Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 5
  1941-43 Covers all with "P.C 22" sealing strips without stops, and diamond shaped censor cachets numbered 1-7, 11, 16 or 18, includes postage dues, cover from Mozambique, Khormaksar c.d.s, Seiyun or Shihr and Mukalla stamps, two with R.A.F censors. (35). £200-250
  1941-42 Covers with Aden censors numbered 4 or 11 (2) and the four line cachet "Please request sender in future / to write full name and address / on the envelope together with / the language used", one from Khormaksar, another compulsory registered with a "T" handstamp applied. (3). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1944 Registered cover with "The Secretariat Aden" official cachet, franked 2 1/2a pair, 1r and 2r to the Sultan of Shihr and Mukalla in Hyderabad, with small unframed "101" censor number in violet, an attractive cover, ex Hart. Photo on Page 34. £120-150
  1942-44 Covers with small unframed censor numbers 101-103, 105, 106, 108, 109, 111-114 applied to the censor sealing strips (P.C 90 types in black with large or small lettering, or P.C 22 type in red), includes Khormaksar datestamps, two to Ethiopia, one from the Governor Sir John Hall, three with R.A.F censors. (36). £350-400
  1944-45 Covers with large circular framed censor numbers 101-103, 106-109, 111-116, 119 or 120, many applied to the censor sealing strips, includes covers censored in transit from Yemen to Palestine or Ethiopia to G.B, covers to Ethiopia, Southern Rhodesia, etc. (48). £300-400
  1942 Covers with violet boxed "CENSOR / ADEN", one to G.B charged 1 1/2d, six registered. (9). £120-150
  1942-45 Covers and a front, nine with Aden censor cachets and strips, all also censored in transit or upon arrival in Egypt, G.B (3), New Zealand, Iraq, South Africa, USA or India (7, one bearing G.B datestamps with the Aden c.d.s obliterated in ink). Also a 1941 (Dec 2) registered cover to USA paid at the clipper rate but delayed and rerouted through Eritrea and Egypt due to Japan entering the war with Indian "F.P.O 90" and "Ind. B.P.O Egypt" backstamps. (16). £140-160

Postal Stationery

  1940-45 KGVI 1a Envelopes to India, one sent at the 1a surface rate, one registered uprated 4a, the third sent by air mail uprated 12 3/4a, all covers with circular framed "118" censor or diamond shaped censors numbered 7 or 11. (3). £220-250
  1951 15c on 1a Envelope sent from Sheikh Othman to Australia, uprated 20c on 3a, a scarce envelope used. £170-200
  1947-50 KGV 3a Size H registration envelopes commercially used to G.B (2), USA or Denmark, all uprated with additional stamps. (4). £220-250
  1951 30c on 3a Size H registration envelope to England uprated with a further 3/- in stamps, fine and scarce used. £140-160
  1949-63 Aerogrammes, used and unused, written up on pages including KGVI 6a (15, nine used) and 50c on 6a (12, fine used), QEII 50c types, also formula aerogrammes and unused KGVI postcards (3) or registration envelopes (2), cancels include Shibam, Maalla, etc. (50). £120-150


  Second Afghan War. 1878 Cover from Aberdeen to a soldier with the Kurrum Valley Column in Afghanistan, franked by a G.B 1d red, paying the 1d solders concession rate, backstamped at Kohat and Allahabad. A little stained but a very scarce soldiers rate cover going into Afghanistan. £300-350
  Second Afghan War. 1880 Cover (March 7) to England franked by India 1866 1/2a blue (2) and 1878 4a blue-green (2), tied by undated "JELALABAD/P.O./L" duplexs, with a long enclosed letter from Jelalabad. Flap missing and some stamp faults, an interesting letter. £150-180
  1934-50 Covers bearing various 1932-39 issue stamps with cancels of Undkhui, Mazar-i-Sharif, Aktsha, Maimana, Herat, 2 or 4 Eme Branch Kaboul, etc., several cancelled in manuscript, one 1940 cover registered to Germany via Russia with German censor label, most well written up on pages. (42). £250-280
  1935-38 Air mail covers (also one 1947 cover) from Kabul all to the same address in Paris, two covers of 1935 and 1938 posted at Peshawar with Indian stamps, the other five covers all bearing Afghan stamps. (7). £150-180


