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Auction Lots - Page 8
Click to view full image... "Mexican" Wreck. 1900 (Jan 29) Cover franked 1d from London to "Private C.H McLeish, 4498 G. Co, 2 Battn Highland Brigade, wounded in hospital at De Aar, South Africa", handstamped at No. 3 Station De Aar, No. 1 General Hospital at Wynberg and "PRINCIPAL MEDICAL OFFICER / 28 MAR 1900 / SOUTH AFRICAN FORCES" with Wynberg backstamps (Mar 5/24), the enclosed letter from his mother including names of other soldiers killed or wounded at Magersfontein. The cover endorsed "Insufficient address to place" and returned on the "Mexican" which collided with the "Winkfield" 80 miles off Cape Town on April 5th and sank, handstamped violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER". Staining and small corner fault but very unusual, this cachet rarely found on mail from the "Mexican". Photo on Page 58. £150-180
  1899-1902 British forces mail, selected items with hand illustrated cover from Queenstown showing flags and a soldier; 1899 (Dec 14) cover from Lord Methuen at Modder River with F.P.O 4 c.d.s; unpaid or underpaid covers compulsory registered with circular framed "R" handstamp applied; 1900 cover from G.B to a soldier but returned unknown with red Field P.O single ring c.d.s and violet boxed "TO BE RETURNED TO ADDRESS / ON COVER / FROM ARMY BASE POST OFFICE, CAPE TOWN"; 1902 covers with "Army Post Office Eastern T.P.O datestamps (3, two registered); 1902 (May 30) 1d postcard from A.P.O Johannesburg with interesting message "The Boer leaders left Pretoria Wed. night for Vereeniging to take the ballot of the delegates for peace or war. I believe the Free Staters are all for war & the Transvaal with the exception of 2 small Commandoes for peace"; and 1900 (May 19) cover from a British P.O.W in Pretoria franked 2 1/2d with violet boxed "GEZIEN / POSTCENSOR / PRETORIA / Z.A.R". A few faults. (10). £200-240
  1899-1902 Covers and cards with double circle F.P.O datestamps comprising F.P.O B.O, numbers 1-6, 8, 10-12, 14-17, 19, 20, 23-27, 30, 31, 36, 38, 39, 41, 44, 46-48, 50, 53-55, 100, also large numbers 1, 2 and 8. An interesting lot that includes registered mail, Natal and other frankings, covers to New South Wales, four unpaid or underpaid covers compulsory registered with manuscript endorsements and charges, one registered cover endorsed "Posted out of course at Elandsfontein". Also five fronts or pieces, a few faults but the majority fine. (83). £280-300
  1900-02 Covers and cards with single ring Field P.O datestamps (26) numbered 1-3, 5-9, with number 1 used on Eastern T.P.O (2), number 5 used on Western T.P.O and number 8 used on Midland T.P.O (3); single ring Army P.O datestamps numbered 44-55 (7); also three picture postcards, some registered, a few faults but the majority fine. (36). £150-180
  1900-02 Covers and cards (39) and fronts (2) with named Army Post Office circular datestamps (35) from 15 different offices; octagonal Natal Field Force datestamps for 81 (2), Heidelberg and Volksrust; also two covers posted into civil offices and transferred to A.P.Os where the stamps were cancelled. An interesting lot with registered mail, covers to South Australia, USA, Lourenco Marques and France (2, one redirected from G.B with 1 1/2d added), some faults but the majority fine. (41). £120-150
  1900-01 Covers with Army Post Office circular rubber datestamps without code (3), codes A, AD, C, 3MB or for Barberton (3), Komatipoort, Machadodorp or Volksrust (5), and larger Field Post Office rubber datestamps without code or code 92 or 93 (used on Midland T.P.O), ten registered, a few faults but the majority fine. (20). £250-280
Click to view full image... Machadodorp Postcards/Dutch Red Cross Ambulance. 1900 (Aug 16) Machadodorp postcard to "Dr Macleod, Ned. Ambulance, Nooitgedacht", written and posted at Waterval Onder, the message written and signed by Dr G.A.S Molengraaf of the Dutch Red Cross Ambulance, and another Machadodorp card (Aug 25) self addressed to Dr Molengraaf at Waterval Onder, no message. Also a further card posted within Barberton (Aug 27, no message) and a Ceylon 6c card to France with Ragama Camp c.d.s and censor cachet. (4). Photo on Page 58. £180-200
  Pietersburg. Unissued 2d sheet of 24 without controller's initials, second printing with listed varieties on 19 stamps, imperf, very fine. £120-150
  Pietersburg. Imperf 2d, second printing, the sheet spilt into two blocks of twelve with listed varieties on 19 stamps, the four stamps in column six touched at right, otherwise fine. S.G. £905. £200-250
  Pietersburg. Imperf 4d, second printing, the sheet split into two blocks of twelve, with listed varieties on 15 stamps, fine. S.G. £762. £160-200
A fine collection, all covers and cards well written up on pages, with exceptional sections of Hospital Ships and Trains.
