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Auction Lots - Page 16
  1948-84 Covers and stamps in eleven albums and loose including 1957-64 postage due covers (7), taxi mail (3), Highway Post Offices (65), greetings card envelopes and triangular cancels, military mail, air letters, also 1951-84 F.D.Cs and stamps with some Doar Ivri varieties and blocks. (100s). £300-350
  1937-2001 Covers and stamps in an album including 1948 interim period local issue stamps (13) and covers (3), 1948 covers from Palestine to Bulgaria returned endorsed "Service Suspended" or from Yugoslavia to Egypt with Israeli c.d.s and censor labels and returned endorsed "No Service", cover from Holland to Egypt with boxed "PAS DE SERVICE / VIA ISRAEL", 1948-84 Israeli forces covers (9), 1962-67 UN Forces in Lebanon (2), 1976-82 Austrian UN forces in Golan Heights (2), etc. £100-120

(Also see lots 351-359)

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1868-1969 Collection written up in four albums and on album pages with both genuine stamps, reprints, bogus issues and forgeries all identified, also some essays and specimens, including 1868-70 first Lion Issue 1sh (3), 2sh (8), 4sh (9) and 8sh (4); second Lion Issue 1875 wide spacing (14), 1876 narrow spacing (22), 1878 re-engraved (17) and later forgeries of reprints; 1881-82 perf 12 25c, 1f - 10f mint and perf 13 1f - 10f mint; 1885-87 official overprints mint or used; studies of the various 1897-1922 surcharges and overprints with both genuine and forged stamps; 1898 control mark set of 16 mint; 1902 typeset issues, specialised study with genuine issues and many forgeries; 1903 12ch, 2to and 3to surcharges; 1902 2ch "P.L Teheran" overprints; 1904 3to surcharge mint; 1906 Tabriz 1ch (4, three mint) and 2ch (3) surcharges; 1909 set of 16 mint; 1911 definitives specialised study with 10kr (2), 20kr (2) and 30kr (3) mint, also the reprint set mint; 1911 Relais overprints mint (4) and set used; "1915" overprint set mint; rare 1917 Kermanshah 12ch surcharge used; 1921 Coup D'Etat set overprinted Specimen; 1923 10ch (2) and 1kr surcharges mint; 1925 overprint set with Specimen overprint, etc. The occasional stain though most are fine, an extensive collection, well written up with many better stamps, varieties and forgeries. (1,000s). Photo on Page 64. £2,000-2,500
  1873 Stampless cover to Sussex, posted unpaid at Charing Cross (Sep 8) with a "2d" charge mark, the enclosed letter written at Resht (Aug 15). The letter talks of surveying through the jungle, the letter being hand carried by Capt. Clayton who is leaving for England. An interesting early letter from Persia. £200-250
  c.1875-1983 Mint and used issues in nine stockbooks with many varieties, genuine and forged overprints and surcharges, cancellation, etc., many notes included with the stamps, also various other stamps loose or on pages with a 1942-83 collection, covers with first flights and 1919 octagonal British army censors (2), and books including "Postal Markings of Iran" by H. Shaida. (Many 100s). £500-600
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1899 (Nov) 1ch to 50kr Mint distributed through the U.P.U as Specimen stamps each handstamped "SPECIMEN", large part gum, fault to 4kr, otherwise largely fine and very scarce. S.G.148/163. (16). Photo on Page 64. £250-300
  1902 Picture postcard from Shiraz to Holland bearing 1902 imperf 1ch and 2ch pair with rose overprints, transit and arrival datestamps of Boushir and Maarssen. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1903-04 1ch to 10kr and 50kr (no 20kr, 30kr), affixed to portions of a ledger page, each handstamped "ULTRAMAR" in violet by the Portuguese Post Office, applied upon receipt from the U.P.U in Berne before sending to one of its Colonial Post Offices. S.G. 246-255, 258. (11). Photo on Page 64. £200-250
  1916 30kr Handstamped "1334", blocks of four (2) and ten used on piece with Bander-Abbas cancels, two stamps creased and the odd very minor perf stain, otherwise fine and a scarce large franking. S.G. 479, £1,170. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1921 Coup d'Etat of Riza Khan 3ch to 5to, the 3ch - 2to and 10to handstamped "SPECIMEN", distributed through the U.P.U as Specimen stamps, the 2to and 3to handstamped with a differing "SPECIMEN" (Samuel BEC2) by the receiving postal authority of Bechuanaland, also all with a a blue crayon line, no gum, unusual and scarce. S.G. 540/550. (11). Photo on Page 64. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1924-25 Ahmed Mizra 1ch to 30kr distributed through the U.P.U. as Specimen stamps each handstamped "SPECIMEN" (Samuel BEC2) by the receiving postal authority of Bechuanaland (eight also have green crayon marks), no gum, a unique set. S.G. 577/590. (14). Photo on Page 64. £350-400
  Bushire. 1888-1936 Covers (61) and stamps (126) with various Bushire cancellations, all written up on pages, the covers including 1899 cover with manuscript "The fee for delivery was received" as a result of a shortage of stamps, registration labels used for postage during stamp shortages (2), 1906 local typeset issue handstamped "Provisoire" (3), 1916-18 circular violet "PASSED CENSOR / BUSHIRE" (4), 1921 1 KRAN BENADERS" surcharge, 1922 Controle overprints (4), etc. (187). £500-600

