Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 25
  1844 1d Pink lettersheet with printed heading of John Dickinson & Co, who made the silk thread paper used for the Mulreadys and these 1d Pink envelopes and lettersheets, posted from London to Oxford. £80-100

Pictorial Envelopes

Click to view full image... c.1851 Charles Gilpin Ocean Penny Postage envelope state 2, unusually incorrectly folded so the upper portion of the inscription was folded over onto the reverse whilst the inscription at base is 7mm from the lower edge of the envelope, sent from London to Edgbaston bearing an imperf 1d red (plate 107, four margins) tied by Inland Branch numeral "16", a little staining and a couple of very small edge tears, part flap missing (with the loss of the datestamp and upper portion of "ITS" in "AWAITS"), still a good example of this uncommon envelope. With R.P.S. Certificate (2016). Photo on Page 174. £700-800
Click to view full image... 1880-1905 Hand illustrated covers franked 1d including 1885 coloured cover from Manchester to Ambleside showing a man pushing a barrow into a gentleman and knocking him over, 1880 cover showing a cat sitting in front of an empty chair, etc. (3). Photo on Page 180. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1901 (Apr 18) Furniss "New Century" envelope posted from London to Paris, a very scarce envelope postally used, especially to an overseas address. Photo on Page 180. £160-200

Postal Reform
(Also See Lots 56-58, 60, 1200, 1229-1237)

Click to view full image... 1838 (Mar 26) Entire from Deal to Robert Wallace M.P, Chairman of the Select Committee on Postage, whose findings led to the reduced rates and postal reforms of 1839-40, simply addressed to "Wallace Esq. M.P, London" with a Dover backstamp and red Free datestamp, reverse endorsed "Postage" by Wallace. Written by J. Yeo, the four page letter gives his estimates of the increase in letters posted and in business generated as a result that he believes a reduction in postage would produce. A unique letter on postal reform to Wallace, sent as a free frank (something which Wallace's reforms would abolish). Photo on Page 180. £250-300
  1839 (Dec 4) Entire letter from Wolverhampton to Castle Douglas posted on the last day of distance based rates and charged 1/1, clear DE 4 backstamp. A scarce posting date as many letters were held over for the cheaper rates; this letter would have saved 9d postage if sent the following day. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1840 (Jan 10) Entire letter from London to Oxford posted on the first day of Uniform Penny Postage, prepaid 1d with red "1" and fine "PAID / 10 JA 10 / 1840" datestamp, small repaired tear to address panel, otherwise an unusually fine and attractive Uniform Penny Post first day letter. Photo on Page 180. £250-300

