Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 25
Click to view full image... 1860 Covers franked 1d to New York or Richmond handstamped "ADVERTISED" or "ADVERTISED /1 CENT", returned with red "SENT BACK TO ENGLAND / WITHOUT A REASON / FOR NON-DELIVERY" apparently applied in Liverpool, the cover to Richmond fine and attractive, the other with faults. (2). Photo on Page 190. £150-180
  1863 Stampless cover to England with "DETROIT AM PKT / 21" c.d.s (Feb 12) and an unusual squat "1/-" charge mark possibly applied on the Allan Line Steamer "Bohemian" which left Portland on Feb. 14th, backstamped at Launceston (Feb. 27), light horizontal fold, otherwise fine. £80-100
  1867-68 Unpaid entire letters from Liverpool to the USA, the first to New Orleans "pr China via Queenstown" with "48" charge altered to "38" and circular "62 / IN U.S NOTES"; the other "P. city of Baltimore via Queenstown", with Boston "21 US NOTES" c.d.s, both with Liverpool P.L.O datestamps. (2). £100-120
  1909-23 Picture postcards from USA to England all franked 1c, with "SPO / 5", "SPO / 9" or U.S SEA P.O / 1" T handstamps applied in the US to England Sea Post Office, charged 1d (2) or 1 1/2d. (3). £80-100

