Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 24
Click to view full image... 1897 Covers with 1d lilacs cancelled by the two Bickerdike trial machines, the first trial with large serifed "VR" dated Oct 15, the second trial with smaller san-serif "VR" dated Nov. 23. A fine and scarce pair. (2). Photo on Page 181. £600-700
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1934 (Nov 2) Cover with H.M Postmaster General embossed flap, to the Civil Service Supply Association General Manager with 1934 1 1/2d tied by "OPENING OF MOUNT / PLEASANT SORTING / OFFICE BY T.R.H THE / DUKE & DUCHESS OF YORK" London machine cancel. Enclosed is a card depicting Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, the reverse with printed explanation "This card was passed through the postage stamp cancelling machine by H.R.H The Duchess of York on the occasion of the opening of the reconstructed Sorting Office". About 400 covers were cancelled, all sent to selected V.I.Ps. Very scarce, especially with the enclosed card and in such superb condition. Photo on Page 181. £200-250

Maritime Mail
(Also see lots 236-242, 339, 535-540, 1000, 1361)

Ship & Packet Letters

  1775-c.1940 Entire letters, covers and cards with Ship or India Letter handstamps of London (7), Dover (2), Gravesend (2), Bristol (2), Penzance (2), Portsmouth (3), or Southampton, also later covers and cards with Paquebot or Ship Letter handstamps (8), 1839 entire letter from France with red curved "FOREIGN PAID" of London, and a c.1940 cover with the stamp washed off and violet "SALVED FROM THE SEA". (29). £200-240
  1801-53 Ship or Packet letters including 1814 entire letters written by the C.O of the 47th Regt from Camp near Bayon with faint circular Falmouth Packet Lre; 1818 part entire with Liverpool Ship Letter endorsed on the flap "Received on board the ship Mary from the Brig Lucia from Canton to New York in lat. 26º 5' S. long 50º 54 East, Nov, 29th 1818"; Ship Letters of Portsmouth (2) and Hull, letters sent via Falmouth Packets, etc. (13). £200-250
Click to view full image... Fowey - India Letter. 1838 Entire letter from Madras to Scotland "p. Carnatic" backstamped with Madras Ship Letter Post Paid datestamp and red boxed "INDIA LETTER / FOWEY" (In.1), not recorded in red by Robertson or Tabeart though two examples are now known, both landed from the "Carnatic" on the same day. Very scarce. Photo on Page 181. £600-700
Click to view full image... Glasgow/London. 1827 Entire Letter to London backstamped by the oval "SHIP LETTER / G (crown) R / PORT GLASGOW" (Robertson S6) with "India" in manuscript above. In London the letter has then been handstamped boxed "INDIA LETTER" (Robertson In.9). The letter is written on board a ship on its way to India and includes an entry for "May 9th saw the Island Tristan Deconha what is W.S.W. of the Cape of Good Hope. Its appearance at about 40 miles distant is like a sugar loaf the summit of which is far above the clouds". Reverse with some paper loss caused by the removal of the seal, not affecting the handstamps. A remarkable combination of marks with the manuscript "India" alteration, and good content. Photo on Page 181. £1,400-1,600
  Gravesend. 1837 Entire letter from Barreilly, India, to Lew Trenchard in Cornwall and redirected to Hampshire, backstamped with Calcutta G.P.O ship letter datestamp and red boxed "INDIA LETTER / GRAVESEND" (In.1), with datestamps of London, Exeter and Launceston and boxed "Launceston / Penny Post". £70-90
Click to view full image... Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. 1883 Stampless cover to Ottawa with "COLUMBA STEAMER / GREENOCK / 163" duplex datestamp, code "B", handstamped "T". Light vertical tape stain but very scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 181. £160-200
  Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet. 1884 Part wrapper (lower flap missing) franked 1/2d, much redirected with twelve datestamps including two strikes of the "COLUMBA STEAMER / 163" duplex code "A", both purposefully struck so only the datestamp portion appears on the cover, very unusual. £100-120
  Holyhead. 1820 Entire letter from Philadelphia with a fine "HOLYHEAD / SHIP LETTER" on the front (Rob S3, first year of use). Also 1864-1907 covers and cards with "H&K PACKET" transit datestamps (14, one from Dublin to USA missent to the Packet), and 1933 cover with Ireland 1/2d tied by a Holyhead Paquebot c.d.s. (16). £120-150
  Hull. 1843 Printed Prices Current from Hull to Denmark backstamped with green Hull Ship Letter datestamp (Rob. S11, scarce in green) partly overstruck by uncommon oval framed "ALTONA / SCHIFFS-BRIEF". £100-120
  London. 1797-1904 Entires, covers and cards with various London Ship or Packet Letter handstamps, one with boxed "M.B" and "(crown) / EXEMPT SHIP LR" (addressees name erased), also two cards with London MB datestamps. (24). £250-300
  London. 1810 Entire letter from Antwerp to London with scarce "SHIP / LETTER" datestamp (Rob. S16, only recorded 1810-11), fine. £150-180
  London. 1875 (July 9) Entire from Brussels to London charged 1/2, with red "P94P / BRUXELLES" and oval "SHIP / (crown) / LETTER" (Rob. 11), fine and attractive. £100-120
Click to view full image... Marazion. 1814 Entire letter from Gixon to London with manuscript "ship letter" alongside a "MARAZION / 289" mileage mark and a "SHIP-LRE" handstamp, recorded by Robertson as type S1 handstamp of Marazion based on a single example but almost certainly applied in London, the reverse endorsed "forwarded by y.v.o.s Oliver Gluyas, Marazion 7 June 1814" with a London c.d.s. A remarkable manuscript ship letter with the rare London Ship Lre handstamp added (possibly London type S34b with the "S" removed), 16 years before the first recorded ship letter handstamp of Marazion. One of known examples, both virtually identical letters to Huth & Co both carried from Spain on the same ship; the other example sold for £1,200 in the Argyll Etkin auction of 9th October 2015 (lot 1278). Photo on Page 184. £1,200-1,400
Click to view full image... Marazion. 1820 Entire letter from New York to London "pr Centerion Avery" with "MARAZION / SHIP LETTER" (S.2) and a London backstamp, scarce. Photo on Page 184. £220-260
Click to view full image... Milford. 1811 Entire letter to Scotland written on H.C.S "Northampton" off the west coast of Africa, headed "at sea Lat. 5 Long. 22". Handstamped red "MILFORD" with separate "SHIP LETTER" (Rob. S1) struck below and a Glasgow arrival datestamp, charged 1/7. The contents include "this letter goes to St Helena by the Marchioness of Exeter". A very scarce ship letter handstamp, previously only recorded used in 1812 in red ink (and in 1810-11 in black), small corner fault at lower left, but a scarce ship letter, very unusual directed via St. Helena. Photo on Page 184. £300-350
  Penzance - India Letters. 1827-40 "INDIA LETTER / PENZANCE" handstamps comprising type In.1 in black on an 1827 entire from Calcutta and In.2 in red (only recorded 1839-40) on 1839 entire letters with datestamps of Sydney (Paid Ship Letter) or Hobart Town. (3). £120-150
  Portsmouth. 1847 Entire to London "pr American Eagle" with "PACKET LETTER / PORTSMOUTH" applied in error, overstruck by straight line "SHIP-LETTER" in London and charged 8d as a ship letter, backstamped at Portsmouth and London. An unusual error. £120-150
  Weymouth - India Letters. 1822-37 Entire letters from Cape Town (2) or Calcutta all with boxed "INDIA LETTER / WEYMOUTH" type In.1 in black (2) or In.2 in red. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... Yarmouth, Norfolk. 1810 Entire from Rotterdam to London with scarce oval "Ship Lre / (crown) / YARMOUTH" handstamp, only recorded 1808-10. Photo on Page 184. £250-300