Postal Stationery

Click to view full image... Postcards - First Day Use. 1870 (Oct 1) 1/2d Violet postcard posted on the first day of issue to Ireland, superb London E.C cancel and Blackrock Dublin arrival backstamp (Oct 2), contemporary endorsement at left "1st day of postcards 1 Oct. 1870", light horizontal and corner creases and possibly slightly faded, an attractive first day use. Photo on Page 180. £100-120
  Postcards. 1877-1901 QV Postcards written up on pages including 1878 1 1/4d card with red "L" late fee handstamp, 1885 1d postcard to Sweden uprated 1d with "L.1" late fee duplexs, 1893 1d orange card uprated 1d + 2d with "L3" late fee duplexs (fault at right but scarce), 1885 2d brown card to India, scarce 1889 3d orange card commercially used to Australia in the correct 3d rate period (light crease), 1888 1 1/2d brown card to Sumatra with "NED. IND. SINGAPORE" c.d.s, reply cards from Holland or Germany, etc. (13). £180-220
  P.T.P.O Postcards. 1954-67 National Blood Transfusion Service stamped to order reply cards comprising KGVI 1 1/2d outward half used; KGVI 1 1/2d + 1/2d reply half unused; QEII 2d + 1/2d complete card unused and used card (faults) with unused reply half; QEII 2 1/2d complete card unused and used card with unused reply half; QEII 2d card used with unused reply half; also QEII 2d postcard used, a scarce group. (8). £120-140
  P.T.P.O Envelopes. 1855-1902 QV Envelopes unused and used, all values from 1/2d - 1/-, many differing colours and types of paper, some on lettersheets or labels. (174). £350-400
  P.T.P.O Envelopes - Stamp Dealers. 1878-98 Envelopes unused (3) or used (5) all with printed stamp dealers return names or addresses including W. H Peckett, Winch Freres, Alfred Smith, Whitfield King and S.G. (8). £60-70
  P.T.P.O Envelopes/Labels. 1883-1908 QV Envelopes (16) and a Thornton-Pickard parcel post tag with 3d stamp, all used, includes compound printings with two stamps (10) or three stamps (2), some very scarce with 1/2d green + 6d (ESC 385), 2 1/2d grey + 6d (ESC 362) and 2 1/2d red + 1 1/2d brown (ESC 49) all unpriced or unrecorded used by Huggins & Baker, one cover to the Danish West Indies. (17). £240-280
  P.T.P.O Envelopes - Stamp Dealers. 1893-1902 Q.V. Envelopes used, all with printed return addresses of stamp dealers, including 1/2d orange envelope with Alfred Smith & Co printed above the stamp and a picture of their premises sent to Carlo Diena in Italy, 1/- envelope from Winch Bros., the others with compound stampings of two stamps (3) or three stamps, from Whitfield King, William Bradbury or Alfred Smith. (6). £100-120
  P.T.P.O Envelopes. QV Envelopes, compound stampings all with two stamp dies, many differing stamp combinations, some undoubtedly very scarce, all fine unused, unchecked against the Huggins & Baker catalogue. (92). £400-500
  P.T.P.O Envelopes. QV Envelopes, compound stampings all with two stamp dies, many differing stamp combinations, some undoubtedly very scarce, all used, unchecked against the Huggins & Baker catalogue. (112) £800-1,000
  Wrappers/Official Lettersheets. 1890-1901 QV Wrappers (19) written up on pages including W.H Smith & Son advert rings on 1 1/2d or 2d wrappers, compound printings with two stamps (3), wrapper to Russia with Russian censor cachet, also 1871 1/2d Vaccination Certificate (LO 39) used with a London cancellation (scarce thus). (20). £100-120
  Vaccination Certificates. 1871-1901 Forms all with a 1/2d stamp, the collection written up on pages with rare 1872 booklet containing four examples of form "D" (Huggins/Baker LO 43, shown as very few recorded and unpriced by them) with blue cover printed by Ford & Tilt of Long Acre (one other form removed); also other unused forms (8) comprising LO 36-38, 43 (rare), 48, 59 (2, one with 1/2d brown stamp EW 2, unrecorded as such), 62 (rare), and used forms (5, without postmarks) comprising LO 34 (2), 39 and 57 (2, rare, one with red overprint warning against retaining the form, advising on when to vaccinate children and giving penalties for failing to vaccinate). A fine lot with several rare or unrecorded forms. (17). £700-800

Railways & T.P.Os
(Also See Lots 313, 742, 1115, 1227)

