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Auction Lots - Page 6
Click to view full image... Australia/Japan. 1918 Easter Greetings postcard produced in Ninoshima P.O.W Camp, sent to another German P.O.W in Trial Bay Camp, three Japanese camp or censor cachets and a Moji c.d.s, reverse with violet boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR S.D" applied at Trial Bay. Very unusual sent between P.O.Ws. Photo on Page 42. £240-280
  Australia. 1916-17 Stampless covers from Trial Bay Camp both with boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR, S.D" and violet "LIEUT. COL / GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS / LIVERPOOL N.S.W" showing reproductions of differing Officers signatures. The first cover to Austria with "SERVICE DES PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE" and circular "PRISONERS OF WAR LETTER / FREE" and a red Vienna censor; the second a printed P.O.W envelope with circular "Free" device sent to Sweden. Two very unusual destinations, few Austrians held in the camp. (2). £350-400
Click to view full image... Australia. 1916-18 Covers and cards comprising 1916 stampless cover from Arthur Hay, 51st Australian Batt. in Nurnberg P.O.W Camp, to the P.O.W Help Bureau in Berne; 1917 postal stationery card with a South Australia 1d stamp and view of Wool Carting, from Adelaide to Lt. G.D McLean, 16th Battn. A.I.F, Karlsruhe P.O.W Camp c/o Australian Red Cross in London, with an Australian censor and red "Offiziergefangenenlager / Holzminden" redirection cachet; and 1918 1d stationery envelope from Tasmania to Lt. J.H Honeysett, Strohen Officers P.O.W Camp, c/o Australian Red Cross, London. McClean was awarded the DCM in 1916 for conspicuous gallantry in action. Honeysett was awarded the MC for attempting to escape from Strohen P.O.W Camp in October 1918; he was shot in the thigh by a sentry. (3). Photo on Page 44. £150-180
Click to view full image... Canada. 1915 Stampless cover from a German internee at Amherst, Nova Scotia, unusually sent to Mexico City with circular "6th DIVISION / JUL 8 1915 / PASSED BY CENSOR", an Amherst machine and arrival backstamp. A rare destination, accepted and delivered free of charge. Photo on Page 44. £400-500
Click to view full image... Gibraltar. 1914 Brazil 100r postal stationery postcard from Rio de Janeiro, addressed to "Carlos Gohring, Prisoner of War, c/o Provost Marshall, Gibraltar" with Gibraltar arrival c.d.s and superb circular "PASSED CENSOR / 9 DEC. G4 / GIB.", a very unusual origin and destination. Photo on Page 44. £180-200
  Gibraltar. 1915 Stampless cover to the Red Cross in Geneva with "P.C" cachet and yellow "Civils / No. G2" label applied upon arrival, the reverse endorsed from "Charles Boss, Prisoner of War, Gibraltar" with pink "OPENED BY CENSOR" seal tied by a Geneva c.d.s. Also 1916 cover from Finland franked 10k, addressed to the ship "John Pritchard" at Gibraltar and forwarded to Patras. (2). £120-140
  G.B - Ships. 1914 (Nov 20) Stampless picture postcard of the "Royal Edward", sent by an internee on the ship at Southend on Sea with a red London Official Paid c.d.s and oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU"; and a 1915 stampless P.O.W cover with Ryde c.d.s and red "PASSED CENSOR" (used on S.S "Ascania"). The cover with a little soiling and flap missing, the card very fine. (2). £100-120
  G.B - Ships. 1915 Picture postcard from Switzerland to a German P.O.W on S.S "Lake Manitoba" at Portsmouth, the stamp removed (almost certainly by the censor) with circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR" and violet oval "PRISONERS OF WAR / PORTSMOUTH / HANTS / 1 MAR 1915 / H.M.T "LAKE MANITOBA". £100-120
Click to view full image... Hong Kong. 1914 (Nov 2) Stampless cover from "F. Hauser, Prisoner of War No. 15, Hong Kong, c/o Provost Marshal" to Manila, with a Hong Kong c.d.s, violet oval "PROVOST MARSHAL / No...... / HONG KONG" signed by the Acting Provost Marshal, arrival backstamp. A superb quality and early P.O.W cover to an unusual destination. Photo on Page 44. £500-600
  India. 1915-19 Stampless P.O.W envelope and formula message type postcard both from Ahmednagar, the cover to Hungary with circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR" and an Austrian censor; the 1919 postcard to Brazil with a Bombay censor and triangular dated "CENSURA / CORREIO - RIO / BRASIL", backstamped at Buenos Aires and Bahia. Two unusual destinations from India. (2). £140-160
