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Auction Lots - Page 2
  1936-41 Covers from Djibouti (13) or Addis-Abeba (3) all carried by Ala Littoria, several then flown from Rome to Marseille by Air France, including 1940 (Sep 9) cover to France with "RETOUR / A'LENVOYEUR" (the service probably suspended) and a very unusual 1941 (June 7) cover to Greece with two differing Service Suspended cachets, two pre-war covers with French army cachets, ten covers with French or Italian censors, one cover apparently from a native soldier in Ethiopia. An interesting lot. (16). £200-250
  1941-42 Blockade runner flights from France to Djibouti, covers comprising 1941 (July 23) cover from Marignane Airport carried on the reconnaissance flight piloted by Capt. Durmon with "DJIBOUTI AVION" arrival c.d.s (first use of this datestamp, 35 covers carried), and two covers with 1942 (Feb 17) Djibouti arrival backstamp and two line flight cachet, one endorsed "by hand of pilot" with an uncancelled 1f, the other posted in Vichy in August 1941 before being redirected to Djibouti. (3). £100-120
  1941 (Sep 6) - 1942 (Oct 9) Blockade runner flights from Djibouti all with Somali Coast stamps including first flight with three line cachet, covers with the two line flight cachet (7), the final cover backstamped at Marignane Airport, destinations include USA, Senegal, Morocco and French Soudan, one with the stamps tied by an unusual circular barred dumb cancel. (12). £350-400
  1941 (Sep 10) - 1942 (Feb 10) Stampless soldiers covers flown on blockade runner flights from Djibouti to France, four with the two line flight cachet, one to Morocco. (5). £180-220
  1942 (Feb 19) Blockade runner flight to Madagascar franked 1F with two line flight cachet, arrival backstamp (Mar 29) and censor cachet, scarce. Also a 1943 (Feb 9) cover to Madagascar carried on the second service of the newly opened Damascus-Djibouti-Tananarive route. (2). £80-100
  1943-45 Covers (8) and a front flown from or to Djibouti including 1943 (Feb 19) first flight from Brazzaville to Djibouti, 1945 (June 15) first flight on the reopened Djibouti to Paris route, 1945 (Apr. 11) stampless soldiers cover to Paris with boxed Free French censor, Djibouti c.d.s, and a large circular cachet "TROUPES COLONIALES / PREMIERE RELEVE / PAR TRANSPORTS AERIENS / PARIS-DJIBOUTI-PARIS / 30 MARS 15 AVRIL 1945", carried on the second flight of French Colonial troops from Djibouti after the liberation, etc. (9). £160-220


  1929-32 Covers comprising 1929 (Sep 4) cover carried on the final flight of the "City of Jerusalem" from Cairo to Baghdad, the plane crashing at Jask on Sept. 6th; 1931 (Apr 3/4) covers from London to Australia carried on the first experimental flight, the "City of Cairo" being written off after a forced landing near Koepang, the mails subsequently being delivered by Kingsford-Smith (2); 1932 (Jan 27) South Africa to Athens first flight cover carried on the "City of Basra" and "City of Delhi" both of which made forced landings; and 1932 (Jan 23) cover from Mbeya to Cape Town carried on the first regular flight, the "City of Baghdad" being divert from Mpika to Shiwa Ngandu where it made an emergency landing. Also various notes and photocopies relating to other 1929-37 Imperial Airways crashes. (5+). £120-140
Click to view full image... "City of Alexandria" / "City of Athens". 1929 (Oct 25) Cover from London to Bombay franked 2/8 1/2, a little water staining, handstamped violet boxed "DAMAGED DURING / TRANSIT BY AIR", the reverse sealed with a label "Air Mails received / wet at Karachi - / hence the article / damaged" tied by Bombay datestamps (Nov 7). The "City of Alexandria" struck a buoy damaging a wing upon landing at Mersa Matruh to refuel. The "City of Athens" was sent to pick up the passengers and mail, but struck a reef upon taking off ripping open the hull. The mail was finally delivered by the "City of Baghdad". Small piece missing from the flap, otherwise fine and a very scarce crash cover, with various notes and a picture postcard of the "City of Alexandria". Photo on Page 14. £240-280
