Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  1870 (Dec 4) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 12 of 30 Nov. franked 20c to Clermont-Ferrand, Paris R. St-Lazare c.d.s and Dec 8 arrival backstamp, flown on the "Franklin". Small piece torn from upper flap and tear to printed lettersheet both caused upon opening, otherwise fine, an attractive address panel. £100-120
  1870 (Dec 8) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 14 dated 7 Dec., unusually with the printed supplement of 8 Dec, posted on that same day to Brook's Club in London, flown on the "General Renault". Franked 30c (faults to upper edge and corners), red boxed "PD" and Paris R. St-Lazare c.d.s, Dec 13 London arrival backstamp. Opening tear to upper flap and along upper right edge of address panel with faults to the stamp but still a good example of this printed Gazette with the enclosed supplement. £100-120
  1870 (Dec 9) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 14 dated 7 Dec., sent to London unusually franked 40c (overpaid 10c), red boxed "PD", Paris R. St.-Lazare c.d.s and red London Paid arrival datestamp, flown on the "General Renault". The writer states "I send you a letter marked B for Metz. Kindly enclose it in another envelope with the same directions, do your possible to send the said letter at any cost, I think through Germany or Belgium you may be able to do it". Also an envelope with the addressees name embossed on the flap, inscribed "From Siege of Paris 1870", used to store this interesting Ballon Monte. £120-140
  1870 (Dec 10) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 14 dated 7 Dec., franked 20c (corner fault at lower left) unusually tied by a Paris c.d.s in red, addressed to Marseille with light arrival backstamp of Dec 21, probably flown on the "Ville de Paris" which was captured by the Germans. Opening tear to upper flap, otherwise fine and attractive. £120-150
  1870 (Dec 12) Printed letter journal "Le Ballon Poste" No. 11 dated 8 Dec., franked 20c to Calvados with Paris R. Bonaparte c.d.s, no backstamps, flown on the "Ville de Paris" which was captured by the Germans. A few minor tone spots, otherwise fine and an uncommon printed letter journal. £150-200
  1870 (Dec 28) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 20 dated 28 Dec., posted on the same day to Trouville with 20c tied by "30" numeral and Paris R. Mazan c.d.s alongside, Dec. 30 arrival backstamp. A fine Ballon Monte, flown on the "Bayard". £100-120
  1871 (Jan 1) Cover to Brussels endorsed "Ballon Monte", franked 10c + 20c with red boxed "PD" and a Paris R. St.-Lazare c.d.s, Brussels arrival backstamp of Jan. 13, flown on the "Newton", a few tone spots at edges, otherwise fine. £120-150
  1871 (Jan 3) Printed "Gazette des Absents" No. 16 dated 14 Dec., franked 20c to Castelnaudary, Paris (60) c.d.s and arrival backstamp (Jan 4), flown on the "Newton". Opening tear to upper flap, otherwise fine and attractive, an unusually late use of the printed Gazette of 14 Dec. £150-180
  1871 (Jan 6) Printed Ballon Monte lettersheet franked 20c to Bar-sur-Seine, Paris R. du Pont-Neuf c.d.s, no backstamps, flown on the "Duquesne". The letter describes the bombardment, food situation, mortality rates, etc. Fine and attractive. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1871 (Jan 11) Printed Ballon Monte lettersheet to London unusually franked by 20c + 1862 5c green pair to pay the 30c rate, all tied by numeral "17" with Paris R. du Pont-Neuf c.d.s and red London N.W Paid arrival c.d.s of Jan. 20 all on the front, flown on the "General Faidherbe". Exceptionally fine and a rare franking. Photo on Page 100. £300-350
  1870 (Oct 1) - 1871 (Jan 13) Ballon Montes sent within France franked 20c (6), or to London franked 30c, including Oct. 1 1870 cover to Dinard flown on the "Armand Barbes", a few edge nicks/tears but largely fine; Oct. 17 front with upper flap only, the 20c stamp tied by Paris c.d.s in red, flown on the "General Ulrick"; Dec. 16 printed lettersheet to London with Dec. 31 arrival c.d.s, flown on the "Parmentier", the message portion removed; 7 Jan. 1871 printed lettersheet with the stamp tied by Paris c.d.s, flown on the "Duquesne", edge faults but reasonable appearance, etc., all items with some faults. (7). £160-200