  Jamaica. 1915-17 1d Postal stationery postcard to a British P.O.W in Giessen Camp, Germany, with circular "POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONERS OF WAR"; and a cover franked 2 1/2d to a Belgian soldier interned at Amersfoort, Holland, with a British censor seal. Two unusual destinations from Jamaica. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... Jamaica. 1916 (May 13) Stampless cover from "A. Mayensky, Pris. of War, Kingston, Jamaica, Brigade Office, B.W.I", addressed to California with a Cross Roads c.d.s and Kingston machine on reverse, blue boxed "FREE / Letter of Prisoner of War" and double circle "PASSED MIL: CENSOR / Date (13.5.16) / JAMAICA", recently discovered and very few recorded. Photo on Page 44. £300-350
  Jamaica. 1914-15 Stampless cover and postcard to Kingston both with Cross Roads c.d.s and violet boxed "FREE / Letter of Prisoner of War" and "Passed Censor", reverse with Kingston machines. The card written from Up Park Camp, the cover backstamped with large boxed "Answer to be addressed to / P. of W. Brigade Office, / Jamaica." in violet. Both very fine. (2). £180-220
  Malta. 1914-16 Stampless postcards, the first from "R. Ragenberg, Prisoner of War, Verdala Barracks" to Alexandria with superb circular scalloped "FROM PRISONER OF WAR / PC / MALTA / FREE"; the second posted at Valletta addressed to "Hans Gunzenbauser, Prisoner of War Nr 33, Verdala Barracks, Cospicua" with scarce two line "PASSED / CENSOR" in red. (2). £220-250
  Malta. 1918 Stampless P.O.W lettersheet from "Th. Schmidt, 1680 St. Clements Camp, Malta via Egypt" addressed to "Mr H.L Larsson, American Colony, Jerusalem (Palestine) via Egypt" with violet oval "FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR / PC / MALTA", faint Palestine censor and "G" handstamp, reverse with Port Said and faint A.P.O datestamps. An unusual destination. £160-180
Click to view full image... Malta. 1921 (Apr. 8) 2d Registration envelope to Germany cancelled by Maltese Cross obliterator and oval Registered datestamp with oval "FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR / PC / 5 / MALTA"; and a stampless cover from H. Bergmann, P.O.W at Verdala Barracks, to Germany with similar oval PC cachet number "1" in violet. A fine pair, the registration envelope unusual (2d registration paid but postage free) and a very late P.O.W item. (2). Photo on Page 44. £220-260
Click to view full image... New Zealand/Samoa. 1918 Stampless picture postcard of Samoa with green boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR / 3 / GRI / SAMOA" addressed to "R. Hansen, Prisoner of War, Motuihi Island, Auckland N.Z", violet "PASSED BY THE / MILITARY CENSOR / N.Z" and a Wellington machine (Jan 14). A rare card to a German from Samoa interned in New Zealand. With 1991 Jurgen Kilian Certificate. Photo on Page 44. £250-300
Click to view full image... Nigeria - Lagos. 1914 (Aug 31) Stampless "Woermann - Linie A.-G., Lagos Agency" cover addressed to Germany with a Lagos c.d.s and red "LAGOS SOUTHERN NIGERIA / OFFICIAL / PAID / SE 3 14" c.d.s, violet boxed "PASSED / o/c War Prisoners Bureau / NIGERIA" (signed W. Buchanan Smith), red circular framed "P.C." and endorsed "Passed by Censor Lagos, H.C.M 31.8.14". The earliest of just two recorded WW1 P.O.W covers from Nigeria, an exhibition item of the highest rarity. Photo on Page 44. £1,500-1,800
  Sierra Leone. 1915 Stampless picture postcard written by a German internee from Freetown, addressed to Brazil, with red circular "POST FREE / P.C / PRISONERS OF WAR", arrival datestamps on both sides. A scarce origin and destination. £240-280
  South West Africa. 1916 Stampless covers to Windhuk both charged 5d, one from Germany endorsed "Kriegsgefangenensendung Taxfrei" with a South African censor seal and cachet and Transvaal 5d postage due; the other from New York probably also to an internee but handstamped "NY / T" and "5D", South African censor seal and cachet, bearing South Africa 1d pair and 3d postage dues. Also a 1919 cover from Germany to South West Africa strangely bearing a Sierra Leone 1d cancelled in London, South African censor cachet and arrival backstamps. Three very unusual covers. (3). £150-180
  Turkey. 1916-17 Stampless covers from British P.O.Ws in Turkey with boxed censor cachets, one unusually addressed to "Pte. C. Carter 'S' Company A.O.C, A.P.O S19, B.E.F, France" with oval Field Censor cachet; the other endorsed from "Capt C.H Stockley, 66th Punjabis, Prisoner of War, Kastamuni" with endorsed letter, flap missing. Also a P.O.W lettersheet from a Turkish P.O.W in Burma to Constantinople with a faint censor cachet of Thayetmyo Camp, Turkish censor and arrival c.d.s. (3). £200-250

