Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 28
  Fowey. 1785-1862 Entire letters, entires and covers including 1785 entire letter from Spanish Town, Jamaica to Edinburgh with straight line "FOWEY", charged 1/7 as a ship letter (1/6 inland postage + 1d captain's gratuity), 1840 undated circle in blue, two unusual 1856-62 covers to New Zealand prepaid 6d in cash with Fowey double arc or single ring datestamps in the front and Auckland arrival datestamps, etc. (8). £240-280
  Grampound. 1838 Entire letter with 265 mileage mark, and 1840 (Dec 6) entire letter to St. Austell bearing 1d black AE plate 8, three margins, tied by a Maltese Cross with a St. Austell datestamp below and straight line "GRAMPOUND" on the front (with 1959 B.P.A Certificate which states "genuine, the colour of the cross is abnormal but faded). (2). £90-110
  Gunnislake and Calstock. 1832-1922 Covers and cards including 1832 free cover from London to Calstock in Dorset endorsed "Missent to Calstock near Tavistock" with "No 1" penny post handstamp of Gunnislake, 1847 cover prepaid 1d in cash with tiny "Gunnislake P.P" straight line handstamp (the only recorded example, not listed in the County Catalogue), 1854-59 Gunnislake double arc or single ring (2, in blue) undated circles, 1854 Calstock undated circle in yellow, etc., also later cancels of Albaston (2) or St. Anns Chapel (2), a good lot. (33). £240-280
  Padstow. 1840-46 Covers (6), and a piece bearing a 1d black (AF plate 1b, three large margins, very close at left), all with superb undated circles, the first in red on an 1840 entire letter from Camelford (also with a fine red Camelford undated circle) charged 2d upon redirection to "one of the Inns, Helston", the other five handstamps in black. (6). £130-160
  Penryn and St. Mawes. 1769-1852 Entire letters with handstamps of Penryn (7) including an 1813 entire letter to Francis Freeling at the G.P.O complaining about the repeated late delivery of newspapers, or of St. Mawes (4) including 1810 straight line "ST. MAWS" on an entire letter from a Spanish ship at Falmouth and 1852 undated circle. (11). £120-150
  Scilly Islands. 1827 Entire letter from George Woodley, missionary on the Scilly Islands, recounting the perils and troubles in visiting the smaller islands, sent to London with straight line "SCILLY" on the reverse, closed tear and file fold but an interesting letter. £80-100


  1803-1944 Entire letters, covers and cards including undated circles, forces mail, 1834 and 1839 entire letters from Naval ships at Portsmouth, 1871 letter from Post Office Telegraphs Dept. at Southampton, also a few Isle of Wight covers. (32). £100-120

Isle of Man

Click to view full image... 1838 Entire letter from Market Deeping to Ramsey with fine "Isle of Man / Penny Post" on the front, the charge increased from 1/5 to 1/6 to account for the I.O.M local charge, a scarce handstamp so fine. Photo on Page 214. £400-500


Click to view full image... 1829 Entire letter from Minster to Margate charged 2d, backstamped with a fine strike of the oval "(crown) / MARGATE" handstamp with "Ship Letter" removed, recorded used as a Margate town handstamp in 1829-30, very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 214. £250-300
  1801-42 Entire letters with India Letter or Ship Letter handstamps of Gravesend (2) or Deal (2), Penny Posts of Milton, Sittingbourne and Birchington, Maidstone datestamps with the year omitted or the day and year both omitted, etc. Also a few pieces and letters from other counties. (18+). £100-150

(Also see lots 384, 882, 1140, 1180-1187, 1192-1200, 1232, 1326, 1329)

