Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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Auction Lots - Page 19
  Doorn River. 1880 (Oct 9) Cover to England bearing "3" on 3d pair tied by triangular "CGH" obliterator, the reverse with oval "DOORN RIVER / 1870" datestamp with manuscript "Oct 9". A rare datestamp, unlisted by Putzel and just two examples recorded by Goldblatt. £100-120
  Hopedale/Uniondale. 1860-1907 Entire, covers and a card with 1860 stampless official entire to The Postmaster General, Cape Town backstamped with red oval "HOPEDALE" datestamp; and covers or cards with Uniondale single ring datestamps (3 types) or "437" BONC. Hopedale and Lyon hamlets merged in 1866 to form Uniondale. A fine lot, Hopedale mail listed as very rare by Putzel. (6). £140-160
Click to view full image... Lower Lange Kloof/Jagerbosch. 1857 (Mar 26) Entire endorsed "P.H Ferreira F.C, Onder Lange Kloof" to the Civil Commissioner at George franked by a 4d triangular (S.G. 6a, faults), carried by branch post to Jagerbosch where the stamp was cancelled by triangular "C.G.H" obliterator in black, backstamped by two strikes of red oval "JAGERBOSCH" datestamps (both reasonable strikes across the flap). A scarce entire from Field-Cornet Ferreira who resided on Farm Elandsfontein in the Lower Lange Kloof, the Jagerbosch datestamp given the highest rarity rating of 10 by Goldblatt, who only recorded a single example. With P.F.S.A Certificate (2014). Photo on Page 132. £170-200
  Pacaltsdorp. 1851 (Aug 23) Entire letter written by Rev. T. Atkinson from the Mission Station at Pacaltsdorp to London endorsed "Paid" and "Per Royal Mail Steamer", apparently posted in Cape Town with a fine oval "crown" handstamp and London arrival backstamp (Oct 21). Charged the packet rate of 1/-, although the arrival date suggests this must have arrived by private ship. £80-100
  Wolvekraal/Schoonberg. 1857 and 1859 Stampless official entires to The Postmaster General, Cape Town, backstamped with oval "WOLVE-KRAAL" datestamps in red or black and similar Cape Town arrival datestamps, the first endorsed "P.B Richardson, Schoonberg". A postal agency was established at Schoonberg in late 1856 with Peregrine Richardson as its first agent. A fine and scarce pair. (2). £140-160
  Other Offices. 1856-1910 Entires, covers, cards and a piece with 1865 entire letter from Cape Town to Uniondale missorted with "MILL RIVER" double arc datestamp on the front (stamp damaged but c.d.s listed as very rare by Putzel); Krakeel River c.d.s (2 types, one with "575" BONC); 1903 piece with proof impression of Molen River c.d.s; 1866 wrapper to the Postmaster General with note "Mr D.P Terburgh applying to be appointed P. Off. Agent at Krakeel River" (stamp removed); Pacaltsdorp c.d.s + "538" BONC; and Klipdoorn River c.d.s (rated as rare by Putzel). (8). £80-100

