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Auction Lots - Page 4
Click to view full image... 1897-1906 Picture postcards and a cover bearing Spitzbergen cachets or local stamps, comprising 1897 postcard of Advent Bay with "S.S AUGUSTE VICTORIA / SPITZBERGEN" dated cachet posted from Tromso, and 1902 card posted at Digermulen bearing Spitzbergen 20ore tied by the same undated S.S Auguste Victoria cachet; 1901 Hamburg-America Line envelope and postcard of the "Auguste Victoria" at Spitzbergen both posted at Digermulen with single ring "SPITZBERGEN" cachets in violet; 1897 postcard of Spitzbergen posted at Nordcap with Spitzbergen 10ore local tied Advent Bay cachet; 1898 postcard of S.S "Kong Harald" at North Cape posted at Hamburg with four differing Spitzbergen cachets; 1906 card posted at Digermulen with "SPITZBERGEN / Blucher" dated cachet. Also 1913 postcard of Spitzbergen posted at Hammerfest, reverse with picture and signature of David Heineman and "Greetings from the top of the World, N. of Spitzbergen, N. Lat. 80°2' ". (8). Photo on Page 28. £300-400
Click to view full image... Austrian Lloyd "Thalia". 1907 Picture postcards of Wellman's balloon base or the "Thalia" at Spitzbergen both with Austria 10h cancelled "THALIA / OE • LLOYD" c.d.s, one with "SPITZBERGEN / MAGDALENEN-BAI" cachet, the other with blue "Polar Post" 10ore label tied by similar "NORDKUSTE" cachet; 1907 piece with the blue "Polar Post" label and a small blue "Osterreicher-Lloyd Spitzbergen" label tied by the Magdalenen Bai cachet and Austria 5h tied by the Thalia c.d.s; 1907 postcard of the "Thalia" posted at Hammerfest; and a series of ten cards from G. Milossevich, a crew member of the "Thalia", six with Norway stamps cancelled to order at various ports and uncancelled large size "Osterreicher-Lloyd Spitzbergen" labels in three differing colours, three other cards posted from Norway and a card of the ship posted from France. (14). Photo on Page 28. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1897-1906 Picture postcards published by Captain Bade depicting Spitzbergen views, all bearing Captain Bade labels, three cards with the "Arctische Post" label depicting Bade on skis tied by cachets of Baren-Insel, 80° Nordbreite or Smeerenburg (also with the other two cachets) posted at Hammerfest, Advent Bay or Nordbanernes T.P.O; and two cards posted at Hammerfest both bearing blue "Polar Post" 10ore labels depicting a seal, tied by Baren-Insel and Virgo Hafen cachets, both cards with one or two additional cachets. A good lot, two with Sismondo Certificates. (5). Photo on Page 28. £500-600
  Spurious "Spitzbergen" lettercards with an address of Spitzbergen, c/o Norwegian Consul in Tromso, in differing shades of blue showing an imitation Spitzbergen "100" stamp on the front, the reverse with a caricature of the world powers all on the phone with a character at the North Pole, the inside depicting a chronology of polar exploration with Nansen, Peary, etc., printed for the 1900 Paris Exhibition. One lettercard bears cachets of "NORDKAP / 18 VII 01 / SP. EXP" and "SPITSBERGEN / 6 VIII 01 / SP. EXP". (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... Franz Josef Land. 1900 "Bade" picture postcard of a ship in the ice written on the "Hertha", bearing "Arctische Post" label depicting Capt. Bade tied by boxed "Expedition nach Franz Joseph-Land / 26 AUG 1900 / Capt. W. Bade, Wismar i Mecklbg"; and rectangular labels inscribed "Franz Joseph Land" (2) or triangular labels inscribed "26 Sept - Cap Budapest - 1874" (3) in differing colours, commemorating the 1874 Weyprecht and Payer expedition that discovered Franz Josef Land. (Card + 5 labels). Photo on Page 28. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1896-97 Andree Polar Balloon Expeditions. 1897-98 Coloured postcards of Spitzbergen both sent to the USA, the first with message "George Andrees Polar Expedition departing today" and bearing an orange label of Andree's Polar Balloon "Ornen"; the other depicting Andree's balloon with "ADVENT-BAY / 1898" cachets and the message "Search for Andree and companions continuing", bearing a 4ore Hammerfest local with Advent Bay c.d.s; and piece of an envelope to Kapitan F.V Besclin with "Andrees Polar Expedition 1897" printed heading bearing an uncancelled Spitzbergen 10ore and Norway 10ore cancelled at Tromso. Also postcards of Andree and his expedition support ships "Svenskund" and "Virgo", 1930 card of the return of the bodies of Andree, Fraenkel and Strindbergs at Gothenburg, modern reproduction cards of the expedition (12) and 2006 card flown by balloon to the North Pole by David Hempleman-Adams, in the spirit of S.A Andree (16 cards flown, signed). Andree intended making the first balloon journey to the North Pole flying from Spitzbergen, but failed to get the balloon airborne in 1896. He tried again in 1897 but his balloon disappeared; the three aviators bodies were discovered in Spitzbergen in 1930. (19). Photo on Page 28. £350-400
