) / CABO DELGADO". Backstamped at the French Post Office at Zanzibar, Nancy and Metz. Clearly philatelic but still a very rare postal use of this first issue on cover, with the scarce registration handstamp, and 50r inverted overprint error. Photo on Page 140. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1901 (Feb 22) Cover to Switzerland bearing second issue 2 1/2r, 5r pair + single and 25r pair each tied by blue Ibo c.d.s, backstamped at the French Post Office at Zanzibar, La Reunion A Marseille L.U No. 1, and at Bern. A few minor stamp stains, otherwise fine and a scarce second issue cover. Photo on Page 140. £300-400

Incoming Mail

  1903 Picture postcard from Saigon Port to Ibo bearing Indo China 10c, endorsed "p. S.S Australian" with transit datestamps of Saigon Central, Ligne N. Paq. Fr. No. 10, Colombo and Aden, and a blue arrival c.d.s. Scarce. £100-120

1901 Pictorial Waterlow Issue & 1903-10 Overprints & Surcharges

Research by John Dahl shows that there were seven printings, but only the first printing of 1901, the second 1903 printing of the five large London provisional overprints/surcharges, and the lower Giraffe values of the fourth printing of 1909 were actually sent to the Nyassa Company, and therefore exist genuinely postally used. Spurious printings for collectors were made in c.April 1903, c.1906 and c.1910; the Waterlow Archives did not contain any file copy sheets of these printings and "used" examples are all C.T.O, in London, often with full gum and with fictitious cancels, some showing impossible dates. Waterlows made two further printings, including 20 sheets of each value with inverted centres, from refurbished or new plates. None of the three spurious, or two reprint printings went out to the Nyassa Company.

  c.1900 Waterlow & Sons Limited advertising leaflet (138x217mm) printed on both sides with engravings of their factories in black or green and an engine turned border in purple, very fine and attractive. £80-100
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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