  1787-1802 Entire letters with various Liverpool handstamps including one or two line types, horseshoe types, two line datestamps, and three line datestamps with "206" mileage, one 1792 entire letter from Macclesfield to Warrington with manuscript "Missent to" alongside the Liverpool handstamp. Also an 1801 Prescot handstamp. (21). £160-200
  1803 Entire letter from Liverpool to Spain prepaid 2/3, with scarce large "YNGLATERRA" handstamp in red, believed to have been applied at Badojoz. Carried on the Falmouth to Lisbon Packet despite being posted during the peace of 1802-03, when the Dover to Calais packet was running. A little stained but unusual. £200-240
  1817-1902 Entire letters, covers and cards including Paid and charge marks, Maltese Crosses, Too Late handstamps, etc. (34). £100-120
  Penny Posts. 1835-41 Entire letters and a cover with Penny Post handstamps of Liverpool (with "No. 1"), Crosby, Bootle or Wavertree. Also entire letters with two line receiving house handstamps of Oxford St., St. James's, Church St. or Everton, or boxed Walton. (9). £100-120
  Liverpool Sub-offices. 1840-55 Entire letters and covers with one or two line sub-office handstamps including "HOPWOOD ST", etc., many types from 23 differing offices, some very scarce. A fine lot. (32). £300-350
  Liverpool Sub-offices. 1840-58 Entire letters and covers with undated circles from town or country area sub-offices including Aigburth, Anfield, Fairfield, Formby, Kensington, Liscard, Sefton, Church St., Dale St., Scotland Road, etc. Handstamps from twenty different offices, mainly fine, some very scarce. (20). £200-250
  1846-57 Entire letters bearing 2d blues, including 1853 registered cover franked 1d + 2d strip of three, 1846-49 covers bearing 2d single, pair or strip of three paying 2d, 4d and 6d rates, and 1857 Parliamentary notice bearing perf 2d + 6d. (5). £160-200
  1849-1912 Covers including 1849 registered entire bearing a 1d red with 6d paid in cash and a red Liverpool Paid c.d.s; 1856 stampless cover to Finland with scarce "POSTED-SINCE / LIVERPOOL / 8.30 LAST-NIGHT" c.d.s; 1860 cover with similar "9.30" c.d.s; 1858 entire marked "Pr 2.15 pm mail" but handstamped "Too late"; 1912 cover to S.S "Olympic" at Queenstown with boxed "TOO LATE / SHIP SAILED; "RECEIVED / TOO LATE / ISMAY IMRIE & CO" and "Returned to Post Office / LIVERPOOL on ....", etc. An interesting group. (6). £150-180
  1859-81 Entire letters and covers addressed abroad, mostly surface printed frankings, including 1859 entire to Palermo franked 2/9 most unusually consisting of 1d + 1855-57 4d pair and 6d block of four, also 9d rate to Victoria, 6d to South Australia, 1/- pair to Haiti, 4d to Porto Rico, etc. (7). £160-180
  Roller Cancel. 1866 Piece to Italy bearing 1d red plate 96 strip of six tied by the "466" roller cancel, fine and very scarce. £100-120


