Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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Auction Lots - Page 18
Click to view full image... 1966 Imperforate Plate Proof of the 3d RHOPEX depicting the "Zeederberg Coach", printed in orange only. Very scarce. Photo on Page 126 £100-120852 Southern Rhodesia. 1913 First type 3d International Reply Coupon unusually with "LUDGATE CIRCUS B.O / E.C." c.d.s, very scarce. £120-150
  Southern Rhodesia. 1925 Picture postcard written from Bulawayo to England franked 1d, tied by bilingual "SOUTH AFRICA / ROYAL TOUR" datestamp, with a second strike alongside. The interesting message includes "we have been away entertaining the Prince all day. Alf leaves on Wed. on the Royal Train for Victoria". An unusual commercial use of this datestamp on a postcard. £100-120
  Northern Rhodesia. 1933 "Pilots Handbook and Aeronautical Guide", printed by the Government printer in Livingstone and "issued by authority" containing details and plans of all aerodromes and emergency landing grounds, various other details of use to pilots, and a map of the colony, 58 pages. A rare book in superb condition, also containing some interesting adverts. £120-150
  Zambia. 1965-73 Covers including formula registration envelopes (46), underpaid covers with stamps used as dues (3), telegram envelopes, etc. Also booklets (4) and a few stamps. (176+). £150-200

Postal Stationery

  QV-KGV British South Africa Co., Mashonaland or Rhodesia postal stationery unused (25) or used (13), including unused 4d registration envelope (6, two size H2), unused "FOUR" on a 2d size G registration envelope, used 4d size G envelope to England bearing Admiral 1d and 3d, also 1894 Mashonaland on Cape 1d card with a 1/2d stamp used to Transvaal cancelled by "F" in diamond of Victoria, etc. (38). £240-300
  1923 (Dec 6) British South Africa Co 1d newspaper wrapper used within Gwelo. An unusual interim use in Southern Rhodesia, which became a self-governing authority on 1st October 1923 but did not issue its own postal stationery until early in 1924. £100-120
  1941-44 Southern Rhodesia 3d Active Service postal stationery air mail letter cards for use to H.M forces, unused (4, H&G 1-4) or used (H&G1), sent from Gwanza to the Middle East and redirected with "A/O i/c RECORDS / UNITED KINGDOM" cachet. Also a used uprated front. (6). £150-180
  KGV-QEII Postal Stationery of Northern Rhodesia (7), Southern Rhodesia (17) or Rhodesia and Nyasaland (2), including registration envelopes unused (8) or used (5), etc. (26). £150-180
  QEII Registration envelopes unused and used with many formula types, from Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia or Zimbabwe, all fine. (49). £100-150
  KGVI and QEII Air letters with many formula types, from Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Rhodesia or Zambia, mainly unused, a few used. (213). £200-250

(Also see lots 108, 376, 427, 444-446)

  Georgia. 1920 Commercial cover to Switzerland bearing two 1920 2r stamps, the cover previously glued into an album causing some faults to the reverse, the front fine. £90-110

(Also see lots 395, 1169)

  1875 Front from Westport, Mass. to the Barque "Sarah" at Jamestown, St Helena, franked at the 53c rate by 1873 3c and 10c (5), rated "48/2" and 1/10 in red, with transit and arrival datestamps of New York, London Paid and St Helena, very attractive. £200-250
Click to view full image... Boer War - P.O.W Mail. 1902 Cover franked 1d tied by a cork cancel, addressed to Brakfontein, Transvaal, endorsed "no communication" and returned to the sender. Handstamped with the scarce violet "RETURNED / LETTER" and oval framed "POST OFFICE / (crown) / ST HELENA, also with the St Helena censor cachet initialled "F.w.a" (F.W. Alexander), backstamped at Pretoria, Returned Letter Office Johannesburg and Army P.O.50. A few stain spots though very unusual. Photo on Page 132. £300-350
  Boer War - P.O.W Mail. 1902 1d Postal stationery reply card (reply half) addressed to G. Vollmeir, Jamestown cancelled "ST. HELENA" c.d.s (JU 25) with fine triangular "PASSED / BY / CENSOR / ST. HELENA. / HEAD OFFICE" below in violet, the reverse signed "P.A. Cronje" by General Cronje. An attractive card signed by Cronje. £150-180
  Boer War - P.O.W Mail. 1902 (July 23) Cover to Amsterdam endorsed from "K.F.H Bonnekamp, P.O.W tent 7 line 1, Deadwood Camp", franked QV 1/2d pair and KEVII 1d pair, not censored. The censorship of St. Helena P.O.W at the individual camps ceased by July 16th, although the Head Office censor cachet is recorded in use until August 1902 when most of the P.O.Ws left the island. £100-120
  1937 (Dec 4) Red size H2 formula registration envelope sent to South Africa bearing 1937 Coronation 2d and 3d, fine and scarce. £150-200


