Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 27
  1944 Christmas Greetings airgraph forms with a 3d stationery stamp on the reverse, unused and used (scarce thus as these forms were retained by the Post Office and were supposed to be destroyed). Also a large quantity of KGVI and QEII air letters including P.T.P.O issues (67), definitive and special issues, and formula types (7, one uncut possibly of proof status). (100s). £200-250
  1943-51 6d Air letters unused (26) or used (20), includes AP1b used and unused, AP2 with solid address lines used (2), redirected mail, 1951 Festival of Britain overprints, 1944 first air letter services to South Africa, New Zealand and Newfoundland, and AP4c overprinted "SCHOOL / SPECIMEN". Also five unused 1957 P.T.P.O air letters with an embossed KGVI 6d stamp. (52). £100-120
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1946 6d Stamp Die Proofs in deep purple (2) or the issued colour (2), all on blue paper, 72-80 x 85-92mm, the two deep purple proofs endorsed "MC1855, Purple" or "Too dark", the other two numbered "1" or "2" and endorsed "MH8422" or "MH8421". Also a proof in pink on blue paper, 31x37mm, minor creasing. (5). Photo on Page 203. £350-400
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... 1946 6d Stamp Die Proofs in red or pink on blue paper, 115x115mm, the pink proof numbered "2", very scarce in these colours. (2). Photo on Page 203. £200-250
  1946 6d Stamp Die Proofs in deep purple (10) or the issued colour (7), nearly all 115x115mm, two a little smaller, an unusual large group of these attractive die proofs. (17). £700-1,000
  1949 6d Air letter proofs in the issued design (format AF2) on blue paper, the 6d stamps in the unissued colour of pink (3, one numbered "2") or deep purple (numbered "3"), all with a little light creasing, the deep purple proof with a heavier crease through the stamp, otherwise fine unfolded. (4). £300-350
  1953 Coronation air letter, initial essays and proofs comprising a pencil drawing of two differing proposed borders for the air letter; nine proofs in blue with these two differing borders, ungummed and unfolded; and six further proofs showing borders in blue in the two previous types or an alternate red and blue border (2 of each type), all with proposed manuscript alterations, five showing a box at upper right marked "Coronation Stamp", circle at lower left marked "Symbol in 1, 2 or 3 colours" and the addition of the word "Aerogrammes", one handstamped "ESSAYS / H.H. Watts". Also file copies of seven letters sent between McCorquodale & Co. and the Post Office Supplies Dept. between 9th August 1952 and 23rd February 1953 concerning the issue; the first letter reads "We enclose proofs of five different borders for Air Letter forms. Those numbered 1, 4 and 5 would not present any difficulty ....." and apparently refers to the proofs in this lot, two of which are numbered "1" or "5". A unique group. (16 Essays/Proofs + 7 letters). £500-700
  1951 Coronation air letter, proofs of the Coronation vignette, in black on white gummed paper with "By Air Mail" four line vignette above, or without the Air Mail vignette printed in red on white paper (creased and crudely torn at left just clear of the design) or on blue paper (2, one with two impressions, the other a single impression), scarce and unusual. (5 Proofs on 4 pieces). £200-240
  1951 Coronation air letters, proofs in the issued format but without the 6d stamp, the Coronation vignette in the issued scarlet colour (8, one with manuscript instructions for proposed alterations, initialled and dated "JK 10.3.53") or in an unissued crimson colour (3), all ungummed, six uncut, the other five cut with flaps, three unfolded. Also further proofs in the issued design but without the stamp or Coronation vignette (3, uncut and unfolded); a proof with stamp in the issued design handstamped "CANCELLED" and endorsed "Harrison"; and issued air letter overprinted "SPECIMEN", unused (9) or used (4, three First Day uses). (15 Proofs + 14 issued air letters). £500-600
  1951 Coronation air letter, proofs in the issued format but without the 6d stamp, the Coronation vignette in scarlet, in a complete uncut sheet of eight air letters, folded with one or more folds through each air letter but probably a unique proof sheet. £300-350
  1960 6d Air letter proofs, both format AF3 but with differing stamps (AP8 and AP10), both ungummed, uncut and unfolded; similar format proofs without stamps, cut but not gummed (2); various other proofs with the same By Air Mail vignette (12); and a further 53 air letter forms without any printing, mostly cut to shape. (69). £200-250
  1965 Rubber stereo used for printing G.B air letters, as AP11; a proof in black on white paper with black surround, as AP8 endorsed "stereo 10.3.64, JC"; and three photos of the air letter printing machine. (5). £120-150
  1954-70 QEII Definitive issue air letters including Specimen overprints (3), 9d air letters with McCorquodale cachets confirming them to be printed on the last day or to be the final copy printed, first day uses, many wrapper bands and bundle labels, etc. Also Christmas issue air letters with Specimen overprints (8), P.T.P.O issues with embossed stamps (2), Jersey (23) and Guernsey (32) air letters. (188+). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1969 Investiture of the Prince of Wales air letter, proofs of the view of Carnarvon Castle in four differing colours, also three duplicate proofs, very unusual. (7). Photo on Page 199. £400-500
  1969 Christmas air letter Essay Proof, the reverse with a mariners wheel above the shepherds, the By Air Mail logo which replaced this on the issued air letter shown on this proof to the right of the air letter design. A rare (possibly unique) unissued design proof on uncut blue paper, 257x440mm, two horizontal folds across the design. £120-140
  1971 5p Machin unissued air letter essays for a proposed new size (the address panel 210x100mm), printed on standard blue paper, blue paper with a light blue surface showing dark clouds, or on a cream paper with light blue clouds. Two copies of each of these rare and unusual decimal essays, folded along one horizontal fold line only, very fine. (6). £400-500

