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Auction Lots - Page 17
  Picture Postcards. c.1905-35 Postcards including Post Offices at Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Johore, Ipoh, Taiping, Frasers Hill and Batu Gajah, railway stations at Ipoh, Telok Anson Wharf and Penang Hill, etc. (33). £120-150
  Singapore - Picture Postcards. c.1905-35 Postcards including the G.P.O, Stamford Rd, Orchard Rd, Serangoon Rd, South Bridge Rd, Gayland Rd, Campong Kallang, the Quays, Sea View Hotel, etc. (23). £100-120
  Japanese Occupation. Censored forces postcards from Japanese soldiers in Malaya (4), 1943 censored cover from G.B to a British P.O.W at Singapore redirected to Taiwan, and covers from Tampin or Jasin bearing Japanese Occupation stamps. (7). £80-100

(Also See Lot 663)

Click to view full image... 1920 Marriage of Princess Charlotte 2c + 3c surcharges on 1919 War Orphans issue 15c + 18c, 25c + 15c and 50c + 50c, each in a mint marginal strip of three, the centre stamps all with the variety reversed "c" after "3", the strips lightly mounted on the centre stamp only, light "Brun" expert handstamps. Superb examples of these varieties. S.G. 38b/40b, £10,680; Y&T 34b/36b, Ä12,270. (3 strips). Photo on Front Cover and Page 94. £3,200-3,600


  1898-1955 Mainly mint collection in a stockbook, unsurcharged overprint issues virtually complete (S.G. 1-138, just missing S.G. 41, 53) including 1925-36 1/2d, 2 1/2d, 6d and 1/- with type 8 overprint, some additional shades and a few used; Spanish currency surcharges 12p on 10/- Waterlow and De La Rue issues; French currency surcharges largely complete; Tangier; also various used with 1938 piece bearing G.B KGV 1/- + 5/- pair cancelled at Tangier, and 1944 Muscat set mint. S.G. £2,300+. (642). £400-500
  1934-48 Covers and cards from the British Post Offices in Tangier (84), Larache (2) or Tetuan (17) nearly all bearing G.B stamps, some Tangier or Morocco Agencies overprint issues with 27 covers bearing a combination of G.B and overprinted stamps. An interesting collection mostly written up in an album, various rates and destinations with many air mail covers, O.A.T cachets, single 2/6 franking to Cuba, 2/- registered express rate to Belgium, registered packet franked 13/9, 1/2d rate wrappers, some censored, nearly all commercial. (103). £400-500


Click to view full image... 1916 Stampless covers from German P.O.Ws in Lourenco Marques, sent to Switzerland or another P.O.W at Fort Napier, Pietermaritzburg, both with violet oval "PROVINCIA DE MOCAMBIQUE / LOURENCO MARQUES / SERVICE DE PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE" and a Lourenco Marques datestamp. Both have differing South African censor seals, one with violet "PASSED CENSOR" cachet. (2). Photo on Page 116. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1916 10r Postal stationery postcard from a German P.O.W to Switzerland, cancelled at Lourenco Marques with violet oval "PROVINCIA DE MOCAMBIQUE / LOURENCO MARQUES / SERVICE DE PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE" and "PASSED CENSOR". Photo on Page 122. £100-120


  1881-c.1976 Mint and used collection with 1881 imperf 1a - 4a unused (not guaranteed) and pin-perf 1a used (corner faults), various 1886-1917 1a, 2a and 4a issues (41), 1899-1900 1/2a imperf (6) or pin-perf (2), various 1907-46 issues, both 1954 sets mint, 1957 and 1959-60 sets mint, etc., some reprints and forgeries but an interesting lot. (500+). £100-150
  1898-1930 Issues on native paper, eight imperf sheets of 64 comprising 1898-99 1a blue, 1a green, 2a violet, 2a rose-lilac, 4a green, 1899-1900 1/2a black, 1917-30 1/2a red-orange, 2a red, all fine. £300-350


  1841-63 Stampless entire letters (5) and entires to Batavia (5), Semarang or Magelaar, handstamps comprise oval "PASSAROEANG / FRANCO" (2) or "CHERIBON / ONGEFRANKEERD" in red, "CERAAM / ONGEFRANKEERD" or "DJOCJOKARTA / FRANCO" in black, circular "SOERABAYA / FRANCO" in blue or "SOERABAYA" in red, mainly fine. (7). £200-240