Click to view full image... Schweizer Renecke. Transvaal 1/2d with "BESIEGED" handstamp reading upwards, fine used with 10 Sep Schweizer Reneke c.d.s. S.G.1, £350. Photo on Page 94. £100-120

Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05

  Literature. "The Russo-Japanese War. British Officers Reports" published by H.M Stationery Office, 1908, text in three volumes (maps at the rear of volume III) with two further volumes of maps, ex library set with labels inside and numbers on the spine, otherwise an exceptionally fine complete set of this scarce and useful work, the detailed maps apparently complete and volumes evidently barely looked at. (5 Vols.). £180-220
  Literature. "With the Russians in Manchuria" by M. Baring, 1905; "A Staff Officers Scrap Book" by Sir Ian Hamilton, 1906 (minor staining to cover); and "The War in the Far East" by the Military Correspondent of The Times, 1905, containing several detailed maps, three useful volumes. (3). £70-90
  Literature. "Cassell's History of the Russo-Japanese War", 4 volumes "Special Edition"; and "Japans Fight for Freedom, The Story of the War between Russia and Japan" by H.W. Wilson, 3 volumes, 1904-06, a few binding faults, two useful sets of books. (7 Vols.). £70-80
  1904-06 Picture postcards (16) including 1904 (June 20) card of naval engagement near Port Arthur posted from Hong Kong with 2c pair; 1904 (Aug 7) card of H.I.J.M.S "Fuji" posted from Shanghai three days before the ship participated in the Battle of the Yellow Sea; 1906 card of a war scene with Russian and Japanese P.O in Peking stamps and cancels, etc.; 1905 Russian P.O in China 4k postcard posted from Chefoo by a German sailor in SMS "Hansa" with interesting message "en route from Tsingtan to Tschipa a steamer "Handel" gave us the International flag signal to tell us that from Port Arthur a mine was adrift west of our course ..... we came abaft of the mine. We opened fire with machine cannons and 3.7 grenades at the mine ..... the sixth shot hit the mine with an awful explosion causing spray and shrapnel to fly in the air"; and 1904 (June 18) letter from Commander Barton on H.M.S "Espiegle" written at Chien-Wang-Tao, describing witnessing exchange of fire between Japanese and Russian ships. Also various reproduction photos, punch cartoons, etc., and the auction catalogue of The Raymond Casey collection of Russo-Japanese War mail from the Russian side. (20+). £240-300

Japanese Forces

  Battle of the Shaho. 1904 (Oct 20) Japanese Field Post lettercard from a soldier in the 2nd Army, red cachet of the 2nd food column, 3rd Division, the sender says he took part in battles at Jurigawa and Sakaho, near the Shaho river and writes "the enemy resisted heavily as they charged with new soldiers. I've heard the C in C was Kuropatkin and they could not retreat as Prince Alexeyev was serving among them. Our loss is relatively low; it seems the enemy loss amounted to 40-50 thousand. We obtained about 130 guns. The enemy used a light balloon to see us". Also 1904 postcard (horizontal fold) of torpedo boats after a battle sent to Commander-in-Chief Lt. Teraoka of the 50th Regiment endorsed "Military Post" in red. (2). £100-120
  Liaotung. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (2) and a cover, from Dairen with Liaotung Commissariat F.P.O 1 c.d.s; from Tsaohekow with Liaotung logistics relay station 14 c.d.s and red censor cachet; or from Liaoyung with Liaotung garrison F.P.O 11 c.d.s, all fine. (3). £100-120
  1st Army. 1905 (Jan 7) Stampless army lettersheet containing a picture of artillery in action, addressed to an English couple, Mr & Mrs Vickers in Tokyo, the enclosed letter in English, headed "The Mountain Wai-to, Man-ju", includes "I remained as one of the victors of Liao-Yang, Shiya-ho and other fields. Now I am on Mountain Wai-to, our garrisons are pits which are covered with earth. Every day enemy are doing ten or twenty shot of artillery ..... every night all battle are repeated", with 1st Army F.P.O 1 c.d.s, very unusual. £100-120