(Also see lots 1213, 1215)

Click to view full image... Great Western Railway. 1870 1d - 1/- Composite colour trial proof sheet of the twelve values for parcels weighing from 1lb to 12lb, in black, each stamp with a "SPECIMEN" handstamp (15x2mm). Only the 3d value was ever issued in this format. A rare sheet, only one other specimen sheet recorded. Photo on Page 205. £420-480
  c.1900 Red "News Correspondence" envelope with printed address of the Editor of the Observer, Bradford, endorsed to go by "Tuesday, 5.13 Train, NER from Hull", bearing large red NER 2d Newspaper Parcel stamp cancelled by two "A. BEELY / N.E RLY" guards handstamps in violet. Two vertical folds and a few small edge tears but unusual. £70-100
  1962 (Aug 30) Soiled cover with a label apologising for the damage, from a mail pouch which missed the T.P.O transfer apparatus and fell under the train, found the next day and sealed at Watford; and 1984 (Dec 17) burnt cover with explanatory letter "damaged in a fire in a railway coach at Cambridge station". (2) £80-100

T.P.O & Station Cancels

  1863 Entire Letter franked 1d red pair from London to Stowmarket, with very scarce "PETERBORO' / DIST. S.C." transit handstamp on the front. £150-200
Click to view full image... 1864 Cover from Edinburgh to Newport backstamped with rare boxed "SHREWSY & TAMWORTH / R.P.O.", the example recorded by Wilson. Photo on Page 199. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1865 Cover and contents from Stirling to Henley bearing 1d red tied by "308" duplex, backstamped with a virtually complete boxed two line "SOUTH-WESTERN / R.P.O." handstamp, London and Henley datestamps, very scarce. Photo on Page 205. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1869 Cover from London to Bewdley showing on reverse two strikes of the boxed "NORTH WESTERN DIST. SOR - CARE" handstamp fine and scarce. Photo on Page 205. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1886 (Jan 2) 1d + 4d P.T.P.O Stationery envelope to Germany uprated 1/2d, all cancelled by three hooded circle "MANCHESTER STA. / LATE BOX" datestamps, and 1896 (July 20) 1d postcard to France uprated 1/2d each cancelled by similar hooded circle "LIVERPOOL STA. / LATE BOX" with a third superb strike alongside. Two scarce cancels, both the earliest dates recorded by Pipe. (2). Photo on Page 205. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1890 Cover from Holytown with the 1d lilac cancelled by "GLASGOW / SORTING TENDER" c.d.s, a further strike on the reverse alongside the Holytown c.d.s. These datestamps were usually only applied as backstamps; its use as a cancellation on a stamp is very scarce. Photo on Page 205. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1904 Registered 2d postal stationery envelope from Llandudno to Hitchin bearing a label "E. R. / This Packet has / been diverted from / the usual route, / as it appeared to / be too fragile for / transfer by the / mail Apparatus." with a "NORTH WEST T.P.O. / NIGHT UP" datestamp. These labels bearing T.P.O. datestamps are very unusual on cover. Photo on Page 207. £150-200
  1905 (Sep 13) Picture postcard with two KEVII 1/2d stamps each tied by superb "MANCHESTER / LONDON RD STN BOX" double ring c.d.s; and 1929 (Sep 12) cover to Switzerland with PUC 1/2d, 1 1/2d and 2 1/2d each cancelled by "LIVERPOOL / LIME ST / STN BOX" rubber c.d.s. Two scarce cancels, the rubber c.d.s the only example recorded by Pipe. (2). £150-180
Click to view full image... 1908 Registered cover from Paris to Leith with clear "NORTH WEST TPO DAY DOWN" c.d.s applied to a blank Registration label, very unusual. Photo on Page 207. £140-180

Registered Mail
(Also see lots 242, 987, 1245, 1350, 1369)

