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Auction Lots - Page 19
Click to view full image... Transvaal / Orange Free State. 1871 Part printed letter (reduced at sides) sent at the 1d printed matter rate from Pretoria to Bloemfontein presumably prepaid 1d with the OFS 1d postage possibly forwarded in cash. Handstamped "PRETORIA / Z.A.R. / AU 13 / 71 / ZUID AFRIKA" c.d.s with blue crayon "1". A virtually identical item illustrated on page 173 of "The Postal History of the Orange Free State" by R. Allison. A very scarce item. Photo on Page 138. £250-300
  Postal Stationery. 1867-69 Potchefstroom postal stationery envelopes, large handstamp with 6d in red ink, or smaller handstamp with 6d in black ink (2, white and buff paper), unused, probably all c.1869-70 forgeries. (3). £80-100
  Postal Stationery - Transvaal/ORC. Transvaal envelopes (13), postcards and reply cards (47), registration envelopes (8), lettercards (4) and wrappers (7), unused and used, including 1869 Jeppe 6d envelope of Potchefstroom, 1872 6d envelope (H&G1, also a forgery), postcards with printed views or railway forms, 4d size K registration envelopes (2), 1915 KEVII 3d registration envelope from Pietermaritzburg P.O.W Camp, 1914 KEVII 1d envelope posted at Walfish Bay uprated with Natal 2d and South Africa 2d, etc. Also ORC postcards (39) including formula types with stamps tied by shield overprints. (118). £200-250
  Revenues. 1875-86 Revenues comprising 1875 imperf 1/- and 10/- (2) and 1877 imperf "V.R Transvaal" overprint 6d, 1/-, 1/6, 10/- (5) and £2 all used; 1878 issue 1/- and £2 used, 6d, 1/6, 2/6, 5/- and £1 apparently unused without gum; 1886 perf 11-11 1/2 2/6, 5/-, 10/-, £1, £2, £5, £10 and scarce perf 11 1/2x14 £20 all mint, a fine group. (27). £100-120
  1887 Bakker Express local post, 1/2d on white paper inscribed "Te Betalen" and 1d on rose paper inscribed "Pretoria", each in a corner block of 23, fine unused without gum. (46). £100-150


  1893 Postal stationery postcards (7) or reply cards (4), handstamped specimen (6), unused (4) or used. (11). £100-120
  1899 G.B 1d Reply card posted back from Zululand to Ireland, the reverse with three "NONGOMA / ZULULAND" rubber datestamps (Feb 17) applied upon receipt of the original card. The 1d stamp cancelled by "NONGOMA / NATAL" c.d.s (Mar 4) and overstruck by an Armagh arrival c.d.s (Apr 1), with transit datestamps of Melmoth (Mar 6), Durban, Armagh and Richhill. £100-120

Boer War

Click to view full image... Bechuanaland/Rhodesia. 1900 Stampless cover to London endorsed "Free on active service, G. Glyn, Capt." with a "KANYE / BECHUANALAND" c.d.s (Feb 19) and large "T" handstamp of Bulawayo, backstamped at Bulawayo and London, the front with Field Post Office B.O transit c.d.s (Mar 27) and a red London Paid c.d.s. Small part flap missing, otherwise fine and a very scarce soldiers cover posted in Bechuanaland and routed through Rhodesia. Photo on Page 141. £250-300
Click to view full image... Bechuanaland/Rhodesia. 1900 (Apr 20) Stampless cover to London with "CROCODILE POOLS / SOUTH AFRICA" c.d.s and the distinctive large "T" handstamp of Bulawayo, crossed out in blue crayon with a red London Paid c.d.s (May 25) applied. Crocodile Pools, located in Bechuanaland, was occupied by the British from December 1899 until December 1901, the scarce datestamp usually being found on mail from the besieged town of Ladysmith. Opening tear at upper edge, otherwise fine and a good example of this scarce c.d.s on a soldiers cover. Photo on Page 141. £280-350
Click to view full image... 1900 (June 12) G.B 1d Lettercard to England tied by F.P.O 17 c.d.s, with the red cachet "RECOVERED FROM MAILS / LOOTED BY THE ENEMY", backstamped at Johannesburg (June 12), Army Base P.O Cape Town (Nov 12) and upon arrival at Cheltenham. A few small stain spots at upper edge, otherwise a fine example of this looted mail cachet, the lettercard evidently not recovered until five months after posting. Photo on Page 141. £200-250