Click to view full image... 1906-07 Wellman Airship Expeditions. 1907 Real photo card of the gondola of Wellman's airship "America" with nine of the expedition members, the reverse with the violet cachet "RECORD - HERALD HOUSE / CAMP WELLMAN, SPITZBERGEN" and a message to Capt. Bade written and signed by Wellman - "Camp Wellman, Aug 19 1907. Dear Capt & Mme Bade, The America looks like a successful airship. Wish you were here to see her now. With all gratitude for your kindness to my daughters and to me, and hoping to be able some day to entertain you in America at my home, Sincerely yours Walter Wellman". Also a real photo card of the Wellman airship propeller with "THE SPITZBERGEN POST CO / 20 ORE" printed on the reverse and a polar bear, ice caps and sun, bearing an uncancelled French stamp; and three postcards of Wellman's airship or the airship station at Virgo Hafen. (5). Photo on Page 28. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1906 Wellman Airship Expedition. 1906 Real photo postcard of Andrees balloon station at Daneninsel, Spitzbergen, posted to Germany with Spitzbergen 5ore tied Virgo-Hafen cachet and Norway 10ore tied by Hammerfest c.d.s, the message mentioning Mr Wellman and additionally signed "Walter C Wellman, Spitzbergen Aug. 17 06". Also a piece with US 2c cancelled at Chicago and address label of "Walter Wellman, Care Andw Aagaard, Tromsoe, Norway". Wellman intended making the first airship flight to the North Pole, flying from Spitzbergen, but failed to get the airship airborne in 1906 and 1907, whilst his third attempt in 1909 flew just 40 miles, Wellman being rescued by the "Fram". (2). Photo on Page 28. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1908-09 Wellman Airship Expedition. 1908 Norway postcard posted from Molde to Austria with violet cachets "The Wellman Chicago Record - Herald / Polar Expedition" and "CAMP WELLMAN / DANES ISLAND SPIZBERGEN"; unused cards with the "Wellman Chicago-Herald" cachet (3, two with C.T.O Norwegian stamps); and two cards from a crew member of the "Thalia" self addressed to Trondheim both with Norway stamps on the picture side cancelled at Geiranger or Bergen and red or green large "Osterreichischer Lloyd Thalia, Spitsbergen" labels on the address side cancelled "SPITZBERGEN" with a second strike alongside and the cachet "CAMP WELLMAN / DANE'S ISLAND, SPIZBERGEN". (6). Photo on Page 28. £350-400

Other Arctic Expeditions

  William Parry/John Barrow. 1837 Letter from the Admiralty written and signed by William Parry, a front to "R. More O'Ferrall Esq., Admiralty" signed "W. Parry", and 1823 free front sent from London to Oxford signed "Jn Barrow". Parry commanded expeditions in search of the North-West Passage in 1819-20, 1821-23 and 1824-25, and in 1827 attempted to reach the North Pole from Spitzbergen by travelling with sledge-boats over the ice attaining latitude 82°45', the highest reached until 1876. Sir John Barrow, secretary at the Admiralty supported Parry in these expeditions and wrote about arctic exploration. (3). £400-500
  1853-56 U.S Surveying and Exploring Expedition. 1853 (Apr 8) Entire letter written by James Stuart from the Brig "Porpoise" at Brooklyn Navy Yard, posted from New York to his parents in Pennsylvania (stamp missing), describing his assignment as assistant surgeon to the expedition and his mess. Also a second letter from Stuart dated April 25th (no address panel). The expedition, led by Commander Ringgold and Capt. Rodgers, surveyed the Baring Straits, North West Passage and China Seas with five ships; however the "Porpoise" disappeared in September 1854 with the loss of all the crew, including Stuart. Two rare letters from this expedition. (2). £300-400
