Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 15
Click to view full image... 1855 4a, Head die III, frame die II, large part watermark, fine used with 1 1/2-2 1/2mm margins on all sides, "1" cancel of Bombay. S.G. 23, £550. Photo on Page 108. £150-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1854-1967 Mint and used collection on pages including 1854 imperf 1/2a (14), 1a (12), 2a (10) and 4a (10, two cut square, faults), 1866 6a fiscals with "Postage" overprints type 15 (3, one on piece) or type 16 (2, one on piece) all used, various mint issues from 1866 with 1902-11 KEVII issue to 15r, 1911-22 KGV issue to 15r, 1926-33 set, 1937-40 KGVI set and 1948 Gandhi set, etc. S.G. £4,000++. (100s). Photo on Page 108. £900-1,200
Click to view full image... 1852-1946 Mint and used collection in an album including 1852 1/2a white Scinde Dawk used (good embossing, close but clear at right, small faults), 1854 imperf 1/2a (9), 1a (6, one with short second "I" in INDIA), 4a (11, all cut square but most close or touched on one or more sides, one possibly unused), 2a (4), 1855 4a unused and 8a unused or mint, 1856-64 set unused or mint with 1/2a (2), 1a (2), 2a yellow, 2a orange (2), 4a (2) and 8a, 1868 6a fiscal with "Postage" overprints used (3, both types), 1874 1r mint, 1911-22 KGV issue mint to 10r, 1921 "PIES PIES" and "NINE NINE" surcharge varieties both within mint vertical strips, 1922 1/4a on 1/2a surcharges including double surcharge and additional surcharge on reverse mint, 1937-40 set to 25r mint and used, Officials with 1866 Service Postage overprint on 1/2a fiscal used, 1874-82 4a mint corner block of four, 1909 KEVII 2r - 25r mint, 1912-13 KGV issue mint to the 15r, 1926-31 set mint, military issues with all C.E.F sets and unissued QV 1a6p (tiny corner thin), I.E.F overprint varieties with 3p overprint double in mint pair, etc. A useful old time collection, some earlier issues with a few faults, most issues after 1865 fine. (100s). Photo on Pages 75 & 108. £1,700-2,200
Click to view full image... 1854-1949 Mint and used collection in an album including imperf 1a (7, also an unissued 1a 9 1/2 arches extensively repaired), 2a (2), 4a (3, two cut to shape, one head die III frame die II from the 5th printing with large margins, light horizontal crease but still an attractive example), later issues with good range of shades and some multiples, QV used to 5r, KEVII used to 10r and KGV used to 25r. (100s). Photo on Page 108. £200-300
  1854-1972 Mint and used duplicated range in an album and two stockbooks including 1854 imperf issues (17, three 4a stamps all cut to shape), 1866 "Postage" overprint on 6a fiscal used (3), various mint issues from 1866 with KEVII 2r-5r, 1911-22 KGV 10r unmounted, Officials, Postal Service overprints, etc. (100s). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1865 2a Orange, mint strip of three with vertical perforations misplaced 4mm to the left, central stamp with small thin, an attractive and spectacular multiple with B.P.A Certificate (2017). S.G. 62, £390. Photo on Page 94. £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1902-11 KEVII 2r - 25r mint, very fine. S.G. 139/140, 142, 144/7, £3,250. (6). Photo on Page 108. £1,200-1,500
Click to view full image... 1909 KEVII 25r used with telegraphic datestamp. S.G. 147. Photo on Page 108. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1926-33 KGV 1r, 2r, 5r (2, one inverted watermark), 10r (2), 15r pair inverted watermark (unmounted) and 25r all mint. S.G. 214/9, £911. (9). Photo on Page 108. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1929 Air Mail 8a, variety reversed serif, fine used. S.G. 224b, £425. Photo on Page 94. £100-120
  1948 (Aug 15) Gandhi set of four on illustrated First Day Cover, Bombay F.D.C cancels, very fine. £100-120