Wreck Covers

  Brig "Agir". 1817 (Dec 17) Legal document describing the voyage of the "Agir", bound from Copenhagen to Malaga, and her wreck at Bearness on the Orkney island of Sanday, sworn before a notary public at Kirkwall with an embossed 5/- revenue stamp and printed 2/- paper duty stamp. £50-60
  S.V "Barbados". 1815 (June 20) Entire letter from Charleston to Scotland, extensively waterstained, the address panel also with a small hole and large tear (stuck together internally with a white label, which could easily be removed and the repair greatly improved), handstamped "LIVERPOOL / SHIP LETTER" with a red Edinburgh c.d.s (Aug 1). Carried on the S.V "Barbados" which sheltered off the Isle of Wight for repairs after being damaged and driven off course, some of its mail clearly being seriously damaged by seawater. A scarce early item. £160-180
  S.S "Eider". 1892 (Jan 20) Cover from Philadelphia to England, water stained with the stamp washed off, with a red "LONDON / PAID / 16 FE 92" c.d.s, the reverse with a "Found Open and Officially Sealed" label tied by a Bradford arrival c.d.s, and a further Philadelphia duplex. The German steamer "Eider" sailed from New York to Southampton but stranded on January 31st on the Atherfield Ledge near St. Catherine's Point on the Isle of Wight. The passengers and some mail were landed the following evening, with the majority of the mails salvaged by February 8th. A further 15 sacks were salvaged on March 2nd, a final sack apparently being found in the "Eider" when she was refloated on March 29th. A fine cover, from the first mails recovered from the ship, apparently delivered before the explanatory handstamps were prepared. £70-80
  S.S "St Paul". 1897 (June 15) Cover from New York franked 5c, a front from New York with the stamp washed off and a 2c stationery envelope piece from Muncie, Ind. (June 14) with other stamps washed off, all with violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER" and a red London Paid c.d.s (June 24). All sent on the "St Paul" which left New York on June 16th arriving at Southampton on the 23rd, the mails having been water damaged, probably the result of flooding of the mail hold. (3). £240-280
  S.S "St. Paul". 1897 (June 9) Cover from San Francisco to Bowmore, Islay, the stamp washed off with a red London Paid c.d.s (June 24) and boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER", the reverse with an Officially Sealed label and datestamps of Greenock and Bowmore. £100-120
  1899 (Nov 3) Cover from Caudry, France to Nottingham, the stamp washed off, with a red London Official Paid c.d.s (Nov 4) and violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER", unrecorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn; and 1907 (July 15) picture postcard from Toronto to Sussex with the stamp washed off, a triangular "I.S" handstamp applied where the stamp had been and violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER - I.S", carried on the S.S "Kronprinz Wilhem". (2). £100-120
  S.S "Berlin". 1907 (Feb 20) Postcard from London to Amsterdam with KEVII 1/2d cancelled "FS", handstamped violet "BESCHADIGD DOOR RAMP / HARWICH BOOT" with an Amsterdam arrival c.d.s (Feb 21). From the Great Eastern Railway Co. cross-channel steamer which sailed from Harwich to the Hook of Holland on the evening of April 20th, but was wrecked the following morning in a heavy storm at the entrance to the River Maas, 165 passengers and crew drowning. A fine and attractive card. £100-120
  1915-38 Covers to G.B. with differing "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER" (3) or "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" cachets, comprising 21 May 1915 registered cover with G.B 1d strip of three cancelled in London and bearing a London I.S registration label (probably Naval origin); 22 April 1918 cover from South Africa, from the "Kenilworth Castle" which collided with another ship in the Channel; 8 Dec 1919 from New York, carried on the "Imperator"; or 30 May 1938 from Wellington, carried on the "Empire Star". (4). £150-180
  S.S "Sussex". 1916 (Mar 23) Cover from London to India, the stamp washed off, handstamped violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN WATER", arrival backstamps (Apr 25). The L.B&S.C Railway Co. steamer was torpedoed whilst crossing the Channel from Folkestone to Dieppe on March 24th, and was towed into Boulogne the following day. £100-150
  S.S "Norwegian". 1917 (Feb 25/26) Cover and picture postcard from New York and a picture postcard from Japan (Jan 28), all with their stamps soaked off, handstamped "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" (2) or violet boxed "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER". The S.S "Norwegian" beached off the Irish Coast on March 13th following an explosion probably caused by a mine, which killed five people. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... S.S "Shirala". 1918 (June 25) Parcel despatch note from London to Cairo with a C.O.D label tied by Finsbury Square c.d.s, handstamped "PARCEL LOST AT SEA". The "Shirala" was torpedoed off the Isle of Wight on June 30th bound for Egypt and India; two covers are recorded from the wreck and three despatch notes for parcels lost in this incident are known with this "Parcel Lost" cachet. Creased but very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 190. £150-200
Click to view full image... S.S "Ville de Liege". 1929 (Feb 11) Cover from Ghent to Manchester, the stamp washed off, handstamped "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER". The cross channel steamer "Ville de Liege" ran aground at the entrance to Dover harbour on February 11th and was then driven on to rocks near the breakwater. The ship was eventually brought into dry dock on March 6th and sailed to Antwerp for repairs on March 17th. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 190. £150-180
  1940-70 WW2 and later covers with various cachets comprising "SALVED FROM THE SEA" (5), "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION / IN SEA WATER" (2), "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" (7), "SALVAGED MAIL" or "SALVAGED FROM SEA", including 1940 covers from the S.S "Eros" torpedoed off Ireland (3, one from Japan), 1941 covers from S.S "Alhena" which ran aground off Co. Down (3, one to Greece with "NO SERVICE / RETURN TO SENDER"), 1942 cover from S.S "Empire Kingfisher" which sank off Nova Scotia, other unidentified WW2 incidents (7), 1954 cover from Singapore to G.B (unrecorded by Hoggarth & Gwynn), 1955 cover from Chile carried on the S.S "Loide-Cuba", and a 1970 air letter returned from Hong Kong. (17). £300-350

Military, P.O.W & Naval Mail
(Also see lots 3, 4, 98-149, 213, 268, 722, 723, 739-743, 1109-1111, 1174, 1279, 1295, 1296, 1301, 1302)