  1906 Picture postcard with New Caledonia 10c cancelled at Sandwich, New Hebrides; and 1912 cover with 10c tied by "Service Maritime" c.d.s. (2). £100-120

(Also See Lots 83-86, 92-101, 109-115, 334, 720)

Click to view full image... 1901-10 Covers and cards showing the various overseas rates after the introduction of Universal Penny Postage including 1 Jan. 1901 first day covers of the 1d Universal stamp (4, three illustrated, two with faults) and the special 1d postcard with printed G.P.O message (2, faults), 1d rates to Tonga, Mauritius, Switzerland, British East Africa, Constantinople, China, New Caledonia, etc., and 2d or 2 1/2d rates to various other countries, 1901 1d postcard and a 1d lettercard uprated 1 1/2d both to a German soldier in China with oval Peking arrival datestamps, 1910 cover to Germany with Auckland 1d meter invalid on overseas mail with a 1d stamp therefore applied by the Post Office but still underpaid and handstamped "T 30 centimes", 1905 3d registration envelope uprated by three 1d stamps from Fanning Island to Holland, etc. Also the 1993 book "N.Z and the U.P.U to 1907" by C. Capill. (80 + book). Photo on Page 122. £300-400

(Also See Lots 303, 304, 306, 314, 584)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Niger Coast. QV Cancellations on stamps, a carefully selected group written up on six pages with c.d.s, squared circle, oval registered or parcel cancels from 17 offices, some in colour, including Asaba, Sapele, Buguma, Ida, Opobo, etc., also stamps with maritime or foreign cancels including "B31" of Sierra Leone, Niger Travelling Post Office, Paid Liverpool Br. Packet (11), Plymouth Ship Letter (3), Portland, Paquebots, etc. (85). Photo on Page 108. £180-220
  c.1901-40 Picture postcards and a few photos (76); c.1800 map; c. 1960 reproduction photo of postmen with G.P.O handstamps on reverse (6); a few later maps and letters; and 1949 (July) proof impression of 809 datestamps from many differing offices (some in Cameroon) all applied to archive pages. An interesting lot. £200-250

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1925 (Nov 11) Cover franked Nigeria 3d overprinted "KANO / TO CAIRO / BY AIR" tied by Kano c.d.s, endorsed "By Special air mail Kano-Cairo" and addressed to "S/L A. Coningham, R.A.F, Helouan, Egypt", arrival backstamp of Hilwan Les Bains (Nov 20), with a news cutting of Coningham and a copy of a 1945 letter from him confirming both covers (see lot 584) were genuine. A rare cover from this R.A.F survey return flight, very few covers carried. Photo on Page 122. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1931 (Nov 5) Cover to Buea, Cameroons, with 6d tied by Port Harcourt c.d.s and "INTERNAL AIRMAIL / P. HARCOURT" skeleton c.d.s alongside, blue air mail label, endorsed "Via Tilmo", with backstamps of Victoria and Buea. A fine and scarce cover from this trial flight by Lieut. Bembridge, just seven covers carried from Port Harcourt to Warri where the flight was abandoned. Fine and rare. Photo on Page 122. £320-350
  1936-41 Covers with 1936 (Feb.) first flights from Antwerp to Kano via Khartoum and return from Kano to London; 1936 Imperial Airways first flights from London to Lagos and on the legs from Kano to Oshogbo, Minna to Kano, Lagos to Kano, Minna to Maidugari, Kaduna to Kano; 1937 cover flown Kano to Paris; 1937 first acceptance from Belgium to Kaduna; 1941 Lagos to India flown B.O.A.C to Cairo to join the horseshoe route. (11). £180-220


