G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
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Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 2
  Boer Occupation of Natal. 1899 (Nov 26) Z.A.R Telegram from Postmaster Krieffer at the Boer H.Q near Ladysmith to Pretoria requesting a Post Office tent to be sent to the Postmaster, Hoofdlager, Elandslaagte, with violet "HOOFDLAGER" handstamp and a Pretoria squared circle. Very unusual, the first example of this Hoofdlager cachet we have seen. £200-300
  Boer Occupation of Natal. 1899 (Sep 2) Cover franked 1d from Ireland to Dundee, Natal, with Oct. 14th arrival backstamp, captured by the Boers when they occupied the town with a Boer censor seal tied by Pretoria c.d.s (Nov 7), again backstamped at Dundee (Dec 29), then returned to Ireland with faint boxed "Returned to England without / a reason for non-delivery". An unusual cover. £120-140
  Boer Occupation of Cape Colony. 1900 (Feb 28) Cover franked 1d from Cape Town to Lady Grey, then occupied by the Boers, therefore held until the town was recaptured and delivered the following day with a fine "LADY / GREY" (Mar 16) backstamp, redirected to Herschel. A little staining at left, otherwise fine and very unusual. £80-100
  Boer Censorship. 1900 (May 4) Cover franked 5c from the USA to Barberton, pink Boer censor seal (Snowden/Hepworth type 4) tied by datestamps of Machadodorp (June 27) and Barberton. A scarce censor seal, only recorded used at Machadodorp in June-September, after the Boer Government had moved to that town. Light horizontal crease, otherwise fine. £180-220
  British Forces - Parcel Post. 1901-02 Parcel Post labels franked G.B 3d + 6d tied by datestamps of F.P.O 12 or Army Post Office Potchefstroom, a few small faults, very unusual. (2). £100-120
  Forces Mail. 1901 Covers to Egypt with 1d lilacs tied by F.P.O datestamps, comprising a cover from F.P.O 14 to the Steam Yacht "Maria" at Colombo and redirected to Cairo bearing 2m and 4m postage dues, boxed "REEXPEDIE" and "T", eleven backstamps from Ceylon, India, Sea Post Office and Egypt, a few edge faults; and a letter sheet written at Harrismith sent from F.P.O 24 to Cairo and redirected to Italy and Switzerland with a G.B 1 1/2d added and cancelled in London so the letter was correctly franked at the 2 1/2d foreign rate. Two very unusual items. (2). £160-200
  Forces Mail. 1902 Stampless cover from Lt. A.G Frere, 1R.W.F to his brother at the British Post Office, Beyrout, endorsed "Field Service, no stamp available", Army Post Office Elandsfontein and red London Paid datestamps, Beyrout British Post Office arrival backstamp. Also a cover to Isle of Wight with 1d lilac tied by Army Post Office Springfontein c.d.s. The cover to Syria very fine and unusual. (2). £100-120
  Canadian Contingent. 1900 (Feb 17) Cover bearing the 1892-1902 issue 1/2d, 1d and 4d, and the previous 1885 1d, 1890 4d blue and 1896 1/2d yellow-green all tied by Orange River datestamps, addressed to The Archdeacon of Nova Scotia at Truro, Nova Scotia, with an arrival backstamp. An attractive and unusual franking, from the "Kaulbach" correspondence, sold in the George Crabb auction (Cavendish, Oct. 2000), two other covers in this same correspondence having the Canadian Contingent cachet. £80-100
Click to view full image... New Zealand Contingent. 1902 (Feb 1) Printed "E (Arms) R / New Zealand Ninth Contingent / FORBURY CAMP, DUNEDIN" cover with circular violet cachet "MILITARY POST OFFICE, FORBURY, N.Z. / FREE" and a Dunedin c.d.s, addressed to Australia therefore further handstamped "WELLINGTON / NEW / ZEALAND / OFFICIAL PAID", redirected back to Christchurch, backstamped at Wellington and Sydney, mainly fine and scarce. Photo on Page 15. £250-300
  New Zealand Contingent. Unused envelopes with "E (Arms) R / New Zealand Ninth Contingent / FORBURY CAMP, DUNEDIN" printed in blue with similar printed notepaper; or "E (Arms) R / New Zealand Eighth Contingent / ADDINGTON CAMP, CHRISTCHURCH" printed in black with circular violet handstamp "MILITARY POST OFFICE / FREE / ADDINGTON, N.Z", all very fine. (3). £150-180