(Also see lots 249, 351-359)

Click to view full image... 1916 Cover to an Officer with the Mekran Mission at Karachi redirected to Chahbar in the Persian Gulf, franked by G.B KGV 1d and a London and North Western Railway 2d letter stamp both cancelled in London, backstamped at Karachi and scarce "CHAHBAR / PERSIAN GULF DT" c.d.s. An exceptional destination for a G.B railway letter, posted contrary to P.O regulations which only allowed inland letters to be sent as railway letters. Photo on Page 108. £300-350
  1929 (Nov 8) G.B 1 1/2d Stationery envelope bearing a further 6d in stamps, from Newcastle to Jask, carried on the second and final Imperial Airways flight via Central Europe (avoiding Italy), with an arrival backstamp (Nov 20), returned to England under cover with a further G.B 1/2d stamp applied and cancelled on Dec. 5th. A scarce flight cover to the Persian Gulf. £160-180


  1926 Real photo picture postcard of Pitcairn Island, sent to New Zealand with G.B 1d tied by "WELLINGTON / LOOSE LETTERS" c.d.s (Hosking 1618), circular undated "PACKET / BOAT" (Hosking 1619, only recorded 1927) alongside. A fine commercial postcard, presumably from Pitcairn Island, unusual with two Wellington Paquebot marks. £100-120


The John Dahl FRPSL Collection - Part One

This exceptional collection, formed over the past 50 years, has been exhibited nationally and internationally, winning many awards including Gold at Stampex 2010 and a Large Gold and special prize at the Lubrapex 2009 international exhibition in Portugal. It is undoubtedly the finest and most comprehensive collection of this subject ever formed. The Waterlow & Son archive, acquired from Robson Lowe in the 1970's, contains over 150 file copy sheets which have enabled plating studies for the three Pictorial issues of 1901, 1911 and 1921. Original research shows that many printings (and re-prints) were made for each issue, the majority of which (referred to as Spurious) were outlet directly onto the philatelic market in London to meet the growing collector and packet market for these novel and attractive definitive stamps. Covers, in conjunction with the plating studies, have proved the few printings sent out to the Company for genuine postal use. This explains why the stamps are so common, and covers so few from a handful of Nyassa Company personnel, traders and visitors, in an otherwise barren land populated mostly by indigenous tribes and wild animals.

This Part One auction offers a comprehensive selection from the collection with many rare covers. Part Two will comprise the remainder of the collection including further covers, the Waterlow & Sons archive and the plating studies.

Mozambique Stamps used in Portuguese Nyassa prior to 1894

  1892 20r Postal stationery postcard (H&G2) to Portuguese India with blue Ibo c.d.s, the printed stamp cancelled by Mozambique and Sea Post Office transit datestamps with a Damao arrival c.d.s, fine and scarce. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1893 (Dec 28) Registered cover to Bombay bearing Dom Luis issue 200r tied by Ibo c.d.s, circular framed "R" and void oval with manuscript "498" applied on the Bombay to Aden Sea Post Office, backstamped with the Sea Post Office c.d.s. Also single Crown issue 50r green (small corner fault) and Dom Luis 25r (2, one with upper perfs trimmed) and 100r all with Ibo cancels. The cover with small piece torn from lower right corner upon opening and light soiling to the base of the stamp, otherwise fine, early and very scarce. (Cover + 4 stamps). Photo on Page 108. £250-300