  1st/4th Armies. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (3) and covers (2), from the 1st Army with datestamps of F.P.O 5 at Shihotei or F.P.O 10 at Laoyang; or from the 4th Army in Manchuria with datestamps of F.P.O 2 at Ta-pao or Meichiasai, or F.P.O 6 from GHQ Japanese Manchurian Army at Lyaoyang with red cachet "Temporary Telephone Office Gunji Yubin". (5). £150-180
  2nd Army. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (3), covers (4) and a lettersheet, with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (2, one with letter telling of embarking from the "Kaga-Maru", the F.P.O probably at Dairen, the 2nd Army then engaged in the siege of Port Arthur), F.P.O 2 at Guozhangbo in Manchuria, F.P.O 3 (2) at Koryoho or Hung-ling-pao, F.P.O 8 at Hsiao-pei-ho in Manchuria, F.P.O 11 (2) at Guozhangzi in Hebei Province, north east China. Also a picture postcard showing the 2nd Army disembarking. (9). £240-280
  3rd Army - Siege of Port Arthur. 1904-05 Stampless postcards (3) and covers (4) with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (3), 2, 3 (2) or 6, also a cover from Japan to a soldier in the 3rd Army. (8). £200-240
  3rd Army. 1905 Stampless postcards (4) and covers (9) from the 3rd Army sent on their move northwards into Manchuria, with datestamps of F.P.O 1 (2) at Hushuzi or Ku-shu-tzu, 3 (2) at Fort Lyuishun or Hsiao-pei-ho, 4 at Fa-kw-men, 5 at Tung-chiang-kou, 6 at Sanmeusen, 12 at Kungchuling or scarce 3rd Army commemorative c.d.s in violet, also four covers without F.P.O datestamps or with indistinct c.d.s, and a cover from Japan to a soldier in the 3rd Army. (14). £300-350
  Yalu River Army. 1905 Stampless army card with F.P.O 2 c.d.s, unused army picture postcard with F.P.O 7 c.d.s dated 5 Sept. applied in red to commemorate the peace treaty signed that day, cover and card from Japan to soldiers in the Yalu River Army in Manchuria. (4). £120-150
  Kwantung Army. 1905-06 Stampless postcards (4), covers (2) and a 1 1/2s postal stationery postcard with datestamps of Kwangtung F.P.O 1 at Dairen, 4 at Port Arthur (from an engineer engaged in refloating Russian warships damaged or sunk in Port Arthur harbour before the Russian surrender), 11 (2) at Lyaoyang, or datestamps of Kwangtung relay station 1 at Huranten (with F.P.O 3 of Wafangtien), 22 at Beichingduizi, or 23 at Sindaizi, scarce. (7). £220-260
  Red Cross/Hospitals. 1905 Stampless military postcard from a member of the Japanese Red Cross at Lyuishin Logistics Hospital with Liaotung F.P.O 4 c.d.s; propaganda postcard published by the newspaper L'Asahi and sold to provide funds for the Red Cross, posted from Japan to Belgium; and stampless cover with enclosed letter from the hospital for the light railway unit at Liaotung with Kwantung F.P.O 1 c.d.s. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Hospital Ships. 1904-05 Stampless postcards sent from unnamed hospital ships, the first written by a pharmacist on a ship off the west coast of the Korean peninsular, sent to Yokosuka naval hospital, with Naval Postal Agency No. 14 c.d.s (14 July 1904) applied on the fleet communications ship "Keijo Maru"; the other from a member of the medical staff in a Japanese army hospital ship at anchor at Ujina with town c.d.s (17 Feb 1905). Also 1906 Japanese Red Cross postcards showing the hospital ship "Hakuai Maru" (3). A scarce group. (5). Photo on Page 58. £260-300
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Doyo Maru". 1905 (June 3) Stampless lettersheet containing a picture of a Japanese lady reading and geese, written by a nurse on the ship whilst anchored at Yongampo, Korea, to a surgeon with the 3rd Army. She tells him the ship has taken in many wounded, it is a pleasure to rest on land again, but she hopes to return to the battlefront, and includes "off Tsushima Island we met HIJMS Chinen and received information we might run into enemy ships .... so we returned. Soon we saw five or six ships to our north .... at 2.10pm we heard the sound of guns, and also when we arrived at Rokurento. There we stayed for two days. It was a splendid victory with thirteen ships sunk and six captured". A good account of the battle of Tsushima, the climax of the war. One flap detached, otherwise largely fine and scarce, with red cachets of "Military Mail" and "Army Hospital Ship Doyo Maru". Photo on Page 58. £180-220