  Censor Seals. 1901 Covers all with scarce censor seals including August 3 cover from Cradock to Fish River with label reading "Opened under Martial Law" printed in blue (61mm) on buff paper (apparently unrecorded by Snowden/Hepworth); Dec. 4 cover from French Hoek to Paarl with yellow type 18 seal of Paarl; April 27 cover from Uitenhage to Java with green type 31 seal of Uitenhage; and March 4 cover from Grootbeyersfontein to Stellenbosch with red seal "(Arms) / OPENED UNDER MARTIAL LAW / PASSED BY CENSOR" as type 47 (of which only one example was recorded) but the final line measuring 45mm. The last cover a little stained (well clear of the seal), otherwise fine. (4). £250-300
  Censor Seals. 1901-02 Covers with various censor seals, mainly types 7 or 34, various censor handstamps and places of use, mainly fine. (24). £240-280
  Censor Cachets. 1901-02 Covers and cards all with Press Censor handstamps including named cachets of De Aar, Vryburg, Willowmore, Uitenhage, shield shaped mark of Aliwal North, etc., the cover from Vryburg (8 Feb 1902) addressed to Upington with Apr. 17 arrival backstamp, a transit time of 48 days (Upington issuing its own banknotes at this time due to its isolated position and Boer commandos in the vicinity). A fine lot. (21). £250-300
  Censored & Redirected Mail. 1901 Covers redirected within South Africa with stamps of a second province applied upon redirection, comprising Transvaal 1d tied Potchefstroom c.d.s with Cape 1d added at Somerset, Cape 1d with Transvaal 1d added at Pretoria, O.F.S 1d tied by Kroonstad c.d.s with Cape 1/2d pair added at Port Elizabeth, or Cape 1d tied Cape Town c.d.s with O.F.S 1/2d pair added at Bloemfontein. An unusual group, all censored with seals or cachets. (4). £240-280
  Censored Mail. 1901 Covers and cards to South Africa all censored upon arrival comprising USA cover to Johannesburg with Boer censor seal, registered cover from Italy censored by the British at Johannesburg, Morocco Agencies postcard from Tangier censored at Pretoria, covers from Denmark or Monaco censored at Cape Town. A few small faults but an unusual group with some scarce origins to South Africa. (5). £350-400
  Censored Mail. 1901-02 Covers from the Transvaal all censored in Johannesburg, Elandsfontein or Pretoria comprising cover to Switzerland only franked 1d handstamped "T / 15 / CENTIMES" with 10c and 20c postage due stamps; cover franked 2 1/2d to Libau, Latvia; registered cover franked 1/2d + 6d to Luxembourg; and registered cover franked by five 1/2d stamps + 6d to Spain, four unusual uses or destinations from South Africa. (4). £300-400
  P.O.W Mail. 1900 Stampless cover to France handstamped violet "PASSED / PRESS / CENSOR" containing blue manuscript "C.G, 8/6/00" with "From prisoner of war" in the same hand and manuscript "G" on reverse. A pink Opened Under Martial Law seal tied by London "T" handstamp and a Paris arrival c.d.s, a 50c postage due stamp applied upon arrival. Very unusual. £100-120
  P.O.W Mail - St Helena. 1901 Cover from a P.O.W in St. Helena franked 1d with circular censor initialled "cdns" and backstamped straight line "DEAD WOOD CAMP" (vertical and horizontal folds), and covers from South Africa to P.O.Ws in St. Helena (4, one from Bellevue P.O.W Camp), some faults. (5). £100-120
Click to view full image... P.O.W Mail - St. Helena. 1902 (Mar 6) Cover endorsed from "W.W Pretorius, Deadwood Camp, tent 160" to Transvaal franked 1/2d pair tied by cork cancels (Proud L97, state 2) with P.O.W censor cachet initialled "F.w.a (F.W. Alexander), Heidelberg arrival datestamps and censor tying a pink censor seal, endorsed "Published and Unclaimed" with "Returned Letter Office Johannesburg" backstamp, finally handstamped violet "RETURNED / LETTER" in St. Helena. A fine example of this scarce handstamp. Photo on Page 15. £400-500
  Bermuda. 1901 In Dienst cover with oval "H.M CUSTOMS / 19 JUL. 1901 / PRETORIA" cachet and a triangular Pretoria Press Censor, franked by five 1/2d stamps, from Pretoria to "Major J.S Edge, R.A.M.C, Army Head Quarters, c/o S.M.O, Bermuda"; and a 4d registration envelope franked 2d from Krugersdorp to "Mr Arthur Edwards, Prisoner of War, Tuckers Island, Bermuda" with pink "Opened Under Martial Law" seal tied by oval A.E Mainwaring Press Censor cachet of Krugersdorp and a separate date, both with Hamilton arrival datestamps, fine. (2). £200-240
  Basutoland. 1901 Cover to France with Cape 2 1/2d tied by Leribe c.d.s, a further strike alongside, a white "Opened Under Martial Law" seal tied by violet Press Censor cachet of Cape Town. £100-120

