Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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Auction Lots - Page 9
1902-03 1/2d - £20 Set of twenty overprinted "SPECIMEN", light staining to eight values including the 10/- and £20, the £5 with tiny tone spot and light gum crease, otherwise fine, original gum and good colour. S.G. 127/145s, £1,475. (20). Photo on Page 55. £200-250
1902-03 6d, 2/-, 2/6, 4/-, 5/-, 10/-, £1 and £1.10 overprinted "SPECIMEN" each additionally handstamped "ULTRAMAR" (applied in Lisbon prior to distribution to one of the Portuguese Colonies), no gum, otherwise fine and scarce. (8). Photo on Pages 55 & 73. £250-300
1902-03 1 1/2d, 3d and 1/- and 1904-08 Multiple Crown CA 1/2d and 1d each handstamped violet "SPECIMEN." (Samuel type NA2), applied by the Natal Post Office to presentation sets and reference sets supplied to major Natal post offices. The 1 1/2d with gum creases, otherwise fine. (5). Photo on Page 73. £100-120
1902-03 1/2d - £1.10 mint, some staining and the £1.10 poor, the 2/-, 2/6, 4/- and £1 very fine. S.G. 127/143, £650. (17). Photo on Page 55. £140-160
1902-03 Crown CA 1d - 1/- mint marginal plate number singles or multiples comprising 1d - 3d and 5d - 1/- singles, 1d and 1 1/2d blocks of six, 2 1/2d pair and 3d block of four, all fine, many unmounted. £80-100
1904-08 Multiple Crown CA 1/2d - 2/6 mint, 1d in a mint plate number corner block of four, 2d and 5d mint blocks of four and £1.10 overprinted "SPECIMEN". Also 1d booklet pane of six, and 1d + "Not For Use" overprint on 1d pairs from booklets mint and used. Some staining, the three blocks of four and the £1.10 specimen fine. S.G. 146/162. (31). Photo on Page 55. £120-150
1908 "Postage Postage" issue, Master Die Proof of the design used for the 6d - 2/6 values with uncleared surrounds, centre and value tablets, in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, dated "8 MAY 08" and stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING". A fine and scarce proof. Photo on Page 68. £350-400
1908-09 6d - £1 Set of seven fine mint. Also 6d - 5/- overprinted "SPECIMEN", the 6d a little stained, 1/- and 2/- each applied to piece. S.G. 165/171, £500+. (12). Photo on Page 55. £130-160

Official and Railway Stamps

1904 Official overprints comprising the set of six mint (staining); used 1/2d and 1d pairs, 2d (2), 3d (2) and 1/-; 2d and 3d used both additionally perfined "NGR" by the Natal Government Railways; 1d used on 1905 cover with enclosed letter from the Natal Mounted Rifles, and 3d used on 1906 Natal Government Railways cover, a little staining. (2 covers + 16 stamps). £120-150
Natal Government Railways perfins. 1910-11 Covers from Durban or Point bearing Cape 1d or Natal 1d perfined "NGR". Also "NGR" perfins on Natal 1/2d (3), 1d (4), 2d, 3d and 6d mint, ORC 1d mint, or on used stamps of Natal (23), Cape (6) or OFS (2), including some pieces, multiples, inverted or reversed perfins. (2 covers + 42 stamps). £150-180
Railway Parcel stamps comprising Natal Government Railways 1880-1909 issues (11, two on a parcel tag) and 1909 issue (10); Central South African Railways 1909 issue (11); South African Railways issues from 1910-37 (40), and N.G.R or S.A.R newspaper stamps (3). Also 1907 Natal Government Railways coloured picture postcard and a Natal QV 1d pair each cancelled boxed "DN/RAIL". (78). £150-200