c.1891 Invalid "Rook" Issue

The Tapling collection, bequeathed to the British Library in 1891 contains only these stamps for Portuguese Nyassa. These three stamps were printed in London in 1891 for the Nyassa Company but the Portuguese Government was not consulted and forbade their use, the stamps being declared invalid. The London office of the Company had already put the stamps on sale, many stamps subsequently being returned and the money paid being reimbursed by the Company. A small number were retained by collectors.

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... The set of six in perf and imperf singles, the imperf 100r on 50r in a pair and the other five imperf values in blocks of four, and the perf set of six in blocks of four with surcharges and "Provisorio" overprints, some marginal, all fine mint. (58). Photo on Page 128. £250-300

1898 NYASSA Overprints on Stamps of Mozambique

  1898 First Issue (S.G. 1-13) set of thirteen mint with some additional shades and 50c on enamel surfaced paper, 20r - 100r and 200r mint strips of four, 150r mint pair, 300r mint strip of three, the set used with some additional shades, and 1905 reprint 2 1/2r - 75r overprinted "SPECIMEN". Also 1898 second issue (S.G. 14-26) set of thirteen mint and used with additional shades, and C.T.O multiples comprising 50r and 80r blocks of eight and 200r strip of four all with "MOÇAMBIQUE" within the lower margin. (118). £120-180
  1898 First issue 150r sheet of 28, right margin a little trimmed, otherwise superb unmounted mint. S.G. 11, £392. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1898 (Mar 21) Cover to Zanzibar bearing first issue 10r (corner fault) and 20r pair, posted on the DOAL steamer "Safari" whilst in port at Ibo and cancelled by two "DEUTSCHE SEEPOST / OST- / AFRIKANISCHE / ZWEIGLINIE / II" datestamps, backstamped at Zanzibar. This first issue of Nyassa was only in use for about six months; very few covers are recorded and most of these are philatelic. An exceptionally scarce commercial cover, almost certainly unique with the Deutsche Seepost cancel. Photo on Page 116. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image... 1900 (July 20) Cover to London with "COMPANHIA DO NYASSA" crest printed on the flap, the enclosed letter written by A. Spilsbury, a company employee, on notepaper of The Residency, Port Amelia. Franked by second issue 100r tied by blue Porto Amelia c.d.s with an Ibo transit c.d.s on the front, backstamped at Zanzibar and London. The interesting letter includes "The bay is absolutely alive with fish from tiny whitebait to sharks 20 feet long: we daren't bathe in it after the death of the Portuguese soldier, and two days after a native woman went into the water and carried off by a shark. "Inkey Bottle" my man is a treasure, he caught a huge star fish, all scarlet like wax, it is a foot across! We have 2 baby lemurs, little soft furred night monkeys with pointed noses, and 2 young mongooses who fight like troopers. I have a hippopotamus head, a sable antelope head and a lot of leopard skins, also bows & arrows & assegais galore. A German man of war, the Schwalbe, put in the other day ....... It is quite a busy scene on the beach, the Ceres & Laju at anchor, a dozen dhows nearer in shore and the 2 steam launches fussing backwards & forwards towing lighters & pangais - some 150 blacks hard at work like a swarm of bees, all singing when they have a heavy weight to carry. Goods piled up in huge stacks, tents full, warehouses full, everything full and still they come". A scarce commercial cover with a good letter. Photo on Page 116. £500-600

Incoming Mail

  1903 Picture postcard from Rangoon to Ibo bearing two India 1/2a stamps (perfins), transit datestamps of Sea Post Office, Aden and Zanzibar and a blue arrival c.d.s. Scarce. £100-120

1901 Pictorial Waterlow Issue & 1903-10 Overprints & Surcharges

Research by John Dahl shows that there were seven printings, but only the first printing of 1901, the second 1903 printing of the five large London provisional overprints/surcharges, and the lower Giraffe values of the fourth printing of 1909 were actually sent to the Nyassa Company, and therefore exist genuinely postally used. Spurious printings for collectors were made in c.April 1903, c.1906 and c.1910; the Waterlow Archives did not contain any file copy sheets of these printings and "used" examples are all C.T.O, in London, often with full gum and with fictitious cancels, some showing impossible dates. Waterlows made two further printings, including 20 sheets of each value with inverted centres, from refurbished or new plates. None of the three spurious, or two reprint printings went out to the Nyassa Company.