  Seven Years War. 1762 (Aug 14) Letter written by Lt. Col Henry St. John of the 91st Regt. from Pinnhete Camp, unfortunately missing the outer address sheet, but an interesting letter, sent to a colleague who has been involved in the capture of Martinique and Havana. He tells of the regiment's arrival at Lisbon, encampment at Santarem and Abrantis, and the pitiful state of the Portuguese and their idle and ignorant Officers; the Spanish have an army of 30,000 near Almeida and are going to besiege that town. The Spanish invaded Portugal in January 1762, the short campaign ending with an armistice in November. £200-250
  1794 (Nov 10) Entire letter written by Alexander McDonald, Ensign in the 55th Regt, Army of His Royal Highness the Duke of York serving on the continent, headed from "Valbut, near the walls", describing a battle six days earlier near Nijmegen in which 20 privates and 3 officers in the regiment were wounded. Addressed to "Strathaird, Isle of Sky, P. Edinr, Sconcer, N.B" with a "LONDON SHIP-LRE" handstamp (Rob S3). £100-150
  1795-1801 Entire letters (4) from J. Munsie to his father, a cabinet maker in Glasgow, the final letter from Woolwich prepaid at the 1d concession rate; 1800 entire letter from Sergt McKenzie in the Regt. of the Isles sent at the 1d soldiers rate from Whitehaven to the Isle of Skye "by Inverness and Sconser", and 1803 entire letter sent within London containing a printed list of promotions in the 'L.H.V', the two soldiers rate letters with some faults. (6). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1805 Entire letter to Campbeltown written from Lower Hope by a Lieutenant on H.M.S "Quebec", a blockade frigate belonging to Trinity House, the address panel endorsed "First day of Janry 1805. H.M Ship Quebec, Archd McNeilage Lieutenant" and prepaid at the 1d concession rate, with a Grays handstamp and red London Paid datestamp. An unusual 1d rate letter actually sent by the Commanding Officer on the ship, and not by one of the crew. Photo on Page 190. £180-200
Click to view full image... Napoleonic Wars - Prisoner of War Mail. 1809 (May 18) Entire letter from Pierre Chevalier, a Prisoner of War in Wincanton, addressed to St. Malo endorsed "C.P P.Cartel", charged 5 decimes. Chevalier died whilst a P.O.W at Wincanton and is buried in the parish church. A little splitting at the folds, otherwise fine and a scarce cartel endorsement. Photo on Page 190. £650-750
  Napoleonic Wars - Prisoner of War Mail. 1810 (28 Sept.) Entire letter from William Richard Ellis Stone, a British P.O.W in Brussels, sent to the Minister of War in Paris with red "94 / BRUXELLES"; Stone has seen that an exchange of Prisoners is to take place between England and France and asks for his name to be removed from the list of P.O.Ws at that time as he has lived peacefully in Brussels for eight years, has an establishment there and is married to a local lady. Also an 1809 letter from the Ambassador of Venice and Rome in London, written to Sir Rupert George of the Transport Board, asking for a P.O.W Giuseppe Tonon to be released or his situation ameliorated, no address panel. (2). £220-260
Click to view full image... 1814 Entire letter from R.J. Adeane, late Colonel of the Cambridgeshire Fencible Cavalry, testifying that John Bendall served in the regiment from 1794 until the reduction of the regiment at Navan in 1800, prepaid at the soldiers 1d concession rate from Cambridge to "John Bendall at the Kings Head Westminster, Orderly Room of the 2 Royal Veterans Battalion, London, with speed". Handstamped with a London Paid datestamp, circular "MORE / TO / PAY" and the scarce boxed "NOT ACCORDING / TO THE ACT" and charged a further 7d. Disallowed at the 1d rate because Bendall's rank was not stated, very scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 190. £400-500
Click to view full image... 1d Concession Rate - Jamaica/Bahamas. 1835 Entire letter to Southampton, headed "From Alexander Spain on board His Majestys Brig Wasp", countersigned by the commanding Officer, landed at Liverpool where it was handstamped red oval framed "Paid 1" (LL152) with a Liverpool c.d.s on the reverse. The letter is headed from Port Royal, Jamaica (Feb 12) and tells of the various West Indies islands visited, and continues a month later from Nassau, Bahamas, when it includes "Since writing the first part of this letter we have been with troops to Honduras in New Spain and thence to this place on the same errand. May perhaps proceed from this to Bermuda but it is uncertain - continue direct to Port Royal Jamaica or elsewhere". Some folds a little split and reinforced and a 55mm tear through the address panel, nevertheless a rare sailors letter from the Bahamas and an exceptional use of this "Paid 1" Handstamp (usually found on local Liverpool letters) applied to an incoming sailors concession rate letter, that was presumably accompanied by a 1d coin for prepayment. Photo on Page 190. £200-250
