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Auction Lots - Page 3
  1915-16 Type HE2 Honour envelopes all registered, sent from the Dardanelles to Egypt with G.B 2d tied by F.P.O SZ1 skeleton c.d.s, or from Egypt to England with G.B 2d or 1/2d block of four and blank type registration labels tied by A.P.O SZ4 or F.P.O W1 skeleton datestamps, the last used by the Western Frontier Force at Mersa Matruh. Army regulations stated that Honour Envelopes could not be registered. Three very unusual covers. (3). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1916 Honour Envelope type HE2 sent to New Zealand, unusually accepted registered contrary to regulations with an Egypt 10m and blank type registration label both tied by violet boxed "N.Z MILITARY POST OFFICE / JAN 21 1916 / EXPEDITIONARY FORCE", with blue oval "CAMP COMMANDANT / 3 / BASE DETAILS" cachet. An exceptional registered acceptance from New Zealand forces in Egypt. Photo on Page 18. £120-150
  Long red Honour Envelope, form "A.F. A.2043" for personal matters of an urgent nature, unused. These red envelopes were only available early in the war and very few examples have been recorded. Three vertical folds, otherwise fine, only one other unused red Honour Envelope recorded. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1915 (July 9) Long red Honour Envelope form A.F. A.2043 used to London with F.P.O D.X c.d.s, used in France by the 1st Canadian Division HQ. A fine and very scarce cover. Photo on Page 18. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1915 (Sep 21) Long red Honour Envelope form A.F A.2043 registered from France to London and redirected to Bath with G.B 1d pair and blank type registration label both tied by F.P.O T.37 c.d.s, used by the 37th Division Train. Triangular army censor 2366 applied to both sides, backstamped at F.P.O T.37, F.P.O. A.3 and in London. Honour envelopes were not supposed to be accepted registered; few of these red envelopes are known and only one other registered red Honour Envelope is recorded. An exceptional item, ex. George Crabb Collection. Photo on Page 21. £300-400
  Egypt. 1915-19 Honour Envelopes including type HE4 envelopes printed locally in Egypt (11), some with the printers imprint "V.&G., Alex." or "W.M.& Co. (E) Ltd.". Also British printing envelopes used in Egypt (4), two sent in March/April 1919 during the period of civil unrest (one with an interesting enclosed letter telling of the murder of an officer and two nurses), another of November 1919 unusually from the R.A.F Stores at Alexandria, four posted from Palestine. (15). £150-180
Click to view full image... Egypt - Provisional Envelopes. 1918 Stampless O.A.S covers to G.B both handstamped "I CERTIFY THAT THERE IS NO INFORMATION / CONTAINED IN THIS LETTER THAT CAN / BE OF SERVICE TO THE ENEMY" with A.P.O SZ22 skeleton datestamps of Port Said, and a cross within circle censor cachet or boxed "PASSED BY / BASE CENSOR / E.E.F". Also a 1915 stampless O.A.S cover to Scotland with Port Said c.d.s, the reverse signed and dated and endorsed "I certify on my honour that this contains no reference to military matters". Very unusual, the cachet believed to have been used on naval mail due to a shortage of Honour Envelopes. (3). Photo on Page 21. £180-220
Click to view full image... Russia. 1918 (Dec 24) Honour Envelope type HE4 with an Army Post Office PB2 c.d.s of Archangel, and 1919 (Feb 12) stampless O.A.S cover with A.P.O PB1 c.d.s of Murmansk, the reverse endorsed "I certify on my honour that the letter contains nothing of naval or military importance, neither does it contain any treasury notes, postal orders or roubles. L/Cpl A.J Barnard, 4/2 Field Coy R.E". Very scarce, few regular or provisional Honour Envelopes recorded used from Russia. (2). Photo on Page 21. £180-220
  Indian Army Envelopes. 1917-22 Type HE6 Honour Envelopes printed in English (10, one on blue paper), Marathi, Gurmukhi (4), Hindi (8) or Urdu (6), used from Mesopotamia (19), Waziristan (2), Aden (2, both with F.P.O "324" of Sheikh Othmann), Syria, Tanganyika (2), South Africa, Egypt, etc. A good lot, the native language envelopes surprisingly scarce. (29). £300-350