Click to view full image... 1909 Registered cover to Austria with superb violet boxed "R / LAHAT DATU / 2 SEP 09 / No (1023)", reverse bearing 1909 1c, 2c and 5c (2 of each value) each tied by violet "LAHAT DATU" c.d.s, arrival datestamp, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 122. £450-550
Click to view full image... 1939 Postage due 2c - 10c sets of five in both perf and imperf blocks of four from the printers file sheets, each stamp with a 4mm punch hole, the imperf blocks with full gum, one imperf 10c stamp with a small flaw ringed in red ink. (10 blocks). Photo on Page 110. £350-400
  Picture Postcards. c.1905-38 Postcards including Sandakan harbour, G.P.O, slipway and ship building yard, Government House, Third St., hotel, ice and water factory, Kudat harbour, Papar railway bridge, Jesselton, also three trade cards showing North Borneo stamps and a photo of an aeroplane at Sandakan, nine postcards bearing stamps (some C.T.O). (21). £280-320

(Also See Lot 468)

Click to view full image... 1891-1963 Mint and used collection of pages including 1891-95 B.C.A 1d - 5/- mint, 1895 2d - 1/- mint and 3/- used, 1908-11 4/- mint, 1913-21 2/6 - £1 mint, 1938-44 set mint with both 5/- shades, 1945 set mint and used, etc. S.G. £2,000 (approx). (183). Photo on Page 108. £300-400
  1945 1/2d - 20/- Set of 14 in blocks of four, fine unmounted mint. S.G. 144/57, £340. £90-120


  1947-79 Mint and used collection on pages, also some Bahawalpur. £80-100

(Also See Lots 19, 322, 409)

  c.1899-1948 Covers and cards in a box with foreign post offices, WW1 forces mail, parcel cards, 1933-42 AR cards posted from Tel Aviv, air mails, incoming mails, better WW2 with censors and forces mail (some written up on pages) including air mail rates, Australian, U.S and Polish F.P.Os, etc. An interesting lot. (100s). £300-350


  1876-1945 Mint and used selection including 1909 1ch - 10kr mint, 1921 Coup d'Etat overprints on Coronation issue set of eleven unmounted mint, etc. (42). £80-100


  1972-84 Issues mint, virtually all unmounted with some multiples, a little duplication, also 1966 1r and 5r definitive surcharges and 1974 10r used, and a few issues of Bahrain and Dubai, all fine. S.G. £1,600. (229). £200-250

(Also See Lot 467)

  1892-1966 Mint and used collection on pages including 1892 1d - 1/-, 5/- and 10/- mint, 1d - 5/- used, 1892-94 set mint, 1896 overprint set mint, 1905 Victoria Falls set mint, 1/2d - 1/- Double Heads mint, Admirals mint to 2/6 (various dies) and die III £1 (small corner fault), Admirals used, etc. Also Rhodesia & Nyasaland with 1954-56 and 1959-62 sets mint (shilling values unmounted) and used. S.G. £5,000+. (100s). £700-800
  Mint and used range in a stockbook with a few Double Heads including 10d mint, Southern Rhodesia with 1937 sets mint (2, one unmounted), Northern Rhodesia with 1929 3/- corner pair unmounted and 1953 set unmounted, Nyasaland, etc. (100s). £80-100
  1893 Manuscript for the book "Through Mashonaland in 1893" by Captain W. Sitwell of the Northumberland Fusiliers (formerly in the Bechuanaland Border Police), a unique manuscript describing his adventures in Bechuanaland and Rhodesia during the Matabele Campaign. £150-200
  1901-06 Picture postcards from two brothers to the same address in England, one headed from "B.S.A Police, Bulawayo", two others headed from "No. 213 B.S.A.P, Bulawayo" written whilst in hospital. (7). £100-120
  1905 B.S.A Co. North East Rhodesia Game Licence issued in Zomba, to kill, hunt or capture hippo, wart-hog, bushpig, antelopes and gazelles, ibex and chevrotains, bearing 1892 £2 tied circular "THE BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY / REVENUE / NORTH EASTERN / RHODESIA", signed by the Native Commissioner. Also a licence to carry a breech-loading gun, unfortunately with the revenue stamps washed off. (2). £100-120

