Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 16
Click to view full image... Ipswich. 1916 (July 27) Cover franked on the reverse by 1d + War Tax 1/2d tied superb "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / IPSWICH" c.d.s, T.P.O Jamaica c.d.s and Kingston machine alongside, front with a little paper adhering and one small insect hole, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 116. £450-550
  Magotty. 1919 (July 8) Cover franked 1/2d cancelled fine "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / MAGOTTY" c.d.s, T.P.O Jamaica and Kingston backstamps, a little staining to the stamp and cover, otherwise fine and very scarce. £300-350
Click to view full image... Porus. 1920 (Nov 26) Cover bearing 1/2d pair tied "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / PORUS" c.d.s, T.P.O Jamaica c.d.s on the front and Kingston machine on reverse, small central file hole and reverse used for a subsequent letter, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 116. £400-500
  1916-17 Covers comprising 1916 large part "JAMAICA RAILWAY / KENDAL" c.d.s (Proud D2) tying 1d; 1917 fine "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / HOPE BAY" c.d.s tying 1/2d; and 1916 large part "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / BUFF BAY" tying two 1/2d stamps and a Red Cross label, all with T.P.O Jamaica and Kingston backstamps, the first two with vertical fold and a little paper adhering to the left edge but otherwise fine, the Buff Bay cover with some staining and faults. (3). £350-400

(Also See Lots 224, 225, 315, 362-392, 403-405, 437-439, 443, 512, 545, 546, 557, 804, 988)

Click to view full image... 1885 Cover to England via Brindisi, posted on board a ship en route to Nagasaki, with 1875 12sn Bean Goose Syll. 1 with cork cancel, "SHIP" handstamp alongside and a Nagasaki c.d.s on the front, backstamped at Hong Kong and London. A rare stamp on cover, with 1994 Peter Holcombe Certificate. Photo on Page 116. £4,500-5,000

(Also See Lots 295, 945)