Click to view full image... 1901 Die Proof of the head of King Carlos I, used as the vignette in the upper left corner of this 1901 issue, in black on white wove paper, 16x20mm, affixed to card, numbered "3054". A fine proof, from Waterlow's master die book. Photo on Page 126. £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Master Die Proof of the frame without value, as used for the 2 1/2r - 50r values, in black on white wove paper, 38x44mm, numbered "3040", and a similar die proof of the central vignette showing a giraffe eating from a palm tree, 24x37mm, numbered "3041", both affixed to separate pieces. A unique pair from Waterlow's master die book, the vignette proof with a little light soiling, otherwise a superb pair. (2). Photo on Page 114. £250-300
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Master Die Proof of the frame without value, as used for the 75r - 300r values, in black on white wove paper, 44x39mm, numbered "3038", and a similar die proof of the central vignette depicting two camels, numbered "3039", 44x35mm, the first affixed to piece. A superb and unique pair, from Waterlow's master die book. (2). Photo on Front Cover & on Page 114. £250-300
Click to view full image... Die Proof of the central vignette depicting two camels, used for the 75r - 300r values, printed in carmine on white wove paper, 93x82mm, with reversed number "3039" and inverted "1332", a few light creases well away from the printed proof and a small piece torn from upper left corner. A rare and most attractive proof. Photo on Page 128. £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Die Proofs of the 2 1/2r - 300r frames all in black on white wove paper, each affixed to a separate piece and numbered between "3066" and "3122", the seven 2 1/2r - 50r proofs 34-38mm x 45mm, the six 75r - 300r proofs approx. 44x39mm each. A superb and unique set of frame proofs from Waterlow's master die book. (13). Photo on Page 114. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 2 1/2r - 300r First printing set of thirteen each handstamped "SPECIMEN" (BEC1), applied by the Bechuanaland Post Office to specimen stamps received from the U.P.U. A unique specimen set. (13). Photo on Page 126. £400-500
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Sample stamps in unissued colours with perforated composite sheets of nine stamps (each with a small punch hole) comprising 2 1/2r + 5r + 10r in green, 75r + 80r + 100r in brown-orange and 150r + 200r + 300r in brown-orange, each overprinted small "WATERLOW & SONS LTD / SPECIMEN" in black or red; imperforate 10r and 20r in green, 75r (reduced at left, on piece numbered "S.T 682"), 100r, 200r and 300r in brown-orange similarly overprinted; imperforate 5r green and 200r brown-orange (on piece, numbered "S.T 682") with larger Waterlow overprint in blue; and imperf 10r green without overprint. Also the 1968 Robson Lowe price list of Specimen Sample Stamps, which included these composite sheets. An attractive lot. (36). Photo on Page 126. £380-450
  The superbly written up study of the genuine, spurious and reprint printings on 45 pages, the first page showing the printing dates and quantities for each value, other pages showing the positions of registration lay marks, detailed studies of the constant flaws and their positions found in the differing centre and frame plates, and studies of each individual value from 2 1/2r to 300r showing stamps plated to identified positions from each of the differing printings. The study includes many multiples with complete C.T.O sheets of the 5r (3rd printing), 10r (4th printing) and 75r (2nd printing); the 1910 5r and 50r surcharges produced solely for philatelists and never sent to the colony, with a complete mint sheet of the 5r; 1903 London 65r, 115r and 130r surcharges, 75r and 100r first printing vertical pairs used both imperf between pair, etc. (715 stamps). £300-350
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 5r (First printing) and 50r (second printing) imperforate horizontal pairs used, unlisted by S.G. or Afinsa, very rare. (2 pairs). Photo on Page 126. £150-200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Cancellations. Four rare or unique cancels comprising 15r with oval "COMPANHIA DO NYASSA / M. TARICO" ("12-1°-03" and "Correio" in manuscript), 25r London "PROVISORIO" overprint with manuscript "M'Saliga" cancel of 1911 and a Porto Amelia datestamp, 25r London "PROVISORIO" overprint with 1911 hexagonal "MUCUFI" datestamp, and 15r local "Provisorio" overprint (S.G. 48, £200) with part oval "COMPANHIA DO NYASSA / CONSELHO / AMARAMBA" cancel in violet. (4). Photo on Page 126. £150-200