Click to view full image... Tay Bridge Disaster. 1879 (Dec 27) Cover franked 1d from London E.C to Dundee endorsed by the recipient "In the train that fell with the Tay Bridge", the stamp repositioned as a result of the cover getting wet and the reverse with an offset of a Belgian "Charleroi" datestamp from an adjoining cover. The Tay Bridge collapsed on the evening of Sunday December 28th whilst the north bound train from Edinburgh was crossing, killing 75 people; two mailbags were recovered that evening from the beach at Broughty Ferry and were taken to Dundee. Gwynn & Hoggarth recorded 15 covers from this disaster, eight of which were to Dundee, two of these being posted in London on December 27th. A scarce cover from this famous rail disaster. Photo on Page 180. £1,300-1,500
  T.P.Os. 1845-1968 Covers and cards, the written up collection in two albums including "Missent to G.N.R Post Office" (faults), Lincoln S.T. with rare "LO2" postage due explanatory marks on 1913 front and piece, 1934 Tamworth-Lincoln S.C, Manchester S.T with 1897 lettercard bearing 1d + 1/2d late fee, London & Holyhead "T" handstamp, circular framed "E/MR" (2 types), Newcastle on Tyne S.T (3, one on unpaid 1904 card), Hull with scarce 1914 "HULL SORTING CARRIAGE / 3" c.d.s, Registered London F.D.M or F.N.M oval datestamps, 1900 "REGISTERED / LONDON & QUEENBOROUGH / S.T" hooded circle, 1912 "LONDON & FOLKESTONE S.C" on KEVII 6d stationery envelope, Ipswich, Galloway, circular framed "CF / F" or "C / R.P.O / FD" (2, red and black), etc. (131). £450-600

Registered & Express Mail
(Also See Lot 664)

Click to view full image... Gold Coast. 1836 Entire from Cape Coast Castle to London, written by an Officer in the 93rd Regt. enclosing a draft for £1, the address panel endorsed "Money Letter", with "DOVER / INDIA LETTER", charged 2/4. The sender advises the letter is to go by H.M Brig "Trinculo" (Capt. Paget) via Ascension. Prior to the registration system being introduced in G.B in 1841 Money Letters would receive special treatment at no extra charge with a receipt being obtained from the addressee; this is the first Money Letter from an overseas colony coming into G.B that we have recorded. Photo on Page 180. £500-600
  Liverpool. 1841-73 Entire letters or covers (5), piece and a C.O.P including 1841 entire endorsed "No 17 Registered Letter" and prepaid 1/4 in cash, 1859 red "crown / REGISTERED" handstamp, registered letter C.O.P with "LIVERPOOL / PAID" datestamp dated "AP 6" obliterated by light numeral and replaced by similar "AP 7" datestamp, piece with 1d + 6d each cancelled by "LIVERPOOL / REGISTERED / 466" spoon datestamps, etc. (7). £120-150
  Ryde. 1879 (June 16) Registered cover to Edinburgh bearing three 1d reds (one with piece torn out before use), handstamped violet oval "REGISTERED / RYDE, I.W". The only example we have seen of this very unusual Registered handstamp, possibly applied at the railway station. £80-100
  1901 Registered cover to Germany only franked by three 1d lilacs, opened in the Returned Letter Office as it was underpaid with violet backstamp and two wax seals impressed "RETURNED LETTER BRANCH / (crown) / G.P.O", deficient postage presumably collected from the sender as four further 1d lilacs were then applied and tied by unclear mailbag seal handstamps. Unusual. £70-80
  1903 2d Registration envelope to Germany insured for £60, with red Insured label, franked KEVII 2 1/2d, 6d and 1/- each tied by Hop Exchange S.E c.d.s, attractive and unusual. £100-120
  c.1906 Registered express cover from London to Liverpool, franked KEVII 1/2d, 1d and 2 1/2d unusually cancelled in pencil and with smudged strikes of oval framed "R" with "FEE PAID" below, violet oval framed "EXPRESS", bearing a London & North Western Railway 2d letter stamp cancelled violet "CHAS. W. JEE ...... / LIVERPOOL" guards handstamp. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1917 KGV 3d Registration envelope from Stornoway to General Onnen in charge of internees at The Hague, endorsed "military express", the additional 2/6 fee for express censorship paid by five KGV 6d stamps each tied by Stornoway c.d.s. A fine example of this scarce rate, the Outer Hebrides office of Stornoway probably not keeping 2/6 stamps in stock. Photo on Page 180. £140-160

