Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 14
  Train Letters. 1931-38 Covers with "Train Letter" cachets of Penang (2, one with F.M.S 5c block of eleven paying 55c air rate to G.B), Kuala Lumpur (2) or Ipoh, some faults or staining. (5). £100-120
  1946-48 Covers bearing BMA overprint issues, various rates and destinations, including 1948 (Jan 31) locally printed air letter sent from Taiping to Australia on the last day of the British Military Administration, two covers to Czechoslovakia, etc. Also four later 1950s covers, one to Sarawak. (29). £120-150
Click to view full image... Federated Malay States. 1907-38 Covers and cards including 1917 picture postcard to France with very early "BATANG BERJUNTAI" datestamps; 1916 10c registration envelope uprated 11c, posted within Tronoh with "A.R" handstamp, marked "Refused, Return to Sender"; 1929 4c stationary envelope from Kuala Kangsar to Sweden uprated 8c; 1934 air mail cover franked 59c to Greece with registration label of Kuala Lumpur altered to Ipoh; 1932 red A.R card with Ipoh cancels on both sides, etc. (20). Photo on Page 99. £250-300
  Johore. 1905-56 Covers (45), stamps and pieces (29), including Insured handstamp of Segamat, British Empire Exhibition cancels of Batu Pahat (2), 1939 Insured label on registered cover from Batu Pahat, Bandar Maharai crown cancel, etc., many covers to India rather stained but a scarce group. (74). £400-500
  Johore. 1909-54 Covers and cards (20), pieces and stamps (approx 270) all selected for their cancels, including a fine 1909 registered cover with 4c (3) and 10c tied by two "JOHORE / (crown) / BAHRU" cancels with boxed registration datestamp, cancels of Batu Pahat, Muar, Tangkah, with many other village cancels on stamps. (c.290). £400-500
  Johore. 1930-40 Covers and cards comprising 1930 registered cover from Muar unusually to Argentina franked 27c with boxed registration handstamp; 1931 cover from Muar with 4c tied by Singapore Paquebot c.d.s; 1937 cover from Muar franked 12c to USA; 1936 air mail cover from Batu Pahat to New Zealand franked 25c; and 1940 2c postcard uprated 2c form Kluang to Malacca. (5). £140-160
  Kedah. 1916-74 Covers and cards (35), pieces and stamps (43) all selected for their cancels, the covers including 1929 stampless On Government Service cover from Sungei Patani with Protector of Labour official cachet and datestamps of Kulim, Serdang, Parit Buntar and Bagan Samak, 1934 Sungei Patani c.d.s tying 4c pair to G.B, 1919 'Seng' registered cover from Semiling with Kedah/Straits mixed franking, many other earlier covers with staining or faults, also some cancels on F.M.S (3) or Straits stamps. (78). £300-400
  Kedah. 1916-57 Covers (40), C.O.Ps (3), stamps and pieces (7) including British Empire Exhibition cancels, postage due marks, 1946 Sungei Patani seal cancel, censors, some staining and faults but many scarce cancels. (50). £450-500
  Kelantan. 1909-11 F.M.S 1c pair, 3c (5), 4c (3), 8c, 10c or 20c cancelled by single ring datestamps of Kota Bharu (8) or Batu Menkebang (4) or double ring c.d.s of Kota Bharu. S.G. £975. (13). £120-150
  Kelantan. 1922 Small novelty size picture postcard (140x45mm) from Venice to "Kelantan Rubber Co., Kelantan, via Singapore, India", the picture side bearing Italy 25c (2) with a light arrival c.d.s (probably Tanah Merah), the reverse with a fine "TUMPAT / KELANTAN" transit c.d.s, a scarce destination. £140-160
  Kelantan. 1926 Cover endorsed from the Post Office, Kota Bharu, to the USA bearing 1921-28 1c black, 6c claret and 10c vertical pair, boxed "RECOMMANDE" and "R / KOTA BHARU / No", various backstamps. A fine commercial cover correctly franked at the 12c U.P.U rate + 15c registration fee. £120-150
  Kelantan. 1938-65 Covers and cards (8), stamps (3) and pieces (2) including 1928 cover from Kota Bharu bearing two 3c stamps, etc. (13). £100-120
  Negri Sembilan. 1910-57 Covers and cards (53), stamps and pieces (24) and a C.O.P, including A.R handstamps, registered mail, censors, etc., some with staining or other faults. (78). £500-600
