Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Auction Lots - Page 6
  Colombia - Scadta. 1922-37 Covers and cards (14) and fronts (2) all to or from Colombia, flown by Scadta within the country, includes Scadta stamps with "F" overprint of France (cover + front), "H" of Netherlands, "G.B" of Great Britain (2, one cover with overprinted + handstamped adhesives) or "A" of Germany (2, one with faults), etc. A good lot. (16). £280-320
Click to view full image... Colombia - Scadta. 1924-31 Covers (51) and fronts (4) to or from Colombia all flown internally by Scadta including 1927 cover from G.B bearing 1 1/2d pair and Scadta 30c with "F" overprint (intended for French mail and applied in error instead of a G.B overprint), also Scadta stamps overprinted "A" for Germany (5), "EU" for USA (2), "S" for Switzerland, combination frankings with USA or Canal Zone stamps, various Scadta labels and cachets from their offices in Liverpool, London, New York, Paris, Berne, etc. A good lot. (55). Photo on Page 48. £250-300
  Ecuador. 1929-45 Commercial covers from and to Ecuador including items flown by Scadta or Panagra, various unusual frankings, etc. (56). £120-150
  France. 1919-25 Commercial covers flown from Paris to London (5, two with "Express" cachets), Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna, Budapest, Prague (2) or from Marseille to Rabat. A fine lot of early commercial air mails. (12). £180-220
  France. 1919-43 Mainly commercial flown covers to or from France with 1919 "La Poste Aerienne" pictorial cover from Paris to Amsterdam, various origins and destinations including underpaid cover to Guatemala, 1925 cover to Sweden franked 3f, censors, etc. (42). £120-150
  France. 1923-39 Mainly commercial covers and cards, many with better frankings, various destinations including a correspondence to Morocco. (87). £130-150
  Germany. 1912-39 Covers and cards from or to Germany including 1912 Darmstadt flight card (2), 1923 registered covers to London partly paid in cash (2), 1919 "LUFTPOST / Gelsenkirchen" cancels (faults), 1920 postcards flown to Denmark or Austria, Danzig flights (2), 1936 card flown by LZ129, etc. (50). £200-250
  Germany/Colombia. 1928-39 Air Mail covers from Germany to Colombia (19), Dominican Republic or USA, some Scadta datestamps, various better high value frankings. (21). £150-180
  Germany - Catapult Ship "Ostmark". 1939-40 Cover from Germany to Rudolf Schenk, a radio operator on the catapult ship "Ostmark" at Las Palmas, and two covers sent by Schenk from Las Palmas to Germany, all inscribed by Iberia between Las Palmas and Seville, Ala Littoria between Seville and Rome and Lufthansa between Rome and Munich. (3). £120-140
  Germany. 1940-44 Flown covers to or from Germany or German occupied territory including cover from Prague to an internee in India, Luftfeldpost, cover to Rhodes redirected to Trieste and then back to Germany, etc. (30). £120-150
  Greece & Rhodes. 1932-45 Flown covers and cards, mainly commercial with covers to Danzig, Poland (with 10gr stamp for Poste Restante fee), covers from Rhodes (10), etc. (29). £120-150
  Guatemala. 1930-43 Mainly commercial covers from or to Guatemala, various destinations including Egypt, Fernando Poo, etc., some censored. (54). £150-180
  Ireland. 1923-67 Covers, cards and a parcel tag, to or from Ireland, including 1923 covers to France or Iraq, 1926 first flight to Senegal, 1931 registered covers to Germany (2), 1950 cover to USA franked single 10/-, etc. (19). £180-200
  Ireland. 1940-44 Censored air mail covers to or from Ireland including 1944 (July 10) cover to Switzerland handstamped "NO AIR MAIL SERVICE / BY THIS ROUTE AT PRESENT", etc. (16). £150-180
Click to view full image... Japan. 1938 (Mar 16) Cover from Osaka to Bolivia franked 2y20, bearing a bilingual Air Mail label, carried by sea to Seattle and then by internal air mail to Las Paz, fine and rare. Photo on Page 48. £150-180
  Netherlands. 1920-26 Covers and cards flown to Germany, G.B (3) or France, 1921 postcard from G.B to Holland franked 3d handstamped "Insufficiently Paid for Transmission by Air Mail", also 1930 (Nov 11) card carried by Graf Zeppelin bearing 1929 air set cancelled at Venlo with Friedrichshafen c.d.s alongside. Fine and scarce early flights. (7). £180-200