Uniform 4d Post

Click to view full image... 1839 (Dec 5) Entire letter written from Broom Mill to Burton on the Water prepaid 4d on the first day of the Uniform 4d Post, handstamped red "No. 3" and "Stratford on Avon / Penny Post" applied in error, crossed out and replaced by the Stratford on Avon datestamp applied on the reverse in red. A fine and unusual Uniform 4d Post first day cover. Photo on Page 184. £500-600
  1839 (Dec 5) Entire letter written at Baldowrie, sent to Dundee on the first day of the 4d rate with "4" charge and boxed "COUPAR / ANGUS / 450-E", the letterhead and recipients endorsement on upper flap both clearly dated 5 Dec. 39. The letter includes "I shall expect by the post on Thursday next the statement of Miss Jenkins affairs - only 4d the half ounce now and I suppose the safest way of sending the parcel". Two light file folds otherwise fine. £150-180
  1839 Entires from abroad, received in London during the 4d Post period, from Belgium with Dec. 9 arrival c.d.s charged 2/5, or from Rio de Janeiro (British P.O datestamp) with Dec. 14 arrival c.d.s marked "2oz" and charged £1.1.-. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1839 (Dec 9-27) Entire letters with handstruck "4" charge marks, struck in blue at Leith or in black at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Haddington (side flaps removed) or Perth, also a front with upper flap bearing Perth "4" handstamp and fancy "TOO LATE", a prepaid letter from Glasgow with red manuscript "4", and a part letter showing the distinctive handstruck "4" of Carlisle. (9). Photo on Page 184. £450-500
Click to view full image... 1839 (Dec 9) Entire letter from Aberdeen to London with a superb handstruck "4" in black, backstamped at Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London, an uncommon charge mark. Photo on Page 184. £150-180
  1839 (Dec 10) - 1840 (Jan 2) Entire letters set within Scotland showing various rates during the 4d Post period, unpaid "4" from Greenock to Edinburgh, prepaid 4d from Fushiebridge to Charlestown, Edinburgh Penny Post letters posted unpaid at Musselburgh charged 1d or posted at Portobello prepaid 1d, and Dundee to Tayfield charged 2d (rate between post towns within 8 miles). An interesting group, the 1d and 2d rates uncommon. (5). £160-180
  1839 (Dec 20) Entire letter from Edinburgh to Perth handstamped "Above / 1/2oz", charged 8d. Light file fold, otherwise largely fine, a scarce handstamp used during the 4d Post period. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1839 (Dec 27) Entire letter from Stonehaven to Edinburgh with black handstruck "4", Stonehaven and Edinburgh backstamps, very scarce. Photo on Page 184. £250-300
  1840 (Jan 9) Entire letter from Inverness to Dingwall posted on the last day of the Uniform 4d Post period with black handstruck "4", Inverness backstamp, very scarce, just four other examples recorded by Chadwick. £150-180

County & Town Postal History

Channel Islands
(Also See Lots 441, 1078)

  1943 (Mar 7) P.O.W lettersheet from a female internee in Front Stalag 122 at Compiegne with circular "FR. STALAG / 122 / GEPRUFT", addressed to Guernsey. A few women internees from the Channel Islands were held in the temporary camp at Compiegne for a short period in 1943 prior to being moved to Biberach; Channel Islands internee mail is therefore scarce from this camp. £80-100


  1850 Lettersheet headed with an engraving of Southsea showing bathing machines on the beach and soldiers marching on the common, posted from Southsea to Braintree franked 1d. £80-100

