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Auction Lots - Page 4
  North Korea Forces Mail. Red printed forces postcards (2, one to a hero of the Russian Army), envelope and lettersheet all used, three with postmarks or censor cachets, fine and scarce. (4). £300-400
  Chinese Forces Mail. Printed envelopes for the Peoples Volunteer Army all used with various F.P.O cancels, unit cachets or censor marks, the envelopes showing various patriotic designs, one franked China 800y, others stampless (5). Also a stampless forces postcard issued to Chinese troops in Korea after the peace talks had begun in 1953 used with FPO handstamp, and an air dropped propaganda leaflet. A fine and scarce group. (8). £500-600
Click to view full image... Russian Air Force. 1951 Russian 25k forces stationery card from a Russian pilot in Korea with F.P.O datestamps and violet censor cachet, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 29. £150-180
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail. c.1952 Stampless cover to England with red cachet "Via The Chinese Peoples Committee / for World Peace and against / American aggression / Peking, China" and violet bilingual "Service des / prisonniers de guerre", triangular framed "I.S" applied in the London Inland Section, minor edge faults, scarce. Photo on Page 29. £140-180
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail. 1952 (Jan 14) Stampless lettersheet inscribed "Free Via Air Mail (P.L 609)" sent by PFC Robert W. Bonetsky from P.O.W Camp No. 1 North Korea to his parents in USA, with Korean army handstamp and U.S A.P.O 100 c.d.s (Mar 2). Central fold, upper edge with small part torn away from front and tape on reverse, an attractive and scarce entire letter from a U.S P.O.W in North Korea. Photo on Page 29. £180-220
  P.O.W Mail. 1952 (Mar 13) Cover from Mrs Edward Leach in Junction City, Kansas, franked 6c, to her husband, believed to be a P.O.W in Korea. Inscribed "Prisoner of War Mail" and addressed to "1st Lt. Edward L. Leach, O-1688455, c/o Chinese Committee for World Peace, Peking, China" but endorsed "NL MIA HOLD", the reverse with violet circular "ARMY-AIR FORCE POSTAL SERVICE / A.P.O / MAR 20 1952" and separate "MAR 21 1952", evidently returned to Mrs Leach. Leach was captured in April 1951 and died in captivity in November of that year apparently after trying to escape in August; following his recapture he was interrogated daily and placed in solitary confinement. Leach won the Bronze Star for Bravery in December 1950 and the Silver Star in January 1951, having won a Purple Heart in Europe in WW2. Included are the original citation for the Silver Star, copies of his death certificate and letters from his son-in-law which includes the wording of the Bronze Star citation. Cover with small fault at upper left corner, otherwise fine and an interesting item. £120-150
  P.O.W Mail. 1951 (Mar 4) 3c Envelope uprated 3c, sent from New York to Pvt. James Tutino, Co.C 35th Inf. Regt, A.P.O 25, returned to the sender handstamped "VERIFIED MISSING IN ACTION / AG SEC GHQ FEC APO 500", the reverse with APO 500 machine (May 25); Tutino was actually a P.O.W, surviving his imprisonment and returning to the USA in 1953. Also a 1953 cover from North Carolina to Tutino in New York containing a letter from a fellow liberated P.O.W recounting his homecoming. (2). £80-100
  North Korea - Roumanian Political Delegation. 1956 Illustrated patriotic envelope to Roumania from a member of the Roumanian Political Delegation, the reverse bearing imperf 1952 Peace Propaganda 20w, 1954 Taedong Gate 5w red-brown and 1952 Partisan Heroes 70w tied by Phyong Yang datestamps and an arrival machine. Scarce stamps on a commercial cover. Also 1969 Struggle for Reunification set of three C.T.O in card folder. (2). £100-120
  Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. 1956 Printed cover for "Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission for Korea, Swiss Delegation", registered from Coyee to Switzerland bearing imperf 1955 Tenth Anniversary of Liberation 10w green, 1956 Childrens Union 10w, 1956 Sex Equality Law 10w and 1953 Labour Day 40w brown-orange, "Coyee / Gaisung" registration handstamp, backstamped at Pyongyang and upon arrival, with senders cachet. Also 1975 postcard written from Peking to Czechoslovakia but posted in North Korea, bearing 1973 Party Memorial Building 1w and 1975 Landscapes 30ch, probably also from the NNSC. (2). £100-120
  Korean Committee for the Rescue of Unconverted Long-term Prisoners in South Korea. c. 1980 Stampless cover to Denmark, endorsed "Korean National Peace Committee" with violet "PAR AVION / T.P / PYONGYANG" handstamp, containing a two page letter demanding the immediate return of unconverted long-term prisoners back to the north. Very unusual. £60-70

