Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 3
S.S. "Wairarapa". 1894 (Sep 8) Cover from Yohohama (printed senders address of N.J Sargent, wholesale & retail dealer in Japanese Stamps) franked 10s to Napier, New Zealand, with violet "Saved from wreck of the / "WAIRARAPA"" cachet, partial Hong Kong and Auckland (Nov. 3) backstamps. The "Wairarapa" sailed from Sydney to Auckland, running head first, in mist, into a 200m cliff on Great Barrier Island on the morning of October 29th, over 120 people losing their lives; most of the mail was later salvaged from the wreck. A very unusual origin, just one other "Wairarapa" wreck cover recorded from Japan. Photo on Page 25. £400-450
S.S. "Rio de Janeiro". 1901 (Jan 31) Cover from Niigata to Chicago franked 10s handstamped with magenta "Damaged in Wreck / Of SS Rio De Janeiro / Feb 22 1901", the reverse sealed by a label upon which a similar but smaller cachet has been pre-stamped. Redirected to Braintree with Tokio (Feb. 1), Chicago (Feb. 21/23) and Braintree, Mass. (Mar. 2) datestamps. The S.S. "Rio de Janeiro", sailing from Hong Kong to Yokohama, struck a ledge when entering San Francisco harbour on February 22nd and sank within 20 minutes with the loss of over 100 lives. A scarce cover, opened out to show the two differing cachets. Photo on Page 25. £350-450
S.S. "Dakota". 1907 Cover from Madrid to Yokohama, the stamp washed off, the reverse with second type explanatory label "Wreck mail of the S.S. "Dakota"" (bilingual manuscript message in two lines, English above Japanese), English and Japanese arrival datestamps (Mar 9). The "Dakota" sank on March 3rd at the mouth of Tokyo Bay - see lot 90. Also two picture postcards of the wreck posted from Yokohama (one sent 30 April, the month after the wreck), and a March 27th newspaper cutting reporting the recovery of 108 mailbags from the wreck. (4). Photo on Page 25. £400-450
S.S. "Dakota". 1907 Cover from Toronto to Kobe, the stamp washed off, bearing first type explanatory label "Wreck mail of the S.S. Dakota." (bilingual manuscript message in two lines, Japanese above English) tied by scarce red cachet "Received by Dakota", the reverse with a Japan Officially Sealed label tied by an arrival c.d.s (Mar 10), fine and scarce. Photo on Page 25. £400-450
S.S. "Dakota". 1907 Large mourning envelope to the French Military Attaché in Tokyo, apparently having been hand carried on the "Dakota" when it was wrecked, recovered and repaired with six Japan Officially Sealed labels, bearing the third type bilingual explanatory label "Soaked and damaged in the wreck / of "Dakota". Tokio Post Office", fine and scarce. Photo on Page 27. £300-350
S.S. "Dakota". 1907 (Jan 30) Letter from Paris to the French Military attaché in Tokyo, enclosed within a Tokyo Post Office ambulance envelope, which bears the third type bilingual explanatory label "Soaked and damaged in the wreck / of "Dakota". Tokio Post Office", and a Tokyo c.d.s (Mar 10), very unusual and scarce. Photo on Page 25. £300-400
S.S. "Dakota". 1907 Complete French military newspaper, water damaged and tied with cord, bearing third type bilingual explanatory label "Soaked and damaged in the wreck / of "Dakota". Tokio Post Office", the lettering differing slightly to the labels in the two previous lots. Very unusual, newspapers were rarely salvaged or kept. Photo on Page 27. £400-500