  Peru. 1929-45 Commercial covers from or to Peru, various destinations include Japan, some censored, also a 1938 Lufthansa picture postcard. (52). £120-150
  Portugal. 1937-43 Flown covers and cards, many censored, destinations include Chile, Sweden, etc., one cover to Holland enclosing a 1940 Amsterdam to Lisbon first flight cover both bearing British censor 465 seals, etc. (33). £100-150
  Roumania. 1924-40 Covers flown to or from Roumania, mainly commercial mails, also 1933 Zurich to Budapest first flight. (13). £80-100
  Russia. 1922-40 Covers and cards flown to or from Russia, most commercial, a good lot with some scarce and unusual frankings. (46). £300-350
  Russia. 1927-29 Large registered covers (14) sent to the Bank for Russian Trade in London, various rates and frankings, a few cover faults, an unusual lot. (15). £100-120
  Salvador. 1930-44 Flown covers, unusual destinations include Japan, some censored. (38). £80-100
  Spain. 1929-46 Covers and cards flown from or to Spain, various origins, destinations and frankings including first "Correo Aereo" overprint issue, some censored. (52). £150-180
  Sweden & Denmark. 1912-45 Covers and cards flown to or from Sweden or Denmark, mainly commercial mail, some first or last flights included, 1912 card with Sweden First Aerial Post label and cancel, Sweden 1920 "Luftpost" overprint issues (3, one with German currency control label), etc. (50). £280-320
  Switzerland. 1922-47 Covers flown to or from Switzerland including 1922 (Aug 29) commercial cover flown from Zurich to Berlin franked 65c with "Porto" handstamp, censored, service suspended (4), cover to an internee in Isle of Man, various origins and destinations including Danzig, etc., a good lot. (51). £200-240
  Turkey. 1924-45 Air Mail covers to or from Turkey, mainly commercial with various destinations and wartime routes, many censored, also 1924 Berlin to Constantinople first flight (2), etc. (47). £280-300
  USA. 1924-46 Covers including internal New York to Los Angeles flown covers (2), 1934 army air route to Philippine Islands, commercial covers to Martinique (9, all with Martinique censors), Finland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, various South and Central American countries, etc., stamps include 1923 Air 8c, 20c (2). (44). £200-250
  Venezuela. 1931-52 Covers and cards from or to Venezuela, many unusual destinations and origins, some censored with labels of Ecuador, Curacao, etc. (130). £150-180
  West Indies. 1930-45 Air Mail covers to or from various Caribbean islands including Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Bermuda, Trinidad, Antigua, Curacao, etc., all commercial, some censored. (47). £150-180


  1928-43 Covers and cards comprising "ACCIDENTE DE AVIAO" cachets on 1939-40 covers sent within or to Brazil (5), "ACCIDENT D'AVIATION" cachet on 1936 cover from USA to Brazil, 1928 cachet of St. Petersburg, Fla., "Damaged By Sea Water" cachets on 1943 covers from G.B to South Africa or Uruguay to London, 1942 cover from G.B to Swaziland with violet "DAMAGED ON BOARD", and "Salvaged Mail From Fire" cachet on 1943 cover from Iran to USA. (11). £250-300

Air Crashes, including Imperial Airways
(Also See Lots 191, 521, 777, 850, 936, 940, 941)

  "City of Arundel". 1932 (Mar 1/3) Covers from Durban to England franked 1/- or from Nairobi to Tahiti franked 75c, both carried on the "City of Arundel" which made a forced landing south of Wadi Halfa after a sandstorm fouled its propeller on March 9th. The mails were picked up by the rescue aircraft "Apollo", arriving in Cairo two days late. The Kenya cover backstamped at Cairo (Mar 11) and Port Said, light vertical fold, otherwise fine, with an article on this crash which illustrates this cover. A rare pair, just one other KUT postcard recorded by Sandford from this crash, the Tahiti destination undoubtedly unique. (2). £200-240
  1935 (Nov 8) Cover from Messina to Barcelona franked Italy 1.25L + Air 60c, upper edge stained and a little burnt on the flap, bearing a French Officially Sealed label tied by Marseille c.d.s (Nov 11) with Barcelona arrival c.d.s (Nov 12), handstamped "ACCIDENT D'AVION / Correspondences recueillieseuller / NE PAS TAXER" (the central line crossed out). The Barcelona to Marseille plane crashed upon landing at Istres on November 11th, catching fire and killing the three aviators; very little mail was recovered. Nierinck 351111. £150-180