A Collection of Hospital and Medical Services Postal History

British Forces

  1900-02 Covers and cards to or from hospitals, nurses or Medical Corps personnel with a registered cover from London to South Africa forwarded to various addresses including 14 Gen. Hospital at Newcastle and 17 Gen. Hospital at Standerton, officially sealed and with ten backstamps including Western T.P.O No. 1 and Midland T.P.O 2; 1900 cover from London to South Africa and redirected back to G.B with "NOT IN NETLEY HOSPITAL" cachet; cover from Ireland to a Compounder at No. 3 Gen. Hospital, Kroonstad; 1901 stampless cover from Industrial Home Hospital at Bloemfontein; covers to The Volk Hospital at Bloemfontein or Model School Hospital at Pretoria, etc. Also postcards of Netley and Johannesburg Hospitals and stereoscope card of a Field Hospital on the Tugela River. (16). £200-240
  1901 Cover from England to a soldier in South Africa franked 1d pair tied by Godalming datestamps, redirected with three strikes of violet "SENT FROM No. 16 GEN. HOSP. / TO CON. CAMP". Endorsed "Invalided Home" and redirected to Dublin, Exeter and finally back to the sender at Elstead. Minor soiling but an unusual cover, this cachet not recorded in Peter Prime's book on the Boer War Medical and Hospital Services postal history. £120-150
  Scottish/Irish/I.Y Hospitals. 1900-01 Covers, card and a front comprising covers from Pretoria or Cape Town with "The Imperial Yeomanry Field Hospital / and Bearer Company" or "Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals" printed on the flaps; 1900 1d O.F.S postcard uprated 1/2d from F.P.O.1 to Scotland, written from the Scottish National Red Cross Hospital at Kroonstad; and a front to Cape Town bearing Transvaal 2d, 4d each tied by Army P.O 55 c.d.s with scarce oval "SOUTH AFRICAN FIELD FORCE / IRISH HOSPITAL" cachet in violet. (4). £150-180
  New Zealand Contingent. 1902 (Jan 6) Cover to New Zealand endorsed "7th N.Z.M.R, No. 4520, On Active Service", with an enclosed letter written by Private Denniston from Newcastle Hospital where he was suffering from enteric fever. He discusses the local women, and writes "there is plenty of black stuff out here & also Dutch Heffers, some of the Dutch girls is very good looking but it is not safe to touch any of the black & white stuff because you might get a little more than you bargained for". Cover with a few minor edge tears and small corner fault at lower right but an interesting letter. £140-160
  British Red Cross. 1900 Stampless cover with printed "BRITISH RED CROSS SOCIETY, SOUTH AFRICA" heading, sent from F.P.O 36 to Lady Russell in London, endorsed from a Lt. Col. with the Red Cross and marked "Free". Small tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and an uncommon envelope. £100-120
  Southampton Volunteer Ambulance Corps. 1900 Cover from a member of the Corps in South Africa, privately carried back to Southampton where it was posted on April 14th franked 1d, the reverse with the scarce oval cachet "FORWARDED BY A.M.B RELIEF CORPS / SOUTHAMPTON" struck in black, a cross applied separately in the centre in red ink. Small part flap missing and a few tone spots, otherwise fine and very scarce, this item illustrated on page 146 of Peter Prime's book. £200-250
  Hospital Train. 1900 O.F.S 1/2d postcard bearing an uncancelled 1/2d stamp, posted from F.P.O 1 to London, the message including "I believe we go to Pretoria to take over the Irish Hospital. We are in no.4 Hospital Train, a large staff of orderlies etc., are joining up as well. All along the line are traces of war, torn rails, broken bridges, dead cattle, etc.". £100-120
Click to view full image... "Princess of Wales" Hospital Ship - Princess Alexandra Letter. 1899 (Oct 30) Letter written and signed by Alexandra, Princess of Wales, on Marlborough House notepaper, with an envelope addressed to "Sir Donald Currie, G.C.M.G, 4 Hyde Park Square", hand delivered. Alexandra writes to Sir Donald Carrie, Chairman of the Currie Line, requesting a ship to serve as a hospital ship. The letter includes "at such a crisis as this my only thought and wish is to help our poor sick and wounded in this terrible South African war. As you are probably aware I am Honorary President of the Red Cross Society under which my branch of the National Aid Society is also working. I am therefore most anxious now to fit out a ship with Doctors, Nurses and every Medical Comfort". The Princess purchased the Steam Yacht "Midnight Sun" and had it fitted out as a Hospital Ship at a personal cost of £10,000; it was renamed the "Princess of Wales" and served from December 1899 until December 1900 making two trips between Britain and South Africa, as well as sailing around the Cape and Natal coast. A unique letter from Princess Alexandra, illustrated on page 65 of Peter Prime's book. See online catalogue for illustration. £500-600
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Maine" - Lady Churchill. 1899 (Oct 25) Two letters on War Office notepaper both written by Lord Lansdowne, Secretary of State for War, to Lady Randolph Churchill; the first letter apologises for not meeting with Lady Randolph as he was not made aware of her presence at the War Office, and continues - "We have as you know two hospital ships already which will ply between Durban & the Cape - there is a third ship provided by the National Aid Society but I fear there may be plenty for your ship to do besides." The second letter written the following day accepts the offer of Lady Randolph and her committee to fund a Hospital Ship for South Africa. Lady Randolph and her committee raised £40,000 to convert a cattle transport ship, loaned by the Atlantic Transport Co., into the Hospital Ship "Maine". Lady Randolph served on the "Maine", which made two trips between Southampton and South Africa. Two unique letters. See online catalogue for illustration. £400-500
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Maine" - Lady Churchill. Page from an autograph album with various signatures including Lady Randolph Churchill dated Feb. 7th 1900, also bearing a rather crude drawing of a ship done on white paper by Lady Churchill entitled "The A.H.S Maine" and again signed, and a small photo of Sir Hely Hutchinson, the reverse side with a watercolour of hills (signed "Feragon - Oct. 92") and further signatures. Also a printed 12 line verse about the ship entitled "The Maine". A unique page with two examples of Lady Churchill's autograph from her time on the "Maine" and her drawing of the ship; luckily her son turned out to be a better artist than she evidently was! See online catalogue for illustration. £400-500