Click to view full image... Crimean War. 1855 Cover with enclosed letter from Baldwin Bastard written at Camp, 3rd Division, the cover endorsed "Officers letter from the Crimea" and addressed to Rome with partial "ESCADRE DE LA MEDITERRANEE" c.d.s. A very unusual destination for mail from a British Officer in the Crimea, with the French naval mail c.d.s. Photo on Page 190. £150-180
Click to view full image... Crimean War. 1856 Stampless cover to Germany with "ESCAD. DE LA MEDITEE / MARSEILLE" c.d.s (Jan 1) on the front, backstamped "POST-OFFICE / B / BRITISH-ARMY" c.d.s. An unusual destination and combination of British and French forces datestamps. Photo on Page 193. £250-300
Click to view full image... Crimean War. 1856 Stampless cover with "COMMISSARIAT / (crown)" embossed on the flap, addressed to Dublin and headed "From Qr Master Serjt. K. Delaney 91 Regt", charged 4d (2d unpaid soldiers concession rate + ship letter gratuity of 2d), the reverse with "SHIP LETTER" handstamp of London and datestamps of London and Dublin. The enclosed letter headed "On Board Her Majesty's Ship Rodney in harbour, Corunna, Spain, 18 July 1856" includes "we are making a slow passage having left the Crimea on the 15th June. We called at Constantinople & Malta, left Malta 23 June and lay becalmed 4 days, reached Gibraltar on the 7th, left it on the 9th, anchored at Cascais Bay a night, it is at the mouth of the Tagus near the capital of Portugal "Lisbon", left for home but wind so contrary beat about Cape Finister north of Spain 8 hours and anchored last night at 8 p.m in this harbour of Corunna ..... We are sailing in company with the steamer Furious having on board 5 Comps of the 19 Regt. We have 42 Regt on board consisting of 6 Cos. ....... the whole Regiment consisting on board of 29 Officers & 755 men are all well". A very unusual cover from a troopship returning from the Crimea, sent as a ship letter at the concessionary rate. Photo on Page 193. £200-240
  1869 (May 5) Stampless cover to London endorsed "Officers Letter No Stamps Procurable", from West Africa carried on the British and Africa S.N Co "Congo" to Liverpool, with a "6d" charge mark, backstamped boxed Liverpool Ship datestamp (June 12) and in London. An unusual cover, believed to have originated from H.M.S "Plover". Seal missing and a few other minor faults. £100-120
  1886 Cover with an enclosed letter from a Naval Officer on H.M.S "Sylvia" at Teneriffe, franked G.B 2 1/2d lilac cancelled "466" upon arrival at Liverpool, with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" c.d.s, very fine. £100-120
  1916-17 Stampless covers inscribed "S.M" and endorsed from a Belgian soldier at Elisabethville, both with the double circle "ELISABETHVILLE, BIRTLEY / Co DURHAM" c.d.s. Elisabethville was established as a village for Belgian refugees and wounded soldiers, and was the site of the largest armaments factories in the country. A few minor faults. (2). £100-120
  1916-18 Covers comprising 1916 cover from Vice Admiral Lord Charles Dundas with KGV 1d tied by red boxed "K (crown) M / PRIVILEGED" and a London S.W machine; 1914 Field Service card to the Hants Regt Depot endorsed "accelerated postcard" with A.P.O 43 c.d.s and a War Office cachet, the reverse with a list of Officers of the Regt.; and an imitation P.O.W lettersheet dropped by balloon over German lines. Also a c.1918 leaflet headed "Aeroplane Circular" advertising War Savings Week in Maidstone, dropped over the town from an aeroplane. (4). £130-160
  Danzig. 1920 (Feb 6) Picture postcard with "FIELD POST OFFICE H.2" c.d.s, used by the British forces overseeing the plebiscite in Danzig. Also 1920 postcard franked 1d tied by British A.P.O Constantinople c.d.s (July 1) addressed to a soldier at "A.P.O H2, British forces in East Prussia". A scarce pair, to and from the plebiscite forces. (2). £160-180