Northern Rhodesia

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1925-53 Mint and used collection on pages including 1925-29 KGV set mint and used with additional used 2/- - 7/6, the 20/- on piece with first day of issue Mwinilunga c.d.s; 1935 Silver Jubilee 1d, variety dot on left of chapel, mint; 1938-52 KGVI set mint (2 sets, one 1 1/2d yellow with tick bird flaw) and used; 1948 Royal Wedding 20/- mint and used; 1953 QEII set mint and used (2 sets); also Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1954-63 issues with 1954-56 and 1959-62 sets mint. S.G. £4,000 (290). Photo on Page 80. £750-850
Click to view full image... 1929-52 Postage dues with Specimen set, mint set with chalk-surfaced 1d, 3d, used set and unmounted mint corner blocks of six of the chalk-surfaced 3d with watermark varieties missing crown (S.G. D3ab, £700+) or St. Edwards Crown error (S.G. D3ac, £425+). S.G. £1,500. (18). Photo on Page 102. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1963 1/- Light emerald green postage due block of four, variety imperforate horizontally and vertically between pair, superb unmounted mint, a striking and rare variety. S.G. D10b, £1,600. Photo on Page 80. £600-800
  1905 Picture postcards to Belgium, almost certainly originating in Belgian Congo, both franked Rhodesia 1d tied by Kalunguisi c.d.s (Aug 12) with transit datestamps of Fort Jameson (Sep 4) and Salisbury (Sep 28). Mail from Kalenze was regularly brought over the border to Kalunguisi on Lake Mweru to be put into the Rhodesia postal system. Carried by runner from Kalunguisi taking 23 days to get to Fort Jameson and a further 24 days to Salisbury, received in Belgium a month later. Two interesting cards. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1910 British South Africa Company parcel label for a 11lb parcel to G.B containing 25 otter skins sent by L.S Walker from Mpika, bearing Rhodesia 3d pair, 8d block of nine and 1/- tied by four "MPIKA / N.E RHODESIA" squared circles, a blue "B.C.A" Foreign & Colonial Parcel Post "Parcel passing through the G.P.O" label applied in London endorsed "Livingstone". A rare and unusual item. Photo on Page 122. £600-800
  1915-68 Covers and cards including 1915 B.S.A Co 1d envelope cancelled at Mpika; 1924 cover with B.S.A.C 2d tied by uncommon Kawambwa c.d.s; 1932 cover from India to Broken Hill redirected to Mpika with arrival c.d.s; covers with N. Rhodesia stamps including 1933 2d rate to Malta, 1937 6d registered cover from Ndola, 1934 1d envelope uprated 4 1/2d registered from Choma to Kalomo, 1934 1d card with superb Luanshya c.d.s, 1944 Kawambwa c.d.s, 1949 KGVI H2 size 4d registration envelope franked 4d and similar 1964 QEII envelope franked Rhodesia & Nyasaland 4d, 1958 cover with QEII 1d revenue strip of three accepted as valid; 1953 cover with Rhodesia & Nyasaland 1/2d C.T.O with "OLD / MKUSHI", a Northern Rhodesia c.d.s with the name excised alongside, etc. (28). £300-350
  1940 (Jan) Air Mail cover to England from a Sergeant in "1st Battn., Northern Rhodesia Regiment, c/o Postmaster Nairobi" bearing twelve KUT stamps totalling 130c tied by double ring dumb cancels simply containing the partial date "JA/1940", reverse with triangular Northern Rhodesia civil censor "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / No. / 42", unusual. £80-100
  1951 Northern Rhodesia parcel post label (a little reduced in size) sent from Lusaka to England containing "Food, unsolicited gift", bearing KGVI 3d, 1/- pair and 5/- tied by two strikes of double ring c.d.s simply with "N. RHODESIA" at the base, the upper portion blank without any office name. Very unusual. £100-120
  1952 (May 6) Front from a large registered air mail parcel from Lusaka to Scotland franked KGVI 4d, 1/- pair + strip of five and 20/-, the 27/4 rate for a parcel of 18oz (at 9d per 1/2oz) + 4d registration. A good commercial use of the 20/- value. £100-120
  Postage Due Mail. 1935-68 Covers comprising 1935 window envelope to Belgian Congo franked 1/2d, refused and returned bearing 2d and 3d dues tied by Ndola c.d.s; 1963 stampless cover with Southern Rhodesia 2d and 4d dues tied Serenje c.d.s (an unusual re-use late in the Federation period, after R. & N. dues had run out); 1964 unpaid cover with N. Rhodesia 6d purple due tied Serenje c.d.s; 1966 covers with Zambia dues used at Mufulira (3); 1968 registered envelopes posted out of course in Kitwe charged 10n, collected using pairs of 5n revenue stamps (2); and 1968 cover to Mufulira charged 8n, collected using a postage stamp. (9). £200-250