Boer Forces

  Transvaal Red Cross. 1899 (Oct 25) Transvaal Red Cross document in Dutch and English stating that Dr E. Snell, Krugersdorp Transport Service is an active and enrolled member of the society and entitled to the mark of neutrality and the privileges of the Geneva Convention, both halves signed by Dr J.B Knobel and Dr M.J Kreyenbroek and bearing the red "HOOFD-BESTUUR / (Red Cross) / PRETORIA / TRANSVAALSCHE ROODE KRUIS" cachet. £150-180
  Transvaal Red Cross. 1899 (Dec 7) Stampless telegram envelope with Pretoria squared circle backstamp addressed to "Hendriks, Roode Kruis", a little roughly opened at upper edge, otherwise fine. Dutch Nurse Hendriks volunteered to serve with the Transvaal Red Cross, and later joined the Dutch Ambulance. £80-100
Click to view full image... Transvaal Red Cross. 1900 (March) Stampless cover with printed "Vereeniging het Roode (Red Cross) Kruis van Geneve / Hoofdbestuur der Transvaalsche Afdeeling" heading, signed by Dr M.J Kreyenbroek with the red "HOOFD-BESTUUR / (Red Cross) / PRETORIA / TRANSVAALSCHE ROODE KRUIS" cachet, sent to Johannesburg with despatch and arrival datestamps, also with oval cachet of F.C Kuipers, Apotheker, Haarlem. A fine and scarce official Transvaal Red Cross cover. Photo on Page 15. £400-500
  Transvaal Red Cross. 1901 (May 3) Similar Transvaal Red Cross printed cover used by a British soldier to England with a Transvaal 1d tied by Army P.O c.d.s, the reverse endorsed from Corpl. T.F Horniblow, 5357 26th Co. I.Y, 7th Regt, S.A.F.F. Unusual. £100-120
Click to view full image... O.F.S Red Cross Ambulance Corps. 1900 (Feb 26) Stampless cover headed "In Dienst", endorsed from Dr T. Elliott and addressed to Miss Fleck, a Red Cross worker, with Bloemfontein c.d.s and red "Ambulance Commissie / (Red Cross) / Bloemfontein / O.V.S ROODE KRUIS" cachet, minor opening tears at upper edge. Also a stampless "In Dienst" printed cover endorsed "ambulance corps" and "op Commando dienst", from Dr. Hugh Bidwell addressed to his fiancÈe Miss Molly Fichardt in Bloemfontein (part of a well documented correspondence dating from Oct. 9th - Dec. 18th 1899). Two fine items, the O.V.S Red Cross cachet very scarce. (2). Photo on Page 15. £400-500
Click to view full image... Dutch Red Cross Ambulance. 1900 (Mar 26) Cover with "AMBULANCE / (Red Cross) / Nederlandsche Roode Kruis" printed in the upper left corner, posted from Pretoria to Holland via Delagoa Bay franked 2 1/2d with an arrival backstamp, endorsed from "J. Dijkstra, Verpleegster, Pretoria". Light central vertical fold, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 15. £240-300
Click to view full image... Russian-Dutch Ambulance. 1900 (Mar 28) Russian 4k postal stationery postcard addressed to "Dr Carl von Rennenkampff, Russian-Dutch Ambulance, Box 113, Pretoria, via Marseille", with a Pretoria arrival c.d.s (May 27). A scarce card to this ambulance, just one other ingoing cover from Germany illustrated by Prime. Photo on Page 15. £250-300