Ingoing Covers

1857-63 Covers (5) and a part front from G.B to Natal franked 1856 6d (3), 1862 1/- (2) or with a cut to shape embossed 1/-, two 1863 covers with differing "2" accountancy handstamps (being the fee due from G.B to Natal). (6). £180-220
1863 Cover franked G.B 2d + 4d sent from Gosport to Pietermaritzburg and redirected to Durban, with large "1/-" charge mark of Devonport, altered in manuscript to "1/6". £100-120
1877-78 Covers from G.B franked 1876-78 6d grey (plates 15 and 16), the first to "The Rev. J. Jackson, Derby, New Scotland, via Newcastle, Natal - Cape of Good Hope" with red boxed "UNCLAIMED", and a Cape Town transit c.d.s, returned to G.B backstamped by "CAPE PACKET / PLYMOUTH c.d.s. The 1878 cover addressed "To Her Majestys Britannic Consul, Durban, Port Natal" endorsed "Try HE The Lieut Governor" and "Opened by the Lt. Governor 15.1.79". (2). £180-220

Postage Due and Explanatory Handstamps

1868 Cover (flap missing) from Paris to Pietermaritzburg bearing 1863-70 80c, charged 2d with boxed "TO PAY" handstamp, very unusual. Photo on Page 66. £150-200
1883 Covers from London or Ireland to Pietermaritzburg both with black "3d" handstamp crossed out and replaced by a circular framed charge mark, one franked 1880 2d pair with "8d" charge mark, the other franked 1880 2d + 1883 3d on 3d with "7d" charge mark. A few faults though an unusual pair. (2). £180-220
1884 and 1891 Covers from Germany both with boxed "Retour" and differing "ADVERTISED / AND / UNCLAIMED" handstamps, the first returned to Germany with circular framed "10d" charge mark; the second to Cape Town redirected to Durban, Argentina and back to Germany five years after posting, with circular framed "2d" and "3d" charge marks. (2). £180-240
1885 Cover from London to Cape Town redirected to Durban and then Australia franked 1883 6d green, with white Natal Post Office "Officially Sealed" label and circular framed "2d" charge mark, oval framed "MORE TO PAY" applied in Sydney. Also similar 2d charge mark on 1897 cover from Transvaal apparently written by a native worker, later charge marks, "Unclaimed" handstamps (2), etc. (9). £160-200

Bambata Rebellion

1907 (Dec 23) Stampless picture postcard from Vryheid to Pietermaritzburg endorsed "O.A.S" and signed "J.J Bisset, Sgt N.C". A scarce card sent during the native disturbances near the Zululand border in November and December 1907. Photo on Page 66. £150-200
1906 (May - July) Stampless picture postcards (2) and a cover all headed "on active service" with datestamps of Helpmakaar, Kearney or Nqutu, and a card sent from Nkandhla, Zululand by a member of the Natal Telegraph Corps "on special duty here in laager", addressed to England therefore franked 1d. The two stampless cards with faults, the other two fine. (4). £200-250


Reprints of the 1870-75 1d - 1/- taken from defaced plates, an accompanying note stated "Dr Robert Broom reprinted the first type from all the panes available in the Transvaal Museum in about 1948. Only about 3-4 sets of panes were made for his own use in plating these stamps". Seven reprinted panes each of 40 stamps comprise the 1d, 3d and 6d each in a left and right pane, and the 1/- right pane only. The first examples of these interesting reprints we have seen or recorded, and which do not seem to be mentioned in any philatelic literature on the subject. Clearly produced in tiny numbers and very scarce. (7 sheets). £700-1,000

Union of South Africa

1910-60 Mint and used collection with some covers in an S.G. Plymouth album, including various pairs to the 10/- value, minor varieties, First Flight covers, officials, etc. (100). £200-250
1910-69 Mainly used collection on album pages including 1916 £1 green and red, 1927-30 10/- pair, 1930-45 2/6 green and brown pair, etc, mainly fine. S.G. £2,700 (approx). (100s). Photo on Page 73. £350-400
1928-30 2d Official, overprint reading upwards, in an unmounted mint pane of sixty, Bradbury Wilkinson imprint in lower margin, very fine. S.G. O5, £180+. £80-100
1932 (Jan 19) Complete newspaper (Daily Mail 1932 supplement of 31 Dec. 1931) franked 4d strip of three tied by London F.S Air Mail datestamps, to Cape Town, carried on the first London to Cape Town regular air mail service with Feb. 2nd arrival c.d.s, very unusual. £100-120


