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Auction Lots - Page 9
Click to view full image... Hospital Trains. 1905 Stampless picture postcards sent by a nurse from Tsitsikar in Manchuria with cachet of "15th Siberian Military Medical Unit, Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Train"; or addressed to Empress Maria Feodorovna, Anitchkov Palace, St. Petersburg, from a wounded soldier in the 20th European Rifle Regiment thanking the Empress for gifts, with oval Kharbin Station datestamp and cachet of "Military Hospital Train Maria Feodorovna". Two scarce cachets from hospital trains named after the mother or second daughter of the Tsar. (2). Photo on Page 62. £180-220
Click to view full image... Red Cross Ambulance Trains. 1905 Stampless picture postcards to Kiev both with violet cachet "The Executive Committee of the Red Cross Train No. 12" with a central Red Cross, one also with "1st Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, Transbaikal" cachet, one with oval Irkutsk Railway Station datestamp, the other with oval "Chita 242 Irkutsk" T.P.O, fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 62. £160-200

Russian Prisoners of War in Japan

  1905 Picture postcard of Kobe sent to France with violet cachet "LEGATION DE LA REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE / SERVICE / ADMINISTRATIF / DES / PRISONNIERS / DE / GUERRE" (stamp removed); cover franked 3sn with enclosed letter from a Japanese Doctor at Kurume Prison, which then held Russian P.O.Ws; picture postcards of Russian P.O.Ws at Nagoya (3), Matsuyama, on parole at Nagasaki; a postcard and stereo card of wounded prisoners receiving treatment; cards of Villa du Meridien in Cannes, France, which housed paroled Russian Officers (2); also reproduction photos, etc, and a contemporary photo of interned Russian torpedo boats at Chefoo. (12+). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1905 Stampless covers from Russian P.O.Ws in Hamadera Camp both with violet oval camp seal, red censor cachets and arrival datestamps, one with Osaka c.d.s and violet "To Russia" cachet, the other with red "Prisoner of War Mail" cachet and violet "SERVICE / DES / PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE". (2). Photo on Page 66. £250-300

1905 Peace Conference

  "Russia-Japan Peace Conference, August 1905", official postcard for delegates with the arms of the City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire; commemorative postcard showing U.S, Russian and Japanese flags, conference building and Hotel Wentworth; and cards of the delegates or conference building. (4). £60-70

World War One & Inter-war Years

  1915-18 Stampless covers with enclosed letters to Fishmongers Hall in London both regarding acceptance of the Freedom of the Company, the first from GHQ in France with a handwritten letter from Sir John French, the cover also signed with War Office cachet, triangular Censor No. 1 and London Official Paid c.d.s (Dec 19 1915); the second with typed letter signed by the Commander of the Allied Forces Marshal Foch, the cover with British F.P.O c.d.s (12 Dec 1918). Also 1921 (Apr 24) cover to Ireland with G.B 2d cancelled at the Army Courier Office in Berlin and violet cachet "ALLIED BOUNDARY COMMISSION / BRITISH SECTION / GERMANY - POLAND". File holes to both letters and the John French cover and some toning to the Marshal Foch letter but an unusual group. (3 covers + 2 letters). £160-200
  British Forces in Germany. 1918-29 Covers, cards and a few fronts, also a few related picture postcards and some pieces, from British forces with A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps some registered, includes good studies of the various A.P.O S40 datestamps from Cologne and area, "British Military Mission Berlin" and other cachets, 1920 (Feb 12) postcard with scarce F.P.O H2 of Danzig, etc. (c.500 covers). £500-700
  British Forces in Germany. 1918-29 Covers and cards with A.P.O or F.P.O datestamps from British forces, including a good range of post-war A.P.O S40 datestamps with various code numbers or letters, one card with "Aeronautical Inter-Allied / 29 Nov 1919 / Commission of Control" cachet, also a few pieces. A good lot with many date extensions to Proud or Kennedy & Crabb listings and some datestamps unlisted in either work used in Germany. (182+). £400-500
  British Forces in Palestine. 1917-19 Covers and cards with various F.P.O datestamps, also a 1919 stampless O.A.S card with "O.E.T.A E.E.F / HAIFA" c.d.s. (21). £160-200
  British Forces in Russia. 1919 Stampless O.A.S covers from British forces with F.P.O P.B55 or P.B66 (2) datestamps one with Base Censor No. 16 label tied red circular No. 71R censor and similar No. 27R censor in violet, the other two with oval censors, a few faults. (3). £100-120