Hungarian Uprising, 1956

  1956-57 Covers and cards from USA, Peru, France, G.B or Yugoslavia to Hungarian refugees in camps in Austria, and a cover sent within Vienna with red cachet "DANISH RED CROSS / UNGARN-HILFSKOLONNE / DES DANISCHEN ROTEN KREUZES". (6). £80-100

Vietnam & Cambodia, 1959-87

  1951 Cover from the U.S Military Assistance Advisory Group in Saigon; 1965-73 forces mail from South Vietnam troops (5, three with military frank stamps or stationery, one stampless, one with Naval cachets), Finnish forces (with U.S A.P.O), U.S troops (3), Korean troops (2) or Australian forces (3, one Naval); and 1973-74 covers from Canadian or Indonesian members of the International Commission of Control and Supervision overseeing the cease-fire, return of prisoners and withdrawal of troops. (17). £200-250
  1961-87 Covers comprising 1961 cover from Thai-Binh to Czechoslovakia bearing North Vietnam second T.U.C 12xu, 1970 stampless cover with enclosed letter from a Russian military advisor in North Vietnam with triangular Army Free Post cachet, and 1970-75 covers from North Vietnam forces with military frank stamps (3); 1970 Cambodia cover from Phnom-Penh to USA with red "CENSURE / REPUBLIQUE KHMERE / AGRESSEE PAR IMPERIALISTES / VIETCONG ET NORD-VIETNAMIENS"; 1977 Vietnam soldiers covers with military frank stamps sent during the war with Cambodia (3); and 1987 stampless cover from a Chinese soldier on the Vietnam border. An interesting group. (10). £140-160

Northern Ireland, 1966-2007

  Covers comprising British Forces mail with F.P.O datestamps (5) or single ring Belfast c.d.s (2, used on forces mail addressed within Northern Ireland, one Recorded Delivery); covers to Republican prisoners at H.M.P Maze (3), Magilligan (2) or Armagh Prison (with circular "PEOPLES / FALLS / POST" handstamp) all with censor cachets; card sent through Republican Christmas mail service with oval "POST / I.R. P.O.W / POBLACHTACH"; covers with stamps overprinted "Ulster Says No" (2, one disallowed and charged 23p), an interesting selection. (16). £150-180

Angola, 1960-2001

  1964-87 Covers comprising 1964-74 stampless lettersheets from Portuguese forces at Lourenco Marques or Luanda with F.P.O datestamps, sent during Angola's and Mozambique's War of Independence; and covers sent during the subsequent Civil War in Angola with FAPLA forces lettersheet, covers from Cuban forces (3) or from South African forces (3). Also 1986 cover bearing block of four UNITA stamps supposedly cancelled at Jamba. (10). £130-150

Nigerian Civil War/Biafra, 1967-70

Click to view full image... 1969 Stampless O.A.S covers from Biafran forces, sent from Iqa-Awka with Biafra Air Force cachet, from Orlu with "61 FD ENGRS BN / BIAFRA ARMY ENGRS" cachet, or from Umnosu Umuode (skeleton c.d.s) with "CENTRAL SUPPLY DEPOT / 28 BN S&T / BIAFRAN ARMY" cachet. Also 1968-69 stampless O.A.S cover and registered cover to London franked 2/6 both with cachets of the Nigerian Army. The Biafran Air Force consisted of three Swedish pilots and two Biafrans, who flew Saab MFI-9 Minicoins. (5). Photo on Page 29. £180-240