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Kichiso Maru". 1905 (Feb 8) Stampless army lettersheet written from the ship whilst at Ujina, Hiroshima, with Ujina and arrival datestamps, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 58. £160-200
  Hospital Ship "Kobe Maru". 1905 Stampless picture postcard of Admiral Togo written on the hospital ship, with "Military Mail" and a censor cachets both in red, partial "Naval Review 1905 Navy Post Office No. 1" datestamp applied on the "Taichu Maru" to mail from ships in Tokyo Bay. Fine and scarce. £150-180
  Hospital Ship "Kosai Maru". 1905 (Aug 22) Stampless picture postcard from a member of the Red Cross serving with 1st Army Logistics in Manchuria, to a crew member of the Red Cross Hospital Ship anchored at Ujina, with F.P.O 2 c.d.s, fine and scarce. Also three Red Cross postcards depicting the hospital ship and a Red Cross envelope in which these cards were sold, the envelope and one card with a handstamp applied at the 1906 Japanese Red Cross Society meeting at Mitsukoshi. (5). £180-220
Click to view full image... Hospital Ship "Koun Maru". 1905 (Oct 26) Stampless picture postcard from a nurse with 103rd Saving Party, written on the ship whilst anchored at Yongampo, north Korea, with Liaotung Logistics F.P.O 12 c.d.s of Dandong and red "Military Mail" cachet, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 62. £160-200
  Hospital Ship "Koun Maru". 1905 Stampless picture postcards both addressed to medical staff on the hospital ship anchored at Dairen, the first to Red Cross Doctor Yazaki sent by an army surgeon with the 2nd Army handstamped red "Military Mail" and censor cachet, F.P.O 2 c.d.s and arrival c.d.s of Liaotung guard force F.P.O 1 applied at Dairen; the other card (central fold, minor staining) with red "Military Mail" and 4th Army F.P.O 1 c.d.s of Suchiatun, Manchuria. (2). £220-260
  Cruiser "Ariake". 1905 (Sep 15) Stampless postcard commemorating the Battle of Tsushima, written on the obsolete armoured cruiser, red "Military Mail" and censor cachets and c.d.s of Otaru. The cruiser was chartered for the war and used to carry coal during the Sakhalin Expedition. An uncommon card, written whilst the ship was returning from Sakhalin Island. £80-100
  1904-05 Picture postcards to or from foreign diplomats, with 1905 card of soldiers embarking for the front from Angelo Casati c/o Italian Consulate (possibly one of the foreign observers of the war?); postcard of the British Legation entrance C.T.O with "Imperial Naval Review" c.d.s; card of Yalo River to British Legation in Berlin from the wife of the Tokyo Legation Secretary; and Red Cross card from Lt. Col. Corvisart, French Military Attaché and an official observer with the Japanese 1st Army posted from Manchuria with F.P.O 11 c.d.s (faults to reverse but scarce). (4). £80-100
Click to view full image... British Military Observer. 1905 (Jan 28) 1 1/2s Postal stationery card headed from "Captain A. Hart-Synnot, British Attaché, Head Quarters, II Imperial Japanese Army, Manchuria", sent to a military tailor in Aldershot, ordering handkerchiefs, gauntlets but only if the war is still on when this card arrives, and a khaki helmet Egypt pattern if the war is still going on in the summer. Hart-Synnot met a Japanese waitress, Masa Suzuki, in Tokyo with whom he lived for 17 years and who bore two sons by him, though they were never married. In 1919 he married a VAD nurse; however he continued to write to Masa until 1941, their story of forbidden love being told from these 800+ letters in the book "Falling Blossom, a British officers enduring love for a Japanese woman". Some creasing but a rare card, with red boxed cachet. Photo on Page 62. £200-240
Click to view full image... British Military Observer. 1905 (Mar 4) Stampless picture postcard to the British Military Attaché in Tokyo from a British military observer in Manchuria with red "Military Mail" cachet and F.P.O 6 c.d.s, located at Yen-t-ai during the Battle of Mukden, message on the picture side headed from "Fly Lodge, Manchuria", very fine and scarce. Photo on Page 62. £180-220
