Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 15
  1940-41 Wartime air mails comprising 1940 cover from Batavia to Hong Kong with "TO BE FORWARDED BY / AIR FROM SINGAPORE" cachet; covers to Australia franked $1.10 or to Batavia franked 40c with Dutch censors; 1941 2c postcard uprated 23c to Burma; Indian Red Cross Society envelope to the Swiss Red Cross franked 50c; and clipper rate covers to USA franked $1.90 (2, one with fault to one stamp), all censored in Singapore. (7). £250-300

World War Two Forces and P.O.W Mail & Censorship

  1935-66 Covers and cards including 1943 P.O.W postcard from Pte E. Green in Changi with a contemporary news cutting about the receipt of this card on Christmas Day, 1945 G.B 3d P.O.W stationery card to a British Civilian Internee in Malaya with Japanese censor cachets, 1946 O.A.S covers with Indian F.P.O 594 (2) or 214 datestamps, etc. (16). £200-250
  1939-41 Covers all censored in Singapore or Penang, various types of cachet or label including circular "PASSED BY CENSOR / (crown) / PENANG" (2), mostly from Malaya but a few censored in transit including a cover from Bulawayo to Shanghai, fourteen air mail covers mostly franked 55c (some franked 50c or 60c), also three Pan-Am first flight covers franked 30c to Manila (2) or $1.45 to San Francisco. (42). £320-400
  1939-41 Covers with "FIELD POST OFFICE / S.P 501" datestamps, stampless (6, one to New Zealand, one unusually to USA) or sent air mail franked 25c to Australia (2), 55c (2) or $2 (clipper rate via USA) to G.B, two with 1c Malaya Patriotic Fund labels, various R.A.F censors (8) or Naval censors (3), mainly fine (11). Also covers with R.A.F censors and Singapore datestamps sent stampless (2) or franked 8c. (14). £180-220
Click to view full image... 1941 Covers including cover from Kuala Lumpur franked 55c air mail rate with cachet of "C. Coy, 2nd (Selangor) Bn"; air mail cover from Ireland to a soldier in Malaya franked 1/3 with superb "F.P.O 50A" arrival c.d.s (July 21) and Indian Section Base Office 3 or 4; air mail cover to India with 25c tied by Indian F.P.O 32 c.d.s; air mail cover to G.B with Kedah 1c (3), 2c, 5c (2), 10c and 25c all tied by Indian F.P.O 36 datestamps and violet "Lieut. R. E / For C.R.E., 11 Indian Div."; and stampless O.A.S cover to Hong Kong with "Indian Section Base Office 4" c.d.s, the four from Malaya all with triangular army censors. (5). Photo on Page 104. £200-250
  1941 Australian forces covers, all to Australia with A.I.F Field P.O datestamps, comprising No. 18 on a stampless cover or air mail cover franked Perak 25c both with British army censors, No. 19 on air mail cover franked Straits 25c with an Australian army censor, and No. 20 on a printed "POSTAGE PAID / 25 CENTS / MALAYA" airmail cover from a member of the Salvation Army, with British army censor. (4). £130-160
  1945-47 Stampless O.A.S covers with datestamps of R.A.F Post Office 221, or Indian F.P.Os 57, 594 (2), 605 or 614. Also a 1947 O.A.S cover from Penang franked with BMA 6c to pay airmail, to another soldier in the Middle East with F.P.O 235 arrival c.d.s. (7). £100-120
  1945-46 Stampless O.A.S covers from Dutch soldier, all to Holland with violet "NETHERLANDS POST OFFICE / SINGAPORE" c.d.s and boxed "<\<>10Gr", one with a Dutch censor seal, two marked "Air Mail". (3). £100-120