  Negri Sembilan. 1911-86 Covers and cards (17), pieces and stamps (40) and certificates of posting (7) all selected for their cancels including 1911 picture postcard with partial oval Perhentian Tinggi cancel (also seven examples on single stamps), 1922 picture postcard of Seremban used to England, 1934 stampless Post Office cover with oval Seremban Registered datestamp applied in error, 1939 cover with Malayan Postal Union 4c postage due cancelled at Seremban, some other covers with staining or faults. (64). £200-250
Click to view full image... Negri Sembilan. 1916 (Nov 24) Cover to Seremban, the reverse with FMS 3c tied by superb "TIROI" oval rubber datestamp in violet (Proud D2, earliest recorded date, a further strike on the front), Seremban arrival c.d.s alongside. Very scarce and attractive. Photo on Page 99. £500-600
  Pahang. c.1906-61 Cancellations on covers or cards (181), pieces or stamps (134) with scarcer village cancels, many skeletons, F.M.S or B.M.A Malaya stamps, etc. (152). £220-260
  Pahang. 1920-55 Covers and cards (17), stamps or pieces (3) including 1920 A.R handstamp of Kajang with an altered Temerloh registration label, 1954 Bringhang skeleton datestamps, etc., a few faults. (20). £100-120
Click to view full image... Perak. 1892 Stampless front to England with superb boxed "JANING / UPPER PERAK" rubber datestamp in violet partly overstruck by London Inland Branch 5d charge mark, circular framed "T" and a light Kwala Kangsar c.d.s. Light staining, tear at right edge but very rare. Photo on Page 99. £750-850
  Perak. 1895-1957 Covers and cards (132), pieces and stamps (422) and certificates of posting (2) all selected for their cancels, covers include F.M.S stamps with squared circle cancels of Gopeng (2), Taipeng (4, one with Perak stamps), Bidor (2), Ipoh (6, two with Perak stamps), Kampar (3), Batu Gajah, many other circular datestamps, postage due marks, etc., some with faults or staining but many useful covers included. (556). £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... Perak. 1895 Registered cover from Taiping to New Zealand with superb boxed "R / TAIPING / POST OFFICE / 19 OCT 95 / No." (R3), the reverse bearing thirteen Straits 1c stamps (including a block of nine) all tied by "TAIPING / POST OFFICE" squared circles, datestamps of Penang, Wellington and Oamaru. Photo on Page 99. £280-320
  Perak. 1898 Cover to England franked by Straits Settlements 8c cancelled by superb "TAIPING / POST OFFICE" squared circle datestamp. £100-120
  Perak. 1904-41 Covers and cards with squared circle cancels including superb "GRIT" on large stampless 1906 O.H.M.S cover, "TRONAH" on 1908 picture postcard, A.R handstamps, charge marks on incoming covers, Tax marks of Sitiawan on 1918 cover, registered mail, censors, 1936 cover franked Perak 5c cancelled at Ipoh with "TRAIN LETTER" handstamp, etc., and QV stamps (3, with "PAID" or "T" cancels). Some covers stained and faulty, some rarer and better items included. (100). £750-1,000
Click to view full image... Perak. 1928 Registered cover to England with blank type registration label handstamped violet "LENGGONG", franked on the reverse by F.M.S 1c and 4c (5), the six stamps each tied by a superb "LENGGONG" squared circle, a transit c.d.s of Kuala Kangsar. Fine and very attractive. Photo on Page 99. £100-120
  Perak. 1945-64 Covers and cards with BMA Malaya stamps, charge and explanatory handstamps, skeleton datestamps of Parit Buntar, Sungei Sumun, Pusing, Tanjong Piamlang, etc., also a few pieces. (67+). £200-250
  Selangor. 1906-64 Covers and cards (160, 134 pre WW2), stamps and pieces (26), including "Train Letter" handstamps, A.R handstamps, registered mail, Insured mail, 1921 "D.L.O F.M.S / KUALA LUMPUR" c.d.s, Railway Sorting Carriage datestamps, censors, etc., many scarcer items, many with staining or faults. (186). £500-600