Telegraph Stamps

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1869-78 1a - 50r Set of twelve unmounted mint, the 4a, 2r8a and 14r4a with lower margin, 1r and 10r die I, 2r8a, 25r and 50r die II, all superb. S.G. T4/20, £3,823. (12). Photo on Page 110. £1,300-1,600
  1869-78 1a Yellow-green and 4a light blue both in superb unmounted mint blocks of four with margin at base showing part inscription. S.G. 74, 6, £332+. (2 blocks). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1869-78 1r Grey die I, superb unmounted mint block of four. S.G. 78, £2,800. Photo on Page 110. £1,000-1,200

Covers & Postal History

  1817-29 Entire letters, the first from India to London and redirected to Scotland with red boxed "KINGS SEA / POSTE PAID / CALCUTTA" and boxed "MORE TO PAY"; the second from Scotland to Calcutta forwarded from Liverpool with fine boxed "KEDGREE / POST OFFICE / SHIP LETTER". (2). £200-240
  1839-68 Stampless entire letters to G.B or France, handstamps include diamond shaped "G.B / IF62 4/10c" (7) or "G.B/IF66c" (5) Anglo-French accountancy marks applied in India, red boxed "Steam Postage" marks, one with "6d" charge mark applied upon arrival, also a part 1838 letter with "INDIA SOLDIERS / 3 / LONDON". (28). £200-250
  c.1855-1902 Covers including 1869 Officers rate cover to England countersigned and franked 4a, 1873 prices current to Holland franked 2a + 8p, 1875 entire letter to France franked 1a + 8a, 1902 registered cover to Persia franked by 3a + six 3p stamps, 1902 registered telegram envelope to G.B franked O.H.M.S 1a + 2a, 1898 1/2a envelope uprated 1/2a from Muscat, etc. Also two fronts to or from G.B both redirected and bearing G.B and India stamps. (14). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1856 Small cover from Bangalore to Madras with boxed Bangalore Paid datestamp, reverse bearing two imperf die III 1/2a pairs, each stamp cancelled "C/10", red Madras G.P.O arrival datestamp. Front with two small edge stains caused by previous mounts, otherwise fine and very attractive. Photo on Page 37. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1857 Cover from Calcutta to New Zealand franked 4a, "AUCKLAND / NEW. ZEALAND" arrival datestamp on the front, charged 2d. A rare destination from India at this early date. Photo on Page 105. £400-500
  c.1860-1951 Covers, cards and a few fronts including 1920 (Jan 23) Karachi to Bombay flight cover, 1911 Aden Paquebot postcard with boxed "RECEIVED BY / AUSTRIAN STEAMER / BOMBAY", French India covers (24), Portuguese India (5), WW2 U.S and G.B F.P.Os (some from Burma), P.O.W mail, Gandhi stationery cards, Pakistan overprint issues (6), etc. (149). £240-300
  1867 Entire letter written from Kodi Kanal to Madura with 1/2a blue tied triangular "D/430", reverse with intaglio handstamps of "PALANI / MALAY", "ATHOOR" and "POST OFFICE / PENGURI" all in red, each with manuscript date, and a Madura c.d.s, very scarce. £1,000-1,200
  1867 Cover with enclosed letter from Battalagundu to Madura bearing 1/2a blue tied by Madras Circle numeral "141", reverse with rare intaglio "POST OFFICE / ANANAYAPOOR" handstamp in red, manuscript date, also datestamps of Dindisul and Madura, very scarce. £750-850
  Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office. 1869-1913 Covers and cards all with various types of Sea Post Office datestamps, mostly transit marks but 18 posted on the ship with stamps cancelled by the Sea P.O c.d.s, a couple of others with stamps on the reverse that were left uncancelled in India and therefore cancelled in transit on the Sea Post Office. (217). £500-600
  Hazara Field Force. 1890-91 Covers franked 1/2a to "Lieut C.R Hodges, Royal Artillery, No. 9 Mountain Battery", the first addressed to Khairabad with "FIELD P.O No. 3" backstamp (Nov 16); the second to Hazara Field Force redirected to Panji Gali, Rawalpindi and Murree, backstamps include "FIELD P.O No. 4" c.d.s (May 14). The second a little torn upon opening at upper edge, otherwise both fine, very scarce. (2). £100-120
  1948-49 Commercial covers all bearing Gandhi issue stamps (10), and 1948 (Aug 15) First Day Cover bearing 1 1/2a and 3 1/2a. Also postal stationery postcards with various pictures of Gandhi, unused (7) or used (3). (21). £150-180
  Air Mails. 1920-29 Covers comprising 1920 (Feb 23) G.B Penny Postage Jubilee insert card of 1890 flown by the Bombay to Karachi air service with registration label and 1a pair, 2a6p + 6a stamps tied "BOMBAY / AIR POST" c.d.s; 1922 cover from Iraq to England franked 9a flown from Baghdad to Cairo by R.A.F service; 1927 Imperial airways first flight from G.B to India with covers flown from Cairo to Basrah or Karachi, and subsequent Karachi to London flown cover; 1927 Karachi to Lahore flight by Stack & Leete, D.H Moth flight over Calcutta; 1919 (Dec 19) cover carried on the Dec 21st London to Delhi first flight (unannounced by the P.O and very little mail therefore carried, most mail sent on the second flight a week later). (8). £180-240
  Air Mail. 1941-58 Covers to various destinations mainly bearing Independence period commemoratives, several in combination with pre-1947 KGVI issues, mostly commercial. (35). £120-150