WW1 Red Priority Honour Envelopes

  1915 (Aug 29) Long red Honour Envelope, form "A.F A.2043" for personal matters of an urgent nature, used to London with F.P.O 59 c.d.s, light vertical fold and flap torn, the front fine, scarce. £150-180
  1915 (Sep 29) Long red Honour Envelope, form "A.F A2043" for personal matters of an urgent nature, Indian printing with "G.S & Sons, Cal" imprint, used from France with F.P.O T.26 c.d.s and triangular censor, a little roughly opened at right, otherwise fine and scarce. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1915 (Apr 15) Long red Honour Envelope form "A.F A.2043" for personal matters of an urgent nature, addressed to Mrs G.R Crouch (wife of Col. Guy Crouch, postal historian who later wrote about army cancels) in Great Missenden, unusually registered with a G.B 1d pair and blank type registration label all tied by F.P.O 1.S.M c.d.s, used by 143 Brigade, 48th Division in France, backstamped A.P.O R.S.M and in England, with triangular censor. Honour Envelopes were not supposed to be registered and only one other registered example of these scarce red envelopes is recorded. Vertical fold, otherwise fine and an exceptional item. Photo on Page 50. £300-350
  1916 (Mar 11) Long red Honour Envelope form "A.F A.2043" for personal matters of an urgent nature, to the Assistant Paymaster General in London with F.P.O 47 c.d.s, small opening fault at lower right corner and a couple of very small edge tears, otherwise fine and scarce. £150-180
  1919 (Oct 27) Long red Honour Envelope form "A.F A.2043", Indian printing with "G & Sons Cal." imprint, a post-war use with "Director Postal Services / Iraq & Persian L. of C." cachet registered from Baghdad to Bombay, bearing Iraq British Occupation 1/2a and 3a, an unusual use of this scarce envelope. £150-180
  France. 1914 (Nov 14) Cover with cachet of the General commanding 27 Infantry Division and a Tresor et Postes 78 c.d.s, to the Commandant of the 73 Territorial Infantry Regt. Depot at Guingamp with a large red label "PLI URGENT A DISTRIBUER PAR EXPRES" applied across the top of the cover; and a WW1 printed address label on red card from the Ministry of War to the General commanding the 11th region at Nantes, with a registration label and official cachet. Two scarce items, both the French equivalent of the British red Honour Envelopes for sending urgent messages. (2). £100-150

(Also See Lots 429-448, 479, 510, 511, 681-683, 838, 843, 1010, 1093)