Local Overprints and Surcharges (S.G. 45-49)

Issued in March 1903 for the new U.P.U rates:- Colonial Postcards 10r to 15r, Foreign Postcards 20r to 25r. Foreign Letters 50r to 65r single, 100r to 130r double, 100r to 115r single registered. A footnote in the SG catalogue states "Collectors are warned against dangerous forgeries". To be genuine the surcharge must be on stamps plating to the 1st printing, and with used examples dated only between March and September 1903. Research shows some 90% of these stamps plate to the spurious 3rd, 5th, or 6th printings and the surcharges cannot therefore be genuine.

Click to view full image...Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1903 Local "Provisorio" overprints on the first printing 15r unused (no gum) and used and 25r mint or used (3), and local surcharges on the first printing comprising mint and used examples of each of the three surcharges, also forgeries of the 65r on 80r (6), 115r on 150r (3) and 130r on 300r (3) and the 15r "PROVISIORIO" overprint all on later printings of the stamps. A rare group. S.G. £1,710. (25). Photo on Page 126. £350-450
Click to view full image... 1903 (June 3) Picture postcard of The Sultans Palace in Zanzibar, sent to Scotland franked by 25r locally overprinted "Provisorio" tied by blue Ibo c.d.s, a Zanzibar transit c.d.s below. A rare use of this Provisorio overprint, just two other examples of these overprints recorded on cover. Photo on Page 116. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1903 (Aug 17) Registered cover to "H. Mavor, c/o S.A.C Pretoria" bearing 75r, 100r (small fault) and local 65r on 80r surcharge each tied by blue Ibo c.d.s, a boxed Ibo registration handstamp below, the reverse with "Northern Division, South African Constabulary" crest and "Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft / Ibo" cachet. Backstamped with red boxed Lourenco Marques registration handstamp and at Pretoria. A rare use of the local 65r surcharge. Photo on Page 116. £450-550
Click to view full image... 1903 (Sep 19) Registered cover to Germany with "D.O.A.L Hamburg" printed on the flap, franked 2 1/2r, 50r, 200r and locally surcharged 65r, 115r and 130r set of three each tied by blue Ibo c.d.s, with a boxed registration handstamp. Backstamped at Naples and Bologna-Ala T.P.O. A philatelic but very rare franking, few examples of these surcharges known on cover, believed to be unique with the complete set of three values. A fabulous proving cover for the rare genuine local surcharges and the latest recorded date of use. Photo on Page 116. £600-700

Inverted Centres

Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Inverted Centres from the 2nd printing, comprising 2 1/2r, 10r, 15r, 50r, 75r, 80r, 150r and 300r singles, 75r and 200r marginal blocks of four, 80r upper left corner marginal block of eight (2x4), 2 1/2r and 15r lower left corner marginal blocks of eight, fine mint. The inverted centres are only recorded on these nine values from the second printing (which was never sent to the Nyassa Company) and the 1922 reprints from new or refurbished plates. A rare group, the five blocks all the largest known multiples from this printing, of which just one sheet of each value is believed to have been printed. Inverted centres from this second printing are therefore twenty times rarer than the 1922 reprints for which 20 sheets were printed S.G. £3,800 (as singles). (40). Photo on Page 128. £1,300-1,600
Click to view full image... 1903 (Oct 12) Registered cover to the stamp dealer F.R. Parker in London bearing first printing 5r, 20r and second printing 10r vertical strip of three with inverted centres, each tied by an Ibo c.d.s with an Ibo registration etiquette below, backstamped in Zanzibar and London. These inverted centres from the second printing were never sent to Nyassa; however five covers are known posted at Ibo on this same date, all to Parker in London and franked by inverted centres. The other covers bear strips of the 50r value, this being the only cover with the 10r value. Whilst these covers are clearly philatelic, the stamps having been acquired in London and privately sent out to Nyassa to be used on covers home, they have genuinely travelled through the post and represent the only genuine used examples of the inverted centres, this cover being unique with the 10r value. A few small edge tears, otherwise fine and a rare and important cover. Photo on Back Cover. £1,000-1,200
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1922 Reprints from new or refurbished plates, mint set of 13 all with inverted centres. 1,000 Stamps of each value were printed. (13). Photo on Page 126. £300-400
  1922 Reprint of 2 1/2r chocolate with Giraffe vignette, Waterlow archive file copy sheet of fifty stamps with the centre inverted, without sheet number, endorsed "250491", 25.7.23, 1000, 1901 Dom Carlos" in the margin, no gum, each stamp with two punch holes. A unique archival sheet. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1922 Reprint of 75r carmine with Dromedaries vignette, Waterlow archive file copy sheet of fifty stamps with the centre inverted, without sheet number, endorsed "250491", 25.7.23, 1000, 1901 Dom Carlos" in the margin, no gum, each stamp with two punch holes. A unique archival sheet. Photo on Page 118. £500-600

