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Auction Lots - Page 9
  1870 36 Page booklet "LES BALLONS EN 1870" written by the balloonist "Nadar" and published in Paris during the siege; a large part Ballon Monte (front + lower flap) franked 30c to London, carried on the "General Uhrich"; unused coloured Ballon Monte lettersheets produced as souvenirs after the siege (2); and a miniature photographic copy of a 19 Oct. 1870 circular from Prince Gortschakoff flown into Paris by Pigeon (F.J Field guarantee handstamp). An interesting group, the booklet very scarce. (5). £240-280
  1918-20 Covers and cards with 1918 (Aug 17) card bearing a red "Par Avion" label and franked 15c tied by "PARIS / AVIATION" c.d.s, flown to St. Nazaire; 1920 (Oct 10) Buc aviation meeting cards bearing stamps tied by the "Buc Meeting Aeronautique" c.d.s and vignettes tied by London or Belgian Aero Club cachets, flown to Paris or Brussels; and World War One covers with French Air Force cachets. (8). £200-240
  Literature - France and Belgium Aviation. 1909-40 Magazines and newspapers concerning aviation, all published in France or Belgium, non-philatelic but with a lot of useful information on pioneer commercial air services, many of which carried post, and useful pictures of planes and pilots, all in French. The lot included 66 scarce 1909-14 journals including "La Revue Aerienne" of 1909-13 (56) and "La Vie au Grand Air" of 1910-12 (9), also "L'Air" (32), "Les Ailes" of 1921-30 (32), 1936-37 "Sabena Revue", etc, with a couple of post war magazines and some additional cuttings. (173+). £150-180
  Aviation Posters. The 1924-27 magazine "L'Aeronautique" (11) each containing several fine coloured aviation posters, and a further 73 posters removed from other copies of this same magazine. Also well produced modern reproductions of 52 of these posters from "L'Aeronautique", contained in a special folder. (Approx 150 posters). £100-150
  French P.O in Turkey. 1909 Cover franked 10c from Marseille to Constantinople handstamped "T" with three French 10c postage due stamps (one defective) tied by Constantinople-Galata French P.O datestamps, very unusual. £100-120
Click to view full image... French Indo China. 1946 (May 5) Japanese forces postcard written by a Japanese P.O.W, handstamped "Service des prisoniers de guerre" with censor chop of "Sato" and a U.S censor cachet. Written by Yoshio Yamaguchi, Watanabe Party, Saeki Unit, Odera Unit, French Indo-China. Believed to be the only card from a Japanese P.O.W in Indo China; all Japanese soldiers were returned from Indo-China to Japan in May 1946. Photo on Page 66. £250-280

Wreck Mail

  S.S "Russie". 1901 (Jan 4/5) Covers comprising France 5c postal stationery envelope from Matemore, Oran, a little water stained, handstamped red "NAUFRAGE DE LA RUSSIE", backstamped at Marseille (Jan. 25) and Besancon; and a severely damaged part front and letter franked France 15c tied by "TIEMCEN A ORAN" T.P.O datestamp, with the similar but slightly larger "Russie" cachet in magenta. The "Russie" sailed from Oran to Marseille on January 7th but stranded at Faraman near Marseille, the passengers and crew finally being taken off four days later. The ship was later refloated, reaching Marseille on January 24th. An attractive pair, the larger magenta cachet rare. (2). £120-150
  S.S "Liban". 1903 Newspaper wrapper with "JOURNAUX PARIS / P.P" c.d.s (June 6) and a cover from Paris with the stamp washed off, both sent to Bastia with the blue cachet "NAUFRAGE du LIBAN" and datestamps of Marseille (June 25/26), the cover with a Bastia arrival c.d.s (June 28). The "Liban" sailing from Marseille to Bastia, collided with the steamer "Insulaire" off the Isles Maire on the afternoon of June 7th, sinking within 20 minutes with the loss of over 100 lives. 13 Mailbags were recovered after nearly two weeks under water and returned to Marseille. (2). £140-160