  Censorship. 1941 Cover from Abingdon to Portugal but returned by the censor, containing the original letter which refers in detail to an air raid and the damage caused by a bomb blast, also referring to the death of Lord and Lady Stamp (killed in an air raid), with the P.C 115 slip listing items connected with air raids and bomb damage which cannot be referred to, many of these underlined by the censor. An unusual item and scarce censor slip. £100-120
  Airgraphs. 1942-44 Airgraphs sent by ordinary mail comprising India form bearing an embossed 3a stationery stamp to USA with attached slip "This Airgraph is sent by ordinary mail because it is addressed to a country to which service is not available"; BNA Force to India with boxed "NO AIRGRAPH SERVICE / TO DESTINATION / FORWARDED BY SURFACE ROUTE"; G.B to H.M.S Saker II with "AIRGRAPH SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE / TO LOCATION OF SHIP FORWARDED / BY ORDINARY MAIL"; or G.B to A.P.O 4330 with "NO AIRGRAPH / SERVICE AVAILABLE" and "SENT BY / ORDINARY MAIL". Also other Airgraphs (4), used forms (6, two used, five pictorial, one of these G.B stationery with a 3d stamp), and Stephen's 1948 catalogue. (15). £180-220
  West Africa Honour Envelopes. 1940-45 Honour Envelopes sent from Gold Coast (7, two franked 1 1/2d, one franked 1/3 air mail rate, one franked G.B 3d), Nigeria (2, one franked 2 1/2d) or Sierra Leone (2, one franked 1 1/2d), one 1942 cover from Sierra Leone with the scarce locally printed label produced in 1942 due to a shortage of envelopes (Daynes type HL2), the others comprising East Africa envelope type EAE1a, Middle East type E1 (2), West Africa type WA1 (3), Australian type AUS A2 and British types (3, one an RAF type). (11). £200-250
  P.O.W Mail. 1943 (Nov 3) P.O.W card type 1 from Driver P.G Lokyer in Java "Z" Camp at Bandoeng, to Lewes, Japanese and British censor cachets, endorsed "Received 8th July 1944". Edge creasing but still a very reasonable example of a card from a British P.O.W in Java. £70-80

East Africa - A Collection of Internee, P.O.W & Forces Mail

  1940-45 Covers and letters concerning P.O.Ws and Internees or the Red Cross including covers with various Red Cross cachets (3), printed "Red Cross Postal Message Scheme" envelope from Kampala to Cairo, covers with official cachets of "Custodian of Enemy Property" (3) or "Commissioner for Aliens & Internees", 1944 cover with E.A. A.P.O 87 c.d.s and oval "A.D PRISONER OF WAR / E.A COMMAND" cachet, Kenya Red Cross letters concerning civilians captured by the Japanese (3) and instructions for writing to P.O.Ws and Internees in Japanese camps, etc. (20). £160-200

P.O.W Mail

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Kenya. 1943 P.O.W Postcard from an Italian in Camp 1 (believed to be at Gilgil or Nairobi) sent to Italy, the senders address with "Great Britain" crossed out and a "WEST AFRICAN FORCE" cachet applied, handstamped violet boxed "P/W CENSORSHIP / WEST AFRICAN FORCE". Also 1943 stampless cover to Italy with black boxed "PASSED BY / P W / CENSOR" with chamfered corners. Two rare censor cachets, just three examples of the West African Force censor believed to have been recorded. (2). Photo on Page 50. £150-180
  Kenya. 1942-46 Covers and cards from or to Italian P.O.Ws, one a 1946 air letter from Camp 353 at Gilgil to USA franked shs.2/50, the others all stampless with items from 2nd Echelon Nairobi (2) or Camps 351 (Nairobi), 352 (Navaisha), 354 (Nanyuki, with red "POSTAGE PAID / S1.30" c.d.s), 356/A/C (Eldoret), 357 (2, Mitubiri), 358 (Makindu), 359 (Burguret), 361 (Kajiado), 365 (2, Londiani, one to an internee in Harar but redirected to Italy with a Harar Red Cross cachet), 366 (Jinja, Uganda) or 371 (location unknown, an unusual printed "Civilian Internee Mail" envelope). Also mail from Italy to 2nd Echelon Nairobi or Camps 365D or 365B (redirected to 356). A fine lot, various cachets, two on Red Cross postcards. (21). £220-260
  British Somaliland. 1941-46 Stampless covers or letter sheets from Italian P.O.Ws in Mandera Camp (with E.A A.P.O 51 c.d.s) or Camp 363 at Hargeisa (2), or from Italy to Berbera Camp or Mandera Hospital (with violet "via Chiasso - Sofia - Gerusalemme" cachet). (5). £150-180
  Ethiopia. 1941-42 Stampless covers and cards from Italian P.O.Ws at Addis Ababa Cantonment Area Camp (3, one with Addis Ababa c.d.s), Harar Military Hospital (2) or Queen Helena Hospital at Addis Ababa (a previously unrecorded P.O.W location), one card to another P.O.W at Dessie and redirected to Adi Ugri Camp in Eritrea. Also a cover from Nairobi to the Camp Commandant at Harar with transit datestamps of Asmara, Indian F.P.O 90 and E.A A.P.O 77. (7). £200-250
  Eritrea. 1942-43 Stampless covers or cards sent to Italian P.O.Ws in Asmara (2, one to Sembel Military Hospital), from P.O.Ws in India to Asmara (2), or from Asmara to P.O.Ws in South Africa or India (2, one with two strikes of scarce boxed "PAID AIR MAIL / STAMPS REMOVED / BY P/W CENSOR"), one with Eritrea Red Cross cachet, four with Asmara datestamps, one with "via Chiasso - Sofia - Gerusalemme" cachet. (7). £160-180