Falkland Islands, 1982

  Argentine Invasion. Covers and cards including Argentine soldiers air letters (2) and stampless cover with "ISLAS MALVINOS" datestamps, unused forces lettersheet, civilian cover to England with Argentina 1700p pair tied by the Islas Malvinas c.d.s (Apr 29), cover from G.B to Port Stanley returned unknown with Islas Malvinas backstamp, cover from Germany to Port Stanley with boxed cachet in Spanish "detained due to illegal occupation by Great Britain" applied in Buenos Ayres, leaflet dropped by air over Argentinean forces in the Falklands, registered cover from Argentina to a soldier in the islands returned with boxed "AL REMITENTE", "JUJUY - MALVINAS" cachet and "LAS MALVINOS SON ARGENTINAS" slogans (2), also various other mainly philatelic covers, etc. (28). £240-300
Click to view full image... Argentine Occupation. 1982 Covers with the "9409 ISLAS MALVINAS. REPUBLICA ARGINTINA" c.d.s comprising 6 Apr. cover to England with Falklands 13p pen cancelled and the c.d.s with inverted date alongside (the inverted date only used on the first two days of the occupied Post Office, 5 & 6 April); 13 Apr. c.d.s on cover sent within Stanley with Falklands 5p pen cancelled and the c.d.s below; and 29 Apr. c.d.s tying Argentina 1700p pair on air mail cover to England, all apparently commercial, the last with a little staining, otherwise fine and scarce. (3). Photo on Page 29. £200-240
  British Forces. 1972 Forces air letter with "NAVAL PARTY 8901 / FALKLANDS" cachet, 1982 cover from Ushaia with "H.M.S ENDURANCE / 18 JAN 1982 / ANTARCTICA" cachet, and 1982 covers from the Task Force with various cachets and cancels including a cover from the Task Force commander Rear Admiral J.F Woodward to his wife, F.P.O "941" c.d.s used on Queen Elizabeth II, F.P.O "141" and "777" (2), etc., also a cover from the British Interest Section of the Swiss Embassy in Buenos Ayres posted in London, the majority philatelic. (20). £80-100

Former Yugoslavia, 1990-99

  Covers and cards mostly from the war in Bosnia including stampless covers from Croatian forces with green boxed F.P.O handstamps (3); U.N Protection Force covers from Ukraine, Slovak, Belgian and Nepalese forces; British forces mail from Operation Grapple or Operation Deny Flight (3), and a card from German forces on Operation Deny Flight; Swiss soldiers cover from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe; Peace Implementation Force mail from G.B (2), Turkish, Slovenian, Belgian, Moroccan, U.S (2), German (2) or Russian (2) forces. Also covers from German or Estonian U.N observers in Macedonia; covers from Dutch (2) or Italian Nato forces in Kosovo; and a cover from G.B to Kosovo returned with Belfast R.L.O explanatory letter. Some philatelic, an interesting and unusual lot. (31). £200-300

War on Terror

  1964-2009 Covers screened for dangerous contents with various cachets, including 1964-65 covers to John Lewis (4), 1974 covers to 10 Downing Street (2), 2001-02 covers to the BBC (6), 1978 cover to Barclays Bank, 2000 cover to TBL Books (distributors for Penguin books), 1996 covers to Bank of England (2), 1992 cover to Ministry of Defence, 1994 cover to the Irish Taioseach, 2001 cover to Myanmar, 2006 covers to BBC in Thailand (2), 2006 covers to the Indian Prime Minister (2), cover to the BBC via the British Embassy in Nepal, etc. (25). £100-120