  "City of Washington". 1930 (Oct 18) India 8a stationery envelope to England, carried on the final leg of its journey from Paris to London on the "City of Washington" which crashed at Neuchatel on October 30th killing three people; the mail was largely undamaged and was forwarded to London on the following day. Light vertical fold, otherwise fine and scarce, very few covers recorded from this crash. £150-200
Click to view full image... "City of Arundel". 1932 (Mar 1/3) Covers from Durban to England franked 1/- or from Nairobi to Tahiti franked 75c, both carried on the "City of Arundel" which made a forced landing south of Wadi Halfa after a sandstorm fouled its propeller on March 9th. The mails were picked up by the rescue aircraft "Apollo", arriving in Cairo two days late. The Kenya cover backstamped at Cairo (Mar 11) and Port Said, light vertical fold, otherwise fine, with an article on this crash which illustrates this cover. A rare pair, just one other KUT postcard recorded by Sandford from this crash, the Tahiti destination undoubtedly unique. (2). Photo on Page 14. £300-350
Click to view full image... "Horatius". 1932 (May 9) Cover from London to Paris franked 1 1/2d, torn and a little water damaged, Official Sealed labels applied and tied by Paris datestamps and endorsed "Envelope parvenue eclatee sur ses bords Paris VI". Handstamped "T/20" in London, with two 60c postage due stamps applied. The "Horatius" was en route to Paris when it was struck by lightning which blew out the cockpit windows, tore a hole in the top of the aircraft and the baggage compartment, and damaged the wireless and two propellers. The plane returned to Croydon and the mail and passengers transferred to another aircraft. Vertical fold, and lower edge tear, otherwise fine, the only recorded cover from this incident, not listed by Nierinck. Photo on Page 14. £200-250
  "Satyrus". 1933 (Mar 3) First Day Cover of the Egypt 9m and 20m air stamps carried on the first flight from Alexandria to Athens, flown by the aircraft "Satyrus" which made a forced landing in rough seas off Cape Sunion and was towed into Athens by a Greek Coastguard trawler, the mail being taken to Athens Post Office the following day. Backstamped at Athens (May 5) with a Greek Air Mail cachet, a copy of a contemporary Greek newspaper article enclosed, fine and scarce. £150-180
  "City of Khartoum". 1935 (Dec 24) Large water damaged cover from London to Sydney with eleven complete or partial 1/- stamps, water damaged with other stamps washed off, with an enclosed explanatory letter from the G.P.O Sydney "Part of the air mail from the United Kingdom carried by the British Air Liner City of Khartoum which was lost in the Mediterranean Sea". Also a cover with enclosed letter (Dec 22) from Wiltshire to Cairo, the stamp washed off, Cairo backstamp (Jan 5) and an attached O.H.M.S economy label endorsed "Damaged City Khartoum", and various notes on the crash. The "City of Khartoum" ran out of fuel when approaching Alexandria on Dec. 31st and crashed into the sea killing twelve people. (2). £100-120
  "Scipio". 1936 Covers from Australia, Malaya (2), India (8), Hong Kong or Egypt (2) to G.B, all recovered from "Scipio" which crashed upon landing at Mirabella Bay, Crete, and sank on August 22nd. The fine lot all with various "Damaged By Sea Water cachets (11 types) including straight line "Damaged By SEA WATER" or red "Damaged By Sea Water" (2), one cover with two differing cachets, also a further cachet on piece and various notes. A fine lot. (15). £600-700
  "Scipio". 1936 Covers from India (5), Ceylon (2, one with address cut out), Australia (2), New Zealand or Palestine all with "Damaged By Sea-Water" cachets, ten differing types of cachet, including very large violet "DAMAGED BY SEA" (type cc), straight line "Damaged By SEA WATER" or red "Damaged By Sea Water", etc. A fine lot. (11). £400-500
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from New Zealand to Scotland, torn and stained with the stamps washed off, an explanatory slip from the London Returned Letter Section (Sandford type V) attached to the cover with a pin, the label and the cover both with a "Received 1 Sep 1936" cachet, fine and scarce. £100-120
