Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 10
  1906-42 Picture postcards, Christmas cards, etc., including the wrecked hospital ship "Hygeia" in Hong Kong harbour after the 1906 typhoon (2); 1913 picture postcard from a British Red Cross volunteer in Constantinople bearing two Levant 1/2d stamps, the message mentioning the imminent arrival of the hospital ship "Medic" during the Balkan Wars; WW1 printed Christmas postcards of H.S "Garth Castle" (posted Gravesend, 1914), "Oxfordshire" or "Asturias" (printed for Sergt. G.W Fletcher), and H.S "Oxfordshire" notepaper; 1916 Christmas card from H.S "Soudan" and later Christmas cards from the "Tjitalengka", "Vasna", "Amarapoora" or "2/1 Hospital Ship A.I.F" (1941-42, depicting the ship); glass slide of H.S "Comfort", an interesting group. (13). £160-180
  H.S "Western Australia"/Denmark. 1918 (Dec 20) Stampless postcard of Copenhagen to Dublin, endorsed "H.M.H.S "Western Australia" on Baltic Service" with London "Received From H.M Ship, No Charge to be Raised" machine, message reads "We are at Stettin in Germany 50 miles up a river & 80 from Berlin. Hope to leave tomorrow with patients for Copenhagen again & back to Leith. We cannot get ashore as they don't like us. Their food is short & all is in confusion. The prisoners are nearly starved so you can imagine their joy when we come", and a real photo postcard of the ship. Also 1918 stampless postcard of Copenhagen with violet "KRIGSFANGEFORSENDELSE" and a Copenhagen machine (Dec 28), probably from the Danish repatriation camp at Taastrup, message reads, "am at Copenhagen ..... have had the grip but that is gone now & have an ulcerated mouth & am on a hospital ship", possibly also written on the H.S "Western Australia". (2). £80-100

French & Swedish Ships and Barges

  French H.S "La Navarre". 1917 (Apr 29) P.O.W Card written by Baron Plessau, a German P.O.W in the French hospital ship "La Navarre", censor cachet of the P.O.W Depot at Carcassonne. Plessau writes that he is one of nine P.O.Ws on the ship, and that they are to be transferred to the hospital ship "Vinh-Long". Written on the last of just two voyages made by H.S "La Navarre". Scarce. £80-100
Also See Lots 375, 396, 397, 402, 412, 440, 441, 613, 923-930 (Red Cross) and 1175 (Boy Scouts).
  Swedish Ambulance Barges - Haparanda/Tornea. 1917 (July 15) Picture postcard of Swedish ambulance barges engaged in the repatriation of wounded soldiers at the Russian-Swedish border of Haparanda/Tornea, written by a Frenchman (possibly a Doctor?) who writes "This is the last boarding that takes us to Russia but far from Petrograd", with Russia 4k cancelled at Tornea; 1917 postcard of the crossing, written in French to Norway, stamp removed; and six unused cards of ambulance barges, ambulance trains or wounded Russians at Tornea or Haparanda. Also reproduction of various cards and photos. (8+). £100-120


Click to view full image... Olympics - Netherlands. 1928 (Aug 10) Registered cover bearing Olympic Games set of eight tied by three strikes of the hexagonal "NEGENDE OLYMPIADE AMSTERDAM STADION" datestamps with "AMSTERDAM / STADION" registration label, very fine, the stadium registration label scarce. Photo on Page 70. £200-220
  Olympics. 1980 Olympics, collection in four albums with Russian and overseas stamps, postal stationery, covers, F.D.Cs, special cachets, Roumania Nadia Comenici stamp on maximum card signed in ink by Comenici, some ephemera; and an album on Soviet achievements at the Olympics of 1956-76. (5 albums) £100-150
The following 14 lots comprise proof strikes of British Colonial datestamps on paper, all obtained in 1949 on the instructions of the Colonial Office in London, as a result of reports of forged datestamps appearing on the 1949 Silver Wedding stamps, these datestamps providing a record of all genuine cancels that may be found on that issue. Also see lots 816 (Nigeria), 865 (St. Lucia) and 889 (Sierra Leone). Please note no scans or photocopies of these lots can be provided.
  Space. Russian space achievements of 1961-2005 in four volumes, and Chinese space achievements of 1986-2005, the five albums containing stamps, covers and cards with many special cancels, etc., well written up. (5 albums). £200-250


