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Date: 24th February 2017 Time: 11:00AM
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Friday 24th February 2017 To be sold at 11.00 a.m

Literature 1-7
Africa Air Mails, including Gambia, Egypt, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, South Africa 8-49
Maritime Mail, Wreck Covers 50-56
Military & Naval Mail, with Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, Boer War 57-81
Hospital Ship Mail, 1815-1913, including Boer War, Boxer Rebellion 82-128
World War One - A Collection of Unusual Censored & Forces Mail 129-180
World War Two - Japanese P.O.W Mail, G.B Mail Damaged by Enemy Action 181-189
Worldwide & British Empire Stamps & Covers 190-204
Afghanistan, Antarctica, Antigua, Argentina, Ascension, Australia & States 205-224
Bahamas, Barbados, Belgian Congo, Bermuda, British Honduras 225-242
British Occupation of Italian Somaliland, British Solomon Islands 243-265
British Somaliland, Burma, Canada, Ceylon, China, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Denmark 266-292
Egypt, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands & Dependencies 293-324
Faroe Islands, Fiji, France, Gambia 325-335
Germany, with 1922-23 Inflation Mail, WW2 Feldposts 336-357
Gibraltar, Greece, Grenada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland 358-364
India, Convention States & Native States 365-453
Ionian Islands, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Jamaica, Japan 454-469
Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika 470-499
Kuwait, Labuan, Madagascar, Malaya, Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat 500-519
Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria & Cameroons, Pakistan, Persia 520-542
Philippines, Portuguese Nyassa, Rhodesia, Russia, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sarawak, Saudi Arabia 543-566
South Africa - Cape including George District Postal History, Natal, O.F.S, Union 567-635
Spain, Sudan, Tibet, Tonga, Transjordan, Trinidad & Tobago 636-657
Tristan da Cunha, USA, Yemen, Zanzibar 658-671
Great Britain:
   Stamps 672-717
   Officials, G.B Used Abroad, Locals, Telegraphs, Cinderellas 718-734
   Revenues, Postal Fiscals, Licences, Cypher Labels 735-757
   Ephemera, Autographs 758-762
   Postal History - Mixed Lots 763-770
   Air Mails, Cancellations, Christmas Advance Posting Cancels 771-795
   Coffee Houses, Exhibitions, Express Mail, Frees, Late Fees 796-803
   Maritime Mail - Ship Letters, Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet, H&K Packet  804-826
   Mulreadys, Parcel Post, Pictorial Envelopes, Postal Stationery, Railway Letters 827-842
   Registered Mail, T.P.Os, Uniform 4d Post 843-864
   Essex, Hampshire 865-866
   Isle of Wight - Extensive Collection featuring Osborne House, Railway letters, ­P.O.W Ships, Ship Letters, Forwarding Agents 867-993
   Kent, featuring a Collection of North West Kent 994-1045
   Lancashire, London 1046-1073
   Norfolk, Scotland including Jacobite Letters 1074-1088
   Suffolk, Warwickshire, Yorkshire 1089-1091