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from Australia to Belgium franked 1/10 handstamped "AVION ACCIDENTE", or from Palestine to Holland franked 37m with red "Accident d'Avion", the reverse with French Officially Sealed labels tied by Paris datestamps. Two scarce cachets, only used on mail to European countries processed in France. (2). £130-220
Click to view full image... "Scipio". 1936 Cover from India to Italy, the stamp washed off, bearing the explanatory label "Lettre endommagee de l'eau de la / mer a la suit du desastre aerien", backstamped at Brindisi (Sep 1) and Turin. A scarce label, used on mail processed in France and addressed to European countries. Photo on Page 14. £150-180
  "Scipio". 1936 Cover from Jerusalem to Berlin, the stamps washed off, the reverse with the Munich Post Office label explaining that it was recovered from a plane crash in Crete, scarce. £100-120
  "Horsa". 1936 (Aug 21) Cover from Beaumaris to India franked 6d, Ambala arrival backstamp (Sep 4), carried from Basra to Bahrain on the "Horsa" which got lost in the dark and made a forced landing on August 29th 60km south of Salwa Wells, damaging the undercarriage. The aircraft was found a day later and the plane repaired before flying onto Bahrain. Also a contemporary newspaper cutting and notes. Scarce, very few covers recorded. £150-180
  "Boadicea". 1936 (Sep 24) Large cover from Scotland to Kenya, a little water damaged, the reverse and one corner repaired with French Officially Sealed labels, handstamped violet "DELAYED SALVED / FROM BOADICEA" and red "SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS / Correspondence retardee par suite / du naufrage dun Avion / Reconstitue par la Service Francais / NE PAS TAXER", backstamped at Nairobi (Nov 9). The "Boadicea" disappeared over the English Channel on September 25th, one mail bag being washed ashore at Cucq on October 28th, another found in November and a third in April 1938. An unusual cover with British and French cachets, from the first mailbag to be found. Also various notes and a postcard of the "Boadicea". £150-180
  "Athena". 1936 (Sep 21/22) Covers from G.B to New Zealand, Australia or India, all showing signs of minor fire damage, from the "Athena" which caught fire on September 29th when taking off from Delhi bound for the Dutch East Indies. The cover to Auckland with a N.Z Post Office Officially Sealed label and red "Received in damaged / condition at Auckland", the cover to Sydney with "Salvaged from Air Liner / ATHENA" and an enclosed explanatory note from the Sydney G.P.O (with incorrect 29th August date altered to 29 OCT. 1936 with red cachet, a few faults), the third cover to Assam without any cachet, backstamped at Calcutta (Sep 30). Also various notes and a contemporary news cutting. (3). £150-180
  1936-39 Imperial Airways crashes comprising cover from Burma probably from the "Courtier" crash, 1937 "Cygnus" crash covers from Egypt, Australia (2) and Hong Kong (also another cover from Hong Kong probably from this crash), and 1939 "Challenger" crash cover from England to South Africa with a contemporary news cutting, all with the stamps washed off and various "Damaged by Sea Water" cachets (six differing types). (7). £200-250
  "Courtier". 1937 Covers from Palestine to G.B franked 13m or to USA with three 2m stamps (other stamps washed off), or from Burma to G.B with the stamps washed off, handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA / WATER" (2), or "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT". All from the "Courtier" which crashed upon landing at Phaleron Bay and sank on October 1st, three people being killed. (3). £120-140
  "Courtier". 1937 (Sep 28/29) Covers from Palestine franked 15m or from Egypt, the stamp washed off, both to Germany with German Officially Sealed labels on the reverse tied by Munich datestamps (Oct 13) and the violet cachet "Aus verunglucktem Flugzeug / durchn asst geborgen", both fine. (2). £160-200
