Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 22
Click to view full image... 1929 £1 PUC used, c.d.s cancel. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 154. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1929 £1 PUC used, c.d.s cancel. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 154. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1929 £1 PUC used, c.d.s cancel. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 154. £160-200
Click to view full image... 1929 £1 PUC used, c.d.s cancel, margin at top. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 154. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1929 £1 PUC used, very light c.d.s cancel. S.G. £550. Photo on Page 154. £180-220
  1929 PUC 1/2d - 2 1/2d in mint blocks of four (with additional 2 1/2d block) and six and K29 control blocks of four; inverted watermark 1/2d (4), 1d and 1 1/2d booklet pane of six mint, and sideways watermark 1/2d - 1 1/2d in unmounted singles and strips of three mint (mounted on central stamps only), also 1 1/2d sideways watermark used. S.G. £1,700+. (84). £150-180
  1934-51 Mint high values comprising 1934 re-engraved 2/6 and 10/-, 1939-48 2/6 brown unmounted, 2/6 green (2, one unmounted), 5/- (2), 10/- dark blue (4), 10/- ultramarine (2, one unmounted), £1 (8), 1951 £1 unmounted block of four. S.G. £2,410. (33). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1935 Silver Jubilee 2 1/2d Prussian Blue mounted mint, with R.P.S Certificate (1972), very fine. S.G. 456a, £13,500. Photo on Front Cover. £3,500-4,000
  KGVI Cylinder and control blocks (and some pairs or singles), collection in two albums and on pages or stockcards, also a few booklet panes and Post Office training school overprint blocks. A useful lot with commemoratives and definitives to the 1/- value, some scarce cylinder/control numbers included. (100s). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1939 KGVI 10/- Dark blue in a complete unmounted mint sheet of 40, lightly folded along several perforation lines, otherwise superb, guide lines between the central block and end pairs in rows 3/4. S.G. 478, £10,400. Photo on Page 156. £2,000-2,400
  1948 KGVI £1 Brown in a complete unmounted mint sheet of 40, very fine. Also 1948 Silver Wedding £1 block of four unmounted mint. S.G. 478c, 494, £1160. £220-260
  1952-67 Wilding definitives, mainly unmounted mint collection in two albums with many cylinder blocks, also booklet panes, missing phosphors, watermark and phosphor varieties, etc. (100s). £180-200
Click to view full image... 1952-67 Wilding definitives, mainly mint collection in a stockbook including coil join strips, cylinder blocks, graphite and phosphor-graphite sets, varieties with 1958 1/2d block showing double perforations (one grossly misplaced), 1/- double impression, 1/6 prussian-blue shade cylinder block, graphite line 1/2d - 3d booklet panes with inverted watermarks, 1960 green phosphor set and blue phosphors, violet phosphor cylinder blocks, 3d block of twelve showing violet all over phosphor streaks on eight stamps and almost solid phosphor on four stamps, also a few Machins (face £52). A useful lot. Photo on Page 148. £250-350
  1952-90 Mint and used collection mounted in three large leather bound S.G. Philatelic Albums each in a slip case, including Phosphor Graphite set mint, 1961-67 phosphor sets mint, some earlier F.D.Cs, Machins, a few booklets and presentation packs, stamp issues virtually complete with mint issues nearly all unmounted. Also cover from India with the stamp washed off and "DAMAGED-BY / SEA-WATER" and 1954 damaged Canadian cover with "SALVAGED FROM T.C.A. WRECK". (3 albums). £350-450
  1955-68 2/6 - £1 Castle issues, mint and used selection on pages and stockcards including scarce 1958 first De La Rue set of four unmounted mint (S.G. 536/9a, £600) and £1 in used blocks of four (2) or six, 1963 Bradbury Wilkinson 5/- inverted watermark used, various minor varieties, etc. (100s). £200-250
  1960 Phosphor-Graphite issue presentation pack, UK edition, reverse with label correcting the watermark details in the printed text. £100-120
  1967-c.2015 Machins (and decimal "Castle" high values), the extensive specialised collection in five albums and on stockcards or loose, one album with pre-decimal issues, the remainder decimal stamps with many control blocks, many written up with printer, phosphor, paper and gum types identified. Many better cylinder blocks noted including 1975 FCP/PVA 6 1/2p cylinder 4 no dot perf 18 block of six, etc., values to £5 including many self adhesive stamps with 1st Class (198), 1st Large (52), 2nd Class (132), 2nd Large (68), 1st or Large 1st signed for (23), Special Delivery (34), £1 (90), £1.50 (41), £2 (113), £5 (35) and at least 234 other stamps over £1 face value. Face value £1,500++ with many rarer items included. (Many 100s). £800-1,000