Knysna District

  Knysna. 1823 (May 15) Entire letter from Edward Wallace, Harbour Master at Knysna, to the Colonial Secretary in Cape Town confirming the safe arrival of the Brig "Antelope" at Knysna, with George "crown" handstamp and Cape Town datestamp. George Rex, the founder of Knysna, developed the timber trade resulting in the harbour becoming very busy despite the dangerous entrance from the sea into the lagoon. A rare early letter concerning shipping activities between Cape Town and Knysna. £100-120
  Belvidere/Knysna. 1863-64 Covers to "Mrs Newdigate, Buccleugh, Plettenberg Bay" both bearing 4d triangulars with indistinct cancels, the first backstamped very scarce red oval "BELVIDERE" datestamp (just two examples recorded by Goldblatt); the other bearing scarce De La Rue 4d steel blue (S.G. 19c, two margins), believed to be from Knysna. The scarce Belvidere cover with light creasing and stamp faults, the other cover with light overall staining and seal removed from reverse, but still a reasonable example of this elusive 4d shade on cover. (2). £200-250
  Plettenberg Bay. c.1804-10 Entires from Johann Frederick Meeding, first postholder of the timber post at Plettenberg Bay after it was moved there from Houtteniqualandt in 1787, both to the Colonial Secretary in Cape Town, headed "in Zijne Majestyts Dienst" and sent free of postage. The c.1804 entire to Lt. Col. F.W Forster, the c.1810 entire to C. Bird at "Kasteel de Goede Hoop" with the address panel signed and endorsed "Plettenberg Bay, J.F Meeding". Meeding was responsible for the mails from Plettenberg Bay and was therefore allowed free postage under the 1798 proclamation which first allowed O.H.M.S mail exemption from postage within the Cape. Two scarce early entires. (2). £130-160
  Other Offices. 1875-1910 Entire, covers, postcards and a front with oval "PLETTENBERGS / BAY" datestamp of 1875 (2); 1890-91 cover + front with Millwood c.d.s + "563" BONC (rated rare by Putzel); Forest Hall c.d.s + "333" BONC (2); Balmoral c.d.s + "615" BONC; single ring datestamps of Covie, Keurbooms River, Plettenbergs Bay (4, one with late 1909 use of triangular "CGH" obliterator); Witte Drift c.d.s + "1016" BONC, Belvidere arrival datestamps (2). (13). £180-220

Mossel Bay District

  Mossel Bay. 1838 (Oct 5) Long palimpsest letter from James Townley (who established a mercantile business in Mossel Bay in March 1838) to his brother in London, sent before the establishment of a Post Office in Mossel Bay with crowned oval Cape Town datestamp, 4d inland postage rate crossed out and 1/- charged in London, backstamped red boxed "INDIA LETTER / DEAL". Redirected to Lower Tooting, handstamped "T.P / Rate 2d" and boxed "POSTAGE NOT PAID / TO LONDON", an interesting early letter from Mossel Bay. £100-120
  Mossel Bay. 1876-1908 Entire, covers, cards and a part telegram with 1876 stampless O.H.M.S Money Order Business wrapper to the Postmaster General with Mossel Bay c.d.s, other single ring datestamps (4 types), "222" BONC (4), 1908 skeleton c.d.s, also 1902 Press Censor cachet and part 1876 telegram form. (10). £130-150
  Other Offices. 1906-44 Covers and cards with 1906 Gonnakraal single ring c.d.s + "1069" BONC (a later double ring c.d.s added in 1950, also 1944 cover with the single ring c.d.s), single ring datestamps of Vogelvlei, Gouritz River Bridge (both rated RR, very rare by Putzel) or Hartenbosch, double ring Little Brak River c.d.s on Transvaal 1d, one card also with 1908 Mossel Bay skeleton c.d.s. (6). £80-100

Oudtshoorn District

  Oudtshoorn. 1868-1909 Covers and an entire letter with 1868 cover showing scarce "20" BONC with misspelt oval "OUDSTHOORN" datestamp, 1874 cover with the same oval datestamp on the front, 1897 stampless O.H.M.S Superintendent of Convicts entire letter reporting the arrival of two convicts from George at Tokai Convict Station (a few faults) and 1893 cover both with experimental octagonal datestamp, "284" BONC, single ring datestamps, violet registration handstamp on 1909 cover to Russia, and Press Censors. (10). £200-240
  Other Offices. 1852-1911 Entires, covers and cards with 1852 entire letter from Buffelbosch River to Cape Town with oval "crown" handstamp of Cape Town and boxed "TO PAY"; various double arc, single or double circle datestamps of Calitzdorp (5); 1859 stampless official wrapper to The Postmaster General in Cape Town signed "P.J Meiring, P.O Agent" with arrival backstamp, and a 1904 postcard with Meirings Poort c.d.s. Meirings Poort was named after Petrus J. Meirings who became the first postal agent in 1858, though no datestamp is known before 1860; Putzel rates all mail from this office as very rare. A useful group. (8). £200-250

Orange Free State

  1888-1902 Covers and cards including provisional type stationery cards with stamps tied by shield overprints, Boer War with oval "Postmeester-Generaal" censor cachets (4), F.P.O cancels (11), etc. (26). £150-200