1854-77 Entire letters and covers sent from, to or via G.B with sterling accountancy handstamps in red or black applied in G.B, includes covers from G.B to Canada (4) and Norway (4), Victoria to Nova Scotia via G.B, etc., also "3 1/2/GROSCHEN" handstamp on a stampless cover to Vienna. (17). £280-320
Australia - Victoria. 1862 Entire from Melbourne to Switzerland franked 3d + 6d with red boxed "INSUFFICIENTLY PAID / VIA MARSEILLES" and diamond framed "GB/1F62410c", charged "180". Photo on Page 27. £150-180
Brazil. 1859 Stampless prices current from Bahia to France with hexagonal framed "GB/2F/PK" and red "15c", a scarce handstamp used on printed matter. Photo on Page 27. £150-200
Brazil/Mexico. 1868-74 Stampless cover and entire letters (2) from Vera Cruz (2) or Rio de Janeiro with heptagon framed "FR/2F96c" or oval framed "FR/2F20c" (2), all fine. (3). £120-150
Europe/G.B. 1857-73 Unpaid covers (8), an entire letter and a front from Italy (2), France (3), Spain, Germany, Switzerland or Turkey (front with disallowed G.B 6d) to England with "FR" accountancy handstamps comprising vertical oval "1F" or "2F" (2), horizontal oval "2F40c", triangular "1F76c", pentagon framed "2F16c", boxed "1F78c", tombstone framed "3F76c" and hexagonal "2F55c", two covers redirected with G.B stamps, one with "8d" charge mark. Also cover from G.B to Switzerland franked 4d with oval framed "F./27" and "INSUFFICIENTLY / STAMPED". A fine group. (10). £280-320
India. 1861-74 Stampless entire letters from Bombay or Calcutta to France with diamond framed "GB/1F62410c" or "GB/1F66c" (3, one an unusual 'squat' type), all fine. (4). £100-120
India. 1870 Printed prices current from Bombay to Amsterdam franked 2a, with scarce hexagonal framed "GB/1F20c", a very unusual printed matter item, the accountancy handstamp shown by Salles as applied on the Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office. Photo on Page 27. £200-250
Madeira. 1866-67 Entires from Funchal to France with boxed "GB/1F60c" or pentagon framed "GB/2F" both applied in error and obliterated by the London numeral "50", replaced by the circular framed "GB/1F", an unusual pair. (2). £240-280
USA/Latin America. 1859-74 Stampless covers and entire letters from Lima, Valparaiso, Callao, Jacmel, Havana or New York to France all with "GB" accountancy marks comprising hexagonal "2F87510c" (2) or "1F90c", large diamond framed "3F60c", boxed 1F60c" or pentagon framed "2F", all fine. (6). £180-220


(Also see lots 164, 185, 242, 245-247, 252, 265, 297, 323, 325, 329, 332, 425, 443)