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1926 (May 8) Cairo to Cape Town and return R.A.F survey flight, cover flown on the return flight from Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia to Cairo and on to Lee on the Solent, the enclosed letter including "Just a line because I want you to have the stamps which we hear will be worth about £50 in a few years (I hope its true) anyway its interesting to remember the RAF Cape to Cairo flight. They arrived yesterday morning from Ndola, leave early tomorrow for Tabora & Nairobi", then describing how the writer was the only white man to meet the flight as all other white residents were at a sale 30 miles away, and how they had to walk into town, the dinner given for the R.A.F crew and a hippo hunt enjoyed on their one day off. The cover addressed to Woodford Green, endorsed "Per Royal Air Force Flight Cairo-Cape 1926" bearing uncancelled Northern Rhodesia 2d and G.B 1 1/2d tied Lee on the Solent c.d.s (June 21). Also a postcard of the planes landing at Lee on the Solent. A unique and important flight cover, ex "Osprey" Collection. Photo on Front Cover. £1,500-1,800
  1932-65 Covers and cards including 1932 Mpika to Cape Town first flight, 1932-37 covers with KGV stamps comprising registered cover from Nkana to G.B franked 1/4, other covers to G.B franked 2/-, 10d (3, one registered, two from Kalomo), 9d or 6d (2), 9d to Egypt or 6d to Tanganyika, 1935 London to Lusaka first flight, later covers with various rates and air letters. (39). £180-220
  1933 Page headed "Royal Air Force Cairo - Rhodesian Cruise 1933" signed by the ten air crew including Group Captain C.W Pulford, and 1933 (April 16) cover from Ismailia Camp to "Flight Lieut. F.R.D Swain, R.A.F Africa Cruise, c/o Postmaster, Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia" backstamped at Broken Hill and Livingstone, bearing four Egypt stamps (two others removed). Also 1933 (May 30) "Zomba-Lilongwe-Fort Jameson R.A.F 1933, Nyasaland Air Mail" printed envelope flown from Zomba to Lilongwe franked Nyasaland 1/-, "FIRST NYD AIRMAIL" c.d.s, the flight under the command of Pulford. The signed page folded and stained but unique. (3). £120-150
  1932-39 Post Office Notices concerning new air mail services or rates, comprising (Jan) Inauguration of UK to South Africa weekly air service with despatch dates and rates (2), 1933 rates, 1934 (May) air mail services with rates and transit times, 1939 (Sep) re-introduction of air mail surcharge due to war. (5). £100-120

Southern Rhodesia

  1924-64 Mint and used collection on pages including 1924-29 set mint, 1931-37 perf 12 set mint and used, perf 11 1/2 set mint (no 8d, 1/6) and used and perf 14 values used, 1953 set mint, etc. S.G. £1,800 (approx). (261). £250-300
  1932-39 Post Office Notices concerning new air mail services or rates, comprising 1932 (Jan) Inauguration of U.K to South Africa weekly air service with despatch dates and rates, 1932 (Feb) new combined air rates, 1932 (Nov) revised air rates, 1934 (May) resumption of air service to Nyasaland, 1937 (March) postponement of empire air mail scheme, 1938 (Jan) Empire air mail scheme at 1 1/2d per 1/2oz (2, different), 1938 (Feb) extension of scheme to further countries, 1938 (July) extension of scheme to Australasia, 1939 (May) extension of scheme to Iraq and Kuwait, some notices possibly printers proofs. (10). £200-250
  1954 Southern Rhodesia 6d air letter from Marandellas to Jamaica, water stained and a little fire damaged, the left edge repaired with brown tape and handstamped violet boxed "SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT CRASH / PRESTWICK 25.12.54", backstamped at White Sands Beach, Jamaica (Feb 8). The B.O.A.C London to New York Stratocruiser "Cathay" crashed upon landing killing 28 people. A very scarce origin and destination for mail from this crash. £100-120

(Also See Lots 269, 1092)

  c.1850-1900 Stampless covers, mainly prestamp period but some later official covers, all with superb datestamps. (29). £180-200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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