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  Various books including Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia volumes I (Europe), II (Africa) and III (Asia), "Album Weeds or How to Detect Forged Stamps" by R.B Earee, third edition in two volumes, "The Philatelist" 1953-55 in two bound volumes, etc. (15). £70-100
  Air Mails. Various books including "David Field's Air Mail Catalogue 1934", "E-Z Rocket Mail Catalogue" in two volumes, "Air Mail Magazine" 1940-43 in four volumes, 1959 "Bute" British Empire airmails auction catalogue, "Rocket Mail Flights to 1986" by Kronstein, "Balloon Posts" by Boesman, etc. (29). £100-120
  Great Britain. Books on stamps, postal history, revenues or cinderellas including "G.B Medicine Stamp Duty" by M. Tanner, "Impressed Duty Stamps of G.B" 1998 edition, "Judicial Stamps of G.B and Ireland", "British County Catalogues of Postal History" volumes 1-5, "G.B Post Roads, Post Towns and Postal Rates 1635-1839" by A. Robertson, "Guide Lines to the Penny Black" by P. Lichfield, "The Penny Post" by F. Staff, "The Ship Letter Ports of the Thames Estuary" by A. Robertson, etc. (48). £120-150
  India. The extensive library on stamps, postal history or postal stationery of British India or Native States, including "Early Indian Cancellations" and "Stamps of India" by J. Cooper, "Numbers in Early Indian Cancellations" and "Pakistan Overprints on India" by D.R Martin, "India Army Postal Service" in three volumes by E. Proud, "Story of the Indian Post Office" by M. Anand, "1854 Issue Essays, Proofs & Reprints" by J. Spence, "British India Postal Stationery" by D. Lang, "Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office" (+ supplement) by Dovey & Bottrill, "Overseas Letter Postage 1854-76" by Martin & Blair, "Travancore Anchal" by N. Mooss, "Handstruck Postage Stamps of India" by H. Giles (+ supplement), "Overland Mail" by J. Sidebottom, "Indian Postal History 1873-1923" by D. Virk, "Cochin Postmarks & Cancellations" by G. Pai, "Soruth" and "Bahawalpur" by R. Wood, etc. (49). £200-240
  India - Revenues. "The Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India" by Koeppel and Manners, three volumes; and "India Government Fiscal and Judicial Stamps and Stamp Papers" by Blatt, Mollah & Heppell, three volumes. (6). £80-100
  India - Airmails. "Indian Airmails 1911-42" by P. Jain; "From the Diary of Stephen Smith"; "Indian Air Mails", "Indian Air Mail Postal Rates until 1956" and "Wartime Airmails" all by J. Brown; "Indian Air-Ways" (2 volumes) and "World Fliers Danger Zone" all by S. Smith; "Indian Rocket Mails, Stamps & Vignettes" by J. Cooper, etc. (12). £80-100
  India Used Abroad/French India/Aden/Burma/Nepal. Various books including "French Establishments in India" by R. Wood (hardback, 215 pages), "Postal History of British Aden" by R.W Pratt, Persian Gulf books by A. Parsons or T. Tomkins, "India Used Abroad" by J. Cooper or V. Dastur, "Classic Stamps of Nepal" by Hellrigl & Vignola, "Native Postmarks of Nepal" by Hellrigl & Hooper, "Burma Postal History" by G. Davis, "India Used in Burma" by J. Cooper, etc. (14). £100-120