Other Campaigns & Conflicts

  U.S Interventions, 1900-1932. Covers and cards including 1900 covers from Philippines with "MIL - STA." cancels of Manila (2) or Cavite; 1914 card and cover from U.S soldier in Vera Cruz with machine cancel or U.S M.A.G duplex; 1913 Galveston Military Branch duplex; 1916 cover from soldier at El Paso, part of the punitive expedition into Mexico; 1927 "U.S.S Denver, Bluefield Nicaragua" duplex; 1927 "4th Reg U.S M.C, West Coast Expeditionary Force" duplex from Shanghai; 1929 cover franked 12c tied by "U.S Marine Corps, Port au Prince, Haiti" duplex with "AEROPLANE MAIL" cachet; 1926 cover from U.S soldier at Tientsin franked 25y and 1932 "U.S.S Palos, Ichang China" duplex. (12). £160-200
  South & Central America. 1915-41 Covers and cards comprising 1915 Mexico cover to a soldier at Cordoba, returned unclaimed; 1918 Brazil cover to Argentina with censor cachet and seal; 1930 Brazilian Revolution censor marks (2) and c.1932 stampless soldiers postcard; 1932 Colombia-Peru Border War, stampless forces cover flown from Caucaya with "CORREO AEREO MILITAR" datestamps of Caucaya, Potosi and Bogota and Scadta datestamps of Bogota and Barranquilla, and 1945 cover with Colombia 5c cancelled "CORREO MILITAR / BOGOTA" and backstamped "CORREO RAPIDO MILITAR / LETICIA", inscribed by air; 1941 Ecuador-Peru War, stampless soldiers covers from Peru (4, one inscribed by air) and a cover franked Peru 2c + 30c tied by oval cancel of Machali. (12). £180-240
  Africa. 1903-14 Covers and cards from French or German forces comprising 1903 French Occupation of Ivory Coast with unit cachet, "CORRCES DES ARMEES / L.L No. 3", "LOANGO A BORDEAUX / L.L No 3" and Toumodi c.d.s.; 1905 Herero Rebellion cards (2); 1919 French Occupation of Haut Ghuir in Morocco with cachet and F.P.O 85 c.d.s; 1909-14 cards from Morocco (6, also a 1905 card from German P.O at Tangier); and 1915 Stampless Feldpost card from German forces in East Africa with Morogoro c.d.s. (12). £120-150
  Africa. 1950-94 Covers and cards including Eritrea; Algeria; Congo with 1961 cover from Nigerian Contingent, covers from Swedish or Finnish troops and cover with Katanga stamps; 1964 French forces in Congo and 1967 registered cover from Congo army; 1971-77 Rhodesian army (3) and 1992 British training force in Zimbabwe; 1970s French Forces in Chad (2) and 1986 Service Suspended cover to Chad; 1987 Zambia concession rate; service suspended cover to Eritrea; 1993 Belgian or German (3) forces in Somalia; 1994 French Mission to Chad (2) or Rwanda (2) and service suspended cover to Rwanda. (30). £150-180
  Middle East/Arabia. 1946-91 Covers and cards including 1948 (May 6) cover bearing Nahariya Emergency Post 20m and Palestine 10m; 1958 U.S intervention in Lebanon (2); 1963 Yemen Army and Canadian U.N force in Yemen; 1967 Six Day War cover with "Arab Legion Air Force" cachet; 1982 Oman (4); 1982 Israeli army in Lebanon; 1990-91 Gulf War covers from U.S (7), G.B (13), French (6), German, Czech, Spanish, Greek, Belgian or Canadian forces or ships, many philatelic. (47). £100-120
  Indo-China. 1901-54 Covers from French forces comprising 1901 stampless cover with Tuyen-Quang c.d.s, "CORPS EXPEDITRE / TONKIN" and a unit cachet; 1940 cover with "CORPS D'OCCUPATION DE CHINE / LE VAGUEMESTRE" and a Haiphong c.d.s sent during the Franco-Thai border war; and 1948-54 covers with A.P.O or Naval cancels, two stampless, one registered. (7). £100-120
  India. 1919-77 Covers and cards including 1919 (July 25) Third Afghan War stampless O.A.S cover with boxed "FIELD SERVICE / POSTAGE FREE" and a Bannu c.d.s; 1932 (Jan 20) postcard with very scarce "PASSED BY CENSOR / PSH. - 23" (used for 8 weeks only during the Red Shirts Rebellion on the North West Frontier); 1937 (Sep 24) F.P.O 9 c.d.s used in Waziristan; and various 1947-77 covers and forces lettersheets from the various wars with Pakistan or Bangladesh, also a 1973 card from a Pakistani P.O.W. (68). £100-120
  1927-94 Covers and cards including 1927 F.P.O 1 from Shanghai; 1936 F.P.O 15 from Palestine; 1940 Finland Winter War covers (5) with cover from a Swedish volunteer bearing Sweden 15ore tied "HAPARANDA / F" c.d.s; Nato forces in Europe; 1946-48 Dutch F.P.Os in Batavia or Semarang; 1959 cover from Cuban Revolutionary Naval Command; 1960 registered cover from Russian soldier in East Berlin; 1965 Johore cover with "Jungle Warfare School" cachet; 1969 F.P.O 1046 from Anguilla; 1974-76 Cyprus covers from Turkish forces (3) or Greek National Guard; 1985 U.S forces in Grenada; 1986 Russian soldiers cover from Afghanistan; 1992-94 covers from Abhazia or Tajikistan, etc. (53). £140-160

A Collection of Censored, Forces and P.O.W Postal History

The following 92 lots have all been collected for their unusual origins, destinations or routes, rare types of censor cachet or seal, postmark or franking. All have been carefully selected over many years, and include many rare or unique items. Also see lots 29, 679, 899, 1025-1035.