  Bechuanaland & Swaziland. 1949 Proof datestamps from Bechuanaland comprising 47 datestamps from 35 offices each signed and verified by the Postmaster at Mafeking, some with his cachet; and 33 datestamps from 17 other offices in Swaziland. Also a railway map of Southern Africa. (40). £100-120
  British Guiana. 1949 Proof impressions of 138 datestamps from approximately 120 offices, includes skeletons, numbered Postal Agency datestamps, etc. Also two maps and a couple of prints. (140). £120-150
  British Somaliland. 1949 Proof impressions of 38 datestamps from seven offices including Borama, Erigavo, Las Anod, etc., each piece or page signed by the Postmaster. (38). £80-100
  Cyprus & Gibraltar. 1949 Proof datestamps of Cyprus comprising 46 datestamps from twelve offices including Official Paid datestamps; and eight Gibraltar datestamps each on piece signed by the Postmaster including four strikes of Field Post Office 475. (54). £100-120
  Dominica & Grenada. 1949 Proof datestamps from Dominica comprising 70 datestamps from 20 different offices, most pieces signed by the Postmaster, some with G.P.O office datestamps; and 102 datestamps of Grenada from 29 offices. Also printed 1952 Post Office rates and regulations from both islands. (100s). £140-160
  Gold Coast & Gambia. 1949 Proof datestamps from Gold Coast comprising 472 datestamps from approximately 370 offices, includes many skeletons, T.P.Os and Paquebots; and Gambia comprising 22 datestamps from 14 offices with the envelope in which they were forwarded to London bearing the Postmaster's signature, handstamp and wax seal, and proof impressions of ten other explanatory handstamps applied to seven official envelopes. A fine and scarce lot. (500+). £200-250
  Hong Kong. 1949 Proof impressions of 42 datestamps including Sham Shui, Yanmati, Un Long, Tai Po, Wantsai, Cheung Chan, Sheungwan and Sar Ying Pun, on two pages each signed by the Postmaster General; and two further pages bearing proof impressions of 1967 datestamps from twelve differing offices, each with a Crown Agents cachet. (54). £150-180
  Malaya & Singapore. 1948-49 Proof impressions of 417 datestamps arranged in alphabetical order on 28 pages, from Alor Gajah to Yong Peng, many differing offices with some skeletons, each page signed by the Director of Posts, Federation of Malaya; and 50 datestamps from Singapore offices on pieces each signed by the Singapore Director of Posts, the 22 different offices including Dockyard (skeleton), Geylang Rd, Katong, Kandang Kerbau, Naval Base, Nee Soon, Paya Lebar, etc. A fine reference lot. (467). £250-300
  Mauritius. 1949 Proof impressions of 90 datestamps, nearly all differing offices, on seven pages each signed by the Postmaster-General (some insect damage); and a further 96 proof impressions of datestamps from 1952 on three pages, many different offices. (186). £80-100
  Northern Rhodesia. 1949 (July) Pages bearing proof impressions of 97 different datestamps from 52 offices, the two pages marked "authenticated", signed and dated "19 Sep. 49" at the base. Also c.1960 reproductions of earlier photos showing Post Offices, postal workers or mail transportation, all with G.P.O handstamps on reverse (15), and a couple of maps. £100-120
  Nyasaland. 1949 Proof impressions of 70 datestamps from 43 offices including T.P.O South. Also a 1928 photo. (70). £80-100
  Trinidad. 1949 Proof impressions of datestamps, explanatory and postage due marks from 135 offices, each office on a separate piece of paper arranged alphabetically from Arima to Upper Guaico, multiple strikes from most offices, several skeletons noted with Brothers Road, Erin and Four Roads still retaining their nineteenth century numeral obliterators. An exceptional reference lot. £200-250
  Zanzibar. 1949 Proof impressions of 19 datestamps from nine offices including Ngambo, Mkoani, Chake Chake, Wete, Koani, Makunduchi, Mkokotoni and Chwaka, on a page signed by the Postmaster; and a 1967 page with 27 proof datestamps from six offices including Konde and Kengeja. Also two c.1800 maps of the Zanzibar coast of East Africa (hand coloured), 1928 or later photos (3), and several magazine illustrations. (50+). £120-150
  Pacific Islands. 1949 Proof impressions of datestamps from Fiji comprising 50 strikes from 33 offices; Pitcairn Island, three datestamps; and Gilbert & Ellice Island, 26 datestamps all from differing offices including Ocean Island, Canton Island, Fanning Island, Christmas Island, etc., all on pages signed by the Postmasters of the three respective countries. (79). £150-180