Civilian Internee Mail

  Central Internment Camp, Nairobi. 1939-46 Stampless covers or cards, destinations include Java and an Internee in Canada, all with camp cachets comprising square boxed "CENTRAL / INTERNMENT / CAMP / MAIL" (on a Red Cross reply card), boxed dated "CENTRAL / INTERNMENT / CAMP" (4) or "INTERNMENT CAMP / NAIROBI" with a small "OPENED BY CENSOR" label handstamped "NAIROBI", also a similar cover handstamped "INTERNMENT CAMP" (Nairobi removed?). (8). £250-300
  Refugee Camp No. 1, Nyeri. c.1942 Covers to Italy with violet boxed "REFUGEE / CAMP No. 1 / DATE" and "Passed by Censor / B.7", one stampless, two franked 30c (the stamps uncancelled), unusual. (3). £100-120
  Italian Evacuee Camps 1, 1A-1C, Nyeri Station. 1942-47 Covers and cards from Camps 1 (3), 1A (5), 1B (2) or 1C (2), a 1946 registered cover from Camp 1c to Switzerland franked shs. 1/75 and a 1947 cover from Camp 1 to Austria franked shs.1/30, the others all stampless to Italy or Germany. Also a lettersheet from a P.O.W in India to Camp 1A and a 1946 Red Cross card from Italy to Camp 1B handstamped "REPATRIATED / AL MITTENTE" and returned. Various cachets include "ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP No. 1 / KENYA COLONY" (2 types) and similar for 1A (3) or 1B, "No 1A ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / NYERI STATION / KENYA COLONY" (2) and similar for 1B, and rare oval "H.Q / ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / NORTH KENYA / P.O NYERI STATION / DATE", also "EVACUEES MAIL / POSTAGE FREE" (5, two types) or "POSTAGE FREE / EVACUEES MAIL" (2). A fine and scarce lot. (14). £400-500
  Italian Evacuee Camps 2 and 4. 1945-46 Stampless lettersheets to Italy from Camp 2 at Nairobi (2) both with square boxed "CENTRAL / INTERNMENT / CAMP / MAIL", one also handstamped "No. 2 Italian Evacuee Camp / C.I.C P.O BOX 91 NAIROBI / KENYA"; or from Camp 4 (2) both with boxed "NO 4 ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / MACKINNON ROAD". (4). £120-150
  Italian Evacuee Camp 3, Nanyuki. 1944-46 Stampless cards or lettersheets to Italy or Eritrea, two sent by air mail with red "POSTAGE PAID / S1.30" c.d.s, cachets include "EVACUEE / CAMP KENYA" (3), "ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / NANYUKI", "N3 ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / NANYUKI - KENYA" or "N3 ITALIAN / EVACUEE / CAMP. KENYA" (2), also a cover from Italy to the camp. (8). £200-250
  Other Camps. 1943 Cards made from guillotined Italian forces cards, sent from No. 3 General Hospital at Nyeri to Italy or Switzerland, handstamped "3. GEN. HOSP / E.A.C" or "3 / GEN. HOSP"; and a stampless cover from the Women's Internment Camp at Mau Summit to Nairobi handstamped "WOMENS INTERNMENT CAMP / KENYA POLICE", all very scarce. (3). £120-150
  Internees on Parole. 1941-42 Covers all apparently from internees on parole at Kitale (2, both to the Internment Camp at Andalusia, one redirected to Kimberley Hospital), Nyeri (to Amboni Estates at Tanga, the addressee possibly also on parole) or from Nairobi, the last a stampless cover to Paris but returned with various explanatory marks and cancels, censor cachets and Red Cross cachets. (4). £80-100