  Franklin Search Expeditions. 1859 (Oct 1) Illustrated London News with an account of remains from the Franklin Expedition found by the final search expedition, and piece signed by Isaac Hayes who commanded the 1853-55 second Government expedition sent to search for Franklin, and the 1860-61 Arctic Expedition which claimed to have reached the furthest ever latitude north and to have seen open polar sea. (2). £80-100
  1875-76 Nares Arctic Expedition/Challenger Expedition. 1877 Letter on Portsmouth Dockyard notepaper written and signed by Capt. G.S Nares; and a signature + Royal Yacht letterhead (the central text of the letter removed) signed by Frank Thomson. Nares led the 1874 "Challenger" expedition which went to the Antarctic Ocean but was recalled in 1875 to lead the Arctic Expedition, which attained the furthest north latitude yet reached, and was the first expedition to sail through the channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Island. Command of the "Challenger" expedition then passed to Capt. Thomson. (2). £200-250
  1875-76 Nares Arctic Expedition/Albert Markham. 1873 Cover from the USA to Captain Albert Markham R.N in London, franked 3c (2) with Elk Creek W.T c.d.s; and 1875 letter written and signed by Markham just prior to the departure of the expedition, "My Dear Mr Major, I am sorry I shall not have the pleasure of seeing you on board the Alert - it is not yet too late if you like to come down on Thursday or Friday. I have ordered some of my photos - directly they arrive I shall be very glad to send you one. Thanks for your kind wishes for our success. In great haste very sincerely yrs, A. Markham". Markham was second in command of the expedition and led the sledging party that reached the furthest north latitude in 1876. (2). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1875-76 Nares Arctic Expedition. 1875 Cover to "Mrs Feilden, Roppynden, Burwash, Sussex" with a 1d red cancelled at Woolwich (Nov 3), recipients endorsement on the front "Interesting letter from Captn Feilden to his wife written on board the "Alert" ship arctic voyage 1875". A rare cover from the expedition, brought back from the Arctic on the "Pandora" which had sailed under Capt. Young on an unsuccessful attempt to find the Franklin Expedition. Photo on Page 24. £300-350
  1893-96 Nansen Expedition in the "Fram". Cabinet photo of Nansen dated Feb 24 1897; postcard of the "Fram" with Nansen and his crew posted from Kristiana in 1897 (faults); unused postcard of Nansen; c.1898 coloured postcards with imaginary views of the ship or expedition (12, most posted in 1900); 1898 card "Gruss vom Nordpol" with imaginary Arctic scenes; and later photographic cards of the ship or items used by the expedition. The "Fram" drifted towards the North Pole reaching Spitzbergen and Franz Josef Land until rescued by the Jackson expedition in 1896; Nansen left the ship setting a new furthest north record in 1895. (18). £220-260
  1893-96 Nansen Expedition in the Fram. c.1897 Set of four coloured postcards by Rosenblatt of Frankfurt that fit together to show a large single picture of the North Pole at the top of the world with Nansen, the "Fram" and other scenes from his expedition shown in the four corners, entitled "Fridtjof Nansen, Nord Polar Expedition" around the globe, the lettering formed of snow with icicles. A fine and rare set of cards, posted in Germany in 1903 after the return of the second Fram Expedition. (4). £180-220
Click to view full image... F. Nansen. 1897 (Feb 5) Royal Societies Club, printed card with the song of welcome sung at the complimentary dinner to Dr Fridtjof Nansen, the distinguished Arctic Explorer; and a poem entitled "A welcome to Nansen" in the handwriting of Lady Markham, and read at the Royal Societies dinner in London. (2). Photo on Page 30. £120-150
Click to view full image... F. Nansen. 1897 (Oct 1) Cover with "Godthaab, Lysaker" printed on the flap, signed on the front "Nansen" and addressed in his handwriting to Sir Clements Markham (President of the Royal Geographical Society) at 21 Eccleston Square, London, a Norway 20ore cancelled at Kristiana. Photo on Page 30. £250-300
  1898-1902 Second Fram Expedition. Postcards depicting the "Fram" or expedition members, four posted in Norway in 1902-03. The expedition, led by Otto Sverdrup, discovered islands in the Canadian Arctic which it claimed for Norway. (5), £70-80
