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Auction Lots - Page 7
  "Malabar-Princess". 1950 (Nov 2) Cover from India to London with Cawnpore meter mark on reverse and explanatory label "Salvaged April 1951, from the Air Liner "Malabar-Princess", which crashed in the Alps, November 1950", with London F.S c.d.s (Apr. 30 1951). A fine cover, from the second mailbag to be found, in April 1951. £100-120
  1954 (Apr 6) 6d Air letter from London to South Africa, a little water damaged, reverse with violet "SALVAGED MAIL / COMET CRASH / 8.4.54". The B.O.A.C Comet "Yoke Yoke" from Rome to Cairo crashed into the sea south of Sorrento killing all 21 people on board; two mail bags were recovered, most of the mail being for Sudan. An unusual destination for mail from this crash. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1956 (June 23) Nigeria 6d air letter from Ibadan to London handstamped violet "SALVAGED / ARGONAUT AIR / CRASH KANO", fine and scarce, this very item illustrated by Nierinck. Photo on Page 50. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1956 (June 23) Nigeria 6d airletter from Enugu to London handstamped "SALVAGED / ARGONAUT AIR / CRASH KANO". The B.O.A.C plane from Kano to London hit a tree and crashed upon take off killing 26 people, a small part of the mail being recovered. Scarce. Photo on Page 50. £150-180
  1968 (June 12) Cover from Bangkok to London, burnt at the right edge, handstamped violet boxed "RECOVERED FROM AIR CRASH", from the Pan Am Bangkok to London flight which crashed at Calcutta killing seven people. Scarce £100-120
  1969 (Nov 20) Cover from England to Lagos, fire damaged, with Lagos G.P.O explanatory letter "Enclosed herewith is/are postal item/s salvaged from the burnt mails which were on board the Nigerian Airways V.C 10 aircraft that crashed near Lagos on 20th November 1969. The incident which was beyond our control is deeply regretted", and Post Office ambulance envelope with Lagos G.P.O c.d.s (Nov 25). The London to Lagos via Kano flight crashed north of Lagos killing all 87 people on board. A very scarce crash cover. £160-200
  1944-76 Crash covers comprising 1944 (Aug 24) Sweden to London cover with boxed "Damaged through an air- / plane accident in course / of conveyance"; 1945 (Mar 12) G.B air letter to British forces in Italy with violet "SALVAGED FROM / AIR CRASH", fire damaged; and 1976 (Sep 7) cover from G.B to Northern Cyprus with red "RECOVERED FROM AIRCRASH / ZAGREB 10-9-76 / FORWARDED TO / DESTINATION" and matching London F.S c.d.s (Oct 18). (3). £120-150

Ship Wrecks
(Also See Lots 189, 351, 740, 742, 1242)

  "Ava". 1858 Cover from India to England, the stamps washed off, the upper and left side flaps missing due to immersion in water, partial retta cancels, red arc shaped "INDIA PAID" and a London Paid arrival c.d.s (May 11), the reverse with "Saved from the wreck / of the Ava". The "Ava" hit a rock and sank 80 miles from Trincomalee on February 16th, mails being recovered by divers from H.M.S "Chesapeake". A fine cover, from the second batch of recovered mails. £150-180
  "Colombo". 1862 (Oct 4) Cover with enclosed letter from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, to England, datestamps of Wagga Wagga, Tarcutta, Sydney, London Paid (Jan 2) and Bristol, the stamp washed off, handstamped boxed "Saved from the wreck of / the Colombo". The "Colombo" ran aground on Minicoy Island in the Indian Ocean and sank on November 19th. £120-150
  "Colombo". 1862 (Nov 12) Cover from Ceylon to England with light backstamp dated in manuscript, London Paid (Jan 1) and Lymington arrival backstamps, the stamp washed off, handstamped boxed "Saved from the wreck of / the Colombo" (type 4, smaller "C"). £120-150
Click to view full image... "Carnatic". 1869 (Sep 2) Cover from Norwich to Calcutta bearing a 1/- stamp, a further stamp washed off, the reverse with white label "Recovered from wreck of the "Carnatic"" tied by red Bombay c.d.s (Nov 12), red oval Calcutta Delivery arrival backstamp, very fine. The "Carnatic" struck a reef at the mouth of the Gulf of Suez on September 13th and sank the following day with the loss of 24 lives. A fine cover, with the scarcer type label ("from wreck" instead of "from the wreck"). Photo on Page 50. £250-350
