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Photographs, Autographs, Banknotes & Ephemera 1-10
Watermark Master Plates 11-38
Australasia & Asia Wreck Mail, from the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP 39-107
Accountancy Marks 108-116
Airmails, Zeppelins, Airships & Balloons 117-122
Forgeries (including Speratis), Maritime Mail, Proofs, Thematics 123-135
Worldwide & British Empire Stamps & Covers 136-150
Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Australia & States 151-165
Bahamas, Barbados, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Brunei, Burma 166-174
Canada, Ceylon, China, Cyprus, Dominica 175-190
Egypt, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Finland 191-202
France & Martinique, Germany & Colonies 203-217
Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Hong Kong 218-233
India 234-250
Ireland, Italy & Colonies, Jamaica, KUT, Korea, Malaya 251-272
Malta, Morocco & Morocco Agencies 273-291
Nauru, Netherlands Colonies, New Guinea 292-297
New Zealand 298-323
Niger Coast, Norway, Nyasaland, Papua 324-332
Pitcairn Island, Rhodesia, Russia, St. Helena, Somaliland 333-340
South Africa, including Sea Post Offices, Boer War, CGH, Natal, Transvaal, Union 341-425
South West Africa, Sudan, Swaziland 426-439
Switzerland, USA & Hawaii, Uruguay, Zanzibar 440-449
Great Britain
   Atlases, Gazetteers & Philatelic Literature 450-453
   1883-84 & 1887 Issues, including Essays, Proofs, Colour Trials & Specimens 454-526
   Other G.B Postage Stamps 527-563
   G.B Used Abroad, Perfins, Telegraph Stamps, Locals, Revenues 564-585
G.B Postal History
   Mixed Lots 586-596
   Early Letters 597-608
   Cancellations 609-637
   Cross Channel Mail 638-645
   Exhibitions & Special Events 646-663
   Express Mail, Frees, Late Fees 664-675
   Machines 676-693
   Maritime Mail 694-714
   Military & Naval Mail 715-729
   Mulreadys & Caricatures 730-756
   Newspapers, Parcel Post, Parliamentary Mail 757-780
   Pictorial Envelopes, Postage Due Mail 781-798
   Postal Reform, Postal Stationery 799-811
   Railway Stamps & Covers 812-833
   Registered Mail 834-869
   Returned Letter Office, Royalty, World War One 870-877
   Channel Islands, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight 878-891
   Liverpool 892-931
   London 932-945
   Scotland, Sussex, Wales, Westmoreland 946-959


To Be Sold on Friday 4th October 2013

at 12.00 noon Precisely


(Also see lots 117, 120-122, 234, 341, 351, 360, 390, 450-452, 586, 597, 715, 716, 720, 799, 873, 958)

The following three lots were amongst the papers of A.J Snow, keen amateur photographer and President of the United Stereoscopic Society prior to the First World War. They were probably taken and given to Snow by fellow members of the Society. All are extremely fine quality and most are believed to be previously unpublished.

Kiowa Indians and Geronimo. 15 Fine photographs of North American Indians, 14 of the Kiowa tribe (including two of Chief Lone Wolf) and one of the famous Apache Chief Geronimo, all taken at the Indian reservations in Oklahoma. All have pencil details of the subjects on the reverse and photo by "TPE 761", one with further details identifying the photographer as Horace E. Wolcott and the photo taken at Hobart, Oklahoma. The photos were taken between 1901 (when the settlement of Hobart was founded) and 1909, the year of Geronimo's death. Subjects comprise Kiowa Charlie and Squaw, Red Bird, Ah Tape's Squaw, Doyator's Squaw, Humming Bird, Lone Wolf and Squaw Ex-Chief of Kiowas, Whitefield Longhorn, Humming Bird Brothers, Lone Wolf Ex-Chief of Kiowas, Lone Wolf's Papooses, Humming Bird's Papoose, Lone Wolf's mother, Doyator's Papoose, Ah Tape Jr, and Geronimo Chief of Apache. Also three other photos, two clearly taken in Japan, one of these showing two young ladies (Miss Miyoki and Miss Yakko). An interesting lot. (18). Photo on Page 6. £600-800
Whaling/Newfoundland. Three fine photographs of a whaling station showing blubber being stripped from a whale, much detail, identified on the reverse as being taken in Newfoundland. (3). £100-120