Click to view full image... 1936 KGV Pictorial 1/2d and 1d in matching mint upper right corner marginal blocks of six, each stamp with De La Rue "SPECIMEN" handstamp type D15a. Light creasing affecting one 1/2d and three 1d stamps, marginal thin to 1d block, an uncommon Specimen, most unusual in blocks. Ex the printers archive. (2). Photo on Page 62. £200-250

(Also see lot 469)

Click to view full image... 1825 Entire to the Wesleyan Missionary Society in London backstamped with an unusually fine "ST VINCENT" fleuron datestamp and London c.d.s, charged 2/2. Photo on Page 132. £280-320
  1892 Parcel Post Customs Declaration label, for a parcel of botanical specimens sent to Kew, with a Kingstown c.d.s and "St. Vincent" parcel label applied in London, minor faults, very scarce. £80-100


Click to view full image... 1842 Entire letter from Alexander MacDonald at Savaii to the London Missionary Society with red oval "PAID SHIP LETTER / SYDNEY" datestamp, charged 8d with "3" crossed out. A fine early missionary letter from Samoa. Photo on Page 132. £400-500
  1849 (Apr 9) Entire letter from Dr Ross in Sydney addressed to "Rev. H. Nisbet, Samoa", privately carried on the ship "John Williams". Ross tells Nisbet how to direct letters to Canada. £200-240
Click to view full image... 1921 1/2d, 1d, 2d - 6d and 9d all affixed to pieces, each handstamped with "COLONIAS" in purple by the Portuguese Post Office, applied upon receipt from the U.P.U. in Berne before sending to one of its Colonial Post Offices, very scarce. (9). Photo on Page 134. £200-250
Click to view full image...Click to view full image... Western Samoa. 1935 Definitive issue set of nine, each handstamped "SPECIMEN" (with accent over first "E") in green applied by a Portuguese Colonial Administration, believed to be Angola, fine mint and a scarce set. With B.P.A. Certificate (1997). (9). Photo on Page 146. £300-350


  1906 4c on 3c Postal stationery postcard with a printed price list of cigars on the reverse, used to Switzerland; 1950 stampless O.H.M.S cover from Miri to Kuching with "Residents Office" cachet; and stamps (22) or pieces (9) collected for their cancels including Mukah, Lawas, Serikei, Limbang, Kanowit and Balingian. Also 1939 cover with North Borneo 12c tied by "PAQUEBOT / LABUAN" c.d.s. (3 covers + 31 stamps). £100-120
  1940-46 Covers comprising 1940 cover to G.B franked 8c and 1941 cover to USA franked 15c, both from Miri with differing boxed "PASSED BY / CENSOR" cachets, and 1946 cover to Kuching with BMA 3c and 5c tied by "MUKAH" c.d.s, the 1940 cover with circular "POST AND TELEGRAPHS DEPARTMENT / MIRI / SARAWAK" cachet. Also a 1946 piece with Mukah c.d.s. (4). £200-240


Click to view full image... 1927 Hejaz and Nejd postage set of eight and the two postage due stamps all affixed to two pieces from an archive page, each stamp handstamped "Especimen", applied by the Portuguese Post Office to specimen stamps received from the U.P.U in Berne, prior to forwarding to one of their Colonial Post Offices, fine and very scarce. (10 stamps). Photo on Page 134. £300-350


