Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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To be sold on Friday 29th September 2017 at 11.00 a.m.

Picture Postcards, Banknotes & Autographs 1-11
Philatelic Literature 12-61
A Collection of Antarctic & Arctic Postal History
 Whaling Letters, Antarctic 62-147
 Arctic, Spitzbergen, Trans-Arctic flights 148-238
Air Mails 239-279
Crash & Wreck Mail 280-324
Maritime Mail - Sea Post Offices 325-340
Military & Naval Mail
 Seven Years War, Crimean War, Boer War 341-361
 A Collection of Russo-Japanese War 362-405
 WW1 & WW2, including “Undelivered P.O.W Mail” & “Damaged By Enemy Action” Cachets 406-439
 Hospital Ships, Repatriation & Red Cross Ships 440-454
Thematics, British Colonial Proof Cancels 455-471
World & British Colonial Stamps & Postal History 472-497
Aden, Albania, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Basutoland 498-516
Belgian Congo, Bermuda, Bolivia, British Guiana, British Occupation of Italian Colonies 517-531
British Solomon Islands, British Somaliland, Burma, Canada 532-550
China, Cook Islands, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador 551-568
Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, Finland 569-598
France, including Napoleonic War, Siege of Paris 599-664
Gambia, Germany 665-682
Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Greenland, Grenada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland 683-694
India 695-733
Ionian Islands, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan 734-756
Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika 757-788
Labuan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaya 789-804
Monaco, Morocco Agencies, Mozambique, Nepal, Netherlands Indies, New Hebrides 805-813
New Zealand, Nigeria, North Borneo, Nyasaland, Pakistan, Palestine, Persia, Qatar 814-828
Rhodesia, including Northern & Southern Rhodesia 829-850
Roumania, Russia, St. Helena, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent 851-867
Sarawak, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone 868-889
South Africa, including Cape, Transvaal, Union with Air Mails 890-941
Sudan, Switzerland, Tonga, Transjordan 942-950
Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Turkey & Levant, Turks & Caicos Islands 951-973
USA, Zanzibar 974-989
Great Britain
   Stamps 990-1077
   Jersey, Used Abroad, Postal Fiscals, Perfins, Locals, Revenues 1078-1088
   Letter Content, Maps & Ephemera 1089-1094
   Postal History - Mixed Lots 1095-1108
   Early Letter, Air Mails including 1911 First U.K Aerial Post 1109-1165
   Cancellations, Exhibitions & Special Events, Explanatory Marks & Postage Due Mail 1166-1186
   Frees, Maritime Mail, Military & Naval Mail 1187-1199
   Mulreadys & Parliamentary Envelopes, Pictorial Envelopes, Postal Reform 1200-1208
   Postal Stationery 1209-1219
   Railways & T.P.Os, Registered & Express Mail, Uniform 4d Post 1220-1237
   County Postal History
      Channel Islands, Hampshire, Isle of Man, London 1238-1249
      Norfolk, Scotland, Sussex 1250-1259

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(Also See Lots 167, 393, 690, 780, 791, 802, 803, 816, 822, 865, 879, 886, 889)