South Africa - Chinese/Zulus. Three fine photos taken by J.W Read, showing Chinese mine workers in the Transvaal (2) or "A Zulu Boy, Johannesburg", all laid on card. The Chinese workers show "The Chow-Chow (cook)" or a group of ten miners with a European foreman and equipment, entitled "Ready to go below. South Nourse Deep Gold Mine". (3). £100-120
G.B Free fronts and autographs album including a Robert Peel letter, fronts signed by the Duke of Wellington, Duke of Clarence, Duke of York, Joseph Hume, William Gladstone, etc., and a few autographs on pieces including Daniel O'Connell (2) and Prince Albert. Also a note book containing various stamps including a few QV Hong Kong, Falkland Islands QV 2 1/2d mint (4), etc., and reference books including "Guide Lines to the Penny Black" by P.C. Lichfield (2) and Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia for Europe. £150-200
Robert Walpole. 1733 Messengers Bill recording 90 journeys made by James Wright, one of four Government messengers, over an 11 month period, the majority to the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Richmond, Chelsea or Hampton Court, for which Wright was paid £115.15.00, the bill signed by Robert Walpole (formerly Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer), Lords Onslow and Halifax. The document torn in two vertically upon payment and repaired with paper, both pages also with some horizontal splitting, an interesting document. £160-200
Thomas Bruce, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury & 3rd Earl of Elgin. 1725 Entire written by Bruce from Brussels to his niece Henrieta Ogle at Foxley near Hereford with 10d charge crossed out, increased to "In all 1/2", a "JA/25" Bishop Mark on reverse. Bruce accompanied King James to Rochester when he fled London in 1688 and continued to support James II after the Prince of Orange embarked for England. In 1695 he was accused of conspiring to plan the restoration of King James and was imprisoned in the Tower of London but was allowed to go into exile in Brussels the following year. £100-120
c.1800 Printed handbill, "A Most Wonderful RAT, the Greatest Natural Curiosity Ever Seen in London. A Gigantic Female Rat, taken near Somerset-House .....". A few small faults but an interesting item that would frame well, 175x210mm. £130-150
Acts. c.1806 G.B Acts of Parliament, most enclosed within wrappers addressed to "The Magistrates at Sheffield Green near Uckfield", most unopened, the exact number of acts and their subjects therefore unknown, possibly 100 or so. £100-120
1956 (April 23) L.K. O'Brien white Bank of England £5 banknote, reverse with "Bank of New Zealand, London" cachet, light folds, generally very fine. £50-80
1951-59 G.B Post Office publicity posters including 1951 "Keeping in Touch" series with attractive reproductions of paintings commissioned by the GPO, entitled 'The Post Office at the Airport', 'at the Docks', 'in Town' or 'in the Country', and other posters showing "The Journey of a Letter", "Susan makes a Trunk Call" and correctly or incorrectly addressed letters entitled "Can You Spot What's Wrong", folded, otherwise superb. (7). £100-120


(Also see 28 lots comprise the second and final offering of original watermark Master Plates made by the specialist dandy roll makers Edwin Amies & Son Ltd, who supplied dandy rolls to various stamp printers. They consist of a metal plate (1-4mm thick) with one or many impressions of the watermark made of wire and affixed to the surface. Each plate is impressed with a number, a brief entry for each number appearing in the company's ledger of these plates. The plates were pressed into wax and the surface polished with plumbago (black lead) and then scraped off leaving the design with an electrical connection. The wax was then put into a bath of copper sulphate and by electrolysis the stamp bits were grown until the watermark was ready. Hot water was poured on the surface to release the copper watermark which was then filled with solder. The electrotype was then soldered on to the dandy roll and all the pieces not required were then cut away leaving just the watermark on the surface of the dandy roll ready for the paper to be made. These plates therefore show the very first stage in the watermark production. All are unique.