The Edmund Hall Collection

Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902

Click to view full image... Boer Occupation of Natal. 1900 Cover to Lourenco Marques with Transvaal 1d vertical strip of three each cancelled violet "Veldpost / Glencoe / 24 Jan. 1900", backstamped blue "PK / NewCastle / 25 Jan. 1900" with a Pretoria c.d.s tying pink censor label and a Lourenco Marques arrival c.d.s; and cover to Volksrust with Transvaal 1d tied blue "Veldpost, ZAR / NewCastle / 4 Mei 1900", arrival backstamp. Two fine covers, the commercial censored cover to Lourenco Marques very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 20. £200-250
Click to view full image... German Volunteers in Boer Army. 1900 (Jan 12) Transvaal 1/2d postcard from Johannesburg to Pretoria, the message in German, backstamped with superb oval "Deutsches Commando / 12 JAN. 1900 / JOHANNESBURG, Z.A.R" cachet in violet. Ex Griffiths Collection (the only example in his extensive collection), very rare. Photo on Page 20. £400-600
  German Volunteers in Boer Army. 1900 Cover to Johannesburg bearing Transvaal 1d tied by "HOOFDLAGER / Z.A.R" c.d.s used at the Boer H.Q near Ladysmith, with blue circular "VELD-POST / G.F FLEISCHER / 24 JAN. 1900 / DUITSCH & JOHANNESBURG / COMMANDOES", central vertical fold and light stain spots but a scarce cachet. £130-160
  Ladysmith Siege. 1900 (Feb 27) Cover to "Capt A.I.G Wales, Vol. Staff, Ladysmith" with Natal 1d tied by Ladysmith c.d.s and violet two line "LADYSMITH SIEGE POST OFFICE / Feb. 27th, 1900", sent on the final full day of the siege, which was relieved the following day. Part flap missing and small repair at upper edge, good appearance. £80-100
Click to view full image... British Forces Mail / Censorship. 1900-01 Covers and cards including 1901 O.H.M.S Imperial Yeomanry printed cover with oval "IMPERIAL / YEOMANRY" official cachet and London Official Paid c.d.s, scarce violet "NATAL / FIELD FORCE 2" c.d.s (18 Mar 1900) tying Natal 1d to cover, octagonal Standerton Natal Field Force datestamp, violet Army Post Office Barberton and Volksrust datestamps, 1901 2d registration envelope with 1d lilac pair each cancelled "ARMY POST OFFICE / EASTERN T.P.O" c.d.s, 1900 (Feb 20) censored cover from Durban to Lourenco Marques with violet boxed "STOPPED BY CENSOR / RETURN TO CENSOR" and "Returned Letter Office Natal" c.d.s, etc. (9). Photo on Page 20. £320-400
  Canadian Contingent. 1900 (Oct 25) Cover to Winnipeg with 1d lilac tied by "ARMY P.O 53 / S. AFRICA" c.d.s with an arrival c.d.s and violet oval "CANADIAN CONTINGENT / OCT 31 1900 / SOUTH AFRICA" alongside, fine. £100-120
  Ceylon Contingent. 1900 (Oct 18) Stampless O.A.S cover to Ceylon with fine F.P.O 38 c.d.s, backstamped at Durban, Colombo and Lindulla, probably from a member of the Ceylon contingent. Vertical fold, otherwise fine and scarce. £100-120