Official Mail

  1872-1975 Covers and cards (37), pieces or registration labels (8) from the Money Order Department or Post Office Savings Bank including 1822 and 1881 entire letters returning unsigned Money Orders, M.O.D datestamps with 1938 c.d.s on cover to Demerara handstamped red circular "OFFICIAL / PAID / B. GUIANA", cachets, red P.O.S.B machine cancels, etc., also a 1937 British Money Order for 1d with London Chief Office c.d.s. (46). £150-180

Pictorial Envelopes

Click to view full image... 1840 Hume Tourist Envelope No. 1, "50 Miles Round Stirling", state A, depicting a map of the Stirling area on the reverse with details of four walks on the flaps, the front with four views including Stirling Castle and a further map around the address panel, a few tiny tone spots, otherwise superb unused, very attractive and rare in such fresh condition. Photo on Page 195. £500-700
Click to view full image... 1840 Hume Tourist Envelope No. 3, "50 Miles Round Ediburgh and Leith", state D, the reverse depicting a map of the Edinburgh area with details of walks on the flaps, the front with five views including Leith Harbour, Edinburgh from Calton hill and Edinburgh from Corstorphine Hill, superb unused, very attractive and rare in such fresh condition. Photo on Page 195. £500-700

Postage Due Mail
(Also see lots 240, 242, 453, 463, 1189, 1199, 1204, 1206, 1231, 1390, 1392, 1400)

  1842-1903 Covers and cards, most charged upon redirection (9), one franked by a 1d red pair but only charged 1d upon redirection, probably in error, also 1870 unpaid cover from Hamburg to London endorsed "P. John Bulls, B. of Lading" and charged inland postage only as a consignee's letter with a "2d" charge mark, etc. (13). £140-160
  1856-72 Covers from Liverpool, the first to India franked 9d with boxed "EXCG / Oz / DEFICIENT-POSTAGE (4) / FINE 9d" and circular framed "ST BG / A-P / 8-8"; the other franked 1/- to Cape town with unframed "DEFICIENT POSTAGE (1/-) / HALF FINE (6)" charged 2/-. (2). £120-150
  1863-70 Covers from Liverpool to France (2) or Spain (2), one cover to France only franked 1d handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED" and charged 7 decimes; the others paid the correct single rate of 4d to France or 6d to Spain (2) but overweight with "PD" handstamps obliterated by an erasure mark, "51" numeral of the London Inland Branch or the scarce "T.O.1" numeral, charged 12 decimes or 4 Reals. (4). £150-180
  Printed Matter. 1866 Printed Prices Current from Liverpool both franked by a 1d red but underpaid for the 2d rate, one a cotton circular "registered for transmission abroad" to Germany via Ostend handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED" with a "2d" charge mark in black, the other to Sweden endorsed "Open circular via France" charged 12ore. (2). £80-100
  1874-77 Covers from the USA both only franked at the inland rate of 3c, the first handstamped "INSUFFICIENTLY / PAID" with a fancy "4 1/2" charge mark, the second handstamped "T" and "15" with a "3½d"charge mark. The 1877 cover with opening tear at base, otherwise both fine, an interesting pair showing the differing methods of charging mail prior to the G.P.U and in the 1875-79 G.P.U period. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1874 Cover from Santiago to Germany sent via Panama and the British P.O in Callao, franked 5c pair, with the rare circular "1/5 / UNPAID" applied in the London Foreign Branch, backstamped at Callao British P.O, London and Hamburg. Some light staining, very few examples recorded of this 1/5 charge mark. Photo on Page 193. £350-400
  Registered Mail. 1905 Cover franked 1d, compulsory registered and charged 4d with a "Caution" label on the reverse; 1916 and 1959 registered covers posted out of course and charged, the 1916 cover from Glasgow with an unusual boxed "4d" charge mark. (3). £80-100
  Invalid Stamps. 1906 Cover from London to passenger on the S.S "Magdalena" at Lisbon franked by a QV 2 1/2d postal stationery cut-out and a 1d revenue stamp embossed on white paper, the 2 1/2d stamp cancelled by a London E.C c.d.s, the embossed revenue disallowed and therefore uncancelled, both stamps then tied by a "T / C.68" handstamp applied on the London & Dover T.P.O. The reverse bears a 100r due cancelled in Lisbon. Opened out to display the reverse, otherwise mainly fine and very unusual. £180-220