Boules de Moulin

Click to view full image... 1871 (Jan 3) Entire letter from Chateauneuf to Paris endorsed "Par Moulin (allier)", the special 1f rate paid by imperf 1853-61 20c (two margins) and 80c each tied by "944" numeral, a fine Chateauneuf-s-Sarthe c.d.s on the front, virtually no water staining and an unusually fine example of a Boules de Moulin. Photo on Page 100. £300-400
Click to view full image... Monaco. 1871 (Jan 4) Boule de Moulin cover with enclosed letter from Monaco to Paris, fine "MONACO" c.d.s, the stamp washed off, exceptionally rare from Monaco. With 2008 Calves Certificate. Photo on Page 100. £5,000-6,000

Pigeon Post

Click to view full image... 1870 (Nov 18) Lombard Street registered letter receipt for a letter sent to Helene Vernet in Paris, the receipt endorsed "Nov. 18 1870, Pigeon gram", with red Registered Lombard St. c.d.s, and a long 1870 (Dec 30) letter written by Helene Vernet from Paris which includes "what extreme pleasure your despatch of Nov 11th gave me. I could have kissed the pigeon who brought it", proof that some messages were received in Paris by pigeon during the siege. The receipt affixed to card and with a couple of small holes at the sides and other small faults. An interesting pair of items. (2). Photo on Page 100. £120-150

(Also See Lot 463)

Click to view full image... Air Mails. 1933 (June 1) Germany 15pf postcard written on the catapult ship "Westfalen" in the South Atlantic, carried on the June 2nd trial flight from the ship to Bathurst in the flying boat "Monsun", cancelled violet "LUFTPOST / 2 JUN 1933 / D. WESTFALEN" with a Bathurst arrival c.d.s alongside and boxed violet "1. Flug vom / Katapultdampfer Westfalen / nach Afrika". Fine and scarce. Photo on Page 100. £350-400
  Air Mails via Gambia. 1934-35 Covers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Johannesburg both carried by D.L.H, the first posted 20 November 1934 carried on the "Westfalen" to Porto Praia as the airport at Bathurst was closed due to quarantine; the second cover of 15 January 1935 carried on the usual route via Bathurst. Very scarce, just two D.L.H flights were diverted by the closure of Bathurst airport. (2). £150-200

(Also See Lots 18, 41, 67-76, 139, 227/8, 239, 257/60, 323/4, 407/8, 446/8, 629, 639/46, 665/6, 970, 1142)

  German States. c.1855-70 Stamped covers from Baden, Saxony, Thurn & Taxis or North German Confederation, the last to Jersey, the Saxony cover registered, a few faults. (4). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1933 Welfare Fund miniature sheet containing the four 5pf - 50pf stamps each with "1923-1933" overprint, unmounted mint, the sheet 184x146mm, reduced in size from approx 209x148mm, otherwise fine and rare, with R.P.S Certificate (2007). S.G. MS525a, £8,500 (and £2,250 as single stamps). Photo on Page 102. £700-800
  Postal Stationery. c.1870-1933 Covers and cards, used and unused, with stamped to order envelopes, picture postcards, commemorative and pictorial items, exhibition cancels, air mails, also a few other covers including 1912 Frankfurt flight card. (179). £400-500
  Postal Stationery. 1933-45 Third Reich covers and cards, used and unused, with many pictorial propaganda items, special cancels, also unused Feldpost cards with Churchill or Chamberlain caricature stamps. (134). £280-350
  Postal Stationery. c.1945-71 Covers and cards, used and unused, including 1948-49 100pf air letters used (2), 1950 60pf air letters used (2), 1952 Berlin 60pf air letter used, local issues, Berlin, East Germany, also a couple of stamped covers. (80). £160-200
  WW2 Feldpost covers, a large quantity in a box, mainly stampless covers from naval forces but with a few Luftfeldpost covers noted with two 1945 (March) covers from Aegean Islands bearing scarce "Inselpost" stamps. (100s). £180-240
  Occupations & Plebiscites. 1915-42 Covers and cards with postal stationery including WWI civil worker postcards, stamped covers and stationery from Upper Silesia, also Schleswig, WW2 occupation overprints, etc. (56). £120-150
  German Colonies. 1883-1914 Covers and cards with German stamps used in Shanghai or Constantinople, 1901 stampless Feldpost covers from China (2), and stamp issues of Samoa, Cameroon, German East Africa, China, Morocco (including Fes Mellah c.d.s), Kiautschou, etc., also a few cancels on stamps or pieces. (27+). £250-300
  German Colonies - Postal Stationery. c.1895-1913 Cards unused (49) or used (10) including items posted from Cameroon, Marianas or Caroline Islands. (59). £180-220
  German East Africa. 1915 (Mar 22) Stampless Feldpost cover to Morogoro with fine "TAVETA / DEUTSCHE / FELDPOST" c.d.s, arrival backstamp of Morogoro (Apr. 5), very scarce. £100-120