  S.S "Ville d'Alger". 1909 (Feb 25/26) Covers (2) and a picture postcard from Alger to France all with their stamps washed off, two to Paris with black "NAUFRAGE DE LA / VILLE D'ALGER" cachets (types 1 and 1a, the first with Ville D'Alger in inverted commas), the other cover to Marseille with larger violet "NAUFRAGE DE LA VILLE / D'ALGER" cachet type 2, one with a Paris arrival c.d.s (Mar 2). The "Ville D'Alger" collided with the S.S "Orleanais" when approaching Marseille harbour on February 28th and was beached off Joliette where she lay half full of water. All mail was recovered by divers shortly afterwards and the ship refloated on April 6th. (3). £180-220
  S.S "General Chanzy". 1910 (Feb 7) Cover from Paris to Constantine, the stamp washed off with a 10c stamp from another cover applied, the reverse with a sealing label tied by violet "NAUFRAGE DU / GENERAL CHANZY". Also a picture postcard of the ship. The "General Chanzy" left Marseille for Algiers on February 9th, being swept off course in stormy weather and striking rocks off the Northwest coast of Minorca the following morning. The boiler exploded destroying the ship and killing 159 passengers and crew, a few mailbags subsequently being washed ashore. Amazingly one passenger survived after being blown into a cave by the force of the explosion, and imprisoned there for a day and a night before emerging to the astonishment of the locals. A scarce cover. £130-160
  S.S "Kalyan". 1921 Covers to Paris with the stamps washed off, the first from Cairo (Apr. 11) with the cachet "ACCIDENT EN MER / CORRESPONDANCE INONDEE"; the other possibly from India backstamped with the violet cachet "ACCIDENT en MER / COURRIER INONDE" and "DIRECTION DE LA SEINE / REBUTS" c.d.s (May 11). Carried on the P.&O. steamer "Kalyan" which arrived at Marseille on April 18th, a large quantity of mail found to have been damaged en route by a gale in the Mediterranean. (2). £130-160
  1932 Covers from Constantine to Paris, the first franked Algeria 50c (June 4, Philippeville c.d.s), the other with the stamp washed off and a French Officially Sealed label on the reverse. Both covers handstamped "ACCIDENT DE MER" with Marseille Gare c.d.s of June 6th. Both covers from the same unknown incident, probably a fire during the Mediterranean crossing from Algeria to Marseille. (2). £100-120
Click to view full image... French Congo - S.S "Largeau". 1927 (June 10) Cover from Bangui to Brazzaville bearing Oubangui Chari 50c, handstamped "COURRIER NAUFRAGE / SUR LE CONGO", arrival backstamp (June 26), a fine cover. The "Largeau" ran aground on the River Congo close to Brazzaville on June 23rd. Photo on Page 66. £160-200
Click to view full image... Indo-China - S.S "Angkor". 1923 (Oct 28) French ambulance envelopes to Saigon or Soctrang each with a five line explanation that the original enclosed letter was damaged by water and fire on the "Angkor" on October 15th, one printed, the other with closer spacing and fuzzy lettering (with the fire date given as October 16) possibly handstamped, both also with octagonal "MARSEILLE A YOKOHAMA / No. 7" datestamp. The "Angkor" was sailing from Marseille to Haiphong when a fire was found in the hold at Perim Island on October 15th; it was supposedly extinguished but later found to be still alight upon arrival at Djibouti, the fire then finally being put out and the cargo discharged, the mail being damaged by water. (2). Photo on Page 66. £320-380
Click to view full image... Morocco - M.V "Iles de Los". 1935 (Dec 20) Cover from Boke, French Guinea, to Paris, the stamps washed off, both sides handstamped "Courrier sinistre / reconstitue par le soins du / Bureau de Casablanca". The "Iles de Los" sank on January 2nd 1936 on her maiden voyage after ramming rocks at Ain Biab, three miles south of Casablanca in thick fog, and breaking into three. The crew and mails from French Guinea and Ivory Coast were saved, the cargo of bananas being lost. A fine cover. Photo on Page 66 £150-180

(Also see lots 11, 75, 1235, 1346, 1385)

  1862 Stampless cover from the USA to Germany "via Bremen or Hamburg" with Gloucester MS and "3 / N. YORK HAMB PKT" c.d.s with "22" charge mark and "4 1/2 / Sgr. 6Xr" accountancy mark, carried on the HAPAG Lloyd steamer "Germania". £80-100