  c.1900-30 Picture postcards in eleven albums (also a few loose and some cigarette cards), including Japanese cards in a Japanese lacquer covered album, 300 Tucks oilette cards in an album with printed label at front stating it won a prize of £5 in Raphael Tuck & Sons third postcard collectors prize competition of 1905, album of real photo cards taken in and around Beaumont College, Oxford, etc. (Many 100s). £300-400
  c.1897-1937 Picture postcards, most used, many unusual countries and stamps including Abyssinia, Eritrea, Mauritius, Bosnia, Montenegro, French Colonies, Levant, Holy Land, etc., various maritime cancels noted. (102). £150-200
  British West Indies. c.1904-41 Picture postcards from Antigua (14), Grenada (17), Barbados (31), Bahamas (23), Jamaica (45, nine showing the 1907 earthquake), St Kitts (5), St. Vincent (3) or British Honduras (6), about half postally used or with C.T.O stamps. (144). £150-250
  Postal Theme. c.1900-70 Picture postcards with a fine series of French cards (c.75) entitled "Greve des P.T.T", "Les Couriers", "Nos Postiers", "Nos Lettres" or "Projet de Timbre" showing caricatures of postal officials or stamps, drawings of postmen, or letters being delivered or received; other cards of Post Offices, postmen (some novelty types with letter bags containing views), post boxes, stamp cards, mail coaches, etc., also 1896-97 Post Office Christmas cards (8, from Lille, Riga, Tallinn, Leningrad, Vienna, Saar, Panama, Vera Cruz), 1869 New Year card with a fine engraving of a postman, a few prints or trade cards, and two cards with 1906 Rome UPU Congress cancels. An interesting lot. (approx 250). £200-300
  Postal Theme. c.1900 Trade cards depicting postmen and/or stamps, mainly French or German cards issued by chocolate companies, etc., also some British or American cards and a few postcards, in three stockbooks in order of country depicted, from Abyssinia to Venezuela. A fine and attractive lot, all in colour. (c.280). £180-200


(Also See Lots 60, 71, 101, 121, 160, 163, 164, 169, 172, 178, 193-195, 199, 207, 232, 406)

  Franklin Pierce. 1853 Land Grant for 80 acres at Palmyra, Missouri, signed by Franklin Pierce. Pierce was the 14th President of the USA, serving from 1853 until 1857. £100-120
  General Robert E. Lee. c.1868 Printed advertising cover from the Washington College, Lexington, depicting George Washington at the left edge, addressed in the handwriting of General Robert E. Lee to "Mr A.A Sparks, 23 Ainslie Street, Brooklyn E.S, N.Y", franked 3c rose. Lee served as President of the college from 1865 until his death in 1870. A little shortened at left upon opening, otherwise fine. With Brian Green Certificate confirming it to be the handwriting of Lee. £100-150
Click to view full image... Winston Churchill. 1907 (Aug 29) Cover with KEVII 1/2d pair cancelled London S.W machine, signed "W.S Churchill" in the lower left corner and addressed in Churchill's handwriting to "D. Clowes, Esq, Naval & Military Club, 94 Piccadilly, W". Also an 1837 free cover from Witney, signed "Churchill". A fine early cover signed by Winston Churchill when he was Liberal MP for Manchester North West and was serving as Under Secretary of State for the Colonies. (2). Photo on Page 12. £200-250


Click to view full image... Ceylon. c.1822 Asiatic Banking Corporation 10/- or 5 rupee note, not dated or signed and presumably unissued or a proof, lightly folded, otherwise unusually fine, an attractive and scarce note printed by Smith Elder & Co in London. Photo on Page 12. £150-200
  Great Britain. 1810-2017 Banknotes comprising 1810 Fleet Bank note for 2d, 1818 Bank of England £2 note with four "FORGED" handstamps applied, 1980s "Gill" blue £5 and brown £10 notes, and the recent "Salmon" £5 note and present "Cleland" £5 note. Also a German 10DM note and 1977 Falkland Islands £1 note, a few recent stamps (1st Class x 10), 1803 plan of London, 1810 advert for the State Lottery, etc. Some faults mainly to the earlier items, the Fleet note folded but still very reasonable, the 1818 forgery tatty, recent notes fine. (15+). £150-200
Click to view full image... USA - Colonial Banknotes. 1775 (April 10) 50/- Note issued by the Province of Pennsylvania, signed by Job. Bacon and Edward Roberts, numbered "1658", unusually fine; and 1776 (Feb 17) One Third of a Dollar note issued at Philadelphia, no "954" (?), signature indistinct, some edge faults, reasonable condition. (2). Photo on Page 12. £200-250


  Albums. S.G. Philatelic Albums (5) all with green leather/cloth covers and spines in slip cases, containing approximately 260 unused large size faced pages, almost as new (retail price £210 per album, pages £55 for 20). Also Frank Godden "FG Popular" album with green leather/cloth cover and spine in slip case containing 52 unused faced gold edged pages, as new. (6 albums). £200-250