Great Britain. No 1813, "Stamp bits - Crown over GvR", 12 impressions of a Multiple Royal Cypher watermark, use unknown, 63x66mm. £80-100
Great Britain. No 1832, "Stamp bits - Crown over GvR", eight impressions of a Royal Cypher watermark, each a little larger than the previous lot, use unknown, 85x55mm £80-100
Great Britain. No 1876, "Stamp bits - Crown over GvR", sixteen impressions of a Royal Cypher watermark, stamp size, the crown as used in the Block Cypher stamp watermark, use unknown, 73x53mm. £80-100
Great Britain. No 1806, "Stamp bits - Crown over GvR", three impressions of a Royal Cypher watermark in differing sizes (the smallest missing its crown), use unknown, 60x53mm. £80-100
Great Britain. No 1973, "National Savings Certificate & Shading", a single large impression of a GvR Royal Cypher watermark, 41x47mm. £80-100
Great Britain. No 1625, "Crown over POSB", six impressions of a large crown over script lettering POSB, used by the Post Office Savings Bank, 86x64mm. £80-100
Great Britain. No 1767, "Stamp bits - P.O.S.B", three impressions of a small crown over block lettering POSB, used by the Post Office Savings Bank. £80-100
Great Britain - 1923 Stamp Exhibition. Two plates, Nos 2048 and 2050, showing six single or 12 multiple impressions of an aeroplane, used for the 1d Mercury Air Mail essays, the winning design in the J.P.S competition for an airmail stamp, the labels being used as souvenirs at the London International Stamp Exhibition. Two unusual and interesting watermark plates, with examples of the perforated essays in four colours. Plate 2048 (90x42mm) dated "9.3.23" and plate 2050 (63x91mm) dated "15.3.23". (2). Photo on Page 6. £200-250
Australia. No 1368, "Stamp bits - Crown over A", 12 impressions of a rounded crown over A, possibly used for revenues, 90x61mm. £100-120
Australia. No 1787, "Stamp bits - Crown over A", 12 impressions, virtually identical to the second stamp watermark of 1914 (S.G. W5), an important watermark die, 85x74mm. £200-250
Australia - New South Wales. No 277, "NEW / SOUTH / POSTAGE / WALES", large size inscription with "NEW" sideways at left, 107x61mm. £80-100
Australia - New South Wales. No 283, "Stamp bits - NSW", five impressions of "NSW NSW", 59x67mm. £80-100
Australia - New South Wales. No 278, "Stamp bits - NSW 5/-", six impressions of "5/- / NSW" within a diamond, similar to that used for the 1890 5/-, 88x70mm. £100-120
Australia - New South Wales. No 326, "Stamp bits - NSW", three impressions of single "NSW" watermark. 37x45mm. £80-100
Australia - Western Australia. No 2188, "Stamp bits - W.A. & Crown", four impressions of multiple crown within "WA/GR", used for Western Australia Government Railways parcel stamps from 1907-66, an interesting watermark die, 121x57mm. Photo on Page 6. £150-180
Egypt. No 2254, 16 impressions of a crown over arabic letters, used for 1926-57 Egypt stamps (S.G. w48), very fine, 86x86mm. £120-150
Egypt. No 3451, "Eagle (stamps)", nine impressions of large Eagle, used for 1962-87 Egypt issues (S.G. w237), the same watermark also used for Sudan stamps from 1978, very fine, 127x127mm. £100-120
India. No 2059, "Star Postage", 14 impressions of stars, used for 1926-58 issues (S.G. w69), dated "1.5.23", 90x34mm. £100-120
India - Mysore. No 2593, "Stamp bit - Mysore", nine impressions of a double headed eagle, probably used for revenues, 62x53mm. £100-120
India - Travancore. No 1997, "Stamp bit - shell", eight impressions of conch shells, probably used for revenues, 79x73mm. £100-120
Ireland. No 2988, "Irish stamp bit e", 66 impressions of the multiple "e" watermark (S.G. w22) used for all 1922-72 issues. An important watermark plate. £120-150
Jordan. No 3327, "H.K.J Stamps", 20 impressions of "HKJ" below arabic lettering (S.G. w57), used for 1955-63 issues, very fine, 124x127mm. £120-150
New Zealand. No 2291, "G.P.O. N.Z and crown", a large crown above "G.P.O/NZ", 109x80mm. £70-80
New Zealand. No 1776, "Stamp bits - N.Z and Star, New Zealand Postage", two dies both with the same number, one with large multiple inscription "NEW / ZEALAND / POSTAGE", 143x147; the other with 18 close impressions of single "NZ" over star, similar to the multiple watermark (S.G. w98) used 1936-70, 90x64mm, an important pair of watermark dies. (2). £200-250
Samoa. No 3465, "W.S & Bowl stamp bits", 20 impressions of multiple "W.S" below Kava bowls (S.G. w61), used for 1965-82 issues, very fine. £80-100
Trains/Australia. No 1144, "Stamp bit - locomotive", nine impressions of a train, possibly for an Australia railway stamp. £80-100
Postal Orders. No 3394, six impressions of "POSTAL ORDER", 115x92mm; and No 2088 with four impressions of "POSTAL / DRAFT" in double lined lettering, 79x158mm, both fine, the countries of use unknown. (2). £140-180
Various watermark dies, marked as "stamp bits" in the company ledgers, the countries and stamps of use not identified, comprising No 170, 16 impressions of a crown, 58x48mm; No 2680, nine impressions of "AP" within a jar, 60x81mm; No 2204, 24 impressions of "SP", 100x51mm; No 2625, 25 impressions of a star within shield, 75x74mm; and No 2860, 27 multiple impressions each of three Greek letters (marked "Greek stamp bit" in the ledger), 73x74mm, some probably used for revenues. (5). £200-250


From the Collection of Robin Gwynn, RDP.
