Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
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Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
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Auction Lots - Page 8
Christian DeWet. 1901 (March 9) Handwritten acknowledgement of the purchase of a horse from F. Singleton for £25, payable by the Free State Government after the war, written in Afrikaans at Welgevonden (Winburg District) and signed C.R DeWet as Chief Commandant of the O.F.S forces, on notepaper, folded and laid down on card. Written during the guerrilla war phase of the Anglo-Boer War just weeks after DeWet had led an audacious but largely unsuccessful expedition into the Cape, as a result of which the British were concentrating on trying to effect DeWet's capture or surrender. He was C. in C. of the O.F.S forces 1900-02 and joined the 1914 rebellion. An historic item. £150-200
Boer Occupation of Natal. 1899 "Schuler" covers to Johannesburg with Transvaal 1/2d tied by violet three line "P, K, NewCastle / Z.A.R 18 Dec 1899" or "Veldpost, Z.A.R. / Glencoe, / 8 Dec. 1899", or 2 1/2d tied by violet two line "P, K, NewCastle. / 1 Nov 1899", all with arrival backstamps, very fine. (3). £180-220
Boer Invasion of Natal. 1899-1900 Cover and cards (2) with Transvaal stamps cancelled violet "P, K, NewCastle / 31 Oct. 1899", "Veldpost Z.A.R / Glencoe, / 25 Dec. 1899" or oval "Veld-Post, Z.A.R / 14 APR. 1900 / INGAGANE", and pieces bearing 26 stamps with violet Veld-Post cancels from various offices in Natal. Also a 1900 stampless cover with Hoofdlager c.d.s on reverse. (4 Covers + 26 stamps on piece). £250-300
Boer invasion of Natal/German volunteers. 1900 (Apr 30) Transvaal 1d postcard written from Glencoe by Dr Schiele, a German volunteer in the Boer forces, to his wife at Dorpat, Estonia, cancelled "HOOFDLAGER / Z.A.R" c.d.s, with Pretoria and Russian datestamps. Schiele says he may be leaving Glencoe soon and going to the O.F.S, and calls the invasion "an English crime". £130-150
Boer Invasion of Natal/Cape. 1899 (Dec 23/25) Covers to Lady Grey bearing O.F.S 1d tied by "ALIWAL-NORTH" or "ALIWAL NORTH / C.G.H" datestamps, both with arrival backstamps, and cover to Krugersdorp with Transvaal 1/2d pair tied by violet straight line "COLENSO, 15 JAN. 00", backstamped at Hoofdlager, Johannesburg and Krugersdorp. (3). £150-180
Vryburg - Boer Occupation. 1899 "1 Pence Z.A.R" surcharge on Cape 1d, mint block of four with margin at left, faults at base of lower pair, the upper pair fine, an attractive block. With Brandon Certificate (1994). S.G. 2, £1,000. Photo on Page 49. £300-350
Vryburg - Boer Occupation. 1899 Z.A.R Surcharges on Cape stamps comprising 1/2d on 1/2d and 2d on 6d both used with Vryburg c.d.s, the 2d surcharge with slight perf toning at top, otherwise both fine. S.G. 1, 3, £580. (2). Photo on Page 73. £150-180
Ladysmith Siege. 1899 (Nov 2) O.H.M.S Cover to London posted in Ladysmith on the first day of the siege, detained in the town for the entire 119 day siege and then delivered with a red London Paid arrival c.d.s (Mar 25), redirected back to Natal with "10c" charge mark crossed out, very unusual. Also a cover posted in Ladysmith on March 1st (also received in London on March 25th) and a price list of food sold by auction in Ladysmith during the siege (both with faults), and five other soldiers covers. (8). £130-160
Ladysmith Siege. 1900 Ladysmith Siege postcard, stampless cover and a cover franked 1d all sent within Ladysmith to Capt. Molyneux with the violet two line Siege Post Office cancel, the stampless cover with the scarce error "SEIGE", the other cover with missing "t" in "Feb. 13th". Also a picture postcard of Sir George White V.C signed by the General, stampless 1900 cover to England with Ladysmith c.d.s (Jan. 8) and "30" charge mark obliterated in London, and a Boer telegram from Hoofdlager, Ladysmith with Pretoria datestamp (5 Jan. 1900). (6). Photo on Page 61. £300-350
