Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 26
  1844-58 1d Pink lettersheets overprinted Specimen (2), unused (2, one on blue paper) or used (7, one on blue paper, one bearing a 2d blue). LP2/46. (11). £100-150
  1852 (Dec 21) 1d Pink postal stationery envelope sent locally in St. Columb, the stamp cancelled by the St. Columb double arc datestamp in blue-green, a very unusual and scarce cancel. £130-160
  1902-34 KEVII (32) and KGV (52) envelopes used and unused including KEVII 1d size J (EP45) used (2); KGV 1/2d on buff paper, size M with both flap types (EP58/59) unused (2) and used (2); 2d size E (EP62) unused and used; 1d size E (EP64) unused; 2d revalued to 1 1/2d (EP65) with triangular "946" handstamp unused; 1924 B.E.E 1 1/2d first day use; albino or underinked impressions, Specimen handstamps, 1/2d envelope used to Lundy Island in 1942 with six Lundy stamps, etc. (84). £200-250
  1939-82 KGVI (27) and QEII (188) envelopes, including scarce KGVI 1d size G (EP75) unused or used (2, one to Lundy Island with three Lundy stamps, unpriced used by Huggins & Baker), also some wrapper bands, School Specimen overprints, albino or underinked stamps, etc. (215). £250-300
  QV-QEII P.T.P.O and Post Office issue envelopes mint and used, sorted by Huggins catalogue number in three boxes, some complete bundles with wrapper bands, a few with compound dies. (100s). £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Die Proofs of P.T.P.O envelope stamps overprinted "SPECIMEN", comprising QV dated 2d pale blue (2), 3d carmine, 6d purple (2), 1/- green, 1 1/2d lilac rose, 1 1/2d brown (type 6b, dated 1890), 2 1/2d lake, undated 1d pink, also KGV 1913 1/2d green, various types of handstruck or printed Specimen overprints, mainly fine. (11). Photo on Page 160. £300-400
  QV-QEII P.T.P.O Stationery with QV lettersheets (4), KEVII 1/- green unused, KGV and KGVI embossed stamps on newspaper wrappers (5) and a good range of QEII 1968-71 envelopes on pages. (92). £100-120
  1888 1d Pink P.T.P.O lettersheet produced by The Anglo-Colonial Letter Co. Ltd in London and sold for 1/2d, containing 27 adverts for bird cages, medicines, cake flour, mustard oil, cash registers, The Middlesex Hospital, lemon squeezers, gas lamps, shirts, shoes, pianos, false teeth, tea, a hair dresser, a brewery, Spanish wine, etc., several illustrated. Superb unused, the reverse with a cachet of the retailer in Cambridge, scarce so fine. £200-300
  1891 1d Pink P.T.P.O lettersheet produced by The Half-Price Closed Letter Co. Ltd of London and sold for 1/2d, containing 32 adverts for medicines and pills, City School of Chemistry, books, tea, perfume, cod liver oil, the R.S.P.C.A, water distillers, toilet powder, a tailor, children's shampoo, etc., several illustrated including two fine coloured pictures by George Cruikshank advertising local monopolies for selling these lettersheets, also an illustration of a Friar advertising "The Friar" perfume. The lettersheet shows Henry Court's Patent Safety Envelope sealing device, the adverts printed separately on thin card and pasted within, the coloured advert printed on a further separate sheet of paper and affixed within. Enclosed is a separate advert for The Half-Penny Letter Post Co. Ltd advertising lettersheets, which may possibly not have been included within this lettersheet when sold. The attached blank sheet of letter paper removed, otherwise complete and one of the most attractive and unusual examples of these advertising lettersheets we have seen, posted from Paddington to Nottingham, very rare. £300-400
Click to view full image... 1903 KEVII 10d Brown P.T.P.O envelope unused. This 10d die was intended for telegraph forms only, just three unused examples and a single used example struck on envelopes recorded by Huggins/Baker. Fine and very rare. ESP39. Photo on Page 193. £200-300
  QV P.T.P.O Compound printing envelopes and wrapper with two stamps unused (25) or used (18), including ESC 27, 76 and 186 used (all listed as very rare or not recorded by Huggins/Baker), also 6d + 1/- + 1/- envelope (ESC 406) used to Canada uprated 1/2d, 1d, 6d and 10d, and QV 1 1/2d + KEVII 1d (ESCP 523) unused and used. (46). £250-350
  KEVII-KGVI P.T.P.O Compound printing envelopes and wrappers with two stamps comprising KEVII unused or used (3 + 3 pieces), KGV used (8) and a fine range of KGVI issues unused (16, with rare ESC 825, 834, 835) or used (21, with rare ESC 804, 811, 834, 836, 844), also KGVI envelopes with three stamps unused (2) or used (2), a fine lot. (55). £200-300
  KGVI and QEII Compound printing P.T.P.O envelopes and wrappers, all with two stamps, including KGVI + QEII issues unused (7) and used (4), QEII + KGVI issues unused (9, with rare ESC972, 973, 979, 980, 981) or used (4), and 1954-71 QEII issues unused (61) and used (30), many scarce items including ESC 890, 901, 903, 904 unused, ESC 885, 888, 898-901, 905 etc. used. Also three stamp compound printings unused (2) or used (ESC966B). A fine and scarce group. (118). £300-400
  Official Envelopes. QV Envelopes unused comprising 1d Inland Revenue (4, EO25/6, 32/3) and Board of Agriculture (EO24, central vertical fold but very rare) and 3d Inland Revenue (EO42, central vertical fold and some staining), also KEVII 1d Inland Revenue envelopes EO54 unused and used. (8). £150-180