  1899-1900 Abruzzi North Polar Expedition. Picture postcards mostly produced in Italy showing expedition scenes, members of the ship "Stella Polare", also a British card of the expedition's dog. The expedition established a new furthest north record. (13). £130-160
  1898-1902 Peary Expedition. 1898 (July 2) Cheque for $81.80 drawn on the Peary Arctic Club, for the purchase of rifle supplies, signed by R. Peary, bearing a 2c revenue stamp. Also 1903 German postcard to the Peary Arctic Club in New York acknowledging receipt of the "Report of Commander Peary 1898-1902". The expedition set a new furthest north record, reaching the top of Ellesmere Island and the northern point of Greenland. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1901 Peary Relief Expedition. 1901 Cover with printed return address of Frederick A. Cook, the reverse advertising his book "Through the First Antarctic Night", posted from Greenland to Helen Bartlett Bridgman in New York, the reverse with very rare "DIREKTORATET FOR DEN / KGL. GRONLANDSKE HANDEL" in violet, Denmark 4ore + 8ore pair cancelled in Copenhagen. Hubert Bridgman led an expedition organised by the Peary Arctic Club to find and retrieve the Peary Expedition; Cook accompanied the expedition and saved Peary's frozen feet. Believed to be one of just two recorded examples of this Greenland cachet. Photo on Page 30. £500-700
Click to view full image... 1901-02 Baldwin-Ziegler Expedition. 1901 (Mar 26-28) Covers posted in the USA to Evelyn B. Baldwin in New York (5, one addressed "c/o Arctic Expedition"), and 1902 (Aug / Sep) picture postcards from Stockholm to Captain Johan Neuander at "B-Z Expedition, Tromso" or at Arlaf. The expedition established a base camp on Franz - Josef Land from where an unsuccessful North Pole attempt was made. (7). Photo on Page 30. £300-400
  Andrew J. Stone. 1903 (April 4) Four page typed letter from the Hotel Belleclaire, New York, to Major David Brainard, sent the day after Stone was feted at a dinner and reception at the American Museum of Natural History where specimens collected on his three previous expeditions to North West Territory and Alaska were shown. An interesting letter, talking of ambitions for future expeditions, including the circumnavigation of America and accurately fixing the north magnetic pole, signed in ink. £100-120
  A.P Low/Robert Bell. 1907 (Mar 9) Stampless cover with "Royal Society, Canada" on the flap, posted within Ottawa to Dr Robert Bell at the Geological Survey, with "A.P Low" official cachet and Ottawa Free datestamp. Low led the 1904 Canadian Government Expedition to establish sovereignty in the Canadian Arctic, and Dr Robert Bell led earlier Canadian Arctic Expeditions. £80-100
  1903-06 Amundsen Northwest Passage Expedition in the "Gjoa". Original photo inscribed on the reverse "Amundsens dog team", picture postcards of Amundsen (2 real photo cards, one showing him in the ice with a husky posted in 1912 so presumably on his Antarctic Expedition), Amundsen's return to Kristiana (2), real photo card of the U.S.S. "Thetis" at Point Barrow, Alaska, written by one of the crew in 1907, and other related cards. The expedition achieved the first continuous sailing of the Northwest Passage. (14). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1903-06 Amundsen Northwest Passage Expedition. 1906 (Oct 26) Letter written and signed by Amundsen from Oakland, to Admiral Lyon, Commandant of the Navy Yard at Mare Island, "Your telegram and letter received. Many thanks. The Gjoa's draft is 8 feet and beam 20 feet. I notice what you say about the vessel settling on the bottom; it will not hurt her and I am sure that you will select the best possible place for her. Mr Frank Smith will deliver the vessel after further conference with you. Sincerely Roald Amundsen". The "Gjoa" received a hero's welcome at earthquake ravaged San Francisco in 1906 after completing the first sailing of the Northwest Passage. The ship was sold to the city and displayed in Golden Gate Park until returning to Norway in 1972. A fine and unique Amundsen letter. Photo on Page 30. £400-600