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1911 (Dec 27) First South African Aerial Post card carried on the first flight from Kenilworth to Muizenberg, a Dec. 22 Kenilworth c.d.s applied upon posting alongside the Natal 1/2d stamp which is tied by the special Kenilworth Dec. 27 Aerial Post datestamp with similar Muizenberg Aerial Post arrival c.d.s on the front, also with datestamps of Muizenberg and Cape Town. Very fine, unusual with a Natal stamp. Photo on Page 141. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1911 (Dec 30) First South African Aerial Post card carried on the second flight from Kenilworth to Muizenberg, a Cape 1d tied by the special Kenilworth Aerial Post c.d.s incorrectly dated Dec. 27, the similar Muizenberg Aerial Post arrival c.d.s correctly dated Dec 30, also with datestamps of Muizenberg, Cape Town and Three Anchor Bay. When the Dec. 30 second flight cards were cancelled at Kenilworth the postal official forgot to alter the date; this was soon noticed and corrected, only a small number of cards from the first batch receiving this incorrect cancel. A fine and scarce example of this second flight date error. Photo on Page 141. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1911 (Dec 30) First South African Aerial Post card to Louis Oppenheimer in London, carried on the second flight from Kenilworth to Muizenberg, which was postponed until January 2nd by bad weather. Franked Cape 1d tied by the Dec. 30 Kenilworth Aerial Post c.d.s with similar Muizenberg Aerial Post arrival c.d.s, and datestamps of Muizenberg (Jan 3) and London (Jan 20). A fine card. Photo on Page 141. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1911 (Dec 30) First South African Aerial Post card to Sir James Murray in England, carried on the second flight from Kenilworth to Muizenberg, which was postponed until January 2nd by bad weather. Franked Transvaal 1d tied by the Dec. 30 Kenilworth Aerial Post c.d.s with similar Muizenberg Aerial Post arrival c.d.s, and datestamp of Muizenberg (Jan 3). A fine card, unusual with a Transvaal stamp. Photo on Page 141. £250-300
  1925 (Feb 28 - June 15) Covers flown within South Africa, one unusually from G.B to Durban franked 1 1/2d and 6d endorsed "First trip, Cape Town to Durban" with "S.A AIR MAIL / 2 MAR 1925 / S.A LUGPOS" c.d.s in black; the others all bearing special air mail stamps with similar S.A Air Mail c.d.s in violet. Included are Feb. 28 first flights from Cape Town to Durban or East London bearing Air Post set of four + 6d or only with the Air Post set (contrary to regulations); March 2 first flight from East London to Durban or a double flown cover from Mossel Bay to East London and then flown to Cape Town; March 9 1d postcard with Air Post 1d from Oudtshoorn to Port Elizabeth; and June 15 final flight from Oudtshoorn to East London. (7). £130-150