Click to view full image... 1821 Postally used entire letters written from the South Shetland Islands, the three earliest recorded letters from the Antarctic Continent, part of the 1820-21 correspondence of seven letters from Capt. Charles S. Winship of the Sealing Ship O'Cain of Boston all to his father Abiel Winship, merchant in Boston, written on a sealing voyage to the Antarctic. The letters are written from "President Rhodes, August 20th 1820", begun at Boston detailing life on board over the next five weeks (address panel missing); "Harbour Bonavista Oct 1st 1820" reports 40 British and 40 US ships sailing to the Southern Oceans, rated "Ship 20 1/2c" with a unclear US c.d.s; "Port Paya, St Jago, Oct 4th 1820", reports provisioning and meeting the U.S.S Cyane which had captured three slave dealers, the address panel endorsed "Per Brig Cap. Cruter", rated 18 1/2c with a red New York c.d.s (Nov 25); "Lat 3.00N Long 22.00W, Sea October 20th 1820", progressing well, written 60 days out in company with the Brig swego, privately carried with no postal markings; "New South Shetland Clothiers harbour Feby 2nd 1821", "my ship now lies in the O'Cains Harbour in Perrys Sound .... upwards of one hundred out here .... The Ester has a tender Brig in company and has 7,000 skins, I have 11,500 or upwards which is by far more than any except four - Capt Smith who discovered this land, Capt Fanning & two others ..... Christmas day was drove to sea with one third of my crew and one officer in a severe gale from N.E ..... unfortunately on this memorable day lost one man, Isaac Brazier, and my whale boat besides two your female swine", the address panel endorsed "Per Captain Clarke late S. Clothier" and rated 25c with manuscript "Stonington Ct 17 May"; "Ship O'Cain Potters Harbour, Livingstons Isld Feby 27th 1821", "Schooner Harmony Capt Ray is under way bound home via coast Patagonia .... I am now endeavouring to purchase a shallop of 19 tones and have concluded to go round the Cape and accumulate sufficient if passable in the Pacific to induce me to go to China, fishing oil, hair and fur-skins will I grasp at. I have 11,500 skins the most beautiful ever seen, Capt Low and his tender Brig has between 8 & 9,000", the address panel endorsed "Capt Ray" with manuscript "Ship 14 1/2" and superb oval "NANTUCKET / 6 Mo. 8) MASS" Quaker datestamp; "New South Shetland Feby 28th 1821, Potters Cove Livingston Island", a long letter detailing their arrival at Smiths Cape on December 20th, subsequent voyage to Perry and O'Cains Harbour and the events of Christmas day when Isaac Brazier was lost overboard, the number of skins collected by themselves and other US boats, and the future plans of the various vessels. He reports "This country is subject to volcanoes, some which we have discerned in all its brilliancy, the Lava from these which we pick up certainly impregnated with either silver, others appear like gold or copper - coals is somewhat plenty & tis said superior to Newcastle - Seals and Sea Elephants are the only monsters to found, few fish, birds only Sea Hen, Pigeon, Boobys, Snow Bird and Mother Carys Chickens - In all my travels not grass enough to set out mothers fireplace, in fact the whole country is covered in ice, some perpendicular 1,000 high & what remains uncovered wears the appearance of eruptions of nature", the address panel endorsed "Mr Chester" and rated 12 1/2c with manuscript "Stonington Ct, 17 May".
Also two other 1821 letters sent from the O'Cain on its subsequent voyage to Antarctica, written by Winship at "Bona Vista. Oct 9th" or his crew mate Seth J. Hussey at "Santageo Port Prayo, Oct 19th" both with a "NEW BEDFORD MS / DEC 11" c.d.s and albino "SHIP" handstamp; a legal document (Jan 11th 1822) signed by the US Consul at Montevideo in which Winship records how the O'Cain and the Wasp had sailed together for the South Shetland Islands, but states that the Captain and crew of the Wasp then absconded with that ship; and an 1822 (Nov 14) letter from Benjamin Pendleton at Stonington, Ct reporting the arrival of the Wasp at St Marias. Some splitting at the folds and a little staining, the February 27th letter with a piece missing from the lower flap, the February 28th letter with internal ink smudging explained by the postscript "4 o'clock in the morning, feel sleepy, mistook ink stand for the sand", however the address panels, including those of the three South Shetlands letters, all largely fine.
The South Shetlands were rediscovered by William Smith (mentioned in the February 2nd letter) in February 1819 and were claimed by the British crown in 1820. A remarkable and important correspondence containing the three earliest recorded letters from the Antarctic continent, sent from the Falkland Islands dependency of the South Shetlands just two years after its discovery; only one earlier letter is recorded from the Falkland Islands themselves. (9). Photos on Pages 32, 34 & Inside Back Cover. £16,000-18,000