Mafeking Siege. 1899-1900 "Mafeking Mail" special siege slips, printed in the town during the siege, various papers, also a poster advertising the March 8th edition, most very fine. (116). £400-500
Pictorial Envelopes. 1900-01 Blue cyclostyled pictorial envelopes with anti-Boer or pro-British subjects, all copies of drawings by Sir John Tenniel and incorporating his monogram. The fine collection of mint (6) and used (13) envelopes in three differing sizes (also a card and a front), all different with up to five versions of some designs, the seven subjects entitled "The Lord helps those who help themselves" (3), "Wiping something off the slate" (3), "Mafeking - Hold the fort for I am coming" (3), "Jack and Jill went up the hill" (2), "Steyns Pantechnicon" (3), "Trek" (2) and "Carving something on the rock" (5). Also a similar cyclostyled Christmas card "Wishing you a Merry Christmas from sunny South Africa 1900" with Tenniels monogram, and the "Trek" picture used on a picture postcard. A fine collection written up on pages, one envelope sent to Canada, the card used in South Australia, four items with a little soiling, otherwise unusually fine for these envelopes, which are often found in poor condition. (23). Photo on Page 61. £1,500-1,700
Indian Contingent. 1902 Large O.H.M.S covers to India both with the cachet "CONTROLLER MILITARY ACCOUNTS / INDIAN CONTINGENT / SOUTH AFRICAN FORCE" (and manuscript initials), one franked G.B 1d + 2d pair sent from Army Post Office Elandsfontein, the other registered from Germiston franked Transvaal KEVII 1d + V.R.I 4d, with "R" and void oval handstamps. (2). £100-120
Soldiers covers with various F.P.O cancels, some registered, including stampless cover to Ontario endorsed from "42 Batt", stampless cover with enclosed letter from Newcastle, Natal to New Zealand endorsed "No 4208 N.Z.M.R" and countersigned "C. Simson, Capt. 7 N.Z" with "10c" charge mark (a little water staining), also a letter written on a Telegraphs form with "ARMY / R A / TELEGRAPHS" c.d.s, a few censors, reproduction photos, etc. (29+). £100-120
1901-02 Differing printed O.H.M.S cards from the Army Post Office at Pretoria or Army Base P.O at Cape Town acknowledging receipt of letters, used with Army P.O 55 or Army Base P.O Cape Town c.d.s, the latter card to South Australia. (2). £200-240
1901 (Jan 23) Cover to "C. Stewart Wilson, Postmaster General, Punjab, Lahore" endorsed "Per Book Post" with G.B 1/2d pair tied Army P.O 43 c.d.s, backstamps include the scarce circular framed "43 / F.P.O" rubber parcel handstamp, very unusual. Photo on Page 61. £200-250
1901-02 Parcel Post labels franked G.B 3d + 6d tied by F.P.O 12 or Army Post Office Potchefstroom datestamps. (2). £100-120

Cape of Good Hope

c.1770-89 Entires from Holland to the Cape, one endorsed by the "Schip Roge Esmelde", the other "per de paquet t. Haasje" with fine "VOC/6st" charge mark, incorporating the Dutch East India Co monogram, light staining to lower edge and small repair, still attractive and scarce. (2). Photo on Page 61. £250-300
c.1780 Wrappers from Holland to Christian Ludolph Neethling, Secretary of the Council of Justice in the Cape of Good Hope, five endorsed with the name of the ship they were sent by and the name of the ship's Captain, two with filing endorsements showing Eindhoven to be the origin. Neethling was Secretary of the Council of Justice 1756-86. A couple with small faults, otherwise mainly fine, attractive early entires to the Cape. (6). £600-700
c.1792 Entire from Holland to the Cape with "VOC/6st" charge mark incorporating the Dutch East India Co monogram, very fine. Photo on Page 61. £250-300