Click to view full image... "Courtier". 1937 (Sep 30) Cover from Alexandria to Athens, the stamp washed off, with scarce boxed explanatory cachet and an endorsement both in Greek, backstamped at Athens (Oct 5). Photo on Page 14. £200-250
  "Cygnus". 1937 Covers from Palestine (3), Egypt, Australia or Ceylon all to G.B, one with an Officially Sealed label but no cachet, the others handstamped boxed "DAMAGED BY SEA-WATER" (3, two types), unframed "DAMAGED BY / WATER" or boxed "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT", also a cover from Egypt to France with violet "SERVICE POSTAL FRANCAIS / Correspondence retardee / par accident d'avion / Priere de ne pas taxer", and a piece to the USA with the same French cachet. A fine lot, all from the "Cygnus" which crashed and sank on December 5th when taking off from Brindisi bound for Marseille, two crew being killed. The Ceylon cover registered and franked 71c, four covers with some or all of the stamps washed off, also various notes. (8). £280-320
Click to view full image... "Cygnus". 1937 Covers from Malaya or India both to Holland, the stamps soaked off, the first without any cachet, Brindisi (Dec 18) and Eindhoven (Dec 21) datestamps; the second with the scarce cachet "Doorweekt viliegongeval / Brindisi" and an endorsement to show postage had been paid, four India 1a stamps from another cover applied to the reverse. (2). Photo on Page 14. £150-180
  "Aurora". 1938 (Jan 6) Cover from London to Sydney franked 1/3, with arrival backstamp (Jan 22). Carried on the "Coolangatta" which was forced to shelter at Corfu losing a day on the journey to Karachi, therefore transferred at Karachi to the "Aurora" owned by Indian Trans Continental Airways, which was unable to land at Delhi due to low cloud and mist, and instead made a heavy landing at Rhotak damaging its undercarriage. The mails were then taken by car to Delhi and carried on the "Arethusa" to Singapore. A few light stain spots, otherwise fine; Sandford did not record any covers from this incident. £120-150
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 21/22) Covers from G.B to Australia or New Zealand (2) all with the stamps washed off, all carried on the "Calpurnia" which crashed upon landing on Lake Ramadi in Iraq killing four people. The cover to Australia with red boxed "DAMAGED BY WATER / THROUGH ACCIDENT / TO FLYING BOAT", the others with violet "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION / EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA" or "RECEIVED IN / DAMAGED CONDITION / ex CALPURNIA". (3). £180-220
  "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 22) Covers from London to Australia, one franked 3d with an enclosed explanatory slip (type kk); the other a large cover with the stamp washed off, torn and water damaged, the reverse with explanatory label of the Perth Post Office (type qq). (2). £120-140
Click to view full image... "Calpurnia". 1938 (Nov 23) Cover franked 1 1/2d from Tunbridge Wells to Timaru bearing an explanatory label "Salvaged from air-mail / liner "Calpurnia", the reverse with an N.Z Officially Sealed label. Fine and scarce, this label (type s) used at Dunedin. Photo on Page 14. £120-150
  "Challenger". 1939 (Apr 22/24) Covers from G.B (2) or France to South Africa, one cover franked 1 1/2d handstamped "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER / SEAPLANE CHALLENGER" in black, the other two with the stamps washed off and Officially Sealed labels of Pietermaritzburg (4 May c.d.s, no cachet) or Durban (5 May c.d.s), this last cover from France with violet bilingual boxed "FLYING BOAT CORRESPONDENCE DAMAGED BY SEAWATER". The "Challenger" crashed upon landing at Lumbo, Mozambique, on May 1st, striking a small boat and sinking, killing three people. The first cachet not recorded by Nierinck/Sandford in black, the cover from France a very scarce origin, nearly all the mail carried being from G.B. (3). £140-160
  "Centurian". 1939 Covers from Malaya (2) or Australia (2) to England, one cover with two Malacca 8c meter marks, the others all with stamps washed off, all from the "Centurian" which ploughed head first into the Hoogly River when landing at Calcutta on June 12th, and then sank. Handstamped red "SALVAGED MAIL / EX CENTURION" (types a or b) or similar "CENTURIA" cachet (type cc), or violet boxed "DAMAGED BY / SEA WATER / IN AIRPLANE / ACCIDENT". (4). £200-240