  1901-04 Discovery Expedition. Unused envelope with "DISCOVERY ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1901" and a penguin on an iceberg printed on the flap, the flap reaffixed internally to the cover. An interesting souvenir of the first Scott expedition. £60-70
Click to view full image... 1908-11 Charcot French Antarctic Expedition. Blue expedition vignette, "Pole Sud - Expedition Charcot / Pourquoi Pas?", depicting the expedition ship, used with a light strike of the expedition handstamp. Upper corners creased, otherwise fine and very rare. Photo on Page 64. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1908-09 Shackleton Expedition. 1908 (Feb 3) Cover with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION 1907" printed on the flap, addressed by the expedition's geologist Sir Edgworth David to "W.H Twelvetrees Esq. F.G.S, The Govt Geologist, Launceston, Tasmania" with King Edward VII Land 1d tied by the "BRIT ANTARCTIC EXPD" c.d.s, used at the expedition's base at Cape Royds on McMurdo Sound. Backstamped at Lyttelton (Mar 7), Christchurch, Hobart and Launceston. This Feb. 3 c.d.s was used on the second mail from the expedition sent back on the "Nimrod" which departed on Feb. 22 for Lyttelton, about 550 letters carried on this mail. Central vertical fold, otherwise fine, a good commercial cover from a known expedition member. Photo on Page 34. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1908-09 Shackleton Expedition. 1909 Cover with printed heading "THE SHACKLETON EXPEDITION TO THE SOUTH POLE", posted from Sydney to Molong bearing a New South Wales 1/2d with "A&R LTD" perfin of Angus & Robertson Ltd, an unusual advertising cover. Photo on Page 34. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1911 (Feb 9) Cover to England with "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S" crest featuring a penguin on the world printed on the flap, bearing Victoria Land 1d tied by "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD / NZ" c.d.s applied at Cape Evans. A fine cover. Photo on Page 34. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1913 (Jan 18) Registered cover with the "BRITISH ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION / TERRA NOVA R.Y.S." crest printed on the flap, addressed to England bearing Victoria Land 1/2d (2) and 1d (2) to pay the correct 3d registered rate, a blank type registration label (No 94) alongside, the stamps and label all with the "BRIT. ANTARCTIC. EXPD" c.d.s applied on the "Terra Nova" on the day it arrived at Cape Evans and learnt of the death of Scott and his companions. Backstamped at Lyttelton (Feb 12), Auckland, Wanganui, Wellington T.P.O and London. Two small edge tears and the address sadly deleted in black ink, though registered letter No. 94 known to have been sent to Miss Godden in London by Lt. Francis Drake, the Assistant Postmaster. Only 100 registered letters were sent by the expedition, very few of which have the 1/2d stamps, which were first used on this date. Also a piece with the typed message "At the request of Mr Robertson, Secretary of the Post and Telegraph Department, I am sending you a letter bearing a 1/2d stamp of this post office" with the JA 18 Antarctic Expd. c.d.s, originally enclosed in one of the 47 letters bearing a single 1/2d stamp sent at the request of the N.Z Post Office. A rare registered letter bearing the 1/2d value, of which just 2400 stamps were issued. (S.G. £1,940 as stamps). (2). Photo on Page 34. £800-900
  1910-13 Scott Expedition. 1913 Victoria Land 1/2d and 1d each on piece tied by the "BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD" c.d.s dated JA 18 13, the day the "Terra Nova" reached the expedition and heard the news of the loss of the Pole party, each applied to a copy of a certificate of authenticity dated 21 June 1913. S.G. £970. (2). £300-350
Click to view full image... 1922 Shackleton - Rowett Expedition. G.B KGV 1d Block of four (vertical crease through right pair), each horizontal pair cancelled by boxed "TRISTAN / DA CUNHA" with central "S-R. ANTARCTIC / EXPEDITION" c.d.s (MY 25 / 22). 1002 1d stamps were sold to members of the Antarctic Expedition, many of which received the boxed "ENDERBY / LAND" or "GOUGH / ISLAND" handstamps, therefore far fewer than 1002 stamps would have received this "TRISTAN / DA CUNHA" handstamp. A scarce block. Photo on Page 42. £240-280
  1962 Philatelic cover to the USA with Argentina 2p pair tied by c.d.s of the Argentinean Antarctic Base General Belgrano (30 Dec), backstamped at Buenos Ayres (28 Nov. 1963), then forwarded in an official Post Office registered cover with Austin, Texas, arrival backstamps (19 June 1964). An enclosed Post Office letter explains the 18 months taken to deliver the letter, "herewith postal items returned from the Argentine Antarctic which under unusual circumstances have been delayed and incorrectly handled by the General San Martin Base's staff. On the later days of November they were taken back from the referred base by the General San Martin Icebreaker to be delivered to this philatelic office. However we have been unable up to now to arrange for the forwarding of these items to interested parties.". £60-70