c.1798-1854 Stampless entire letters (3), entires (11) and a front sent within the Cape, two hand carried, the other 13 with various postal markings including boxed "TO PAY", "POST PAID" (3) or "PREPAID", various "crown" type town handstamps (8), entire from Tulbagh with manuscript "Unpaid" crossed out and replaced by "Paid 3" and "To pay 3d", entire from the Postmaster of Worcester to the Postmaster General in Cape Town, Official entire to Simons Town, also 1854 front bearing a 4d triangular (2 margins). (16). £300-350
c.1806 Official free entire to Chief Justice Johanes Andres Truter with a fine strike of the oval "Post Office Cape of Good Hope" G.R arms handstamp, scarce so fine. Photo on Page 65. £400-600
c.1806 Entire prepaid to Rondebosch with oval "Post Office Cape of Good Hope" G.R arms handstamp, scarce. Photo on Page 65. £300-400
1806 (Oct 9) Entire letter written from Cape Town to Massachusetts, reporting the arrival of the ship "Asia" from Madeira into Seamans Bay. Handstamped with a fine strike of the oval "Post Office Cape of Good Hope" G.R arms handstamp, endorsed "per Capt. Denna Brig Essex" and "Cape Pge Pd 1/-", with a Boston c.d.s (Jan 29) and "SHIP", charged 10 cents. An unusual use of this scarce Cape handstamp on an entire letter to the USA. Photo on Page 65. £800-1,000
1817-61 Entire letters and covers to the Cape including entire endorsed "P. Earl Bathurst" with "Forwarded by / Capt. Grindlay / 16 Cornhill" F.A.C on reverse flap, privately carried, charged 4d upon arrival; 1861 cover from London franked 6d with red handstruck "1d", etc. Also various magazine articles and pictures regarding South African mail steamers. (4). £100-120
1830-47 Entire letters (3) and entires (2) including 1840-42 letters from Grahamstown (2), one mentioning the Missionary James Archibald on his way to Durban; 1847 entire with Tulbagh crown handstamp to the Cape Governor Mr Burton endorsed "unpaid", crossed through and altered to "Paid 6d"; 1842 entire letter from "Belvidere, Knysna" with the address panel unusually endorsed "Postage Paid at Knysna 1/3", etc. (5). £200-250
1824 Entire letter from the Wesleyan Missionary William Shaw at Grahamstown to "Revd James Whitworth, Wesleyan Mission House, Cape Town" readdressed to "Hatton Garden" (London), marked "Paid 6" with "POST OFFICE / (crown) / GRAHAMSTOWN" handstamp and oval "Post-Office Cape of Good Hope" datestamp, "India Letter Dover" backstamp and "RETURNED FROM" applied in London. Fine content includes views on the advantages of a Mission at Port Natal rather than Delagoa, news of the various native tribes and their languages, the state of continual warfare between the Tembus and Pambookies and the Fikanie, etc. A fascinating letter that featured in an article in the June 2005 "Natal & Zululand Post". Photo on Page 65. £200-250
c.1830-40 Wrappers from Cape Town with various partly printed addresses of Ministers or officials of the Dutch Reformed Church, two headed "On Service" with authorising handstamps of John Bell or P.G Brink (both "Secy to Govt"), the other two with boxed "PREPAID", one with 1839 datestamp. (4). £300-350
1840 Entire letter from John Moore Craig (on the staff of the Cape Governor) at Grahamstown, to Miss Napier in England, the address panel signed by the Governor George Napier in order to avoid postage within South Africa, charged 8d ship letter rate upon arrival, with oval G.P.O Cape of Good Hope datestamp. Craig talks of "going to Fort Beaufort next week to hold a palaver with the Caffir chiefs about the treaties, cattle stealing and other such interesting subjects". Some splitting at folds and corner faults at right, but scarce and unusual. Photo on Page 65. £150-180
1842 Entire letter from Cape Town to the London Missionary Society with crowned oval "GENERAL POST OFFICE / CAPE OF GOOD HOPE" datestamp and a fine red "DEVONPORT / SHIP LETTER" (Rob. In 3, only recorded by Robertson in 1839, probably applied in London), carried from the Cape by H.M.S "Andromache". £170-200