Japanese Occupation

  1942-45 Covers bearing Japanese occupation issues with cancels of Lunas, Labis, Muar, Kuala Lumpur, etc., seven censored (10). Also a 1944 stampless registered cover "On Government Service" from Johore Bahru to Singapore. (11). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1942 Covers with boxed type 1 Kranji overprint on Pahang 8c (3 covers) used from Kuala Lumpur, Taiping or Bagan Datch (flap missing, fine violet cancel), or from Kuala Lumpur bearing four Negri Sembilan stamps with the type 1 overprint. Four fine commercial covers, two with boxed censor cachets. (4). Photo on Page 104. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1942-43 Covers bearing various stamps with type 2 Kranji overprints including a registered cover from Kuala Lumpur with Straits 8c and Selangor 15c, a wrapper with Perak 2c on 5c tied by Kuala Lumpur 1st Anniversary of Fall of Singapore cancel, similar cancel tying Straits 8c on cover to Klang, cover from Tapah with Straits 8c tied by violet c.d.s, Straits 8c on cover from Ipoh, etc. Also a piece with Perak 8c pair, one with variety sideways second character. A useful lot, five censored. (6 covers + piece). Photo on Page 104. £250-300
  1942-43 Covers bearing various "Dai Nippon 2602" overprint issues sent from Singapore (6) or Mentakab, one philatelic cover with 1st Anniversary of Fall of Singapore cancel, the other six all commercial covers, five with censor cachets, one from the Indian Independence League. (7). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1942 Covers with Perak 8c stamps overprinted "Dai Nippon 2602" (2) or "Dai Nippon Yubin", cancelled at Chenor (fine cogwheel type c.d.s), Kuala Lumpur or Bahau, the last with violet 1st Anniversary of Fall of Singapore cachet, two censored. Three fine commercial covers. (3). Photo on Page 104. £200-240
  1942-44 Covers from Penang, two "On Government Service" covers from the Custodian of Enemy Property franked 8c "Dai Nippon 2602 Penang" overprints both returned with violet boxed "Undelivered for reason stated. Return / to sender at address shown on cover" and boxed cachet with eight reasons for non delivery; also a censored cover to Ipoh bearing "Dai Nippon 2602 Malaya" 2c (3) and "Dai Nippon 2602 Penang" 1c (2), all fine. (3). £180-220
  1942-45 Postal stationery postcards comprising two Straits 2c green cards overprinted "Dai Nippon 2602" with "Malaya 2cts Postage" alongside both used from Singapore; two Negri Sembilan 2c orange cards similarly overprinted used from Seremban or Johore Bahru; Perak 2c orange card with type 2 Kranji overprint and boxed "Malaya 2 cts Postage" alongside used from Singapore; and two 4c red "tin dredge" cards both used from Batu Gajah, six cards censored, one with violet 1st Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore cachet. A good lot. (7). £380-450
  1943-45 Covers bearing 1943 (Apr. - Oct) issues, three also with 1943 Savings Campaign 15c (2 covers) or 1944 Rebirth of Malaya 15c, one also bearing Selangor 6c on 5c with type 2 Kranji overprint. Three registered covers from Teluk Anson (with "A.R" handstamp) or Singapore (2), one wrapper franked 2c, other covers from Singapore (2) Kuala Langat or Kuala Kubu Bhuru. Two covers with stamp faults, otherwise largely fine and commercial, four censored. (8). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1943 Covers bearing 1943 (Apr. - Oct.) issue, one to Penang with 4c and 8c tied by a fine violet double ring c.d.s with boxed "CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS / senders name and address / not shown on cover"; the other from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore franked 4c, 8c and 30c bearing Express and registration labels, both censored. Two fine and unusual covers. (2). Photo on Page 104. £200-240

(Also see lots 119, 974)