  Worldwide mint and used on Hagner pages within a large album, with useful Middle East, etc. (1,000s). £100-150
  Various G.B, Empire and foreign in seven albums or stockbooks, on pages and loose including Canada used with Large Queen 15c (8), Small Queen 10c strip of three, 1893 20c vermilion (21); Australia and New Zealand; a large quantity of Tanganyika Giraffe issue low values in a box with many T.P.O cancels; 1935-52 Omnibus issues; Jamaica; Gibraltar; Germany; Nevis 1980-93 issues complete unmounted mint with booklets and Format Print progressive proofs of the 1984 car issue (28 proofs on four cards), etc. £200-250
  Foreign Stamps, an old time accumulation in a stockbook including Egypt 1935 Silver Jubilee British Forces postal seal mint (2), France 1872 30c with firms underprint, etc. (100s). £250-300
  Lebanon & Syria. 1945 Army Fund obligatory tax stamps, Lebanon 5p on 30c red-brown unused without gum (S.G. T289, £600) and used (3); and Syria 5p blue used comprising S.G. T422 (2), T424 (4), T425. S.G. £793. (11). £70-80
  Box of worldwide covers and cards and some stamps, including Europe prestamp mail, Germany, 1936 flight cover from G.B to Hong Kong with fine "herringbone" type arrival backstamp, useful range of Natal 1861-65 Chalon Head issues (29, S.G. £850), etc. (100s). £150-250
  G.B and world covers and stamps in two boxes, a large accumulation with many Malaya covers, QV G.B covers many of which have scurrilous or interesting contents and some of which appear to have featured as exhibits in court cases, also various Commonwealth stamps, Channel Islands, etc. (1,000s). £200-300

Covers & Postal History

  Covers including air mails, maritime, military, etc., a large quantity in a box. (Many 100s). £200-300
  Box of worldwide covers including A.R covers, air mails, Malaya, postage dues, etc. (100s). £200-250
  Latin America. 1856-1914 Covers and entire letters comprising 1856-63 stampless entire letters with datestamps of Guatemala (2) or Salvador; 1856 stampless entire letter from Santamarta to New York with Santamarta, Colon Navy Bay and Aspinwall forwarding agents cachets; 1882 cover bearing Colombia 10c; c.1890 covers with Bolivia 10c + 10c bisect (2); 1918 hand illustrated cover of Peru; and 1914 Mexico 10c cover with U.S 2c postage due both tied "U.S Postal Agency Vera Cruz" datestamps. (9). £250-300
  South America. c.1858-1934 Covers and cards (76) and a front from Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, etc., with bisects, advertising covers, etc., an interesting group. (77). £200-240
  West Indies. 1893-1957 Covers and cards with many air mails, censors, paquebots, etc. (73). £100-120
  Europe & Colonies. 1841-1942 Covers and cards (25) and a front including Switzerland 1866 entire letter to Russia franked 30c + 60c, 1941-42 French Somali Coast blockade runner flights (2), 1895 Germany 10pf card used in Tanga, 1877 Guadeloupe entire letter franked 40c, 1915 registered AR front from S. Thome e Principe, 1908 card bearing Rio Oro 10c, 1841 entire with Paramaribo c.d.s, 1876 Netherlands Indies official envelopes in various colours (8), c.1875-86 Italy covers with straight line or other unusual cancels (6), etc., also a 1923 registered cover bearing Touva 28k pair, a few faults but an unusual lot with some scarce items. (26). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1853-2000 Covers and cards in a stockbook including 1904 cover from G.B to China and redirected to Burma with 21 various transit datestamps of China, Burma or India; 1853 cover bearing Denmark 4R.B.S; c.1870 covers bearing issues of Jammu & Kashmir (2); Danzig 1923 Inflation covers (2), etc. (89). Photo on Page 70. £450-550
  1873-1948 Covers and cards including 1873 cover from G.B to Egypt franked by four 4d stamps; 1897 cover from Baghdad franked India 1/2a; 1894 Niger Coast 1d postcard with Brass and Brass River datestamps; 1883-1910 covers or cards from Constantinople with datestamps of Austrian (2), Italian, Russian or French (2) P.Os; 1916 cover to a soldier in Malta redirected with "SALONIKA" cachet; 1942 cover from Asmara to South Africa franked M.E.F 5d with Eritrea censor and "DIREZ. POST TELEG. TELEF. / ERITREA" cachet, etc. (19). £130-150
  Combination Frankings. 1905-70 Covers and cards with combination frankings from two or more postal authorities, includes Luxembourg airmail covers with stamps of Belgium, France or Germany; poste restante and customs charges, military and occupation uses, maritime, various combinations of France and French Colonies, etc. An interesting lot. (110). £180-240
  Mail via Siberia. 1902-41 Covers and cards all endorsed or handstamped to go via Siberia, includes 1902 cover from the Russian P.O in Chefoo with part letter stating it is the first mail to go by the Trans-Siberia route from Port Arthur, 1907 cover from Russian P.O in Shanghai with Russian P.O 10k pair ringed and marked as invalid but then cancelled and a "T" mark crossed out, c.1930 cover from Gilbert & Ellice Islands to France franked 1d violet (2) + 3d, also items from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indo-China, Philippines, or from Europe to the Far East. (56). £200-250


Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1894-1936 Mainly mint selection including Antigua 1932 Tercentenary set mint, Bahamas 1894 £1 used, Cyprus 1928 50th Accession of British Rule £1 unmounted, Dominica 1923 £1 mint, Malta 1922 Multiple Script CA 10/- mint, Nigeria 1936 £1 mint, St. Kitts 1922 £1 mint, etc. S.G. £2,640. (20). Photo on Page 75. £300-350
  Colonial stamps (countries A - I), various mint and used stamps in a stockbook including Bermuda 1875 "One Penny" on 3d fine used, Hong Kong 1912 1c broken crown variety in the centre of a mint block of nine, India including I.E.F 2a6p and 3a overprint inverted (offered "as-is"), a few Specimen overprints, etc. A useful old time accumulation. (100s). £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Colonial Postmarks, a large old-time accumulation in two stockbooks with many village cancels, numerals, used abroad, T.P.Os, Paquebots and other maritime, military, etc., noted useful Cape; Cyprus; Falklands New Island c.d.s; Hong Kong treaty ports; India with O.H.M.S stamps on piece cancelled by China F.P.O datestamps (13 pieces), used in Burma and other offices abroad, "FF" cancel of Abyssinia; Jamaica; Mauritius with "B64" cancels of Seychelles (8) or "B65" of Rodrigues; "BNG" cancel of New Guinea on Queensland; Kedah c.d.s on Siam 12a; Tasmania, etc., also some stamps with many N.Z adverts. An interesting lot with many unusual and scarcer cancels. (1,000s). Photo on Page 75. £1,200-1,500
  Postal History. 1837-1940 Covers and cards (25) and a part cover or front, including "Unclaimed" handstamp of British P.O in Alexandria, "CARTHAGENA" fleuron applied in Jamaica, Mauritius 1863 cover franked 1d + 9d and 1887-91 cards with numeral cancels and village datestamps (3), West Indies village cancels, Bahamas 1912 "Advertised" and "Unclaimed" handstamps, 1901 Niger Coast cover from Sombrero River, Jamaica, Gold Coast, North Borneo, etc., some faults but an unusual lot with some scarce items. (27). £600-700

Omnibus Issues

  1935 Silver Jubilee Omnibus issue complete mint, the Egypt British Forces seal unmounted, the others all mounted in a special album, a few additional mint and used stamps. S.G. £1,500+. £200-300
  1935 Silver Jubilee issue, missing the Egypt letter seal and St. Helena 6d, otherwise complete mint within a printed Silver Jubilee stamps album. S.G. £1,175. (248). £160-200
  1935 Silver Jubilee issue complete used, the Egypt British Forces letter seal with corner crease, otherwise largely fine. S.G. £2,000. (250). £350-450
  1937 Coronation issue on commercial and philatelic covers including F.D.Cs from 51 colonies (134, 41 illustrated covers), Paquebots, censors, flight covers, Gilbert & Ellice Islands undated cancels from various offices (8), etc. (236). £350-400
  1948-49 Royal Silver Wedding high value stamps complete fine used. S.G. £2,500. (69). £400-500
  1949 U.P.U Anniversary issues complete fine used. S.G. £600. (310). £120-150

(Also see lot 924)

  1937-65 Mainly mint selection in a stockbook including 1939-48 set with additional 2r - 10r, 1949 10r, 1951 set, 1953-63 sets (3), Seiyun 1942 and 1951 sets, Shihr and Mukalla 1942 5r, Hadhramaut 1955 and 1963 sets, etc., most unmounted, very fine. S.G. £1,280. (226). £200-250


  Italian Occupation. 1941-43 Covers and forces postcards from Italian forces with various "Posta Militare" datestamps, many bearing Italian stamps to pay for air mail, one stampless cover sent by air mail with the fee collected upon arrival by postage dues, all fine and commercial. (59). £300-350


Click to view full image... 1845 (May 26) Entire letter headed "From John King, Master at Arms on board Her Majestys Ship Pique, Antigua" sent to his wife in England, countersigned by the Commanding Officer and prepaid at the 1d sailors concession rate with a London Paid datestamp (June 20) on the front, a 1d coin clearly having been sown to the left side of the address panel as shown by the coin size circle of needle holes. King reports the discovery of the ship's foremast being rotten, which may mean the ship being ordered home for repairs, and includes "We shall sail again as soon as the Packet comes for Barbados and I believe we are going round the islands with the quarterly money for paying the troops after which we are coming here again to lay for the hurricane months unless we receive countermanding orders to order us directly home ..... we sail tomorrow for Barbados to complete with provisions and if there is a man of war there we shall not take the money round the islands but return to this place again and wait new arrival of our orders". No 1d concession rate covers are recorded from Antigua in the recent handbook by Freeland and Jordan. A fine and rare 1d concession rate letter prepaid by a coin sown to the letter. Photo on Page 70. £400-500

(Also See Lots 116-119, 134, 135, 284, 286, 291-294, 309, 323)

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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