The following 69 lots comprise covers with an Australian or Asian origin or connection from the exceptional collection of wreck mail formed over the last forty years by Robin Gwynn. Great care has been taken to acquire the rare or unusual, many items being the only recorded items from particular wrecks, others illustrating particularly unusual origins or destinations, cachets or explanatory labels, whilst the overall quality is unusually fine for wreck covers, many of which inevitably show water or fire damage as a result of the wreck or disaster in which they were involved. Robin has also focused on unusual incidents and reasons for a wreck; all covers and incidents have been meticulously researched and written up in the standard work on the subject, "Maritime Disaster Mail: a study of mail salvaged from maritime disasters, as casualties of war, collisions, fires, shipwrecks and stranding" which he co-wrote with Norman Hoggarth (published by The Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund, 2003). Many items from this collection are illustrated in this fine publication. The collection has been displayed internationally most recently receiving Large Gold medals at both London 2010 and Indipex 2011. Robin is continuing to develop the collection of wreck mails from New Zealand. His wreck covers from Africa, Europe and the Americas will feature in future Argyll Etkin auctions. Many wreck covers are sent between differing countries and are wrecked en-route in a third country, and can therefore fit into various country collections. The following cross-references are therefore provided as an aid to collectors.

Aden 48Italy 87
Antarctica 59Japan 89, 90, 94-97
Australia 63, 64, 76, 77Mauritius 43
Brazil 39Natal 58, 98
Canada 99, 104Netherlands 87, 88
Cape of Good Hope 42, 69New Zealand 50, 65, 78, 101
Ceylon 48, 49, 71, 72, 76-78, 88, 98Perim Is. 51-53, 94-97
Christmas Is. (Gilberts) 57Poland 60
Egypt (Shadwan Is.) 74, 75Saudi Arabia 46, 47
France 41, 80, 93-97, 105-107Spain 70, 103
Germany 59, 91Switzerland 80
G.B 39, 41, 42, 45-49, 51-53, 56, 64, 66, 68-72,USA 44, 50, 57, 61, 72, 83, 89, 90, 102
74-77, 79, 81, 82, 84, 92, 100P.&O. 49, 53, 70-77, 79, 80


S.V. "Medora". 1837 (June 19) Entire from George Galbraith in Sydney to William Galbraith in Scotland, endorsed "Per Medora" with red oval "PAID SHIP LETTER / SYDNEY" datestamp and manuscript "3", carried on the "Medora" as far as Brazil. The "Medora" was wrecked on 25th September on the Brazilian coast 30 miles north of Bahia, the main top mast breaking, the ship being driven among the breakers, the crew of 13 being rescued by a schooner. The mails were then transferred to the Packet sailing from Bahia to Falmouth, handstamped upon arrival with two strikes of undated "BRAZIL / F" and the boxed " 1/2" (Scottish additional 1/2d charge) all in the distinctive green ink of Falmouth, charged 7/6. A unique entire, still the only known item from this wreck, also an exceptional use of the Brazil F Packet handstamp on a letter from Australia, a result of the wreck causing the mail to be transferred to the Packet service. Vertical file fold, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 10. £1,800-2,000
P.S. "Clonmel". 1840 (Dec 28) Entire letter from Parramatta to Melbourne endorsed "Ship Letter" and charged 8d, backstamped with crowned oval "GENERAL POST OFFICE / SYDNEY" datestamp (Dec 30). Carried on the second Sydney to Port Philip return trip of the paddle steamer "Clonmel" which stranded at Shallow Inlet eight miles North East of Port Albert on the morning of January 3rd, and became a total wreck, the 75 passengers and crew and the mails being landed safely. Handstamped with oval "MELBOURNE / NEW S. WALES" arrival datestamp (Jan 14, with "JA" inverted). A little very light staining and small part of upper flap missing, otherwise fine and very scarce, one of just two letters recorded from the wreck of the "Clonmel", which had been the first steamer to enter Port Philip in December 1840. Photo on Page 10. £1,300-1,500