  Packet Letter. 1809 Entire letter from Col. Mackinnon, Commander of the Reserve Brigade of the Anglo-Portuguese forces, written from Lisbon to his wife in Bath with black "FALMOUTH / PACKET-LETTER" (P2), minor central stain, otherwise fine, this handstamp in black only recorded in 1809. Also 1808 entire letter from the surgeon on H.M.S "Shark" at Port Royal, Jamaica, with circular Packet Letter type P1 in black, and 1833 entire letter from Jamaica with boxed " 1/2" of Falmouth in green. (3). £120-140
Click to view full image... Packet Letter - Leeward Islands. 1840 Entire letter from an Officer on H.M.S "Comus" at Port Royal, Jamaica, to Leeds, backstamped with undated "LEEWARD ISLAND / F" in green, a fine strike that displays well. Photo on Page 184. £170-200
  1827 Entire letter with oval "HOBART TOWN / V.D.L" and boxed "MISSENT TO / LONDON" backstamped "SHIP LETTER / FALMOUTH" (S7) in black, apparently charged at the India letter rate; and 1850 Prices Current from Bahia backstamped "FALMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" (S6) in blue, both scarce ship letter handstamps in these colours. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1858 Entire letter to Whitehaven bearing Victoria 3d pair (faults, one crossed by file fold) backstamped at Williams Town, with the scarce "FALMOUTH-SHIP-LETTER" double arc datestamp (S.9) on both the front and reverse, backstamped at Whitehaven and with two Hensingham undated circles. Photo on Page 184. £200-240
  India Letters. 1840-49 Entire letters and entires all with "INDIA LETTER / FALMOUTH" handstamps, comprising type In3 in red (only recorded 1839-40 on 1840 entire letter from Bahia, type In.1 in red on 1842 entire with a Cape town datestamp, and In.1 in blue (only recorded 1849-50 in this colour) on an 1849 entire, all fine. (3). £170-200
  1862 (Apr 16) Stampless mourning cover to London with enclosed letter written from "Ship Reunion off the Lizard", the cover endorsed "Ship Letter unpaid", but despite this it has been treated as an inland letter and charged 2d, with a Falmouth c.d.s on the front and London backstamp. Opening tear at upper corner, otherwise fine and very unusual. £70-90


  1802-54 Entire letters, entires and covers with various Ship Letter handstamps including 1849 entire letter from Belfast with a 1d red cancelled upon arrival at Liverpool and a Ship Letter datestamp on reverse, one letter with a light oval Quebec Ship Letter handstamps, two with New York forwarding agent cachets or endorsements. (20). £180-220
  1824-34 Entire letters from India all with Liverpool India Letter handstamps, types In.1 (2) or In.2, India handstamps include circular "MHOW / P.P" with manuscript date and oval framed "BAREILY / PT PD". (3). £100-120
  1832-40 Entire letters from Sydney all with red Sydney Ship Letter Paid datestamps and Liverpool India Letter handstamps, types In.1 or In.4 (2), also an 1830 entire letter from Sydney carried on the "Pacific" to Liverpool where it was posted as an inland letter. One 1832 letter contains a long and interesting proposal by Capt. Henry to supply and visit all missionary stations of the Wesleyan and London Missionary Societies in the South Seas at least once a year for an annual payment of £650. The proposed service would sail from Sydney to New Zealand, the Friendly Islands, Society and adjacent islands. (4). £180-220
  1841 Entire letter from Sydney to England with a red Paid Ship Letter Sydney datestamp, the prepaid 6d rate cancelled with the unusual erasure mark (LL250) clearly applied in Liverpool, probably used in the Ship Letter Office, and replaced with an "8 charge mark, boxed Liverpool Ship datestamp on the reverse. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1852 (Apr 14) Stampless cover to Madeira with Preston c.d.s and Walton-Le-Dale undated circle, endorsed "via Liverpool per Steamer Bogota" prepaid 1/10. Red "SHIP LETTER / LONDON" and Paid datestamps (Apr. 15), backstamped black "SHIP LETTER / LIVERPOOL" c.d.s (also Apr. 15) obliterated by a "466" numeral and replaced by a similar c.d.s dated AP 16, the front endorsed "Received at the Ship Letter Office LPool 16th. Bogota sailed on the 15th", charged "160" in Madeira. A few small edge faults, otherwise fine and very unusual. Photo on Page 184. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1872 Stampless entire letter from Rio Grande to New York, posted at the British Post Office in Rio de Janeiro, sent by Pacific Steam Navigation Co "Cordillera" to Liverpool and then by the Cunard steamer "China". Backstamped at Rio and with a superb "LIVERPOOL / P.S PACKET" c.d.s in black, a "1/- charge mark of Liverpool crossed out with a "NEW YORK / 34 / U.S NOTES" c.d.s. A fine example of the scarce P.S Packet c.d.s (Rob. P25) used 1872-78 on mail carried by the PSNC. Photo on Page 186. £250-300
Click to view full image... 1873 Large part entire (front + lower flap, missing the upper and side flaps), from Lisbon to New York franked 20r and 100r (2, one crossed by file fold), carried by PSNC steamer to Liverpool with scarce red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / P.S PACKET" c.d.s (Rob. P25a). An attractive example of this scarce Packet Letter datestamp. Photo on Page 184. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1876 Cover (embossed paper makers imprint from Valparaiso, Chile) to England, almost certainly from a Naval Officer prepaid at the 1/- rate by twelve 1d reds (including a strip of six, one stamp torn), carried from South America to Liverpool on the PSNC steamer "Sorata", the stamps cancelled "466" upon arrival, with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / P.S PACKET" c.d.s (Rob. P25a). A very unusual use of this scarce Packet Letter c.d.s (only used on PSNC mails) on a Naval Officers rate cover. Photo on Page 186. £250-300

Transatlantic Mail

  1796-1850 Entire letters and a wrapper including 1841 printed Prices Current prepaid to New York, sent via the "Great Western" with the "8" charge unusually in red and a matching Ship Letter c.d.s, 1850 entire letter p. "Canada" to Boston prepaid 4/-, etc. (5). £140-160
  1797-1862 Entire letters, covers, part cover and a piece all sent between G.B and the USA including 1862 cover with "DETROIT AM. PKT / 21" c.d.s and unusual squat "1/-" charge mark probably applied on the Allan Line steamer; 1845 entire letter with "Cardiff N.J" Post Office manuscript endorsement sent to Cardiff in Wales; 1849 part letter with scarce "9 1/2d" charge mark of Liverpool, forwarded with a 1d red, etc. (14). £240-280
  1820-70 Entire letters, covers and a front all sent between G.B. and Canada including 1861 "PAID / DERRY / COL. PACKET" c.d.s in red, 1821 London Ship Letter, the others all sent through Liverpool. Also two covers from Canada to USA carried by Cunard steamers on the final part of their transatlantic voyage to Boston. (25). £270-320
Click to view full image... Steamship "Sirius". 1838 (May 1) Entire letter from New York to St. Nicolas in Belgium, addressed via Huth & Co in London and endorsed "P. Steamer Sirius", backstamped with red "SHIP LETTER / FALMOUTH" (Rob. S7), London (May 21) and Belgium datestamps. Carried on the first return voyage of the British & American Steam Navigation Co. steamship "Sirius", the first sailing of any steamship from the USA to Britain. Light file folds, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 186. £300-400
  S.S "President". 1841 Entire letter from Leigh to Virginia "Per President (steamer) from Liverpool to New York" with a red Ship Letter Liverpool c.d.s (May 7), carried on the third and final Liverpool to New York voyage of the "President", which disappeared without trace on the return voyage. Ex. Robertson. £100-120