  "Eider". 1892 (Jan 21) USA 5c Stationery envelope from Conshohocken to London, waterstained, with London Paid c.d.s (Mar 4) and violet boxed "Saved from wreck / of S.S "Eider"", the reverse with an Officially Sealed label tied by London c.d.s. The "Eider" stranded at St. Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight, on January 31st and was not refloated until March 29th. A fine cover from one of the last mails to be salvaged in early March. £100-120
  "Berlin". 1907 (Feb 20) Cover from London to Paramaribo franked 2 1/2d, water damaged, handstamped "BESCHADIGD DOOR RAMP / HARWICH BOOT", the reverse with an Amsterdam Officially Sealed label and Paramaribo arrival datestamp (Mar 17). The Great Eastern Railway steamer "Berlin" was wrecked at the entrance to the River Maas on February 21st with the loss of 165 lives. An unusual destination for mail from this wreck. £100-120
Click to view full image... "Jebba". 1907 Covers (2) and a postcard, from Calabar or Epe both franked Lagos 1d, or from Freetown with Sierra Leone 1d, all with differing "SALVED FROM / S.S JEBBA" cachets, types 1 and 2b in violet or type 3 in black. Also a real photo postcard of the wrecked ship at Hope Cove, off the Devon Coast. (4). Photo on Page 50. £300-350
  1915 (Mar 9/10) Picture postcards from Japan to G.B franked 4sn, handstamped "RECEIVED AT LIVERPOOL / DAMAGED BY SEA WATER", slightly differing settings of the cachet, in red or black. Also c.1907 postcard from Canada to G.B, the stamp washed off, handstamped "DAMAGED BY WATER". (3). £160-200
  1915 (Dec 1) Remains of a very burnt cover and letter franked 1d from London to "Lt. A.H Beswick, 2nd Buffs, 28th Division, c/o G.P.O" handstamped "DAMAGED BY FIRE & / WATER ON SHIP". Hopkins recorded one other cover with this cachet (applied in two separate operations) which he attributed to the "Surada", but Hoggarth & Gwynn were unable to fine any evidence to substantiate this. A rare cover, unusually with the second portion of the cachet reading "WATER ON SHIP" applied a second time to the reverse. £100-150
Click to view full image... 1915 (Dec 21) Cover franked 1d from Cork to "2nd Lt. A.W.J Reed, 5th Entrenching Batt, 3rd Army, B.E.F, France", fire damage to the edges, backstamped violet "DAMAGED AND / DELAYED BY FIRE", the incident unknown, an unusual cachet. Photo on Page 50. £100-120
Click to view full image... "Mongolia". 1917 (May 31) Cover from Bournemouth to Calcutta, waterstaining and the stamp washed off, handstamped oval "ACCIDENT AT SEA / MONGOLIA / 30.6.17", backstamped at Bournemouth and Calcutta (July 4). Also a postcard of the ship. The "Mongolia" struck a mine sixty miles from Bombay and sank with the loss of 23 lives. Photo on Page 50. £120-150
  1918 (Mar 1) Long cover from Trinity House in London to "Sir Herbert C. Sloley, British Residency, Basutoland" bearing 1d strip of three with other stamps washed off, an attached explanatory label reading "The accompanying article has been damaged by enemy action. No compensation is payable in respect of such damage. Returned Letter Section, London Postal Service". The cover has a Maseru arrival c.d.s (Apr 20) and boxed "UNCLAIMED / UNKNOWN" on the front, backstamped Returned L.O Cape Town c.d.s (Apr 25). The cover and label with rust damage caused by rusting of the staple used to attach the explanatory label, otherwise fine and very unusual. £100-120
  "Kingstonian". 1918 (Mar 14) Egyptian Expeditionary Force Y.M.C.A envelope to "Pte G. Langley, 14th Platoon "D" Coy, 2/4 Ox & Bucks L.I, B.E.F, France", posted into the civilian office at Port Said, transferred to the army postal service with A.P.O SZ 20 skeleton (Mar 20) and Base Censor label tied by "PASSED BY / BASE CENSOR / E.E.F, a printed form enclosed by the Base Censors Office "Attached letter has been delayed - posted in civil post office in Canal Zone uncensored". The cover was then sent on the "Kingstonian" which was torpedoed south of Marseille in April 11th, the cover with some water damage and bearing the explanatory label "R.E. Postal Section. / LONDON, N.W.1. / Damaged by immersion / in sea water / through enemy action". Very unusual, the censor form unrecorded by Firebrace. £140-160