(Also See Lot 458)

  1914-32 Covers with South Africa stamps cancelled at Mbabane, including 1921 O.H.M.S cover franked 1/2d, 1d, 4d, 1932 cover with 2d Official, etc. (4). £70-80


Click to view full image... 1895 Introduction of Penny Postage 1d block of thirty comprising the lower five rows of the sheet, margin at base with printers imprint, imperforate vertically between the second and fifth columns, the three missing vertical perforations therefore resulting in a central block of ten imperf vertically (S.G. 215cb, unpriced by S.G.) and ten other stamps imperforate vertically at one side only, central vertical fold (between the third and fourth columns) and tone spots affecting most stamps, still very reasonable appearance and a rare block. S.G. 215c, var. Photo on Page 188. £300-400

Union of South Africa

  1942-44 War Effort bantam issues, specialised mint collection written up on pages in a Godden de-Luxe album, mainly marginal multiples arranged by value and printing, some varieties noted including block of three units with roulettes omitted (thinned), 1 1/2d double roulettes (23 pairs, within blocks) and marginal pair roulettes omitted (staining), 2d apostrophe flaw (2) and line on cap flaw, grossly misplaced perfs (15 pairs) and block of four without printing, 3d block with marginal slogans largely omitted, 1/- bursting shell flaw (2), many other constant flaws including missing background shading, retouched background, etc., doctor blade flaws, also a duplicated mint and used range in a stockbook. (100s). £480-550
  World War Two Forces and Paquebot Mail. 1942-46 Covers and cards written up in two albums including various anonymous type "PAQUEBOT" handstamps (38), "Maritime Mail" and "Fleet Mail Office", "B.T.A" cachets (British Troops Africa), "On Naval Service / Official Free" cachets, Robben Island c.d.s, etc. An interesting lot. (68). £250-300
  1947 Royal Tour. Stampless cover to England from Cpl. P. Hawkins endorsed "On Service Air Mail" with circular violet "THE KINGS FLIGHT / 7 MAR 1947 / ROYAL AIR FORCE", and a philatelic cover with Royal Visit 1d - 6d pairs tied by the Kings Flight cachets dated 16 APR 1947. Also cover with the Royal Visit set tied by the usual Royal Visit datestamps, addressed to Kenya and flown by C.A.A. (3). £120-150