Click to view full image... 1893 15c on 16c Surcharge, variety surcharge inverted, fine used. S.G. 18a, £300. Photo on Page 146. £100-120
Click to view full image... 1894 18c on 45c Surcharge, variety surcharge double, used, minor toning. With B.P.A Certificate (2014). S.G. 26a, £1,500. Photo on Page 146. £250-300


  1904-12 Postal stationery card, all used, several with printed messages. (8). £150-180
  1932 Formula "Air Gram" with ten Air Orient Air Mail labels printed on the reverse, the worlds first Air Letter forms, fine unused. (2). £70-80

(Also see lot 625)

Click to view full image... 1872 Entire letter from Marseille to Rio Nunez in Guinea, posted in Liverpool and addressed "care of Messrs Randall & Fisher, Sierra Leone", endorsed "pr Eboe". Franked G.B 6d cancelled in Liverpool with red "1d" accountancy mark, backstamped oval "JAMES F. HUTTON & Co / LIVERPOOL" F.A.C, Liverpool P.L.O and Sierra-Leone datestamps. An unusual destination, sent via two forwarding agents. Photo on Page 132. £150-180
  1874-84 Covers from England to Sierra Leone, the first from Liverpool to a passenger on S.S "Cameroons" c/o the Sierra Leone Postmaster, franked 6d; the second from Bracknell franked 4d grey-brown plate 18 sent to the Governor Sir W. Grey-Wilson, both with red "1d" denoting 1d due to Sierra Leone for inland postage. An attractive pair, the rate reducing from 6d to 4d per 1/2oz when Sierra Leone joined the U.P.U in 1879. (2). £200-240
Click to view full image... 1895-96 Covers franked at the 2 1/2d U.P.U rate, the first to Paris with a 2 1/2d stamp cancelled in manuscript and with "PAQUEBOT" of Liverpool (Hosking 22, recorded 1894-95); the other to England "Per S.S Volta" with 1d and 1 1/2d cancelled at Freetown, both with red "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR PACKET" c.d.s. A fine pair, the first very unusual. (2). Photo on Page 138. £220-260
  1875 Cover to Ireland "per S.S Africa" bearing 1874 6d cancelled "B31", red "PAID AT SIERRA-LEONE" and "PAID / LIVERPOOL / BR PACKET" datestamps and a Derry arrival c.d.s, red "5" (due to the British Post Office). An attractive cover. £150-200

(Also see lots 31, 83, 136, 254, 255, 257, 864-866)

  Parcel Post. 1891-1903 Parcel labels comprising 1891 O.F.S "Pakket Post" label for a sample of tobacco sent from Bloemfontein to Cape Town franked 1/-; Transvaal Foreign & Colonial Parcel Post Customs Declaration labels sent to London with Johannesburg datestamps and parcel labels applied in London (2); similar G.B label from a parcel sent from G.B to Durban with an orange Natal label showing a 6d customs clearance charge, removed from the same parcel; and a South Africa Postal Union Customs Declaration label with a Durban Parcel Post c.d.s and "Natal" label applied in London. Some faults, the two Transvaal labels fine, a scarce group. (6). £280-320

Cape of Good Hope

  1853-64 Triangulars comprising 1d (17), 4d (15 including a pair, one unused), 6d (7) and 1/- (7), various printings, very mixed condition, seven with three good margins, a few others just three margins though very close on at least one side, a useful lot. (46). £500-700
  1856 Covers to G.B, one from Port Elizabeth bearing a 4d pair (one just touched at one side, torn but attractive), the other from Cape Town with inland postage paid in cash, both with "8" charge marks and boxed "LIVERPOOL / SHIP" backstamps. (2). £150-180
  1864-1904 Mint and used accumulation on stockcards and mounted in two old notebooks, unchecked for cancels but with Ocean P.O and other c.d.s, numeral and dumb cancels noted, a useful old time accumulation. (100s). £200-250
Click to view full image... 1893 Cape 1d newspaper wrapper sent from Cape Town to Hobart, redirected to Melbourne with a Tasmania 1d applied, again redirected to South Australia with a Victoria 1/2d applied and then redirected for a third time to New Zealand with a South Australia 1d applied. A remarkable newspaper wrapper bearing stamps of four different countries. Photo on Page 138. £300-350
  Revenues. 1864 Embossed revenues to the 10/- value (6), QV "1864 Stamp Act" embossed revenues cut from documents (3), and 1896 watermark Anchor 12/- orange-brown mint blocks of thirty and forty (Barefoot 125, £20 each), folds or creases to ten stamps, otherwise fine and unusual in mint blocks. Also Griqualand West 1879 4d used. (80). £200-250