1826 Printed handbill, "Parody of the Huntsmen's Chorus written by C.R, first sung by Messrs. Martin, Barnet, and Rayner in the car appended to Mr Green's Balloon while floating in the air at The Eagle Tavern, City Road, on Monday May 15, 1826", with 18 lines of verse, headed with a hot air balloon. Also a printed Cherry Blossom book mark depicting a balloon, with a note stating it was dropped on 3rd May 1893 from a bottle shaped, coal gas filled balloon flown by Brewer and Hides from the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield to Foxton Wood. (2). £120-140
1911-80 Flight covers in an album including 1911 First UK Aerial Post cards (3), 1929-34 Zeppelin covers, 1954 Singapore Comet Crash with G.B stamps cancelled by Fremantle Paquebot, various First Flights, Concorde covers, etc. (62). £200-250
1917 Postcard to India with KGV 1d cancelled at Notting Hill (Feb 23) with the interesting message "this Post Card is posted from H.Ms Balloon B.5 while flying over ...... on 19.2.17. Will the finder please put it in the Post? C. Bagram", then endorsed "Dropped on 22 Porchester Terrace and posted and stamped by Sir John Collie 22.2.17". A very unusual card. Photo on Page 27. £200-240
1917 Circular printed card disk "From a British Aeroplane, To the Citizens of London" publicising the sale of National War Bonds in Trafalgar Sq., the reverse endorsed "Dropped from airship. Picked up in the Strand, Saturday Dec 8th 1917". Fine and unusual. Photo on Page 51. £220-260
R-101 Ephemera, comprising 1930 (Sep 30) letter from the Superintendent of Police at Karachi enclosing passes for one car and two people to the Royal Airship Base to see the arrival of R.101, together with the three specially printed passes, each of which bears the cachet of the "Aircraft Depot, R.A.F, Dingh Rd, Karachi, Adjutants Office", and strangely have adverts for Ardath cork tipped cigarettes on the reverse. Also two photographic postcards of the wrecked airship and coffins of victims in France. A rare group, the R-101 crashed in France so never reached Karachi. (6). £600-650
1931 (August 18) Graf Zeppelin trip around England, album kept by Geoffrey Harmsworth (of the newspaper dynasty), a passenger on the trip, containing printed regulations for passengers, supper menu, ticket for the trip (cost £30), various letters concerning the trip and subsequent newspaper articles written by Harmsworth, radio telegram message from the Zeppelin, luggage label, passenger tag for National Flying Services to fly passengers to London Air Park to connect with the Zeppelin 24hr British Isles cruise, lunch menu, card of Hugo Eckener, magazine cuttings, and a superb series of press photos showing the Zeppelin or scenes on board or from the Zeppelin (18, several of crew of passenger), a postcard and photo of the Zeppelin in flight, Imperial Airways Gazette, and fine press photos of Imperial Airways planes (25), an exceptional album. £1,500-1,800


Stockbook of World forgeries, all nineteenth century, in blocks or sheets of 16 or more, many by Spiro. Countries include Mauritius, North Borneo, Turkey, Italian States, South and Central America, etc. (441). £200-250

Sperati Forgeries

(Also see lots 189, 229)

British Empire. Two pages from the original 1954-55 B.P.A work on Sperati forgeries contained in the "Part IV" folder from that work, bearing eleven forgeries comprising G.B 1880 2/- brown, Ceylon 1885 5c on 4c rosy-mauve and 5c on 24c purple-brown surcharges, Gibraltar 1886 overprint on Bermuda 1/- and 1887 1/- bistre, Cyprus 1903 KEVII 45pi, Lagos 1886 2/6, Montserrat 1884 4d and Newfoundland 1861-62 4d and 1/-, all 'used', also Sierra Leone 1859 imperf 6d unused. All are handstamped "SPERATI / REPRODUCTION" and numbered "106" on the reverse, the Lagos 2/6 also signed by Sperati in pencil. A fine and scarce group. (11). Photo on Page 73. £700-800
Europe. A page from the original 1954-55 B.P.A work on Sperati forgeries, bearing 12 forgeries comprising Bavaria 1849 1kr, Oldenburg 1859 1/3gr and 1861 1/2gr, Saxony 1850 3pf, Spain 1850 10r (stained), 1851 2r, 5r, 10r and 1860 19c, France 1849 1fr and 1853 1fr, all 'used', also Parma 1859 80c unused, all handstamped "SPERATI / REPRODUCTION" and numbered "103" on the reverse. A fine group. (12). Photo on Page 73. £350-450


Lake Constance/Bodensee. 1899-1957 Covers and cards with various Austrian, Bavarian, German or Swiss ship datestamps, straight line "SEE RORSCHACH", "Schiffsbrief" (various types) or "Bodensee Schiffspost" (2 types), with examples of cancels of one country used on another country's stamps, many commercial, a fine collection. (41). £400-450
Lake Starnberg. 1893-1913 Cards with "STARNBERG-DAMPSCHIFFS / POST" c.d.s (2) or "STARNBERG-SCHIFFSPOST" c.d.s (3), also a 1900 "GRUSS VON STARNBERGER SEE" postcard showing a steamer on the lake. (6). £100-120
Lake Luzern. 1863 Stampless entire letter with "SCHIFFSBUREAU / LUZERN" c.d.s and 1905-54 postcards with "LUZERN-ALPNACH / SCHIFF" or "LUZERN FLUELEN / SCHIFF" c.d.s (5, two types), one with straight line "BEINENRIED". (7). £80-100


