Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 24
  1935 Christmas card produced by Francis Field, to promote their book on the Coronation Aerial Post, the front showing Gustav Hamel posting a letter into the special Aerial Post box, printed in the same violet colour that was used for the 1911 privilege mail cards and envelopes. Superb unused, an attractive and surprisingly scarce item. £150-180

"Public" Postcards - Flown in Both Directions

Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Brown London to Windsor card with KGV 1/2d tied by London Aerial Post code "2" c.d.s, addressed to "Ronald Kirkwood, c/o Postmaster, Windsor", the card then readdressed to "Secretary's Office, G.P.O London" and reposted at Windsor, flown on the September 16th flight back to Hendon with a second KGV 1/2d tied by Windsor code "2" c.d.s. Fine and rare, only about four items recorded flown in both directions, all apparently sent by employees of the G.P.O in London. An important item for any 1911 Aerial Post collection. Photo on Inside Back Cover. £1,300-1,500

"Public" Postcards and Envelopes - Flown from London to Windsor

Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 8) Green postcard written and signed by John Ardron, a member of the Honorary Organising Committee of the Aerial Post and a former Assistant Secretary at the G.P.O, written and posted at Harlech with KGV 1/2d tied by Harlech R.S.O c.d.s of September 8th, the day before the Aerial Post commenced, presumably then sent under cover to the Secretary of the Aerial Post as it was flown the following day, a superb London Aerial Post code "1" c.d.s alongside the stamp. These cards were only put on sale to the public in London on September 8th; evidently Ardron used his position to obtain a card prior to this date and to get it flown despite having posted it at an ordinary office in Wales the previous day. An extraordinary and exceptional card. Photo on Page 170. £550-650
  1911 (Sep 9) London postcards in brown, red-brown and green and envelopes in purple-brown, green and red (all with enclosed notepaper), a complete set of all colours of cards and envelopes sold to the public, all stationery and cancels extremely fine, datestamps with codes 1-5. (6). £220-250
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Purple-brown envelope bearing QV 1 1/2d and 3d + 1911 1d Downey Head, tied by two fine London Aerial Post code "1" datestamps, a very unusual and attractive franking. Photo on Page 170. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green postcard with Molassine Company advert on reverse and red overprint on the picture side, sent to The Royal Harbour Stores in Ramsgate, the KGV 1/2d tied by the London Aerial Post c.d.s with code "1", a further Aerial Post c.d.s. code "4" applied alongside. Light corner crease, otherwise fine and an exceptional combination of differing die number datestamps, very rare. Photo on Page 170. £450-550
  1911 (Sep 9) Green postcards to USA or Canada, the card to USA bearing two 1/2d Downey Heads tied by superb code "2" Aerial Post c.d.s, the card to Canada with KEVII 1/2d + 1/2d Downey Head tied by code "1" c.d.s. The card to Canada with 8mm tear at upper edge, otherwise both fine, a good pair of cards to North America. (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green postcard to Egypt with KGV 1/2d tied by superb Aerial Post code "6" c.d.s applied at Hendon Aerodrome, no message therefore allowed at the 1/2d printed matter rate, reverse with fine "MILITARY / POST OFFICE / CAIRO" arrival c.d.s, very fine and a very scarce destination. Photo on Page 170. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green postcard to South Africa bearing KEVII 1/2d + KGV 1/2d tied by Aerial Post c.d.s code "5" applied at Hendon Aerodrome, very fine. Photo on Page 172. £160-180
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 9) Green postcards to Germany or Belgium, the card to Germany with KEVII 1/2d perfined "AA/B" (Anglo-Austrian Bank) + KGV 1/2d, the card to Belgium overfranked with KGV 1/2d + 1d, Brussels arrival c.d.s on the front. The German card with the Aerial Post datestamps partly inked in, the card to Belgium extremely fine and a surprisingly uncommon destination. (2). Photo on Page 172. £180-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 11) Ordinary postcard written on September 8th with the exceptional message "This is an attempt to evade the iniquitous charge of 6d for a thin piece of card worth only 2/6 per 1000. Whether it flies through to you or whether it is discovered & thrown out remains to be seen. What does the postmark say?", put into the Aerial Post box and successfully flown from Hendon to Windsor, the KEVII 1/2d tied by Aerial Post c.d.s code "1". Only special U.K Aerial Post stationery was permitted to be flown, and ordinary covers and cards put into the Aerial Post box should have been sorted out and transferred to the ordinary post. Only three or four ordinary cards are known flown with Aerial Post datestamps, this card undoubtedly the most interesting of these with this message. A rare card. Photo on Page 172. £600-700
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 14) Brown postcard from the second printing, printed from the envelope block with "London" in the lower left corner and "Copyright" vertically at the left edge, KGV 1/2d tied superb Aerial Post c.d.s code "2", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 172. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 15) Red-brown postcard posted into an ordinary post box shortly after the last London Aerial Post box had been closed on the final day of posting for Aerial Post mail, the KGV 1/2d cancelled by London E.C machine for 3PM and a South Tottenham arrival c.d.s, very unusual. Photo on Page 172. £200-240