World War Two & Post War

  World War Two censored mail, various origins and destinations with censors of Curacao, Suriname, Brazil, Bermuda, Spain, Portugal, Trinidad, etc., covers from Australia to R.A.A.F in England with R.A.A.F Base P.O 4 backstamps (6, most 2/1 or 2/5 air mail rates), etc. (92). £150-180
  Red Cross. 1943-46 Red Cross message forms (29) from Italian P.O.Ws in USA, Kenya, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, G.B, South Africa, India, Italy or India, also five 1940-44 aerial propaganda leaflets dropped by the R.A.F over the Channel Islands. (34). £80-100
  Airgraphs. Collection on pages with original forms including 1945 (July 31) last day despatch franked 3d from F.P.O 792 to Bulawayo, 1941 form from H.M.S "Havock" franked 1 1/2d pair with naval censor, 1944 form written in Polish from Scotland to Teheran with P.O Box 260/80 senders address handstamped violet "POSTAGE REPAID"; reduced photographic forms with "Target" batch leaders (3), first day civilian service to Ceylon or New Zealand, first day of reduced civilian rate from Canada, last day service from Kenya, Ceylon or G.B to forces in India (2), pictorial Christmas greetings types (8), pictorial Polish forces greetings (4), piece of original microfilm, etc. (39+). £240-280
  1936-68 Field Post Office covers, mainly World War Two, including F.P.O 695 from Faroe Islands, Iceland F.P.Os (16, F.P.Os 2, 304, 305, 306, two from Canadian airmen, six on bundle labels, also two covers ex Iceland with Home Depot c.d.s), unusual 1939-40 B.E.F covers, covers from German P.O.Ws in Egypt (5) or Germany sent through British F.P.Os, stampless "Christmas Airmail" endorsements (2), stampless air letters with printed red cross or "FREE" handstamps (2), 1941 (Oct 1) first day of 3d air letter rate from F.P.O 45 in Gold Coast (2), instructional marks, post-war exercises or atomic tests in Australia (5), etc., also 1941 cover from Nigeria to Sweden with "AIR MAIL FROM / LONDON TO SWEDEN" and "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER". (61). £150-200
  1939-c.2000 Field and Army Post Office datestamps, a huge accumulation of British, Canadian and Indian F.P.Os, many different numbers, at least half from WW2 with covers from G.B, Northern Ireland, Italy, France, Belgium and Holland, Germany, Palestine, Greece, Egypt, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Burma, India, etc., also many post-war covers from Germany and Europe, Malaya, Japan, Korea, Aden, Bahrain, Egypt, Cyprus, Malta, Kenya, Maldives, Australia, etc., many scarcer locations included. (1,000s). £600-800
  Great Britain. 1940-70 Covers and cards, virtually all post-war with datestamps of "Home Depot R.E" (31), "London B.A.P.O" (6) or Field Post Offices used at Territorial Army camps, special events or on manoeuvres (62), many philatelic though an uncommon large lot. (99). £100-120
  India - "RAFPOST" Datestamps. 1943-47 Covers in an album, datestamps including rubber types, numbered between "1" and "203", virtually all different. (76). £150-180
  Canadian Forces. 1941-45 Covers with Canadian F.P.O datestamps (39) or A.P.O machines (11) and a bag label, either bearing G.B stamps or stampless. (51). £100-120
  Machine Cancels. 1940-80 Covers and cards, the collection in an S.G. album with various offices, types and slogans, including 1944 Krag without office number, 1945 F.P.O 676 Universal machine with Victory Bells slogan, etc., (85). Also various 1969-86 F.P.O datestamps (19), many with handstruck slogans. (104). £100-120
  Royal Navy. 1922-93 Covers and cards with various "Received From H.M Ship", "H.M Ships" or "Maritime Mail" cancels, including machines; double ring c.d.s of Plymouth (2 types), Edinburgh, Southampton or London F.S; boxed handstamps; straight line violet "RECEIVED FROM H.M SHIPS"; WW2 registration envelope with provisional H.M Ships registration label; stampless WW2 covers with circular "POST OFFICE - MARITIME MAIL / BY AIR" of Gibraltar or small two line "MARITIME MAIL / POSTAGE PAID" of Trinidad; 1946 (Feb 8) registered express postal stationery envelope with "R.N.C EATON, CHESTER" datestamps and "AGENCY 506" registration label, etc. An interesting collection in an F.G album. (100). £300-350