Journals & Magazines

  "The Philatelic Journal of Great Britain", volumes 1 - 66 (1892-1956), issues for 1918, 1938 and 1942-44 loose, the others all bound, four 1918 numbers missing, otherwise complete. A scarce run of a serious and informative journal, the 51 bound volumes with various styles of binding. £150-200
  Stanley Gibbons Journals comprising "Gibbons Stamp Monthly" vols 1 - 52 (1927-68) complete, vols 11 - 12 (1937-39), 20 (1946-47), 27 (1953-54) and 31 - 32 (1957-59) loose, the rest in thirty bound volumes; "The Monthly Journal" vols 1 - 4 (1890-94) in four finely bound volumes; "S.G Monthly Journal" (New Series) vols 1 - 4 (1923-27) in four bound volumes; "Gibbons Stamp Weekly" vols 1 - 12 (1905-10) in 12 bound volumes. £150-200
  "The Collectors Club Philatelist", 1928-2016, comprising 28 bound volumes for 1928-33 (vols 7 - 12), 1941, 1943, 1945 (vols 20, 22, 24) and 1963-81 (vols 42 - 60), also loose numbers with volumes 29 (1950), 35 (1956) and 40 - 41 (1961-62) complete and some additional odd numbers for 1951-60 and 2010-16. (28 + many loose). £150-200
  "The London Philatelist", 1892-2017. An unusually large run of this important journal comprising vols 1 - 33 (1892-1924), 35 - 36 (1926-27), 40 - 46 (1931-37), 60 - 67 (1951-58), 69 - 85 (1960-76) and 87 - 90 (1978-81) all in bound volumes, also loose journals with a few 1928-30 journals, most of the scarce 1938-46 journals (25 numbers missing) and all journals for 1947-50, 1959, 1977 and 1982-2017. A fine lot, the 1892-1913 journals in 22 fine leather bound volumes with gold tooling, later bound volumes mostly in red or maroon cloth. (64 bound vols. + many loose). £700-1,000
  "Stamp Lover", 1920-2017. A long run comprising volumes 13 - 29 (1920-37) and 35-37 (1942-45) in 18 bound volumes, and loose journals comprising volumes 30 - 33 (1937-40), 37 (1944-45) and 39 - 109 (1946-2017) apparently complete. £80-100
  Germany. "Germania" Volume 1 - 16 (1964-80), reprint in 16 hardbound volumes. (16). £80-100
  Holy Land. "BAPIP Bulletin", numbers 1 - 23 (1952-57) in three hardbound volumes; reprint of "The Israel Philatelist" volumes 1 - 16 (1949-65) in five hardbound volumes, with an index to volumes 1 - 23; and reprint of "The Holy Land Philatelist" volumes 1 - 7 (1954-61) in three hardbound volumes with an index. (13). £60-80
  Scandinavia. "Scandinavian Contact", 1955-74 in six bound volumes. (6). £60-70

Congress Handbooks & Programmes

  American Philatelic Congress Handbooks, 1935-2004, a complete run of the first seventy handbooks, the 1954-2004 handbooks all hardbound. A scarce set. (70). £400-500
  Philatelic Congress of Great Britain, handbooks for 1931-34, 1936, 1938-40, 1946-87 and 1989-91, the 1936-56 and 1958-73 handbooks hardbound. (53). £100-120
  Philatelic Congress of Great Britain Programmes, for the 1st, 3rd - 5th and 7th - 9th Congresses (1910, 1912-14, 1920-22), the 1912-13 and 1920 programmes with Congress labels on the front covers, 1914 programme with a die proof of the label printed on the front, 1921 programme containing KGV 3d tied by the Congress c.d.s and 1922 programme containing nine Liechtenstein stamps each with Bath Congress overprints (one a double overprint). 1910 Programme with edge tears repaired with tape, otherwise largely fine and surprisingly uncommon. (7). £200-250