"Public" Postcards - Flown from Windsor to Hendon

Click to view full image... 1911 (Sep 16) Red-brown London to Windsor postcard, actually flown in the opposite direction from Windsor to Hendon, unusually overfranked by KEVII 1d + 1/2d and 1d Downey Heads tied by two superb Windsor Aerial Post code "2" datestamps. 1cm tear at base and 4mm tear at left edge, otherwise fine, an attractive and unusual card flown from Windsor. Photo on Page 172. £140-160


Click to view full image... Maltese Cross. 1843 (Mar 14) Small stampless entire letter from Wigton to Hersham prepaid 1d in cash unusually with a Maltese Cross in the upper right corner and a "WIGTON" double arc datestamp below. Photo on Page 172. £200-250
  Maltese Cross. 1843 Entires with four margin 1d reds cancelled by Perth distinctive Maltese Crosses, one with stamp crossed by vertical file fold, the other fine. S.G. £1,400. (2). £100-120
  1845-1905 Entires, covers and cards (45), pieces (4) and stamps (2) including 1856 entire letter with 1d red tied Irish numeral in green, London boxed late fee and Cresswell type duplexs, 1862 Pearson Hill machine on cover headed with a printed religious text, 1872 Azemar machine, Edinburgh Brunswick Stars (6, two on covers to India franked 1d + 1/-), dotted duplexs (5), "Posted Since" duplexs (2) and St Andrews Cross duplex, Glasgow "Madeleine Smith" cancels (2, very fine, one on 2d pair), boxed "MISSENT / TO / GLASGOW", Scottish experimental duplexs (3), "159" roller of Glasgow, spoons (3, including Bridgenorth), sideways duplexs (3), a single 1d red (faults) with "683" Salisbury trial pin cancel, etc. Also "British Postmarks, A Short History & Guide" by Alcock & Holland. (52). £300-350
  Numbers in Maltese Crosses. 1843-44 Entire letters with 1d reds cancelled by numbers "1" to "12" in Maltese Crosses with additional strikes of numbers 1 and 7, all superb strikes, six bearing stamps with four large margins, the others mainly three margins. (14). £600-800
  Machine Cancels. 1911 (Nov 6-15) Pieces cancelled by the scarce London E.C second Hey-Dolphin machine trial with short bars (3) or long bars (3), and 1926 (Feb 4) cover with London W.C Krag machine trial. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image... London District Numeral. 1873 Cover to H.M.S Frolic, Singapore, bearing 1873 6d grey plate 12 (3) + 1/- plate 7 each cancelled by the rare "42/B" obliterator of Stanmore, backstamped at Stanmore, North Weald and Singapore. Part flap missing and small piece from upper edge, otherwise fine, probably the only example of this Stanmore obliterator known on cover. Photo on Page 174. £150-200
  London. Stamps and pieces with London cancellations, extensive mainly QV - KGV accumulation in a stockbook including Rideout and Pearson Hill machines, numbers in Maltese Crosses, various types of numerals and duplexs, precancels, D27-D53 numerals used on printed matter, dumb cancels, 1902-03 Hey-Dolphin machine trials, telegraphic, newspaper and parcel cancels, etc. (Many 100s). £400-500
  Scotland. Stamps and pieces with Scottish cancels, a mainly QV-KGV accumulation in a stockbook, mainly numerals, duplexs or circular datestamps. 100s). £140-160

Exhibitions & Special Events

  1817-1957 Covers, cards and entires on pages, various exhibition or other cancels including 1891 Royal Naval Exhibition and 1893 Gardening & Forestry Exhibition "Eddystone Lighthouse" cancels, 1908 Ballymaclinton c.d.s on a postcard sent unpaid to India but strangely not charged, 1931 India Round Table Conference registered cover, 1888 "Irish Exhibition in London" printed cover used with "Dublin Pillars Too Late" duplex, etc. (27). £150-180
Click to view full image... Boy Scouts. 1929 (July 31) 1 1/2d Stationery envelope bearing a 3d stamp each cancelled "ARROWEPK CAMP / WIRRAL CHES" skeleton datestamp with a third strike on the reverse, addressed to "Asst. Dist. Com. V. Collett, No 2 Cash Supply Depot, Arrowe Park, Birkenhead". This datestamp used on the first day of the World Scout Jamboree at Arrowe Park. The skeleton c.d.s was only used on registered mail, this item being franked at the registered rate though without a registration label applied, possibly because it was delivered within the Jamboree Camp itself. Photo on Page 174. £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1934 (Nov 2) Cover to "D. Handover, Airway Terminus, Victoria Station" bearing 1934 1 1/2d tied by London machine with the slogan "OPENING OF MOUNT / PLEASANT SORTING / OFFICE BY T.R.H. THE / DUKE & DUCHESS OF YORK", the enclosed card depicting Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, the reverse with "This card was passed through the postage stamp cancelling machine by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York on the occasion of the opening of the reconstructed Sorting Office by His Royal Highness the Duke of York on the 2nd of November 1934". Fine and scarce, about 400 items sent, all addressed to VIPs. Photo on Page 174. £140-160

