Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 4
  Two S.G. Imperial albums dated 1899, volume I for British Empire countries including G.B 1d blacks (3, all four margins), volume II for foreign countries with USA 1892 Columbus issue 1c - $1 unused (stuck down by their own gum), some stamps removed and very mixed condition, two attractive albums with some useful stamps. (100s). £200-300
  G.B, Commonwealth and foreign stamps in 17 albums, several pre-war with a 1904 oblong Lincoln album containing G.B 1d black used (faults) and 1887-1900 Jubilee issue 1/2d - 1/- set mint (no 1/- green), 4d Cape Triangular fine used, etc., also some G.B 1970s-80s issues mint. £200-250
  Mint and used foreign countries collection in two albums and an album of Egypt and Sudan, with Egypt 1933 Railway and Aviation Congress sets mint and used; Sudan with 1897 10pi mint and used, 1898 5pi and 10pi mint, 1902-21 set mint, 1935 Gordon set mint, 1941 set mint and used, 1951 set unmounted, Army Telegraphs with 1m variety "!" within a mint pair (S.G. A1a), 1m Army reading downwards used (S.G. A3), 1906 2m - 5pi mint and used (S.G. A7/12), also a few Egypt stamps used in Sudan. (100s). £200-300
  A large quantity of world stamps in a box with many pre-war Palestine, Syria and Egypt stamps in envelopes or cigar boxes, some QV-KGV G.B also in cigar boxes, Greece, two world albums, etc., the Palestine apparently unchecked for varieties. (1,000s). £100-150
  Six Lighthouse albums in slip cases containing mint collections of Australia for 1966-90; South Africa for 1961-85; Cocos Keeling Island for 1976-90; Canada for 1972-90; New Zealand for 1967-70 and 1981-90; and USA for 1976-86, all appear to be virtually complete and the stamps superb unmounted. £200-300
  Thematics - Football/Rugby/Cricket. c.1970-2010 Commemorative covers with special cancels for football tournaments and matches, mostly Euro 96 or 1998 World Cup, some for Football Legends, F.A Cup, European Cup, etc., a France 98 card signed by twelve players, others signed by Gareth Southgate, Andi Herzog, etc.; Cricket covers, mostly test matches, eleven signed by players; and Rugby, mostly 2003 World Championship, one signed; and various football or cricket stamps, one Trinidad & Tobago miniature sheet signed by Brian Lara. Also various space related covers with 1983 cover carried into space on the Challenger, and a plain card signed by Buzz Aldrin. (200+ covers, also many stamps). £240-280
  Prestamp to modern worldwide covers and cards in a box including Southern Rhodesia air letters, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Russia, German States, etc. (160+). £150-250
  A large box of world covers and cards, prestamp to modern with military mails, censors, air mails, postal stationery, G.B and Commonwealth, USA, etc., much potential. (Many 100s). £300-400
  A large box of world covers and cards, prestamp to modern with military mails, censors, air mails, postal stationery, G.B and Commonwealth, USA, etc., much potential. (Many 100s). £300-400
  1851-1960 Covers and cards including 1851 entire letters from London to India bearing cut to shape 1/- embossed (2), India 1927 meter marks (2), Thailand, etc. (46). £80-100
  Parcel Post. 1903-06 Parcel Post Customs Declaration labels from India (2, one with faults), Canada (2) or Victoria (faults) all used to G.B with parcel labels showing the origin applied in London, similar labels applied in London to pieces of parcels from Italy or Germany, a 1901 French parcel form used from Monaco, other French parcel receipts or labels (14), an unusual lot. (22). £200-240
  Covers and cards in a box including WW1 German and Austrian forces mail, WW1 P.O.W mail including a card from Japan, 1921 Polish F.P.O datestamps, WW2 Finnish forces mail and covers from Poland, post WW2 P.O.W mail, West German covers to East Germany returned because the political theme of the stamps, 1903-04 cards from German forces in China, postal mechanisation, etc. (100s). £100-150
  Covers and cards including postal stationery of South Africa, 1951 cover from South African Air Force in Korea, 1903 Ceylon postcard reposted in the Cape and charged 1d, etc. (100s). £100-150
  1939-44 Censored covers, mainly to the USA with many airmails, most from Cuba, the West Indies, Central or South America, including 1941 cover from the Virgin Islands but with a US 10c air mail stamp cancelled at San Juan, Porto Rico and handstamped "Virgin Islands Mail / Carried by Courtesy of / CARIBBEAN ATLANTIC AIRLINES INC. / "The Powelson Line"", etc. (102). £100-150