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1918 Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" cards with large arms in blue flown on the first (Oct 7) or third (Nov 2) Cape Town flights, addressed locally franked KGV 1/2d tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s, both unusually also bearing "Our Day" 3d Red Cross labels, the label tied by the c.d.s on the first card. Also unused large and small size souvenir envelopes bearing the "Our Day" label, and a mint label, all very fine, an uncommon group. (5). Photo on Page 132. £280-350
Click to view full image... 1918 (Oct 26) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" card with large arms in blue carried on the second Cape Town flight, with KGV 1d tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s and "Our Day" 3d Red Cross label, addressed to "A.E Corston, c/o Eastern Telegraph Co, Aden, vie East Coast", the front with light censor cachet and two differing Aden arrival datestamps (6 Dec., one tying the "Our Day" label), some staining and small split but a unique destination. Photo on Page 137. £120-150
  1918 (Nov 20) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" second type cards with small arms, two cards showing the printing a light blue or in ultramarine, both carried on the first Johannesburg flight with KGV 1d tied by Aerial Post c.d.s, one card to Rustenburg with arrival c.d.s, the other to England. One card a little creased, otherwise fine. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1918 (Nov 22) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" second type card with small arms in light blue, to Pretoria, carried on the second Johannesburg flight with KGV 1d tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s, signed on the front by the pilot Lt. Gearing. A fine pilot signed card. Photo on Page 137. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1918 (Nov 24) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" second type card with small arms in ultramarine, carried on the Johannesburg to Germiston flight, addressed to Victoria, British Columbia, bearing two KGV 1/2d coil stamps tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s, an uncommon destination. Photo on Page 137. £120-140
Click to view full image... 1918 (Nov 27) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" second type card with small arms in light blue, carried on the Pretoria to Johannesburg flight, return address of the Swiss Mission in Pretoria, addressed to Switzerland, with KGV 1d tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s, circular censor cachet, an unusual destination. Photo on Page 137. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1918 (Dec 1) Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" second type card with small arms in light blue, to Seapoint, carried on the Johannesburg to Benoni flight, with interesting message "Our local aviator Lieut. Gearing has been doing stunts in the air carrying these postcards to different parts of the union and all in aid of the Red Cross fund", bearing KGV 1/2d tied by the Aerial Post c.d.s and Johannesburg machine (Nov 30), signed on the front by Lt. Gearing. A fine pilot signed card. Photo on Page 137. £180-220
  1918 Red Cross "Make Your Sixpence Fly" cards carried on Cape Town flights, comprising second type card with small arms in light blue to England franked 1d, carried on the Dingaan's day flight (Dec 16); first type cards with large arms franked KGV 1/2d to Rondebosch, carried on the Christmas flight (Dec 23), or to Johannesburg carried on the New Year's flight (Dec 30). All with the Aerial Post c.d.s, the second card with the stamp cancelled at Cape Town (Dec 21) and the Aerial Post c.d.s and Rondebosch arrival c.d.s below. Three fine cards. (3). £240-280
Click to view full image... 1918 (Nov) Leaflet headed "AN AERIAL MESSAGE Dropped by Military Aeroplane in the Transvaal, November 1918, From The Red Cross, To The Public of the Transvaal", printed by Argus Co. Ltd, dropped by Lt. Gearing over Johannesburg on November 20th and over Benoni on November 30th, 217x174mm, unusually fine and very rare. Few of the aerial dropped leaflets have survived. Photo on Page 140. £500-600
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1919 (Aug 2) Cape Town Peace Celebrations pigeon post, flown pigeongram numbered 355 attached to printed sheet "PEACE CELEBRATIONS, CAPE TOWN, Pigeon Post, Carried August 2nd, 1919" and also numbered 355, posted within a large stampless cover to Rosebank, with Cape Town c.d.s (Aug 6), blue circular "PIGEON POST / AUG. 2 / 19. CAPE TOWN" and violet oval "GOVERNOR GENERAL'S FUND / CAPE TOWN". A fine and rare pigeongram with original cover; approximately 410 messages were flown but only about five complete specimens are known today. Photo on Page 138. £900-1,200
  1925-29 Covers and cards flown by internal air services, with sixteen 1925 (Mar. 2 - June 15) items flown on the first experimental air services between Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Durban, East London and Oudtshoorn, various flights mostly bearing the special air stamps, one cover only franked by KGV definitives and another from G.B, one cover unusually with the oval Royal Tour cancel. Also eight 1929 (Aug. 26-29) covers flown by Union Airways between Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth or Johannesburg, one cover registered to Kenya, one cover from G.B, the others all bearing 4d Air Post stamps. (24). £350-400