  1971-2015 Decimal definitives unmounted mint in five stockbooks with booklet panes and a few booklets, coils, miniature sheets, regionals, many blocks of four or larger, approx 1200 stamps with face of 50p or higher including 1st (316), 2nd (139), £1 (102), £1.50 (42), £2 (35), £3 (24), £5 (39), £10 (4), also some pre-decimal regionals, London 2000 miniature sheets in special wallets (2), and an apparently complete coil roll of 5p x 3 + 4p stamps, all superb. Face value £1,500+. £700-800
  1971-2015 Decimal commemoratives, unmounted mint, in eight stockbooks and loose, including miniature sheets, booklet panes and a few booklets, many complete sheets and blocks, self adhesive issues, considerable face value with stamps for 1st (1597), 2nd (262), E (133), at least 50 other stamps above £1 face. Estimated face value £2,000++. £1,000-1,200
  2012 Olympics and Paralympics 1st Class stamps (188), other 1st Class stamps (43) and various presentation packs (29), face value £150+. £80-100
  Post Office Label Sheets. 2000-2003 Unmounted mint sheets comprising LS1 (5, also one on cover with F.D.C cancels), LS2a and LS3a with scarce "Consignia 2001" imprint (4 of each sheet), LS4 - 11 (4 of each sheet), LS12 and LS13 (3 of each sheet) and L14-16 (2 of each sheet), also 2012 "UK A-Z" miniature sheets (2) and 2010 Pink Floyd miniature sheet (2, one on cover with F.D.C cancel). S.G. LS1/16, MS3308, £8,500+. (62). £700-800
  Presentation/Collectors Packs. Collectors Packs for 1971, 1972 (3), 1975 (10), 1976, 1978 (25) and 1979 (10), 1985 Post Office Yearbook, various pre-decimal presentation packs (14) including 1965 700th Anniversary of Simon de Montfort's Parliament (2), and decimal presentation packs (46, face value £120+). (112). £100-150
  Booklets. 1965-70 Predecimal booklets for 2/- (55), 4/6 (8), 5/- (8), 6/- (9), 10/- (33) and £1 Cooks booklets (26), all fine. (139). £100-150
  Booklets. 1971-2012 Decimal booklets with face value from 10p to "6 x E", includes booklets for 50p (216), £1 (125), £2 (45), £2.40 (19), £2.50 (20), etc. Face value £580 (approx). (746). £200-250
  Prestige & Premium Booklets. 1972-2014 Prestige and Premium booklets, the huge quantity in three boxes, all superb, comprising DX1 (19), DX2 (35), DX3, DX4 (2), DX5 (4), DX6 (2), DX7 (12), DX8 (19), DX9 (17), DX10 (20), DX11 (21), DX12 (26), DX13 (10), DX14 (15), DX16 (7), DX17 (7), DX18 (16), DX 19 (8), DX20 (27), DX21 (27), DX22 (11), DX23 (11), DX24 (20), DX25 (5), DX26, DX27 (8), DX28 (8), DX29 (2), DX30, DX31 (6), DX32-DX35 (one of each), DX36 (6), DX37 (6), DX38 (2), DX39-DX42 (four of each), DX43 (2), DX44-DX51 (four of each), DY1 (4), DY2 (5), DY3 (8), DY4 (5), DY5 (4), DY7 (2), DY8 (2), DY9 (3), DY10 (2). Also Royal Mail "Across the Universe - Microcosmos" Guide to Space each containing booklets DX29 and DX30 (10). Face Value £3,186. S.G. £12,900 (approx). (401). £1,600-2,000
  First Day Covers. 1936-2015 F.D.Cs including high value definitives, booklet panes and miniature sheets, a few Buckingham Palace cancels noted, also a few other covers and cards with three commercial covers bearing the 1/2p Machin with phosphor band at left from the Wedgwood booklet, etc. A very large quantity, all fine, some in albums. (Many 100s). £150-200
  Jersey. 1941 1d Scarlet on chalk-surfaced paper in a complete unmounted mint sheet of sixty, with "EVENING POST, JERSEY. 17/3/41" imprint, sheet number "5855", superb. Also G.B KGV 1/2d N size stationery envelopes in a complete bundle of 22 with wrapper band, and Australia 1948 5/- block of four unmounted mint. S.G. 2d, £3,300. £250-300
  G.B Used Abroad - Porto Rico. 1872 Entire letter from San Juan to New York bearing 1870 4d vermilion plate 12 cancelled "C61", red "PORTO RICO / PAID" and "N.Y STEAMSHIP / 10" datestamps on the front, stamp crossed by vertical fold but still an attractive used abroad entire. £100-120


  1896-1903 Army issues including QV 2 1/2d (3) and 6d (2), and Admiralty 1/2d (type O11) and 1d, all fine mint. S.G. £546. (20). £100-120
  1901 O.H.M.S Office of Works cover sent unsealed within London at the printed matter rate, bearing 1/2d orange O.W Official. Address panel with small scrape and a few letters of the address strengthened, still a good use of this 1/2d Official, scarce on cover. £80-100