  Selangor. 1907-61 Covers and cards (54), pieces and stamps (287) and a certificate of posting all selected for their cancels, including 1907 A.R handstamp of Kuala Kubu, 1908 cover from Port Swettenham to Australia franked F.M.S 3c, 4c, 10c, 20c and 50c with "TOO LATE" handstamp (believed to be the only recorded example), other covers with F.M.S stamps cancelled at Sepang (2), Sentul (2), Kuala Kubu (5, one registered), Rasa, Jeram, Kuala Selangor (3), Klang (5, two registered), Kepong, Batang Berjuntai, Kajang, etc. (342). £400-500
  Trengganu. 1952-57 Cancels on covers and cards (5), pieces (7) and stamps (3), with skeletons, etc. (15). £50-70

Straits Settlements

Click to view full image... 1867 Straits Settlements 8c on 2a cancelled by "B03" numeral, used on a P&O mailboat in the Far East. These numerals were first supplied to sorters on mailboats in 1858; their use ceased in 1870. A very scarce cancel on a Straits Settlements first issue stamp. Photo on Page 146. £100-120
  Malacca. 1907-62 Covers and cards (33), stamps and pieces (14) with boxed "To Pay" handstamps (10), etc., some staining and faults. (47). £400-500
  Malacca. 1922 Stampless O.H.M.S cover to London with official handstamp of the Malacca Volunteer Rifles and a Malacca c.d.s, handstamped circular framed "T" with violet boxed "Foreign administration / T. 50 centimes" applied to both sides, no charge collected in Britain. A little water staining to the typed address, otherwise fine and very unusual. £140-160
  Singapore & Malacca. 1880-1955 Singapore covers and cards (80), pieces and stamps (180), all selected cancels, the covers including various charge and "T" marks (25, many stained), N.I Postagent (2), 1936 cover with light Raffles Instn. c.d.s and a Raffles registration label, scarce "59/26 AP/1" printed matter cancel, a few censors, etc. Also Malacca covers (4), pieces and stamps (22) with cancels of Tabong, etc. (233). £500-600
  Singapore & Malacca. 1891-1941 Covers and cards from Singapore (20) or Malacca (4) including KEVII or KGV perfins on postcards, 1927 cover franked 6c to China, 1935 4c stationery envelope uprated 4c, 1938 2c postcard uprated 4c to China, etc. (24). £200-240
  Singapore. 1885-1941 Covers and cards (also a few stamps and pieces), includes undated double ring cancels (type K24), postage due marks; 1906 Paquebot, Tanglin, Orchard Rd, registered mail, censors, meter marks, many types of double ring c.d.s, some faults but many fine. (106+). £400-500
  Singapore Sub-Offices. 1911-22 Covers and cards with datestamps of Tanglin, Raffles Hotel, Keppel Harbour or Orchard Road, all fine. (4). £100-120
  Singapore - World War One. 1919 (June 6) Stampless On Active Service cover from Singapore to another soldier in Hong Kong and 1916-17 covers from the F.M.S or Netherlands Indies both to Holland with "STRAITS SETTLEMENTS / (arms) No. / OPENED BY CENSOR" labels numbered "2207" or "11199". (3). £120-150
  Singapore - Meter Marks. 1928-39 Covers all with Singapore meter marks comprising Midget machine for 6c, 2c, 5c or 5c + 3c (the last three with adverts) or 65c Universal machine. (5). £120-150
  Singapore. 1945-78 Covers and cards (also a few pieces) with B.M.A Malaya overprints, Cocos Island, cancels of Geylang, Queen Street, Sembauiang, Tanglin, North Canal Rd, Serangoon Rd, etc. (70+). £150-200
  Penang. 1874-1957 Covers and cards (104), pieces and stamps (209) and certificates of posting (4) all selected for their cancels including 1874-90 covers with Straits stamps cancelled "B/172" or with a circular cork obliterator (3), postage due marks, Train Letters, Paquebots, N.I Post Agent, Lumut, Bukit Mertajam, Balik Pulau, Sungei Bakar, Prye, Nbong Tebal, G.B 1935 1 1/2d tied to cover by a barred oval cancel, etc., some faults. (317). £600-800