  1934 R.A.F South African Cruise, log sheets of the flight from Heliopolis to Pretoria and the return flight piloted by Sqn. Leader Saunders, the 30 pages detailing the flight via Assiut, Wadi Halfa, Atbara, Khartoum, Kosti, Malakal, Juba, Kisumu, Nairobi, Moshi, Dodoma, Iringa, Mbeya, Mpika, Broken Hill, Salisbury, Bulawayo, Pietersburg to Pretoria and the return flight, with full details of times and places seen, also three pages giving local times and the times for sunrise and sunset on the route, and a note handed to Saunders during the flight, "Here is the railway, we had better follow it to Balatras L.G". A unique original document of this important flight, with a full transcription. £220-260
  1928 "Royal Air Force, Pilots Handbook of the Cairo - Cape Town Air Route", published by H.M Stationery Office, ring bound within a red board cover, containing a description of the 21 stages of the route from Cairo to Cape Town and Cape Town to Pretoria via Durban, tables of distances, compass bearings between landing grounds, lists of Governors of territories traversed and local authorities at landing grounds, ground to air signal codes and how to send them with action to be taken after forced landings, plans of 46 aerodromes from Heliopolis to Salisbury, and 20 maps showing the route from Sudan to South Africa. Up to six earlier maps possibly missing, otherwise fine and compete, a useful and rare record of this important air route. Only 500 copies printed very few of which can still survive, this copy ex Ministry of Defence library. £160-200
  1934 "Royal Air Force, Pilots Handbook and Aeronautical Guide to East and South Africa", 85 pages of text + diagrams, blue card cover, signed "C.S Moore" with "Fairey VI F No 5" written in pencil. Contents include descriptions of all stages on the route and plans of the landing grounds, with a mileage chart. A very detailed and scarce record of this important air route. £160-200
  1926-40 Flight covers with 1926 G.B cover to Dakar carried on the first flight from Toulouse; 1934 first dispatch from Swaziland for the G.B to Australia air mail service, flown from Cairo to Sydney; 1937 cover from Australia to Cairo redirected to "Kenya Flight, Khartoum" with Egypt stamps added and then redirected back to Cairo; Mozambique covers (2, one to Norway); 1936 D.L.H cover from Germany to Dahomey and redirected to Kenya where it was officially sealed; and 1940 cover from Greece to Sudan. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1937 Brisbane to Cape Town first solo flight by Mrs H. Bonney, covers with Australian stamps cancelled at Brisbane (Apr 8) flown on the legs from Cairo to Port Said with Egypt stamps tied Cairo c.d.s (June 8), Juba to Malakal with Sudan airmail stamps tied by Juba c.d.s (July 12), or from Johannesburg to Pretoria with South Africa Coronation stamps tied Johannesburg c.d.s (Aug 17). All three bear the flight cachet and Brisbane arrival c.d.s, and are signed by Mrs Bonney. (3). Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £240-280
  R.A.F / R.R.A.F Flights. 1957-68 Covers comprising Transport Command "Comet 2" XK 669 flights from Aden to Nairobi and Nairobi to Kano (16-21 June 1957) or G.B to Salisbury, Rhodesia (28 June 1958); R.R.A.F Vampire Jet Aden to Southern Rhodesia flight flown on the leg from Daressalaam to Salisbury (6 Mar. 1958, just two covers carried); 1968 (Nov 17) R.A.F Canberra flight from Nairobi to Sharjah and back via Djibouti, all covers pilot signed and posted upon arrival. Scarce. (5). £120-140
  Madagascar. 1938-39 Commercial air mail covers from France to Madagascar (13), Madagascar to Paris or sent internally from Diego Suarez to Tananarive. (15). £100-120