  British East Africa. 1890-1903 Mint and used collection on pages including 1890 1/2a on 1d fine used, 1890-95 1r grey mint, 1894 5a and 7 1/2a surcharges mint, 1895-96 overprints on India with 3a - 1r slate and 3r mint, 1r green and carmine and 2r used, 1895 2 1/2 on 1 1/2a mint and used, 1896-1901 set mint, 1897 overprints on Zanzibar with 1a (2) and 5a mint, 1a - 4 1/2a used, 1897 2 1/2 surcharges on 1a or 3a used, etc. S.G. £2,800 (approx). (94). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1897 20r Pale green mint, hinge remainders, otherwise fine and scarce. S.G. 98, £1,200. Photo on Page 108. £300-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1903-68 Mint and used collection on pages including 1903 set to 5r mint, 1904-07 2r and 4r mint, 5a - 5r used, 1912-21 set to 20r (both colours) mint with additional 2r, 3r, 5r and papers for the 25c and 75c, 1922-27 set to £1 mint, 1935-37 set with both 5c types mint and set fine used, 1938-54 set with all perfs mint and used (less 10/- perf 14 and £1 perf 12 1/2 used), 1954-59 set mint and used, etc. S.G. £6,800 (approx). (526). Photo on Page 108. £1,500-1,800
Click to view full image... 1918 20r Purple and blue on blue paper fine mint. S.G. 60, £550. Photo on Page 108. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1922-27 1/- - 5/-, 10/- and £1 mint, the £1 unmounted. S.G. 87/92, 94/5, £413. (8). Photo on Page 108. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1935-37 1c - £1 Set of 14 fine mint. S.G. 110/23, £475. (14). Photo on Page 108. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1935-37 1c - £1 Set of 14 fine mint. S.G. 110/23, £475. (14). Photo on Page 108. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1935-37 10s and £1 Superb unmounted mint. S.G. 122/3, £425+. (2). Photo on Page 108. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1935 (May 1) 1c - £1 Set of 14 on registered First Day Cover from Daressalaam to England, a little minor staining to the 1s, 5s - £1 values, otherwise fine and a rare set on F.D.C. S.G. 110/23, £550 as stamps. Photo on Page 116. £300-350
  1938 KGVI 50c, perf 13x11 3/4, marginal block of four, the lower left stamp with rope not joined to sail, mounted in the margin only, the stamps unmounted. S.G. 144/a, £394. £100-120
  1938 KGVI 50c, perf 13x11 3/4, two matched marginal blocks of four, one with the lower left stamp showing variety rope not joined to sail, both mounted in the margin only with the stamps unmounted. S.G. 144/a, £486. (2 blocks). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1938 KGVI £1, perf 11 3/4x13, mounted on upper margin, the stamp unmounted. S.G. 150, £500. Photo on Page 110. £120-150
  Duplicated mint and used selection in a stockbook including 1912-21 2r - 5r mint, 1935-37 1c - £1 set mint, a few Uganda, etc., also 1960-62 set unmounted mint in a presentation folder, and a few covers. £200-240
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Tanganyika. 1916-73 Mint and used collection on pages including 1916 N.F set mint, 1917-21 G.E.A 10r and 20r mint, 1922-24 10/- upright watermark and £1 sideways watermark mint, 1927-31 set to 5/- mint, etc., also some Uganda. S.G. £1,700+. (233). Photo on Page 108. £350-450
  1890-1989 Covers and cards in two albums including 1952 air mail cover to Mombasa posted on Lake Tanganyika with KUT 10c, 30c cancelled at Kisumu and scarce violet "PAQUEBOT" handstamp, also air mails, WW2 and Mau Mau period forces mail, slogans, postcards, postal stationery, 1939 Mombasa Exhibition skeleton c.d.s, 1942 "PERAMIHO" and other skeleton datestamps, registered mail, covers to Antigua, Goa, Turkey, etc. (179). £200-250
  Uganda Railway. 1901-04 Stamps (14) and pieces (3) cancelled by Experimental P.O c.d.s (12) or Escarpment squared circle (4). Also 1906 1a stationery envelope from Nairobi to Hong Kong with Aden and Victoria backstamps. (17). £120-150
  1905-54 Covers and cards, various cancels include Nimuli (2, both 1907) and Telegraph Narok (3, 1928-32), skeleton datestamps of Yala River (1916) and Molo (1912), etc. (74). £300-350
  1916-47 Covers, cards and a front including 1916 cover from Mombasa to London bearing two 6c stamps, endorsed "Late Fee Box" with boxed army type "PASSED BY / (crown) No. 3333 / CENSOR"; 1918 cover from Nairobi to G.B with a British 1d stamp accepted as valid; 1934 front with "MOMBASA EXHIBITION" skeleton c.d.s; 1936 cover bearing Mombasa Exhibition label (also two single labels); 1938 cover from Spain to Tanganyika with red "PAR AVION JUSQU A ROMA". (10). £100-120
  1918 (Apr 19) Cover to USA with KGV 3c strip of five tied by "BUTIABA / UGANDA" datestamps, backstamped at Hoima, Masindi and White Nile T.P.O No. 2 (May 6), Egyptian four wavy bars censor, an unusual routing from Uganda via Sudan. £80-100
  Tanganyika. 1919-35 Covers and cards (65), various cancels mounted alphabetically, from Amani to Usa River, in an album, some registered. Also a few stamps and pieces including scarce rubber cancels of Mpapwa and Musoma. (73). £200-250
Click to view full image... Air Mails - Crash Cover. 1927 (Mar 10) Cover from Nairobi to England franked 15c pair + 20c (2), red "KENYA-SUDAN / AIRMAIL" skeleton c.d.s (Mar 12) and violet "Owing temporary failure / Air Service Mail / forwarded normal route", minor soiling mainly to reverse, an unusually fine cover from this uncommon crash. The Kisumu to Khartoum survey flight crashed upon taking off on Lake Victoria. Photo on Page 116. £200-220
  Air Mails. 1931-38 Covers, cards and a front with first flights and later commercial flights by Imperial Airways and Wilson Airways, explanatory cachets including "LOCAL AIR FEE PAID" (4, two types), "AIR FEE PREPAID / TO EUROPE", "BY AIR TO LONDON / PAR AVION A LONDRES", By Air to / London", "By Air to / Brindisi", "FEEDER SERVICE" (4), one postcard to Brazil flown to London then intended to go by Zeppelin but actually sent surface mail, etc. (57). £200-250
Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1937 (Nov 7) Picture postcard posted from Arusha to Germany bearing KUT KGV 10c + 1937 Coronation 20c, handstamped with violet boxed cachet "Junkers Flugzeug-und-Motorenwerke A. G., Dessau / Rund-Afrika-Flug / Okt./Nov. 1937 an Bord der Ju 52 D-AMUO", an air mail label cancelled by large cross at Brindisi. A rare card, very few items known from this round Africa flight; a similar card posted at Johannesburg sold for £540 in our February 2017 auction. Photo on Page 116. £350-450
  c.1903-40 Picture postcards (81, some postally used, a few faults); c.1949 photos of Post Offices or Post Office staff, with "K.U.T Postmaster General" cachets on the reverse (8); a few other photos and 1949 G.P.O letter regarding Mobile Post Offices; and a few maps including c.1800 map of the Island of Mombasa. (91+). £150-200