  Penang. 1896-1961 Covers and cards from Penang G.P.O including A.R handstamps, 1945 (Oct 1) free post to Kuala Lumpur, obliterated tax marks or air mail labels, 1929 registered official stampless cover, "Late Fee Paid" handstamp, charge marks, Paquebots, etc., also "Penang to Singapore" datestamps (7), some with staining or faults but many fine, an interesting lot. (80). £300-350
  Penang. 1903-57 Covers and cards from Nibong Tabal, Bukit Mertajam, Bayan Lepas, Pitt St., Balik Pulau, Simpang Ampat, Butterworth, Kepala Betas, Dato Kramat or Tassek Glugor, includes registered covers, 1903 "T" handstamp, etc., some faults. (38). £400-500
Click to view full image... Penang. 1906-38 Covers and cards including 1927 registered cover from Pulau Tikus franked 27c to USA with boxed "Pulau Tikus" on the Penang registration label; 1930 cover to Czechoslovakia franked 6c with boxed "T / CENTIMES"; 1935 stampless O.H.M.S postcard; 1934 "AR" handstamp; 1911 Paquebot; 1938 5c brown stationery envelope uprated 12c to USA; 1937 Bukit Mertajam c.d.s; 1917 "EASTERN & ORIENTAL HOTEL / PENANG" c.d.s on a cover to a French soldier in France, etc. (15). Photo on Page 99. £260-300
Click to view full image... Penang. 1921 10c Registration envelope to South Africa with a 10c stamp tied "EASTERN & ORIENTAL HOTEL / PENANG" c.d.s (Proud D2) with boxed "R / EASTERN & ORIENTAL / HOTEL PENANG / No." (R2), backstamped at Penang and Colombo. Very fine and attractive. Photo on Page 99. £150-180
Click to view full image... Penang. 1925 10c Registration envelope to England with 2c and 6c stamps cancelled "EASTERN AND ORIENTAL HOTEL / PENANG" c.d.s (D3, earliest recorded date), bearing a Penang registration label with manuscript "E+O Hotel". A fine and attractive cover with the scarce provisional registration label. Photo on Page 104 £140-160
  Penang to Singapore Marine Sorters. 1888-1915 Covers and cards (142), stamps and a front (7), the written up collection in an album showing the various types of "Penang To Singapore" c.d.s including the small double circle type D3 on an 1892 cover, single ring type D4 (4), etc., several unpaid with Penang charge marks. Many covers sent to or from India or Ceylon with some staining, about 50 covers and cards very fine. (149). £500-600
  Christmas Island. 1907 Picture postcard franked 1d from Scotland to "Miss Darling, Christmas Island, c/o Messrs Boustead & Co., Singapore, Straits Settlements" with fine "PENANG TO SINGAPORE" c.d.s, light corner creasing, otherwise fine. £120-150

Air Mails

Click to view full image... 1926 (Aug 23) Covers from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or Port Swettenham endorsed and handstamped "BY AIR MAIL", one unusually with a Tanglin c.d.s (Aug 21), both with arrival datestamps applied on the same day. Both carried on the first survey flight from Singapore piloted by Mr Vincent. (2). Photo on Page 104. £180-220
  1931-38 Covers from Singapore all flown by KLM, various rates and destinations, one with stamps perfined "EAC", all fine. (11). £220-260
  1934-54 Covers (with 28 from 1934-41) including 1931 Johore cover carried on Singapore to London first flight, 1937 Singapore to Penang first flight and 1941 Pan-Am first flight from Singapore to Manila, the others all commercial covers mainly flown by KLM or Imperial Airways with rates up to $1.50. (42). £250-300
Click to view full image... 1936 (Feb 8/9) Covers from Singapore to Japan, China or Hong Kong franked 8c, all inscribed "By Courtesy Air Flight R.A.F Singapore-Japan", carried by three flying boats of 205 Squadron on a goodwill flight, the last two backstamped in Hong Kong (Feb 16), all fine. (3). Photo on Page 104. £200-250
  1936-39 Covers from Singapore or Penang all flown by Imperial Airways, various rates and destinations, including 1937 first flight from Penang to Singapore, 1938 first flight to London at the all-up 8c rate, 2c postcard uprated 33c to Switzerland, registered cover franked 40c to Australia, cover to G.B franked 8c and charged 3d postage due, etc. (17). £200-240
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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