  1919 (Apr 29) Indian Honour Envelope type HE6 printed in Urdu, registered to India, bearing Iraq British Occupation 1/2a, 1a and 4a each tied F.P.O 367 c.d.s, the registration label with "CPO Dhibban". An unusual registered use from the civilian office at Dhibban, still using an Indian F.P.O datestamp (three months later than recorded by Proud). £80-100
  1918-21 Indian Honour Envelopes, type HE7 with a double lined cross, printed in Hindi (2, one unused), Urdu (3) or Gurmukhi (2), used from Salonica, Lebanon, Egypt (3) or Palestine, also British type HE4 envelopes used from Mesopotamia (4, one to USA in August 1921 with circular "M/730" censor). (11). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1915 (May 4) Long red Honour Envelope form A.F A.2043 with imprint "G.S.& Sons, Cal.", for sending personal matters of an urgent nature, used from F.P.O 27 to Bombay with "PASSED / D / CENSOR", signed by Brigadier General Dobbie, Commander of the 17th Indian Division. The red Honour Envelopes were only used in the first few months of the war and very few have been recorded, the Indian printings being especially rare. Tear at right edge, otherwise fine. Ex. Alan Brown Collection. Photo on Page 21. £250-300
  U.S Forces Envelopes. 1915-18 British Forces Honour Envelopes sent to the USA (8), two of these with U.S A.P.O cancels, the other six posted into British A.P.Os with one franked 1d, one with a 10c charge mark and three charged 4c upon arrival (one unusually with four 1c parcel post due stamps (faults) and an Irish anti-Home Rule label on the reverse). Also 1918-19 blue U.S Honour Envelopes (10), various types, a few faults. (18). £180-220
  Portuguese Forces. Unused Honour Envelopes type PEN1 headed "Servico De Campanha", fine and very scarce. £80-100
  Royal Navy Honour Envelopes, used in 1918 (6, three franked 1d, three stampless) or unused, also an unused envelope sold to a publisher of postcards after the war and overprinted "Post Cards". These Royal Navy Honour Envelopes were only printed in 1918 and are surprisingly scarce. (8). £100-120
  France. 1915 Red Envelope headed "Pli Urgent A Distribuer Par Express", sent from Paris to a Captain at Chalon-Sur-Marne with Tresor et Postes c.d.s., "F.P1" registration label and "DIRECTEUR DES CHEMINS DE FER" cachet, the reverse with a Ministere de la Guerre wax seal. Evidently the French equivalent of the British red Honour Envelopes for sending urgent messages. The only example we have seen, ex Martin Willcocks Collection. £100-150

World War Two

  British Army Honour Envelopes, various types (Daynes groups A-D) including covers bearing Trinidad & Tobago stamps (4), German Feldpost c.d.s on a captured envelope, a handwritten 'Honour' citation, covers from the B.E.F, Middle East, North Africa, etc. Also 1943 cover from the Belgian Foreign Ministry in London to USA franked 2/6 with cachet "To the Censor, I have the Honour to Certify that the Contents are of an Official Nature", and three envelopes used in 1952 from Korea, probably philatelic but still very unusual. (138). £150-180
  Crete/Greece. 1941 (Mar 30) Honour Envelope type B3 from Suda Bay, Crete with G.B 1d and 9d each tied by the very scarce F.P.O 192 c.d.s. Also similar 1940-41 Honour Envelopes with F.P.O 193 c.d.s used at Athens, one stampless, the other franked at the 10d air mail rate. (3). £100-120
  Malta. 1941-43 Army Honour Envelopes (9, groups A & B) and Royal Navy Honour Envelope type RNB2 all used in Malta, most with Valletta or F.P.O datestamps, one with a Malta censor and red London Paid machine, and two Honour Envelopes from Italy or Palestine to Malta, one marked "Written in Maltese". Also two 1943 stampless O.A.S covers with censor labels and two green crayon lines indicating their use as Honour Envelopes due to a shortage of the regular envelopes, and a 1945 O.A.S air letter from F.P.O 570. (15). £200-240