  G.B - Patriotic Seals. 1914-18 Covers and cards bearing patriotic seals including "Fine Art Trade Guild, Remember Always Nothing German", "Daily Telegraph Belgian Fund Xmas Present to King Albert" and 1914-15 Disabled Service War Seals (3, one used from South Africa). (5). £90-120

Censored Mail

Click to view full image... Aden/Somaliland. 1918 Registered O.H.M.S cover from Berbera to England franked Somaliland Protectorate 6a, boxed "R / BERBERA" and small "Posts and Telegraphs" cachet, censored in Aden with both large "P" and a fine strike of scarce Star of David type "PASSED BY CENSOR / N105 / ADEN", backstamped in Aden and G.B. An exceptional cover. Photo on Page 29. £400-500
  Aden. 1916-18 Covers and card to G.B comprising a registered cover franked by two 2a6p stamps on the reverse with an unusually fine strike of scarce intaglio seal type "POSTAL / ADEN / CENSOR"; cover bearing a G.B 1d, disallowed in Aden but cancelled upon arrival in London with a "T" handstamp and violet straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR, ADEN", charged 1d; and stampless O.A.S postcard with "BASE OFFICE ADEN / I.E.F" c.d.s and large "P" censor. The second cover with part flap missing, otherwise fine and an uncommon group. (3). £280-320
  Antigua. 1916-18 Covers and card comprising registered covers to Switzerland bearing 1/2d, 1d (3) and 2 1/2d with British censor seals, 1917 card from Bermuda to Antigua with "P.C / BERMUDA" cachet, and cover to St. Thomas bearing War Stamp 1/2d block of four with circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / NO 523" and Charlotte Amalie backstamp. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Argentina/Egypt - Wreck Mail. 1918 (Mar 29) Cover from Port Said to Switzerland with circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / NO. 8", recovered from the wreck of the "Kingstonian" on April 11th with the stamps washed off and endorsed "al. gefallen" where these have been. Most extraordinarily the cover has then been missent to Argentina, the reverse bearing two "Recibida en mal estado" seals each tied by a Buenos Aires c.d.s (28 June 1918), finally delivered at Bern nearly three months later with a 12th Sept arrival backstamp. Most unusual. Photo on Page 35. £120-150
  Ascension. 1918 (Sep 25) Cover to Bulawayo bearing G.B 1d tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s with black "PASSED CENSOR / ASCENSION", initialled. Fine quality, probably a unique destination from Ascension. £300-350
Click to view full image... Australia/Japan. 1917 Cover from Hobart to the British Embassy in Japan with "PASSED" cachet, redirected to Canada with two 20s stamps applied, circular Japanese cachet (censor ?). A little creasing and small stamp faults but a most unusual dual country commercial franking and a spectacular Kangaroo usage. Photo on Page 35. £450-500
  Bahamas. 1918 Registered cover to the USA bearing 1d + War Tax 1d block of four, with scarce circular "RELEASED BY CENSOR BOARD" in violet and two line "Received without contents at / MIAMI, FLA.", a few edge faults. £60-80
  Barbados. 1915-18 Covers comprising 2d registration envelope uprated 2 1/2d to Italy with Italian "Verificato Per Censura" seal and cachets, and registered cover from Bermuda to Barbados bearing 1d pair + 2d + War Tax 1d (3) with "P.C / BERMUDA". Also a stampless O.A.S cover from F.P.O A.4 in France to Barbados, probably sent by a soldier in the British West Indies Regt. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Basutoland. 1918 (Apr 23) South Africa 1/2d postcard bearing a 1/2d stamp tied by Mohales Hoek c.d.s, addressed to France with violet circular "PASSED CENSOR / C.14". The edges severely waterstained, explained by the cachet "ACCIDENT DE SERVICE", with a Paris arrival c.d.s (June 9). Recovered from the "Kenilworth Castle", which collided with an escorting destroyer on the night of June 3rd in the English Channel; the collision set off two depth charges causing an explosion, the damaged vessel being towed into Plymouth Sound where it was beached. Probably the only WW1 wreck cover originating in Basutoland. Photo on Page 35. £300-350