Postal Stationery
(Also see lots 454, 846, 908, 911, 1137, 1150-1152, 1347, 1348)

Click to view full image... 1839 Treasury Essay for a letter sheet printed in brown by Charles Whiting, inscribed "HARWOODS ENVELOPES", some staining mainly to the two left corners, four closed edge tears each up to 1cm into the design and some light creasing. A very presentable example of this scarce and attractive Treasury Essay. Photo on Page 193. £250-350
Click to view full image... 1839 Essay for a lettersheet inscribed "POST OFFICE PERMIT / PRICE 1d. MATTER NOT TO EXCEED IN WEIGHT 1/2 OUNCE", in blue on wove paper, printed by Charles Whiting for the Mercantile Committee as part of their campaign for cheap postage. Light stains and some thins, two tiny tears at upper edge and a one inch tear at left, still very scarce in this colour. Also 1837 London District Post 1d yellow and 2d green lettersheet essays printed by Whiting, folded but otherwise largely fine. (3). Photo on Page 162. £200-250
  Mulreadys. Unused 1d Lettersheet stereo A35 (light crease, otherwise superb unfolded) and 2d lettersheet stereo a90 (minor soiling, reverse faults), also 1d Lord Holland and "Amsterdam" forgeries and a reproduction 2d lettersheet, and two DeraedeMaeker reprints of Southgate caricatures. (7). £100-120
  1841 Edinburgh G.P.O Post Office Notices sent out by E.S Lees, April 1841 notice enclosing a specimen of the new 2d envelope, the sale of which was then confined to the London 2d Post area, with an attached 2d envelope handstamped red "Specimen", and the right portion only of the notice to all Postmasters enclosing specimens of the new 1d and 2d postage labels and envelopes and announcing the intention to alter the obliterating ink from red to black (the left half, which bore the labels and envelopes, removed and missing). S.G. PN4, £3,800. (+ part PN3). (2). £400-500
  1905 Printed regulations for "Impressed Stamps on Post-cards", and 1918 "Regulations under which unfolded paper intended for envelopes and cardboard intended for letter cards are received at the Inland Revenue Office, Somerset House, to be impressed with stamps to denote the rate of postage", the first with some folds and edge faults. 3,000 Copies of each notice were printed but very few examples still survive (2). £80-100

Envelopes & Lettersheets

  1842-1901 Unused and used QV envelopes, many on pages identified by Huggins catalogue number including 1d Pinks on Mulready or silk thread papers, 2d envelopes Specimen or unused (3), number "8" in Maltese Cross cancels (2), 1876 dated 1d pink envelope attached to a De La Rue appendix page, albino impression C.T.O with an 1884 c.d.s, various "Specimen" handstamps, etc. (181). £200-250
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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