  1939 (Aug 10) Covers from G.B to Switzerland all recovered from the British Airways Lockheed G-AFGN, leased by Imperial Airways, which caught fire and made an emergency landing on August 11th near Luxeuil in France, whilst enroute from London to Basel and Zurich. Two covers fire damaged and enclosed within Swiss ambulance envelopes bearing a printed explanation of the crash, one with an enclosed bilingual explanatory slip with a Basel c.d.s (Aug 15), the third cover with the red cachet "Endommagee lors de l'accident / Survenu a l'avion postal a Luxeuil". (3). £160-180

Other Crash Covers

  1930 (May) Covers from Buenos Ayres to G.B, each waterstained with one stamp washed off, one with the cachet "Accident d'Avion / Correspondances recueillies en mer / NE PAS TAXER", the other with an attached label "It is regretted that this / packet was damaged by sea-water / following disaster to the / aeroplane in which it was being / transported". The May 10th flight from Buenos Ayres to Toulouse crashed into the sea off Natal killing all the crew, 1,482 letters being recovered, this English label unrecorded by Nierinck. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... 1938 (Jan 3) Cover from Bordighera, Italy, to G.B, fire damaged, repaired with E.R Officially Sealed tape and handstamped boxed "DAMAGED / BY FIRE", backstamped at London F.S (Jan 6). From the Lufthansa aircraft D-ABUR which crashed at Frankfurt in a snowstorm on January 4th. Very scarce, no covers recorded from this crash by Nierinck. Photo on Page 18. £150-180
Click to view full image... 1939 (Aug 14) Covers from G.B to Scandinavia all from the British Airways G-AESY flight from Heston which was approaching Copenhagen on August 15th when a fire broke out forcing the pilot to land in the water near Storstroem Bridge, the passengers all drowning. One cover to Sweden with an enclosed explanatory slip from the Malmo Post Office (type b), another to Norway with an Oslo Post Office explanatory slip (type d) enclosed, the third to Denmark with the stamps washed off handstamped boxed "Indgaaet med / Mangel / af Frimaerker" and endorsed in Danish. A scarce trio. (3). Photo on Page 18. £200-250
  1947 Covers to England, from Shanghai franked 350y in Chinese stamps or from Rangoon franked 11a in Burma stamps, with differing "DAMAGED BY SEA WATER" cachets. Both recovered from the B.O.A.C Flying Boat "Portland" flying from Hong Kong to G.B, which crashed upon landing at Bahrain on August 23rd killing ten passengers. (2). £150-180
  1953-54 Comet crash covers, comprising 1953 (May 2) Calcutta crash covers from Rangoon or Hong Kong or sent from H.M.S Cossack to a soldier at M.E.L.F 10 showing the three differing explanatory cachets (one with spelling error "Galcutta"); 1954 (Jan 10) Singapore to London service which crashed near Elba, air letter from Rangoon and registered covers from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with red "DAMAGED BY SEAWATER / COMET CRASH" (2) or violet "DAMAGED IN COMET / AIRCRAFT CRASH"; and 1954 (Apr 8) crash near Naples, badly damaged air letter from G.B with violet "SALVAGED MAIL / COMET CRASH", in an O.H.M.S ambulance envelope (both with sellotape stains). A good lot. (7). £250-300
  1954 Registered cover from Japan franked 163s and an air letter from Hong Kong franked 40c, both to England, both with fire or water damage, recovered from the Philippine Airlines plane which crashed on January 14th upon landing at Rome killing 18 people. The cover handstamped black "AIRCRAFT CRASH / DAMAGED IN PAL" and violet "DAMAGED IN / P.A.L AIRCRAFT CRASH", the air letter with differing black "DAMAGED IN / PAL - AIRCRAFT CRASH" and a two line Italian cachet. (2). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1954 (Mar 13) B.O.A.C Crash at Singapore, O.H.M.S cover to Buckingham Palace with the cachet in violet (very scarce, only used in this colour on royal and diplomatic mail), cover from Sydney franked 2/- with the cachet in the usual red colour, and an O.H.M.S ambulance envelope with the printed cachet in red and a very burnt cover from Melbourne enclosed. (3). Photo on Page 18. £150-200