Click to view full image... "Kingstonian". 1918 (Mar 30) Cover posted at the civil post office at Cairo to "Capt L.D Baker, 23rd Squad, R.F.C, B.E.F, France", transferred to the army postal service with A.P.O SZ 10 backstamp (Mar 31), the stamp washed off and another Egypt stamp cancelled at Heliopolis applied, backstamped superb violet "R.E, Postal Sect. L'don N.W.1 / Damaged by immersion in sea / water through Enemy Action". A scarce cachet. Photo on Page 58. £100-120
  "Kingstonian". 1918 (Mar) Stampless O.A.S covers, one without any datestamp, the others from F.P.O 157, A.P.O SZ 27 (printed Australian Y.M.C.A with the A.I.F cover) or Indian F.P.O 331 (printed O.A.S lettercard), all with differing "Salved Letter" or "Damaged By Sea Water" cachets, types 2, 4 (missing "e" in "Damaged", one cachet tying homemade sealing label), 5 or 6, all from Palestine. (4). £120-150
Click to view full image... "Comorin". 1930 (Feb) Covers from Australia to England (3) or Ireland all franked 1 1/2d, and a cover from England to Western Australia but unknown and returned to the sender with the stamp washed off, all with differing cachets comprising "Damaged by Fire on S.S Comorin" (3, types 3 and 8, also a large unframed cachet unrecorded by Hoggarth/Gwynn), "Damaged at Sea" (unrecorded by Hoggarth/Gwynn) or "Damaged by Sea Water on S.S Comorin" type 6, one cover bearing a label "It is regretted that this packet has been accidentally damaged in the post" with a violet Bristol c.d.s (Apr 5) in the same ink as the wreck cachet. A fine group. (5). Photo on Page 58. £500-600
Click to view full image... "Star of Malta". 1955 (July 26) Cover from Freising, Germany to Malta, the stamp washed off, handstamped "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER / EX "STAR OF MALTA" 29.7.55", partial arrival backstamp, top flap missing, otherwise fine. Also two original photos of the stricken ship each with a Sliema photographer's handstamp on reverse. The M.V "Star of Malta", sailing from Syracuse to Malta, ran aground near Valletta harbour and capsized with the loss of two lives. (3). Photo on Page 58. £150-180

(Also See Lots 513, 522, 541, 542, 573, 683, 724, 921, 959, 975, 987, 1188-1197)

  1895-1982 Covers and cards with cancels of German and other sea posts, including German cancels from Swinemunde-Pillau (6), Hamburg-Helgoland (8) or Gjedser-Warnemunde (3), Italian sea posts (7), 1930 Russian River Volga c.d.s, Swedish and Danish sea posts, 1908 "BUCURESCI-CONSTANTA-COSPOLI" tying Roumanian 10b on a card to Constantinople, Belgian Congo cards with "Courier du Haute Mer" cancels (3), 1895 "PAQUEBOTS" of Brindisi on cover bearing G.B 2 1/2d, etc., also 1918 stampless O.A.S cards (edge faults) with scarce "H.S MARAMA / N.Z" c.d.s and oval "N.Z No 2 HOSPITAL SHIP / PASSED BY CENSOR / "MARAMA"". (67). £200-250
  Sea Posts to G.B. 1894-1959 Covers and cards with cancels of various sea post services to G.B including Cape Colony Ocean Post Office (26, also two proof strikes on 1898 piece and some stamps or pieces), Mobile Box datestamps of London or Southampton (15, also 49 stamps or pieces) and Ostende-Dover (20, also 14 other postal stationery postcards of the service). (75++). £220-260
  Sea Posts to G.B. 1904-62 Cards and cover with datestamps of continental sea post offices to G.B with Dutch services between Queenborough and Flushing (6, with small c.d.s from both directions, larger c.d.s code I Queenborough to Flushing or code A Flushing to Queenborough, and boxed datestamp from Queenborough), or Folkestone to Flushing (2, one on G.B stamp), Belgium Ostende-Dover service (14), Swedish service from London to Gothenberg (3), etc. (26). £110-130
  G.B Transatlantic Post Offices. 1907-14 Picture postcards (11) and covers with British Sea Post Office Southampton c.d.s codes 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, or Transatlantic Post Office c.d.s codes 1, 3 (2), 4, 5, 6, 8, most on cards of the ships, also a 1912 cover with US 5c tied by both Transatlantic Post Office 6 c.d.s and United States Sea P.O duplex. (13). £250-300
  Austria. 1900-12 Picture postcards, cancels include named "OE LLOYD" datestamps for the "AUSTRIA" (in red), "BOHEMIA", "GALICIA" and "IMPERATRIX", "LLOYD AUSTRIACO / IV" used on the "Cleopatra", "ALEXANDRIEN-TRIEST", "BREGENZ-KONSTANZ" and "KONSTANZ-BREGENZ" used on Lake Constance, etc. (10). £200-250