Click to view full image... Wreck Mail - S.S "Germania". 1869 (July 30) Stampless cover to Saxony with St. Louis MO. duplex and "NEW YORK / DIRECT" c.d.s (Aug 3), rated "6" in blue crayon, the reverse with the explanatory label "Aus dem untergegangenen Post-Dampf- / Schiffe Germania geborgen", tied by an arrival c.d.s (Aug 25), a further "2 Ausgabe" c.d.s alongside. Sent on the Hamburg-American Line steamer "Germania" which left New York on August 3rd bound for Hamburg via Plymouth and Cherbourg. The ship encountered dense fog on August 7th and ran onto a reef in Freshwater Cove, Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland. All passengers and crew were evacuated in eight boats and reached land safely, going on to Europe by the "Cimbria" which left St. John's on August 14th reaching Plymouth and Cherbourg a week later and Hamburg on the 23rd. The mail was salvaged and also sent on the "Cimbria", the labels applied upon arrival in Hamburg. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 66. £800-1,000
Click to view full image... Wreck Mail - S.S "Germania". 1869 (Aug) 3c Postal stationery envelope from New York to Westphalia, further stamps washed off with red boxed "HAMBURG / AUG 24 / FRANCO" (date inverted) applied where they had been, a New York Paid All c.d.s below. The reverse with the German explanatory label and an "AUSG / No. 1" (Aug. 25) arrival c.d.s. A fine and scarce cover. Photo on Page 66. £800-1,000
  1915-18 Covers and cards from German forces in Turkey, most with German Feldpost or Kais. Deutsch Marine Schiffspost datestamps or Feld Post (Mil. Miss.) datestamps of Konstantinopel or Aleppo, a couple bearing Turkish stamps, many with unit or official cachets. Also a Turkey 10pa pair with bilingual three line "Militar Mission / FELDPOST KONSTANTINOPEL" cancel. (45). £350-400
  1933-44 Mint and used Third Reich issues in two albums with some special cancels on covers or pieces, including all Hindenburg issue booklet panes mint (17 panes, all unmounted), Poland, miniature sheets with 1937 Nurnberg Congress 42pf sheet (lightly mounted), 1937 6pf+19pf miniature sheet with rouletted margins used, etc. £200-300

WW2 Feldpost Mail

  1940-44 Covers and cards showing various types of Feldpost datestamp including reuse of WW1 datestamps (3), coloured cancels, provisional types (13); mail to and from unknown soldiers; unusual types of Feldpost stationery; censor marks including boxed naval censor of Rostock; returned mail including 1943 cover to Cologne with "Bomb Damaged" cachet; bundle labels; unit cachets; 1944 lettersheets from the V2 Rocket development centre at Aurolzmunster (2); Luftfeldpost including rejected items; authorisation card to collect feldpost; feldpost telegram; civilian mail with German stamps posted into the feldpost (2); Luftfeldpost to Switzerland; covers to German soldiers from Hungary (2), Bulgaria (2), Roumania or Sweden (2); feldpost flown from Latvia franked Ostland 5pf or from Czechoslovakia franked 50L, etc. A fine lot, most written up on pages. (90). £500-700
  Danzig. 1939-40 Cover and cards with the special Danzig Feldpost datestamps, first type "IV dzg" on a card of the Hospital Ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" sent from the ship, second type "IV", and third type with the number removed on an official cover from 1st Torpedo Boat Flotilla to the Naval Command in Norway. Michel €550. (3). £100-120
  Parcel Post. 1942 Stampless cover with scarce "FP. PN. ST / LINZ (DONAU) 2" Feldpost Parcel Office c.d.s (Michel €300), parcel bag labels (3), parcel address labels including duty free monthly parcels (2), feldpost permit labels additionally franked 20pf or 40pf, cash on delivery parcel, official registered parcel from Naval High Command in Berlin, parcel card franked 50pf, etc. (16). £160-200