  1954 (Dec 25) Prestwick crash, covers from G.B to USA (2) or Jamaica with violet cachets, one the usual boxed cachet, the others with unframed loose type "SALVAGED MAIL / PRESTWICK 25-12-.." or larger "SALVAGED MAIL / PRESTWICK / 25/12/54". (3). £120-150
Click to view full image... 1956 Cover from Nigeria to Scotland franked 1/3, burnt at the left edge, with violet "SALVAGED MAIL EX. / B.O.A.C. ARGONAUT" with a matching London backstamp (July 3). The June 24th B.O.A.C flight from Kano to G.B crashed upon take off, caught fire and exploded killing 26 people. A scarce cover. Photo on Page 18. £120-150
  1961 Cover with enclosed contents from Germany to R.A.F Nicosia, burnt and repaired with Officially Sealed tape and handstamped "SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT" six times, backstamped at Nicosia (Jan 2 1962). From the B.E.A Comet bound for Nicosia and Tel-Aviv which crashed and exploded when taking off in a snowstorm at Ankara, killing 28 people. A good example of this uncommon Cyprus cachet. £120-150
  1968 (Apr 8) B.O.A.C Crash at London Heathrow, three fire damaged covers to British forces in Singapore (2) or to New South Wales, the first two enclosed within O.H.M.S ambulance envelopes with slightly differing explanatory letters from the Royal Engineers Home Postal & Courier Depot at Mill Hill, the other with an explanatory letter from the Postmaster-General's Dept. in Sydney. (3). £200-250
  1974 Cover from Germany to Swaziland franked 1M10pf, some soiling, with the red bilingual cachet "RETRIEVED FROM AIR CRASH ON 20 / NOVEMBER 1974 AT NAIROBI". £80-100

This fine collection is written up and classified according to "Wartime Postal Stationery" by John Daynes, published by The Forces Postal History Society, 1986. Also see lot 190.

World War One

  British Army Envelopes. The fine collection comprising small first type HE1 (19, four unused), two with the error of form number "A.F.W8078" (instead of 3078, previously unrecorded); larger second type HE2 without the printed certificate on reverse (24, five unused, one a remarkable albino print error); type HE3 with added instructions under the O.A.S heading (12, one to New Zealand, three unused); and type HE4 with double crossed lines (62, six unused), many varieties and differing printers imprints on the last type, many written up with usages in Palestine, Egypt and Salonica. (117). £300-400
  1915-18 Honour Envelopes showing unusual usages with a stampless cover to Chile and a cover franked 2 1/2d to Argentina both with the "S" in circle special censorship cachet (the Chile cover also with Base Censor label and army censors with the number erased); used by French interpreters or personnel attached to the British with the cachet "Mission Militaire Francaise / FRANCHISE POSTALE" (4); used between troops in France (3); used to Canada (5), four of these with Canada 2c applied at Halifax, Toronto or Montreal; used to Malta; a cover bearing 1916 National Philatelic War Fund label tied by F.P.O 93; also two covers to the stamp dealer F.J Judd with bogus A.P.O S5 or S6 skeleton datestamps; and four unused covers overprinted "Post Cards" and used after the war as packets for unused postcards. (22). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1915-17 Honour Envelopes posted contrary to regulations including type HE1 envelope from F.P.O H8 unusually franked 1d with a Base Censor label, the reverse with boxed cachet altered in manuscript to read "This letter has been delayed as envelope being obsolete a special examination was necessary"; covers with the similar but unaltered cachet delayed as the certificate was unsigned (3); cover with similarly worded printed form; cover to another soldier in France with boxed "DELAYED / CERTIFICATE / UNSIGNED"; and covers with boxed "CONTAINS (10frs) IN NOTES" (2). A very unusual lot. (8). Photo on Page 18. £160-200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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