Telegraph Forms

  QV-KGV Post Office Telegraph forms for public use with QV 6d (5), KEVII 10d with Specimen overprint, KGV 6d types TP19 (2, one with an added 3d stamp) or TP25 (2) or 9d (5, one with "9d" handstamp altering the 6d value at left), and KGV Stock Exchange forms comprising 9d + 3d (2) or 1/-, various sub-types, all unused, nearly all very fine. (18). £200-250

Postcards and Reply Cards

Click to view full image... 1870 (Oct 1) 1/2d Violet court size postcard to Ireland, cancelled on the First Day of Issue with a fine Birkenhead c.d.s, backstamped at Belfast and Holywood on October 3rd. A fine first day use. Photo on Page 199. £250-300
  1877 QV 1 1/4d Postal stationery postcard from Newcastle on Tyne to France with a cachet of the sender handstamped on the front, therefore handstamped "Contrary to regulations / F.B" in red in London and returned to the sender. Only the address was permitted on the front of postcards; if anything else appeared cards were supposed to be charged as underpaid letters if addressed internally or returned if addressed abroad, though this rarely occurred. Horizontal crease, unusual and scarce. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1885 QV 1/2d Violet postal stationery postcard used within Canada, from Johnson to Toronto with datestamps of both places, incorrectly accepted as valid and not charged. A most unusual overseas use of the first G.B. postcard. Photo on Page 199. £150-180
  QV-QEII Postcards unused, used and specimen, the extensive lot including many reply cards with some returned halves or complete used cards, Specimen and School Specimen overprints, KGV Field Service cards and Wembley cards, KGVI dry print varieties (2), better unused cards noted including CP69 (2), 70, 72, 97, 98 (2, one uprated with 1/2d stamp), etc. (100s) £300-400
  1889 3d British Empire rate postcards overprinted Specimen (2), unused or superb used from Richmond to India, also the printed label from a packet of 60 of these cards. The used card scarce and an early use in October 1889. (5). £140-160
  QV-QEII P.T.P.O Postcards unused and used, QV issues (26) with embossed 1/2d pink cards (8) and mis-cut cards, KEVII issues (8) and KGV cards (25) with uncut 1d pairs (2) or a strip of three, scarcer large unregulated sizes, 2d orange used (2), KGVI (24) and QEII (138) cards with uncut blocks of four (2), reply cards, advert cards and many scarcer items. A good lot, careful viewing recommended (221). £350-450
  1880 1/2d Pink P.T.P.O postcard with an attractive coloured advert for J.C & J. Field candle works in London printed on the reverse, posted within Manchester; and 1889 1/2d brown P.T.P.O postcard superb unused with six adverts printed around the edges of the reverse, published by the Anglo-Colonial Letter Co. Ltd and sold at 1d for three cards. (2). £100-120
  1893 Embossed 1/2d vermilion P.T.P.O postcards, size a with arms posted within London (23 May 1893, two years before the issue date given by Huggins/Baker) or unused, and size d without arms and "House of Commons" crest embossed on the reverse, unused. The used card with some creasing, lower right corner bend and some paper/glue adherence to reverse, the unused cards fine, very scarce. CS6/7. (3). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1896 Embossed 1/2d + 1/2d vermilion P.T.P.O reply card posted within London, the unused reply card still attached, fine and exceptionally rare. CS8. Photo on Page 199. £200-250
  KGV and KGVI P.T.P.O Postcards with embossed stamps comprising KGV 1/2d (3) and 1d unused, KGVI 1/2d (CS94, rare) and 1d used. (6). £100-120
  KGVI and QEII Post Office issue postcards mint and used sorted by Huggins number in a shoebox, some in complete bundles with wrapper bands, also KGV P.T.P.O card size c, no arms, with embossed 1d stamp, unused. (100s). £100-120
Click to view full image... Admiralty Official Postcards. 1904 KEVII 1/2d Postcards overprinted "Admiralty Official", overprint type I used from New Brompton to Sheerness, overprint type II used from London E.C to a Midshipman at Harrow concerning applying for a gunnery course at Whale Island (H.M.S Excellent). The first a little creased with a heavier crease at upper left corner, the second with a very light crease at upper right corner but otherwise very fine. Two scarce used cards CO6/7. (2). Photo on Page 199. £250-300