Click to view full image...Click to view full image... QV-QEII Mint and used collection in three albums and a small stockbook, some useful stamps noted including Gambia 1922-29 Multiple Script CA 5/- and 10/- mint, Brunei 1924-37 25c - $1 used, Hong Kong 1921-37 10c - $5 mint, Federated Malay States 1922-34 $1, $2 green and carmine and $5 green and blue mint, Canada 1928-29 50c and 1930-31 50c both mint, Sierra Leone 1927 Multiple Script CA 10/- unmounted mint, etc. Also Bhopal and other Indian States in a stockbook and on pages. (100s). Photo on Page 56. £300-400
  British Africa. QV-KGVI Mainly used accumulation on stockcards with Bechuanaland (58), Nyasaland with B.C.A overprint issues (40) and various 1895-1904 stamps with useful squared circle cancels, and Northern Rhodesia mainly KGVI issues to the 10/- with a large quantity of the 1 1/2d red in a packet. (100s). £150-200
  Gibraltar and Malta issues mint and used on pages with Gibraltar 1938 and 1948 £1 mint and used, QEII sets mint to £1; Malta 1948 £1 mint and used, 1938 and 1948 sets mint. Also a stockbook with N.Z Health issues, etc. £70-100
  1997-2012 G.B and Commonwealth royal collections in fourteen albums comprising stamps, miniature sheets and coin covers with 1997 Golden Wedding of the Queen and Prince Philip (3 albums), 2000 Royal Family (2 albums) and The Queen Mother (3 albums), 2002 Life and Times of The Queen Mother (3 albums), 2011/12 Queen and Prince Philip Lifetime of Service (5 albums). A large quantity with over 100 coin covers. £150-180

Colonial Head Die Proofs

Click to view full image... 1875 Queen Victoria Head Die Proof in sepia, with surrounds lightly reduced in Chinese white, on undated white glazed card, 92x60mm. This is a smaller version of the De La Rue head engraved by J.F. Joubert de la Ferte which was first used for the 1855 4d of Great Britain. Photo on Page 44. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1883 Queen Victoria Head Die Proof - Large Head in an oval surround engraved on a solid black circular background, on white glazed card, 92x60mm, stamped "BEFORE/HARDENING" and dated "2 MAY 83". This head was used for the De La Rue dummy stamps. Photo on Page 44. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1892 Queen Victoria Head Die Proof engraved by David Turner for De La Rue, on a white background with black circular surround, on white glazed card, 92x60mm, stamped "BEFORE/HARDENING" and dated "26 OCT. 92". This head was used for the 1894 2 1/2d and 5d issue of South Australia. Photo on Page 44. £250-300

Omnibus Issues

  1937 Coronation Issue First Day Covers from 51 different colonies (missing just six countries), 41 covers illustrated. (134). £400-500
  1937 Coronation issue, commercial and philatelic covers including Paquebot cancels, censors, flight covers, etc. Also Gilbert & Ellice Island covers with undated cancels of Abaiang (2) Abemama, Ananuka, Kuria, Little Makin, Maiana or Marakei probably all posted on the first day the stamps were available at these offices. (102). £240-300
  1953 Coronation stamps all on QANTAS Coronation Day Flight covers, virtually all special printed covers or air letters from eleven differing countries to London, or flown on the return flight from London to ten destinations, and four covers from Australia flown in both directions, some duplication (55). Also 45 other commercial covers and FDCs bearing various 1953 Coronation stamps. (100). £200-250


KGVI Period Postal History with fine studies of civilian and forces censorship, including items from the Brian Allcock and Jerome Hart collections. Also see lots 137 and 138.