Click to view full image... 1942 Stampless Money Letter from FP673 at Dijon to FP138 at Le Greusot with red "V / Feldpost" label, fine and scarce (Michel €400); and two 1945 Feldpost Money Order cards franked 40pf from FP453 or 80pf from FP116, sent by units fighting defensive actions on the Ruhr or in the vicinity of Strehlen, Silesia. (3). Photo on Page 66. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1941 Cover to a soldier at FP40464 at Caen franked 5pf tied by "HAMBURG 1 / a / STRASSENBAHN" c.d.s, a rare use of this accelerated 5pf tram service to a soldier (Michel €500); 1944 cover to a soldier at Konigsgratz posted into the Berlin pneumatic post with red "Rohrpost" label franked 22pf; and Express covers from a soldier franked 40pf or to a soldier franked 52pf. (4). Photo on Page 69. £150-200
Click to view full image... Foreign Volunteers in the German Forces. 1941-45 Covers comprising covers from Finnish volunteers in the S.S sent stampless from the Caucasus with "S.S - VAPAAEHTOISTEN TOIMISTO" cachet (Michael €350) or franked 22pf from Germany with similar one word cachet, both also with circular "FELDPOST / F"; covers from the Dutch S.S Legion from near Leningrad with a Luftfeldpost stamp or stampless from Germany (2); stampless cover from a Dutch volunteer in the German Navy at Rennes; 1943 cover from the French Legion in Russia bearing 1F French Legion stamp block of four with central Feldpost c.d.s, tied by FPO5492 unit cachet; 1944 stampless cover from an Estonian S.S volunteer near Pustoschka to a soldier encircled by the Russians at Tscherkassy in Southern Ukraine; and a 1945 stampless card from a Czech police unit fighting with the Germans in Northern Italy. A good lot. (9). Photo on Page 69. £240-280
Click to view full image... Spanish Blue Division. 1943 (Jan 21) Cover from a Spanish Blue Division volunteer in Russia bearing a Luftfeldpost stamp, sender's address of FP43700, censored in Berlin and upon arrival at Palma, fine and scarce. Michel €500. Photo on Page 69. £100-150
  Damaged, Delayed and Disinfected Mail. 1944 (Oct 31) Stampless feldpost cover to Weinheim, the edges waterstained, with red boxed cachet which translates as "Due to enemy action buried and delayed. Karlsruhe Post Office (B) 2"; 1944 (May 26) burnt and soiled cover from FP40311 in central Russia with three line Falkenberg Post Office cachet explaining that is was damaged in a postal vehicle fire (Michel €250); and 1940-44 disinfected covers from hospitals at Hamburg or Chemnitz with differing "Desinfiziert" cachets. (4). £120-140
  Ambulance Trains. 1942-43 Stampless postcards with differing cachets of Lazaretzug 1119, the first written from Lublin. (2). £80-100
  Pigeon Post. c.1939 Handwritten message on flimsy paper, flown by a pigeon of the 80th Signals Unit in Vienna as part of the Army Day celebrations, the message then pasted to the back of a numbered field postcard and sent by ordinary mail, with unit and explanatory cachets. Very unusual. £70-100
  Naval Mail/Commerce Raiders. 1939-44 Covers and cards from the Commerce Raiders Widder, Kormoran, Orion, Atlantis or Pinguin; the Battleships Schleswig-Holstein, Tirpitz (2) and Bismarck, Cruisers Lutzow and Admiral Hipper; Minelayer Roland (2), U-Boat Supply Ship Kertosono, Artillery School Ship Hektor, Yacht Grille or U-Boat 74. Also a cover to the U-Boat 354 but returned because it had been sunk, 1939 cover from 5th Torpedoboat Flotilla with "Deutsche Kriegsmarine - Schiffspost No. 3" c.d.s (Michel €150), and 1943 registered cover with "Fp XX" registration label of Eckernforde (Michel €200). Also a few picture postcards. (24). £300-350
Click to view full image... Hospital Ships. 1940-41 Stampless Feldpost card and cover, the first from FP02414C of the Geb. Jag. Rgt. 138 in Norway with "Mar.-Laz.-schiff Stuttgart" cachet; the other from Austria with superb "LAZARETTSCHIFF / KARADJORDJE" cachet, probably one of the small ships plying the Danube. (2). Photo on Page 69. £100-150