1848-55 Stampless entire letters (3) and entires (4) all headed "From Private Joseph Turner, No. 2633 1st Battn., 6th Regt" and sent to England at the soldiers concession rate, six prepaid 1d in cash (two still charged 2d in England, probably the 2d gratuity for being sent by private ship), the other unpaid and charged 2d, two with Cape Town handstamps. Also two other letters sent as enclosures, six further letters with the Cape stamps unfortunately cut out and five later covers from India (stamps removed). The entire letters include one of Feb. 21st 1848 with news of the declaration of peace and the arrival of Sir Harry Smith of whom the Kaffirs are very much afraid, an 8th Feb. 1851 letter from King Williams Town with details of an ambush by Kaffirs in which ten soldiers were killed and two wounded with about 100 of the Kaffirs being killed by the troops, and an 11th Dec. 1852 letter from King Williams Town reporting the surrender of Chief Seyola who was sentenced by a Court Martial to be shot but got off with life imprisonment, and the imminent end of the war with the Hottentots. The other letters have photocopies of the original contents, the correspondence being written up in "Letters from a Soldier during his Overseas Tour, 1846 to 1861" by John Hobbs, a copy of which is included in the lot. An interesting lot, three very fine, the other four with some edge faults or staining. (7+). Photo on Page 65. £1,500-1,800
1853-1904 Mainly used collection on pages and stockcards, including Cape triangulars (40, various faults, some fiscally used, a few fine) with 1d woodblock (2 margins), 4d woodblock single (very close margins) and pair (torn, faults), also covers bearing 4d or 6d triangulars, 1874-76 surcharges, revenues, etc. £400-500
1855 Cover endorsed from "Capt Rigand 60 Rifles" to Magdalen College, Oxford, franked by two 4d triangulars (cut into) each tied by triangular cancels, sent by private ship with an "8d" charge mark of Plymouth, backstamped at Grahamstown, Cape Town, Oxford and with a fine "SHIP LETTER / PLYMOUTH" (Rob. S6), unusual. Photo on Page 65. £300-350
1858 Cover to Dublin "p. Caledonia" franked 6d lilac (very fine, three large margins) tied by triangular "C.G.H", red manuscript "3", backstamped at Cape Town, London, Dublin and with "PLYMOUTH / SHIP LETTER" c.d.s (Rob. S9), minor edge stains, otherwise fine. Photo on Page 66. £300-350
1859 Stampless entire letter to England backstamped with oval "George" datestamp and at Cape Town, London and Ipswich, manuscript "1" crossed out and an unusual "6d" charge mark applied. £100-120
1859 Cover to Kent franked 6d lilac (three margins, fault at right corner) tied by triangular cancel, with "PAID / DEVONPORT / CAPE PACKET" c.d.s (Rob. P5, very early use) and red manuscript "5" on the front, backstamped at Grahamstown, Cape Town and Maidstone. Photo on Page 66. £200-250
1860 Stampless entire headed "From Private James Watherly No 2310. No 6 Company 85 Regt", posted from Queenstown "To the Post Master General, Cape Town", accepted as official mail because of the address and delivered free of charge, backstamped at Queenstown and Cape Town. A very unusual free entire from a soldier. Photo on Page 66. £380-420
1887 Cover from Russia (the stamp lost in transit), registered to a seaman on the Dutch barque "Kinder" (Capt. K.G Mulder), c/o Dutch Consul at Batavia with an arrival backstamp, redirected to the Cape of Good Hope, backstamped at the Cape Town Registered Letter Office (Mar. 31). Detained in the Cape for a full six years, with a "Found Open and Officially Sealed" label tied by a Cape Town c.d.s (Ap 5 93), very unusual. £180-200