Isle of Man

  1807-51 Entire letters with handstamps including 1807 circular "ISLE OF MAN", straight line handstamps, etc., some faults, the last with 1d stamp partially removed. (5). £150-180
  1839 Advertising lettersheet headed with a somewhat unusual royal arms and "MONA'S HERALD and Isle of Man General Advertiser, Top of Post Office Lane, Douglas" advertising the fact that Robert Fargher has acquired the newspaper and printing business, within a fine patterned border, printed by Fargher, posted from Liverpool to Cockermouth. An attractive and unusual item. £100-120
Click to view full image... Wreck of the S.S "Douglas". 1923 (Aug 15) Cover (letter enclosed) from Liverpool to Douglas franked 1 1/2d, handstamped violet "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER". From the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. S.S "Douglas" which collided with the "Artemisia" in the River Mersey early in the morning of August 16th when sailing to Douglas. The S.S "Douglas" sank, one bag of mail for the Isle of Man being washed up and handed to the postal authorities. Very rare, few recorded. Photo on Page 184. £600-700

(Also See Lots 1111, 1112, 1169-1172, 1176, 1208)

  1663 (Sep 23) Entire letter sent within London to "His honored friend Mr John Morris at the flying horse in Cornhill, London" charge 3d, backstamped superb "SE/30" Bishop Mark, central vertical fold, otherwise fine, a scarce early Bishop Mark. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1673 Entire letter to Edinburgh with an unusually fine strike of the scarce "2/off" (Jay 65a) General Post receiving house handstamp, and "OC/25" Bishop Mark, charged 5d. Photo on Page 186. £300-400
  Window Letters. 1795 Entire letter written in Corsica but posted into the General Post in London for delivery to the country area, with red "W" handstamp and large "2" charge in black; and 1791 entire letter written in Calcutta but posted into the General Post in London for delivery within London with black "W" handstamp. Jay 558, 594. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Foreign Branch. 1799-1856 Entire letters and entires with examples of most Foreign Branch datestamps used prior to 1840 including the rare experimental single ring "FOREIGN / OFFICE" (Jay 1005, only used Jan./Feb. 1803), scarce numbered mark in red (Jay 1018, only recorded in red in 1815) and "FOREIGN" handstamp in black (Jay 1017, only listed in red), also red boxed "COLONIES &c" Anglo-French accountancy marks for Art 12, 13 (2 types) or 18, most unusually fine strikes, on album pages. Jay 1004/6, 1009/10, 1015/18a, etc. (17). Photo on Page 186. £300-350
  1813-42 Printed letters and forms mostly relating to the London 2d Post, with receipt for £3.10 for daily and weekly statements of the Packet boats, to be supplied by the G.P.O Secretary's Department; 1826-29 lettersheets for returning undelivered letters containing 2d Post regulations (2); 1816-19 certificates for stamp duty paid by a resident within the limits of the 2d Post (2); 1840 receipt for £2.10 paid for one quarters allowance to the widow of a 2d Post letter carrier who was killed while performing his duty; and 1842 acknowledgment letter from Col. Maberley. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image... Foreign Branch - "oz at ..... per oz" rate Handstamps. 1823-32 Entire letters with unframed marks for 4/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8, 10/-, 12/- or 14/- (letter charged £1.11.6), and scarce dotted framed marks for 4/8, 6/8, 7/8, 12/- (letter charged £1.4.0) or 14/-, generally fine strikes, an exceptional group of these scarce marks (Jay 1035/36j). (12). Photo on Page 184. £600-800
  1849-60 Entire letters and covers with Inland Branch numeral cancels, also 1867 entire letter with 4d tied by "B" obliterator, several with "codeless crown" datestamps on reverse. (71). £140-160

(Also See Lots 1109, 1110)

  1661-1840 Entires and entire letters, various handstamps mainly of Norwich, also Lynn Penny Post (3), Rougham Penny Post, etc. (27). £100-120

(Also See Lots 997, 1099, 1101, 1167, 1173, 1220, 1228, 1230, 1232-1237)

  1652 (Jan 12) Entire letter written at Edinburgh and sent locally, addressed "for the honorable Mr Charles Maitland", the contents including "I shall be verie careful to send your letters this post for I sent non at all with the last", important proof that Edinburgh already had a regular local post by 1652. A rare local post letter sent during the Commonwealth period. £200-250
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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