P.O.W, Censored & Forces Mail

  1939-44 Covers, cards and an airgraph with explanatory marks, comprising 1939 (Aug) censored postcards to Germany or Austria returned with manuscript "Service Suspended"; 1943 airgraph form to Palestine with 30c tied by boxed Base Censor cachet, bearing A.P.O 2 c.d.s and "NO AIRGRAPH SERVICE / TO"; 1941 stampless O.A.S cover to Scotland with A.P.S E.A.F c.d.s, army censor and violet "AIRMAIL SUSPENDED"; 1942 Honour Envelope to Kenya with G.B 3d tied Egypt Postage Prepaid 34 c.d.s, E.A. A.P.O c.d.s below, "By Air Mail" crossed out with violet "SURFACE MAIL"; and stampless O.A.S cover from Fleet Mail Office in Colombo bearing Mombasa postage due mark with postage due 30c pair applied. (6). £120-150
  Honour Envelopes. 1941-44 Envelopes including East Africa types (5, Daynes 1b, 2, 3b on blue paper, 4, 5), British, Indian, M.E, South Africa (2), R.A.F and Royal Navy types. (12). £100-120
  1940-41 Covers to the USA, two with attached censor slips "This cover was open when it reached the censor" or "Shorter letters will be passed more quickly by the censor", the other with an enclosed censor slip "It is not considered desirable that used or unused postage stamps should be enclosed in correspondence addressed to or from neutral countries". (3). £100-120
  1940-46 Forces mail mostly with E.A A.P.O or A.P.O-U-M.P.K datestamps, includes 25c airletters (4), airletters with red 25c meter stamps (2), Honour Envelopes (2), unusual Base and Deputy Chief Field Censor cachets, also three covers from Italian P.O.Ws. (26). £100-120
  1940-52 Forces mail including boxed "O.H.M.S / MILITARY / FRANKED" handstamps (2, one on a postcard, one with Nigeria military censor), stampless registered cover with "A.P.O 2. EA" registration cachet and HQ 2nd Echelon postal frank, other registration handstamps of A.P.O E.A 2 or 55, 15c postcard from Arusha endorsed from Kenya Regt., manuscript censor by O.C "D" Co. 6th Bn. K.A.R on Askari mail, various censors, E.A. A.P.O or A.P.O-U-M.P.K datestamps with various numbers including items from Sudan, Ceylon, Reunion, Madagascar, also 1947 airgraph envelope bearing "Telegram, No Charge for Delivery" label sent to Nyali refugee camp. (30). £200-250
  Royal Navy. 1942-49 Covers and cards from or to Mombasa or Kilindini including 1940 cover posted within Mombasa franked 20c with large circular "PASSED BY / NAVAL / CENSOR" (Daynes N450, Ex Alan Brown collection, possibly the only known example), cover franked 15c to London with "POSTAL FRANK / BY AIR / ROYAL NAVY / MOMBASSA", 1949 cover with 1/- cancelled "POSTAL FRANK, ROYAL NAVY / MOMBASA", stampless air mail cover with red "POSTAGE PAID" c.d.s, various single or double ring dumb cancels, naval censors, air letters, covers with 30c + 1/- or 30c cancelled boxed "POSTAGE / PAID / F.M.O", mail from Canadian or New Zealand naval forces or to U.S Navy at Kilindini, etc. Also cover to Mombasa "per ships box S.S. Kohestan" with South Africa 1/2d, 1d pair tied by dumb bar cancel, and 1947 cover from Mombasa with violet "MERCHANT NAVY MAIL". (28). £220-260
  R.A.F. 1940-46 Covers from or to the R.A.F, various censors, 1940 (Dec 9) stampless cover from British F.P.O 171 to G.B marked "U.K Christmas Mail" with boxed "ROYAL AIR FORCE / POSTAL FRANK / EAST AFRICA", other similar Postal Frank cachets (3), etc. (19). £100-120
  P.O.W Mail. 1942-46 Covers to or from P.O.Ws including boxed "ITALIAN / CENTRAL / HOSPITAL / (E.A)" (previously unrecorded camp, location unknown), camps 351 at Nairobi (2), 352 at Naivasha (2), 353 at Gilgil (2), 354 at Nanyuki (2), 356 at Eldoret (cover with "REPATRIATED / ITALY" + pass and Red Cross letter), 357 at Mitubiri, 358 at Makindu (2, one from camp guard to Malta), 359 at Burguret (2, one with "TRANSFERRED / TO UK"), 360 at Ndarugu (3, one from camp guard, one with "TRANSFERRED / TO UK"), 361 at Kajiado (2, one a Polish Y.M.C.A card from Palestine to a camp guard), 364 at Chamgamwe, 365 at Londiani (3), 366 at Jinja (3, one from Camp Commandant), and 1946 stampless cover with violet "P.W TRANSIT CAMP / P.O BOX 3019 / MOMBASA". (30). £220-260