  Wreck Mail - M.V "Cabo San Antonio". 1933 (June 8-20) Covers from Bolivia to France or England, and from Argentina to Switzerland, one cover from Potosi with the stamps washed off and two Bolivian stamps then reapplied, the other two covers undamaged. The cover to Paris with the cachet "SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS / Correspondance retardee par suite / de l'incendie d'un Paquebot / Reconstitue par le Service Francais / NE PAS TAXER" on the reverse, the cover to England with violet boxed "Correspondence brulee / a bord du paquebot / Cabo S. Antonio", and the cover to Switzerland with red "Transportee par Paquebot incendie / "Cabo S. Antonio" / Geneve AMB.". All carried on the M.V "Cabo San Antonio" which left Buenos Ayres for Spain on June 22nd with a large South American mail. The mail room was found to be on fire on July 9th; this was extinguished and the ship returned to Las Palmas but was found to be undamaged and so left later that day. A fine group, showing three of the five recorded cachets from this incident. (3). £380-450
  Wreck Mail - S.S "Tucuman". 1951 (Mar 7) Cover from Buenos Ayres to Switzerland, water stained and the stamp washed off, red "BV" transorma, handstamped "Incendie en mer". Carried on the S.S "Tucuman", which was en route from Buenos Ayres to Genoa when a fire broke out in its No. 2 hold on March 28th. This was extinguished by flooding the hold before the ship put into Las Palmas the following day. Very few covers recorded. £100-120