Mail Damaged by Enemy Action in Great Britain

Click to view full image... 1940 (Oct 19) Cover from Epsom to London S.E, soiled and a large piece torn from the upper right corner, handstamped "DAMAGED BY / ENEMY ACTION" and "DELAYED BY / ENEMY ACTION" both in violet, an unusual combination of cachets. Photo on Page 66. £150-180
  1940 (Oct) Folded up letter from Fulham, a little soiling and the envelope now missing, with red boxed "DELAYED AND DAMAGED / BY ENEMY ACTION" applied to both the inside and outside of the letter, which was presumably returned to the sender. Very unusual. £100-120
  1941 (Jan 17) Cover franked 2 1/2d from Barnsley to London E.C.2, handstamped "Moorgate Post Office / has Re-opened at / 33, Eldon St., E.C2.", applied after the bombed Post Office had reopened at a new location. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1941 (Mar 14) Cover franked 2 1/2d from Keighley to Skipton, the edges a little singed, handstamped boxed "DELAYED THROUGH / ENEMY ACTION". Just three examples of this rare cachet recorded, all on covers of March 14/16 to Skipton where this cachet was presumably applied. Photo on Page 66. £180-220
  1941-44 Covers comprising 1941 soiled and torn cover with "accidentally damaged in the post" label endorsed and dated "RLS, LPR 13.9.41", 1942 (Dec 30) cover from Harrogate to Hampshire, waterdamaged and the stamp washed off, bearing a label endorsed "Damaged by Water" and tied by Woking c.d.s (Jan 1 1943); and 1944 (Aug 24) window envelope (no address, but a London E.C.2 address visible from an adjacent cover) with a Reading meter mark, and enclosed slip "8 Nov. 1944, Reading, Berks. I regret to inform you that the enclosed letter has been damaged through immersion in water and delayed in the post", a little singed at right edge. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1941 (June 9) Air Mail cover from Hounslow to Tanganyika franked 2/6, a little singeing to the lower left corner which bears the explanatory label "Damaged through / enemy action. / Officially re- / sealed by G.P.O" and has been repaired with tape bearing printed crowns. The only example we have seen. Photo on Page 66. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1942 (May 22) Cover from Weymouth to a sailor on H.M.M.S 1087, water damaged and a little singed with the stamp washed off, the reverse handstamped "DAMAGED BY ENEMY ACTION" in violet and the rare "DELAYED BY / ENEMY ACTION" featuring a bomb in black, returned to the writer in Weymouth. An exceptional combination of cachets, the "bomb" cachet rarely seen. Also a cover bearing forgeries of this "bomb" cachet. (2). Photo on Page 66. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1943 (June 4) Stampless O.A.S cover from Iceland to Preston with "R.A.F POST OFFICE / 001" c.d.s. and "RAF CENSOR / 117", traces of singeing at the edges, handstamped violet "DAMAGED AS A RESULT / OF ENEMY ACTION". Probably damaged after arrival in G.B, very unusual from Iceland. Photo on Page 66. £200-250
  1944 (Feb 18/19) Cover from Croydon and a postcard from Blackpool both franked 1d to Fulham, both with some fire damage, the cover with violet "DAMAGED BY / ENEMY ACTION"; the postcard enclosed within an ambulance envelope with London machine (Feb 23) and attached label "The enclosed article has been recovered from a mail which had been damaged by enemy action. The inconvenience caused is regretted". An unusual pair, both damaged in the same incident in Fulham. (2). £180-220