  Palestine/Iraq. 1940-43 Honour Envelopes (Daynes groups A & B) all with stamps paying the air mail rates including 1940 (Aug 16) cover from F.P.O 122 to G.B "By American Clipper" with a Singapore censor and the cachet "TO BE FORWARDED BY / AIR FROM SINGAPORE", other covers franked 4d, 10d (5) or 1/3 (4) in G.B stamps, 1940 (May 6) cover from F.P.O 121 "By Imperial Airways" franked 60m with "By Ala Littoria" deleted from the air mail label, other covers franked 10m or 25m (2) to G.B or 60m to Australia, etc. Also a 1941 cover from Habbaniya franked Iraq 50f with a "T" postage due handstamp. (18). £180-220
  Egypt/Middle East. 1940-45 Honour Envelopes (Daynes groups A & B) mostly with Egypt Prepaid datestamps, the majority with air mail paid by stamps of G.B, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt or Egypt Army Post, one to Southern Rhodesia with 10d rate paid by G.B, Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia stamps. Rates include 10d, 1/-, 1/10, 10m or 40m to G.B, 30m or 10d to Australia, 9d to New Zealand, 10d or 2/6 to South Africa, 20m to Palestine or 22m to USA. (46). £150-180
  Sudan. 1940-41 Honour Envelopes bearing stamps of Sudan (10) or Egypt, franked 2pi, 4 1/2pi or 13 1/2pi, cancels include Sinkat c.d.s, British and Indian F.P.Os. (11). £100-120
  Royal Navy Honour Envelopes, types RN A-D (45, five unused, also one handstamped "CANCELLED" and O.H.M.S), one Australian use, some with air mail paid by G.B or Ceylon stamps, two with G.B stamps cancelled "B-1" of Bombay. Also Army Honour Envelopes used by Naval personnel (9), one with boxed "R.N" cachet, two others with manuscript "Royal Navy" headings. (54). £200-250
  Royal Air Force - Sudan. 1940 Honour Envelope type RE1, almost identical to the first army envelope but with "R.A.F Form 1180" in the upper left corner, with Sudan 5m and 4pi cancelled at Khartoum. Just four examples recorded of this first R.A.F envelope, all from Egypt or Sudan. £100-120
Click to view full image... Royal Air Force - Egypt. 1940 Honour Envelope type RE1, almost identical to the first army envelope but with "R.A.F Form 1180" in the upper left corner, with four Egypt 10m Army Post stamps tied by F.P.O E605 datestamps. Just four examples recorded of this first R.A.F envelope, all from Egypt or Sudan. Photo on Page 21. £100-120
  Royal Air Force Honour Envelopes, types RE3 - RE6 (36, two unused), some with air mail paid by stamps, and army envelopes used by the RAF with an unusual 1940 (Jan 24) use from Amman bearing two Iraq 15f stamps, endorsed "By Ala Litoria". Also a R.A.F cover to a soldier killed shortly after D-Day with a "Reported Missing" cachet. (37). £100-120
Click to view full image... R.A.F Honour Envelope RE5b sent by Express Delivery from Newtownards, Co. Down, to Manchester franked 2 1/2d and 6d, with RAF Censor 244, bearing a red Express label. The only recorded Honour Envelope sent by Express delivery. Photo on Page 21. £80-100
  Provisional "Honour Envelope" labels applied to plain envelopes, one headed "In lieu of AF W3073" used on a 1944 cover from Italy, the other on the reverse of a 1945 R.A.F cover from Belgium, both unrecorded by Daynes, very scarce. (2). £100-120
  Indian Army Honour Envelopes, types INH1 - 31, the fine collection with scarce type INH1 in English (2) or INH2 in Urdu (3), uses from North and East Africa, the Middle East, Italy, Ceylon, Burma, etc., post-war uses with India or Pakistan stamps or used for official correspondence in Malaya (one with boxed "MALAYA COMMAND / REGISTERED"), "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" cachet, also a few unused envelopes. 75 Covers are printed in various native scripts including Urdu, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Gurmukhi, Malayalam (unrecorded by Daynes), Bengali, Assamese or Telugu, a scarce lot. Also two 1967 Green Envelope lettersheets used by Indian troops serving with the UN. (222). £500-600