East Germany

  1949-90 Mint and used collection in three albums, all sets apparently complete in either mint or used condition, fine. (100s). £250-350
  Special Service Stamps. An album containing stamps and covers for official use, registration, courier mail, express, police courier, document delivery, "confidential service", etc., many unusual and rarely seen stamps, many unlisted by S.G, an interesting collection. £150-200
  Booklets. 1957-90 Booklets and booklet panes, collection in two albums, probably complete with better earlier booklet including ESB1 (2), ESB2, ESB4 (2), (S.G. £850 for these five booklets), etc. (2 albums). £150-200
  1949-90 Covers and cards with much postal stationery, stamped covers, F.D.Cs, special cancels, etc., in 18 volumes, also two thematic albums on East German trains and railways. (21 albums). £400-500
  Air Mails. 1956-91 First and special flight covers, collection well written up in four albums. £150-200

(Also See Lot 461)

  1847-54 Stampless entires (4), handstamps include blue "GIBRALTAR / 6 DEC 1853 / SHIP LETTER" and black "6" charge mark; and 1866 entire from Porto to Malta via Gibraltar with a fine strike of the very scarce "PAID / POSTAGE ACCOUNTED FOR BY / PORTUGAL TO G.P.O LONDON", stamps unfortunately removed. (5). £120-150
  1894 (Jan 30) G.B 2 1/2d Postal stationery envelope to England, cancelled by Gibraltar A26 duplex, with red manuscript "Paquebot". The earliest recorded Paquebot from Gibraltar, in the first month of use of the word "Paquebot" on mail posted at sea (the U.P.U instruction being issued to London on 9th January, to take effect from 17th January); the first Gibraltar "Paquebot" handstamp recorded from February 1894. Photo on Page 105. £160-180

(Also See Lots 463, 1222)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... QV Cancellations on stamps, a carefully selected group written up on six pages with circular datestamps from 21 offices including Anamboe (3d block of four), Arkwa, Adjuah (7, three with year in manuscript), Berrako, Beyin, Chama, Kpong, etc., also numeral cancels, seal cancel of Cape Coast Castle, boxed Elmina Paid, some coloured cancels, a few on piece. (105). Photo on Page 94. £250-300

(Also See Lots 173, 184, 186, 190, 191, 234)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... "Pakke-Porto" Parcel Stamps. 1915-33 Thiele II issues with all printings comprising 1ore (4), 2ore (3), 5ore (3), 10ore (4), 15ore (3), 20ore (7), 70ore, 1kr and 3kr, 1937 J.H Schulz 10ore - 1kr set of four and 1937 Andreason & Lachman 70ore and 1kr, all fine used, well written up on pages, a good lot. Facit 29,300 kr. (33). Photo on Page 80. £600-700

(Also See Lots 462, 959)

Click to view full image... 1784 Entire letter (with a Bill of Lading enclosed for 25 hogheads of Muscovada sugars shipped on the "Mary" from St. Georges to Grenada), to Glasgow backstamped with a fine "Grenada" (Proud PS2, only recorded 1784-85), "DOVER / SHIP LRE", London "13/SE" and Edinburgh "SE/17" Bishop Marks, charged 1/-. Vertical file fold, otherwise a fine letter, the very scarce first type Grenada handstamp unusually clearly struck and displays well. Photo on Page 105. £350-450
  c.1870-1988 Covers and cards (56), stamps and pieces all with village cancels, a few covers also with explanatory handstamps. (100s). £120-150

(Also See Lots 464, 552, 789)