1915 Stampless picture postcards showing the railway stations at Garub or Brukkaros, sent to Cape Colony endorsed "On active service" both with dated violet oval "S.A FIELD TELEGRAPH / AND POSTAL CORPS" (May 10 or 25), one with blue boxed bilingual censor cachet. The odd tiny mark but generally fine, an unusual and scarce corps cachet. (2). £180-220
1923-66 Mint and used collection on pages including 1923 setting I 4d block of four used, setting III 5/- pairs mint and used, 1927-30 5/- pairs mint and used, 1938 Voortrekker set in used pairs, etc., mainly fine. S.G. £1,800 (approx). £280-320
1927-30 10/- Pair overprinted S.W.A, the left stamp with variety no stop after "A", superb used with light Windhoek c.d.s. S.G. 67a, £600. Photo on Page 73. £180-220
1943-44 1/- Vertical unit of two, each stamp with the "SWA" overprint inverted, fine used on piece with part Keetmanshoop c.d.s. S.G. 130c, £400. Photo on Page 55. £120-140


(Also see lot 576)

1896 Stampless campaign covers with enclosed letters from J.F Burn-Murdoch to his mother in Kent, both endorsed "On active service, no stamps available, Miralai", one dated 3.7.96, the other dated 8.7.96 and additionally endorsed from "Suarda". Both have fine "WADI-HALFA / CAMP" datestamps and a boxed "T", one charged the 2 1/2d single rate in the London Foreign Branch, the other incorrectly mistaken for a soldiers letter and so only charged 1d in error. A fine and unusual pair. (2). Photo on Page 66. £500-600
1897 5m Soudan overprint postal stationery envelope cancelled by "KERMA" c.d.s, a further strike at the left, backstamped at Wadi Halfa. Horizontal fold, otherwise mainly fine. £130-150
1912 (Feb 27) Picture postcard to Germany with 1902-21 1m and 3m each cancelled by "ARMY / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s code "TN", place of use unknown, scarce. Photo on Page 75. £220-260
1940 5m on 10m Surcharges in mint blocks of six, three blocks containing the varieties "Malmine", two dots omitted or broken "lam", all fine. S.G. 78/a/b/d, £227+. (4 blocks). £60-70
1990 £1 on 10pi Red and blue sailing boat, handstamped provisional surcharge, in a superb unmounted mint marginal block of four, scarce. S.G. 468. £80-100
Cancellations. Collection of cancels on stamps, arranged alphabetically in a stockbook from Akobo to Zeidab, also some T.P.Os, many scarce cancels including 1898 manuscript "Gedarif", etc. (378 stamps or multiples). £250-350


1889-92 "Swazieland" overprints on Transvaal, the mint selection comprising perf 12 1/2x12 1d marginal pair and block of four and 1/- block of four, perf 12 1/2 1/2d single and vertical pair (both with overprint misplaced sideways), 6d block of four, 2/6 and 5/-, and 1/2d corner marginal single with carmine overprint. A fine group, some (including the blocks) unmounted, the 1d pair and 1/2d carmine overprints both with P.F.S.A certificates stating damaged "e" in overprint (row 1/10). S.G. 1/10, £883. (20). Photo on Page 73. £300-350
1889-90 Transvaal perf 12 1/2x12 1/- overprinted "Swazieland", variety overprint inverted, fine used with part Embekelweni c.d.s. With B.P.A Certificate (2005). S.G. 3a, £475. Photo on Page 73. £180-220
1889-90 Transvaal perf 12 1/2 2d overprinted "Swazieland", variety overprint inverted, used with Bremersdorp squared circle, upper right corner repaired and other corner/edge faults, a reasonable looking example of this variety. With 'pink' B.P.A Certificate (2005) - 'Genuine but repaired'. S.G. 5a, £450. Photo on Page 73. £70-80
1892 Transvaal 1/2d grey with "Swazieland" overprint in carmine, variety overprint double, in a fine mint pair. With P.F.S.A Certificate (2004). S.G. 10b, £1,000. Photo on Page 73. £400-500