  1841 Entire letter from the USA to Liverpool endorsed by the Cunard steamer "Columbia", backstamped with the scarce circular "AMERICA / L" (Rob.P1), only used on Cunard contract mail in 1840 and 1841. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1841 Entire letter from London to Quebec with the vary scarce dotted circle "L" c.d.s applied at Liverpool (Oct. 3, Rob. M22, only recorded 1841 on outgoing letters carried by Cunard Packets), rated 1/2, the red London Paid datestamp crossed out and a Canadian charge mark applied. A few small stain spots, otherwise fine and very scarce. Photo on Page 186. £150-200
  1842-1902 Entire letters, covers and cards all with Liverpool Packet Letter handstamps, all transatlantic mail to or from Canada or the USA including 1858 cover bearing USA 12c pair tied by Norwich Ct. c.d.s, 1884 entire letter to Vera Cruz with two 1883 4d green stamps tied by Liverpool squared circles with the "P.L.O" c.d.s on reverse, also 1857 entire letter to New York franked by 1/- pair (1/- postage + 1/- late fee) with fine "LIVERPOOL / F.R.H" datestamp on reverse, several endorsed via named ships. (22). £200-250
  1842-59 Entire letters sent between USA and France via Liverpool, comprising 1856 cover from Havre to New York bearing France imperf 10c (2, one crossed by file fold) and 80c tied by "5 / N. YORK BR. PKT" c.d.s; stampless cover from Paris to Augusta with red boxed "Br. Service"; and cover from New Orleans to Paris with Boston and New York Forwarding Agents cachets, "PR ARCADIA" cachet (applied by the Boston F.A C.W Ward) and red boxed "PACKET LETTER" of London. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1850 Stampless entire from New York to London, carried on the "Europa", handstamped upon arrival at Liverpool with oval "AMERICA" datestamp (Rob. P3) in black, an inspectors handstamp and 1/- charge mark. A fine example of this very scarce Packet Letter handstamp. Photo on Page 186. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1850 Entire letter from Liverpool to New Orleans, the 1/- packet rate paid by a 2d blue and embossed 10d brown (cut square, just touched at left) each cancelled "466" and tied by the red New York arrival c.d.s. Also another cover only franked by an embossed 10d, unpaid by 2d so treated as unpaid, water stained with the 2d stamp possibly having floated off. The first a fine entire. (2). Photo on Page 186. £200-250
  1853 Stampless printed Tobacco Circular from New York to Bristol carried by the Collins steamer "Baltic" and endorsed "Open Circular", handstamped upon arrival at Liverpool with green oval "AMERICA" datestamp (Rob. P3) and a "2" charge mark. Small fault at left, otherwise fine. A scarce Packet Letter handstamp, very unusual on a circular charged at the 2d unpaid printed matter rate. £200-250
  Printed Matter. 1855-80 Printed circulars, the first from London to the USA, privately carried and posted in Boston franked imperf 1c, the other two from Liverpool to Canada franked 1/2d. (3). £100-120
  1855-56 Covers from York or Liverpool to Canada both sent via the USA but only franked by a 1d red, and therefore treated as totally unpaid, the York cover with a 1/- charge mark of Liverpool and 1/4 Cy charge; the other with "7d" deficiency and "10d Cy" charge. An attractive pair showing differing rates by British or US Packet, the Liverpool cover with a spoon cancel. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1858-63 Underpaid Packet Letters between G.B and the USA, with 1858 entire letter from Newcastle-on-Tyne to the USA franked 1/-, endorsed "Above 1/2 oz" with "38 / CENTS" accountancy mark altered to 48 cents; and 1863 cover from Dallas, Oregon to England franked by six 10c stamps (one with faults) paying the 1oz rate, but apparently weighing 3oz so endorsed "Insuf. Paid due $1.16", marked "12" and strangely "2d to pay". A few creases but an early cover from Oregon State, and an unusual pair of overweight covers. (2). Photo on Page 219. £280-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for viewing details
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