West Africa

  1938-42 Commercial covers from or to West Africa including covers from France to Gold Coast (4) or Ivory Coast, Switzerland to French Sudan, or from Liberia (4), Cameroon (2), French Sudan (2, one to Gold Coast), Ivory Coast (5, one to Gold Coast), Senegal (2), etc. (26). £200-240
Click to view full image... Senegal - Jim Mollison G.B to South America Flight. 1933 Cover to London endorsed "Carried by me, England S. America J.A Mollison" with Senegal 50c tied by Thies c.d.s (Feb 8). Mollison made the first flight from England to South America and the first solo east to west crossing of the South Atlantic, flying from Lympne to Buenos Ayres via Barcelona, Villa Cisneros, Thies, Port Natal and Rio de Janeiro; no more than five covers carried from London were posted at each stop. A rare signed Mollison flight cover. Photo on Back Cover in printed catalogue. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Chad/Egypt. 1925 (Nov 13) Cover to S/L A. Cunningham, RAF Helwan endorsed "By Special Air Mail Kano-Cairo", bearing Chad 75c with red manuscript "By Air F. Lamy Cairo" tied by Fort Lamy c.d.s, backstamped at Hilwan Les Bains (Nov 20). Fine and scarce, very few covers carried on this R.A.F survey flight from Fort Lamy to Helwan via Kano. Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £400-500
  Chad - Imperial Airways. 1936 Postcard from London (Feb 9) to Abesher flown to Khartoum and then to Fort Lamy (15 items flown), and cover flown from Ati (Feb 16) to Fort Lamy with flight cachets (20 letters flown), both carried on the first Imperial Airways service on the London to Nigeria route. Scarce. (2). £100-120
  Gambia. 1926-44 Covers comprising 1926 Bathurst to G.B by first flight from Dakar to Toulouse; 1927 G.B Philatelic Congress flight to Gambia, flown from Toulouse to Dakar; 1930 Bathurst to G.B by French service; 1934 first G.B despatch to Gambia by D.L.H, and first Gambia to Europe dispatch by D.L.H unusually addressed to Newfoundland; 1935 covers to G.B (2) or South Africa with boxed "AIRMAIL / GAMBIA - ENGLAND" cachets; 1937 G.B to Gambia by D.L.H; 1938 Bathurst to Freetown first flight; 1944 first civilian air letter acceptance from G.B to Gambia. (11). £240-280
Click to view full image... Gambia - D.L.H Service. 1934-35 Covers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Johannesburg both carried by D.L.H, the first posted 20 November 1934 carried on the "Westfalen" to Porto Praia as the airport at Bathurst was closed due to quarantine; the second cover of 15 January 1935 carried on the usual route via Bathurst. Very scarce, just two D.L.H flights were diverted by the closure of Bathurst airport. (2). Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £200-250
Click to view full image... Gambia - Zeppelin Flight. 1935 (Nov 16) Cover from Bathurst to Recife franked 1/6, inscribed "By Graf Zeppelin", backstamped at Recife. Carried on the first of just three Graf Zeppelin pendulum flights between Gambia and Brazil, whilst the catapult ships were being serviced and the usual seaplane service could therefore not operate. Very scarce, few covers known. Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £500-700
Click to view full image... Gambia - Zeppelin Mail. 1935 (Nov 28) Cover from Pernambuco to Bathurst bearing Brazil 700r + 3500r, inscribed "Mit Graf Zeppelin" and flown on the last of three pendulum flights made by the Graf Zeppelin with Bathurst (Dec 2) arrival c.d.s, then posted back from Bathurst to Pernambuco on the first flight of the resumed Lufthansa service with Gambia 1/2d, 2d + Silver Jubilee 1/- all tied by December 6 c.d.s. Handstamped circular "SERVICIO AEREO TRANSOCEANICO / CONDOR / ZEPPELIN / LUFTHANSA / BRASIL EUROPA" with a final Pernambuco (Dec 8) arrival c.d.s. The German seaplane service from Bathurst to Brazil was suspended for two weeks in November 1935 whilst the mid-Atlantic depot ships were refitted, and the Graf Zeppelin therefore made three mail carrying flights; however there were no mooring facilities at Bathurst so the mails had to be dropped to the ground. Very scarce, just three covers recorded carried on the Zeppelin and resumed Lufthansa services. Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £1,250-1,500
  Gold Coast. 1934-40 Covers with 1934-35 covers from G.B flown from Toulouse to Dakar (2); 1936 Accra to G.B first acceptance by Imperial Airways from Kano, and cover from G.B flown to Lagos; 1937 Aeromaritime service from Takoradi to G.B or first flight on the extension to Pointe Noire, Elders Colonial Airways first experimental flight from Accra to Lagos and first regular service with cachet (2, to G.B or Lagos); 1939 Elder Colonial Airways Takoradi to Lagos trial flight (about 30 letters flown) and first regular flight; 1939-40 covers to G.B flown by Aeromaritime (3); 1940 cover to South Africa flown by B.O.A.C to Khartoum then by flying boat. A good lot. (15). £250-300
  Nigeria. 1936-41 Covers with 1936 (Feb.) first flights from Antwerp to Kano via Khartoum and return from Kano to London; 1936 Imperial Airways first flights from London to Lagos and on the legs from Kano to Oshogbo, Minna to Kano, Lagos to Kano, Minna to Maidugari, Kaduna to Kano; 1937 cover flown Kano to Paris; 1937 first acceptance from Belgium to Kaduna; 1941 Lagos to India flown B.O.A.C to Cairo to join the horseshoe route. (11). £220-260
  Sierra Leone. 1929-44 Covers with 1929 cover to USA flown Dakar to Toulouse; 1937 cover from G.B flown by Air France; 1938 Elders Colonial Airways first flight to Bathurst, and first acceptance from G.B for the Bathurst to Freetown service; 1939 Elders Colonial Airways experimental flight from Conakry to Freetown, and covers to G.B flown by Air France to Toulouse (2); 1944 cover to G.B flown by B.O.A.C. (8). £120-140

Belgian Congo

  1926-42 Covers comprising 1926 first Sabena flight from Bukama to Antwerp (2); 1934 Leopoldville to Antwerp flight by Marie-Louise and G. Hansez; 1940 Usumbura to Entebbe first Sabena flight (stamp damaged); also 1942 (Dec 4) cover carried on the special Sabena flight from Johannesburg to Douala via Elisabethville. (5). £150-180
  1946 Registered air mail cover from Stanleyville to New York paid 161f, bearing 1934-39 Air 5f (2), 1942-43 1f, 10f (5) and 100f. £50-60