Click to view full image... Ceylon. 1942-45 Indian or British Honour Envelopes (12, two Royal Navy types) used with stamps of Ceylon (11) or India, also a stampless 1945 cover with R.A.F c.d.s and censor and the scarce boxed cachet "Green Envelope / Privilege / R.A.F Censor / Ceylon". (13). Photo on Page 25. £150-180
  Egypt Printing Honour Envelopes. 1940-45 Honour Envelopes printed in the Middle East, mostly types E1-E8 headed "A.F.W3078 (M.E)" (36, one unused), several with air mail paid by G.B, Indian or South African stamps, one franked 1/- to G.B with boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY PAID / SENT BY SEA MAIL". Also two examples of the rare white envelope type H1, one with "GHQ" Army Signals c.d.s addressed on the reverse to the War Office, the other with the wording obliterated in black and replaced by an O.H.M.S heading used from Egypt with Base Army Post Office No. 6 arrival c.d.s of Catania (address label removed). (38). £150-180
  North African Honour Envelopes/Labels. 1942-42 Honour Envelopes printed in lettersheet form in North Africa, types F1a (4), F1b (2) or G1 (3), and orange labels (3, type HL1) locally printed in North Africa in 1943 due to the shortage of Honour Envelopes, these labels rarely seen. (12). £160-180
  East Africa. 1940-45 Locally printed Honour Envelopes, type EAE1a (3), 1b (3, one unused), 2, 3a, 3b, 4 or 5 (2), and two other large size local printings unrecorded by Daynes, nine bearing KUT stamps, all with East Africa or South Africa A.P.O cancels. Also Middle East envelope type E2 and five British envelopes bearing stamps of KUT (5) or Somaliland (three 3a stamps) all with E.A. A.P.O datestamps, and a stampless British envelope posted at Nairobi with circular R.A.F Censor No. 23 and boxed "ROYAL AIR FORCE / POSTAL FRANK / EAST AFRICA". (21). £300-400
  East Africa. 1941 (Jan 15) Honour Envelope type EAE1a registered to England with Base Censor label tied by red Base Censor E.A No. 01 and boxed violet "R / ARMY POSTAL SERVICES", franked on the reverse by KUT 10c strip of three tied by violet "E.A .A.P.S / BASE / REGISTERED" datestamps. Honour Envelopes were not allowed to be sent by registered post and this is the only WW2 registered example we have seen. Opening tears at upper edge and small piece torn from upper left corner but a remarkable use. £80-100
  West Africa. 1940-45 Honour Envelopes sent from Gold Coast (7, two franked 1 1/2d, one franked 1/3 air mail rate, one franked G.B 3d), Nigeria (2, one franked 2 1/2d), Gambia (3) or Sierra Leone (2, one franked 1 1/2d), three bearing the scarce locally printed label produced in 1942 due to a shortage of envelopes (type HL2, two from Gambia, one from Sierra Leone), the others comprising East Africa envelope type EAE1a, Middle East type E1 (2), West Africa type WA1 (3), Australian type AUS A2 and British types (4, one an R.A.F type). (14). £240-280
  South Africa. 1941-43 South African Honour Envelopes, types SAE1 (3) or SAE2 (5), seven bearing stamps of South Africa (4), KUT (2) or India, also a British envelope with South African stamps and A.P.O cancel. (9). £150-180
Click to view full image... Aden. 1939-40 Locally produced provisional envelopes (type RE2), one entirely drawn in ink, one with the wording in ink and crossed lines in green crayon, four with duplicated wording and crossed lines drawn in green crayon, all differing formats, three of these on O.H.M.S covers, one on a plain white envelope. A very scarce group, all to G.B franked 2 1/2a (4), 6a or 28a. (6). Photo on Page 25. £450-500
  Aden. 1941-44 Honour Envelopes comprising local RAF printing type RE2 with "Substitute Form 1180 (Aden Command)" imprint (4), East African type EAE5, Middle East types E2/3, British Army (8) or R.A.F (2) envelopes, one stampless, the others franked 2 1/2a (9), 9a (6) or 16a, also a 1945 airgraph. (18). £220-260