1856 Cover from Villeneuve to England franked 1854-56 5r (faults), 10r and 40r cancelled by two diamonds of horizontal bars, the 10r also tied by red London Paid c.d.s, an attractive Rappen issue cover. Photo on Page 75. £200-250


(Also see lots 1, 44, 50, 57, 61, 72, 83, 89, 90, 102, 182, 261, 275, 713, 714, 907-922)

1859 (Dec 1) Pictorial Phonography envelope with the inscription "For Catalogue & Specimen Sheets (Free) address Benn Pitman, Cincinnati, O." sent to Westfield, Mass., franked 3c tied by "NEWHAVEN" c.d.s, a few small edge tears, horizontal fold at top, an attractive cover. Photo on Page 75. £150-180
Machine Cancels. 1882-1920 Covers and cards with various machine cancels including experimental Barr-Kyke machines, early Leavitt machines, various flag types (100+), experimental type Krags, Columbia arrival types, also International, American, Barry, Doremus, Hampden, Time-Cummins, Universal, Columbia and American machines, a few pieces and later covers included. (650+ covers). £1,500-1,800
Zeppelins. 1930 (May 30) Cover franked Zeppelin $1.30 and a postcard (made of card covered with wood) franked Zeppelin 65c, both carried on the First Europe Pan-America round flight with cachets and Friedrichshafen datestamps. Also 1933 (Oct 23) Century of Progress flight 50c on cover flown from Miami to the exhibition. All fine. (3). £200-250


1859 (Feb 17) Stampless cover to Vermont with red "HONOLULU / U.S POSTAGE PAID" and "SAN FRANCISCO / 12 Paid" (Mar 5) datestamps, minor staining, right edge with three repaired tears and part flap missing, good appearance. Photo on Page 75. £220-260
1861-63 2c Pale rose on horizontally laid paper cancelled by "A92" numeral used by British mail sorters on Cunard line transatlantic mailboats. The stamp cut into at base and right side, other faults include thins and two closed tears at left edge, nevertheless a remarkable cancellation, almost certainly unique on Hawaii. Photo on Page 73. £280-320
1897 Registered A.R cover to Paris bearing 1894 5c and 10c pairs tied by red Honolulu datestamps with red "R" and "A.R" handstamps, a New York Exchange registration label applied. Address partly erased, a scarce A.R cover. £240-260


1877 Cover to Germany bearing 1877 rouletted 10c tied by black "3" and blue "34" numerals with "T/1-10" applied in London (indicating 1f10c due to G.B), charged "130" in Erfurt. Backstamped in London and Erfurt, and on the Verviers-Neuss T.P.O, a fine cover. Photo on Page 75. £110-140
1889 Cover to Italy bearing 1884 rouletted 1c (2) and 2c (2 pairs) all tied by "F/12" numerals with a Carmelo datestamp on the front, Italian backstamps. Opened out with a few minor edge faults and pin holes well away from the stamps and cancels, an attractive cover. £100-120


1895-1909 Mint selection on album pages including "2 1/2d" surcharges (3, S.G. 26, 36); 1896 overprints on B.E.A 1/2a, 1a, 4 1/2a, 5a; 1896 (Dec) set to 5r; 1892 "2 1/2" surcharges on 4a (2); 1898 set of ten (2 1/2a used); 1899-1901 set to 5r; 1904 surcharges; 1904 1/2a - 2r; 1908-09 1c - 2r and 5r, etc., mainly fine. S.G. £1,700 (approx). (82). £280-350


Atlases, Gazetteers & Philatelic Literature

Thomas Jenner 1657, "A Book of Names for All Parishes", 40 engraved cartographical county mileage tables with 'thumbnail' maps set within text. Front board detached. A very scarce early book. £600-£800
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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