S.V. "Berkshire". 1846 (Aug 7) Entire letter from Sydney to Glasgow prepaid 1/3, endorsed "p. Berkshire" with red oval "PAID SHIP LETTER / SYDNEY" datestamp, arrival backstamps of London (April 2) and Glasgow. The "Berkshire", owned by Toulmin & Co., suffered from severe storms during this very protracted 145 day voyage to Scotland, the ship finally becoming dismasted and having to put into Cherbourg. A fine item, only two or three letters recorded from this voyage. Photo on Page 10. £100-120
S.S. "Australian". 1854 (Jan 31) Entire letter from Sydney to London endorsed "P. Australian", franked by N.S.W 1852 imperf 3d tied by oval of bars, backstamped at Sydney and London (May 27), charged 1/- upon arrival. The Australian Royal Steam Navigation Co. steamer "Australian" reached Algon Bay, South Africa on March 27th; that night it ran aground at Green Point, Table Bay, the passengers, mail and 123,000oz of gold all being landed safely. The mail was transferred to the "Marauder" arriving in London on May 27th; the "Australian" meanwhile being refloated and repaired, finally reaching London on June 19th. A fine and interesting letter, very few items recorded from this voyage. Photo on Page 10. £300-400
S.V. "Water Witch". 1854 (Sep 8) Entire letter from Melbourne to Pipon Bell & Co. in Mauritius, endorsed "p. Water Witch" and initially sent free of charge as the senders Bell Baynard & Co. were agents for the "Water Witch"; however the ship carrying a cargo of £20,000 in gold coins was driven ashore South West of King Island in a gale, the ship being lost but the gold and two mails bags being salvaged and 20 survivors from an earlier wreck being discovered on the island! The cover was now liable for postage and was endorsed "Detained for 2/- postage", being forwarded on the "Competitor" once the 2/- was received, with "MELBOURNE / VICTORIA" (Jan 26 1855) and crowned "MAURITIUS / G.P.O" (Mar 14) datestamps. A very unusual item, one of just three letters recorded from this voyage, discovered since 2003 and therefore not listed in "Maritime Disaster Mail" by Hoggarth and Gwynn. Photo on Page 10. £1,300-1,500
P.S. "Phoenix". 1855 (June 18) Entire letter from Sydney to Richmond, Virginia, endorsed "Per Phoenix via Singapore", the wooden paddle steamer "Phoenix" being wrecked in July in the Prince of Wales Channel in the Torres Strait whilst en route to Singapore. The vessel became a total wreck, passengers and mail being saved and taken to Batavia by the Danish ship "Cecrops". Backstamped at Sydney (June 20) and London (Oct 5) with "NEW YORK / AM PKT" (Oct 18) arrival c.d.s on the front, carried from Liverpool on the Collins Line Steamer "Atlantic", with British 6d and U.S 56c charges crossed out, finally charged 98c (56c Sydney to G.B + 32c Transatlantic charge + 10c inland U.S postage, all double rate). An interesting letter, just one other item recorded from this wreck. Photo on Page 10. £1,000-1,200
Clipper "Schomberg". 1855 (Oct 4) Entire letter to Launceston, Tasmania, prepaid 6d with red "LONDON PAID" c.d.s and an inspectors handstamp, red "1d" (due from G.B to Tasmania) and an "L/OC 5/A" lozenge datestamp of Liverpool, red diamond arrival backstamp "SHIP-LETTER / INWARDS FREE" (Dec. 31). Carried on the Black Ball clipper "Schomberg" (the largest sailing ship yet built in Britain) which left Liverpool on 6th October on her maiden voyage, bound for Melbourne. The ship ran aground on December 27th about 100 miles short of Melbourne, on an uncharted sand spit west of Cape Otway, Victoria; all passengers and mail were saved by the steamer "Queen" and landed at Melbourne the following day, but the "Schomberg" broke up and became a total loss. Light horizontal fold, otherwise very fine, only about half a dozen covers recorded carried on this ill-fated maiden voyage of the "Schomberg". Also copies of an illustration of the ship and a relevant newspaper cutting. Photo on Page 10. £1,200-1,400