Click to view full image... 1919 (April 23) Stampless O.H.M.S cover to "O.C 1009 M.T Coy, R.A.S.C, E.E.F" flown by emergency R.A.F air service from Alexandria to Jerusalem with black boxed "AERIAL POST / E.E.F", Base Army Post Office Z c.d.s and a unit cachet, backstamped F.P.O SZ36 (?, Apr. 26). Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1922 Cover to R.A.F Depot, Uxbridge, endorsed "By Air Mail" with 10m tied by Cairo machine cancel (June 27), reverse handstamped "ROYAL AIR FORCE / JUNE 27 1922 / HEADQUARTERS, M.E / DESPATCH DEPARTMENT". A military air service between Egypt and the UK began in June 1921, operated by 30, 47 and 216 Squadrons of the R.A.F flying from Heliopolis to Aboukir, Sollum, Benghazi, Khoms, Malta and on to Europe. This is the only recorded cover carried on this service, which commenced at the same time as the well known Cairo to Baghdad service. Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1925 London to Cape Town Imperial Airways survey flight by Alan Cobham, special postcard to the editor of "Flight" magazine in London posted by Cobham after his arrival at Cairo on December 7th bearing Egypt 5m + 10m. Both sides with violet oval "BY SPECIAL AIR MAIL / 16-11-25 / LONDON - / CAPE TOWN", the reverse bearing green flight vignette and signed by Cobham. Small corner crease and minor toning to reverse, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 8 in printed catalogue. £350-450
Click to view full image... 1931 Graf Zeppelin flights, postcards bearing the 50m Zeppelin stamp sent to England with the Port Said c.d.s or to France with the Cairo c.d.s, and a cover to Athens franked 1m, 3m, 5m on 50m and 100m each tied by Alexandria c.d.s, all with Friedrichshafen transit datestamps. All fine, the Graf Zeppelin c.d.s of Port Said uncommon. (3). Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £350-400

Rhodesia & Nyasaland

  1933-34 Covers and cards comprising 1933 (May 30) Zomba to Lilongwe R.A.F flight cover franked 1/- with "FIRST NYD AIRMAIL" c.d.s; and 1934 (March 8) covers carried on the first flight between Blantyre and Salisbury, with items from Nyasaland to Salisbury, Bulawayo, London, Cape Town (2) or Johannesburg, and covers flown in the opposite direction to Blantyre from Salisbury (2) Broken Hill or Elizabethville in Belgian Congo. One cover from Zomba bears the handstamp of the Nyasaland Postmaster-General and signatures of the R.A.N.A Pilot M.H Phillip and Captains F.C Elliott-Wilson and J.S Sheppard who flew the Imperial Airways "Andromeda" from Salisbury to Johannesburg or onto Cape Town; three other covers are signed by Capt. Phillip. (11). £240-280
Click to view full image... 1934 Stampless cover to "The Agent, Rhodesia & Nyasaland Airways Ltd., Lusaka" inscribed "Carried by the first flight of the RANA service, Bulawayo-Lusaka, 5th May 1934", signed by the pilot M.B Bowker, reverse endorsed "Received by J. Birnie, Shell Company of Rhodesia Ltd., 6th May 1934". Fine and very scarce, very few carried. Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1934 (May 7) Cover franked Northern Rhodesia 2d to Bwana Mkubwa via Ndola, carried on R.A.N.A experimental flight from Bulawayo to Ndola and posted upon arrival endorsed "By favour of M.B Bowker Byo / Ndola Experimental Flight, R.A.N.A", bearing a blue "By Air Mail" label. The reverse signed by the pilot M.B Bowker with Bwanamkubwa arrival c.d.s (May 8), small part flap missing, otherwise fine and scarce, fewer than ten covers carried. Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £140-160
  1934 (July 31) Registered cover from Blantyre to Quelimaine via Broken Hill endorsed "via 1st French air mail Broken Hill to Madagascar", franked Nyasaland 1934 1/2d - 1/-. Handstamped "Non Reclamee" and "Retour A L'Envoyeur", backstamped at Salisbury, Quelimaine, Luchenza, Limbe and Blantyre. Flown by R.A.N.A to Broken Hill to join the French Paris to Madagascar service to Quelimaine, just 25 covers carried. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1935 (Aug 12) Registered cover from Livingstone to Bahia bearing Northern Rhodesia Silver Jubilee set of four, handstamped red "BY AIRSHIP - ZEPPELIN / VIA London - Friedrichshafen (Germany)", backstamped at Berlin - Zentralflughafen (Aug 28) and Bahia (Aug 31), fine and scarce. Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £750-850