Union of South Africa

  Wreck Mail - S.S. "Kenilworth Castle". 1918 (April 24) Picture postcard from Port Elizabeth to France bearing a 1/2d pair on the picture side, circular censor cachet and a Paris arrival c.d.s (June 10), a little minor staining explained by the cachet "ACCIDENT DE SERVICE". Recovered from the "Kenilworth Castle" which collided with a destroyer in the English Channel causing two explosions which killed 14 passengers and crew and damaged some of the mail. £80-100
  1929 (Apr 22) 1d Lettercard to Britstown cancelled by "VERNEUK PAN / VPN" skeleton datestamp, used at the temporary post office set up during Sir Malcolm Campbell's attempt on the world speed record. The lettercard is headed "Blue Bird's - Verneuk Pan" and reads, "A terrible wind chased us away. We saw a good attempt to break the World Record yesterday". Campbell broke the world record three days later, on April 25th. A scarce cancel. £150-200
  1936 Piece headed "S.A Medical Congress, Pietermaritzburg. Date stamp impressions, Period 29th June to 3rd July 1936" and signed by the Post Office clerk, bearing impressions of the "SA MED CONGRESS / PMB" skeleton datestamp for each of the six days the temporary Post Office was open, a second strike applied on June 30. Probably a unique piece. £100-150
  Korean War. 1951-53 Forces air letters (38) and a cover from the South African Air Force in Korea, all sent back to South Africa, comprising thirty South Africa 1 1/2d air mail lettercards with the stamp obliterated by four bars and "FREE FORCES MAIL / POSVRY VANAF MAGTE" printed below sent by Lt R. Bisset to his wife in Cape town, 18 without additional stamps (most with arrival backstamps), the other twelve bearing a G.B 2 1/2d tied by British F.P.O 798 datestamps; and eight air letters from Capt. D. Van Vuuren to Pretoria, four using overprinted South Africa letter cards, the other four British forces air letters, all with G.B 2 1/2d stamps cancelled at F.P.O 798. Also a cover from F/Sgt C. Burger at F.P.O 798 franked 2 1/2d. Fifteen of the Bisset letters have been sealed with sellotape resulting in some staining and the Vuuren items are fronts only (2) or have the two side portions removed, the other 16 mainly fine. About 800 South African Air Force personnel served in Korea in 1951-53; just 21,600 South African air letters were overprinted for their use. With an article on these two correspondences. (39). £300-350


Click to view full image... Wreck Mail - S.S "Gertrud Woermann". 1903 (Aug 12) Cape 1d postal stationery postcard to Germany cancelled "CAPE TOWN" c.d.s (Aug 28) with boxed "PAQUEBOT", arrival c.d.s of Stettin (Sep. 20). Written at Swakopmund and posted on the "Gertrud Woermann" bound for Walfish Bay and Cape Town, the ship running aground in dense fog at Port Nolloth on August 22nd, all passengers and mails being transferred to the "Nautilus" and carried to Cape Town where this card was handed in as 'paquebot' mail. Also a German telegram form with Berlin c.d.s (Aug 25) sent from Windhoek reporting the stranding of the ship, and a letter of August 25th from the Woermann Line offices in Hamburg to the Postmaster General in Berlin concerning the incident and the mails on board. An exceptional and unique group. (3). Photo on Page 143. £1,200-1,400

(Also see lots 427, 1049)

  1938 Covers from International Brigade volunteers to France, one franked by nine 30c stamps all cancelled "CORREO DE CAMPANA / B.I / E. DEC. B. MOVIL" c.d.s, the other with 15c (3) and 30c (3) cancelled "CORREO DE CAMPANA / E. DE C. No 7" c.d.s and backstamped with the "B.I E. De C. B Movil" c.d.s, both fine. (2). £140-160

(Also see lots 28-30, 39, 40, 42-44, 50, 122, 124, 153, 389, 393)

Click to view full image... 1898 (Apr 30) Cover from Halfa to England bearing Sudan 5m pair, the reverse handstamped "Wet through collision on the Nile" with datestamps of Alexandria (May 8) and Exeter (May 16). The flap a little torn upon opening, otherwise fine, an unusually good example of this scarce and unusual cachet of which 15 examples have been recorded, all apparently on covers from British forces serving in the 1898 Sudan Expedition, the actual incident not recorded. Photo on Page 141. £600-700
Click to view full image... Marc Pourpe Khartoum to Cairo Flight. 1914 (Jan 19) Ligue Nationale Aerienne cover addressed in Pourpe's handwriting to the President of L.N.A (who sponsored the flight) in Cairo, carried on the return flight from Khartoum to Cairo, and flown as far as Abu Hamed, the second stop reached two days after Pourpe left Khartoum. Franked by Sudan 1m, 3m and 4m stamps tied by "ABU HAMED" c.d.s (Jan 21), backstamped Shellal-Halfa T.P.O No. 2, Halfa-Khartoum T.P.O No. 1 (both Jan 23) and Cairo (Jan 26). Twice handstamped with circular cachet "POSTE AERIENNE / L.N.A / MARC POURPE / 1913-14 / CAIRE-KHARTOUM", applied in blue on the front of the cover and in violet on the reverse. Light horizontal fold, otherwise superb, probably the finest of the few known covers from this flight. Ex Jeidel Collection. (Also see lot 389). Photo on Page 145. £3,200-3,600