Perfins, Locals, Revenues & Postal Fiscals

  Postal Fiscals. 1882 1d Pink envelope bearing Foreign Bill 1d, posted within Liverpool, each cancelled by a superb Liverpool squared circle, reverse stained, the front largely fine, attractive and unusual. £100-120
  Perfins. Stockbook of perfined stamps including Line Engraved 1/2d, 1d or 2d (200+), surface printed issues to the 2/6, etc., a few railway, Board of Trade and named perfins noted. (100s). £300-400
  Circular Delivery Co Stamps. 1865-67 Collection written up in an album with mint issues from ten companies and a selection of forgeries, many multiples including Edinburgh & Leith 1865-66 1/4d grey-lilac imperf part sheet of 59, 1/4d dull mauve imperf blocks together forming a reconstructed sheet of sixty, 1867 1/4d red-brown imperf block of 130, Edinburgh & Leith Parcel Delivery Co 1866 2d yellow and 3d brown-red both in six imperf blocks of ten together forming reconstructed sheets of sixty, Glasgow 1/4d black and 1/2d dull scarlet imperf sheets of 66, London 1866 1/2d dull purple imperf block of 63, London & Districts perf 13 1/2d claret block of 97 (with eight stamps showing 1/4d error of value) and 1/4d green block of 100, Metropolitan 1867 1/4d rose-carmine thin paper blocks of 51 or 56, Liverpool perf 13 1/4d brown sheet of 99 and 1/2d slate-lilac block of ninety, etc. Also various college stamps (13), and written up studies of Post Office training stamps (144) and postal stationery advertising rings (15, one 1d W.H Smith ring cancelled solely by red oval framed "PD"). A fine lot. (1,490). £600-800
  Lundy Island. 1932 Covers to R.J Clough at the Manor House Hotel on Lundy Island, one from Surrey franked 1 1/2d, the other two unusually from India to Surrey and redirected to Lundy franked 3p pair + 1a pair or with a Calcutta 2 1/2a meter mark, all three with a Lundy 1/2 puffin stamp tied by boxed Lundy datestamp. (3). £110-130
  c.1795 Medicine stamp for F. Newbery, No. 45 St Pauls, second type stamp in chestnut with "Value 1s and under" at left and the name at right, duty 1 1/2d, die number 8, a little soiling at left, a very scarce early revenue stamp. £80-100
  1811 Stamp Office Attorneys Certificates, bearing embossed revenue stamps for £5 or £10, folds, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). £80-100
  Revenues - Cypher Seals. Collection in two albums of the cypher seals applied over the ends of the tin strip used to apply embossed revenue stamps on paper to documents and therefore prevent stamps being unstapled and reused. Stamps include the very rare first type William III cypher of c1701, both dies with Queen Anne cypher (4, two on documents), and all later George I - George V types. A fine collection comprising single seals (45), pieces (160) and complete documents (14), a few seals unused including VR strip of four, some pieces bearing two cypher seals. (219). £180-220


  c.1600-1915 Documents, printed letterheads, etc., including 1662 newspaper "The Kingdoms Intelligence"; 1831-34 postally used bills with printed headings from London drapers or shoe makers; 1794 bill for provisions from Brigadier-General Doyle, Q.M.G of the army under the Earl of Moira, sworn at Newport, etc. (11). £100-120
  Gordon Riots. 1780 Entire letter from London to Cupar signed "Free Stepney" with red "FREE" and "13/JU" Bishop Mark, contents include "you have already heard no doubt of the insurrection here by the papers. The tumult now subsides, the city is under military law, all other justice laid aside. 10,000 men encamped in Hyde Park, 4,000 in the Green Park, 10,000 more in different parts of the city, great numbers have been killed by the military and many burned, murdered & drowned as they attempted to force the Bank but met with a warm reception. I saw 30 killed there but I hear there was betwixt 2 & 300, the moat dragged them out of sight. Lord George Gordon was taken to the Tower on Friday, its thought his life will go. They are still taking up the rioters & I hear 25 are to be executed tomorrow at the camp". A fine contemporary account of the Gordon Riots. £100-120
  The Times Newspaper/Canada. 1836 Entire letter written in Newark, New Jersey by J.W Parkins, former High Sheriff of London and Middlesex, posted within the London Local Post to "The Editor of the London Times, Printing Office, London", a long letter praising the politics of The Times, attacking the conduct of Lord Lambton, Governor-General of Canada, and his report into the recent rebellions in Canada and proposed political reforms. £80-100