Click to view full image... 1864 Entire to Messina with G.B 4d tied by Malta A25 duplex, backstamped with "MALTA-PALERMO / PIROSCAFI POSTi / ITALIANI" keyhole type datestamp and at Messina. A little light perf staining, the scarce Sea Post Office backstamp superb. Photo on Page 108. £200-250
  c.1905 Parcel Post Customs Declaration labels used to London, one largely fine with a Malta Parcel Post c.d.s and blue "Malta" label applied in London, the other incomplete but with a white "Malta" label "Parcel Passing through the Post Office, Liverpool". (2). £140-160
  1920 Registered covers from Constantinople to Turkish internees in Malta, both with 4 1/2d in G.B stamps and a registration label cancelled "BRITISH A.P.O / CONSTANTINOPLE" c.d.s, and straight line "PASSED CENSOR". (2). £160-200
  1925-26 USA 2c Postal stationery envelopes to Valletta both with New York 30c charge marks and 3d postage due stamps tied by Valletta datestamps, the first with the 1925 (April) issue typeset 3d, the second with the second regular issue 3d of 1925 (July). Some light staining, an unusual pair of commercial covers. (2). £130-150
  1939 (Nov 4) Field Service Postcard without the royal coat of arms printed on grey card (Burrows type 2-32a) used to England with a London Received From H.M Ship machine and triangular "No. 61 / PASSED BY CENSOR" applied in Malta. A scarce provisional type card. £70-80
  1942-43 Airmail covers from Stratford or Waltham Cross to Gnr. Boursnell R.A in Malta both franked 2 1/2d pair and bearing a Green Cross label for priority airmail, two very differing shades of label, one tied. One cover with a few opening faults, otherwise fine. (2). £120-140

(Also see lots 141, 373)

Click to view full image... 1854-57 2d Blue "POST PAID" intermediate impression, position 5, large margin at base, other margins very close almost all round, just touched lower left side, upper right corner fault, used with an unclear target cancel. A very presentable copy of this rare stamp. (S.G. 14, £3,500). Photo on Page 146. £200-250
Click to view full image... 1880 Cover to Argy bearing 1879 4c orange tied by numeral "28" with "PETITE-RIVIERE" (July 26) c.d.s above, backstamped with Mauritius and Argy datestamps. Part flap missing and small edge stain at right, otherwise fine and very scarce, the Petite-Riviere datestamp issued on this very day. Photo on Page 108. £140-160
  1897 2c Postal stationery postcard cancelled by "CHEMIN GRENIER" c.d.s in red with a second strike alongside, a Curepipe Road arrival c.d.s and boxed Carrier datestamp. An unusual red datestamp. £110-130


  1864-66 Covers from French forces in Mexico both sent back to France with "CORPS EXP. MEXIQUE" datestamps. The first cover stampless with a "30" charge mark, the other franked France 10c and 40c (both with faults) tied by "CEM A" in retta cancels, this second cover with piece missing from the reverse, the stampless cover endorsed from a Sergeant, 99 Regt. de Ligne. (2). £250-280
  1914 (July 15) Mexico 2c postcard sent within Vera Cruz, cancelled "U.S POSTAL AGENCY / VERA CRUZ, MEXICO" duplex with a U.S 1c postage due stamp tied by violet double ring "VERA CRUZ, MEXICO / U.S P. AG. GEN. DEL." c.d.s. £100-120


Click to view full image... 1884-85 Crown CA 2 1/2d red brown (2), 1903 KEVII Crown CC 5/- (light crease) and 1904-08 Multiple Crown CA 1/2d - 2/6 all mint. S.G. 9, 23/32, £850. (12). Photo on Page 146. £130-150


Click to view full image... 1821 Entire letter prepaid 2/2 to London backstamped with scarce two line "NEVIS" datestamp in red, disinfected by slitting and splashing with vinegar. Disinfected mail from the West Indies is very unusual. Photo on Page 108. £300-350
  1831 Entire letter charged 2/2 to London "P Packet Plover" backstamped with scarce two line "NEVIS" datestamp in black. The letter contains interesting comments on slavery. £300-350

(Also see lots 66, 82, 102, 145, 146, 220-225, 765)