South Africa

  1925 (Mar 2 - June 15) Covers and cards carried on the internal experimental air service including scarce first (and only) flights from Mossel Bay to Cape Town (2); other flights from Cape Town to East London (2, one redirected back by air) or Durban (3); East London to Cape Town or Oudtshoorn; Durban to Mossel Bay (a little stained but scarce), Cape Town (2) or East London (2, both redirected by air to Cape Town); Port Elizabeth to Cape Town; one cover from Great Britain, five others to G.B, one cover from Mossel Bay paid entirely by KGV definitives without an air stamp applied. (15). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1925 (June 7) Cover to East London with KGV 2d and Air Post set of four all tied by the oval "SOUTH AFRICA / ROYAL TOUR" bilingual datestamp, carried on the final flight from Durban, fine and scarce. Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £120-140
  1926 (Nov 28) Mittelholzer Africa flight, flown from Zurich to Alexandria and then carried by surface mail, cover franked 10h + two 35h air stamps with the flight cachet, unusually addressed to Cape Town, an arrival c.d.s on the front, light vertical fold through one stamp, otherwise fine. £80-100
  1929 (Aug 26-29) Union Airways first flight covers carried from Cape Town to Durban (3, one from G.B franked 5 1/2d, another registered to Kenya franked 8d + Air Post 4d); Cape Town to East London; Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg; East London to Cape Town, all except the G.B cover bearing Air Post 4d stamps. (8). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1934 Royal Visit of H.R.H Prince George to South Africa, Basutoland, Bechunanaland, Southern and Northern Rhodesia, the fine collection of covers and cards with Royal Tour cancels all addressed to L.A Wyndham and despatched by air mail, eight registered with violet registration handstamps and certificates of posting. The covers comprise 13 Feb. to Windhoek or Athens; 22 Feb. to Cape Town signed by the pilot Lt. Pat Murdoch; 27 Feb. to Chikwawa, Nyasaland; 1st March Basutoland card bearing Basutoland stamps to Limbe, Nyasaland, with Maseru c.d.s and signed by the pilot M.H Phillip; 6 March to Limbe; 7 March to Limbe signed by the pilots G.W Bellin, E.H Attwood and M.H Phillip; 16 March to Windhoek or Cape Town; 17 March to Windhoek, delayed for a week by rains; 20 March from Gaberones to Windhoek with Bechuanaland 1/2d and 4d pair; 21 March from Bulawayo, sent to Limbe with S. Rhodesian stamps, or to Windhoek with S. Africa stamps; 3 April from Lusaka to G.B with N. Rhodesia stamps and a G.B stamp applied upon arrival, also a few news cuttings and copies of the tour programmes. A superb and very scarce lot, the four 27 Feb. - 7 March items carried on the first R.A.N.A service between Salisbury and Blantyre. (13). Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £1,000-1,300
Click to view full image... 1934 (Mar 8) Stampless O.H.M.S cover to L.A Wyndham, House of Assembly, Cape Town with the Royal Tour datestamp and violet oval "ROYAL TOUR H.R.H PRINCE GEORGE / OFFICIAL FREE / 1934" bilingual cachet, backstamped at Cape Town (Mar 9), signed by the Postmaster of the Royal Train and the S.A.A Pilot Pat Murdoch. Special instructions were issued stating that all official correspondence from the Royal Tour was to go by air mail where possible. Very scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £180-220
Click to view full image... Zeppelin Mail. 1936 (Aug 7) Postcard from Chicago to South Africa franked 73c, inscribed "By Air Ship Hindenburg, Air Mail from London" with "Flug und Luftschiffhafen / Frankfurt / Rhein-Main" c.d.s (Aug 11) and violet "PAR AVION (BY AIR MAIL) / From Europe". A scarce destination. Photo on Page 10 in printed catalogue. £100-120