Explanatory Handstamps & Postage Due Mail

  1828-2000 Covers and cards with various explanatory marks mainly on undelivered mail, or postage due handstamps, also delayed or damaged and officially sealed mail, etc. (156). £250-300
  1842-77 Entire letters and covers with various explanatory marks or endorsements including missent mail, red "RETURNED FROM", "SENT BACK TO ENGLAND / WITHOUT A REASON / FOR NON DELIVERY", etc. (8). £80-100
  1864 (Feb 15) Large cover with an enclosed valentine card bearing flowers made of pieces of linen, silver embossed borders, the envelope posted within London handstamped "2" and "MORE TO / PAY / S". £80-100
  1865-1979 Covers and cards, mainly undelivered mail with various Returned Letter datestamps and explanatory handstamps, includes 1865 "RETURNED LR BH / LONDON" c.d.s, 1875 "RETURNED LR OFFICE / LONDON" c.d.s, 1889 oval crowned "GLASGOW / RETURNED LETTER BRANCH" datestamp, boxed "RETURNED TO / POST OFFICE / UNCLAIMED" datestamps for various London offices (5), 1871 "NOT / FULLY ADDRESSED", 1919 "RETURNED FROM MANSTON", 1903 "RETURNED FOR / BETTER ADDRESS", also missent marks, etc. (52). £200-250
  1871-1954 Covers and cards sent within or from G.B to abroad, all returned to sender with various cachets, including "REMOVED" or "Inconnu / Unknown" of Shanghai, bilingual "REFUSED" and "RETURN TO SENDER" of Iraq, boxed "Return to Sender" of Seychelles, 1937 cover to Norfolk Island, etc., an interesting collection written up on album pages. (45). £200-240
  1874-1980 Covers and cards (46) and fronts or pieces (3) with postage due charges, includes 1889 part wrapper franked 1 1/2d with scarce "BOOK POST / OVER (6) oz / 498" charged 1d, QV 1/2d postcard disallowed in 1915 and charged 1d, 1905 wrapper franked 2d with "OVER / (8) oz" and "CONTAINS A COMMUNICATION / OF THE NATURE OF A LETTER / 131" charged 1d, 1916 stampless cover evidently from France with an army censor but posted in Southampton so charged 2d, etc. An interesting lot, written up on pages. (49). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1882-90 Postcards addressed abroad but returned to the senders as they contravened U.P.U regulations, comprising 1883 1 1/2d + 1 1/2d reply card from Birkenhead to Brazil handstamped with red London c.d.s and scarce violet "NOT / TRANSMISSABLE / TO" alongside the country address name; 1890 1 1/2d postcard from Bath to Natal with red London c.d.s and "POST CARDS TO THIS ADDRESS / CANNOT BE FORWARDED"; and a privately printed German reply card bearing German 5pf pair posted from Cambridge to Berlin with red London c.d.s, "Contrary to regulations / F.B" and boxed "NOT TRANSMISSABLE". The last with vertical fold, the others fine, a scarce and unusual group. Postcards could not be sent to countries outside the U.P.U; only official reply cards with printed stationery stamps were valid. (3). Photo on Page 174. £220-260
  1896-1991 Covers and cards with various postage due charge marks, "T" handstamps, explanatory marks for invalid stamps (16), also "Stamp Missing in Transit" (2), etc. (79). £150-180
  1899-1967 Covers and cards sent as printed matter to abroad but unpaid so returned handstamped "NOT TRANSMISSABLE UNPAID / POSTAGE REQUIRED" (3); incoming sample post deemed liable to letter rate and charged with boxed postage due marks (4, one also with scarce "Short Paid at / Small Packet Rate"); and 1/2d printed matter cover to Germany with "contrary to regulations / F.B" and boxed "Not Transmissable at the / (lower) Rate of Postage / F.S", an unusual lot. (8). £150-180
  1927-86 Covers and cards with "Delayed through being Posted in an Incorrect Letter Box" cachets, mainly pre-war cachets of London in red including "Letter Box for London Letters" machine type very unusually with circular undated London W.C die alongside, and the very scarce unboxed type with larger lettering, 1968 reuse of the machine type in black, also 1937 "POSTED IN THE / WRONG BOX" handstamp in violet, etc., one unusually on a Paquebot card. (20). £140-160