Click to view full image... 1903-05 Fiala-Ziegler Polar Expedition. 1903 (July 6) Letter written from the White Sea, "Dear Anna, This will be my last good-bye for some time", thanking her for an arctic book and diary, signed "Bob", with the envelope addressed to Mr L. Tafel in Philadelphia franked Norway 20ore cancelled at Vardo (July 9) with printed heading "ZIEGLER POLAR EXPEDITION / "S.Y AMERICA"" (closed tear, flap missing and minor faults, the letter split along central fold). Also a second 1903 cover with the printed expedition heading posted from Trondheim (June 17) to USA signed "B. Staines" (severe faults), and an ink drawing on tracing paper of a proposed label depicting a polar bear to be used on expedition mail, inscribed "F.J Land Postage, 1905, Two Cents". This second North Pole attempt again established a base on Franz Josef Land but failed to get to the Pole and lost its ship in the ice; it was rescued in 1905. A unique group. (4). Photo on Page 30. £350-500
  Robert Peary. 1910 (Nov 14) Typed letter from Peary to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C with a copy of a telegram he sent to G.M Phillips asking him to meet Peary on the "Congressional Express" train at North Wilmington, and a copy of a telegram from Phillips regretting he never received Peary's telegram in time. Also 1911 (May 22) Army & Navy Club envelope addressed to General Hubbard in New York, apparently in Peary's handwriting, sent express delivery. (2). £100-120
  1912 Brusilov Expedition. A booklet of 14 views of the expedition and eleven postcards apparently sold to raise funds for the expedition. The expedition intended to map a route from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans via the North East Passage, but disappeared without trace. (12). £100-120
  1918-25 Amundsen "Maud" Expedition. 1913-26 Fund-raising cards with "POLHAVET" cancellations featuring the ship, cards with five differing pictures with text on the reverse referring to the "Fram" (19, also one unused card with recent Amundsen commemorative postmarks), seven cards with perforations at right, two cards with "Nolborg Stiftstidende" cachets, eight other cards with the distributors name deleted and altered (two types), one card registered in Oslo with 23 different stamps affixed, one card with "Adresse Insuffisante" label, one card unusually addressed to Japan. Also cards with the five differing views all with the altered text referring to the "Maud" and perforations at left. (25). £400-500
  Donald MacMillan. 1921-49 Letters, photos and covers from various expeditions comprising page signed by MacMillan with news cuttings reporting his 1921-22 expedition; 1923 printed letter on MacMillan Arctic Association notepaper; 1925 and 1927 letters written and signed by MacMillan; 1926 Polar Expedition photo showing his ship trapped in ice; 1930 "MacMillan Iceland Expedition 1930" cover posted from Province Town with enclosed letter on expedition notepaper signed by MacMillan; 1934 "Bowdoin-MacMillan Arctic Expedition" cover with Canada 3c posted at Port Hawkesbury; 1949 MacMillan Expedition radio card from the schooner "Bowdoin" posted in USA. MacMillan led numerous Arctic expeditions between 1913 and 1957. (8). £240-280
  Robert Bartlett. 1926-40 Covers, letters and photos from various expeditions comprising 1926 letter on "American Museum Greenland Expedition" headed notepaper; 1928 unused headed notepaper of the "Stoll-McCracken Siberian - Arctic Expedition" (3) and a photo of a lady in Eskimo clothes, believed to be one of the members of this expedition; a photo of Bartlett and his mother, unused envelope or notepaper of Capt. Bartlett with address of The Explorers Club (6) or Murray Hill Hotel; 1932 Peary Memorial Expedition letter of introduction for Bartlett from the U.S Coast Guard, printed expedition card, signed photo of "approach to Disco", expedition cover posted by E. Weyer from the schooner "Morrisey" with Newfoundland 5c cancelled at Brigus, covers sent to or from the expedition signed by Marie Peary (one also signed by Bartlett and others) both with "GRONLANDS / STYRELSE" backstamps; 1930 Norcross-Bartlett Expedition unused envelope, letter signed by Norcross, postcard from Reykjavik signed by expedition member E. Manly, photo of the ship being pulled free from the ice, envelope from Norcross posted in Newfoundland (2); 1935 signed cover from New York; 1936 North East Greenland Expedition unused radio card, tickets to attend the inspection of the schooner "Morrissey" (3); 1940 signed postcard from New York. Bartlett led over forty Arctic Expeditions in the "Morrissey" between 1925 and 1945. An interesting lot. (32). £650-750