S.S. "Emeu". 1857 (Sep 10) Cover from Sydney to England franked N.S.W 1854-59 6d slate pair (four margins, a little creasing, one torn) each tied by barred oval cancels, with a Sydney backstamp and red London (Dec 7) arrival c.d.s. Sent on the S.S "Emeu" (under charter to the Australian Royal Mail Co.) which left Sydney on September 11th bound for Suez, but stranded on October 22nd in the Red Sea, on the Guttal el Bunna, a coral reef 120 miles from Jeddah. She was refloated the following day and beached for repairs near Duber Dubb finally reaching Suez on 3rd November, the mails however having been transferred to the P.&O. S.S "Madras" which reached Suez on 19th November (16 days after the "Emeu"!). Paid for delivery via Southampton the cover was sent from Alexandria on the P.&O. "Ripon", arriving on December 7th. An attractive cover from this interesting voyage. Photo on Page 10. £250-300
S.S. "Emeu". 1857 (Sep 16) Cover from Melbourne endorsed "p. Emeu via Marseille" franked Victoria 1854 2/- (corner fault) tied by "1" numeral, sent on the same sailing of the "Emeu" as the previous cover, the ship leaving Melbourne on September 17th. Paid via Marseille, carried from Alexandria on the P.&O. "Vectis", with London arrival c.d.s of November 29th. A fine cover, making an interesting pair with the previous lot, the covers showing the two routes from Alexandria which arrived eight days apart. Photo on Page 13. £180-220
S.S. "Victoria"/"Oneida". 1858 (Oct 11) Cover from Sydney to England franked N.S.W 1854-59 1/- red tied by oval framed "N.S.W", endorsed "p. Victoria - via Marseilles", sent on the "Sydney" which sprang a leak en route to Galle, limping into the harbour on November 13th with almost nine feet of water in the engine room. The mail was transferred to the "Oneida" which left for Aden the same day, but the "Oneida" broke her screw on November 21st, and had to travel the last 200 miles under sail. Finally transferred to the P.&O. "Bengal" which left Aden on November 29th, arriving at Suez on December 5th and in London on the 15th. An unusual cover, involved in two maritime mishaps en route, with despatch and arrival backstamps. Photo on Page 13. £200-250
S.S. "Colombo". 1862 Cover to London with partial Victoria numeral cancel and red London Paid (Jan 1 1863) arrival c.d.s, the stamp washed off, side flap missing and a little light staining, explained by the boxed cachet "Saved from the Wreck of / the Colombo" applied in London. The P.&O. "Colombo" left Galle for Aden on November 19th, striking a coral reef that same day, subsequently splitting in two; all 530 boxes of mail were salvaged within three weeks, most forwarded by the "Nemesis" or "Ottawa" with both arriving at Suez on December 14/15th. An attractive "Colombo" wreck cover. Photo on Page 13. £200-250
S.S. "Mariposa". 1889 (Apr 16) Registered cover from Waterloo to Riverside, California franked N.S.W 1888-89 2d pair + 6d each cancelled by the numeral "194" with oval framed "PAID ALL" below, backstamped at Waterloo, Redfern and Sydney (all Apr. 16) and upon arrival at San Francisco (May 13). Some damage, mainly to the lower edge and lower right corner, explained by the bright orange label "San Francisco, Cal. / May 13, 1889. / Registered mail damaged by fire and / water on board "Steamship Mariposa" on / passage from Auckland, N.Z., to San Fran- / cisco, Cal. / Wm. J BRYAN. / Postmaster.". The "Mariposa" left Auckland on April 22nd with a cargo including mail and flax; the following day when 200 miles North of Auckland smoke was seen coming from the forehatch and was thought to be from the mailroom so the hose was turned on that part of the ship. It was subsequently found only the flax was on fire, the mail only being damaged by the water. The "Mariposa" returned to Auckland, discharged the flax, and again sailed for San Francisco. The only recorded cover from this wreck, one other example of the label known on small piece only. An exceptional cover. Photo Inside Front Cover. £1,800-2,200
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
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