Click to view full image... 1904 (Sep 20) Picture postcard to England with circular "N.Z POSTAL STAMP / 1<+Hz8>D<$z$> / PAID / No. 1" applied by the experimental "Moss" meter machine with a red "Wellington Paid" squared circle applied, a 1d Universal stamp then applied over this and tied by a Wellington c.d.s. U.P.U regulations did not allow mail addressed abroad to be paid by meter marks or Paid handstamps, and postage stamps therefore had to be affixed. 4,321 items posted during the trials at Wellington, of which only about 5% are estimated to have been addressed abroad. Fine and scarce. Photo on Page 108. £100-120
  1944 Prisoner of War Post 6d on 1/- air letter fine unused. H&G5. £100-120


  Lagos. 1891-98 Covers from Lagos, the first to Germany franked at the 4d rate by 1/2d single + pair + strip of five (two a little stained); the second to G.B sent at the 2 1/2d U.P.U rate franked 1/2d + 1d pair, endorsed "Per S.S Axim". Both covers cancelled by barred ovals with Lagos and red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR. PACKET" datestamps. An attractive pair. (2). £120-140
  Niger Coast. 1894 Registered cover to England bearing Oil Rivers overprints on G.B 2 1/2d and 5d, and 1894 issue 2 1/2d all tied by Old Calabar c.d.s, oval Registered datestamp and large "R", backstamped in Birmingham. An attractive mixed issue franking. £150-180
  Niger Coast. 1899 Cover to England with a G.B 1d lilac tied by violet boxed Burutu datestamp, and 1893 Oil Rivers 1d postcard to England cancelled superb "BRASS RIVER" c.d.s, both with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR PACKET" transit c.d.s. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... Southern Nigeria. 1900 De La Rue Die Proof of the Queen's Head and background, as used for the 1901 issue, printed in black on white glazed card, curiously dated "6 Oct 95" in manuscript, slightly reduced to 81x54mm. Photo on Page 134. £300-350
  1914-74 Mint and used collection in an album with KGV Multiple Crown CA definitives mint to the 5/-, Multiple Script CA die 1 2/6 mint, etc. £70-80


Click to view full image... c.1942-45 Japanese P.O.W postcards sent by Pte Peter Daniels, Royal Signals, to his wife in England, the first card sent from Singapore, the other two from Borneo both with "P.O.W Camp, Borneo" imprint on the reverse, one with handwritten message (Tett type 4a card), the other with a largely printed message (type 3a card). Also a card with printed forces type message, issued by O.K Bazaars to H.M Forces, sent from Durban in Jan. 1942 (stamp removed). The Borneo type 4a card with a 3 1/2cm tear at base, the other two P.O.W cards each with a couple of small tears at the upper edge but otherwise largely fine, the Borneo P.O.W cards scarce. (4). Photo on Page 108. £300-350

(Also see lots 799, 808, 809,815, 836)

  Postal Stationery. QV-QEII Specimen, unused or used stationery (17), and Malawi formula registration envelopes (9) or air letters (30, unused or used). Also a 1971 GB strike post cover from Malawi to London. (63). £120-150

(Also see lots 12, 67, 69, 74, 75, 120, 154, 390)