  1904 (Aug 26) Picture postcard showing the Japanese fleet attacking Port Arthur, sent from Chemulpo by H.H Cook to his wife in Canada franked Korea 4c, arrival datestamps of Yarmouth and Central Chebogue, NS. The message mentions possible delays in receiving letters already posted due to martial law. Cook was possibly one of the Canadian military observers, or a newspaper correspondent, attached to the Japanese army. £100-120
  War Correspondents. 1904 Postcards sent from London by Reginald Bray, the self-styled "Autograph King", sent to the "Daily Chronicle" war correspondent George Lynch or the "Daily Mail" war correspondent E.J King in Japan, with arrival datestamps, both duly signed and presumably returned under cover. Lynch has added the note "Before you get this I think Port Arthur will be cut off & invested, May 2nd". (2). £80-100
  Thomas Blake Glover, the "Scottish Samurai". 1904 (Oct 21) Letter written and signed by Glover to Major Duncan in Aberdeen. Glover sends a roll of Japanese pictures illustrating the fighting and, as requested, will try to find out the summer and winter weight of a Japanese soldiers kit. Glover created the trading company Glover & Co in Japan in 1859 and influenced the development of Mitsubishi as an industrial conglomerate. In 1908 he was awarded the 2nd Class Order of the Rising Sun, an unprecedented honour for a foreigner, and was known as the "Scottish Samurai" in his own lifetime. £80-100
  Occupation of Korea. 1905-06 Stampless postcards (2) and covers (3) all handstamped or marked "Military Mail" with civilian cancels of Hanhang, Heijo, Turajima, Hohei or Pusan, one to another soldier in northern Manchuria with red censor cachet. (5). £180-220
Click to view full image... Sakhalin Expeditionary Force. 1905-06 Stampless picture postcards (2) and a cover, the cover posted at Otaru two days before the sender sailed from that port for Sakhalin with the second part of the expeditionary force; the postcards with Karafutu Garrison F.P.O 1 c.d.s used at Korsakov or very scarce F.P.O 3 c.d.s of the Independent 13th Division used at Ruikov (1st Aug. 1905, first day of Japanese Military Administration over all of Sakhalin and the first day of use of this c.d.s which was only in use for one month, also with red censor cachet of 26th Infantry Brigade HQ). Also a picture postcard of the Sakhalin Expeditionary Force leaving Japan. (4). Photo on Page 62. £200-240
  1905-07 Picture postcards and cancels from various post-war celebrations or commemorations including 1905 Imperial Naval Review picture postcards (4, one with special c.d.s + 1906 military review c.d.s) and cover to "Midshipman Peter, H.M.S Diadem, British China Squadron, Yokohama" with stamp tied by Imperial Naval Review c.d.s of Tokyo and similar arrival c.d.s of Yokohama; Togo's triumphant return (3, one to France with postage due cachets), triumphal return of the Manchurian army C. in C. and staff, card with 1/2sn stamp tied by the special c.d.s. and a further 4sn stamp tied by an ordinary Tokyo c.d.s. posted to "Mr A. White P.O., H.M.S. Andromeda" with Shanghai arrival c.d.s.; naval commemoration day (2, both with special c.d.s), 1906 celebration of war dead; triumphant military review (4, all with special c.d.s), also a card of Togo meeting the Russian Admiral in hospital. (17). £200-240

Russian Forces

  The Dogger Bank Incident. 1904 Picture postcards concerning the "Russian Outrage" when the Russian Baltic Squadron mistook British trawlers for Japanese ships in the North Sea and fired on them sinking one trawler and killing three fishermen. Cards include pictures of the damaged trawlers, the hospital ships "Alpha" and "Joseph & Sarah Miles" which went to the trawlers aid, and a real photo card of the funeral of Captain George Smith. Also an anti-Russian mourning card "In Disgraceful memory of the Russian Navy in their terrible encounter with nine unarmed fishing smacks". (14). £100-120