  British East Africa. 1915 Cover from USA to Kericho, B.E.A franked 5c, redirected back to the USA with a B.E.A 15c applied (not cancelled), violet "N.E / POSTAL CENSOR / MOMBASA" with datestamps of Kericho, Mombasa and large "LUMBWA / EAP" skeleton. £140-160
  British Guiana. 1918 (Oct 5) Cover to France franked 1c (3) + 2c with rare "OPENED / AND / SEALED / BY / CENSOR" seal printed in black on white paper, very few recorded. £180-220
  British Honduras. 1918 Covers all bearing various "WAR" overprint stamps, two to USA with circular "PASSED CENSOR / 1189", one of these also with British "Opened By Censor" seal. Cancels include "BELIZE" barred obliterator, "P. BELIZE O / BRITISH HONDURAS" rubber c.d.s. (3) and "BELIZE / M.O. & REGISTRATION" rubber c.d.s. (6). £140-160
Click to view full image... Brunei. 1916 Registered cover to Bombay bearing 1912 10c, 25c, 50c, $1 and 1916 5c orange, boxed "R / BRUNEI" registration handstamp and red oval "PASSED CENSOR / 2 / CALCUTTA" (a little smudged but readable), backstamped at Labuan, Singapore and Bombay. A very scarce WW1 censored cover from Brunei. Photo on Page 35. £550-600
  Burma. 1915 Cover from Rangoon to USA bearing India KEVII 2a and KGV 1/2a tied by Secretariat c.d.s and backstamped Rangoon R.M.S Set. 1 c.d.s, with rare violet straight line "PASSED BY CENSOR, RANGOON". Only three examples believed to have been recorded, all on covers to the USA. Edge tear at right, otherwise fine. £300-350
Click to view full image... Bushire. 1915 (Sep 9) Commercial cover from Bushire to Oberwampach in German occupied Luxembourg "via Shiraz, Stamboul, Breslau & Treves" with violet "Auslandstelle Trier / Frei-gegeben" cachet on the front. Franked on the reverse by Bushire British occupation 1ch (2) and 10ch each tied by Bouchier (Depart) c.d.s. Censored with green "G.R / Opened / by / Censor" seal (partly removed to show the 10ch stamp) and violet boxed "Militarischerseits unter / Kriegsrecht geoffnet / Trier 19.11.1915". A little staining affecting the two 1ch stamps but otherwise fine and a remarkable cover; very few Bushire stamps are known on correctly franked commercial covers addressed abroad, and this is almost certainly unique to a German occupied country. Photo on Page 35. £1,400-1,600
Click to view full image... Cayman Islands. 1919 Registered cover to Switzerland bearing 1 1/2d War Stamp strip of three with blue manuscript "Grand Cayman / R4645" registration vignette and a British "Opened By Censor" label. WWI censored mail from the Cayman Islands is scarce. Photo on Page 35. £120-140
  Ceylon. 1915-16 Covers and cards comprising 1916 cover to Sweden franked 15c (perfin "VB"), postcard to Siam franked 6c with a Bangkok arrival c.d.s. and a card from Japan to Ceylon all with Colombo censor cachets, the cover also with a white seal handstamped "OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW". Also a cover from Colombo to Egypt with Egyptian censor seal and red oval "PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 5". (4). £100-120
Click to view full image... China. 1915 Cover from London franked 1d to Swatow, redirected to Teng Yueh via Bhamo, endorsed "T 12cts" with an oval cachet obliterated in red, violet circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / RANGOON" and three China 1c postage dues cancelled at Teng Yueh. Backstamped at Hong Kong, Swatow (British P.O), Rangoon and Teng Yueh. A scarce cover sent via Burma. Photo on Page 35. £240-260
  China - British P.O. 1917 Cover from Shanghai to Denmark bearing China British P.O 10c (small corner fault) with a Russian censor label tied by censor cachets, light diagonal fold, otherwise fine and unusual. £140-160
  Cyprus. 1916-18 Covers and a card comprising 1pi card to Beyrout with "PASSED BY CENSOR / No 10" applied in Egypt; cover to Sweden franked 1/2pi + 30pa pair with similar No. 3 censor and an Egypt seal tied by circular "OPENED BY CENSOR"; and a cover from Calcutta to Larnaca with two "OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW / CENSOR. CALCUTTA" seals tied by two differing Calcutta censor cachets and a Larnaca squared circle. (3). £120-140
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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