  1905-06 Picture postcards depicting seagulls at Wideawake Fan or wagons at the foot of Green Mountain, used to Scotland or Australia both with G.B KEVII 1d tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s. Also a third 1910 postcard (stamp removed) showing Barters Cottage, Green Mountain. (3). £140-160
  1907 Cover to England bearing two G.B. KEVII 1d stamps (one with small corner fault) each cancelled by "ASCENSION" c.d.s, an unusual 2d rate. £100-120
  1913 Registered cover to England franked by G.B KGV 3d and bearing blank type registration label, both handstamped with 23mm "ASCENSION" c.d.s code "B", a little staining. £140-160
  1915 Cover to London with GB 1d tied by "ASCENSION" c.d.s, handstamped "CENSORED", fine. £120-140
  1924-33 1/2d - 3/- Set of twelve mint, 1/2d with perf staining to reverse, 5d with a pulled perf at base and 8d with toning, otherwise fine. S.G. 10/20, £350. (12). £80-100
  1943 (Aug 31) Cover to England franked 3d, violet boxed "(crown) / PASSED / XX / .....", stained, with the violet explanatory cachet "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER". Very unusual from Ascension, the incident not recorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn. £150-180


(Also see lot 63, 81, 142-144, 171, 221, 288, 335, 514, 890, 1123)

Click to view full image... New South Wales. c.1845 Lettersheet with embossed Seal of the Colony, issued for use within the Sydney 2d Post, addressed to Castlereagh St, Sydney, not cancelled and probably delivered by hand. The inside bears the printed address of the Australian Assurance Office in George Street. A good example of the first item of British Empire postal stationery, first issued by the Sydney Postmaster in 1838, two years before the Mulready. Photo on Page 37. £320-360
Click to view full image... New South Wales. 1856 Cover from Sydney to England "By Champion of the Seas via Melbourne" franked 3d + 6d (both four margins), treated as a ship letter despite the ship being a contract packet, with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp and red "3". A fine and attractive cover. Photo on Page 37. £150-180
  New South Wales/Victoria. 1855-56 Entire letter and cover carried by clipper ships to Liverpool comprising 1855 cover from Sydney to Holland franked N.S.W 2d + 8d, carried on the "James Baines" with red "AUSTRALIAN / PAID / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" c.d.s; and 1856 entire letter from Melbourne to Hamburg franked Victoria 6d, carried on the "Beemah", charged 10d with black "AUSTRALIAN / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" c.d.s and boxed "B" inspectors mark. Also an 1852 entire letter posted in Liverpool with contents advertising the White Star Line of Australian Packets. (3). £180-220
  South Australia. 1856 Cover from Clare to England bearing South Australia 6d (four margins, close at lower left) carried on the "Oliver Lang" with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp and "3", an attractive cover. £100-120
  Tasmania. 1856 Entire letter from Georges Bay to Ireland bearing Tasmania 2d and 4d, with "Falmouth 18/12/56" Post Office endorsement at the left edge and a red Prepaid datestamp of Hobart (Dec. 19), carried on the "White Star" with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / SHIP" datestamp. £150-180
  Victoria. 1855 Entire letter from Melbourne to London "per James Baines" franked 2/-, a "1/-" charge mark applied in Liverpool. The Packet rate from Victoria of 1/- per 1/2oz was not reduced to 6d per 1/2oz, the rate in force in other colonies, until June 1855; until this happened the British charged letters upon arrival from Victoria at 6d per 1/2oz. £120-150
  Victoria/N.S.W. 1855 (Nov 9-14) Entire letters all carried on the same sailing of the clipper ship "Shalimar", two sent from Geelong prepaid with Victoria 6d or 1/- pair (paying the quadruple rate) both with red "AUSTRALIAN / PAID / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" c.d.s (Feb 3, two slightly differing datestamps), the other sent unpaid from Sydney with "6d" charge mark and "1d" (due to NSW), black "AUSTRALIAN / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" c.d.s. An unusual trio from one sailing, the 4/- rate letter with partial "Received Open and resealed / at the General Post Office" cachet. (3). £220-260
Click to view full image... Victoria. 1856 Registered cover from Melbourne to Scotland franked 6d + 2/-, carried on the "Royal Charter" with "AUSTRALIA / LIVERPOOL / PACKET" arrival c.d.s and a "6d" charge mark, the charge collected to pay for registration within G.B. Photo on Page 37. £150-200
Click to view full image... Victoria. 1865 Cover to "Georgetown, El Dorado County, California" bearing 1859 1/- and 1864 2d each cancelled by the numeral "347" with London Paid and San Francisco datestamps below, red "16 / cents" and an "8" charge applied in London with a black "5" charge mark of San Francisco. A few minor edge tones, otherwise an attractive cover to an unusual destination. Photo on Page 37. £150-180