  1932-56 Postal stationery comprising postcards (7) with KGV 1/2d Specimen and QEII 1 1/2c on 1 1/2d unused (2); registration envelopes (3) comprising KGVI 4d Specimen and QEII 6d or 5c used; and air letters (6), all unused. (16). £80-100


  Wreck Mail - S.S "Bore"/"Heimdall". 1899 (Dec 29) 10p Postal stationery postcard from Abo to Stockholm, with arrival c.d.s (24 Aug 1900) and perforated type 3 explanatory label "Tillhor / Angf. BORES / post.". The "Bore" left Abo bound for Stockholm via Mariehamn on December 30th but ran aground in fog and bad weather on the 31st between Soderarm and Furusund in Sweden, subsequently slipping off the rocks and sinking. Most mail was salvaged between the 10th and 22nd January, two further bags being recovered in August during salvage operations and a final bag recovered in April 1901 when the ship was finally raised and towed to Stockholm. A fine card from the bag recovered on 21st August 1900, eight months after the wreck. Also a 1929 cover from Copenhagen to Abo recovered from the wreck of the "Heimdall", with explanatory label tied to the reverse, the stamps washed off. (2). £160-180


Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1843-1996 Mint and used collection in seven printed "Helvetia" albums, with many multiples, FDCs and commercial covers, including Zurich 1843 4r and 6r (vertical line background); Geneva 1849 5c (S.G. G6, envelope cut out), 1850 Poste Locale 5c (both types, the second 5c with Rellstab certificate); 1850 Orts Post 2 1/2r (2, one with Weid/Marchand certificate), Poste Locale 2 1/2r (certificate), Rayon I 5r (4, one double black variety with Rellstab certificate, another with Pinchet certificate), Rayon II 10r (12, one unused, one on cover, two on piece with Rapp certificate), 1851 Rayon I 5r red and blue (11, one with blue frame to cross), 1852 Rayon III small figures 15r (2) and large figures 15r (14, including strip of three and 15r + Rayon II 10r on piece with Estoppey certificate), 1854-62 Sitting Helvetia rappen issues (150 + 11 covers) with all paper and silk thread types including 2r grey (2) and 1f grey-lilac (3) and a cover bearing 20r + 40r + 1f vertical strip of four (two other stamps removed), 1862-82 Sitting Helvetia with 1f gold (2), granite paper 50c and 1f (2), all definitive issues from 1882 with various perforations and some varieties, 1908-33 type II 5c tete-beche pair used, many other se-tenant or tete-beche pairs or blocks, 1908-40 Helvetia with Sword set to 3f mint, 1914-18 3f-10f set of four mint including scarce 3f green, 1919 50c winged propeller overprint used on flight cover from Zurich to Berne, 1923-40 air set mint in blocks and used (various papers), various 1924-27 flight covers, 1928-31 3f - 10f mint, 1934 NABA sheet mint and used (2, one on cover), various coil stamps, 1943 miniature sheets mint and used (some on cover), 1945 3f + 7f miniature sheet mint and used (2, one on cover), 1945 Basel Dove miniature sheet mint and used (2), 1945 Peace issue mint and used, 1948 and 1951 miniature sheets mint, used and on cover, 1955 miniature sheet mint and used, and all subsequent issues mint and used, many with blocks and FDCs. A fine collection virtually complete (no postage dues or charity issues), some faults mainly to the earlier issues, many mint stamps unmounted and many better stamps included, very high catalogue value. (1,000s). Photo on Page 146. £5,000-6,000
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Officials - Industrial War Economy Section. The fine display collection of these scarce 1918-1919 Official issues on five pages comprising the 5c - 30c sets of eight fine mint with the two differing types of three line overprint (S.G. 0299/301, 303/315) including the very scarce smaller first type 7 1/2c (0301); second type 7 1/2c overprint used on a postcard from Bern; 7 1/2c and 10c postal stationery postcards with the first type overprint and 10c postcard with the second type overprint all unused; and 5c - 30c set of eight mint with the circular overprint, unissued due to the disbandment of the department in 1919, each stamp with Zumstein guarantee handstamp on the reverse. An exceptional lot, just 100 sets of the unissued overprint believed to have been printed. (24 stamps + 4 covers). Photo on Page 146. £750-900
  Postal Stationery - Bundesfeier Postcards. 1910-60 Mint and used cards, the collection written up on album pages with some additional duplicates, the 1910-37 issues with an imprinted stationery stamp, the 1938-60 cards issued without stamps, all with superb printed views. The collection includes at least one example of every issued card with both mint and used examples of many cards, some first day or pre-issue uses, T.P.O and airmail cancels, etc. A fine and attractive collection. (167). £600-700