Newspaper Wrappers

  QV-KGV Wrappers unused or used, comprising QV issues (50) with first dated wrapper used and unused, 1/2d green wrapper with "Social Science Congress, Brighton 1875" imprint, and Specimen overprints (3), KEVII wrappers (19) with used 1d wrapper type WP23, and KGV wrappers (33), mainly fine. (102). £120-150
  QV-QEII Post Office issue and P.T.P.O wrappers mint and used sorted by Huggins numbers, also QV or KEVII Official Board of Agriculture lettersheets used (4) or unused. (100s). £100-150
  QV-QEII P.T.P.O W.H. Smith & Co wrappers, nearly all with embossed stamps, unused (28) or used (3), a few with compound dies, a few with ink crosses drawn on the address panel, the majority however very fine, some scarce. (31). £200-250
  QV-KGVI P.T.P.O Wrappers unused and used including QV issues (13) with the scarce dated 1/2d green (WS1); KEVII issues (6); KGV issues (18) with scarce 1/2d + 1d (WS17) unused, 1d + 1d (WS18) used (2), 1/2d + 1/2d (WS16) used, 2d orange (WS25) used; and KGVI issues (20) with scarcer items including WS29 used, WS33, 38-40 unused, also a couple of Stamford Mercury precancels. (57). £160-200
  QEII P.T.P.O Wrappers used and unused, many scarce items including WS50, 55, 58, 75, 77, 87, 92, 93, 108 used, etc., also 3d + 4d (WS92) uncut block of six, some adhesive labels, several Stamford Mercury precancels, compound stampings, decimal issues including the nine 1/2p - 5p values on a single sheet of paper. A good lot, careful viewing recommended. (78). £200-250

Official Lettersheets

  QV Lettersheets comprising vaccination forms with dated 1/2d green stamps (6, two used but not cancelled), undated 1/2d green (5, one used but not cancelled) or 1/2d brown (4, one used with faults), rare Army "Recruiting" form with embossed 1/2d vermilion (LO73), and Board of Agriculture 1d unused or used (2, one with piece removed); KEVII 1/2d vaccination form and 1d Board of Agriculture forms (4), also a Board of Agriculture form with circular "Official Paid" die, various types, some scarce. (25). £200-250

Certificates of Posting

  QV 1/2d Pink C.O.Ps overprinted Specimen (CPP1a) or unused (2, CPP1a/2), also QEII CPSP1-4 unused (with additional CPSP2 in a differing format) and CPSP4 used. (9). £70-100