  Luftwaffe. 1940-44 Stampless Feldpost covers with 1940 covers from units involved in the Battle of Britain (4), covers from air aces Egon Mayer (who shot down 102 aircraft on the Western front including 51 spitfires) or Robert Olejnik (who shot down the first Russian plane in June 1941), 1941 cover from the Long Range Fighter Group based in Sicily; 1944 cover from Rechlin flight test centre, etc., one registered. (11). £120-150
  1936-1940 (Jan.) Forces mail with 1936 Olympics card to a soldier at Munster exercise camp; 1937 (Sep.) army manoeuvres postcards (6); 1938 cover to the aerial weapons training school at Fassberg; 1938 annexation of Austria (10); 1938 occupation of Sudetenland (13) including oval "SUDETEN DEUTSCHES FREIKORPS / 106 Baon"; scarce 1939 (August) manoeuvres with FP665 c.d.s on a FP address notification card showing change from a six to five digit FP number, and covers from or to (2) six digit FP addresses, one returned with "Zuruck / Neue Unschrift abwarten!" (Michel €150-350 each); 1939 occupation of Czechoslovakia (10, one from SS special disposal troops) and invasion of Poland (6). An interesting lot. (51). £320-360
  1940 Covers and cards from the invasion of France, Belgium or Holland including captured postal stationery or forces cards, covers from the forces sent to capture Waalhaven airfield or Fort Eben Emael in gliders or JU52 aircraft, card from the infamous 2nd SS Totenkopf Infantry Rgt (who massacred 100 British troops at Le Paradis) and a card from the German Armistice Commission at Wiesbaden also bearing cachets of the French delegation. (10). £100-150
  Norway. 1940-45 Military and Naval mail with covers from various ships involved in the invasion of Norway or the First or Second Battles of Narvik (11), 1943 registered cover from the Destroyer Hans Lody, and 1944-45 covers bearing one or two Luftfeldpost stamps (3), one unusually captured and delivered by the allies with an American censor cachet. (15). £100-120
  Channel Islands. 1941-44 Stampless Feldpost covers from FP04398C, 10th Co., 111 Batt., 348th Infantry Rgt., 216th Infantry Division on Alderney with Feldpost b c.d.s; FP451645B, 4th Batt., 604th Naval Artillery Unit on Guernsey with Feldpost c c.d.s; or registered from FP26631A, Paymaster of the IV Batt. of Grenadier Regt 582, 319th Infantry Division on Jersey, with Feldpost 712 c.d.s. (3). £150-180
Click to view full image... Channel Islands - Fortress Period. 1944 (Nov 11) Stampless Feldpost cover (letter enclosed), to Germany with Feldpost e c.d.s and FP17141 unit handstamp of the Roon Battery, Army Coastal Artillery Rgt. on Jersey, probably flown on the sixth supply flight from Guernsey on Nov. 25th. A scarce cover from the "fortress" period following the allied invasion of Europe. Michel €700. Photo on Page 69. £200-250
  Crete/Greece. 1941 (April) Stampless Feldpost covers from 1st Sqdn, 2nd Stuka Group at Belica, Bulgaria, then taking part in the invasion of Greece, or registered from the 6th Mountain Division, which raised a German flag on Mt. Olympus the day before this cover was posted; 1941 (June 9) stampless feldpost cover from the 5th Mountain Division in Crete; and 1944 cover with two Luftfeldpost stamps from FP59447A on Samos. (4). £80-100
Click to view full image... Crete - Inselpost. 1944 (Nov 17) Cover from a soldier in the Pioneer Battalion Kreta to Germany with FP05774 unit handstamp, bearing Luftfeldpost stamp with red Inselpost overprint (overprinted locally in Crete), tied by Feldpost d c.d.s. Fine and scarce, with Mogler Certificate (1981). Michel €700. Photo on Page 69. £200-250
  Inselpost - Crete/Leros. 1944-45 Forces covers flown from FP68059 on Crete (27 Nov. 1944) or FP68091 on Leros (28 Jan. 1945) both bearing red-brown Inselpost stamps tied by Feldpost datestamps, one with unit cachet, scarce. (2). £140-160
  Inselpost. 1944-45 Covers bearing rouletted brown Inselpost labels, from FP68097fF used by the Fascist Flak Unit on Kos, FP63037E used by 330th Naval Fortress Engineer Batt. on Crete, or FP68067B used by Combat Unit Spahlinger on Rhodes, the covers from Kos and Rhodes both carried on the 17th and last homebound Inselflight on 1st April 1945. (3). £200-240