  1931 Williams American Polar Expeditions. 1931 Letter on expedition notepaper to Capt. Sir Hubert Wilkins sending greetings on Hubert's departure for the Arctic and offering his equipment and personnel, located at Fort Conger, Grant Land, if needed, signed F.M Williams. Also a press photo of Williams and Jack Charleson with the expedition's aeroplane. (2). £80-100
  1933-39 Danish Expeditions to Greenland and Thule. 1935-36 Covers (3) and a piece bearing Thule locals (two F.D.Cs, one on Knud Rasmussen stationery); 1933 cover from Denmark to the Captain of the "Nordstjeines" (support vessel for the 7th Thule Greenland Expedition) backstamped with violet "(crown) / GRONLANDS STYRELSE"; 1936 cover from Denmark to the West Greenland Expedition; 1939 cards with cancels of the 1938-39 Danish North East Greenland Expedition (4, one signed by Ebbe Munck). Also a postcard of Knud Rasmussen, card signed by Rasmussen in New York in 1926 and 1929 cover with printed return address of Rasmussen in Hundested. (13). £240-280
  1933-38 Canadian Arctic. Covers comprising 1933-34 S.S "Nascopie" cachet used as a cancellation or as a backstamp on covers cancelled at Bache Peninsula or Dundas Harbour, 1937-38 Vice Regal Party first flight between Fort Smith, Aklavik and Edmonton (2, S.S "Distributor" cachets and cancels) or first non-stop flight from Aklavik to Edmonton; 1938 first Northwest Passage mail cover from Coppermine with "Nascopie" cachets, the three flight covers pilot signed. (7). £100-120
  1937-38 MacGregor Arctic Expedition. 1937 (July 1) Printed expedition cover posted at Newark, N.J on the day the expedition departed, signed by ten expedition members; expedition postcards (3) with "REINDEER POINT GREENLAND / MARCH 27 1938" cachets in carmine posted at Newark (5 Oct 1938); and unused expedition postcards with proof strikes in black of "REINDEER POINT GREENLAND / MAR 27 1938" or "ABOARD SCHOONER GENERAL A.W GREELY / ELLESMERE ISLAND / F.T CONGER / CANADA" (only ten of each produced). (6). £80-100
  1947 Wreck of the "Nascopie". 1947 Cover franked 4c cancelled Eastern Arctic Patrol c.d.s (July 7) or oval rubber datestamp (Aug 1) both with violet "SALVED FROM THE SEA", one with Stirling Ont. backstamp (Aug 11), the other with an Officially Sealed label tied by violet "District Post Office Inspector Winnipeg" c.d.s. Also a cover with uncancelled 4c, violet "SALVED FROM THE SEA", a Stirling backstamp (Aug 11) and blue explanatory label bearing a Stirling c.d.s (Aug 13); and unaddressed philatelic cover from Dundas Harbour (Aug 31 with violet "Salvaged from Steamer Nascopie / Sunk off Cape Dorset July 22, 1947". The first three covers were salvaged from the wreck, though the blue label was apparently printed by the Rev. Cole and added to covers he received with the collusion of the Stirling Postmaster; the two line cachet is probably totally bogus. (4). £180-240
  1951-54 British North Greenland Expedition. 1954 Cover to New York with Greenland stamps cancelled at Thule, signed in the corner by Sir Hubert Wilkins and containing a letter written and signed by Wilkins from Thule; and 1954 Cover with Greenland stamps cancelled at Danmarkshavn (Apr 19), datestamps of Danneborg (May 25) and Gronlands Postkonter Kobenhavn (Aug 23) and violet boxed "British North Greenland / Expedition / 12 MAR 1954 / Britannia Lake". (2). £80-100
Click to view full image... British North Greenland Expedition - 1952 Crash. Cover from R.W Fussey in Hull franked 2 1/2d to L. Cpl, Brian Fussey at R.A.F Old Sarum, and a long cover to "L/CPL Brian Fussey, Greenland", both with typed inscription " I certify that this envelope was dropped to me on the Greenland Ice Cap on Thursday 25th Sept 1952 by a Hastings Aircraft of Transport Command of R.A.F, after we had spent nine days there", signed by Fussey. An R.A.F plane delivering to the North Greenland Expedition base on Sept 16th crashed on the ice cap; the twelve crew were rescued by a Dakota from Thule twelve days later. The second cover with a few faults, very unusual and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 34. £150-200

1925 MacMillan Aerial Survey