  1927-35 Covers comprising 1927 Mittelholzer Africa flight registered cover addressed to Cairo, intended to be flown to Cape Town but actually only flown as far as Naples (minor faults); 1934 (Dec 4) Cape Town to Australia first despatch by Imperial Airways and QANTAS, cover signed by the pilots of the "Amalthea" and "Andromeda"; and 1935 (Apr 16) cover from Cape Town to Cairo carried by Imperial Airways, then apparently carried on the R.A.F flight from Cairo to Cape Town and back to Cairo, the reverse signed by the six R.A.F officers and dated "17th May", scarce. (3). £150-200
  1929 (Dec 13) Letter written and signed by Sqn. Leader A.G Jones Williams on R.A.F Cranwell notepaper, "Dear Sir, I will take cards if you send items here as soon as possible, in great haste". Jones William and Flt. Lieut. Jenkins left Cranwell on the morning of December 17th in an attempt to fly to Cape Town and establish a long distance non-stop flight record, but crashed in the Atlas Mountains near Tunis that same evening, both pilots were killed and no mail was recovered. £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1931 (Nov 13) Air Mail cover from Durban to Wynberg with the remains of 2d and 4d air stamps, severely burnt at all edges, with accompanying explanatory note "The Department of Posts & Telegraphs of the Union of South Africa tenders regret for the damage to the enclosed letter caused through the crash and destruction by fire of the aeroplane conveying the Air Mail between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town on Friday November 13th 1931", also a photograph of the wrecked plane. The plane crashed in a storm at Sir Lowry's Pass killing the pilot and two passengers; about 60 letters were recovered, most badly burnt, few of which now survive. Photo on Page 137. £250-350
Click to view full image... 1931 (Aug 29) Cover to London with red printed heading "CAPE TOWN TO LONDON BY AIR WITH "TOMMY" ROSE / IN "HIGH TEST" IN .... DAYS" bearing South Africa 2d cancelled at Cape Town and London S.W 1 (May 15). Carried by Rose in an attempt on the Cape to England speed record; the flight was abandoned at Esna, Egypt, on May 5th due to engine trouble. Described as the only recorded cover from this record attempt flight in an accompanying article by N. Polakow. Photo on Page 137. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1933 (Feb) Cover posted at Cranwell (10 Nov. 1932) to Sqn. Ldr Gayford and Ft. Lt. Bett, subsequently carried by Gayford and Ft. Lt Nicholetts on their record breaking non-stop Cranwell to Cape Town flight in a Fairey monoplane, posted upon arrival in Cape Town readdressed to "L.W Wyndham, House of Assembly, Cape Town", with Walvis Bay c.d.s (Feb 10) and South Africa 2d cancelled Cape Town (Feb 16), backstamped at Houses of Parliament. Also two photographs of the plane's arrival at Cape Town, and contemporary news cuttings. The plane left Cranwell on Monday February 6th and arrived at Walvis Bay 57 1/2 hours later on February 10th where this cover was datestamped. They then flew to Cape Town before flying back to England in stages along the Imperial Airways route. A rare cover. Photo on Page 140. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1936 (Mar 3) Tommy Rose Cape Town to London record flight, cover to E.V Dolby at Imperial Airways terminal, Victoria Station, endorsed "Per favour of Flt. Lt. Tommy Rose AFC" with circular "CAPETOWN MUNICIPAL AIR-PORT / 3. MAR. 1936 / WINGFIELD", posted upon arrival in London (Mar 9) franked 1/2d + 1d, reverse signed by Rose, with a letter from R. Wyndham, "Dr Mr Dolby, Flt. Lt. Tommy Rose who is returning tomorrow in the Miles Falcon in which he won the 1935 Kings Cup air race and broke the London-Cape flight record has kindly consented to carry this note of greeting & post it on arrival in England. I understand he is going to attempt to lower his own record (3 days 17 hrs) but hopes to establish a new record for the northbound flight now held by Capt Llewelyn & Mrs Jill Wyndham (6 1/2 days)". A scarce cover, one of just 16 carried on this record flight completed in six days and seven hours. Also a signed souvenir brochure for his record breaking London to Cape flight (100 printed, sold at 2/6 each for the Cape Town Hospital equipment fund), and various contemporary news cuttings. (2). Photo on Page 140. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1951 (Oct 14) Cover franked 1d pair from Cape Town to Rossburgh, Natal with arrival c.d.s (Oct 22), redirected to Johannesburg, waterstained, handstamped violet "SALVAGED CRASHED PLANE 15/10/51". The S.A.A Dakota "Paardeberg" from Cape Town to Durban crashed in the Ingeli Mountains near Kokstad with the loss of 13 passengers and 4 crew; very little mail was recovered. Photo on Page 140. £200-250
  1968 (Apr 20) Cover to Dresden, fire damaged, with attached explanatory slip, "The accompanying postal article/s was/were included in the mail despatches which were despatched with flight SA 228 (BOEING : "PRETORIA") and accordingly damaged in the crash in which the forementioned aircraft was destroyed near J.G Strijdom Airport on April 20, 1968", handstamped violet "WINDHOEK, S.W.A". The aircraft for Frankfurt and London crashed shortly after take-off from Windhoek with the loss of 122 passengers and crew. £150-180