  "City of Khartoum" and "Athena" - Mail to Malaya. 1936 Cover from Cornwall to Johore with the stamp soaked off and an accompanying G.P.O Singapore explanatory slip dated 13th January 1936, "This letter was salvaged from the Imperial Airways seaplane "City of Khartoum" wrecked off Alexandria on the 31st December 1935", and 1936 (Sep 22) cover from Brentwood to Singapore franked 6d, with a virtually identical G.P.O Singapore explanatory slip dated 2nd October 1936, "........... from the Imperial Airways aeroplane "Athena" destroyed by fire at New Delhi on the 29th September 1936". A good pair. (2). £200-240
  "City of Khartoum". 1936 Waterdamaged remains of a cover from G.B to Christchurch, enclosed within an Australian ambulance envelope, with enclosed G.P.O Sydney explanatory letter, "The enclosed has been damaged by sea water. It was part of the air mail from the United Kingdom carried by the British Air Liner "City of Khartoum" which was lost in the Mediterranean Sea". £100-120
  "Scipio". 1936 Covers from Australia to Belgium or Palestine to Holland or Germany, handstamped "AVION ACCIDENTE", red "Accident d'Avion" (with French Officially Sealed label with Paris c.d.s) or Munich Post Office label explaining that it was recovered from a plane crash in Crete, the last with the stamp washed off. (3). £150-180
  "Athena". 1936 (Sep 21/22) Covers from London to Sydney franked 1/3, one handstamped "Salvaged from Air Liner / "ATHENA""; the other a little fire damaged with enclosed G.P.O Sydney explanatory letter, "I regret that this article addressed to you was damaged when the airliner "Athena" was destroyed by fire at Delhi, India, on 29th August" (altered to "29 SEP 1936" with red cachet). (2). £120-140
Click to view full image... "Boadicea". 1936 (Sep 24) Cover from Kidderminster to India, a little water damaged and the stamp washed off, with an attached Returned Letter Section, Mount Pleasant, explanatory label, "The accompanying packet which was washed ashore on the coast of France was apparently conveyed by the Imperial Airways Airplane "Boadicea" which left Croydon on the 25th September and failed to arrive at Paris. The inconvenience occasioned is regretted", with the ambulance envelope backstamped at Lahore (Nov 24). A scarce cover from the second of three mail bags to be found, washed ashore at Dymchurch on November 10th. Photo on Page 48. £160-200
  "Courtier". 1937 (Sep 28/30) Covers from Palestine to G.B, USA, or Germany, Egypt to Greece or Germany, or Burma to G.B, one Palestine cover franked 15m, the other covers with all or some stamps washed off, one with boxed explanatory cachet in Greek, the others with violet "Aus Verunglucktem Flugzeug / durchn asst geborgen" (2, both with Germans Officially Sealed labels), boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" (2) or "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT". The "Courtier" crashed and sank upon landing at Phaleron Bay on October 1st, killing three people. A good group, the Greek cachet scarce. (6). £340-380
  "Cygnus". 1937 Covers from Malaya or India both to Holland, the stamps soaked off, the first without any cachet, Brindisi (Dec 18) and Eindhoven (Dec 21) datestamps; the second with the scarce cachet "Doorweekt viliegongeval / Brindisi" and an endorsement to show postage had been paid, four India 1a stamps from another cover applied to the reverse. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1938 (Jan 3) Cover from Rome to Glasgow bearing six different stamps, the edges repaired by "ER" Found Open and Officially Sealed tape, the reverse bearing two white "G.R" Found Open labels with London F.S c.d.s (Jan 6), handstamped boxed "DAMAGED / BY FIRE". From the Lufthansa plane which crashed at Frankfurt in a snowstorm on January 4th. Nierinck did not record any covers from this crash, though one similar cover was sold in the March 2016 Argyll Etkin auction, very scarce. Photo on Page 48. £180-220
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 21/22) Covers from G.B to Australia (3) or New Zealand (2), one franked 3d, the others all with the stamps washed off, with explanatory slip of Melbourne (type kk), label applied at Perth (type qq) or differing cachets (3, types a, h, i). (5). £220-260