  Jewish Battalions, Royal Fusiliers. 1919-20 O.A.S Covers from the three R.F Jewish Battalions comprising cover from 38 Batt. at Rafa; Indian 2a6p registration envelope with Indian F.P.O 83 c.d.s from 38 Batt. at Ludd to the Jewish Relief Fund in Copenhagen; 2d registration envelope from a US volunteer in 39 Batt. with A.P.O SZ20 c.d.s of Ludd, to USA; 2d registration envelopes from 40 Batt with Indian F.P.O 83 of Ludd or to Switzerland with BAPO K of Kantara. A scarce group. (5). £140-160
Click to view full image... Civilian Use of A.P.O. 1918 (Jan 30) Stampless cover with A.P.O SZ44 skeleton c.d.s of Jerusalem, to Alexandria with a 1pi postage due stamp cancelled upon arrival and a curved four line censor cachet. The earliest of six covers recorded by Firebrace which were posted unpaid by civilians at A.P.O SZ44 and charged 1pi in Egypt. Flap missing, otherwise fine and scarce. Photo on Page 108. £100-150
  Civilian Use of A.P.O. 1918 (Oct 21) Cover to Cairo with "DAMAS" c.d.s applied, a G.B 2 1/2d then applied and cancelled a week later at Field Post Office SZ62 (Oct. 28), backstamped at A.P.O SZ10, Port Said and Cairo. Flap missing and piece torn away at upper right corner upon opening but still a rare civilian cover handled by the Army Post Office, the earliest of six covers recorded by Firebrace posted at the Damascus Civil P.O with G.B 2 1/2d stamps later applied at F.P.O SZ62. £100-150
  1925-48 Covers and cards including USA reply cards from Palestine (2); Levant or Arab Fair labels, slogans or cancels (13); diplomatic bag mail (2); "Postage Paid" cancels (4, covers, also four proof pieces); T.P.O bag label and c.d.s, etc. (56). £300-350
  1936 (April 25) Cover franked 2m and 3m with two strikes of "TEL AVIV MC" skeleton c.d.s, used at the Tel Aviv Medical Congress, the only recorded date of use, very scarce. £100-120
  c.1938 2m Postal stationery wrapper with violet "SPECIMEN" handstamp, postally used from Tel Aviv to Haifa. Probably a unique postal use of a Specimen postal stationery item. £80-100
  Postage Dues. 1937-47 Covers and cards all bearing 1928-44 issue postage dues with internal covers unpaid charged 20m or franked 2m and charged 6m; 4m postal stationery postcard charged 6m; covers bearing disallowed Palestine Revenues (2, one cancelled at Haifa) both charged 10m; G.B cover franked 6d and charged 72m, refused and returned; Egypt cover franked 22m and charged 9m; and a 1947 postcard from Austria franked 24g and charged 5m (1m + perf 15x14 4m, S.G. D14a) with various cachet including boxed "P.T. 514 ISSUED ON .......". (8). £200-240
  Postage Dues. 1939-49 Covers and a card comprising 1939 cover from Sudan to Haifa franked 10m with 1m and 6m Palestine dues, 1939 USA 1c postcard uprated 7c to Tel Aviv with a 6m Palestine due (the card with a little edge staining), and a 1949 cover sent within Haifa bearing Israel 5m and a disallowed Palestine 10m with an Israel Doar Ivri 20m postage due tied by a Haifa c.d.s, all three with boxed charge marks. (3). £150-180


  Interim Overprints. 1948 Covers comprising April 18th registered cover from Haifa to USA bearing Palestine 2m and 3m overprinted "Government Tohuwabohu" in combination with 15m gutter pair; May 22nd cover to Kfar Sabah bearing Palestine 3m pair in combination with Jerusalem first issue 5m and 25m and second issue 10m all tied by black Minh. ha'am postmarks and violet date; and May 2nd registered cover from Tiberias bearing Palestine 3m, 4m, 7m, 8m and Revenue 10m with Emergency Post Tveriya handstamp in black and 3m, 5m and Revenue 10m with the same handstamp in violet, all tied by violet Minh. ha'am postmark. Also mint Palestine stamps with emergency post handstamps in violet or black of Nahalal (10), Tiberias (12) or Afuleh (12), and mint 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m overprinted "Government Tohuwabohu". (3 covers + 38 stamps). £150-180
  Interim Period. 1948 Covers, pieces and stamps including Nahariya local post cover to Tel Aviv with Apr. 12 local post handstamps and Palestine 10m cancelled at Haifa (Apr. 15); Jerusalem second issue 10m local on June 20 cover to Tel Aviv; registered cover to Tel Aviv with Palestine Mandate 7m, 20m tied by double ring Hebrew c.d.s; JNF overprint issues on registered covers (3); parachutists mint sheet of 35; also 1948 military covers with Hagana cachet or flown from Negev. (8 covers + 51 stamps). £100-120
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for viewing details
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