Explanatory cachets on undelivered or delayed mail to or from Prisoners of War

  1943-45 2 1/2d P.O.W air letters (4) and covers (2) from G.B to British P.O.Ws in Italy (2) or Germany (4), all returned with differing explanatory cachets, the items to Italy with uncommon boxed "THIS LETTER HAS BEEN RETURNED / BY THE INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS / COMMITTEE AT GENEVA WHO WERE / UNABLE TO FORWARD IT" or six line cachet "....... UNDELIVERED MAILS WHICH FELL INTO THE HANDS OF THE ALLIED FORCES ADVANCING IN ITALY ...". The items to Germany all with boxed cachets "...RETURNED BY THE SWISS POST OFFICE." (2 types), "... FELL INTO THE HANDS OF THE ALLIED FORCES IN GERMANY ...", or "RETURNED FROM / CONTINENT IN / UNDELIVERED MAILS". The first air letter to F.O Arnold Mott in Italy who was shot down in France in 1941 but evaded capture escaping to Gibraltar, again shot down in 1943 he was captured and held in camps in France and Italy before escaping whilst en route to Germany (with full details). (6). £200-240
  1945 (May 28-31) Cover from Abingdon and 2 1/2d P.O.W air letter from Ashford Hill, Newbury, both to British civilian internees at Laufen or Wurzach in Germany, both returned with an unusual small "SERVICE / SUSPENDED" cachet in red. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1945 New Zealand 6d on 1/- P.O.W air letter to a P.O.W in Stalag 344, redirected back to New Zealand with violet "RECOVERED BY ALLIED FORCES" applied at the N.Z A.P.O in London with "NEW ZEALAND ARMY BASE P.O - U.K" backstamp (Aug 7). Photo on Page 66. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1945 P.O.W Postcard from Oflag 79 (Mar. 14) and a lettersheet from Oflag VIID (Feb. 13) both to England with four line "RECOVERED P.O.W MAIL / FROM EUROPE / RECENTLY RECEIVED / BY BRITISH P.O", the postcard with the usual cachet in large capitals, the lettersheet with a similar cachet but in very small capital letters, apparently the only example recorded of this smaller size cachet. (2). Photo on Page 66. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1945-46 Cover bearing a proof impression of the cachet "RECOVERED P.O.W MAIL / FROM EUROPE / RECENTLY RECEIVED / BY BRITISH P.O", and a 1946 (Sep. 11) cover from London with this cachet incorrectly inserted as a slogan die within a machine. The only example of this slogan error, used on post-war civilian mail, that we have recorded, with two 1946 letters from R.C Alcock regarding extraordinary error. (2). Photo on Page 70. £140-160
  1945 Piece from a parcel sent from Skipton to a P.O.W in Stalag VIIIB bearing scarce small censor label, the explanatory label "THIS PARCEL HAS BEEN RETURNED / BY THE SWISS POST OFFICE WHO / WERE UNABLE TO RE-FORWARD IT / TO GERMANY BECAUSE OF THE / INTERRUPTION OF COMMUNICATIONS", and a "Free, No Charge to be made on delivery" label with Liverpool c.d.s (July), apparently the only recorded label of this returned parcel explanatory label. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1944 (July 30) P.O.W Postcard from Stalag VIIA to Scotland with violet boxed "This letter/postcard was delayed by the / German Authorities and has been / forwarded by the Allied Forces", apparently the only recorded example of this cachet. Photo on Page 70. £100-120
  1944-45 Covers and cards to P.O.Ws in Japanese camps but returned with differing cachets, comprising 1 1/2d and 3d P.O.W cards to Gunner Smeed in Fukuoka Sub Camp No. 1 with "RETURNED FROM ABROAD / SERVICE SUSPENDED" or boxed "RETURNED IN UNDELIVERED MAILS / FROM TERRITORY FORMERLY OCCUPIED / BY JAPANESE FORCES"; 1 1/2d P.O.W card to Java with "SERVICE / SUSPENDED / RETURN TO / SENDER"; and stampless cover to No. 4 P.O.W Camp Thailand with violet boxed "RETURNED IN / UNDELIVERED / MAILS FROM JAPAN". Also 1945 cover to a liberated P.O.W c/o Base P.O Melbourne endorsed "Ranchi" with violet "IT IS REGRETTED THIS LETTER COULD / NOT BE FORWARDED IN TIME TO CONNECT / WITH THE SHIP OR AIRCRAFT ON WHICH / ADDRESSEE WAS REPATRIATED". (5). £250-300

Other Japanese P.O.W Mail

  1944 Stampless postcard from Uxbridge to "Able Seaman A.F Morris, British P.O.W, No. 1 Prison Camp, Tokio Area" with Japanese P.O.W and censor cachets. Also an original photo of British P.O.Ws on parade at Fukuoka Camp inscribed on reverse "Christmas 1944. The camp parades for presentation of prizes to the "good workers". Prizes consist of 20 cigs per (qualified) person + mails". Alan Morris was a civilian working on the "Willesden" which was sunk by the German Raider "Thor" on April 1st 1942 in the South Atlantic. The surviving crew were taken on the "Thor" which sailed to the Indian Ocean where they were transferred to the "Regensburg". This sailed to Yokohama where the prisoners were transferred to the "Ramses", finally being transferred to the Japanese on August 25th. Despite being civilians the Japanese treated them as P.O.Ws, six of the 36 dying in captivity. (2). £100-120
  Thailand. 1943 Thailand type 2 P.O.W card sent by Captain C.R Elton in No. 1 P.O.W Camp to London, reverse with six short printed messages on blue card, Japanese and British censors and pencil note "Recd 30/12/1943", unusually fine condition. £80-100