Indian States

  Covers and cards including prestamp letters with native handstamps (38, Jaipur?), 1894 India 1/2a envelope bearing Jhalawar 1/4a, Jaipur Railway datestamps (3), postal stationery of Rajpeepla, Jaipur, Hyderabad, etc, some faults. (80). £120-150
  c.1880-1948 Covers and cards including Jammu & Kashmir (2), Bhopal, various postal stationery, etc. (52). £100-120
  1901-51 Covers and cards all bearing India and Indian States stamps with 1901 Hyderabad postcard bearing India 3p, 1905 Indore/India franking on card to Bundi, later items from Hyderabad, Travancore (3) or Jaipur. (7) £150-180
  Cochin. 1885-1941 Certificates of Posting all bearing various Cochin Anchal stamps and cancels. An interesting lot, several stamps used well before the issue dates given by S.G. (53). £180-200
Click to view full image... Hyderabad. 1913 Hyderabad Residency Special Adhesive 2a - 500r, set of 14 values each in a vertical imperforate proof pair in black on white glazed card. (28 proofs). Photo on Page 110. £120-150

(Also See Lot 626)

  1835 Entire letter from Ancona to Corfu with fancy framed "CORFU" datestamp. Also five copies of "The Saturday Magazine" of 1840 containing articles on the Ionian Islands. (6). £70-100

(Also See Lots 263, 264, 317, 553)

  c.1732-1951 Covers, letters and fronts in a box including 1732 entire letter with "M-TOWNE" and "CTRY" handstamps, 1940-41 covers with differing "Damaged By Sea Water" cachets recovered from the M.V "Eros" or S.S "Alhena" (2) which were torpedoed or ran aground off the Irish Coast, WW2 U.S Forces mail, etc., also a collection on pages of Irish perfins. (200+ covers, + perfins). £180-200
Click to view full image... 1d Solders Rate. 1800 Entire letter from Tuam to Scotland, sent by an Officers daughter who endorsed the letter "Single sheet, paid 1. A soldiers letter" in an attempt to get the letter accepted at the 1d soldier's rate (a clear abuse of the regulations), the letter countersigned by her father, "James Fraser, Lt. col., F.F" (Frasers Fencibles, a militia regiment intended for home guard duties against French invasion and sent to Ireland in 1795). However the letter was posted unpaid, therefore endorsed "no penny paid" and charged the full rate of 2/2. An exceptional attempted abuse of the soldier's rate from Ireland to Scotland. Photo on Page 105. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1815 Entire letter from Dublin to Larne with Paid datestamp and scarce oval crowned "REVENUE / PAID" both in red. Photo on Page 105. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1824-1932 Covers and cards, and a free front with 1911 (July 8) postcard bearing KGV 1/2d cancelled to order by scarce "DUBLIN CASTLE / +" c.d.s used on this one day on the royal visit, 1824 free front headed from Dublin Castle, 1895 Official Paid cover from Vice-Regal Lodge in Dublin, 1917-19 Official Paid covers with Lord Lieutenant cachets (3), 1932 opening of Stormont cover, and two related postcards. (9) Photo on Page 105. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1909 (May 31) Telegram form with message sent by radio to the S.S "Cedric" bearing KEVII 6d and 1/- blocks of eight and seven each cancelled by very scarce "VICE REGAL LODGE" c.d.s with a further strike on the form. Some folds but a remarkable item. Photo on Page 114. £500-600
Click to view full image... Wreck of S.S "Leinster". 1918 Cover from Ireland to Madeira, recovered from the H&K Packet steamer "Leinster" which was torpedoed on October 10th and sank with the loss of 480 lives. Handstamped with the rare boxed "SALVED FROM / S.S "LEINSTER"" in violet, the reverse with Opened by Censor label and Funchal arrival c.d.s. One bag of mail was washed ashore on the Isle of Man. A rare wreck cachet. Photo on Page 114. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1922 G.B 1 1/2d Lettercard with 1/2d stamp added, the postage and lettercard stamps both with "Provisional Government of Ireland" trial overprints, similar to the adopted five line overprint but with the first word ending with an "S" and "1922" in a markedly different font, very scarce. Photo on Page 105. £650-750
Click to view full image... Wreck of the "Princess Victoria". 1953 (Jan 30) Cover from London to Lisburn, Co. Antrim with 1 1/2d Paid machine and violet "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER", recovered from the British Railways Stranraer to Larne ferry which sank during a storm on January 31st with the loss of 134 lives. Very scarce. Photo on Page 114. £200-250