Click to view full image... Wreck Mail - S.S "Milano". 1893 (Jan 6) Cover from Vienna to an Austrian sailor at Pola, redirected to the S.M.S "Gigant" at Novara and then back to Pola, the reverse handstamped violet "Aus dem am 16 Janner 1893 gesunkenen / Postdampfer MILANO geborgen" with an endorsement explaining that it was not found for three weeks, "POLA" datestamps for January 7th and 27th. The "Milano" was en route from Mitcovich to Trieste calling at various Dalmation ports when she foundered after striking rocks near Cape Compare at the entrance to Pola Bay on the morning of January 16th. Very scarce. Photo on Page 37. £400-500


Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1902 KEVII Crown CA 1d - 5/- vertical pairs and a single £1 all overprinted "SPECIMEN", fine mint, scarce in multiples. S.G. 62/70s, £300++ (13). Photo on Page 42. £220-260
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1920 Peace set of five each with a worn sans-serif "SPECIMEN" handstamp (approx. 15 x 1.5mm) in black, 2d with slight crease, otherwise fine unmounted mint. A scarce receiving authority handstamp, recorded by Bendon, believed to have been applied in Lebanon or Syria to Specimen stamps received from the U.P.U. (5). Photo on Page 56. £350-400
  1948 Tercentenary of Settlement of the Island of Eleuthera Issue, Canadian Bank Note Company Frame Die Proof of the final state in black, numbered "XC 4521". £240-280
Click to view full image... 1968 Tourism set of four featuring golf, sailing, horse racing and water skiing, imperforate proofs on gummed paper affixed to a Bradbury Wilkinson card stamped 20 JUN 68 on reverse, with "AS SUBMITTED 20.6.68" in manuscript. Also a second card bears four perforated examples with manuscript "'AS RUNNING' AS SUBMITTED 23.7.68" and the date "23.7.68" on the reverse. Photo on Page 220. £300-350


Click to view full image... 1933 (Dec 13) London to Singapore Imperial Airways printed first flight cover bearing Bahrain 1a, 3a and 3a6p each tied by a Bahrain c.d.s with circular "BY / AIR", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 37. £180-220


Postal Stationery

  QV-QEII Used, unused and specimen stationery comprising postcards (37) with formula postcard bearing Britannia issue 1/2d + 1d; 1902 1/2d card to USA with "T" handstamp and a 2c due stamp; reply cards (7) with 1890 1 1/2d + 1 1/2d card to Costa Rica; envelopes (7) with 1893 1/2d on 1d envelope to Sierra Leone uprated 1/2d + 1d + 2 1/2d; registration envelopes (33) with 1882 4d size K unused, 1898 2d size K used, 1902 2d size K used (2, one uprated 1d + 6d to USA), 1913 2d size K used to USA uprated 2 1/2d pair (edge faults but scarce), 1924 3d size H and H2 Specimen, size H uprated 1935 Silver Jubilee 1d (3) and 2 1/2d to USA; newspaper wrappers (26); air letters (12) with five formula types. A good lot with some unusual uses and large size registration envelopes, 26 overprinted Specimen. (122). £600-700
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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