Click to view full image... Channel Islands. 1862 French A.R Form (small portion missing internally) sent with a registered letter from Bourg-En-Bresse to Jersey via London, backstamped with London and Jersey datestamps and with a "M/S/W/A" mis-sort handstamp of London. Upon arrival the form was completed and signed by the Jersey Postmaster A.N. LeMessurier to show that the accompanying letter had been safely received and delivered, and was posted back to the postmaster of Bourg-En-Bresse who delivered the form to the original sender. A Jersey datestamp was applied both within the form and to the return address panel, which also shows a transit datestamp of London. A remarkable item, the earliest A.R Form to G.B we have recorded. Photo on Page 207. £400-500

(Also see lots 92, 1079, 1098)

  1803-90 Entire letters and covers including 1803 part letter to "Mrs Authurs at Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, Blackheath" containing part of a list of plants supplied to the Princess; 1809 entire letter from Newbury to "The Lady Charlotte Lindsay, Kensington Palace, London" redirected to "HRH Princess of Wales, Black Heath", written by Sir William Gell describing a boat trip on the Thames from Strawberry Hill to Reading; 1836 entire letter from Sir John Conroy at Kensington Palace with "Secretary / V" wax seal handstamped "R.L" and "3"; covers to Lady Login most apparently with a royal connection; also a few autographs on piece including "Frederick Duleep Singh" (4), etc. (30). £300-400

Uniform 4d and 1d Postage

Click to view full image... First Day of Uniform 4d Postage. 1839 (Dec 5) Entire letter from London to Charing, with a fine 5 DE backstamp and "4" charge, light vertical fold, otherwise superb. Photo on Page 207. £300-350
Click to view full image... 1840 (Jan 6) Entire letter to London with "WIGTOWN / PENNY POST" and handstruck "4d", backstamped at Wigtown and London, believed to be the only recorded example of this distinctive Uniform 4d Post charge mark of Wigtown. Photo on Page 207. £1,200-1,400
  1840 (Jan 7) Entire from Fazeley to London franked by Robert Peel, redirected to Cheltenham with a "3" charge obliterated by red erasure mark, red Free datestamp, and "T.P / Rate 2d" (only used in the 4d Post Period on free letters), fine and unusual. £140-160
Click to view full image... 1839 (Nov 8) Entire letter from India to England received in London on 9th January 1840, the last day of the Uniform 4d Post Period, backstamped red "BUDAON / Paid" and London arrival datestamps, charged 2/8, very fine. Photo on Page 207. £240-280
Click to view full image... First Day of Uniform Penny Postage. 1840 (Jan 10) Entire letter from London to Stamford, prepaid 1d with red handstruck "1" and a Paid datestamp on the front, fine and attractive. Photo on Page 207. £350-400
  First Day of Uniform Penny Postage. 1840 (Jan 10) Entire letter from Malton to Thirsk prepaid 1d, the letter and Malton backstamp both clearly dated JA 10. £200-250



  1783-1803 Entire letters to William Perrin all concerning the sale or shipping of sugar from his estates in Jamaica, various Bristol handstamps. (16). £100-120

Channel Islands
(Also see lots 437, 438, 1043, 1331)