Click to view full image... 1899 Cover from Lhasa addressed to the King of Nepal with the large red seal handstamp of the Chinese Amban post, fine and rare. Photo on Inside Front Cover. £700-800


  1963-72 Issues embossed on gold foil, the collection on covers, cards and air letters (60), with four First Day Covers, the remainder virtually all commercial mail with examples of most issues including 1963 coins and later surcharges, 1964 Women's Association, overprints for Queen Salote, 1967 Coronation, 1968 Kings birthday, etc., a few also bearing self adhesive stamps in the shape of bananas, athletes, etc. Also 1963 coinage set of 13 mint. An interesting and unusual collection. (60 covers + 13 stamps). £400-500


  Tobago. 1816 Long entire letter written from Canaan on the Island of Tobago, to Scotland charged 5/6, with "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" c.d.s (Rob. S20), an unusual origin. £100-120
  c.1903 Parcel Post Customs Declaration labels, used to Scotland, a Trinidad Parcel Post c.d.s and "Trinidad" label applied in London, the stamp soaked off, otherwise unusually fine and very scarce. £100-120

(Also see lots 267, 380, 416-418, 547, 728, 863, 188-1206, 1208-1211)

  1841 Entire to Albany with manuscript "Palatine Bridge July 2" and red circular "RAIL ROAD", and 1845 entire letter to New York with red "PHILADA RAIL ROAD". (2). £140-160
  1851-1929 Mint and used accumulation (with a few later stamps) in an old stock album, including 1857 10c, 1861 30c (2), 1869 12c (3), 1898 50c (2), 1899 $5, etc., also a few locals and carriers, Confederate States, officials, revenues, Officially Sealed labels, fractional currency notes and postal stationery cutouts. A useful lot, worthy of close inspection. (100s). £200-250
Click to view full image... Alaska. 1905 (June 13) Picture postcard to Scotland with a 1c stamp tied by "SKAGWAY / ALASKA" duplex, the right edge and part of the stamp burnt, explained by the red cachet "In LS, MS Train wreck Jun. 21, 05". From the "Twentieth Century Limited", operated by the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad Co, which crashed at Mentor, Ohio as a result of points having been deliberately tampered with, 19 passengers and crew being killed. A fine example of this wreck cachet, unusual on mail from Alaska. Photo on Page 145. £150-180
  1995 32c Flag over Porch definitive in a full sheet, perfs omitted from the right half resulting in twenty imperf pairs with a further ten pairs partly perforated. A spectacular item. Scott 2897a, $1200+. £380-450
Click to view full image... Philippines. 1903 Cover to England bearing USA 10c overprinted PHILIPPINES, cancelled by Victoria, Hong Kong c.d.s and handstamped "PAQUEBOT" (Hosking 3106), unusual on a Philippines stamp. Photo on Page 145. £240-280