  1861-1903 Mint and used selection on album pages including 1876-77 Postage overprints or surcharges mint or unused, 1899 5/- mint (3), etc., some faults and unused stamps without gum. (48). £100-150
Click to view full image... First Boer War. 1881 Stampless cover from an Officer endorsed "on active service, no stamps procurable" with a "6d" charge mark, encircled "CH" applied upon arrival at Bristol and an arrival backstamp of Clifton, Bristol. Ink stain at upper edge, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 138. £240-280
Click to view full image... Forwarding Agents. 1899 Cover to Trieste, Austria, franked by 1/2d and 1d pair, bearing the perforated label of "DE WAAL & CO. / DURBAN & DELAGOA BAY, SHIPPING, LANDING, FORWARDING & GENERAL COMMISSION AGENTS" with vignettes in each corner, all tied by Point datestamps. An attractive and very unusual item. Photo on Page 138. £300-350
Click to view full image... Bambata Rebellion. 1906 Postcard of Mlungusi Cascades written by F.G. Robinson of the Natal Carabineers to Durban, with datestamps of Nqutu Zululand (June 26) and Dundee. Three squadrons of the Natal Carabineers under Colonel Royston patrolled the Nkandhia - Nqutu districts in June 1906 until the rebels surrendered and the area became peaceful. Photo on Page 138. £200-250

Orange Free State

Click to view full image... c.1849 Wrapper to Miss Murray at Graaff Reinet sent by Andrew Murray (Jnr) in the OFS, with manuscript "Paid 6d" in black and "4" in red, indicating prepayment of both the internal OFS and the Cape postage. Scarce. Photo on Page 138. £300-350
  1878 4d Ultramarine, left pane of 59 (the lower right stamp having been removed, creasing to rows six and ten), upper margin with control number "4", margin at left and partial margin at right, unmounted. S.G. 19, £325. £80-100
Click to view full image... 1882 1/2d Die Proof in black on white glazed card, 60x92mm, handstamped "BEFORE HARDENING" and "5 SEP 82". A fine and scarce De La Rue proof. Photo on Page 220. £350-400
  1883-84 Issue mint panes or part panes from the printers archives comprising 1/2d part right pane of 45, fifteen stamps removed from the upper half, with the date "21 NOV 82" in upper margin and plate number "1" in lower margin, the right margin endorsed "1 stamp marked specimen, 20/12/93" and signed; and 2d bright mauve right pane of sixty with full margins, plate number "1" and the date "8 OCT 88" in upper margin, additionally dated "24 FEB 91" in the lower margin, fine unmounted, two interesting dated archival blocks. S.G. 48, 50, £1,650. £480-550
Click to view full image... 1891 (Aug 7) 1/2d on 1d Postal stationery postcard sent locally in Rouxville, cancelled by the "POST-KANTOO / ROUXVILLE" Post Office seal type handstamp with OFS arms in the centre. Robert Allison illustrates two virtually identical cards in "The Postal History of the Orange Free State" posted on the same day, and suggests all are cancelled to order on the day the internal postcard rate was reduced to 1/2d. Photo on Page 138. £150-180
  1897 1/- Brown, unmounted mint sheet with central margin dividing the two panes, the upper right stamp removed from the right pane with the upper margin removed from alongside three stamps, otherwise complete margins with plate number "1" and control "3", folded along four vertical rows of perforations with a few split perfs, creasing or small stain spots affecting about 40 stamps, the remainder fine. S.G. 87, £3,808 (approx £2,500 for the fine stamps). £500-600


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 37)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th March 2016 Time: 10:30AM
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