  1904-05 Stampless picture postcards from soldiers, all with regimental cachets, several written and posted on the Trans-Baikal or Trans-Siberian Railways with T.P.O cancels, cachets include "157th Infantry Regiment, Imeretinskogo"; "214 Infantry Reserve Regiment Mokshanskiy" with 5th Siberian Army Corps F.P.O c.d.s; 13th Detachment of the Siberian Military Okruga" (on postcard of Harbin); "1st Infantry Division" with "Samara 64 Ryazhsk" T.P.O; "2nd Battalion, 20th Galitsky Infantry Regiment" from Syzran; 22nd Infantry Division, Machine Gun Company" with Postal Wagon 138 c.d.s ; "2nd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment" with Postal Wagon 121 c.d.s; "219 Reserve Battalion, Echelon 730" (2, one with Bada Station, Trans-Baikal Railway c.d.s); "Habarovsk Reserve Battalion" with Habarovsk c.d.s; "148th Caspian Infantry Regiment" with Postal Wagon 124 c.d.s; "157th Imeretian Infantry Regiment"; "120th Regiment of Serpukhov" + "10th Company, 120th Regiment of Serpukhov" with Postal Wagon 124 c.d.s, all fine. Also picture postcards of Harbin, Lake Baikal and the Baikal Railway. (16). £450-550
  Baltic Squadron en-route to & at Madagascar. 1904-05 Picture postcards showing the Russian fleet at Port Said, or at Nossi-Be in Madagascar (30, eleven used with Madagascar stamps, one posted unpaid by a French soldier), two cards sent by Russian sailors to Kiev (stamps removed), one card from a crew member of a Hamburg-Amerika collier contracted to supply coal to the Russian Squadron. The Russian Squadron anchored off Madagascar for two months before sailing into the Indian Ocean in March 1905 and onto the Pacific. Also a couple of related cards and various reproduction photos and articles, two cards showing the yacht "Almaz" which was sent to Vladivostock with news of the first naval battle of the war. (34+). £200-250
Click to view full image... Maria Feodorovna Hospital Barge. 1905 (Feb 1) Stampless postcard with red cachet "Barge, Her Imperial Highness Empress Maria Feodorovna" (with a Red Cross and initials of the Empress) and Harbin c.d.s, pre-addressed to the Empress at Anitchkov Palace, St. Petersburg, from a soldier in the 124th Veronezh Regiment thanking the Empress for her gifts. The Maria Feodorovna barge was one of 17 hospital barges, partly financed by The Red Cross, which were based at Harbin and used for evacuating sick and wounded from north of Harbin down the Sungari River. A fine and scarce card and cachet from this barge, which was sponsored by and named after the Tsar's mother. Photo on Page 62. £180-220
Click to view full image... Maria Feodorovna Hospital Barge. 1905 (Mar 15) Stampless postcard with red cachet "(Red Cross) Barge Hospital, Her Majesty Empress Maria Feodorovna" with Harbin and St. Petersburg c.d.s, pre-addressed to the Empress at Anitchkov Palace, St. Petersburg, from a soldier thanking the Empress for her gifts. Also a picture postcard of the Anitchkov Palace. A fine and scarce card and cachet. (2). Photo on Page 62. £200-240
  Hospital Barges & Ships. Real photo picture postcard of the Hospital Ship "Orel", 1913 card written on the "Kostroma" and posted from Japan, and picture postcards of hospital barges (4 cards) or a Red Cross steamship on the Sungari River. The Hospital Ship's "Orel" and "Kostroma" were both captured by the Russians who detained the "Orel" but released the "Kostroma"; it became a transport ship and sank later in 1913 on a voyage to Japan. Also various reproduction photos. (7). £80-100
  Hospitals/Red Cross. 1904-05 Stampless picture postcards (3) and a cover with cachets of "The Chief Representative of the Russian Red Cross Society of Chita" with a Chita c.d.s (some edge staining); "10th Emergency Army Hospital" with Irkutsk c.d.s; "Reserve Hospital No. 36 at Evgenevka"; "Reserve Hospital No. 4 at Omsk". (4). £150-180
  Hospital Trains. 1904-05 Stampless picture postcards with hospital train cachets comprising "No. 26 Siberian Hospital Train" with Kormilovka Siberian Railway Station c.d.s; "Siberian Military Hospital Train No. 50" written at Morshansk with partial "Samara 64 Ryazhsk" T.P.O; "Auxiliary Hospital Train No. 4" with Postal Wagon 188 and Kharkov c.d.s; also a stampless card with Moscow railway station datestamp addressed to the 3rd Military Hospital Train at Krasnoyarsk, and a picture postcard of Japanese troops firing on a hospital train. (5). £260-300
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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