(Also See Lots 581-583, 585, 586, 775, 777)

  1900-58 Covers, earlier cancels include Kerma, Bara, Rumbek, El-Duem, Singa, Kodok, El-Obeid, also many 1950 postal agency rubber datestamps in violet, T.P.Os, etc. (101). £250-300
  1915-17 Covers with enclosed letters written by Capt. Irwin of the Egyptian Army to his mother in Ireland, written from Yambio, Roseires or Kirnuk near the border with Ethiopia, cancellations comprise Mvolo (2) and Roseires (13), also a photo of Capt. Irwin. An interesting correspondence, the Mvolo cancels very scarce. (15). £250-280
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Army Telegraphs Cancels. 1902-40 Collection well written up on pages comprising covers or cards (10), pieces (6) and stamps (23), the covers including 1915 S-RM of Sennar Correction Camp, 1911-12 T-N of Tonga (2), 1902 B-N of Blue Nile T.P.O, 1906 S-R of Suakim to Atbara Line Railhead, 1940 SDF used by the Sudan Defence Force in Lake Rudolf area, 1903 M-T of Melut all used as cancels, 1911 K-D of Kadaru (2) used as backstamps. A rare group, several the only recorded examples. (49). Photo on Page 142. £600-700
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1928 (Feb 12) Cover to England with Sudan 10m tied by Khartoum c.d.s, the reverse with "Entebbe Club, Uganda" embossed on the flap and endorsed "By air from Entebbe to Khartoum AJC". Cobham made his famous "round Africa" flight in a Short Singapore flying boat in 1927; no official mail was carried but he is known to have hand carried two covers from England to East Africa and three covers from Entebbe to Khartoum. An exceptionally rare cover from this important flight, a few insignificant opening tears, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 142. £1,300-1,500
Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1931 (Nov 1) Fairey Monoplane proving flight by S/L A.R Gayford and Ft. Lt. W.L.G Bett, cover flown from Cranwell to Cairo and on to Khartoum, posted upon arrival on November 3rd bearing 10m pair, addressed to USA. Typed flight inscription, handstamped "T" and "POSTAGE DUE 15 CENTS", backstamped in New Jersey, with a news cutting reporting their arrival at Cairo, a preliminary stop in their attempt to break the non-stop long distance flight record. Very rare, four covers flown. Photo on Page 140. £500-600


  1913-2011 "Pro Juventute" stamps and 1938-2011 "Pro Patria" stamps complete mint, with some miniature sheets including Pro Juventute 1941 sheet. S.G. £1,700 (approx). (713). £160-200


  1894 Stampless cover to New Zealand with "ON HIS TONGAN MAJESTY'S SERVICE" printed heading, a Nukualofa c.d.s and "TONGA GOVERNMENT / FRANK" handstamp, very fine. £100-120
  1900 4d Registration envelope (H&G6) used to New Zealand, bearing 1897 5d, arrival backstamps. £80-100


  1928-44 Covers with 1928 stampless OHMS cover with cachet of No. 14 Sqn R.A.F, 1938 (Mar 1) cover franked 10m to G.B sent by the first "all up" air mail, 1939 bilingual red "TRANS-JORDAN / OPENED BY CENSOR / Amman No. 1" seal, 1940 violet "Censor T.J.F.F Signals" cachet, etc. (9). £100-120

(Also See Lots 469, 1256)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1851-1959 Mint and used collection on album pages with Britannia issues (179) including 1851-57 1d in various colours (72 with 1d blue block of nine and 1d brownish-red mint), 1852-60 1d blue used (5, faults), 1859 imperf 4d used (3), 6d used (3), 1/- mint (2) and used (2), 1859 pin-perf issues, 1860-61 clean-cut or rough perf issues with 1/- indigo unused, 1862-63 thick paper issues with perf 13 1/- bright mauve used, 1963-82 Crown CC issues, 1896 5/- and £1 mint, 1907 5/- mint, 1921 £1 mint, 1922-28 set to £1 mint, 1935 Silver Jubilee set of four unmounted mint all with extra flagstaff variety, 1938-44 set mint, etc. Some faults to early issues though many are fine with four margins. (440). Photo on Page 75. £750-1,000
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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