Other Books

  "The Colonial Office List", 52 differing editions of the annual publication dated between 1876 and 1937 (also two post-war volumes for 1955 & 1957) listing all official appointees for all Colonies, some biographies, and information on each colony, non-philatelic but containing a great deal of potentially useful information to philatelists and postal historians. Some binding faults, though many are fine. (54). £150-200
  Overland & Maritime Mail to the Levant & India. "The Overland Mail and The Austrian Lloyds" with two maps and documents, London 1847, hardbound, ex Foreign Office Library; "Les Paquebots du Levant, Guide des Voyageurs des Paquebot - Poste de la Mediterranee", Paris 1853, pages a little loose; and "The Route of the Overland Mail to India, from Southampton to Calcutta", 63 pages of illustrations and text + 22 pages of adverts, London 1850, part of front cover torn away but otherwise fine. Three interesting non-philatelic works. (3). £100-120
  "Catalogue for Advanced Collectors" by Collin & Calman, 1889-1901, two bound volumes comprising text (1344 pages) and illustrations, some wear and binding faults, a couple of illustrations affected by water, the contents otherwise fine, ex RPSL Library. Also a second copy in 14 parts with paper covers as published, largely fine. An important and useful catalogue. (2). £100-150
  "Kohls Briefmarken Handbuch", six volumes, a magnificent set plushly bound in maroon leather with gold tooling and gold edges to the pages. The finest set of this classic work we have seen. (6). £250-300
  U.P.U. "Document du Congres Postal Universal de Rome 1906" and similar for London 1929, each in two volumes printed in French, containing the entire proceedings of these two U.P.U Congresses, both leather bound with gold tooling, some binding faults but the contents fine (essays removed from 1906 volumes), the 1906 volumes presented to Frank Brown, Postmaster General of the Transvaal; the 1929 volumes presented to F.C.G Twinn, delegate from the British Post Office, both with named presentation frontispiece. Also "Nomenclature Internationale des Bureaux de Poste" listing post offices of the world, in three volumes, published by the U.P.U in 1968. (7). £150-200
  Various books on Empire and foreign stamps and postal history including "Robson Lowe Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps" Parts II (Africa), III (Asia) and V (North America); "Postal History of Hong Kong" by Edward Proud (2004 revised edition); "Postal History of the British Army in World War One" by A. Kennedy & G. Crabb (spiral binding defective as usual); various other works on military mail, Rhodesia, etc. (c.50). £100-120
  British Empire. "The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps" by Robson Lowe, the set of six volumes for Europe (1952 2nd Edition), Africa, Asia, Australasia, North America and Leeward Islands. (6). £100-120
  Argentina. "Sellos Y Otros Valores Postales Y Telegraficos Argentinos" by Antonio Deluca, volume 1 on stamps 1856-1939, volume II on postal stationery 1878-1941, published on behalf of the Postmaster General 1939-41, each volume with superb leather binding, author signed, a little corner wear, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). £120-150
  Bechuanaland. "The Bechuanalands, A Brief History of the Countries and their Postal Services to 1895" by A.A. Jurgens, deluxe subscriber edition, no. 189 of 200, published by The Royal Philatelic Society London, 1946, author signed, printed on thicker superior paper with a blue cover. £80-100
  Belgium. "Les Timbres de Belgique" by J.B Moens, 1880, hardbound, very fine, limited to 150 copies. £150-200
  Canada. "Canada, Its Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery" by C.A Howes, Boston 1911, 287 pages with 14 plates. £80-100
  Cape of Good Hope/Bechuanaland. "The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 and the Postmarks from 1853 to 1910", published 1943, and "The Bechuanalands, A Brief History of the Countries and their Postal Services to 1895", RPSL 1946, both by A.A Jurgens; "Postmarks of the Cape of Good Hope" by Robert Goldblatt, 1984 + 1988 supplement. (4). £100-120