  Gibraltar. 1942-44 British Army (5) or Navy Honour envelopes franked 3d or 6d (5), and two 1944 covers franked 6d both bearing scarce locally produced "Honour" labels (type HL3) tied by army censor cachets, produced because of a shortage of Honour Envelopes. (8). £100-120
Click to view full image... Hong Kong. 1941 (Aug 15) Locally printed Honour Envelope with "Affix Stamps Here" printed within a box above the address lines, sent to Australia franked 1941 Centenary $1 and 25c pair, marked "Via Rangoon". One of the rarest of all Honour Envelopes, very few known, ex Daynes Collection. Photo on Page 25. £300-400
  Mauritius. 1942 Locally printed Honour Envelopes, type EP1, two differing sizes and settings both sent from Port Louis to the UK Base Censor franked 12c, but both handstamped "T" and marked "2/12", one with boxed "PASSED BY / WAR / DEPARTMENT / CENSOR / No. 1", scarce. (2). £110-130
  Australian Forces. 1942-45 Honour Envelopes, army types AUS A1-A4 (11, one unused), B1 or C1 (4, one unused), Air Force types AF1-3 (4) and Navy types NI/2 (7), various uses from Australia, the Pacific or Middle East, one Naval envelope with a Sydney Paquebot machine on the reverse. (27). £150-180
Click to view full image... Australian Navy. 1941 (Feb 10) Cover type RNME1 with "Privilege letter" and "I certify on my honour ....." printed vertically in three lines at the left edge, with "H.M.A / SHIPS" cachet and a British naval censor, sent to G.B with an Australia 1/6 cancelled at Darwin. A rare envelope. Photo on Page 25. £140-160
  British/Australian Navy. c.1941 Royal Navy Honour Envelope with "S1324 (E.F reprint)" at upper left, used to Australia with "H.M.A / SHIPS" cachet, an Australian censor label and cachet and undated "PASSED FREE" machine. Possibly printed in 1941 for the Eastern Fleet in Singapore, unlisted by Daynes, just one other example recorded which was also used by the Australian Navy. Opening tears at upper edge but very rare. £80-100
Click to view full image... New Zealand Army. 1945 (May 15) Green Honour Envelope type NZE1 used from Emirau Island, New Guinea to Australia, with Australia 1d and 2d tied by Australian A.P.O 375 c.d.s, a very scarce envelope. Photo on Page 25. £150-180
Click to view full image... New Zealand Air Force. 1945 Green Honour Envelopes type NZE3, one sent from Guadalcanal to New Zealand with R.N.Z.A.F A.P.O C c.d.s (April 26) and censor seal tied by boxed "CENSORED / R.N.Z.A.F. / Signature / Rank", another with New Hebrides 15c tied by Santo c.d.s (probably cancelled to order), a very scarce envelope. Also four other stampless covers from New Guinea with R.N.Z.A.F A.P.O datestamps and censors. (6). Photo on Page 25. £250-300
  USA/Canada. 1944-45 Blue U.S Army Honour Envelopes (11, one unused), a British Honour Envelope used to Canada franked by a U.S 6c air mail stamp, and two covers to England franked Canada 3c both backstamped with boxed "I certify on my honour ....." (Daynes RNC2). (14). £100-120
  Surplus Honour Envelopes converted to Official or civilian use after the war, the wording overprinted with bars in various formats or handstamped "CANCELLED", most with a printed O.H.M.S heading, a few also with an "Official Paid" device. An unusual lot with uses by the army or various official departments, one posted in Bangkok with Thai stamps, one 1949 cover with a Norwegian F.P.O cancel, a few unused. (75). £180-220
  1943-45 Forces Air letters, most with blue triangles and printed or handwritten declarations regarding the contents similar to that used on the Honour Envelopes (26), including East Africa and Canada types, Indian type printed in English and Urdu sent from Persia, etc. Also other Indian types without the printed declaration (9) and two private NAAFI air letters. (37). £80-100


  Used world collection in an 1892 album, also various mainly empire stamps on pages or in stockbooks including Australia with coil pairs, Stellaland 1884 1d red mint (creased), Rhodesia, etc. £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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