(Also See Lots 1101, 1199, 1206)

  1830-39 Fronts on pages from an old scrap book, all written up at the time with details of the signatures, some Irish. (c.524). £180-220

Maritime Mail
(Also See Lots 308-323, 326-328, 573, 979, 1256)

  1748 Entire letter from Charles Town, addressed to "David Covingtrie of Newark Esq.", a 4d rate crossed out and replaced by "a ship ler double 5", reverse with albino town handstamp which we are unfortunately unable to read though the double 2d rate + 1d ship fee suggests it is sent within Scotland, the address probably Newark near Port Glasgow. £100-120
  1804-43 Entire letters with Ship Letter handstamps of Greenock, Penzance, Portsmouth, London (2) or Liverpool. (6). £100-120
  India Letters. 1834-37 Entire letters from India or Ceylon with boxed India Letter handstamps of Dartmouth, Margate, Falmouth or Brighton in red, all fine. (4). £380-420
  India Letters. 1827-42 Entire letters from India all with India Letter handstamps comprising Portsmouth (In3) in red or black, Hastings in red, Deal (In1) in black, Penzance (In2) in red, Milford in black, the Deal letter written on the Barque "Curraghmore" near the equator describing the voyage from England. The Milford handstamp a little incomplete but easily readable and scarce, the others fine. (6). £150-180
  Cowes. 1817 Entire letters from Boston endorsed by the "Minerva Smyth" or from New York endorsed by the "Gulen" both to Thomas Aspinwall, the American Consul in London, with first type "COWES / SHIP LRES" (S1), charged 1/5. One letter thanks Aspinwall for the safe arrival of a pianoforte, the first to go on show in Boston. (2). £100-120
  Greenock. 1803 Entire letter from the Revd Roger Viets in Digby, Nova Scotia, concerning money paid to James Secore for teaching the school of blacks (presumably North American Indians), to London with red oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / GREENOCK". £100-120
  Liverpool. 1880 1d Postcard to Germany cancelled by "LIVERPOOL / P.L.O" c.d.s of the Packet Letter Office, very unusual as a cancellation. £150-180
  London/Cape of Good Hope. 1819-36 Entire letters to the Cape of Good Hope, the first written in Holland, both with red Post Paid Ship Letter handstamps of London (Rob. S41, 49). (2). £180-220
Click to view full image... London. 1835 Entire letter from India to England backstamped red "SHIP LETTER" and boxed "INDIA LETTER" with a London c.d.s all in the same red ink, charged 1/6 1/2, the extra 1/2d presumably a local delivery charge. Some splitting at the folds but an unusual combination of Ship and India Letter handstamps. Photo on Page 174. £100-120
  Transatlantic. 1850 Post Office Notice, all letters to USA to be sent by the first Packet, whether British or American, unless directed to go by a specific packet, and giving sailing and posting dates for packets from Liverpool and Southampton. Horizontal folds and a few minor stains, otherwise fine, 26xs40cm. £80-100

Military & Naval Mail
(Also See Lots 316, 317, 320-322, 341-356, 385, 386, 406-443, 449-452, 500, 547, 551, 552, 625, 736, 1107, 1257)

  1797 Entire letters written on H.M.S "Indefatigable" to Scotland both countersigned by the Commanding Officer, one prepaid at the 1d concession rate, the other posted unpaid so charged 1/2. Also an 1824 entire letter from the same correspondence posted at Devonport, reporting the change of name of Plymouth Dock to Devonport. Some soiling, edge faults and folds, still an unusual and early pair of letters both intended for the sailors rate but showing the prepaid 1d rate and full unpaid rate. (3). £100-120
  1799 Entire letter written from the War Office by Donald Campbell of Barbreck (noted Indian traveller who published "Journey Overland to India") and sent as a free frank, unusually headed "W.O First Mar 1799" and signed "Kirkley", the letter including instructions to send replies to the War Office. Also 1809 letter (no address panel) from George Williamson at the Royal Military Asylum Chelsea forwarding a letter from the addressees son and sending other letters of his under cover of a frank; he also states that letters for Spain may be sent to Williamson, directed as usual, and will then be forwarded by the Headquarters bag. (2). £80-100

Mulreadys & Parliamentary Envelopes

Click to view full image... 1840 (Apr 14) House of Commons 1d envelope posted to Berwick on Tweed with red Paid datestamp, reverse with "Library House of Commons" wax seal, trace of light crease near upper edge mentioned for accuracy only, an unusually fine, clean and attractive example of this parliamentary envelope. S.G. PE9, £6,000. Photo on Page 174. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... 1840 2d Mulready lettersheet, a complete mint sheet of twelve, two central folds and one horizontal fold all between lettersheets, unusually fine and a very scarce sheet. S.G. £7,000. Photo on Page 178. £1,800-2,200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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