c.1870 Proofs of approximately 130 differing engine turned designs, many reminiscent of the backgrounds used for G.B line-engraved and other stamps, printed in black or red on three pages each handstamped on the reverse "Ebenezer Bacon & Son, (Estd. 1810), Bank Note & General Machinagraphists, Chalk Farm Road, London N.W". One page split into two and rejoined, otherwise fine and unusual. £160-200
c.1900 Sample book containing 60 pages of samples of various engine turned designs, many reminiscent of the backgrounds used for G.B line-engraved and other stamps, a few samples cut out from some pages, the first page entitled "Specimens of Machinagraphy, G.E Oliver, 30 St. James Square, Edinburgh, successors to E. Bacon & Son, London". An interesting volume with many hundreds of differing sample designs. £300-400
c.1900 De La Rue sample book containing stamp size Die Proofs all featuring portraits including Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, Lord Kitchener, Lord Salisbury, a Thai prince, etc. All printed in black on glazed card or paper, some with uncleared surrounds, two dated 1898 or 1899 in pencil. Signed in the front by Leonard V. Phillips, believed to be an engraver at De La Rue. An unusual volume. (35 proofs). £700-1,000
c.1910 De La Rue sample book, similar in style to the previous lot, containing various Die Proofs (47) in black, blue or orange on glazed card or paper, also playing cards (2) and Christmas cards (2), two proofs being stamp size, the others all much larger, five dated in pencil between 1905 and 1911. The proofs include two portraits of King George V, a Thai prince, various other portraits, boats and ships, a train, George and the Dragon, royal coats of arms, the coat of arms of Hong Kong, etc. An unusual volume. (51 items). £300-350


1945-79 Mint and used stamps (with a few earlier issues included) contained in five stockbooks, various thematic subjects including Europa, space, animals, birds, fish, butterflies, insects, flowers, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, music, medicine, stamps on stamps, etc., some duplication. (1,000s) £380-450
Boy Scouts. 1936 (Aug 10) Cover with 1934 G.B 1 1/2d tied by "MOUNT EDGCUMBE CAMP / PLYMOUTH. DEVON" c.d.s, a second strike alongside, used at the West Country Scout Jamboree, scarce. Pearson 241. Photo on Page 35. £550-650
Olympic Games. 1947 Proof impression in red on paper of the "Olympic Games 1948 / July 29 Wembley August 14" slogan featuring the Olympic rings, from the Neopost franking machine used by the Wembley Stadium booking and enquiry offices from December 1947. £180-200