  1938-51 Covers and cards virtually all bearing the 1939 definitive issue including F.D.Cs, official mail, various rates and destinations with cover from R.A.F Salalah (then in Saudi Arabia, now Oman), 1946 air mail to China, etc. (51). £400-500
  1941 (May 24) "Official Gazette" newspaper with wrapper addressed to California, the newspaper rate paid by a single 1/2a which ties the wrapper to the newspaper. A rare survivor, ex Hart. £200-300
  1939-51 Covers and cards from Aden Camp, various frankings and destinations including 3a rate to Kamaran with arrival backstamp, etc. (38). £250-300
  1951-54 Covers and cards all bearing the 1951 KGVI surcharge issue with high values on F.D.C, many commercial covers with various rates and destinations, US diplomatic bag mail cancelled in Washington D.C, air letters, forces mail, some written up on pages. (46). £250-300
  1951-53 Covers and cards from Aden Camp all bearing the 1951 KGVI surcharge issue, various rates and destinations. (39). £200-250
  Onward Air Transmission. 1942-45 Covers to the USA with oval framed "O.A.T" in violet or red (2 differing sizes), or to Holland with red oblong framed "O.A.T". (4). £150-200
Click to view full image... Forces Audio Message "Postal Stationery". 1950-51 Large coloured imitation envelopes apparently produced by the Gray Manufacturing Co. as merchandising publicity for their "Gray Audiogram" system of recorded messages, with reproductions of Aden stamps (in the issued colours), cancels, senders details and address of Grey Manufacturing Co. in New York, one even with the U.S Customs cachet reproduced. One with nine 1r stamps, the other with four 8a stamps and a 10r stamp, this cover with a horizontal fold, otherwise fine. Two interesting and rare items, the only examples seen by the vendor. (2). Photo on Page 219. £300-500
  Incoming Mail. 1937-63 Covers (11, eight pre 1952) including very scarce 1944 (Feb 11) first flight cover from Nairobi (12 flown, letter enclosed), also cover from Yemen franked 6b with No. 8 Aden Censor, 1949 cover from Asmara with BMA Eritrea 50c on 6d, etc. (11). £120-150
  Meter Marks. 1950-65 Proof Impressions (8) and actual uses on covers or cards (14) with boxed "Universal" type (10, four proofs), Neopost types A2 (10, two proofs), A3 proof and A5 proof. (22). £120-150
  Sub-Offices. 1941-51 Covers with datestamps of Kamaran (3), Khormaksar (6), Maalla (3), Perim or Sheikh Othman (6), including 1953 cover to G.B with "KAMARAN / MONEY ORDERS" c.d.s (unrecorded by Pratt), registered covers with blank type registration labels handstamped "KHORMAKSAR" or boxed "MAALLA", etc. Also an Arabic 1944 New Year card from Kamaran. (20). £220-260
  Mukalla. 1942-64 Covers with 1942 F.D.Cs (4, three with set of ten to 5r, one with the 2r issued 3 months later) and commercial covers, nine registered, also two unused 50c air letters. (26). £200-250
  Seiyun. 1942-60 Covers with Seiyun stamps including F.D.Cs and commercial mail, three censored, cancels include Seiyun (13, one with a Mukalla registration label), Tarim (2) and Sheikh Othman (4), also an unused 50c air letter. (24). £150-200