Gold Coast - War of the Golden Stool, 1900

Click to view full image... 1900 (July 15) Stampless cover to Liverpool headed "Ashanti Field Force" and endorsed "On Active Service, no stamps available", with "KUMASI / GOLD COAST" c.d.s and "T" handstamp, a 1d charge mark applied at Plymouth with a Liverpool arrival c.d.s (Aug 17). The Gold Coast Governor and other Europeans were besieged in the fort at Kumasi, which was reached by a relief force on the day this cover was posted. A fine and scarce cover from this short campaign. Photo on Page 20. £300-350

China - Boxer Rebellion, 1900-01

Click to view full image... French Red Cross. 1901 Stampless postcard to France, endorsed "Corps Expeditionaire de Chine" with a "TRESOR ET POSTES AUX ARMEES / 2 CHINE 2" c.d.s, the reverse depicting a French soldier and sailor with a Red Cross and the printed heading "Societe De Secours Aux Blesses Militaires, Croix Rouge Francaise, Ambulance de Chine", very attractive and scarce. Photo on Page 20. £120-140
Click to view full image... German Forces. 1901 USA 2c Stationery postcard sent by a German soldier, bearing US 1c, 2c tied by "MIL POSTAL STA. No 1 / CHINA" duplex, a China 1/2c tied oval Peking datestamp and a C.E.F 1/2a, very unusual (just one other example of this 2c card used in China recorded by the A.P.S.S). Also stampless Feldpost cards with German F.P.O 4 or 7 c.d.s, and a 1903 card from Tientsin franked German P.O 5pf and bearing a unit cachet. (4). Photo on Page 20. £140-180

Brazil/Bolivia Dispute over Acre

  1904 (June 2) Stampless cover to Rio de Janeiro with "ADM. DOS. C. DO. AMAZONAS" c.d.s, and superb circular "Governo Militar Provisorio do Acre / FRANQUIA DE CORRESPONDENCIA" cachets in blue on both the front and reverse, sent shortly after Bolivia had ceded the disputed territory of Acre to Brazil. Very scarce. £80-100

Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05

  Russian Forces. 1905 Stampless postcards with c.d.s of Port Arthur (China) and negative seal cachet of the 11th Siberian Command; Mukden (Manchuria) c.d.s and 157th Imperial Regt. cachet; Verkhnendinsk c.d.s and 8th Siberian Battn. cachet, to Helsinki with Boxed "T" crossed out; or a Vladivostock c.d.s and negative seal cachet of 219th Reserve Battn., all fine. (4). £150-180
G.B & Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 38)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 30th September 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for the many viewing options available for this sale
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