Click to view full image... Dockwra's Penny Post. 1681 Two page newspaper, "The Impartial Protestant Mercury or Occurrences Foreign and Domestick", the second page with an advert for Dockwra's Penny Post showing the Paid handstamp and time handstamps for morning and afternoon deliveries which were use on letters by Dockwra's post. This advert was not recorded by Tom Todd in "William Dockwra and the rest of the Undertakers". A rare contemporary ephemeral item associated with the first London Penny Post, which was closed down and the service taken over by the Government later in 1681. Photo on Page 212. £600-700
  1770-1853 Entire letters, covers and a few fronts or pieces, various mainly pre-1840 Local and General Post handstamps, all written up on pages, including Dockwras, dotted boxed "Oz at 6/8 per oz", "In All 4", red "Chief Office / PAID", "CX", "SS" and "NR" handstamps, "MASON", "MARTIN" and "CADE" named receivers, red circular "To be Delivered / by 10 / Sund. / MORN", etc. (41). £350-450
Click to view full image... Bishop Mark. 1780 Entire letter prepaid 6d from London to Yorkshire handstamped red circular "POST / PAID" (Jay 91) and matching red Bishop Mark of "6 / MA" (Jay 3b). Very few London Bishop Marks have been recorded in red ink. Photo on Page 214. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1782 Entire letter from London to France sent via Brussels with superb blue "DA/B" (D'Angleterre par Bruxelles). No direct postal service existed from England to France between 1779 and 1783, and letters were sent via Brussels and the Thurn & Taxis Post; letters from London sent by this route did not receive any English charges or handstamps. Photo on Page 214. £220-260
Click to view full image... 1794 Entire letter prepaid from Kelso to London with scarce experimental Paid datestamp (L98) in red applied upon arrival. Photo on Page 214. £180-220
Click to view full image... 1794 Entire letter written from Menton to London but posted into the London Penny Post with "B. GATE / WN2" (L419) and purple "(crown) / POST PAID" (L410, recorded June - Oct 1794), very scarce. Photo on Page 214. £250-300
  1794-95 Entire letters (4) and a piece all posted into the London Penny Post, the entire letters with "8 o'Clock / MORN" or "7 o'Clock / EVEN" datestamps (L402, only used June/July 1794) or the rare unframed "Penny Post / B / Paid" in purple (L412), or red oval "2 o'Clock Afn / PENNY POST PAID" (L438), all reasonable strikes, a scarce group. (5). £180-220
  1797 Entire letter from Lisbon to Tooting with superb circular framed "PP/1797" (L1025b), and 1803 entire to London with a "BER / GAMO" handstamp and circular framed "TP/1803", the first with a closed tear through the address panel but a superb handstamp, the 1803 handstamp a little overinked. Two scarce handstamps used on letters transferred from the Foreign Branch to the Penny Post. (2). £250-300
  1798 Free entire from London to Lancaster backstamped with the very scarce boxed late fee datestamp (L36, recorded 1797-98), few examples recorded. £180-200
Click to view full image... 1802 Entire letter from London to Hamburg prepaid 1/4, posted into the Penny Post, backstamped with red oval framed "GPP" (L686). A scarce handstamp, used on letters transferred from the Penny Post to the General Post upon which the General Post charge had been paid. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1808 Entire letter from Havant to London, originally enclosing half bank notes for £200, prepaid 7d but endorsed "Treble 1/2 more to pay". This was then crossed out and the letter assessed at the double rate, charged a further 7d, with a fine strike of the rare crescent shaped "(crown) / MORE TO PAY" (L240), a fine and attractive entire. Photo on Page 216. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1827 Entire letter from Little James St. to the Foundling Hospital prepaid 2d, handstamped circular framed "More / to Pay / 1d" (unlisted by Jay) in error, subsequently deleted with the explanatory endorsement "Missent to Islington", very scarce. Photo on Page 216. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1827 Entire letter containing printed Prices Current sent from Hamburg to Lisbon endorsed "via Holland & London" with the very rare boxed arc shaped "Hamburg Paid" handstamp (Jay 1081) in red used by the London Foreign Branch. Backstamped by two differing London Foreign Branch datestamps with a Lisbon arrival handstamp on the front. Photo on Page 216. £500-600
Click to view full image... 1831 Entire from Stettin to London handstamped in error by the uncommon dotted boxed "Oz at 5s/4d per oz" and replaced by the dotted boxed "Oz at 6s/8d per oz". The manuscript "5/4" charge has been obliterated by a large inspector's Crown and replaced by "6/8". Vertical file fold at right, but a very unusual error. Photo on Page 216. £280-320
Click to view full image... 1837 Entire letter from Kensington to Guildhall Buildings with scarce flat top "3" charge mark applied in error, crossed cut because this was not a local bye letter and replaced by the usual round topped "3" charge, backstamped with both boxed "Kensington" and the large country office type Kensington c.d.s. An unusual error, the scarce flat topped "3" charge marks only for use on bye letters. Photo on Page 216. £150-180
  1838-43 Entire letters and covers carried by the London Cross Post, handstamps include Penny Post marks of Kensington, Hounslow, Turnham Green and Waltham Cross, also a cover from Brompton Road with Richmond and Hounslow transit datestamps, a few faults. (5). £100-120