1901 to 1909 Covers with Stamps of the 1st Printing or Surcharged 2nd Printing

Click to view full image... 1902 (May 8) Registered cover to Germany bearing five 5r and five 10r stamps on the front, a further 75r on the reverse, all cancelled at Porto Amelia, handstamped by fancy "R" with manuscript "Porto Amelia, No. 90" and boxed "PIROSCAFI / ESTERI" Paquebot handstamp of Naples (Hosking 1162). Backstamped at the French Post Office at Zanzibar, Naples and Kensingen. A scarce early cover. Photo on Page 116. £350-450
Click to view full image... 1902 (June 6) Cover to Germany with printed "Deutsche Ostafrikanische" heading and seal on the reverse, bearing 15r and 50r paying the correct 65r letter rate, tied by Ibo datestamps, backstamped at the French Post Office at Zanzibar and Leipzig. Photo on Page 116. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1902 (July 4) Registered A.R cover to Switzerland bearing 2 1/2r, 75r and 100r tied by Ibo datestamps, boxed Ibo registration handstamp and scarce "AR", backstamped at the French Post Office at Zanzibar and at Moudon. An extremely scarce A.R cover. Photo on Page 116. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1903 (Jan 18) Registered cover to Budapest franked 50r, 75r and 80r each tied by blue Ibo c.d.s with boxed registration handstamp in blue (No. 69), backstamped at the French Post Office in Zanzibar and in Budapest. Photo on Page 120. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1904 (Mar 24) Picture postcard of Manica, written from Ibo to Scotland, posted onto a German steamer with 25r "PROVISORIO" London overprint (upper right corner perfs stained) tied by a Deutsche Seepost c.d.s. An unusual and scarce commercial use. Photo on Page 120. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1905 (May 28) Picture postcard of Baden Baden bearing two German 5pf stamps, sent from Baden Baden to Ibo with transit datestamps of Aden and Zanzibar, and an Ibo arrival c.d.s (July 9), readdressed to Mozambique. Again readdressed and reposted from Ibo to Dar-Es-Salaam on July 22 franked by 25r "PROVISORIO" London overprint, with arrival c.d.s of Dar-Es-Salaam (July 26). An extraordinary commercial postcard reposted in Nyassa. Photo on Page 120. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1908 (May 1) Registered cover from the small village of Lago on the shores of Lake Nyassa, to the USA franked first printing 2 1/2r (2), 5r (2), 20r and 75r each tied by a Lago c.d.s, with a Lago registration label affixed. Unusually sent via Nyasaland, backstamped at Fort Johnston, Zomba, Chinde, London and Chicago. A scarce origin and routing. Photo on Page 120. £200-250

1910-11 Covers with Giraffe values of the 4th printing

Covers from this short period are much scarcer than the first printing used from 1901 to 1909. Even without plating them they are quite easy to distinguish. On most sheet positions the giraffes' tails are doubled and the colours are paler and quite different from the first printing.

Click to view full image... 1910 (Feb 17) Nyassa overprint on 10r Mozambique postal stationery postcard (H&G4), uprated with fourth printing 10r paying the 20r postcard rate to Germany, both cancelled by blue Ibo c.d.s. A very scarce use of this stationery card. Photo on Page 120. £250-300
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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