  China. "1933 Postal Atlas of China" published by the Directorate General of Posts in Nanking, a huge atlas containing very large fold out maps of the 29 provinces each showing the postal establishments and postal routes, a detailed index in English and Chinese, the atlas 38x62cm though many maps fold out and so are far larger, a rare and very useful volume, produced to a very high standard with no expense spared, and probably in a very small quantity, the only example we have seen. £400-500
  Danish West Indies/Denmark. "Danmarks Og Dansk Vestindiens Tofarvede Frimaerker" by G.A Hagemann, three volumes, 1941-51. Fine and scarce, the first two volumes published in small numbers during World War Two, includes reprints of the first two DWI stamps. (3). £100-120
  Denmark. "The Postage Stamps of Denmark, 1851-1951" containing ten reprints of first issue stamps, and "Danmarks Forste Frimaerke", both by J. Schmidt-Andersen, 1951/61. Also "Danske Postfrimaerker 1851-1901" by O. Koefied, 1901, reprints removed but otherwise fine with gold embossed posthorn on the cover. (3). £100-120
  France. "Histoire de la Poste aux Lettres et de Timbre-Poste" by Arthur Rothschild, 3rd edition, 1876, published by J.B Moens in Brussels, two volumes each hardbound and very fine. Also 1816 postal guide with postal routes and distances, laws relating to the post and a map of France, hardbound, a little wear but contents largely fine. (3). £150-180
  France. "Histoire des Timbres-Poste Francais" by Arthur Maury, 1908, 648 pages; and "Les Vignettes Postales de la France et des Ses Colonies" by F. Marconnet, first edition 1897, 431 pages + 536 illustrations, pencil note "Ex Libris M.P Castle 1/1922". Two fine hardbound books, a little wear, contents fine. (2). £150-180
  German States. 1881-97 Publications by J.B Moens comprising "Les Timbres du Wurtemberg 1847-1880", two volumes published 1881, some splitting, now each in a specially made protective folder; "Timbres des Duches de Schleswig, Holstein & Lauenbourg et de la Ville de Bergedorf" published 1884, very fine; and "Heligoland & Ses Timbres" published 1897, printed on various coloured pages, some splitting, all with some uncut pages. Scarce, the first two works limited to 150 copies. (4). £180-200
  Mauritius. "Les Timbre-Poste de L'Ile Maurice, Emissions de 1847 a 1898" by Georges Brunel, Paris 1928, deluxe edition on superior paper and with a leather and tooled cloth binding, author signed, number 5 of 15 deluxe copies (with 150 copies printed in total), fine and rare. £200-250
  Mexico. "Campeche, some notes on the most remarkable postage stamp ever issued" by W.C Bellows, New York 1909, number 74 of 100 copies printed. A rare work with text and illustrations applied to pages of handmade paper, piece missing from upper part of spine, otherwise fine. £250-300
  Mexico. "The Cancellations of Mexico 1854-1874" by J. Schatzkes, published by Robson Lowe 1964, number 140 of 265 copies. £80-100
  Nigeria. "The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region" by Ince and Sacher, published by The Royal Philatelic Society London, 1992, a superb 556 page volume, as new. £70-80
  Portugal. "Estudo Das Reimpressoes de Selos Portugueses" by Jose da Cunha Lamas, Lisbon 1948, 193 pages, hardback with superb blue leather and cloth binding, a scarce work. £100-120
  Russia. "Die Postmarken von Russland" by Dr E. von Bochmann of Riga, published in Leipzig 1895 (in German); "Description of Russian Local Stamps" by D Chudowsky, Kiev 1888, author signed, with "Bellamy Philatelic Library" cachets and note "Not common", in Russian; and "Russian Post in the Empire, Turkey, China and Poland" by S. Prigara, original 1941 edition in Russian. Three rare works. (3). £150-180
  Siam. "Descriptive Catalogue of the Postage Stamps and Post and Letter Cards of Siam 1883-1919", prepared for the Siam Philatelic Society, printed at "The Bangkok Daily Mail" 1920; and "Postal Progress in Siam 1885-1925" produced by the Ministry of Communications, 1925 and printed by "The Bangkok Times Press Ltd" 1925. Two scarce works, both hardbound, fine. (2). £150-180
  Spain. "The Stamps of Spain, 1850 to 1854" by Hugo Griebert, with 14 plates, 1919, red leather binding with gold tooling, a little wear, otherwise fine and scarce. £100-150
  Spain. "Cartografia Postal de Espana 1857-1866", number 15 of just 20 copies printed, red leather binding, fine and rare. £100-150
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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