Wreck Mail

  1822 Entire letter from "Balize, mouth of the Mississippi River" to Toughkeepsie, N.Y with a New York c.d.s. and "SHIP", endorsed "Ship Ohio, Capt. Gifford" and charged 12c, the letter reporting how the brig "Phoebe Ann" went onto a bar in strong winds and was holed, taking on water; the cotton was saved but all other cargo was thrown overboard before she was refloated. Also 1838 entire letter with New York c.d.s charged 12c to Edenton N.C, containing a statement of the insurance claim for repairs to the "Edenton Packet" which struck a shoal near Teachers Hole en route to New York causing the vessel to leak badly and return to Edenton for repairs. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... S.V "Lewis". 1827 (Jan 25) Entire letter from Le Havre to Boston "p. Lewis" with red New York c.d.s (Mar 8) and "SHIP", charged 20 cents. The SV "Lewis" sailed from Le Havre bound for New York but was wrecked on 6th March near Sandy Hook, New Jersey. All passengers and crew were saved and the cargo unloaded in good order. The only item recorded from this wreck and the earliest recorded wreck cover from North America. A unique and important exhibition item. Photo on Page 145. £500-600
Click to view full image... S.S "Oregon". 1886 (Mar.) Covers and cards recovered from the "Oregon", comprising a postcard from Switzerland, registered cover from the Netherlands and covers from G.B (4), Germany (2), Italy or France, all with explanatory labels applied by the New York P.O, the first a white label reading "P.O, NEW YORK, N.Y., Mar. 15th 1886. / This piece is a portion of the mail forwarded from / Queenstown, Ireland, per steamer OREGON. It was / damaged before being taken from that vessel which / was sunk off Fire Island on the 14th instant. / HENRY G. PEARSON, / Postmaster. / N.Y.P.O. PRINT.". The remainder bear labels on buff paper all with similar or identical wording but showing differing formats or varieties within the wording, or differing dates on the first line; these dates comprise Mar. 15th, 16th, Apr. 9th, 12th, 28th, 29th (2) or July 6th (3) and reflect the long period over which mails were being recovered and processed by the Post Office. The Cunard steamer "Oregon" left Liverpool on March 6th for New York via Queenstown, arriving at Sandy Hook, New York Bay, early on March 14th, but was then rammed by the schooner "Charles H. Morse". The "Charles Morse" sank with the loss of all hands whilst the "Oregon" flooded and settled in water off Fire Island, all 866 passengers and crew being rescued by small boats and taken to the Liner "Fulda", which took them to New York. The "Oregon" carried 598 bags of mail some of which were recovered before she sank, other bags were washed out to sea and recovered from the water or washed ashore whilst divers recovered further mail from the wreck between March and July. An exceptional study comprising ten of the 13 differing types of N.Y labels recorded by Gwynn and Hoggarth in their fine book "Maritime Disaster Mail". (10). Photo on Page 145. £1,600-1,800
Click to view full image... S.S "Pomona". 1908 (Mar 16) 2c Postal stationery envelope from Los Angeles to Arcatra, Cal., edge wear and further stamps washed off, with the violet cachet "FROM WRECK OF S.S. POMONA / MARCH 17 1908", the second line of the cachet incomplete as is the case of most of the few recorded covers. The "Pomona" sailed from San Francisco to Eureka on March 17th but struck Monterey Rock 60 miles north of San Francisco that evening. The Captain got her off the rock and decided to beach on the shore, but struck another submerged rock and stranded, the passengers and crew all being saved. Very scarce. Photo on Page 145. £320-360