  Cape Colony/South Africa. 1896-1927 Covers and cards cancelled "Cape Colony Ocean Post Office" c.d.s (42) or "Union of S. Africa Ocean P.O" (9, one on a G.B stamp, also a piece); 1927 registered Ocean Letter front with violet "SHIPPING POSTMASTER CAPE TOWN" c.d.s and similar Durban c.d.s on a pair of 4d stamps; 1907 front from Port Elizabeth attractively illustrated in colour with a picture of R.M.S Briton; and a watercolour picture of a steamship. (56). £200-250
  France. 1902-09 Picture postcards mostly depicting ships, and a few covers, all with sea post office datestamps including Marseille Ligne D'Alger tying G.B stamps to 1912 card with S.Y Vectis cachet and Paquebot mark, Bordeaux - Buenos Ayres, New York - Havre, Marseille - La Reunion, Yokohama - Marseille, etc., some fine cards, stamps include USA, Indo-China and Egypt. (54). £180-220
  Germany. 1896-1966 Covers and cards mainly pre WW2 "Seepost" cancels including Stettin-Helsingfors, Korsor-Kiel, Bremen-Ostasie, Spanienfahrt, Hamburg-New York, Bremen-New York, etc., also Deutsch-Amerikanische Seepost and some naval Marine Schiffspost cancels and a few Paquebots, unusual frankings include "China" German P.O overprints (2), Liberia (2), Belgium, South Africa (also with Durban Paquebot), and some cachets. (104). £400-500
  Germany-Transatlantic Sea Post Offices. 1893-1938 Postcards with Deutsche or Deutsche-Amerikanische Seepost cancels, one with a Hamburg-New York Seepost registration label, one with G.B 1 1/2d and Paquebot handstamp, various cancels mainly on cards depicting the ships. (46). £120-150
  New Zealand - Marine Post Offices. 1925-36 Covers and cards all with Marine P.O datestamps of R.M.S Makura, Monowai, Aorangi, Maunganui, Makura, Niagara or Tahiti, some also with Packet Boat or dumb cancels, one franked French Oceanic Settlements 1f. (17). £100-120
  USA. 1897-1952 Covers and cards with U.S or U.S-German Sea Post Office cancels including "S.P.O" postage due marks (2), Missent marks (2), also a few Paquebots and other ship cancels or cachets. (87). £250-300
  USA. 1893-1941 Covers and cards with cancels from N.Y & Valparaiso Sea Post (29, several on foreign stamps with Paquebot handstamps), U.S Transpacific Sea Post (51), N.Y & Buenos Aires Sea Post (27, several on foreign stamps, some with Paquebot handstamps), Seattle-Manila Sea Post, Canal Zone Sea Post (3), also menus, ephemera, postcards, pieces, etc, mainly fine, most commercial, some scarce, a good collection in an album. (111+). £500-600
  USA - Porto Rico Sea Post Office. 1907-42 Covers and cards including R.P.O datestamps, various duplexs and machines, eight covers with Curacao or Dominican Republic stamps also handstamped "PAQUEBOT", registration datestamps, 1916 cover missent to the sea post, scarce "DUE ..... CENTS / SUPPLEMENTARY MAIL / DOUBLE POSTAGE REQUIRED" (3), rare 1915 "F.T SHELDON / U.S SEA POST" rubber c.d.s, etc., also some pieces and ephemera. (44). £300-400
  USA - Transatlantic Sea Post Offices. 1893-1924 Covers and cards with datestamps used on the transatlantic service to G.B (14) or scarce "U.S FRENCH SEA P.O" duplexs (2). (16). £100-120
  U.S - German Sea Post Offices. 1892-1939 Covers and cards including U.S German Sea P.O duplexs numbered 1-3, 5-7, 9-17, later duplexs with ship name, machine cancels, "SPO" postage due marks (5), "PAQUEBOT" marks on items mostly bearing G.B or German stamps (14), Missent marks (3), etc., a few faults, mainly fine, most written up in an album. (114). £500-600
  Yugoslavia. 1926-31 Covers and cards (42) and pieces (4) with sea post office datestamps including Koto - Split, Kotor - Ercegnovi, Split - Rab, Split - Metkovic, Kotor - Hercegnovi, Susak - Obrovac, Susak - Rab, etc., one with scarce Kotor "Paquebot". (46). £240-280

(Also See Lots 316, 317, 320-322, 505, 535-537, 592-594, 596, 616-646, 672, 676, 725, 736, 781-788, 808, 809, 831, 891, 921, 970, 971, 978, 1198, 1199, 1238)

  Seven Years War. c.1760 Entire letters from London or Kew, addressed "To Mr Douglas, Major in Lord George Beauclerks Regiment with the Army of the Allies commanded by the Duke of Cumberland, Holland", or to Douglas in General Howards Regiment in Flanders or at Gertrudenberg, Holland, two with London receiver handstamps, the other with a Bishop Mark. (3). £200-250