Registration Envelopes

Click to view full image... 1893 Undated 2d registration stamp, proofs in grey on two pieces (33x30mm, crossed by a heavy fold, or 28x27mm, just touched at left but otherwise fine), and two impressions of the same stamp in the issued colour of blue on piece (46x99mm) with twelve impressions of "SPECIMEN" overprint type SU2. Also 1883 2d blue stamp with nine florets on piece, 30x32mm, with two impressions of the type SU2 "SPECIMEN" overprint and a plain F size envelope with flap type 1 and indented central seam as used for the 1878 envelope type RP6F, possibly of proof status. (5). Photo on Page 157. £120-150
Click to view full image... 1902 KEVII Format RF8 envelopes and proofs from the printers archives, two issued envelopes endorsed "IIA Present pattern" or "F. Present Pattern, opened with a knife in two minutes", and proofs without the embossed stamp, one unmarked, the others endorsed "II. Thicker paper", "IA, Thicker paper. Opened with a knife in two minutes. Showing signs of tampering", "C - Thicker paper. Opened in 1 minute by forcing the flap back with a thumb" or "E. Thicker paper. Opened with a knife in two minutes". The five proofs on slightly darker and thicker paper, apparently produced to test whether this thicker paper would be more secure and difficult to open in transit. An interesting and unique group, three proofs and one issued envelope with some edge or flap tears as a result of these tests. (7). Photo on Page 199. £240-300
  QV Registration envelopes unused and used, mainly 1878-86 types including large size I (11) and K (6), Specimen overprints (5), etc. (60). £200-250
  QV-QEII Mint and used envelopes, a large accumulation in three shoeboxes sorted by Huggins catalogue number with some complete bundles in wrapper bands, a few larger size envelopes included, noted RF43 used (4), etc. (100s). £500-600
  1902-26 KEVII (49) and KGV (39) Registration envelopes used and unused, KEVII issues including Specimen overprints (7, one scarce type P4), K sizes (7), perfins (5), items uprated by 10d or 1/- values, the KGV issues with scarce RP29Fa unused and K sizes (8, one 3 1/2d envelope used in Constantinople). (88). £150-180
  KGV and QEII Registration envelopes used and unused, the KGVI issues (21) with the rare type RP65F used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker) and RP54H used in 1945 from Tangier with mixed G.B/Tangier franking, the very extensive collection of QEII issues with scarce RP74F unused and used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker), 6d puce size K2 with "School Specimen" overprint, RP96H used (unpriced), etc. (100s). £250-350
  1971 Unfolded proofs of the first size G and H decimal registration envelopes with "EXTRA 5 1/2p PAID" but without the embossed 17 1/2p stamp, both showing "15p" in the reverse instructions, and further examples of the size G and H envelope paper cut to shape but without any printing. Also a G size formula envelope without an embossed stamp, possibly foreign or of proof status. Scarce decimal registration envelope proofs. (5). £100-150
  KGV-QEII P.T.P.O Registration envelopes used and unused, comprising KGV 4 1/2d used (RS1), KGVI 5 1/2d used (2, RS3, one 300x134mm with a printed registration etiquette) and 6 1/2d unused (RS5), QEII issues unused (19) comprising RSP8, 9, 11, 12, 19-22, 24-34 or used (6, RSP12, 19, 20, 22, 25, 30). A fine lot, the KGV and KGVI envelopes all very scarce. (29). £300-450
  Forces Registration Envelopes. KGV 2d Envelopes (42), KGVI issues with 3d envelopes (15), 4d envelopes (4, with RPF6 unused) and 6d envelopes (2), and QEII issues (46), with RPF11 used and unused, RPF12 used, RPF13 unused, RPF19 used, RPF 21 used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker), etc. A good lot. (109). £350-450
  Forces Registration Envelopes. KGV-QEII Mint and used envelopes with KGV 2d envelopes (13), KGVI 3d (32), 4d (26) or 6d (27) envelopes, QEII 1/- (14), 1/6 (10), 1/9 (5), 3/- (8) or 75p (5) envelopes, a good lot. (140). £300-400


Click to view full image... 1892 (Feb 11) 1d Lettercard posted on the First Day of Issue from Brighton to Egham, the enclosed message stating "This card was issued this morning & is the first one used in Brighton". A few stain spots, mainly to the reverse, but a very scarce first day use, with an arrival backstamp. Photo on Page 199. £150-200
  KEVII 1d Lettercard proof, the flaps ungummed, endorsed "Registered 12 Dec. 1901" on the front in pencil, again dated and initialled inside. £100-120
  QV-QEII Lettercards used and unused with Specimen overprints (4, including very scarce type 13 on KGV 1 1/2d card), 1924 1d lettercard to Baghdad with a Baghdad due handstamp, KGVI issues with LCP13 used (2), LCP14 used, LCP15 unused (2) and used, etc. Also a few packet labels or bands. (170+). £150-200
  KEVII-QEII P.T.P.O Lettercards comprising KEVII 1d unused (2) and used, KGV 1 1/2d (LCS5) unused and used (unpriced by Huggins & Baker), QEII issues unused (11, LCSP9-12, 14-21) and LCSP9 used. Also privately printed formula type lettercards unused or used (6, mainly QV period). A good lot, the KEVII and KGV lettercards very scarce. (23). £250-300

P.O.W Stationery

  1941-45 Postcards and air letters for use to P.O.Ws and Internees comprising 2 1/2d air letters unused (4, all three types) or used (6) to Germany, Italy (2, one returned with six line cachet "undelivered mails which fell into the hands of the allied forces advancing in Italy") or to a civilian internee in France (3, one to a "Poste Restante" address with a 50c postage due stamp, another redirected to a hotel in Monaco) and a label from a packet of 80 of these air letters. Also 3d postcards unused or used to Malaya with two Japanese censor cachets, and 1 1/2d postcards unused or to Malaya but returned with violet "RETURNED FROM ABROAD / SERVICE SUSPENDED". A good lot, with the only 2 1/2d lettersheet bearing a foreign postage due stamp that we have seen. (15). £150-180
  2 1/2d Air letter sheets type APF1 cancelled to order on the First Day of Issue (21 JY 41) and unused (2), type APF2 unused or used to Italy, type APF3 unused or used to Germany (2, one to a civilian at Biberach with "Returned by the Swiss Post Office" cachet), wrapper bands (2) and label from a bundle of 80 cards. Also 1 1/2d (2) and 3d (2) postcards unused. (15). £90-110

Airgraphs and Air Letters

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for viewing details
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