Erasure Handstamps

  1811-45 Entire letters with erasure handstamps cancelling incorrect charges (8) or a datestamp with the incorrect time, the erasure handstamps all different, one in red, one type unrecorded by Jay and possibly used in Dublin. (9). £130-160
  1850-1911 Covers and cards (4) and pieces (2) with charges altered or cancelled by erasure marks, including 1850 cover franked 1d on the reverse with a "1" charge applied upon redirection, deleted and increased to 2d possibly because the stamp was overlooked when redirected; 1868 cover from Gladstone to Benjamin Disraeli with the charge cancelled and an "Official Paid" c.d.s applied (a large piece sadly torn from upper left corner); 1907 card with 1d charge deleted when a stamp was noticed on picture side, etc. Also a wrapper with incorrect value Paid datestamp altered. (7). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1870 Cover from London to France with a 3d stamp unusually cancelled by an erasure handstamp. Also another 1870 cover to France franked 3d with the same erasure handstamp obliterating a red "PD" mark with "INSUFFICIENTLY / PREPAID" applied. (2). Photo on Page 216. £200-300
  1893 India 1/4a postcard to England addressed in Indian script, handstamped "T" with a London Foreign Branch 1d charge mark, obliterated with an erasure handstamp and a red "Official Paid" c.d.s applied after the address was translated as "The Prince of Wales, London". Small repaired hole but very unusual. £120-150


  Ashford. 1881-1963 Covers and cards (21), parcel post labels (3) and pieces (14) including skeletons, Ashford Common, Ashford Station and London Rd. (38). £80-100


  1739-1900 Collection on pages, from Norwich, Wells, Kings Lynn, Attleborough, Downham, etc, with straight line and mileage marks, undated circles, numerals and duplexs, squared circles, etc. (93). £200-250

(Also see lots 1070, 1099-1105, 1158, 1160, 1161, 1237, 1238, 1327, 1334)

  1855-80 Covers (38) and a piece including straight line or circular "LOCHWINNOCK" and circular "NEILSTON" (2) Scots local cancels, dotted duplexs of Edinburgh (22) or Dundee (9), etc. (39). £200-250
  Aberdeenshire. 1805-1914 Entire letters and covers (25), postcards (9) and fronts (2) in an album including straight line handstamps on prestamp letters (7), Maltese Crosses, rubbers, etc. (39). £70-80


  Prestamp to recent covers, a large quantity in a box with skeletons, picture postcards, etc. (100s). £150-250
  Epsom District. c.1840-1970 Covers (22), picture postcards (64, some collected for the cancels, many others for the pictures), pieces (6) and a Parcel Post label, including undated circles of Walton (2), Banstead, Ewell and Cheam (3), skeleton cancels of Tadworth (3 + 2 pieces) and Banstead, a 1d black (four margins) tied to piece with a Cheam handstamp alongside, other cancels and postcards of Ashstead, Ewell, Cheam, Banstead, Burgh Heath, Headley, Walton on the Hill and Tadworth. An interesting lot, ex George Crabb collection. (94). £200-240
  Guildford. 1661-1869 Entire letters and covers with a 1661 (Jan 4) entire letter to London, 1694 entire letter from Worplesdon to "Porters Key near ye Customs House in London" charge 2d with a fine "FE/8" Bishop Mark, 1798 curved handstamp, 1830 oval framed "PAID" (3) in red, green or black, boxed "Guildford / Penny Post" in black (2, one with superb "Shiere / Penny Post") or in red (2, with "No. 3" or "No. 5"), 1839 Uniform 4d Post letter charged 8d, 1842 U.P.P "P.1" in red (2), 1869 covers to Canada franked 6d or 1d pair + 2d pair, 1869 Notice of Objection franked 3d, and "ALBURY undated circles (2), a good lot. (18). £350-450
  Guildford. 1848 Stampless entire letter from Albury Park to The Countess of Elgin in Paris with a blue Guildford datestamp and matching "2" charge mark applied in error, charged 10 decimes upon arrival. £80-100
  Leatherhead. 1767 Entire letter and an entire letter dated 1720 inside (probably in error for 1770), both with the first two line "LETHER / HEAD" handstamp (SY495), the second asking for a notice to be sent to Elfords Coffee House in George Yard, Lombard St.; and two 1785 entire letters both with "20 LEATHER / HEAD" first type mileage mark (SY499), all fine strikes. (4). £150-180
  Leatherhead & District. 1773-1952 Entire letters, covers and cards (23), reply coupons (2) and a Parcel Post label including 1773 entire letter from London to Bookham charged 2d, undated circles of Great Bookham (3) and Effingham, 1898 and 1928 Leatherhead skeleton datestamps, 1933 cover from Great Bookham to Argentina carried on the Graf Zeppelin 1st South American flight, etc. (26). £140-160
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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