(Also See Lots 199-207, 499, 627, 628)

  1520-90 Merchants letters in Italian, a couple without addresses, others to various addresses including Rome to Venice, etc. Also three 1577-95 items to Philippo Corsini in London, from Antwerp (2, one a wrapper only), the other a letter only. (11). £180-220
  1605-26 Merchants letters in Italian, to Piacenza, Ferrara, or to financial fairs, including letters from Naples, Palermo, Genoa, Lucca, Rome, Florence, Venice and Messina. (12). £160-200
  1635-1910 Letters, mainly seventeenth and eighteenth century letters from merchants, a few later letters on fancy embossed or printed notepaper to members of the Corsini family, various origins and addresses, some without address panels. (43). £120-150
  1729-36 Entire letters in Italian to the merchants Angiolini and Franzini in Florence, written from Bologna (3), Bergamo (7), Genoa (5), Livorno (119), Mantua (21), Verona (22), Venice (6), Pescia (2), Pisa (9) or Reggio (10), most apparently rated "3", some apparently disinfected, some routing endorsements including "p. Modona" (10), Franca P. Mantua (19), franca p. Venezia (3), an extensive correspondence. (204). £600-700


Click to view full image... 1872 Newspaper wrapper to London endorsed "Book Post", franked 1860-70 "Pines" watermark 1d pair + 4d each cancelled "A56" at Montego Bay. A scarce first issue franking at the book post rate. Photo on Page 114. £350-400
The following eight lots are all cancelled by scarce "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY" or "JAMAICA RAILWAY" datestamps in blue.
Click to view full image... Balaclava. 1910 (July 4) Stampless O.H.M.S cover to the Inspector of Schools in Kingston, sending monthly returns from the parish of Manchester with fine "JAMAICA RAILWAY / BALACLAVA" (Proud D2), Kingston backstamp. Very scarce. Photo on Page 114. £400-500
Click to view full image... Four Paths. 1924 (Nov 3) Cover with 1921 1d tied fine "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / FOUR PATHS" c.d.s, Kingston backstamp, a little minor staining, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 114. £350-400
Click to view full image... Hartlands. 1919 (Nov 10) Cover with 1/2d strip of three tied by two strikes of "JAMAICA RAILWAY / HARTLANDS" c.d.s, T.P.O Jamaica and Kingston backstamps, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 114. £400-500
Click to view full image... Hope Bay. 1917 (Mar 30) Cover with 1/2d tied "JAMAICA GOVT RAILWAY / HOPE BAY" c.d.s, T.P.O Jamaica and Kingston backstamps, fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 116. £400-500
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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