Worldwide accumulation of stamps and a few covers in 17 albums, stockbooks or cover albums and on pages including China 1897 1c on 3c used (S.G. 88, creased) and 1967 Labour Day set of five fine used C.T.O with Peking datestamps (S.G. 2354/8), also Gibraltar, Malta, QEII Omnibus issues, etc. (1,000s). £200-250
Worldwide collection in a 1921 Ideal album including 1d blacks (2, three or four margins), New Zealand Chalon Heads, Southern Nigeria 1901 10/- mint, Papal States, various other classic Europe, a useful old time collection with many reasonable stamps. (1,000s) £600-700
1840s-1880s Worldwide collection on old album pages, all stuck down and many with faults but a few better stamps noted from Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, USA, etc., also a few later stamps on pages. (100s). £240-300
1937-52 KGVI Commonwealth mint and used in an S.G. KGVI album with many reasonable mint sets or stamps from Aden, Ascension, Bahamas, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, Burma, Falklands with 1938-50 set to £1, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hong Kong, Malta, Mauritius, North Borneo with 1939 issue to $2, Nyasaland, St. Helena, Sarawak, various 1948 Silver Wedding issues, etc., mainly fine. Also ten other albums of G.B and worldwide stamps and a few covers. (1,000s). £250-300
1945-79 Mint and used accumulation contained in 21 stockbooks and two albums, from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UN, USA, Vatican, etc., much duplication. (Many 1,000s). £1,200-1,400
Covers. 1849-1968 Covers and cards in an album including 1849 entire letter from Alexandria (French P.O) to Malta with disinfection cachet, 1900 (Feb 24) stampless cover from a trooper in the Imperial Light Horse posted from Ladysmith to London during the siege with Ladysmith c.d.s and "10c" charge mark obliterated "FB" in London, 1935 stampless cover with "QUETTA EARTH QUAKE POSTAGE FREE" handstamp, etc. Also G.B 1993 24p Machin forgeries unused and used on a cover. (42). £120-150
Covers. c.1887-1970s Worldwide covers and cards including 1930 Air Mails from South America or Europe (30+), 1950s Aerogrammes from Fiji (120+), etc., also a few stamps including China 1897 2c on 2c green used (2), etc. (c.200 covers + stamps). £100-120
Covers - Europe. 1814-81 Stamped and prestamp covers and entire letters, mainly to London or Leith, including entire letters from Danzig (15, seven bearing Prussia 1861-65 2sg + 3sg), 1861 entire letter with Prussia 1858-60 2sg + 3sg tied by boxed "STETTIN", disinfected letters (2, one with cachet and wax seal), 1843 Hamburg forwarding agents endorsement, etc. (60). £150-200
Covers and postcards including First Flight covers, prestamp letters, etc. Also 1948 London Olympics Athletics tickets (2) and programme. (Approx 200). £100-120
Machine Cancels - South & Central America. 1898-1930 Covers and cards with machine cancels from Argentina (9), Brazil (3), Chile (4), Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico (9) or Paraguay, many types, most pre-1915. (28). £100-120
Aerogrammes. Various air letters including WW2 forces types from South Africa (one with "S.A Hospital Ship" cachet) and Southern Rhodesia, KUT, U.S "V. Mail" forms, later types from S.W.A, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, G.B, etc. (71). £100-120


QV-KGV Mint and used selection with useful imperf classics including Canada 1852 3d brown-red on handmade paper, fine used with large margins; New Zealand 1857 2d blue used, four margins; G.B 1847 Embossed 1/- used with good margins (some staining from the cancellation); Victoria half length imperf 3d used (2, both S.G. 7, second state of die, four margins), etc., mainly fine. S.G. £2,500 (approx). (16). £250-300
QV-KGVI Mint and used selection on stockcards and album pages including Ascension, North Borneo, Newfoundland, NSW 1850 1d, Rhodesia, St. Vincent, Mafeking 1/- on 6d Bechuanaland Protectorate used on piece, Canada, Cape triangulars, Ceylon, Gold Coast, Grenada, Mauritius, Labuan, Zululand, etc. Also a few revenues, Fiji imperf reminders, Rhodesia Admiral vignette plate proof and a few specimens including British Levant 1887 40pa on 2 1/2d and 80pa on 5d (both unlisted as Specimens by S.G.). A few faults, mainly to imperf classics, the majority fine. S.G. £7,000 (approx., for fine stamps). £700-800
S.G. Imperial Postage Stamp Album, eighth edition, 1897, leather binding, empty with just a very few pages having been used, these few stamps now removed, the clasp broken and a couple of G.B pages stained, otherwise largely fine and an ideal album for filling. Also a QV-QEII mint and used collection in four other albums. £100-120
War Tax Stamps. 1915-20 War Tax overprints, the mint and used collection including large mint multiples from Bahamas, Ceylon, Gibraltar and Trinidad & Tobago, control blocks from Gilbert & Ellice Islands, etc. (100s). £130-160


Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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