Click to view full image... 1845 (Aug 31) Entire letter written from Hong Kong to Scotland (the contents mentioning a journey to Shanghai to invest in silk), carried by forwarding agent to Singapore where it was put into the post, the reverse with light Singapore datestamp and superb oval "FORWARDED BY / SINGAPORE / A.L JOHNSTON & Co", charged 2/3. The charge was paid upon arrival at Castle Strathallan and the letter redirected to Pitcaple with a 1d red applied and cancelled "84" at Crieff. Small tear on address panel repaired internally with hinges, otherwise fine, very unusual and attractive. Photo on Page 105. £200-300
  Air Mails. 1936-87 Covers, mainly KGVI stamps, some first flights but mostly commercial covers, various rates and stamps including 1938 $2 red-orange and green, 1946 $5 green and violet, cachets include "BY AIR TO LONDON ONLY" (5), "BY AIR TO OFFICE OF EXCHANGE ONLY", one 1949 forces cover with "ORDERLY ROOM / HOSPITAL SHIP / "EL NIL"". (63). £200-250690 ) Picture Postcards. 1902-29 Cards including scarce triple length panorama card posted to Switzerland in 1907, other cards of the G.P.O, Star Ferry, typhoon damage, Queens Rd, Connaught Rd, real photo of Chinese New Year fair, etc., five postally used. (16). £150-180
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Photographs. c.1880 Photographs laid down on album pages, ten large (264x214mm) photos include Hong Kong harbour (3, two from The Peak), Taitam Reservoir, houses on The Peak, the Hong Kong Regiment on parade, the G.P.O, church and government buildings; a further remarkable panoramic photo of the harbour made from three combined large photos, the total 865x209mm; smaller photos (between about 212x145mm and 98x65mm) include signal station on The Peak, further views of the harbour, houses on The Peak, Royal Marines, street scene, Stone Cutters Island, Chinese and European groups, Government House, Macao Cathedral, junks, etc. All one-off amateur but very well taken photos, a fine lot. (59). Photo on Page 106. £250-350


  1871-1961 Mint and used range in a stockbook and on pages, includes 1925 Sports Fund set mint, 1931 Zeppelin pair mint, various 1943-61 imperf issues, etc. Also Fiume 1921 5c - 10L postage set of 15 overprinted "Governo Provisorio" with scarce 1L black, very fine. (100s). £150-200

(Also See Lots 222, 226, 235, 236, 428)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1873-1987 Mint and used collection in an album including 1873 perf 12 1/2 16sk yellow used, 1876 40au green used, Officials with 1930 3au - 40au used, etc. (100s). Photo on Page 94. £120-150
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1873-2002 Mainly used collection with a few pre-1939 issues mint in a Lighthouse album, including 1873 perf 12 1/2 16sk yellow (cancel not guaranteed), 1876 perf 14x13 1/2 5au blue, 1897 16au brown, 1912 perf 12 1/2 5k, 1931 Zeppelin 2k, various Officials from 1876, 1953-83 issues complete used and many used 1984-2002 issues. (100s). Photo on Page 94. £260-320

(Also See Lots 25, 300, 301, 308, 311, 318, 417, 450, 538-542, 789, 1085, 1190, 1196)

  1851 Tallis map of "The Overland Route to India", hand coloured, light horizontal fold, otherwise fine 267x367mm. Also "The Overland Mail" by J. Sidebottom and "Care of Mr Waghorn" by M. Sankey. (3). £80-100
Click to view full image... 1852 1/2a White Scinde Dawk used with retta of dots cancel, very good embossing and margins, crossed by diagonal crease at base, an attractive example. S.G. S1, £2,500. Photo on Page 94. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1852 1/2a White Scinde Dawk used on part of a small cover, cancelled by a retta of dots with red Hydrabad datestamps alongside the stamp and on the reverse, the stamp with good embossing and four good margins, closed tear at upper right corner away from the embossed design, fine and rare. Photo on Page 37. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1854 Unissued 1/2a vermilion on toned paper with 9 1/2 arches at the sides, very fine. S.G. 1, £3,000. Photo on Page 94. £600-800
Click to view full image... India Used in Muscat. 1854-55 Imperf 1/2a blue die I with fine "309" cancel of Muscat, the stamp with repairs to three corners and repainted at upper right. With B.P.A (2017) Certificate on "pink" paper due to the faults, which does however confirm the cancel is genuine. A rare item despite the faults, this "309" cancel of Muscat unlisted by S.G. on the imperf issues of 1854. Photo on Page 94. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1854 4a, 2nd Printing, Head die II and frame die I, watermark showing part of central shield and left lion, four margins, used with retta cancel. S.G. 19, £700. Photo on Page 75. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1854 4a Head die III, frame die I, cut square, small but clear margins on all sides, small thins at upper edge, used with diamond retta cancel. S.G. 21, £2,250. Photo on Page 75. £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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