  Afrika Korps. 1941-43 Stampless Feldpost covers (7), four registered, including items from the Brandenburg Special Forces "Von Koenen" Battalion, 15th Panzer Division (2) or 5th Light Division (3). Also a 1942 cover with enclosed letter from FP47600, Chief Supply Office, Panzer Army Africa, unusually carried by courier to Berlin where it was posted into the civil mails franked 12pf, and two feldpost cards with comic Afrika Korps scenes. (10). £150-180
  Russia. 1941-45 Covers and cards with use of Russian stamps and stationery, cover from Wolchow with Luftfeldpost stamp and Ostland 5pf for express delivery in Bohemia and Moravia, 1941 cover from 4th Armoured Group before Moscow, 1943 registered official cover from Operation Citadel aimed at cutting off the Soviet Salient at Kursk, 1942 registered official cover and Luftfeldpost covers (5) sent from within or near Sebastopol, 1941 cover to Army Group South with "Return Field Post Suspended" cachet, 1943 registered official covers from the Crimea (2), 1943 cover from Katyn with message "Yesterday I saw the mass graves at Katyn", 1942 cover from Crimea with Danzig type "Feldpost I" c.d.s (Michel €200), 1944 Luftpost cover to Sebastopol and a cover to Army Group South in Ukraine both returned to the sender, 1945 Sign of Life card from 24th Infantry Division trapped in the Kurland Pocket, etc. (23). £250-300
  Russia - Stalingrad. 1942 (Dec) - 1943 (Jan) Covers and cards from (6) or to (2) German forces trapped in Stalingrad, the outgoing items including official registered cover from FP10312, Luftfeldpost stamp on cover from FP02355B to another soldier in Norway with cachet "destination address does not participate in airmail service", and a stampless official cover from FP25497C marked "Airmail letter without label". The ingoing covers both returned, one with a Luftfeldpost stamp. (8). £200-250
Click to view full image... Russia - Fortress Demjansk. 1942 (Feb - April) Registered official cover (Michel €500) from 48th Infantry Regt., 12th Infantry Division at FP11413 and a feldpost cover from 376th Infantry Regt, 225 Division at FP34942, both flown from the Demjansk area, then encircled by Russian troops. Also a cover to 9th Air Fighting Group then supplying Demjansk, and May 4th Luftfeldpost stamp on cover from Demjansk, sent shortly after a land corridor had been forced through breaking the Russian siege. (4). Photo on Page 69. £160-180
  Warsaw Uprising. 1944 (20 Sep) Cover from SS Police Regt. 17 with FP57026 unit cachet; this unit was based in Warsaw and was engaged in putting down the uprising from October-December. £70-80
Click to view full image... East Prussia. 1945 (March) "Ostpreussen - Feldpost" postcard from FP46780B and lettersheet from FP04571, used by Army Group North between January and April after they were cut off and surrounded by Russian troops. Fine and scarce, the lettersheet with "Tapfer Und Treul" seal. Michel P2a, F1, €1850. (2). Photo on Page 69. £300-350
Click to view full image... Dunkirk. 1945 (Jan 3/5) Radio message cards with Wilhelmshaven c.d.s and Naval H.Q cachets, both with brief typed messages received from soldiers trapped in Dunkirk, one card with instructions printed at left and "Feldpost" heading. One card with two small tears to upper edge, otherwise fine and scarce. Michel €800. (2). Photo on Page 74. £150-200
  Cherbourg/St. Nazaire. 1944-45 Covers and cards including Dec. 12th cover from MO8682 flown out of Fortress St. Nazaire with "e" censor tape and cachet (Michel €350), very scarce 26th June registered official cover from FP58666 at Cherbourg sent the day before the town surrendered, and 1945 (Feb 3) cover with "Deutscher Volkssturm / Gau 21 / 25 Batallion" cachet and void Feldpost c.d.s used at Niederschlesien (Michel €300). Also two Luftfeldpost stamps on July 1944 cover to the infamous S.S Division "Das Reich" in Normandy, other returned covers to soldiers (3), and two July/August 1945 postwar cards from German soldiers. (9). £180-220
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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