  Dar-es-Salaam Internment Camp. 1939-41 Covers and cards from the camp (8), one sent air mail to Switzerland franked 2sh., the others stampless, six on envelopes with instructions concerning replies to internees printed on the reverse (also another of these envelopes used by the Deputy Timber Controller with his Postal Frank handstamp). Cachets include "POSTAL / INTERNMENT CAMP / COMMANDANT / FRANK" (7), oval "INTERNMENT CAMP / PASSED BY / CENSOR / DAR ES SALAAM" (6), and various other censor marks, two covers to Holland or Italy returned because the service had been suspended. Also covers and cards to the camp, posted locally (2) or from Germany (3, two returned with boxed "PARTI / GONE NO ADDRESS"), and a cover from India to Eldoret, redirected to the camp at Dar-es-Salaam and then to South Africa. An interesting lot. (15). £350-450
Click to view full image... Lushoto Internment Camp. 1940-42 Covers and cards including cover to Switzerland franked 10c + 20c cancelled solely by oval dated "DISTRICT OFFICE / LUSHOTO" cachet, and two covers franked 10c cancelled by the same District Office cachet or similar dated "CENSORS OFFICE / TANGA" both then further cancelled by a Tanga c.d.s, five items (one stampless) sent to Prof. L. Bruhl on parole at the Amboni Sisal Estate at Tanga, two stampless covers to Germany (one with boxed "INTERNEES MAIL"). An interesting and scarce group. (8). Photo on Page 50. £320-380
Click to view full image... Oldeani Detention Area. 1941-45 Covers and cards including stampless covers to Germany (2), 15c postcard to Switzerland cancelled by dated violet oval "CENSORS OFFICE / TANGA" and then further cancelled by a Tanga c.d.s, and two covers franked shs.1/30 to Andalusia Internment Camp similarly cancelled by the oval Censors Office cachet and a Tanga c.d.s. The postcard very fine and unusual, a scarce group. (5). Photo on Page 50. £200-250
Click to view full image... Italian Evacuation Camp No. 1, Tabora. 1941-46 Covers and cards to Italy including two 1946 (Dec 13) postcards sent on the same day with boxed "BY AIR MAIL" and boxed "P/W EAST / AFRICA" censors, one a 15c card uprated 50c, the other a 10c card uprated 15c also handstamped "ITALIAN EVACUEE CAMP / TABORA / Tanganyika Territory" (creased). Also unstamped lettersheets (5), one with this same camp cachet, other cachets including triangular "No / 1 / CAMP / PASSED BY CENSOR", "POSTAGE FREE / EVACUEE MAIL" (2) and boxed "CIVILIAN INTERNEES / MAIL", an incoming lettersheet from Italy, and an airgraph mentioning the sale of cigarettes to internees in the camp. (9). Photo on Page 50. £300-350
Click to view full image... Tanga Internment Camp. 1939-41 Stampless covers sent locally (2) and a 10c postcard uprated 50c to an internee in South Africa, the covers with oval "CENSORS OFFICE / 9 SEPT 1939 / TANGA" (on front and reverse) or violet "POSTAL / INTERNMENT CAMP, TANGA / FRANK" and "PASSED / BY CENSOR", the card with the oval Censors Office cachet without date in violet cancelling the stamp. A scarce trio, all with Tanga datestamps, the two covers sent in the first month of the war. (3). Photo on Page 50. £240-280
  Other Camps. 1939-43 Covers comprising a 1939 (Sep 14) cover franked 30c to Sweden endorsed from Arusha Camp; 1941 cover franked 30c to USA endorsed from Old Shinyanga Camp; 1942 stampless covers to Germany from Morogoro Camp (2); and 1943 stampless cover to Germany from Lutindi Camp. A rare group, the Arusha cover very early, the other three camps all apparently previously unrecorded. (5). £250-300
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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