Click to view full image... S.S "Finance". 1908 (Nov 17) Cover to Trujillo, Peru, with the stamps washed off, and a waterstained Post Office Official Business card from Mount Carmel, PA., to Cristobal, Canal Zone, acknowledging receipt of a registered letter, both from the Panama Rail Road Co. Steamer "Finance" which left New York on November 26th for Panama after a three day delay due to fog, but was run into off Sandy Hook by the White Stare steamer "Georgic" and sank within ten minutes with the loss of four lives, the other 100 passengers being transferred to the "Georgic". The card unusually without any explanatory label, the cover with type 1 label "Post Office, New York, N.Y. / INQUIRY DEPARTMENT / The piece of mail herewith was recov- / ered from wreck of Steamer Finance, which / was sunk through collision with Steamer / Georgic, Thursday, Nov. 26, 1908. / E.M Morgan, Postmaster", Trujillo arrival c.d.s (Jan 27) and a "CENTIMES / 30" postage due handstamp. (2). Photo on Page 150. £380-450
Click to view full image... S.S "Santa Ana". 1921 (Mar 21) Official Post Office Business cover from Columbus to the Postmaster at Cristobal, scorch marks to the reverse, with the violet cachet "This piece of mail damaged by / fire and water aboard S.S. "Santa / Ana" March 24, 1921". The "Santa Ana" left New York for Valparaiso on March 23rd, the mailroom found to be on fire the following day. This was extinguished but 42 mail bags were burnt, three others scorched and 87 water soaked; the damaged mail was landed at Colon on March 30th. Photo on Page 145. £130-160
  S.S "Santa Ana". 1921 (Mar 21) Similar Post Office Business cover from Philadelphia to the Cristobal Postmaster, the "Santa Ana" cachet in green. £130-160
  S.S. "Tahiti". 1930 (Aug 6) Cover from Christchurch to USA, the stamp washed off, with scarce type 1 cachet "RECOV'D FROM / S.S. TAHITI / LOST AT SEA" and "San Francisco, Cal." both in violet. The S.S. "Tahiti" fractured her propeller shaft and the engine room flooded on August 16th, 460 miles from Rarotonga; passengers and most of the mails were transferred to the "Ventura", the "Tahiti" sinking shortly afterwards. Also a news cutting telling of the arrival of this cover in Troy. £100-120
  1928-67 Covers comprising 1928 cover with U.S.S Denver duplex cancel and "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / at NORFOLK VA"; 1934 cover with U.S.S Simpson "IN CRASH MILWAUKEE" duplex cancel and cachet; 1950 covers damaged during a storm on S.S "Liberte" with differing format New York P.O explanatory labels (2); and c.1967 cover to G.B with "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / M.P / I.S" cachet, probably from the "American Challenger". (5). £200-240
  S.S "Excalibur". 1950 (June 14) Long cover from St. Louis, MO., to Alexandria, Egypt, the stamp washed off and the edges stained, bearing the explanatory label "United States Post Office / Foreign Section - Morgan Station / Delay and condition of article caused / by collision of S/S Excalibur on June / 27, 1950 in New York Harbor", with an Egyptian censor cachet. The American Export Lines S.S "Excalibur" left Jersey City on a 43 day Mediterranean cruise on June 27th but collided with the Danish MV "Colombia" in the narrows of New York Harbour. The "Excalibur" beached in Brooklyn with a 15 foot hole in her side, from which some mail bags and cargo drifted; she was later refloated and repaired. £120-150
Click to view full image... S.S "Mormacpine". 1964 (March) Stampless Brazilian Post Office cover to New York with an unclear Brazil Poste Restante c.d.s and the black cachet "MAIL INVOLVED IN FIRE ABOARD THE / SS MORMACPIN, MAIL RECEIVED IN / WET CONDITION. INSPECTORS CASE / NY30309", arrival backstamp of April 16th. The S.S "Mormacpine" was en route from Santos to Quebec when she reported a fire in No.4 hold on March 27th. The hold was flooded and she proceeded to Bermuda and then onto New York where the fire was found to still be smouldering; it was finally extinguished on April 2nd, the mails unloaded the following day found to be damaged by water. Photo on Page 150. £150-180


  1868 Large part entire (two flaps remaining, two others removed) to Italy bearing 1866 5c blue pair tied by fancy cancel of Santa-Lucia with Liverpool Ship backstamp, and 1876 entire from Montevideo to France with local postage paid by 1866 imperf 1c tied by an oval of bars, a "13" charge mark applied upon arrival. (2). £240-260


Click to view full image... 1866 1d Green perf 15x12, no watermark, on toned paper, fine mint, very rare. S.G. 5a, £5,500. Photo on Front Cover. £1,500-1,800


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