1899 1d Postcard from East London to "A. Ducking, c/o Impl Chinese Post Office, Shanghai, China, via Zanzibar + Aden" with transit and arrival datestamps of Durban, Colombo, Hong Kong and Shanghai Local Post all on the front. A little toned but unusual and attractive. Photo on Page 66. £180-240
Railways. Cape Government Railways waybills (11, most with "Willowmore Station R.O" c.d.s), a stampless C.G.R advice note posted to Willowmore with "BAROO" c.d.s, C.G.R receipt notes (8), letters on railway notepaper (3), photos and picture postcards (10), etc. (36). £100-120
Revenues/Shares. 1881-89 Gold or diamond mining shares (4), two bearing QV 2/6 or 6d + 1/- revenue stamps, another for "The Frere Diamond Mining Co., De Beer's Mine Ltd" named to Barney Barnato, the famous mining magnate who finally sold his business to Cecil Rhodes for £4 million (the largest cheque then ever written), also a related mortgage debenture. (5). £180-220


1861-65 Chalon Heads used comprising 1861-62 no watermark rough perf 14 to 16 3d (5, including two pairs) and 6d (5, including a pair) and 1863 Crown CC 6d (19, including seven pairs), one pair watermarked with part marginal inscription. S.G. 12, 13, 23, £873. (29). £100-120
1875-1914 Covers and cards (18), stamps and pieces (64) including 1875 cover from Greytown to Hermannsburg with "No 11 P.O" cancel and similar "No 46 P.O" c.d.s on reverse, 1910 stampless O.H.M.S cover from the Governor Lord Methuen, other official mail, 1907 cover bearing two 1d stamps endorsed "Late Fee Pd", 1914 cover with South Africa 1d tied violet "S.A.R / LOSKOP 965" c.d.s, various dumb cancels, perfins, etc. Also 1900 postcard from Cape Town to a German naval ship at Zanzibar, redirected to Dar-Es-Salaam, sent via Natal with "Deutsche Marine Schiffspost No 17" arrival c.d.s. (82). £150-200
Missionary Mail. 1897-1907 Postal stationery postcards from German missionaries including 1897 card from Middledrift to Engezame, Zululand, other cards with datestamps of Ingwavuma, Ennersdale and Muden, also 1897 cover from Cape Colony to a missionary at Elukolweni, East Griqualand. (7). £100-120
1902 Money Order receipt for £1.10.00 with "M.O.O DURBAN / NATAL" c.d.s. £100-120
1906 Stampless cover sent within Durban with "POSTAGE PAID DURBAN / NATAL" double ring datestamp, used during a short-lived experiment in 1906-07 for the prepayment in cash of bulk postage. £70-100
Zululand. 1897 G.B 1d postcard to Zululand with "T.P.O / NATAL" c.d.s on the front, backstamped by scarce violet "LOWER UMFOLOSI / ZULULAND" arrival c.d.s, vertical fold at left edge, otherwise fine. £80-100
Picture Postcards. 1901-c.1920 Postcards including native police, Durban views, etc. (50). £70-100

KEVII Issues

1901 Master Die Proof of the KEVII head and frame with blank value tablets and uncleared surrounds, in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, dated "3 DEC. 01" and stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING". The 1902 KEVII set was initially intended to be printed in single colours and so would all have been adopted from this initial Master Die Proof; in the event only the 1/2d and 1d values were printed in a single process, the other values being bicoloured and therefore printed from separate frame and head plates. A fine and scarce proof. Photo on Page 68. £350-400
1902 4/- Frame Die Proof in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, dated "1 MAR. 02" and stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING". A fine proof. Photo on Page 68. £250-300
1902 £5 Frame Die Proof in black on white glazed card, 92x60mm, dated "30 APR. 02" and stamped "BEFORE / HARDENING". A fine proof. Photo on Page 68. £300-350
Worldwide Stamps and Postal History (Auction Number 32)
Auctioneer: Argyll Etkin Limited Location: London
Contact: Tel: 0207 930 6100 Fax: 0207 930 6109
Date: 4th October 2013 Time: 12:00PM
Details: Please contact Argyll Etkin for Viewing details
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