  1839 Entire letter from Bucarest, written by the diplomat Robert Colquhoun to James Baillie Fraser in Scotland, interesting contents regarding the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire and the probable partition of European Turkey, disinfected with c.75 rastel holes £80-100
  1846 Large map of London published by "Family Times" in The Strand, entitled "20 Miles around St. Pauls", handcoloured, details of the various boroughs and villages printed in the corners, laid down on cloth, approx 92x90cm, a very fine and scarce map. £100-120
  1891-92 G.P.O London Christmas card depicting the former Postmaster-General Henry Raikes, the G.P.O and a branch Post Office, London to Paris telephone, trans-pacific cable, sorting of mails, etc., finely printed in colour, small tear and crease at upper edge, otherwise fine and attractive, 167x223mm. £80-100


  Box containing prestamp - QEII covers, cards and a few fronts, including many from or to Farnham or district, 1853-59 covers signed by Baron Napier to his wife (6, one from Constantinople but posted in London), 1900-01 covers with enclosed letters from a naval cadet at Devonport (34), etc. (100s). £150-200
  1673-1845 Mainly prestamp entire letters including frees from 1673, handstamps including 1817 distinctive circular type "STOCKPORT / 179", 1843 "Kensington / Penny Post" on London Cross Post letter, etc. (39). £150-200
  1702-1874 Entire letters, covers and a front all written up on album pages including Southgate Mulready caricature No. 4 front used with a 1d red tied by a Maltese Cross (possibly forged, offered "as-is"), unused Spooner Caricature No. 9 and Fores Coaching Envelope (faults), Deraedemaker reprints of Fores Christmas Envelope and Gilpins Ocean Penny Postage envelope, unused Myers Ocean Penny Postage envelope, 1854 1d pink stationery envelope addressed with a photograph of a gentleman and "Lincolns Inn, London", unused 1d Mulready lettersheet stereo A6, various prestamp letters with Bishop Mark, Dockwra, Uniform 4d Post, etc. Also "Postal History of GB & Ireland" by Willcocks and a reprint of "The Mulready Envelope" by Evans. (39). £250-300
  1757-1933 Entires, covers and cards including 1841 entire from Bedford to Luton bearing 1d black TE plate 1a with good margins tied by a red Maltese Cross (tear to address panel, the stamp fine), handstamps of "SHREWS / BURY" (1757), "LUTON" (3, 1763-76), "HITCHIN" (3, 1779), etc. (39). £120-150
  1775-1845 Entire letters with town handstamps, frees, Bishop marks, etc., many Scottish, many fine strikes. (43). £100-150
  1806-1901 Entire letters and covers including cover bearing a 1d black (faults) with "Crosby / Penny Post", many 1d red covers including spoon cancels of Drogheda, Worcester (4, one redirected with two spoons), Chester (2 types) and Hull (on imperf 1d), numbers in Maltese Crosses (2), other Maltese Crosses, many London numerals, sideways duplexs, also unusual small circular framed "TOO / LATE" of Rochdale, 1839 (Dec 20) cover with enclosed letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury posted from Croydon to Lancashire during the 4d Post period as a free frank but charged the London Local Post 2d fee, 1849 entire with blue "RYAN BROTHERS & CO / SHIP BROKERS / AND / GENERAL AGENTS / LIMERICK" F.A.C, etc. (c.140). £200-250
  1838-39 Entires with printed address panels headed "Postage Return", to "C.F. REEVES, Esq / GLASGOW", sent free of charge, the enclosed forms headed "The Postmaster-General having directed that the Postage on letters shall in future be calculated by the nearest travelled carriage road ..... by return of post inform me what postages have already been altered under this order and what postage ought to be altered .....", completed by the Postmasters of West Kilbride or Carnwath showing former and new postages to various places, with "W. KILBRIDE" or "CARNWATH" handstamps. Also various other forms, letters, etc., with 1835-52 printed correspondence on West India Contract mail service, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co contracts, establishment of a packet port at Dartmouth, 1918 regulations for stamped to order postal stationery, etc. An interesting lot, the 1838-39 Postage Return forms very scarce. £200-250
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
Details: Viewing:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for full viewing details
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