Repatriation & Red Cross Ships

  S.S "Bardaland"- Aid to Greece. 1943 (May 1) Censored air mail cover to Sweden with Canada 20c (2) tied by blacked out machine cancel of St. John, NB, red "OAT" cachet, reverse with senders address "R. Bauer, Swedish Red Cross ship "Bardaland", Swedish Orient Line, Gothenburg". The "Bardaland" was one of several Swedish ships chartered by the Red Cross in 1942-43 to carry food and medical aid to the civilian population in Greece following the German occupation, the aid convoys sailing between St. John and Piraeus. Scarce. £80-100
Click to view full image... S.S "Vega"/Channel Islands. 1945 (Mar 27) Portugal IE postcard uprated IE75, sent from Lisbon to Brussels bearing a blue "Par Avion" label and inscribed "via Londres", octagonal British "PASSED/P.148" censor cachet, the senders address shown as "Raoul Le Jeune, S/S Vega, c/o Consulat General de Suede a Lisbonne". The S.S "Vega" was chartered by the Red Cross and made six voyages to Jersey and Guernsey with food and medical supplies between December 1944 and May 1945, this card written whilst the "Vega" was replenishing supplies in Lisbon prior to sailing to the Channel Islands. The only recorded card from the "Vega" during the period it sailed to the Channel Islands, with a reproduction photo of the ship and an article by Peter High on this rare and interesting card. Photo on Page 70. £180-240
  1945 Covers from P.O.W repatriation ships comprising stampless cover from Australia to "Capt F.F Elliott, Liberated Aust. Prisoner of War, c/o P.W & I. Reception Group, Army Base P.O, Melbourne" redirected to the hospital ship "Wanganella"; stampless cover to USA endorsed "Via air mail - Internees Mail" with red "Post Office Maritime Mail" machine, from "Irene Noon, H.M.A.S "Oxfordshire", Colombo"; stampless air letter from Trooper A. Robinson, Recce Corps, to his wife in England, written on the S.S "Empress of Australia" shortly after leaving Colombo (having sailed from Manila), with "No.11 R.A.F / POSTAL H.Q" c.d.s of Aden; and cover from Montreal franked 3c with violet "VILLE DE STRASBOURG / MESSAGERIES MARITIME" (employed in repatriating Canadian forces from Europe). Also 1942 (Aug 29) menu from the Japanese Red Cross ship "Kakamura Maru", then engaged in a mission exchanging diplomatic personnel. (5). £150-180
  U.S.S "Mercy" / Far East P.O.W. 1941-45 Covers to or from Pte. George Prescott, Loyal Regt., captured at Singapore and held as a P.O.W in Changi and Jinsen, Korea, comprising 1941 cover to Prescott returned with violet "Addressee / Reported Missing"; 1942 telegram from Prescott in Singapore (a P.O.W by the time it was received on Feb. 19th); 1945 (May 28) airgraph from All India Radio in Simla confirming Prescott was held in Jinsen and a message to him from his wife would be broadcast on June 6th; American Red Cross cover from Prescott on Hospital Ship U.S.S "Mercy" (stamps removed); 1945 (Oct 15) stampless cover from Manila endorsed "Liberated P.O.W" with "AUST. ARMY P.O 241" c.d.s, letter enclosed. (5). £120-150

(Also See Lots 348-350, 376-382, 396-398)