  Crimean War. 1855 (Oct 12) Entire letter headed "Camp before Sebastopol", sent by W. Heard of the 14th Regt to his brother in Somerset bearing 1d red irregular strip of three cancelled "19" numerals in London, backstamps include "POST OFFICE / BRITISH ARMY" c.d.s. The interesting letter includes "Our Regt formed part of the reserve at the storming of the Redan so we were under cover all the time but had no rest for 3 days & nights ..... we got off lucky as we did not lose a single man but it was a shocking sight to witness Sebastopol .... it is all destroyed now. The French soldiers had leave to go into the town and plunder the day after it was taken but our troops was not allowed into it for 3 days after so when we got in every small thing that was worth taking was carried away .... we are still in tents and no sign of a better accommodation for the winter". Heard enclosed a dollar coin as a present from Sebastopol for his children. Unobtrusive vertical fold, otherwise fine. £120-150

Boer War

  Literature. Non philatelic books comprising "The Siege of Mafeking", two large volumes with many illustrations published by The Brenthurst Library, 2001; "South African War Books" by R.G Hackett, privately published, 1994; "South Africa and the Transvaal War" by Louis Creswick, seven volumes, c.1902; and Cassels "History of the Boer War" in two volumes, c.1902, all hardbound and fine. (12). £100-120
  Literature. "Royal Commission on the Boer War", four volumes comprising "Evidence" (vols 1 & 2), "Appendices to Evidence" and "Report", uniformly bound in half morocco with marbled covers, a little wear to spines and small spine fault to the "Report" volume, otherwise fine, a scarce and useful set published by H.M Stationery Office, 1903. (4 vols.) £200-250
  Photographs - Army Post Office Corps. Photo album kept by a member of the Army Post Office Corps, with mainly well taken amateur photos (181), approximately 33 photos of Army, Field or civil Post Offices, others of members of the Army Post Office Corps, Lord Roberts, etc. An interesting album, ex Kenneth Griffith. £200-250
  Medals. Queens South Africa medals (3) comprising 3 bars (Cape, OFS, Transvaal) 30924 PTE R.W BOND 36TH COY IMP. YEO.; 3 bars (Cape, Driefontein, Transvaal) 2907 PTE C. MANKTELOW E. KENT REGT.; 5 bars (Cape, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Transvaal, Wittebergen) 2834 PTE S. FERGUSON, 2. SEA. HIGHRS., all impressed naming. Pte Bond was killed at Tweefontein on Christmas Day 1901. (3). £100-120
  1900-02 Covers and cards (23, also two 1921-23 covers with late use of O.R.C or Cape stamps), most censored with several to P.O.Ws in South Africa or Ceylon, includes scarce white "V.R" censor label used at Diyatalawa Camp (Snowden/Hepworth type 9, only recorded in Nov/Dec. 1900), 1900 (May 27) cover from Springs with Boer censor label, 1902 cover to Pietermaritzburg endorsed "not Refugee Camp" with Returned Letter Office c.d.s, etc. (25). £120-150
  Hospital Ship "Maine". Silver plated bon-bon dish with a fine patterned and embossed border, the centre engraved "HMHS Maine", from the first Hospital Ship "Maine" which was privately financed by a committee led by Lady Randolph Churchill and made two trips between England and South Africa in 1900-01 before being handed over to the Royal Navy. A fine and attractive memento from this hospital ship. £200-250
  Hospital Ship "Princess of Wales". Silver plated dessert spoon with "PRINCESS OF WALES" within a scroll well engraved on the handle, imitation hall marks include the maker "E&Co", wear at the end, otherwise fine and an unusual memento from this hospital ship which was purchased and financed by Princess Alexandria at a personal cost of £10,000, and served as a hospital ship between December 1899 and December 1900, making two return voyages between Britain and South Africa, and various trips around the coast of Natal and the Cape. £100-120
  Hospital Ship "Princess of Wales". 1900 (Dec 19) Cover with a Red Cross printed on the flap, a 1d lilac cancelled "SOUTHAMPTON / SHIP LETTER" c.d.s with violet "PAQUEBOT" alongside. £70-100
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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