World War Two

  1939-43 Photographs taken by a soldier in Aden with views of Crater and Sheikh Othman, many pictures of local people and local life with street vendors, farmers, a wedding, fishermen, markets, musicians, etc., also military buildings, soldiers, a military funeral, etc. Well taken photos with many interesting views. (168). £200-250
  1939-44 Covers including cover franked 2 1/2a with blue oval "H.M W/T STATION / 29 DEC 1939 / ADEN" and boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR", 1943 cover from the Governor Sir John Hall to Eritrea censored upon arrival, covers with Aden c.d.s and British army censors (4, two stampless, one franked 10r), and covers from US forces franked 1 1/2a + 2a with "PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR" or U.S. A P.O 663 on a stampless cover. (9). £130-160
  1940-48 Naval mail comprising Naval censors on covers bearing stamps of G.B (3) or Aden (4), stampless O.A.S cover with Aden c.d.s and London Maritime Mail machine in red, and 1948 cover from H.M.T "Ascaniu" to Egypt censored upon arrival. Also cover franked 2 1/2a with oval "H.M W/T STATION / 21 MAY 1941 / ADEN" and boxed "PASSED BY CENSOR". (10). £140-160
Click to view full image... Honour Envelopes. 1940 (Mar.) - 1941 (Feb) Locally produced envelopes sent to G.B franked 2 1/2a, with crossed lines in green crayon, the wording entirely handwritten or printed (4), one of these without Active Service heading (on a printed OHMS cover), two with "Active Service" heading written in green crayon (one on an O.H.M.S cover), the other with the "Active Service" heading also printed. Also printed Honour Envelopes (2), and an air letter with printed blue cross and "Honour" certificate on the reverse. A scarce group. (8). Photo on Page 25. £500-600
  R.A.F Cancels. 1945-48 Covers (14) and a piece with double ring "No 11 R.A.F / POSTAL HQ" c.d.s on stampless covers (8, one an Honour Envelope) or tying stamps of Aden (4) or G.B (on piece), or single ring "R.A.F ADEN" c.d.s on Aden stamps. (15). £100-150
The following six lots represent a fine study of the R.A.F censor marks.
  1939-40 Covers with circular type 1 censor, all bearing Aden stamps, some cancelled at Khormaksar. Various censor numbers between 59 and 75 (13 different), all fine. (23). £200-250
  1940 Covers with oblong boxed type 2 censor, various numbers between 16 and 322 (ten different), all with Aden stamps, some cancelled at Khormaksar. (18). £160-200
  1940-41 Covers with hexagonal type 9 censor, various numbers between 1 and 106 (21 different), includes Honour Envelopes franked 2 1/2a (3), Aden c.d.s on stampless Field Service postcard or covers (2), 1940 (Dec 9) cover from F.P.O 171 endorsed "Christmas air mail", the others all bearing Aden stamps, some cancelled at Khormaksar, destinations include Trinidad, Canada, Southern Rhodesia, etc. A fine lot. (54). £400-600
  1942 Covers with four sides type 10 censor, various numbers between 169 and 922 (eight different) including Honour Envelopes franked 2 1/2a, 3a or 14a to G.B, air letter with G.B 1d + 2d tied by Aden single ring c.d.s, Khormaksar datestamps (3), two covers registered. (15). £150-200
Click to view full image... 1942-44 Covers with square boxed type 11 censor, various numbers between 1 and 339 (21 different) including Honour Envelopes (18, one stampless, others franked 9a, 14a or 15a), stampless covers (5), air letters with G.B 3d stamps tied by Aden single ring c.d.s (8, one a pictorial Xmas Greetings type with "ADEN" cachet on the front), Khormaksar datestamps, Seiyun or Shihr and Mukalla stamps, etc. A good lot. (61). Photo on Page 34. £500-600
  1944-45 Covers with diamond shaped type 12 censor, various numbers between 8 and 312 (ten different) including Honour Envelopes franked 9a (7), air letters (4, one stampless, others franked G.B 3d), stampless covers with Aden single ring c.d.s (3) or F.P.O 729 (3), etc. Also a stampless cover with censor 188 from Egypt to USA missent to Mauritius, and a stampless air letter from F.P.O 729 in Aden with type 6 R.A.F Censor 141. (35). £250-300

Civilian Censorship

  1939-42 Covers and cards with numbered diamond shaped "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / No. / ADEN", comprising numbers 1-12, 16 and 17 (2, scarce), includes Paquebot mail, postage dues, postal stationery, etc. A fine lot, most on album pages. (74). £400-500
  1939-43 Covers with numbered diamond shaped censor cachets and local sealing strips, comprising red or rose censor strips (11) with censor cachets 2, 3, 5, 6, 11 or 18; P.C 22 strips with square stop (2, censors 2 or 3); "49274 W.P Ltd" imprint strip (7) with censors 3, 4, 12 or 18, one cover from Yemen franked 10b, Mukalla and Khormaksar datestamps, one with an R.A.F censor. (20). £200-250
  1940-41 Covers all with "P.C 22" sealing strips with round stops, and diamond shaped censor cachets numbered 1-4, 6-12, 16 or 18, includes covers from Yemen franked 6b or 1b pair + 2b pair or from Djibouti, Mukalla datestamps (2), one also with an R.A.F censor. (59). £300-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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