Click to view full image... India & Hong Kong Used in Labuan. 1865 (Mar 4) Front addressed to Manila franked by India 4a black (3 examples, one with corner fault) and Hong Kong 8c pale dull orange pair (one with corner faults) and single, the six stamps each cancelled by circular dotted obliterator (Proud K1) in black with a superb black "LABUAN" c.d.s (Proud D1) below and black "2" reales charge mark of Manila. Only four other 1864-65 items are recorded from Labuan, two with Hong Kong stamps cancelled in manuscript (one additionally cancelled in Hong Kong) and one with India 4a pair cancelled by this K1 obliterator all with the Labuan D1 c.d.s in red, and a front with India 8a cancelled in Singapore and the second type D2 Labuan c.d.s. Some vertical and horizontal folds (all clear of the stamps) but a unique India/Hong Kong combination franking from Labuan, also the only recorded example of this first Labuan c.d.s in black and one of only two recorded examples of this first Labuan obliterator. A unique and important item of Labuan, India and Hong Kong postal history. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £5,000-6,000
  1897 Registered cover to H. Reeves in London bearing 1897 12c + 18c (S.G. 95a, 99a, £115 as stamps) each tied Labuan c.d.s, "REGISTERED / No (1575)" and oval framed "R" handstamps and London arrival datestamps, very fine. £100-120
  Picture Postcards. c.1910 Postcards including Victoria harbour, coaling pier, principal street, native quarter, back street, coal mine railway, North Rd, etc., all fine unused, scarce. (12). £120-150


Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1918-40 Mint collection, complete (sets either perf or imperf but not both), also a few 1990-92 issues, includes 1923-26 1L - 10L, 1927-33 set, scarce 1933 Latvija - Afrika flight set, 1933 Air Charity perf set, a fine lot. S.G. £4,000 (approx). (321). Photo on Page 80. £500-600
  Postmarks. 1918-40 Covers (36), pieces and stamps in two albums, written up alphabetically with spaces for each postmark listed in the Latvia handbook, a good level of completeness achieved with about two thirds of all listed postmarks represented in the collection, includes T.P.Os, machine marks on cover or card. Also the Latvia Handbook on the Postmarks of 1918-40. £1,000-1,200


  1918-40 Mint collection (sets either perf or imperf but not both, differing perfs/watermarks not included), also a few 1991 issues, missing a few 1919 (Jan/Feb) issues, otherwise basic stamps largely complete (no 1935 Atlantic Flyers 40c) from the 1919 (Mar 20) second Berlin issue, with 1924 War Orphans Fund set, etc. S.G. £2,300 (approx). (473). £260-300

(Also See Lots 283, 465, 688)

  1885-1940 Covers and cards including squared circles of Papan (2), Taiping, Gopeng (2), 1940 Penang Train Letter, AR of Bukit Mertajam, Kelantan, FMS, Straits, etc. (31). £180-200
  1896-1942 Covers and cards including 1930s air mails, Kedah (8), F.M.S, Straits Settlements, 1896 Perak card cancelled at Batu Cajah, etc. (49). £240-280
  Straits Settlements. 1896-1941 Covers and cards including picture postcards, mainly from Singapore or Penang, other cancels include Nibong Tebal, Butterworth, Penang Hill, Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Mertajam, Tanglin, Simpang Amput, also R.M.S Selangor arrival datestamps, etc. (63). £150-180
  F.M.S. 1913-35 Covers and cards all bearing "Tiger" issue stamps including squared circles of Tapah, Telok Anson and Kampar (2), etc. (43). £200-240
  1941-63 Covers and cards with Singapore and Straits Settlements, 1946 "RAFPOST 308" c.d.s., BMA Malaya stamps, 1951 Tanjong Piandang skeleton c.d.s, AR handstamps of Sungei Patani, Gurun and Kuala Pilah, 1955 Bukit Gantang skeleton, etc. (79). £150-180
  1945-48 BMA Malaya covers (36), mainly air mails, various frankings up to $10.15, cancels include Malim Nawar, Sentijl, Sungei Besi, Slim River, etc. Also twelve 1952 forces air letters from Scotland to H.M.S Ceylon at Singapore. (48). £180-200
  1946 Stampless O.A.S covers with Indian F.P.O datestamps 36, 57, 189, 217, 594 (4), 607, 614 or 645. (11). £80-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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