  1925 1c Stationery postcard posted at Boston (June 11) with oval cachet "MACMILLAN AERIAL / POLAR / 1925 / MAIL / ARCTIC EXPEDITION"; cover franked 2c from Philadelphia (June 9) to Boston with violet "AIR MAIL / Phila - Boston / VIA / MacMillan Expedition" and arrival c.d.s (June 11); and real photo postcards of the expeditions two ships U.S.S "Peary" and "Bowdoin". (4). £250-300
  1925 1c Stationery cards posted at Philadelphia (June 10) or Boston (June 11) both with oval cachet "MACMILLAN AERIAL / POLAR / 1925 / MAIL / ARCTIC EXPEDITION", one with typed message stating "these cards were taken to Etah in Greenland and then carried on the Polar flight to our furtherest north about 11 degrees from the Pole" signed in ink by R.E Byrd, who led the naval aviation section of the expedition. (2). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1925 1c Stationery cards with oval cachet "MACMILLAN AERIAL / POLAR / 1925 / MAIL / ARCTIC EXPEDITION", one uncancelled but with typed message stating it was carried on the Polar flight from Etah in Greenland, signed in ink by the expedition leader Donald MacMillan and by R.E Byrd who led the naval aviation section; the other card addressed to Byrd and carried on his 1926 flight to the North Pole with the stamps cancelled "Ny-Alesund" c.d.s (9 May 1926), again taken on his 1934-35 Antarctic Expedition, the reverse bearing Byrd 3c stamp tied by Little America duplexs of Jan 31 1934 and Jan 30 1935. Two scarce and unusual "Byrd" items. (2). Photo on Page 34. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1925 Tiny cover from New Jersey addressed to "Mr Lincoln Russell, Etah, Greenland" and inscribed "via U.S Navy Plane Lt. Com, R.E Byrd", the reverse with U.S 2c tied by oval "U.S NAVY / POLAR EXPEDITION" cachet, the front with a further strike of this cachet and signature of R.E Byrd, a very scarce flown cover addressed to Greenland. Photo on Page 34. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1925 (June 18) Cover franked 2c from Elmira, N.Y to "Capt Donald B. MacMillan, North Pole, via S.S Bowdoin to Etah from Wiscasset, Maine, via seaplane from Etah" and endorsed "First Air Trip of U.S.A to North Pole, MacMillan Navy Expedition 1925", the reverse with the circular cachet "MacMILLAN - NAVY POLAR FLIGHT EXPEDITION / ETAH / AUG 1 1925 / NORTH / GREENLAND / 1925" and signed by MacMillan, a scarce cachet on a flown cover addressed to Greenland. Photo on Page 34. £200-250

1926 Byrd North Pole Flight Expedition

  1926 Covers to the USA both carried on Byrd's flight from Spitzbergen to the North Pole in the "Josephine Ford" and back again, endorsed "Via Commander Byrds Expedition" or "Carried by the Fokker Aeroplane Josephine Ford. Byrd Arctic Expedition" with USA 2c or Norway 40ore both cancelled "NY-ALESUND" c.d.s (May 9), both covers subsequently carried on Byrd's 1934 Antarctic Expedition with Byrd 3c on the reverse tied by Little America duplexs (Jan 31 1934 and Jan 30 1935), light vertical crease or light vertical tone lines but scarce. Also 1926 (Oct 7) cover carried from Washington to New York on the subsequent 7000 mile airplane tour, original photos of the "Josephine Ford" or both planes on the ice and the ice sheet taken from the aeroplane, and a posed photo of Byrd in the "Josephine Ford". (7) £450-550
Click to view full image... 1926 Covers to the USA, endorsed "via Lieut Byrds North Pole Air Mail" and franked Norway 40ore, or franked USA 2c, both cancelled "NY-ALESUND" c.d.s (May 9), both carried on Byrd's flight from Spitzbergen to the North Pole and back in the "Josephine Ford", both subsequently carried on his 1934 Antarctic Expedition, the reverse with Byrd 3c tied by Little America duplexs (Jan 31 1934 and Jan 30 1935). Byrd made the first recognised flight over the North Pole, although it now seems uncertain that he actually flew over the pole. A fine and scarce pair. (2). Photo on Page 34. £400-500

1928 Umberto Nobile Airship "Italia" Expedition & Rescue Expeditions

  1928 (Mar 26) Letter signed by Nobile on printed expedition notepaper, with the expedition envelope posted from Rome to Seravezza, flap missing and a few edge faults, a fine Nobile autograph. £150-180
  1928 Set of twelve real photo postcards published by Foto Istituto L.U.C.E in Milan, showing the "Italia" and crew and support ship "City of Milan", fine and scarce. (12). £150-180
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