Click to view full image... Zeppelin Mail. 1934 (Sep 29) Registered cover from Asuncion to South Africa bearing six Paraguay stamps including 1934 Graf Zeppelin 22 1/2p, Zeppelin label and cachets, circular "SERVICIO AEREO TRANSOCEANICO / CONDOR / ZEPPELIN / LUFTHANSA / PARAGUAY - EUROPA" and red "MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT / LUFTPOSTAMT / BERLIN C2" cachets, backstamped at Friedrichshafen (Oct 9) and Berlin. A scarce destination. Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1936 Registered cover to England endorsed "Per favour of Flt. Lt. Tommy Rose DFC" with violet circular "CAPETOWN MUNICIPAL AIR-PORT / 3 MAR. 1936 / WINGFIELD" and signed by the pilot Tommy Rose on both sides, posted upon arrival in London W.C as a registered letter with 1/2d + 4d tied oval Charing Cross datestamps (Mar 9). Rose flew from Cape Town to London in just six days and seven hours, then a record time. He carried just 16 letters for personal friends and two to the Lord Mayor, but did not sign all these 18 covers. Very scarce. Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1937 (June 11) Picture postcard of the R.M.V "Stirling Castle" posted from Cape Town to Durban franked 1d, burnt around the edges, with explanatory forwarding note from G.P.O Johannesburg (June 15), "The enclosed has been recovered from the wreckage of the aircraft destroyed near Germiston on the 14th instant. W.A McGuffog, Postmaster", the note endorsed "Capt Fry Pilot, 2 people killed". A Junkers 52 the "Earl of Caledon" piloted by Capt. F.C.J Fry on a flight from Germiston to Durban on June 14th crashed shortly after takeoff from Rand airport and was completely destroyed. A bundle of 112 damaged letters were recovered from the wreckage and forwarded with a note from the Johannesburg Postmaster; very few of these now survive. Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £250-280
Click to view full image... 1937 Picture postcard of Nairobi posted from Johannesburg (Nov 10) to Germany franked 6d with violet boxed cachet "Junkers Flugzeug-und-Motorenwerke A.-G., Dessau / Rund-Afrika-Flug / Okt./Nov. 1937 An Bord der Ju 52 D-AMUO", written on 6 November by Dr H. Koppenberg, director of Junkers Co on the flight, who gives the route as Berlin-Athens-Cairo-Khartoum-Nairobi-Arusha-Salisbury-Johannesburg. A rare card, believed to have been flown from Nairobi to Johannesburg, very few items known from this round Africa flight. Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1947 Royal Tour. 1947 Stampless covers from F/Lt. Pearson of the Kings Flight with violet circular dated "THE KING'S FLIGHT / ROYAL AIR FORCE", one to England endorsed "On active service, By air mail" with cachet dated 27 Mar 1947; the other to Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, inscribed "On Service" with cachet dated 21 APR 1947. When King George VI visited South Africa on H.M.S "Vanguard" the King's Flight conveyed dispatches, etc; flight personnel were given free mail concessions, using this cachet on their mail. Minor edge fault to first cover, otherwise fine and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 12 in printed catalogue. £180-220
  1947 Royal Tour. Stampless cover to England from Cpl. P. Hawkins endorsed "On Service Air Mail" with circular violet "THE KINGS FLIGHT / 7 MAR 1947 / ROYAL AIR FORCE", and a philatelic cover with Royal Visit 1d - 6d pairs tied by the Kings Flight cachets dated 16 APR 1947. Also cover with the Royal Visit set tied by the usual Royal Visit datestamps, addressed to Kenya and flown by C.A.A. (3). £150-180

(Also See Lots 225, 264, 296, 361, 362, 372, 378, 383, 557, 663, 722, 804-826, 861, 958-993)

  Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 1842-70 Stampless entire letters and entires all endorsed via RMSP Co ships comprising the Avon (4, one carried on first return voyage from G.B), Atrato, Clyde (4), Forth (4), Great Western, Isis (carried on first return voyage from Cuba to G.B), Mersey, La Plata (2), Magdalena, Medway, Solway, Tay (2), Teviot (2), Thames 1, Trent, Tweed or Tyne. Two letters from G.B to Jamaica, the others all to G.B from Havana (15), Kingston, Santamarta, St. Thomas (2), Tampico (3), Vera Cruz, Buenos Ayres (2) or Rio de Janeiro (2). Datestamps include double arc British Post Office c.d.s of Havana (14, five in blue, one in red), Rio (2), Tampico (3, in red), Vera Cruz (with Mexico P.O c.d.s) and Buenos Ayres (2, one c.d.s type), also "PACKET LETTER / SOUTHAMPTON" (2, one blue) and red boxed "PACKET LETTER" of London. A useful collection in an album, with illustrations of some ships. (29). £400-500
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