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 21/23) Covers from G.B to Australia (3) or New Zealand (2) all recovered from the Imperial Airways flying boat "Calpurnia" which crashed upon landing on Lake Ramadi, Iraq, on November 27th with the loss of four lives. Three covers with stamps washed off, covers with cachets (3, types a, h, i), attached explanatory label of Perth (type qq) or with enclosed explanatory slip from Melbourne (type kk). (5). £200-240
Click to view full image... "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 21) Cover from Wrexham (letter enclosed) to Hobart, the stamp washed off, handstamped "SALVAGED / EX "CALPURNIA"" (type 9), a second strike applied to sealing tape on the flap. A scarce cachet, applied at Hobart on mail to Tasmania. Photo on Page 48. £120-140
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 22) Cover from London to South Australia franked 1 1/2d, water damaged, with enclosed G.P.O Adelaide explanatory letter, not recorded by Nierinck and very scarce. £120-140
Click to view full image... "Corsair". 1939 (Mar 13) Registered cover from Kampala to England, the stamp washed off, handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER" and endorsed "R.L.D I.S. Postage Stamp missing". The Imperial Airways seaplane "Corsair", en route from Durban to G.B, made a forced landing on the Dungu River in Belgian Congo on March 14th, the plane finally being repaired in early 1940. Very scarce, little mail recovered. Photo on Page 48. £200-250
  "Centurian". 1939 Covers from Australia (3) or Singapore to G.B, three with some or all stamps washed off, handstamped "SALVAGED MAIL / EX. CENTURION" (2, the Singapore cover with two cachets in differing shades of red) or similar "CENTURIA" cachets (2), one cover to Guernsey. (4). £160-200
  "Challenger". 1939 (Apr 24/25) Covers to South Africa, from Germany franked 60pf or from Cairo with the stamp washed off, both handstamped violet bilingual "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY WATER", the second with a "Found Open and Officially Closed in the Post Office" label bearing a Durban c.d.s (May 7). The "Challenger" crashed upon landing at Lumbo, Mozambique, on May 1st striking a small boat and sinking, killing three people. Two unusual origins, most of the recovered mail being from G.B. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... B.O.A.C Lockheed "Lyndhurst". 1944 (Nov 22) 6d Air letter from England to a soldier in Nairobi, right edge burnt, reverse endorsed "Delivered Army Post Office Nairobi 15 Jan. 1945 I.H.C Godfrey, Capt. E.A Command". The "Lyndhurst" crashed in the Aberdare Mountains on November 29th whilst en-route from Juba to Nairobi. The wreckage was not found until 31st December, salvaged mail being received at Nairobi in batches, on 8th and 15th January and 6th March. A scarce crash cover, with three photos of the crash and contemporary news cuttings. Photo on Page 48. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1950 (Feb 1) Postcard from Switzerland to England with meter mark, handstamped violet "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER", and registered cover from Holland to London franked 47c sealed with brown tape and bearing the explanatory label "Damaged by K.L.M - airplane accident above the North-Sea on the 2nd February 1950. Post-Office, The Hague, Netherlands". The Schipol to London K.L.M flight disappeared into the North Sea, some mail being found quickly and two further mail bags found by fishing boats in late April. Scarce, the cover from the final mail bag found on April 24th. (2). Photo on Page 50. £200-250
Click to view full image... "Malabar-Princess". 1950 (Oct 31) Cover from India to London bearing Indian stamps on the reverse, covered by the explanatory label "Salvaged April 1951, from the Air Liner "Malabar-Princess", which crashed in the Alps, November 1950", with London F.S c.d.s (Apr. 30 1951). The Air India plane from Cairo to Geneva crashed into Mont Blanc killing all 48 people on board; mails were recovered on six occasions between November 1950 and 1978. A fine cover, from the second mailbag found in April 1951. Photo on Page 50. £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Sale Number 40)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 29th September 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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