U.S Hospital Ships

  U.S.S "Solace"/"Madawaska". 1910 (May 7) Registered cover with enclosed letter from Bahia bearing Brazil 100r + 200r pair, addressed to "Dr Richmond Holcomb, Surgeon U.S Navy, U.S Hospital Ship Solace, care Postmaster New York City", redirected to Charleston and then to "U.S.S Delaware, Portsmouth, Va", strangely endorsed "via Southampton". Backstamps include violet "U.S.S SOLACE / REGISTERED" c.d.s (2 strikes), "Portsmouth (Navy Yard Sta.) Va / REGISTERED" c.d.s and datestamps of New York, Charleston and Portsmouth. An interesting cover to a hospital ship serving with the U.S Atlantic Fleet, the U.S.S Solace Registered datestamps scarce. Also 1919 (Jan.) stampless Y.M.C.A cover from E.J Baker, U.S Army to New York with violet "CANCELLED / OVERSEAS MAIL / U.S NAVY" and New York c.d.s, the enclosed letter written on U.S.S "Madawaska" engaged in repatriating wounded and sick soldiers from Europe to the USA, includes "all the soldiers on board are sick men, cripples or casuals sent from hospital, a few of the "crips" are in a pitiful condition. One poor fellow has both arms off, one eye out, and is deaf, all from a hand grenade explosion", also a postcard of the "Madawaska". (3) £120-150
  American Civil War - H.S "Elm City". 1862 (Sep 21) Small cover with a 3c stamp cancelled by a central cork obliterator and a Providence R.I c.d.s alongside, addressed to "John P. Burt, Steamer Elm City, New Haven, Conn.". The steamer "Elm City" was transferred to the U.S Sanitary Commission in May 1862 and fitted out as a hospital transport with 400 beds. She operated on the Pamunkey River transporting wounded and sick from the Peninsular campaign to hospitals in Washington, New York and Philadelphia. An attractive cover. £120-150

German Hospital Ships

Click to view full image... Boxer Rebellion - S.M.S "Gera". 1900 (Oct 29) Stampless picture postcards depicting the "Gera" at sea or troops boarding the ship prior to departure for China, both cards with "Kaiserl. Marine Lazarethschiff "Gera"" overprints, one with additional New Year greetings overprint. Both cards endorsed "Feld-Postkarte" and posted on board with "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 6" datestamps and German arrival datestamps (Dec 14), one written by Sectionfuhrer Oldenburocr from Taku, Peking. One card with a little creasing, otherwise two fine cards from the hospital ship in China. (2). Photo on Page 70. £250-300
  Boxer Rebellion - S.M.S "Gera". 1900 Picture postcards of the visit of the Empress to the ship prior to its departure for China (3, posted from Wilhelmshaven in July/August); an unused postcard of the ship; coloured Norddeutscher Lloyd postcard with "Marine Lazarethschiff "Gera" den 25 Mai 1901" imprint originally produced as the upper portion of that day's menu; and 1901 (July 20) 5pf postcard with a pencil drawing of the ship on the reverse, endorsed "Feld-Postkarte" and posted from the ship to Germany with "KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 6" c.d.s. (6). £180-200
Click to view full image... German South West Africa - Herero Rebellion - SMS "Palatia". 1904 (June 25) Stampless picture postcard to Germany endorsed "Feldpost" with "KAIS-DEUTSCHE / MARINE SCHIFFSPOST / No. 13" c.d.s and red circular cachet "HAMBURGER COLONNE / DES ROTHEN KREUZ" with a central Red Cross, a little very light staining, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 70. £120-150

British & Indian Hospital Ships

  H.S "Maine" & H.S "Panama". 1902-c.1953 Covers and cards with 1902 and 1904 picture postcards of officers on the "Maine" both posted from Malta, 1911 postcards of the ship posted from Malta or Gosport and 1914 (June 13) postcard of the ship sent from Lamlash just six days before it ran aground on the Isle of Mull, all five cards written from the ship, also unused cards of the ship at sea (4) or aground in Scotland; 1916 stampless cover and front with F.P.O datestamps and cover from Malta with F.P.O GM skeleton arrival c.d.s, all redirected to H.S "Panama", also a card of the ship (the "Panama" served 1915-20 before being purchased by the Admiralty and renamed H.S "Maine"), with H.M.H.S "Maine" Christmas card containing a photo of the ship, 1928 postcard from the ship, and WW2 cover to R.N Hospital Malta redirected to the "Maine"; and c.1953 cover written from the final H.S "Maine" (in service 1945-54). An interesting group. (18) £250-300
  Indian Hospital Ship "Madras". Two books entitled "Madras Occasional Verse" both privately printed on behalf of The Madras Hospital Ship Fund, printed in Madras. The first 124 pages, published 1917, the second re-edited with additions on behalf of the friend-in-need society, Madras, now 178 pages, published 1929. A few binding faults, scarce publications. (2). £70-80
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