  1715-1849 Stampless entire letters and entires sent from or to the Channel Islands including straight line "JERSEY", scroll handstamps of "JERSEY" (3) or "GUERNSEY", 1849 red handstruck "1" of Jersey, 1809 entire from Poole to Guernsey headed as a free frank but still charged 11d, 1715 entire letter addressed to Guernsey "To be left with the worshipful John Grove Major of Southampton", etc. (22). £250-300
  1851-1902 Covers and cards from or to the Channel Islands all bearing QV stamps, including sub-office backstamps of St. Aubins, Catel, Samares, Beaumont and St. Martins, 1892 registered cover to Sark, several addressed abroad including items to New Zealand, South Africa, etc. An interesting lot, all written up on pages. (26). £180-220
  1857-1967 Covers and cards from or to the Channel Islands with sub-office datestamps on KEVII or KGV picture postcards (66), 1937 Jersey Airways First Flight covers (11), WW2 Occupation covers and Red Cross message forms (3), etc. Also some stamps and pieces with MB cancels on four France 5c pairs. (100+). £120-150
  1858-85 Entire letters and covers from Jersey (4) or Guernsey (12) all addressed abroad, one to France with three 1d reds, the others all bearing surface printed stamps including 1856 6d on letters to Officers in Hong Kong or "Gibraltar or elsewhere", 1865-80 4d pair to France or 9d straw to India (3), 1873-80 3d to USA, 1881 5d indigo to India (2), 1883 5d green to India (2), a scarce group all written up on pages. (16). £400-500
Click to view full image... 1904 Picture postcard of Jersey posted on the Boite Mobile to Granville with KEVII 1d cancelled by a Granville c.d.s, most unusually with the "GRANVILLE / POSTES / 50" intaglio mailbag seal handstamp applied in error alongside the stamp, then partly overstruck by the correct octagonal "ANGL-B.M / GRANVILLE" datestamp. Probably a unique use of this mailbag seal handstamp. Photo on Page 207. £120-140
  1940 (June 28) Cover from Jersey to England franked 2 1/2d, still on the island when the Germans invaded on July 1st, handstamped "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED / RETURN TO SENDER" and endorsed "No Postal Service", very unusual. £80-100
Click to view full image... Alderney - World War Two. 1942 French IF20 postal stationery cards sent between a French forced labourer, Yvan Guitz, on Alderney, and his wife in Limoux, one card from Guitz at "Boite Postale No. 190 - L.O, St. Malo" cancelled "FELDPOST / g" c.d.s (Oct 3) with circular "Dienststelle / 2 / Feldpostnummer 40167", the other to Guitz at Boite Postale No. 190 with a red two line censor cachet. A scarce pair. (2). Photo on Page 214. £320-360
  Guernsey - Air Letters. 1969 9d Air letter stamp Die Proofs, in the issued colour on blue paper (6), each 250x211mm, a few light folds, otherwise fine. Also three examples of the issued air letters. (9). £200-250
  Guernsey - Air Letters. 1980 Douglas Gumbley birth centenary air letter, uncut proofs of the brown printing only, blue printing only and the issued design in all three colours but with incorrect values of 14 1/2p (2), one of these two with the value crossed out and "14p" written alongside. Also the issued air letter unused (19, five signed by the designer Peter Le Visseur, one with a drawing of the design) or F.D.C uses (6, five signed by Le Visseur) and 1983 uprated air letter unused. Gumbley, who was born in Guernsey, invented the world's first air letter issued by Iraq in 1933; this air letter depicts Gumbley and his Iraq air letter. The proofs with some creasing or folds, a unique group. (30, with 4 proofs). £180-220

(Also see lots 1157, 1167, 1168, 1170, 1174-1179, 1191, 1254)

  Printed Contents & Covers. 1848-99 Entire letters and covers comprising 1899 Colman's Mustard pictorial advertising cover posted at Penzance; 1894 advertising cover depicting Polurrian House at Mullion, posted at Cury Cross Lanes; 1880 invoice depicting the Penzance Steam Flour Mills, franked 1/2d; 1848 accounts for East Wheel Rose lead mine (stamp removed); and 1882 notice of an illustrated talk on a recent tour of the US and Canada, to be held at the St. Columb Institute, posted at Truro franked 1/2d. (5). £80-100
  Registration. 1850-1912 Covers (8) or Registered Letter Certificates of Posting (4), the 1850-80 C.O.Ps with datestamps of Launceston (JY17 1850 c.d.s crossed through and replaced by AU2 c.d.s), St. Germans, St. Columb or The Lizard. The covers comprising blank type registration labels with undated single ring datestamps of St. Minver (2) or St. Tudy or violet straight line "CAMELFORD", 1883 oval framed "R" of Penzance strangely obliterated by "609" numerals, an unusual 1907 circular framed "R" of Newlyn, 1881 1/2d + 2d printed matter rate from Truro with unusual red "REGISTERED" label, and 1884 Truro cover with 1/2d + 1d + 2d. (12). £150-180
  Early Letters. 1667-1700 Entire letters, the first from Trelowthas, Probus, to "Sir Richard Edgcumbe, Knight of the Bath at Mount Edgcumbe near Plymouth", the others from Launceston (2), Plympton or Ruan Minor to John Morth, High Sheriff of Cornwall at Talland or Dutson, or from Launceston (2) to Charles Orchard at Exeter. The Ruan Minor letter with a 2d postal charge, the others all hand carried. Seven fine Seventeenth Century letters. (7) £400-500
  Falmouth - Missent Mail. 1820-51 Entire letters, covers and entires, comprising 1820 entire letter from Liverpool to Barnstaple with very scarce boxed "MISSENT - TO - / FALMOUTH" (CO79, only recorded year of use); red octagonal framed "Missent to / FALMOUTH" (CO80) on 1838 free entire from Edinburgh to London or 1840 entire from Belper to Birmingham; or red "Missent to / FALMOUTH" (CO82) on 1851 cover from Hayle to Birmingham or 1850 cover from Sittingbourne to Funchal "By H.Ms Ship Linnet or first mail" (received after the "Linnet" had left Falmouth, then sent to Southampton to catch the R.M.S.P "Dee"). Also 1825 free entire from London to Redruth with manuscript "Missent to" alongside a red Falmouth datestamp. An interesting group. (6). £250-300
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
Details: VIEWING:
Please contact Argyll Etkin for viewing details
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